**YOU VOTED & THE CAT’S OUT OF THE BAG** Thanks to the votes from YOU and thousands of loyal MONOPOLY Facebook fans from 185 different countries, the CAT mover is now available to play with in this latest update as well as in the classic board game version of MONOPOLY!

From Marvin Gardens to Water Works to Park Place, own and manage the famous holdings of the MONOPOLY board.

Shake your device to “roll” the 3D dice. Tap the screen to manage your properties. Building hotels or taking a “Chance” is easy and intuitive.

Play through 3 levels of difficulty and save games in progress. Also customize the number of players, the “game rules,” and even the game environment.

Challenge up to 3 friends via local WiFi and Pass ‘N Play Multiplayer, and up to 2 friends with Bluetooth Multiplayer.

You can even play multiplayer games with friends who have MONOPOLY for iPad (just note that you’ll be playing the iPhone/iPod touch version).

So buy Boardwalk! Go directly to jail! Are you ready? It’s “GO” time!

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MONOPOLY Game App Description & Overview

The applications MONOPOLY Game was published in the category Games on 2009-11-20 and was developed by Electronic Arts. The file size is 185.38 MB. The current version is 1.4.04 and works well on 8.1 and high ios versions.

Hey MONOPOLY fans! We've made some behind-the-scenes updates to the game. Thanks for playing.

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MONOPOLY Game Reviews


Good game, definitely rigged  Hakan1218  3 star

This game is most probably rigged. The rolls are not random whatsoever.

The Commander 127

Dont waste time!  The Commander 127  1 star

Nothing random about dice. It picks who will win and they never land on ur properties until it is too late. Idiot developers need to make it truly random.


Other reviews are bogus  Chrisdbliss  5 star

I have had this game on my phone forever and decided to write a review after seeing how stupid the reviews are for this game... The dice are not rigged... I have won more than 50% of my games on hard difficulty vs 4 AI. Actually, if I had 1 complaint for this game is that it's too easy. The AI trade as though monopolies don't exist. I would go as far as to say this was the single best game purchase I have ever made. Other games have come and gone but this one is ALWAYS on my phone.


True true  Junior1218  3 star

As every person who plays it, game is rigged, Fridge you monopoly designers, but it's a good game to play.


Ridiculous  D4692  1 star

I can't seem to win. I've changed the difficulty to 1 every single time and the computer still seems to beat me every time. In fact I owned every single property on the board except for 6 of them and yet the computer NEVER landed on them but I landed on all of theirs. Hmmmm?


Odds  Heflin94  3 star

Visually appealing, won two games but I've played about 10 so far and the patterns become painfully obvious. If the games decides your going to lose then your going to lose. If your first roll lands you on income tax, just go ahead and restart because it's a guarantee you'll land on it every single time. as for the computers? well I owned the orange set, had a hotel on each of them and literally they got passed by, and I counted, 13 times in a row until I became in financial debt, had to sell sell sell, when there was one house on it THEN they land on it but it doesn't matter because yellow and green have become death ally. oh and even if I managed to get lucky and by pass all that, that right you guessed it, income tax, you just whittled down to nothing. All games played on level 2 difficulty

Ned nelly belly

Awful  Ned nelly belly  1 star

I can't even star the game!

Person who does work

Stupid game  Person who does work  1 star

Sucked terribly I would never play again 🖕you really need to delete this game


Rigged..  Zentrip  1 star

The AI cheats horribly. The AI consistently rolls high numbers on the dice, resulting in more trips passed go, and consistently rolls doubles. EA really messed up here. I want my money back!


LoL  Curt128  5 star

I don't get all the complaints. I win on this game all the time. Learn how to make deals people. LoL

Trevor shf

Great game  Trevor shf  5 star

Definitely worth buying the game. Easy to learn and play. Rate it 5 stars

5 Fifths

Mediocre at best, but could be great  5 Fifths  3 star

This game has so much potential. It appears to capture all the fun of the original game, but it face-plants when it comes to fun or reasonableness. The computer cheats like heck! There is nothing random about the dice roll. If EA would improve the computer logic and make a game that relies on truly random dice rolls, I'd play this nonstop. I almost never write reviews. Out of sheer frustration and disappointment, I felt compelled here.

Mustafa azad

Worst a.i ever  Mustafa azad  1 star

I just deleted the game because the a.i is cheated , the dice is cheated , always favors the Computer when you play against it ....... WORST MONOPOLY EVER


Trade Accepted.. say WHAT!!!  Ibigibig  1 star

I hate the fact that accept and decline buttons are so stupidly close to one another. The computer constantly hounds you to make trades and 50% of time my big fingers mistakenly hit accept on a trade I would have never made, so I quit the entire game. What a waste of time


what a waste of money  Dogeatman101  1 star

this game is rigged and the devs are idiots. what a bunch of [email protected]

Substance matters

It will cost you more than 99 cents  Substance matters  1 star

I can't believe I feel so negative about a 99 cent game. The dice are loaded. Funny example of loaded dice. I had half of the board covered in hotels (literally) and it took the other two computer players five times around the board before they landed on a property literally rolling the same numbers over and over. It's so predictable it is almost funny except it takes the fun out of it. Looks like monopoly except not. You get what you pay for.

Sol hunter

I want my money back  Sol hunter  1 star

This game was not worth my money so i want to get my money back it is not worth it


Don't waste your money  Marvinthemartianlover  2 star

Game is difficult to play. There is no explanation of the various controls, like how to get to "deed view" to mortgage a property. Could stand a lot of improvements.


Terrible  AllisonPorrecca  1 star

The way this game is set up is actually terrible and really confusing. I don't recommend it.


Bluetooth/Wireless  BigJoe45  1 star

Why can't I have more than 1 person join me for a Bluetooth game?!?! This game is crap.

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