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Plane Finder tracks planes in real time around the world. Watch live moving planes on a worldwide map or use the camera AR view to ID planes above you. You can even play back past flights – all the way back to 2011.

The Plane Finder app launched in 2009 and was the first live flight tracking app - today there are millions of happy users all over the world. Plane Finder has been top rated and top ranking since 2009 and covers most of the world, tracking 12,000+ planes simultaneously.

Search by flight number, place name, airport, airline and aircraft or browse the map. (You can choose Apple or Google maps too!).

Simply tap a plane to see detailed flight and aircraft information including photographs or tap an airport to see live arrivals and departures boards.

Use Augmented Reality (AR) view to identify planes overhead using your device camera.

23 different plane markers are included and airline logos are displayed next to planes for easy identification.

Custom alerts are unlimited and free to use, so you can take a break from watching the air traffic and let the app notify you when a plane is in the air or nearby.

Powerful and unlimited custom filters are also free to use. You can create, save and name as many filters as you need for quick access to the planes you are interested in.

Add and browse bookmarks to saved locations around the globe to quickly navigate to areas or airports of interest. Handoff is supported too!

If you prefer a list view of planes to the map view, use the sortable List View. You can also rearrange the table columns for ease of use.

Watch your previous flights - all the way back to April 2011! Use playback to replay holiday flights, diversions, major incidents etc. You can also easily see the effects of storms, ATC strikes, volcanic ash clouds and more. Or just relax and use playback to view the flow of air traffic through the day.

FAA US and NATS UK aviation charts are available as an in app purchase as a visual alternative to standard maps.

Plane Finder has been featured by Gizmodo, CNN, GMA, BBC, Sunday Times, Mail on Sunday, CNET, Wired, GQ Magazine and many more. We have millions of happy users and Plane Finder is regularly updated with innovative new features. Our support team always listen to and reply to feedback.

At a glance our worldwide coverage includes -

• Europe 95% - realtime
• North America – 100% via slightly US delayed data – Nationwide realtime ADS-B network in place and capturing 95% of ADS-B equipped aircraft
• Rest of World – Excellent coverage in Australia, New Zealand, Central America, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, Dubai, India, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Maldives, Mauritius, Singapore, Hong Kong and many more countries

Important Note:
Plane Finder works by picking up real time ADS-B and MLAT signals used by aircraft to transmit positional data to land based receivers. This technology is faster than traditional radar and is used for air traffic control and navigation. ADS-B is not used by all airlines or aircraft, however this is changing and the number of aircraft tracked by ADS-B is increasing all of the time. Traditional radar type data in real time is also included for North America.

Disclaimer: The use of the information presented using Plane Finder is strictly limited to pursuing enthusiast activities (i.e. for entertainment purposes), which specifically exclude any activities that might endanger yourself or the lives of others.
Under no circumstances will the developer of this application be held responsible for incidents resulting from the use of the data or its interpretation or its use contrary to this agreement.

Plane Finder - Flight Tracker App Description & Overview

The applications Plane Finder - Flight Tracker was published in the category Navigation on 2009-11-03 and was developed by pinkfroot limited. The file size is 50.19 MB. The current version is 9.4.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Don't you just hate bugs! Well this release fixes up a ton that crept in last time.

Anyway, in the last release was...

We worked really hard on a much improved details screen giving you much more information. Now you can see if a flight is on time or late.
We also managed to work in some extra information from the aircraft that tells you some geeky things such as the outside air temperature! (Chilly!)
Some brand new airport boards are also in place now too!

Oh and we also managed to squeeze in an awesome iMessage app!

Is that enough?

We hope you've noticed that our coverage gets better and better too. Thank you to everyone that shares data and host receivers for us. Please let us know if you want to be a part of our network.

Thanks as always for all of your feedback and comments too. We do listen!

Each new version wipes out old reviews so please help us by leaving a new review. You should be prompted in a few days time!

We cannot reply to reviews so if you have any feedback for us please email [email protected] - we always reply.

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Meh  nearlycanadian  2 star

Has gone down hill used to be a great app not any more and support is lack lustre

Gettin Slim

Great  Gettin Slim  5 star

If you like watching planes, you'll love this app.


Why did I pay for this?  holddown1  1 star

Inaccurate and unintuitive to use. On several occasions it was unable to track a flight.


Not accurate  holly-pitts  1 star

Anytime I hear or see a plane fly over I look it up on this app: guess what? It's not on there! Never ! I even drove by the airport and it didn't show any planes. So if it's not showing the correct planes overhead, how do we know any of this information about other planes is accurate?


Mr. VanDeventer  Vandusky  5 star

Amazing app. I'm hooked. I can't believe the amount of detailed information provided. Super entertaining and a great source of knowledge/ educational tool. Best free time app I've come across. Absolutely recommend.


My favorite app  Qwertyuioplkljhgf  5 star

I'm literally obsessed with this app!! It is so cool and tells you so much about the planes!!! RECOMMEND


Love this app  Worldfamousandy  5 star

If you're a plane nerd, you need this. One tap gives you more info on an aircraft than the FAA would have had 20 years ago. It's reliable and easy to use.


Cool app  Stacypeach  4 star

This app does have its issues, but overall it does what I need it to do and tracks the flights I need it to track.


Great So Far!  tmccabejr  4 star

Like this app better than Flightradar 24. Better coverage and accuracy despite the built in radar delays for security purposes. Better icons, tracking, labeling.


😀  Alrfaai87  5 star

Awesome helpful I love it thank you


James jamesw85562 3 star

@joshuaskel1999 Plane Finder - Flight Tracker by pinkfroot limited


Yuichi Joe Kawabata yuuchan_00 3 star

Flight Tracker | Real-Time Tracking | Plane Finder

Steve gh

Excellent App  Steve gh  5 star

Great job for watching plane movements locally, or worldwide. Identifies each plane and includes photos if available.

Mixmaster 47

Like it!  Mixmaster 47  5 star

Works best with commercial airlines


Awesome app!  Hidesertldy  5 star

Easy to use. My daughter flies a lot and it gives me peace of mind to be able to track her plane. Pay for the upgraded version. It's well worth the small price you pay.

Cheyenne Driver

Big Show  Cheyenne Driver  5 star

I'm a private pilot and I love being able to look up and see who the boys and gals are flying in the "Big Show."


Very Weak  Snuffy29  2 star

Delete this app and download Flightradar24. You can thank me later. Plane Finder's accuracy isn't even close to Flightradar24.


I love this app  Laromana23  4 star

I'm not a pilot but I love planes and the experience of flying. This app allows me to see a plane and in sec be in it. I just love it


JW  John-John2  5 star

Really a great app!! A lot of fun!!


Lots if fun  Asinine1929  5 star

If you've e ever looked at a plane in the sky and wondered what kind of place that is our where it came from or where it's going, you can have fun with this app. I've seen some meaningful updates since I began using the app. I wish text was larger but a lot of fun.

Bill cancun

Very good  Bill cancun  3 star

I love this app. I live in Las Vegas and under the flight path with this app I can tell which planes are getting close and it's pretty much spot on. I love it.


Love this App!  barossotti  5 star

This app is great and has only improved over time.

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