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**YOU VOTED & THE CAT’S OUT OF THE BAG** Thanks to the votes from YOU and thousands of loyal MONOPOLY Facebook fans from 185 different countries, the CAT mover is now available to play with in this latest update as well as in the classic board game version of MONOPOLY!

From Marvin Gardens to Water Works to Park Place, own and manage the famous holdings of the MONOPOLY board.

Shake your device to “roll” the 3D dice. Tap the screen to manage your properties. Building hotels or taking a “Chance” is easy and intuitive.

Play through 3 levels of difficulty and save games in progress. Also customize the number of players, the “game rules,” and even the game environment.

Challenge up to 3 friends via local WiFi and Pass ‘N Play Multiplayer, and up to 2 friends with Bluetooth Multiplayer.

You can even play multiplayer games with friends who have MONOPOLY for iPad (just note that you’ll be playing the iPhone/iPod touch version).

So buy Boardwalk! Go directly to jail! Are you ready? It’s “GO” time!

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MONOPOLY Game App Description & Overview

The applications MONOPOLY Game was published in the category Games on 2009-11-20 and was developed by Electronic Arts. The file size is 185.38 MB. The current version is 1.4.04 and works well on 8.1 and high ios versions.

Hey MONOPOLY fans! We've made some behind-the-scenes updates to the game. Thanks for playing.

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MONOPOLY Game Reviews


Bluetooth multiplayer useless in ios 11.0.3  mg6277  1 star

FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


This game cheats  Gremlinone1  1 star

Computer cheats so much it takes all the fun out of it constantly give itself favorable rolls, cards and trades. It would be fun if it didn't cheats so much


Keep my dollar...  happage  1 star

What a pathetic AI game. You will always win the first game. After that, once Electronic Arts has your cash and info, the AI model forces cheats. Basically they want your money and then they want you off the app. Fight back. Boycott Electronic Arts games.

Unit Cruzer

Great Feel, Terrible Odds  Unit Cruzer  2 star

The game has great programming behind the process, but the odds are most definitely rigged. I got tired of playing because you can’t seem to win it remotely plan to win because the AI still manages to take over. Anytime the dice roll for me, they favor the odds of the AI. It seems like the only time you win is by passing go, even then I end up landing either on a tax or the die will roll to put me on another AI property. It just isn’t fair and you can tell when the dice roll... fake rolls are not fare.

Dai oMo

Too easy  Dai oMo  4 star

AI on lv3 difficulty still too easy to beat even you lack of luck. Just need to play around with the $!

Cool people101

Super good game but gets boring  Cool people101  4 star

This game is one of my all time favorites. No matter how many times I win or lose, it's just the same old game. And that's the problem. Playing the same thing over 100 times just gets boring. Maybe if they added more features, it'd be better


Rigged Dice  britt_0813  3 star

Fun game, but the dice are rigged. I could have hotels down every property on two sides of the board and the AI will just "happen" to hit all the chances/community chests/etc for multiple turns. I love Monopoly, but let's be honest... This game is just not designed for you to win.


Rigged Dice  Jon2013p  1 star

There are a lot of complaints about the dice being rigged and from playing hundreds of hours I can definitely say it is. Basically what happens is once you start building houses and hotels then the NPCs will conveniently get rolls skipping your hotels every time


Rigged  HockeyJared  1 star

So rigged it's honestly laughable. Waste of a dollar.


Dices are rigged lol  J10yg  5 star

Yep the dices are rigged but the game is still pretty fun, I bought all property and left him the railroads and he seem too land on his railroads, free parking and jail for at least 5 rounds.


Best dollar I've spent on the App Store  Inu463  5 star

The graphics are bit dull, but otherwise it's a really solid game of Monopoly with plenty of customizable rules and options. Great for playing on the train or on your lunch breaks. Don't worry about all the reviews saying the computer cheats. I've been playing all afternoon on Hard and I haven't lost a match yet, though the computer isn't a push over either (unlike the disappointingly stupid AI in Monopoly Plus on the PlayStation 4). It's an excellent package for only being 99 cents.


So fun!  SophieCarol  5 star

Very realistic to real world gameplay with a couple changes. First game was frustrating as expected but I won my second game! If you play strategically, you have a better chance but a lot of it comes down to luck.


Rigged dice  Ragnarok115  1 star

The dice rolling is obviously rigged to screw over the player. It is uncommon to actually land on a property you can buy, all you do is pay rent on the AI properties and land on community chest. Waste of money. Also the AI never lands on your properties


Save your $$  Wood-launcher  1 star

Worst rigged game ever. You can own three sides of the board and other players will land on community chest, chance, or anything other than your property while you land on theirs every time.

North Star7

I liked their other game better  North Star7  4 star

Monopoly used to have this other game called Monopoly Hotels,but it has since been deleted from the App Store and I wish they would bring it back it was fun


I hat this game  Glamgirlmadipoppypoppy  1 star

When I got it it it would not let me roll I had to wait for 5 minutes until I got to roll again this is stupid 😐😑

Vina's Mr.Pib

K, so its monopoly  Vina's Mr.Pib  4 star

I don't know if it's rigged but I always win in 1v1 but never in 3 or 4 player so I don't know, if you like monopoly like me you should get it


Not bad  twojust  5 star

Me vs 3 pc's won out the gate. They make dumb trades


Rigged.  countzander  1 star

The AI definitely cheats.


Monopoly  hauptman20  5 star

Great game for keeping the capitalists alive and competitive. I played it when I was in Russia's St. Petersburg.

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