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Get the best dating app for singles and find a match based on who you really are and what you love.

Better dates come from better connections. That’s why OkCupid shows off who you are beyond just a photo. You should get noticed for what makes you, well, you - because you deserve it.

OkCupid highlights your personality and interests with rich dating profiles that let us know what you care about most. We ask you questions on your deal breakers and passions so you can match on what matters.

Our one-of-a-kind messaging system lets you focus only on the connections you’re interested in, and none of the ones you’re not.

Meet new people and start a romance no matter who or what kind of relationship you’re looking for. Whether it’s a long-term commitment or casual dating, OkCupid can help you find someone special.

Love doesn’t discriminate, and neither does OkCupid. We’ll help you find a match no matter your gender or orientation. You can even set your pronouns at registration!

Find love, build connections and have a great date with OkCupid – download now!


• Build a dating profile that highlights what matters to you
• Match with singles near you who share your interests and passions
• Swipe to find matches or explore in-depth profiles all on the same dating app

• Chat with our unique messaging system
• Connect with someone you're compatible with and meetup for a date

• Find local singles who share your passions and interests
• Match with partners who are just right for you
• Plan a date night with your match
• Set your dating preferences whether you’re straight, gay or anything in-between

Match on what matters and find a great connection – download OkCupid today!

“Want to have ‘hell yes’ first dates? OkCupid is the perfect wingman.” - Huffington Post
“OkCupid may be the OG of dating sites, but that doesn’t mean it’s done innovating.” - Glamour
“OkCupid is giving you a chance to really connect with someone…” - Elite Daily

Although OkCupid is absolutely free to download and use, we offer an optional premium subscription that unlocks exclusive features.
• See who likes you without having to like them first
• Search with advanced filters and additional options
• Enjoy OkCupid ad-free

1 month packages start at $9.99
3 month packages start at $23.99
6 month packages start at $29.99
12 month packages start at $39.99

Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current 1, 3, 6, or 12 month periods.

Auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's iTunes Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period.

Privacy policy: https://www.okcupid.com/legal/privacy

Terms of use: https://www.okcupid.com/legal/terms

OkCupid: Online Dating App App Description & Overview

The applications OkCupid: Online Dating App was published in the category Social Networking on 2009-11-25 and was developed by OkCupid. The file size is 77.21 MB. The current version is 27.2.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

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OkCupid: Online Dating App Reviews


Worse and Worse with Every Update  SpiderWisdom  1 star

OKCupid completely killed the usability of their app just over a year ago when they detonated the messaging system. Now they’ve removed the ability to scroll through a profile’s questions, replacing it with showing you questions you either strongly agree or strongly disagree on. This was a fine feature when they added it in addition to the questions at the bottom of the profiles, but now the questions are gone. No longer can you scroll through by category, such as “Political” or “Ethics”. This adds up to even less info available about your potential dates, when the plus of OKCupid was the availability of more info in comparison to other apps. Less info plus detonating open messaging means this app is basically worthless. It’s one step away from Bumble or Tinder now. Plus OKCupid doesn’t do anything to prevent your “likes” from being blown up by fake profiles and bots/scammers. Don’t fall for it and pay for A-List to see your likes - it’s a scam. Bring back the ability to browse questions and bring back open messaging - surely you have coders who can make it so that users can opt into or out of open messaging. Let people who want to only hear from mutual likes have it that way and let those who want an actual inbox and open messaging have it that way. It’s not hard. But the way the app is now I wouldn’t even give it a half star. Truly terrible the way they’ve killed their own service.


Pretty deceptive, well done  Johanison  1 star

Pay the money like a sucker, all of the sudden the likes stop. Well done


“No Internet Connection”... 12/01/2018  Adam029  3 star

I have been seeing this note for the past 3 days... I am a paying member. I have a very strong wifi connection in my home, as I can connect to my other apps and watch videos, perfectly fine. Please help, or at least reimburse me. I don’t want to continue paying for this app, if I can’t use it. FOLLOW-UP: I found the problem, but still no solution... For whatever reason, I can only use the app, through cellular service but not wifi... ‼️‼️03/19/2019 STILL UNABLE TO CONNECT TO THE APP, via WiFi!! WHAT IS GOING ON? I CAN STILL USE THE APP THROUGH MY CELLULAR SERVICE, THOUGH!! Please fix this.


