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Are you paying retail?
Do you have multiple deal, coupon, discount, Black Friday, Cyber Monday apps?
Do you have Barcode/QR code app?

- inoDeals is full featured daily deals app that allows you to find great deals everyday (not just Black Friday) and find products (or simply check price) via keyword, barcode, QR code...

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- *Cool* features that no other apps have such as hyper-fast downloading, fast multi-site searching, page flip, read-later, color coding, previewing...

This is one of the best deal app on the AppStore.

- inoDeals has a comprehensive list of deal sites on the web:
Black Friday
Deal Catcher
Deals List
Canada deals: Smart Canucks, RedFlagDeals

*** Features ***

- Deal browsing from most popular deal sites

- Fast Multi-site search: search bar is provided everywhere from Featured Deals to Saved. It allows you to get deals you want quickly. No matter what you are looking for, type in the search bar, the app will pull all the related deal from the multiple forums at once.

- Hyper-fast download: this app not only can download 1000 deals in 2 seconds via WiFi but also displays deals immediately before finishing downloading.

- Search tab: provides a large number deals (600-1000) from numerous deal sites for searching purpose. In addition, you can edit your search list.

- Product search: allow you to search for a product from Amazon via barcode scanning or text typing.

- Read-Later: All deals preview downloaded in Search tab is retained for later reading. You can now check out deals on your flight.

- Preview: allows you to preview instantly without visiting the source website (not all sites support preview).

- Rich action options: allows users to switch full-view/preview, to save and share via Facebook/Twitter/email/SMS and many other social network sites...

- Saved tab: how often did you see a good deal and couldn't find it again to show to friends? Or you simply want to save the deal for later reading before getting on airplane. Save feature not only allows you to save deals but also allows you to save multiple deals quickly. In addition, it shows saved items in different color for your reference.

- Color coding: different color coding for read, unread and saved items.

- Multiple color themes for your preference.

- Nearby/Store Locator: if you see a good local deal and want to find a closest store, our Nearby provides local store locations for your convenience without the need to quit the app and open the Safari.

InoDeals daily deals/coupon/shopping App Description & Overview

The applications InoDeals daily deals/coupon/shopping was published in the category Shopping on 2009-11-24 and was developed by InoApp LLC. The file size is 12.76 MB. The current version is 3.6.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes

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No support..  Jpeyatt  2 star

Won't load on iPhone 6s+. The app barely worked on the iPhone 6+. Now, it's completely unusable now.


Best Sale Paper there Is!  Limelicker  5 star

App is awesome you can find the best deals anywhere, or you can till it what you looking for and it will show you the best prices . I scan over this every time when I'm shopping for anything


My "go to" deal app  Medmaven  5 star

If you need or want an awesome deal finding app, look no further. This is the one!


The *best* deal finding app from a great developer  rymacguy  5 star

I've literally tried every deal finding app that is out there, the speed and ease of this one can't be touched by the competition. In 10 minutes on here I can get through all the browsing that 5-10 other apps would take me with 5+ minutes on each. Easy sharing & saving options, opens links in safari, etc. Clean and simple. I emailed the developer regarding a little big I found, he replied within a few hours, I sent some screenshots, he replied again with a diagnosis and informed me that it had already been integrated into the next update. I own a lot of apps, and have contacted many devs, I wish half of them came close to this responsiveness. . .


Best deals app  beatphats  5 star

Should get a make over but keep the functionality.


Iphone 5  jonnyCjonnyDo  4 star

Nice but plz optimize for iphone 5 screen

Family plan plus

Deals  Family plan plus  5 star

This is the best!! All the deal sites together right on your iPhone !!


Excellent  Deuce2488  4 star

Good app for sale items

Nacho libre 69

Excellent!  Nacho libre 69  5 star

Inclusive, bs free, crash free app. My favorite deal app bar none. THANKS!!!

Tork Lugnutz

Addictive and useful  Tork Lugnutz  4 star

Still the best place to get my "electonics" fix. Sometimes, scrolling doesn't work in search. Otherwise too notch simple app for finding daily deals across a bunch of sites.


Memory  voyager31  2 star

Takes up a lot of memory space


Low memory = horrible app  Djsummertime  1 star

I have had this app for over a year. Before the last update it worked I can't look at anything without it crashing. Unless they fix this problem, there's no reason to waste your money. Before it was great--lots of great deals on electronics, etc. I'd check it whenever I was going to make a purchase. Now, app is useless.


Don't buy  Johnfdssgh  1 star

Crashes all the time due to low memory


Great until recent updates  Shankdizzle  2 star

How can you guys implement a low memory error which essentially crashes the app EVERY time I use it? I don't have direct, easy control over how many apps I'm running. This was the dumbest update ever. App was pretty cool and useful until the memory issues. FIX IT!!! Do not download this until they fix this issue. When they do, I'll happily amend this review.


Much promise..... Super buggy  Edkally  2 star

This app was awesome..... Until it stopped letting me delete my saved choices and crashing after saying "low memory warning" when I have gigs of it! There seem to be no updates to fix this. It has almost become unusable. I'm just glad I got it when it was free.


Great!!!  rleon007  5 star

Love it...


Waste of 3 Bucks  roqtunes  1 star

This app is terrible. Very sporadic deals that don't correlate to daily necessities. Mostly tv and computer deals that can be easily found elsewhere anyways and most will only buy a computer or tv every few years. I would not recommend this app.


Awesome  Gwolanin  5 star

Awesome app that pulls in all the great deals.


Convenient  Toddeus22  4 star

Idea is good


Ipad  Red808  5 star

Need a full page version for iPad!!!

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