Windfinder Pro: Wind & Weather

Windfinder Pro: Wind & Weather [Weather] App Description & Overview

Detailed wind and weather forecasts and weather information for your location.
See wind, waves, tides and weather reports and current wind measurements for your own weather predictions.
Easy to use and in a clear layout.


+ Detailed wind forecasts and weather forecasts for over 45,000 locations
+ Displays current wind and weather measurements in real-time from over 21,000 weather stations
+ Tide forecasts for high and low tides for over 8,000 locations around the world
+ Configure favorites – save nearby locations and monitor the weather for your vacation at a glance
+ Animated wind map for a global wind overview
+ Measurements listed in knots, Beaufort, mph, km/h and m/s
+ Parameters: Wind strength & direction, gusts, air temperature, felt temperature, clouds coverage, precipitation, air pressure, wave height, wave period and wave direction
+ Webcams everywhere
+ Optimized display of forecasts and measurements for optimal readability on the go and on any mobile device
+ Optimized data transfer that enables a quicker load speed: ideal for data usage restrictions
+ Topographic maps and satellite imaging provide a quick overview of weather conditions for aid in weather routing


• Kitesurfing & Windsurfing – find that next hurricane or windy days either right next door or at your next vacation destination
• Sailing – plan your next sailing trip and ensure safe passage by avoiding bad weather at sea
• Dinghy sailing & regatta racers – allows for careful preparation for the next regatta
• Surfing & wave riders – find the perfect waves and high swell
• Fishing – help ensure a good catch with wind directions
• SUP – make sure you are not blown off your SUP
• Paragliding – find a good wind right from the start
• Cycling or trekking – check if it will be windy on your track
• Boat owners & captains – keep a constant eye on the current wind conditions and tides


Subscribe to Windfinder Plus to get access to all service features.
Windfinder Plus gives you reliable extra tools like wind gusts, diverse local weather models, wind alerts and many more. Windfinder Plus is especially suited for weather enthusiasts, athletes, captains and everybody who needs a bonus in wind and weather forecasting.

+ Wind alerts: Specify your desired wind conditions, get notified as soon as windy days are forecasted
+ Superforecast: our hourly high-resolution forecasting model for Europe, North America, South Africa, Egypt and the Canary Islands
+ Ad free: no distractions any more
+ Wind preview: for a quick visual overview of the next ten days
+ Animated wind speed maps with wind gusts, temperature, precipitation, satellite and topographic images
+ Wind report map: Real-time wind measurements from over 21,000 stations directly on our wind map
+ many more
Windfinder Plus is available as an In App Purchase.


Windfinder Plus: We offer auto-renewable "Windfinder Plus" subscriptions for one month or one year. The subscription enhances the feature set of Windfinder Plus with wind alerts, map features, superforecast etc.
Remove Ads: We offer auto-renewable "Remove Ads" subscriptions for 3 months, 6 months or one year. The app will be free of ads while the "Remove Ads" subscription is active.

Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
You will be charged for another period (1 month, 3 months, 6 months or one year) unless you cancel at least 24 hours before the subscription is renewed.
You can turn off the auto-renewal in your Account Settings after purchase.
A free trial period of 7 days is offered.
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Privacy Policy:


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- Bugfixes

Windfinder Pro: Wind & Weather Comments & Reviews

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- Easy to use. Accurate

Windfinder is exactly that. Easily pick locations on a map near your favorite launch site or airport and get a 3 hour chunk forecast 10 days in advance or get a 1 hour detailed forecast for the next three days. Easily scroll between your saved favorite locations and get real time wind reports from weather stations. As a bonus, there is a great wind map in motion that is fun to play with a useful for deciding to stay inland on go kiting on a lake or weather it’s worth the drive to the coast.

- My go-to app for outdoor activities

I live about a mile down the beach from a Windfinder location on Puget Sound, and while I don’t kite surf I do plan my day...walks, yard work, etc...using the hour-by-hour feature of Supercast. I am seldom wrong when I tell neighbors we can do something at 2:00 today because it will be dry from then until 4:00. They are amazed at “my” accuracy. I love that! We often trailer-camp along the Pacific Ocean and I use it the same way for when we can take dry walks on the beach. Windfinder Pro is AWESOME!