Gets worse with each release  Doron293  2 star

OK Cupid has steadily progressed from the best dating app to a nearly useless Tinder copycat. The questions were a differentiator when you could read them by category but now that they are all lumped into Agree or Disagree, it's too much effort to scroll through & find the information you're looking for. The worst part is that you can write a really thoughtful message & the recipient will never know unless they like you first. So now there's no point in taking the time to write a thoughtful message to meet someone who hasn't liked you yet. Maybe they'll see your message one day, maybe they won't. I'm lucky to have met someone nice people before the new "features" were implemented. If I was trying to make initial contact with the same people today, I wouldn't be able to do so. It would be great if OKC went back to how the app worked 2 years ago.


Amazing  ashleymuahmuah  5 star

Amazing app, amazing service! 🙏🏻


Better than tinder lol  marto888  5 star



Pretty good, but please fix annoying bug 🐛  NeptuneCA  4 star

On iPhone XS Max, typing a description for my profile moves all of the text onto the same line as the status bar. So most of what I write on that line is not visible due to the screen dip by the camera. Please fix!


It’s alright at best  Sleepyvietguy  3 star

I mean majority of the users aren’t really on the app, second why do you guys keep rehashing the same people that we swipe left on? It makes no sense if we aren’t interested in that person we don’t need to see them again, 3rd why do you guys allow bots and people from countries like Brazil on a app that is suppose to be taken serious ? I noticed every girl on this app is from Brazil and have no plan to come to the u.s. but they just want to practice there English, that’s not the place for OkCupid lol the name says it all, developers fix this issue


Profits off of your interests...  AppTasticUpdate  1 star

Before you answer those questions you should question where your really personal data goes & who could do what with it when a researcher releases it or gets hacked. ...& this is all on top of the parent company match selling your pii to others.


I need my money back  beedo32  1 star

I paid for the A-list but everything still the same


Stop trying to be Tinder  Jade878  2 star

The app used to be great and for anyone who despises the Tinder fast food swipe for a date approach. Now they’ve changed it so you have to swipe to even see a message and it could take weeks or even months for you to see it. The whole reason I loved OKC was that it was NOT like Tinder but they found a way to ruin it! A damn shame because it used to have depth and quality profiles where you were more likely matched to someone from answering questions. Hope the go back to being original!

Tristan stowards

A joy and a hoot  Tristan stowards  5 star

If you go into with a positive attitude OKC can be a lot of fun. Plenty of folks say it used to be a lot better; I don't know, I wasn't here then. Yes, there are a lot of bots and creeps and weirdos, but no more than anywhere else in life. Give it a raz.


Not good  missmadds888888!!  1 star

So hard to use, the filters don’t actually work you still get jerks that just want a non monogamous relationship. Waste of time. Use bumble or EVEN tinder is better


Met a lot of nice people  Timtam302  5 star

Once I introduced myself they immediately answer back something so nice to me, the app is amazing i got to meet so many lovely people, the app is fine it doesn’t crash at all I would highly recommend downloading


OkCupid I have a money-making idea for you  DogLover933  5 star

I love the questions and the length it will let you write in the profile. The biggest problem is causing OKCupid to lose money. I want you to fix this because I want you to keep making money so that you’ll keep OkCupid running so that my profile will stay up and I will meet my perfect match. You need to allow free members to see messages that other people have sent them, even if they have not matched yet. Please. Just do it. You will make so much more money through your A-list purchases. Everyone else wants this feature. I promise. You can keep them in a seperate “other” category to the messages from matches.


Waste of time  Dreamboy23  1 star

Don't even install it


Useless site  pvuekd  1 star

Very few people. Poor matches despite endless questions.


Far too strict!  Astrox8  1 star

They are far too strict with their community guidelines. You can’t even change profile name without being banned. I understand they want to make sure people are real, but this is really over the top and too strict. A warning or a reason for being banned would be nice! Or at least suspend for a month rather than a lifetime!

Sam Jones MD

Gone downhill  Sam Jones MD  2 star

OkCupid used to be an awesome platform where you could decide whether you liked people based on their profile, not just half a dozen pictures of them. Since they updated to the swipe to match system, no on bothers to write profiles any more so the entire service is pretty much the same as every other dating app on offer. Really disappointing.

Michael Keating

Used to be  Michael Keating  3 star

Used to be one of the best apps, now is as bad as the other apps, money hungry vs user experience.

Tino Americain du Faso

Fake profile  Tino Americain du Faso  1 star

Used this app for over a year and paid for premium but never meet a single chick Guy don’t waste time and money in here.


