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Come sit down for a session with our Tabla Pro. Experience virtuoso, realistic tabla playing, and let the fantastic Tanpura & SwarMandal sound inspire you to greater heights in your own musical journey!

◆◆◆ Now with AudioBus support!

And the reviews are in:
***** "REAL Tabla Sound!"
***** "Truly Amazing!"
***** "FANTASTIC app for riyaz"
***** "Best app ever, all I can say is WOW"
***** "Finally a first-class app to replace expensive mediocre hardware"

◆ About iTablaPro ◆
iTablaPro is the first electronic tabla and tanpura that actually sounds like the real thing, ideal for Indian Classical musicians and students. It includes support for all common taals used in Hindustani music, making it the perfect companion for daily riyaz (practice). And the beautiful Tanpura and Swar Mandal create an instant concert atmosphere!

YouTube demo:

√ SIX fantastic instruments in one app: Tabla, two 5-string Tanpuras, a Sur-Peti (Shruti-Box), Swar Mandal, plus Manjira all controlled by a single set of pitch controls
√ Uses sound samples from actual highest-quality instruments for the most realistic sound
√ 44 taals: Ada Chautaal(14), Ardha Jai Taal(6.5), Ardha Jhaptaal(5), Ardha Shikhar(8.5), Ashta Jhaptaal(8.5), Bhajani(8), Chachar(16), Chartal-ki-Sawari(11), Chautaal(12), Dadra(6), Dakshinatya Rupak(6), Deepchandi(14), Dhamar(14), Ektaal(12), Farodust/Firdost(14), Gajamukha(16), Jai Taal(13), Jat Taal(8), Jhampak(5), Jhaptaal(10), Jhoomra(14), Kalawati(9.5), Keherva(8), Matta Taal(9), Moghuli(7), Neel Taal (7.5), Pancham Sawari(15), Pashto(7), Punjabi / Sitarkhani(16), Rudra Taal(11), Rupak(7), Sadra(10), Sardha Rupak(10.5), Sasthi(6), Shashanka(5.5), Shiva Taal(9), Soolfaak(10), Soolfakhta(5), Sooltaal(10), Sunand(9.5), Teentaal(16), Teevra(7), Tilwada(16), Yamuna(5)
√ Multiple variations for most taals or use the new SHUFFLE style for a more interactive experience
√ INTEGRATED AUTO-TUNER: Auto-Tune iTablaPro to your instrument such as harmonium, or use it to tune other instruments
√ MANJIRA: Manjira auto-play support for taals used in bhajans such as Bhajani, Keherva and Dadra
√ AUDIOBUS support: Now you can stream live audio directly to other Audiobus-compatible apps! See for more information.
√ KARAOKE (Optional) add-on now with RECORDING: Hear yourself in the speakers to the background of iTablaPro using the iPhone or headset microphone and record everything (requires external speakers with wired connection or headphones).
√ METRONOME: Now includes a metronome with the most common time signatures!
√ TAP TEMPO: Just tap out a beat on the lower display and watch the app sync the tempo!
√ MIXER: Full-featured mixer to adjust volume and panning of each instrument independently, plus 22 EQ presets & Airplay support
√ PRESETS: Save your frequently-used combinations as named presets. Includes presets for the 100+ most popular raags. And now you can also export/import presets via email or iTunes File Sharing.
√ BACKGROUND PLAY: Start playing the music and switch to another app or play along with iPod music
√ Includes an option for "Sur" tabla for a more bass tabla sound suitable for vocal music
√ Extremely accurate tempo from 10bpm to 700bpm (depending on the taal)
√ Wide range of pitch from lower A (A2) through upper E (E4) for one and a half octaves of tuning
√ Each taal has different thekas for slow, medium & fast tempos for more natural-sounding accompaniment
√ Displays current matra being played as well as the current divisions (Sam, Taali, Khaali, etc.)

NOTE: The tabla's bayaan sound is very bass-intensive and cannot be full heard through the iPhone/iPod/iPad internal speaker. For best effect, use a speaker dock, external speakers, or high-quality headphones.

