X3watch is an accountability application designed to help with online integrity brought to you by XXXchurch.com. When you access questionable material on the internet using the X3watch browser, the URL, date and time visited are recorded. Weekly reports are sent your two (2) accountability partners, depending on your preference.

Allows in-app purchase of auto-renewing subscription to X3watch Basic or Premium.

With an X3watch Basic or Premium subscription ($24.99 or $64.99 annually), you get access to the following on an unlimited number of devices:

- Invite four (4) accountability partners
- Access to 30 days storage quota for logged history of objectionable site visits. Premium features: - Invite up to ten (10) accountability partners - Access to 90 days storage quota for logged history of objectionable site visits.
- Notify your partners immediately, as browsing violations occur, based on your settings preference.
- Send reports to partners on demand, and change the day of your weekly report.
- Customize content blocking and violation logging by whitelisting or blacklisting specific URLs you choose. Your partners are automatically notified of your changes for transparency and accountability.

New in version 2.1.3: Basic services level; change default home page in X3watch browser. Improved stability.

X3watch Privacy Policy: http://x3watch.com/privacy-policy

X3watch License Agreement: http://x3watch.com/x3watch-ios-license-agreement/

X3watch App Description & Overview

The applications X3watch was published in the category Utilities on 2009-12-31 and was developed by XXXchurch.com. The file size is 95.11 MB. The current version is 2.1.3 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

The X3watch Basic subscription is now available in iOS as an in-app purchase. A basic account supports 4 partners, filtering, and 30 days of report data storage. Premium supports 10 partners, blocking, real-time partner alerts, and 90 days of storage. Choose Basic or Premium.

Also added:
- Ability to change/set default page in X3watch browser.
- Smoother X3watch browser navigation, minor fixes for tab behavior
- Maintain account state when logging into X3watch account on multiple devices
- Fix for menu bar appearing when choosing websites
- Numerous crash fixes and stability improvements

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X3watch Reviews


Seriously? Is this a joke?  DocRun  1 star

I love the mission of this ministry. I hate their app. X3 watch browser is beyond "bad." Terms such as "sub-par", "horrible" and "pathetic" come to mind when I think of the X3 browser for my iPhone. Is this really the best you guys could do? It doesn't interact with any other app, it's horrific when trying to browse a website. It's incompatible with nearly every website and the overall quality is just a joke. Come on guys, get with the program. Either do a browser right or stop wasting my time and money. Will not be renewing my subscription.

Travis Smith RN

This is a scam!  Travis Smith RN  1 star

I should have read the reviews!! I paid the entire annual amount up front. After all-- these people are honest. Right---- WRONG!! It never worked the first time I tried it. Signal strength was so weak it would not function. I contacted this company after a few days and got the standard statement of "Sorry. No refund. But we are striving to give better service". These people are reading these reviews and know full well their service is shoddy and doesn't work yet they continue to steal people's money under the guise of morality and decency. WHAT HYPOCRISY!! It wouldn't surprise me at all if these people in fact were the pornographers themselves cashing in on people's attempts to protect themselves against their own product!!! If I buy a lawn mower and it doesn't start or dispenses ice when I pull the cord, it either is not a real lawn mower and (or) does not function in the capacity for which it was advertised. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and will be buying a different porn blocking program with a higher rating than this pitiful 1 1/2 or 2. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.


Usability is flawed  D-RockMan93  2 star

You can't view videos in landscape, you can pinch to zoom in/out, search and URL bars do not have an "x" to quickly erase and re-type. I really think that you guys could work on the functionality of this app. However, the blocking and accountability works great. We just shouldn't have to let go of other browsing features to have that.

Geo trekker

***Do not buy until fixed***  Geo trekker  1 star

App no longer crashes, but now doesn't do anything. Basically worthless. Searches and pages will not load. Seems to get stuck in a loop.

Xxxwatch app

It is working  Xxxwatch app  3 star

It is blocking content for chrome and safari on my iPhone. Private browser disabled on Safari. Content blocked on Chrome. Doesn't allow blocked content on other third party browsing apps. It actually blocks its own website in app browser. App browser is worthless. Content not served in app browser will not serve on weekly report. However, if content is block, not super necessary. Lastly you want real accountability, set your spouse as partner email. Spouse will know if you remove app, and you will always have it top of mind.