- Great wave reports for boating

I am surprised that there are not several boating specific apps that give wave height and weather reports. I have looked into and tried several other apps and forecast web sites, but Windfinder has given me the best info presented in an easy to see at a glance just what I am looking for. The “Superforecast” has been great - providing an hourly snapshot of what to expect, and customizable notifications are a bonus. Thank you for a great app!

- Works for this Lake Sailor!

Wind Finder Pro works great on Lake Travis, Austin Texas. We have a Weather beacon at a local park one mile away. The 5 day forecast is mostly accurate. I seldom use the super forecast feature or the fancy wind maps. (Don’t know how). Suggestion: place online documentation on your system so sailors can learn how to use your fancy features and icons. Overall, this weather app is good and reliable. Thanks! Hector

- Nothing works..??? No menu. Tried reloading APP,blank????

Since the APP was changed -nothing works like it should. There are no instructions as to how to use it..tried to set up Favorites but no Menu..seems to be an assumption we know what to push and where to find items??needs a total revamp for ease of use.. Don’t recommend now, used to be best APP and system available...It wasn’t broken,,why ?fix? It... THANK YOU FOR BRINGING BACK ITEMS THAT MADE THIS APP GREAT FOR BOATERS AND CRUISERS.. THE 7 DAY FORECAST WITH ALL THE DATE WE NEED TO MAKE A DECISION TO MOVE OR NOT IS INVALUABLE.. ESPECIALLY LIKE THAT IT IS AVAILABLE FOR NOT JUST WHERE WE ARE, BUT FOR PLACES WE MAYBE GOING..AGAIN, THANK YOU..

- Life / Death / Money

Owning a barge-marine construction company, the wind single handily dictates our day to day life. I use your site up here on the Great Lakes. In the last 20 years we have left the rig, barge / boat push boat on the open water (overnight) less than 5 times. Less than 5 = 20 years. This particular night your team called for SSW WINDS, single digits over night. Winds at the buoy off of Vermillion OHIO that night were 41 knots out of the N , The push boat was swamped and sank, huge damage to the 80’ X 30’ X 6’ long barge as well. All in all, 150,000 to 175K in damages in which insurance paid 105, 000. The point is this, PEOPLE COUNT ON YOU IN LIFE..... REAL LIFE! My team makes calculated decisions on what you write and post. It’s not “just the wind” it is life Live It Peace ✌️ Shaun Bickley VP Shepherds Shoreline Construction inc

- Wind Pro better than weather channel

I use it several times a day to see what weather, wave height, and wind are doing in my area. That’s the Pascagoula river basin and about 8 miles out to the barrier islands. With the knowledge from this app I can safely boats and decide if it’s a good day for fishing. You can look at the forecast and know that cold front has arrived buy the speed and direction.

- This is the hot setup

I rely on Windfinder to set my daily activity. Recent updates have improved the already highly effective app. I can find all I need (weather, tide, sun and moon times) to make sure that a beach visit is going to be pleasant. I’m not a wind person now, though I have done performance sailing in the past. Thanks again for your great app!

- Cool features, but room for improvement.

Windfinder has some really cool features. I really like the way it shows the wind direction and speed, it is very easy to understand. The downside... It doesn’t seem very accurate. I have been at home in heavy wind, my home weather station reading heavy wind, windfinder not showing heavy wind.... also, The app will not zoom in on the map as much as the windfinder website. That bothers me because the app cost money, the website doesn’t.

- Accurate Wind Forecasts for PPG

I use Windfinder Pro to see the winds at all my favorite launch spots the day before or even several days before. This lets me plan my flying weekends ahead with my wife and family. I’ve found the accuracy to be better than other apps I use on a fairly regular basis. The only thing it’s missing is Winds Aloft. Could you please add so I can reduce to just 1 app instead of using 2? Thanks!

- This app needs ONE more thing.