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The applications iTablaPro - Tabla Tanpura Player was published in the category Music on 2009-12-19 and was developed by Prasad Upasani. The file size is 46.96 MB. The current version is 9.7.4 and works well on 6.1 and high ios versions.

iOS 9 compatibility fixes for IAP

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Good  Himmatsinghkhalsa  5 star



Excellent app!  Jhadoopocha  5 star

It's never failed on me unlike other apps. It works well in tandem with recording apps and minimizes on the lock screen to show me the taal (which beginners often need). The tanpura is just fabulous--I can customize it to tune both or either. Can't get enough of this setup!


wonderful backing for my native american flute  sgbgrace  5 star

I found the reference for this app on flutopedia. As a NAF style flute player always looking for backing tracks. This app is amazing even includes a shruti box drone. You can adjust the key to any flute and the myriad settings that come with it are enchanting. A wonderful way to experience actual East Indian beats and rhythms.


Best Indian music app  Fusedinc  5 star

This is a truly excellent app. The author has paid a lot of attention to detail. It works flawlessly. I'm learning to sing Indian bhajans and this is a huge help. Thanks!!!


Amazing App!  spiritman  5 star

A must-have app for anyone needing a tampura sound. You can even tune it to other instruments. Truly grateful that this exists. I've used it in concert many times.


A great accompaniment for busking!!!  Guitello  5 star

I'm glad to have this app on my iPhone because I take it outdoors and busk with it playing blues licks and other dishonorable sonic mentions with numerous variations employed. It's a very powerful and flexible app that communicates well with the listeners as they pass by and fill my tip jar. And … why not?

Ol' Skhule

dugE  Ol' Skhule  5 star



BolBeatz  BolBeatz  5 star

This app is an amazing app for my Sa Ra Ga Ma practices. I love the tabla in the background as well. This app is extremely well made and thought out.


Great App!  swarshilp.  4 star

This is really excellent app for professional performers and students as well. Just a small suggestion, sometimes when we have to perform light classical music we cannot select tanpura according to those mishra sur. Appreciate this small change to your app. Thanks.

Abby Andy

Amazing companion  Abby Andy  5 star

Makes playing Indian classical music so easy and fun. Great job.


Fantastic and continues to get better  mabindurham  5 star

I started using this shortly after it was made available. Loved it then and am amazed at how wonderfully it's evolved since then. I use it for practice, recording, and live performance.


App Get's Lot"s of TLC  BitMangler  5 star

The developer, obviously, pays a lot of attention to keeping this App in pristine shape. That's why it's in a handful of Apps, that I use on a daily basis. I use it to quite my mind while studying/reading challenging subjects like mathematics and quantum mechanics. I'm not of eastern decent, but this App, playing in the background, super-charges my mind to put me "in-the-groove".


Very good tool  Ponkshe  5 star

Great overall To get five star I have two suggestions/comments First: surmandal needs more strings this app at best plays an aaroh/avaroha/pakad. Originally surmandal has 36 strings. Can we have more strings please Secondly: when all tabs play I.e tabla taanpura and surmandal the tabla volume gets subdued-making it difficult to hear tabla well can this be fixed

Rakesh Karn

Helping me in continue practice  Rakesh Karn  3 star

I'm new user and found this app helping me to continue practice


Hiten A Dalal  HitenADalal  5 star

I am Fan and student of music. This program is great and I appreciate that we keep getting new raga additions and updates. For the price it is incredible deal. You get two tanpura that can be tuned to your liking. Mandir a will follow tabla tala selected. Almost all tabla tala that I know. Of course, this is for accompaniment so does not have all kaayada. You get swar mandal. Surfeit to adjust your pitch. Incredible ensemble of great features. I would like to request that they provide additional raag based on user request for a reasonable fee of around $5 as a raag release or tal release. Great work!!!


Crashes on iOS 9.1  neilpanchal  1 star

Unable to launch the app. Eagerly awaiting a fix.


Excellent for accompaning vocal practice  iLehra  5 star



Essential for any Indian musician  Tausplaya  5 star

The best app when it comes to Indian music. If you are a beginner or a professional, this is the app you need! It's truly convenient and easy to use. The quality is amazing, the tanpura and tabla sound real! I've use this app on stage and in's truly a must have! Also, this app always receives updates and it gets better and better each time! It's totally worth the cost...I've had this app since 2011 and I've used it everyday since!


Great app  WhoMeWhyMe  5 star

Allows me to be a one man kirtan group. This app has many instruments, not just tabla. I don't use the tabla, sadly, because I like to vary tempo when playing, and once you select a tempo on the app, you have to stay there. iTabla's next generation could use A.I. to vary the tempo per the lead voice or live instruments in the room.


AWESOME!  Rhythmofbreath  5 star

Love this app! Use it frequently as interactive backing while playing didgeridoo, Native American flute, etc. If I could only have one paid app on my phone, this would be it!

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