Terrible App  Benja15MMin  1 star

For an idea and an intent, this app has a great foundation. However, the execution is absolutely abysmal. DO NOT BUY THE YEAR-LONG SUBSCRIPTION TO START. The trial period of a month would have been worth the 7 bucks to find out I hated it. Instead I paid for the full year to really make sure I was committed to overcoming my porn problem but here I am a month later, 70 dollars poorer, and deleting the app and my subscription with no chance of a refund "to be fair to all users." What a load of crap. If you're confident in your product, you offer refunds for it - especially if it's just tech. I feel scammed by this app that I was hoping to use as a tool to help me in a difficult time in my life. The problems: Functionality of my iPhone diminished by probably 50%. Hyperlinks in emails and text messages don't work because safari is disabled. You have to copy the link and paste it in their garbage browser. The app crashes often. Over half of the pages I click on are blocked and send as a report to my accountability partners. I thought I would like that aspect of this app, but 100% of the reports that were sent had nothing to do with porn. I was always texting people saying that I googled something innocent and the results page was blocked and flagged. That's right. When I just searched something as simple as quotes or scores to ballgames, the app blocked them. So I was texting my friends telling them about false alarms very, very often. Doesn't send out 80% of flagged reports. Most of the time I texted my accountability partners, they hadn't even received (and didn't receive) any notification that a flag had been triggered. So it wouldn't let me view the innocent pages but it still wouldn't hold my accountable to my accountability partners. THIS APP DOESN'T ALLOW ANY SAVING OF PICTURES. No copying or downloading any of the funny pictures that I love sharing with my friends and family. The app doesn't work in landscape mode (doesn't switch over) and doesn't let you zoom in or enlarge photos on google searches. Overall, I am extremely frustrated by this app and I wouldn't recommend it to anybody. If they got their act together and made it as easy to use as Safari (I know it's a tall order but that seems like it should be a benchmark in 2017) it would be worth the money. But that's 100% not the case. I am very frustrated that I'm out 70 dollars for my subscription and I feel very scammed and that I was taken advantage of by their inability to give me a refund for their terrible service and tech. I would give it zero stars if I was able. STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP. P.S. I'm assuming that because you're here, you are struggling with pornography. I will say that a month after telling my fiancé about my problem, God has worked in my life in UNBELIEVABLE ways. Sharing this secret with the absolute last person I wanted to share it with has been the most freeing experience I've ever had and I'm so much more confident in our upcoming marriage because of the grace of God and the grace of my fiancé. Don't keep these things in the dark, let someone know so God can do his thing. I still feel tempted but not nearly as often and not even close to as severely as it once was. Aside from hating this app, I don't feel like I need it anymore and I'm so grateful for that. God bless! Good luck on your struggles and know that you're never alone. Don't limit God.


Doesn't Function *SCAM  TJSamuels  1 star

Worst app I've ever downloaded. Hasn't functioned despite updates. Crashes instantly or can't load any webpages and freezes. Really upsetting considering the cost. It really is a scam.


Not Functional  Lafozze  1 star

Browser worked marginally well back in 2016 but now it won't load the home page is no longer functional.

The Stozer

Still flawed  The Stozer  1 star

The app doesn't crash on me anymore when trying to go to a web page, but now it won't load anything. Whether trying to use a URL or the search bar, it does nothing and the URL immediately changes back to the home page that won't load. I try going to setting and it says I don't have internet connection, neither wifi nor data work. I'm keeping the app because it's still betting than being tempted by a different web browser but one day I would appreciate it if this one worked.


Not Functional - Please Update Soon  Surelynoonehasusedthisnameyet  1 star

App was not functional, then it got better and now this update made it unusable. It literally won't load a web page. Crashes or freezes if I try to do anything at all - even type an address. Really tired of dealing with it. About to switch to another app.


X3watch x3watch 3 star

Having an orgasm is easier than building real relationships. But only the latter will bear good fruit in the long run.


X3watch x3watch 3 star

Here are three simple ways to recognize toxic accountability partners:


X3watch x3watch 3 star

A great accountability partnership is a safe one and remaining honest in all you say and do is the best way to maintain that level of safety


Refund?  NofCtlyDrummer  1 star

Maybe if we heard from them, I'd be a little more okay. But they give us nothing. This app doesn't work at all. I type something into the search and it crashes. I use other people's phones to use the Internet because my internet is useless.


I wish this worked !  Elbraduno  1 star

Crashes on latest IOS. Was glitchy before that. Bad reviews since August ??!



Will this app ever be fixed? It's like you don't care at all. You have effectively created an app with more 1 star reviews than I have ever seen. Please take a hint from the hundreds of unhappy people using this app. READ YOUR REVIEWS. STRIVE FOR A 5 STAR REVIEW. Come on guys.

Micah Reed

Crashes nonstop  Micah Reed  1 star

It crashes as soon as I type in a website. Since the new iOS10 update the app has been useless on my iPhone. I'm about to stop paying for it. It still works well on my laptop though.


Not functional  HannahBranch  1 star

I'm really sad that this new version of the app is not functional--for the past two weeks, every time I go to open this app it crashes and won't even work for me. I've been so happy to have a good accountability app for the past few years, but it's sad and disappointing now that it seems to no longer work well. I hope it gets fixed soon.


Good intentions, awful execution  smellioto  1 star

Doesn't even work...


Not happy  gmiddleton15  2 star

The idea of this app is phenomenal, but it far from a finished product. It lacks the ability to function properly on my iPhone ( this is the 4th time I'm redownloading it). Being unable to click a link in different apps and have them open in this one is frustrating and not being able to use the phone number links within the app is also not desirable. If the creators could figure out how to make this app work better with iOS this would be great. I also don't like that I am unable to close the app and reopen it on the same page. Instead, I am forced to search again for the page I was on.

That one writer... you know, who writes the reviews

Doesn't work  That one writer... you know, who writes the reviews  1 star

It literally doesn't work. I can't navigate to any page. It just crashes if I type an address in or if I search for something. Please fix this.


Totally unstable  thenilerivr  1 star

I've been a faithful paid user for four years and used the free version on my computer for probably another five years before that. I've been so thankful for this product but the new skin they put on the app causes so many crashes and lacks so many basic features the old one had that I have no idea why they released this. Please release a new version with the old stability, clear button on the address bar, and ability to remember the page when the app is hidden. So many things are broken now, tapping a joined number crashes the app. Selecting a bookmark does nothing. Today it crashes as soon as I open it every time! Fix the bugs and I'll write a good review!


Failure  NAVYDX  1 star

The previous version of this app was a pretty good browser but the update is a complete failure. It does not open or even give you the option for help. The only option that actually works is the total blocking of any other browser apps. A complete waste of money for the subscription. This needs to be fixed or refund everyone's fees for the last two months. This is essentially stealing from people.

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