I just downloaded this app for kayak fishing. It has pretty much EVERYTHING I need in one place. I used to go to 2-3 different apps and places to get info on tides, weather, etc. The only thing this app lacks for me is an actual tide graph. It’s much easier to look at a graph and read the tides. That is my only suggestion!

- Good so far, but...

Just got this. Seems super powerful and easy to use! But it seems like all the information is forecast. I’d like to also be able to see real time reports from the various locations. Like what is the wind actually doing right now? Maybe that’s in there and I’m missing it. Hard to tell. :-/

- Current Report

I don’t like that on the very first screen winds on the varios locations shows as forecast and not actual report. Don’t understand why because last year most locations had an actual “Report”, but since 2018 started most locations show a “forecast” report.

- Columbia River Smallmouth fishing

I have used this app to check wind on numerous locations along the Columbia River. I must say that it’s been 99% correct. If it’s blowing more than 10mph I don’t go fishing. It tells me where and when I should go. This app has given me wonderful fishing days. Thanks.

- Windfinder is great. Pro does not add anything

I would give windfinder 5 stars for its forecasting and reporting sites in the Bahamas. The superforecast is generally incorrect with some wild forecasts showing an hour of big winds (squalls?) followed by moderate winds. When it is squally the forecast is usually flat. I would give 1 star to the superforecast from windfinder pro. If the superforecast were all that windfinder offered, I would delete the app.

- Highly Valuable App!

Live on a dune lake in Fla, US that connects to the Gulf of Mexico. I used this app initially for all my fishing activities but now find that I use it multi times a day every day. Info provided is very reliable and efficient in its layout. Truly grateful for this app and am a big fan!

- Mr Vega

Love the app! Am a big MIAMI, Keys, and Bahamas boater. Have come to rely on the app to plan my trips. Accuracy in forecasting current and forward conditions is almost 100% in my experience, which for weather is excellent. Seas especially in gulf stream are generally underestimated. Should have gulf stream seas separately. Great app!

- Best wind data for day sailing...!

As a day sailor, there is no better app for wind conditions. Not too overbearing on the technical data, but enough of it to know when to sail. I highly recommend it for sailors or any other sports people needing to know temperatures and wind conditions.

- FishWeathet

Absolutely great app very helpful a tool that we need since we finish approximately 12 months a year. Fishing the north east Atlantic in the summer and fall and going to the keys all winter and spring, wouldn’t leave the dock before we looked at the app.

- Lobsterman, Down East Maine

I just bought an IMac computer and wish I could down load this app on my computer. That is my only complaint. I would love to have it on a bigger screen cuz I love the wind map. I live by the wind and use this app every day. I appreciate its accuracy. Thanks Zac Ransom

- Still love Windfinder

Fantastic boating tool for sail and power.. right on forecast for irma in 2017. Wind, tide, waves, rain and temp in one place. Only reason for four not five stars is the long range forecast on map was about 10 days and now just two days. I use it almost every day!!

- Mory Mabavian

Sorry, but your system is not really that accurate. My experience for about I guess three years is that most of the times your regular Windfinder is much more accurate than the pro so, I do not know which one to follow or to believe !?

- It’s the best

I race on a mud puddle of a lake in Kansas, if you can believe that. Our club weather station down loads directly to the app. The forecasts are the best I’ve ever used. The features are nothing short of excellent. Keep up the good work. Bryan. Capricorn F18. Perry Yacht Club. Kansas

- Most accurate in the business!

Wind and wave information you can count on being correct! I’d give it 6 stars if I could! Pro super forecast worth every dime!

- Keeps me well informed

It’s so important to me, to have access to accurate weather information. This is the app to get it from.

- Windpro

Has been accurate almost every time..a few missed..sometimes a single digit wind condition is a double..but most part it’s a good app

- My go to weather app

Wind Finder Pro is my go to weather app. Freediving, lake fishing, inshore or offshore fishing or spearfishing and paddle boarding are my activities Windfinder helps me make decisions on the best plans for the weekend. I also rely on RadarScope.