Update: Not with it anymore..  PokerJohnBoy  4 star

Update: I was discouraged to say the least and from the previous reviews, I thought I fell in to the same trap. I was contacted by someone in Customer Service 3-4 days later and they researched my issue after providing proof of iTunes purchase. They manually enabled my A-List access and corrected my time allotment. Customer Service can be a thankless job especially with the implemented changes, but I appreciate all that was done. Previous: This used to be a good app. The approach made it different than the other online dating apps/services, but that seemed to have change. I am speaking more about its Customer Support. I’ve noticed several reviews stating payment for A-list services, but not receiving the capabilities. This recently happened to me and several messages to their support staff has gone unanswered.

brandon purcell

Need fixed  brandon purcell  1 star

My messages aren’t being received by people I send them too!

I'm high lol

Frustrating  I'm high lol  1 star

So it’s done this twice where I pay for the stupid premium version and then it’s the waiting game for whenever it chooses to actually let me get the perks of the premium version. I’ve logged out, reset phone (iPhone 8), deleted the app, and canceled and resubscribed to it. Yet it still won’t work 🙄.


Not many choices  Ann1265  1 star

You’re better off using Tinder or Hinge. I live in a HUGE city (Chicago) and I have paid for the upgraded feature. I am VERY disappointed . This app constantly shows me men who I have already swiped no to and that I have even blocked! Totally unexceptionable! Won’t be renewing my paid subscription!!!!!


Messages  User123455754336  2 star

I do not like the doubletake way to read messages. Why can’t it just end up in the inbox instead of having to go through these profiles just to find who messaged you? And they disappeared after I exit the app and come back in looking for it again. Kind of a pain just to find who messaged you.


Can't even join  Person19962019  1 star

The app won't let me tap on anything past the "get started" screen except the terms of service links and the cookies policy links... But it is definitely compatible with my phone

Little Danimal

Took my money, but didn’t update my account  Little Danimal  1 star

I paid the $20 for a basic monthly usage, which is already outrageous. Took my money but I still can’t access any of the a-list benefits


Notifications, Badges, Swipes Do Not Work  MTWBT  1 star

There are always messages or Likes waiting for me but never a Badge or notification prior. It also swipes right when I want to swipe left.


Bothersome request to review  BertBelgium  3 star

Like the app but there’s the bothersome reminders all the time to review them in the App Store, until you actually do it. As such, I’m reviewing them and giving them 3 stars for it.


Suspended my account, never told me why.  J_Triangler  1 star

Avoid this app. They suspended my account. I have no idea why. Contacting their customer service is useless as they don’t reply. Genuinely have no idea why my account was suspended as I do not send abusive messages or send multiple messages if I don’t receive a reply. Absolutely baffled by why my account has been suspended but no explanation has been forthcoming. Definitely wouldn’t risk spending money on this app.


Confusing to use  maganizo  3 star

Can be confusing to use , it’s very hard to see when someone who liked you and sent a message , unless you click into their profile . And I have paid for a months subscription.


Scam  Stokesymadrid  1 star

I’ve thrice reported a bot account which encourages you to contact ‘her’ via email; you get a reply seeking to get you to click on a link for nude photos. OKCupid never acknowledged the report, and the account still appears to be up. Also, if you like someone, OK Cupid encourages you to send them a message; they immediately disappear from you likes list and, unless they’ve liked you, it is extremely easy for them to miss the message as it’s not displayed in the usual inbox. App/site seems incredibly flawed and don’t seem to care about bots and scams.


Review  stephnrooney40  5 star

Although I've been scammed by a lady on this site I still believe there are good people here


Best app around  rjbride  4 star

By far and away better than other sites the payment option opens a host of worthwhile features.A lot of people on the site of all different persuasions which can be filtered out depending on what you want.The blog section is also very good.


Fishing overseas.  Mubiu  4 star

I met at least one amazing person, on the other side of the Atlantic ocean. What a time to be alive.


Lots of bugs  Ridxhdjej  2 star

Plenty of bugs, matchfinder thing never works. The app regularly just freezes or stays loading indefinitely when opened. Sometimes when a person visits your profile the notification disappears and you never find out who it was. I could go on.

Nerdy Keith

Good but overpriced  Nerdy Keith  3 star

€20 a month just isn't justified for the A List option. Most other dating apps are under €10 a month


Cupid Work  Fabio23445  5 star



Thumbs up !!  Travissgirl4ever  5 star

It's a really good app..Best dating app i've used so far 👍🏻

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