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ShopSavvy helps you find the right product at the right price so you'll never regret a purchase decision again.

• Scan barcodes and QR codes
• Get access to the best products, tested and reviewed in hundreds of categories
• Compare prices for ultimate savings
• Discover new products and shopping trends
• Shop online & in-store deals from hundreds of popular retailers

Search from over 400+ different categories, for product recommendations and reviews, written by our TopTenReviews editorial team.

Scan any barcode while you're out shopping to compare pricing and to get additional product recommendations to help you find the right product, at the right price.

Never miss a sale. Shop online and in-store deals from over 20,000 retailors including, Best Buy, Amazon, Target, Newegg, and Walmart. If it's on sale out there, you'll find it in here. Every day we collect millions of products from every shopping website, then we sort through the sales to bring you the best deals so you don't have to.

Earn cash back! Save even more when buy from one of our retailors that offers cash back as a bonus for purchasing through ShopSavvy.

Never regret a purchase decision again with ShopSavvy.

Shop Savvy Barcode Scanner App Description & Overview

The applications Shop Savvy Barcode Scanner was published in the category Shopping on 2009-11-17 and was developed by ShopSavvy, Inc.. The file size is 79.69 MB. The current version is 13.1.3 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

New in 13.1.3:

- Bug fixes and performance improvements.

New in 13.0:

Introducing BEST PICKS!

Get the best products, tested and reviewed by our TopTenReviews Editorial Team, in hundreds of categories including TV’s, Headphones, Cameras, Gaming Gear, Fitness Gear, and Smart Home Devices.

Look for Best Picks in the Search Tab.

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Shop Savvy Barcode Scanner Reviews


Must have  JCPQ  5 star

Very useful app

J Johns

Never pay full price!  J Johns  5 star

Scan a barcode & get lower prices. Then I price match!


Not Accurate  Hotpinkninja  1 star

I can usually find a cheaper price on my own here in my little town at Dollar General or Walmart. It may work better on big ticket items but not for the best prices on your everyday household items.


Unreliable  tma17  1 star

No flashlight for while scanning and online price links don’t work. The developer answered this telling me I could use control center. So let’s break that down, 1. Poor response as far as customer service is concerned every other app like this builds in functionality with the flashlight through the app, apps are supposed to make people’s lives easier not make them go through other avenues 2. The developer apparently isn’t aware that in his own app the control center flashlight functionality is disabled as it is in almost all camera related apps on the App Store by apple, hence the need for it to be baked into the app....

None 454545

Price not accurate  None 454545  1 star

Price shown was higher in store


Saved me money!  jessica.l.barnes  5 star

This app has every way to save money. Starting my shopping here from now on.


Bad app  Irkertoo  1 star

Terrible app.Never works.Will delete it if it continues this way


Can’t shop without it  Realtor108  5 star

Great app that saves me money and time!


Great app  pamjhh  5 star

Saved a lot by using this app


💵💵💵💵💵  Elizabeth10.257  5 star

This app WILL save you money$! I've used it for at least four years & it has consistently been the best price comparison app I've tried! Most recently, Best Buy honored an online price of $167.00 for wireless Beats that are normally $399. ! It wasn't even a retailer "on their list", but when I showed them ShopSavvy's best price, they honored it anyway! Tip- don't try to price match a soda,etc.- those type of prices are so close at most retailers; I've used it on Charmin, Bounty, to high- end electronics, at stores like Target, Kohls, Bed Bath and Beyond & more. Take time to search around on the app & check out the other features. Update 10/30/17 - Still using ShopSavvy weekly at multiple stores, & still saving money. Lots of new features in the app, take a few minutes and explore. You will save money!

Dc inc

NOT FOR AUSTRALIA  Dc inc  1 star

Waste of time downloading for Aussie users


Soooo easy to use  Bronjam  5 star


Super kool dude

Misleading  Super kool dude  1 star

I scanned for items that I brought (so I would know exactly how much they cost), it gave me prices of goods that were way more than what I payed for, from shops that aren't anywhere near me; plus half the goods won't even show up.


Sweet  Fanstanthefancyman  5 star

Just good


Review  KINNI DANDYAN  4 star

Something new


Rad app  Sherylanneb  5 star

The products are a wide awesome variety, if your looking for any product, you will find it here!. The best prices, in one app! I recommend this app to the young and old, one stop shopping! Well done developers.!


mr  xbbbb12138  5 star

nice app


Focus Problem Arisen  AdelaidePete  2 star

With iOS 8 and an iPhone 5 the scan function no longer focuses the camera properly as it used to..


Top app  Rhamie  5 star

Love it


Mediocre Product Scanning Range, Other Features of More Interest  CoD511  3 star

The catalog of items that this app scans through hasn't recognised the majority of things I've scanned and wants me to lodge a new item in the catalogue for it with a approval process that for a good while, is incomplete to this date for any additions I made. Price comparison is useless effectively as it doesn't distinguish between regions at all sadly and has no obvious option to. This likely adds to the inability to recognise many products unless its as mainstream as an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy S4 for pure (have not accessed or tried on these items) example here. It might be of some use only in the USA/Canada for more products; the comparisons it makes are only valid in those countries anyway as well as all the other items it offers in the various browsing sections split between interests, ongoing sales and similar. Here in Australia, I'm sad to report it's next to useless as a real app for price comparison. The UI is okay, it works smoothly but the real flaw is not doing what it advertises.

Mr.nerdy pants and lazy

Awesome app  Mr.nerdy pants and lazy  5 star

Comes very handy with good suggestions while shopping


Very nice  BernieSahadi  5 star

Good to know


Shouldn't have upgraded  Pgmark1  1 star

This app is useless. I used to be able to use it to see who had something for sale whether it was online or locally. If it still does that, the feature is buried and I can't find it. I honestly don't know the point of the app at this stage. I tried what you said, it's still useless. All it does is say "copied to clipboard." It does not search for the item at all.


Best app ever  Mooreaffordable  5 star

Love love love did I say love this app!!


Waste of time  Kat13!  1 star

Had high hopes that this would be great, only to be disappointed. Here are the low points: •Scanned a box of Jello, and some type of metal hardware showed up. Scanned it a 2nd & 3rd time, same results. •Scanned several other items, nothing comes up. Maybe not in the data base. •Finally, find some products that do scan. Only store listed is Walmart. How can you do any comparison with one store? What about grocery stores, Kmart, Meijers... And DO NOT respond by saying maybe that product is only sold at Walmart. Because I'm scanning name brand groceries, that are sold everywhere. High point: •I'll let you know, when I find any.


Can't live with out it 🙂  browneyelatina  5 star

This the only app I use daily in my shopping


Awesome saving right away  Kik_007  5 star

Just saved 10$ right after downloading this app👍🏻


Waste of time  TmP112  1 star

Not working properly

Luigi Valentino

Doesn't work  Luigi Valentino  1 star

Tried everything and can't get it to work. piece of crap.


Best App for verifying lowest price  SexyEyebrows  5 star

I was literally told about this app from an associate at my local Best Buy store. That very day, it saved me $30 on a new pair of JVC Everest Headphones by showing the cashier I could get them for less on Amazon!!!!

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