- Great Ap for Lake Erie. In fact, the best in my book, very reliable and accurate

I spend a lot of time boating and fish on Lake Erie. Always consult my Windfinder ap prior and during. Reliable and accurate.

- Great resource

I use this app all the time for boating, it’s my one stop resource for weather. I trust it and it gives me all the info points I need. Keep up the food work!

- Pass on Winderfind Pro

Utterly useless. On start gives 6 locations that are not yours. Won’t save favorites, provides a forecast only if there is a home weather station in your area, shadow pop ups hang around too long, annoying vibrating info banners. App is not intuitive at all. I have the Pro version and they still beg for support money. Windfinder Pro was a poor purchase.

- 5.0 worse than previous

Very clumsy interface. Previous version was much cleaner and friendly

- Excellent App

This app is amazingly accurate in predicting wind and has additional good information in a user friendly interface.

- Love you

Incredibly useful, I live in Key West and I can plan activities by being able to predict when it is going to start and stop raining.

- Old Sailor

This is a great app. It lets me check on breeze same day or a day or two ahead so I can plan a late day sail after work. It’s also great when cruising.

- Inshore/offshore

Having been using app for about a year. It’s been great to have reliable forecast for a change. I use it in the panhandle of florida an northern Gulf of Mexico , it’s been great.

- Don’t leave Port without it

We look at this app multiple times even when not boating. We plan our trips using this app from port to port. Very helpful and mostly accurate.

- Southern Salt Fishing Charters

Love the program. Each time I have a charter and need to look at the wind and sea conditions you guys are spot on !!! Huge help in planning my trips. Continue the amazing work

- Hurricane Gulch / Angels Gate

This little gizmo is just right for tomorrow’s predictions Every Day at the gulch and Angels Gate. Sailing Speed runs require 10 kts plus with a 14,000 pound boat and a 4 hour time window... Hooked me in to plan ahead. GREAT RESULTS

- Love the App!

It’s intuitive, visual, and provides great information. In the San Diego area I’ve so far (last 4 months) found the wind speed and direction predictions to be very good.

- Additional Info and Photos

I would suggest to the developer of this App to include Photos and InfoGraphic of the area/location to reflect the weather conditions and status.

- The best app

We work on the water every day of the year this app is a vital tool in our daily decision making process

- Baro pressure

Would be allot more useful if they'd actually add the Barometric pressure corrections to be more accurate right now it's pretty much useless. The inHG is nowhere near accurate and therefor worthless

- Great

Often more accurate than others

- Valuable tool

Accurate, reliable and easy to use, it’s my all around go to weather app...👍

- Very inaccurate

The app can be very inaccurate most of the time for example we pulled our boat off the water early expecting the wind to pick up to 15 miles per hour but it stayed at 0 miles per hour the rest of the day. Overall it’s a cool app but very inaccurate

- Too much at odds with other forecasts

I tend to use this app but always cross reference against other apps and NOAA directly. Sometimes all of them are inaccurate: this one is easier to use but less accurate typically

- Wind predictions

This is a very helpful out for me as a sailor to know exactly what kind of wings I’m going to have in the Santa Monica Bay it’s been very helpful and very accurate

- Love the product

The only thing that would make it better is to show wind wave height

- Great Tool

We own a home in the Bahamas and this app is a great tool for us to predict weather conditions in our area. Highly recommended

- A must have for hang glider pilots!

This app has been critical for making decisions to fly at many sites with the superforecast. Super accurate!

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- Super useful

The best app I have found for wind forecasts and reports. Having the tides and other stats in the same place is also very helpful

- Excellent App

It give me all the information I need - in a ver user friendly format. It just works really welll

- Tide times

Why are the tide times always wrong?

- Works

Best app for yachting here in Australia and overseas

- Great app but now crashes

Great app but now crashes instantly. iPhone X, reinstall didn’t help.

- Please improve...

Print typeface is too pale and too small...

- How you add a new favourite ????

For heaven’s sake why can’t I go to the favourites page and find a button that says ‘new favourite’. This seems like a ‘no brainer’ to me....

- Very handy app!

I fly Remote Control Helicopters (Align T-REX etc) and I hate packing up all my helicopters and flying stuff into the car to get to the flying field to find it's too windy to fly safely. This application quickly and easily let's me not only see what the wind is doing now, but I can also see which way the wind speed is trending presented in an easy to read graph of windspeed measurements taken throughout the day. So whether you want calm conditions (like myself) or you want it nice and windy to go sailing or kite surfing, this application is simple to use and presents essential data in an easy to view fashion. Unlike other weather apps, this application concentrates on the wind figures (as the name suggests) so while data such as temperature etc is there, you do not have to drill down into menus or touch the screen 6 times to see if wind conditions suit you at your particular favorite location. A link to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology Doppler Wind Radar would be nice as that radar shows intensity of wind blowing towards and away from the radars in a simple color coded graphic way (for sone areas of Australia) and maybe a "weather stations near me" option where if you are in a location where you don't know the name of local weather stations the app found or suggested some local wind measurement stations from either GPS or location via the mobile network etc. Just an idea. Well done on a handy application which suits my needs nicely. I look forward to future updates.

- Favourites

How do I add more favourites?????

- Awesome App

I use windfinder on the net and it's very reliable. It's great that it's now an extremely user friendly iPhone/iPod app. Forecasted rainfall data would make it even better. Pictures are good but quantified rainfall volumes would be the icing on the cake?

- Not so good for Australia

We are having a heatwave here in my part of Australia, yet this app shows Fremantle as below freezing (which it never gets to!!) and wind at 6 knots form the south when it has been around 14 knots all day. Maybe biased to European stations?

- Crashes

Guys not sure whats going on here but apart from weather data reliability which I havent been able to varify yet mine keeps crashing on my Iphone 4 running 6.1+ The main screen opens then whatever I do just crashes the app? Help !

- Great App


- Good work

Very useful app for monitoring the winds. Can you please make an iPad version??????

- Absolutely terrible app

Don't waste your time or money with this app. Beyond useless and pathetic. Sticking your finger in the air would be more useful. Shameful!!!

- Very inaccurate

I rely on wind and temp for my business and any information I can get is a big help. While this app looks really good, the actual forecasts are so ridiculously inaccurate it's useless. The wind forecasts are often half what the actual wind is, and to me a 100 per cent margin for error is not acceptable . I don't know where they even get their current observations from because they are completely wrong as well, not only wind but temperature. It's a good looking app but a shame their info is poor.

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- app accurate enough to support kayak trip planning.

Winds. Tides. Temp. Hourly. Accurate! Nice work, people!

- Sailing away

Love the WFpro app. I race twice a week and use it to help us prepare. It's very accurate for Lake Erie where we sail. I'm not why there's such a difference between it's Forecast and it's Super Forcast ??

- Fishing

My husband and two sons fish and they rely on this app for wind warnings. Thank you.

- Great visual

Love the fact that I can see what the wind will be doing. I take a look before I go on great slave lake. You can take the most recent forecast with you.

- Solo Crossing of Lake Simcoe by Sea Kayak

This was and is my go to app to determine when and where i paddle. The amount of data provided, updated every 4 hours helped me to determine when to cross Lake Simcoe and did. I use it for all my water events including canoeing, sup, swimming Never leave home without it. Albert Bedward

- Simple and brilliant

Working at heights knowing conditions, hour by hour is a vital link in the safety chain. Thanks, and the new graphics are top shelf. Cheers

- So helpful

As a boater this is an invaluable tool for confidence and safety.

- Accuracy

I find this AP quite accurate most of the time ...good for sailing,good for planning outdoor activities, farming etc

- Pretty Accurate

The app has been better than the local weatherman 👍

- Great app for watching the weather forecast

I have been using Windfinder for a few years and find it is quite accurate when planning drone flights a week or more for my commercial operations

- Windfinder

I religiously use this app to plan all of my fishing expeditions and has never failed me

- Stunning Platform and Accuracy

Very pleased would highly recommend

- Must have for lake side living and boating.

You need this if you live or use the lake.

- Easy layout, practical.

However other apps can switch forecast models, which i appreciate to get the best picture. Nevertheless this app is really useful and i do use it a lot and it surprises me how accurate it can be in our area. Thanks!

- The best

Thanks for providing a great weather forecast that is so accurate

- Pas précis

Cette application ne fonctionne pas correct. Aujourd’hui il indiquait 1.5 de vagues et il ni en avait pas 2 heure de route pour rien pour le bateau ce n’est pas fiable. Trop cher.

- Great app for boating

We use it at our cottage in the summer to check the lake conditions for skiing & wakesurfing. Nice to know ahead of time what’s coming down the pipe!

- Best app outright

Aside from Kiteboard forecasts it is the best all round weather app out there. Buy the pro version!

- Very good predictor

Have used this app for a couple of years, and find it generally gives pretty accurate wind predictions.

- Steve Cotton

Great accuracy almost 100% every time 👍👍👍👍👍

- The best app for Windsurfers and Kitesurfers

I’ve tried several apps but this is the best!

- Very Helpful

Living on the prairies in Canada and constantly watching the wind, especially while travelling in our recreational vehicle, this is our go to app. Always watching the storm fronts, very helpful, Thanks!

- Love it.

Such an awesome app. I find myself referring to it at least every other day.

- great!

I am a experienced sailor and I use this app all the time. I think it is a great way to keep track of your favourite conditions no matter what activities that you like.

- Apple Watch

Make an Apple Watch App please!!! 😁

- Save your money this app is so unreliable

Save your money I live in Vancouver and this app is way off all the time.

- Great, please choose a wider font

This app is great, however, the font in the last update decreased readability. Please choose a wider font (e.g., Gotham, see Twitter). Update: The latest update made the font even smaller on the iPhone 6 Plus. Please use dynamic fonts.

- excellent

Great App! Better than the competition for sure as it has wave height where available.

- Waste of Money!

The only reason I upgraded to Pro was for the advertised Alerts which are not available in the Pro Version anymore!!! Thanks for nothing! Would give 0 Stars if I could

- Not good value

Cryptic UI, questionable data. About $1.99 too much.

- Pro not worth the extra money

They charge per month for the alerts in the pro version, which is not the impression they give you before you download. Pro version not worth the money. Only difference is there are no ads and there is a superforecast (I don't know what it is based on cause the actual wind does not come close to the superforecast)

- Wind turbine

Great app. Will upgrade to a 5 star when they have an update for iPad

- windfinder app doesn't run on itouch

Downloaded windfinder pro yesterday but it would not run on my iTouch. The app developer tells me it's an iTunes problem. Probably true, but still does not run.

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- Must have boating app!

The wind forecast on this app is the most accurate I’ve found. Spot on every time. Must have for any offshore boater

- Great app!!

I’ve been using Windfinder everyday for the past 5 years and I love it. It really helps me plan my fishing day. Thanks so much

- Capt. Dave

I give this app to all my customers. They can make there own decisions on coming fishing, saves me time. I use it to check the PC models, not bad......

- Accurate

I have found this sight to be very accurate in their predictions

- Convenient

Easy to use and reliable

- Great App for boaters

This app is a must if you are a boater and ever venture out onto the ocean. I am ready to use it again on my upcoming trip to the Bahamas crossing from Florida!

- 80% accurate

Mother nature is tough to get 100% right . Today I was expecting 7-9 knots and I end up with 19. Complicated!

- Fishing guru

Always check this app before planning my trips

- Fishing planner

Very user friendly and up to date. Winds and tides easily accessible at my favorite fishing places. Great for planning a quick trip on the fly.

- Plan my day by Pro Wind Finder

We have animals so Pro is adventurous to planing our day. I am on alert as to when to Blanket the horses during winter days. Thank You Windfinder!

- Best app of its kind

All the information you need in one app. If I would recommend something add sunsets sunrises moon rises and moon sets.

- Generally fairly close to correct

Most of the time it is real good on predicting the situation

- Excellent race source

Use it before every race. Been quite accurate.

- The best

I run a charter. Wind finder is the number one tool we have for predicting weather. It is by far the best.

- Great sailors App

Use Pro all the time for our weekend sailing races. Very helpful for our shifting inland winds

- Excellent!!!!

Best wind/weather app online for the outdoorsman. Very accurate real-time and forecasting. I depend on it!!

- Fishing offshore of St. Lucie inlet

Pro Windfinder is my first go-to app whenever I’m planning a day or 2 on the water and fishing with friends

- Worked well for predicting wind direction and velocity

Crossed Lake Michigan June 5th from Marinette, WI to Acme, Michigan. Used app to predict wind and plan trip. Very helpful.

- Fisherman

Great site look at it twice a day

- Excellent

Here on California’s central coast, I find this app is impressively, consistently accurate. I use it every week, year round.

- Great tool

An amazing weather tool for many purposes

- Use it every day

It’s my go to app on wind conditions.

- One Stop Marine Forecast

Best organized weather app I’ve seen.

- Wind app

I pay for wind information and get what more do you want. The darn thing works that’s it

- Good application

It is good application but, it is not including most cities and locations .

- The Data Is Not Consistent with Other Forecasts

I have found some other sources to be significantly more accurate with wind velocities and speeds.

- Fowey Rocks Forecast inaccurate as of late

Fowey Rocks Forecast has been inaccurate as of late

- Qatar

It’s not accurate like before

- accuracy

Very very accurate

- Great ally

I travel continually and live in one of the windiest spots on the planet. Windfinder is usually highly upto date and accurate. A great companion!

- Current conditions off

It seems to be reporting model output instead of actual. (which is off base also for my location — Lake Mendota Buoy). This app was useful in the past but I might as well use Wundergroound.

- Great app

Good app to use when planning a camping trip

- Sailor

Love this app. Very accurate on timing of wind directions and rain.

- Fishermans report

Perfect fisherman’s weather report. Easy to operate

- Review

Won’t show super forecast

- Love it

I use it all the time for boating and flying

- Necessity

Just can’t fish without it.

- Best weather advisor on Chesapeake Bay

I go nowhere without it.

- Too Bad, So Sad

I really liked the app. Have used it and recommended it. Now I cannot add a location and I am hounded by requests to upgrade. No idea if upgrade requires payment, but it was good while it lasted.

- Best Weather App!

Wind speed, direction, wave height and frequency, tides, temp and precipitation. Finally all in one place!

- Wind checking

We use this In Florida and in Vermont and love it!

- Great app

Very helpful and excellent in determining the wind and tide and weather

- Bad info

Standard app and pro app disagree sometimes

- Simply not accurate

There are other more accurate platforms.

- Great App

Trust it for our boating needs

- Great info bad format

Fonts too small to read

- Love it

Best app for An accurate wind forecast

- Accuracy counts and these folks get It

Great icon

- Great app

Very accurate

- Good App

This a is good app which I use almost daily. It would be a great app if it include water temperature.

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Windfinder Pro: Wind & Weather 5.15.1 Screenshots & Images

Windfinder Pro: Wind & Weather iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Windfinder Pro: Wind & Weather iphone images
Windfinder Pro: Wind & Weather iphone images
Windfinder Pro: Wind & Weather iphone images
Windfinder Pro: Wind & Weather iphone images
Windfinder Pro: Wind & Weather iphone images
Windfinder Pro: Wind & Weather iphone images
Windfinder Pro: Wind & Weather iphone images
Windfinder Pro: Wind & Weather iphone images
Windfinder Pro: Wind & Weather iphone images
Windfinder Pro: Wind & Weather iphone images

Windfinder Pro: Wind & Weather (Version 5.15.1) Install & Download

The applications Windfinder Pro: Wind & Weather was published in the category Weather on 2009-11-15 and was developed by Windfinder [Developer ID: 336829638]. This application file size is 68.48 MB. Windfinder Pro: Wind & Weather - Weather app posted on 2020-11-30 current version is 5.15.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: net.windfinder.windfinderpro

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