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• Check the Bracket and Series hubs to keep up to date with each matchup
• See schedules to check live scores, game times, and in-game stats.
• Customize your experience by following your favorite teams and players.
• Stay up-to-date with the latest NBA news and top stories.
• Watch top plays from around the league with video highlights and recaps.
• Follow league standings for the whole NBA.
• Listen to Live games with NBA LEAGUE PASS AUDIO.
• CarPlay support.

NBA App Description & Overview

The applications NBA was published in the category Sports on 2009-10-26 and was developed by NBA Digital. The file size is 106.88 MB. The current version is 2013.4.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Updates for The Finals
- Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

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Ads  Te$fa  1 star

who thought automatically playing video ads when trying to view a box score and nothing else was a good idea?


No comparison to the old old version couple years ago  Sunnnnnnnni  2 star

Comparing to the older version the year before, this app is garbage.


Former options no longer available  Donetell  2 star

I used to be able to see a players averages over their career by year and it's no longer available, no view of scores by quarter, and video plays automatically I don't like it. Putting my phone on silent doesn't even silence the sound.


Trash  Donny_deathstroke  2 star

App wont open anymore


Video playing unnecessarily  RAYday75588933568453  1 star

I just wanna see stats. No video but you wanna throw that in my face at all times


Not fair and balanced!  scrapperkim  3 star

On Sunday the Celtics finally took the lead with 4 min left the NBA app sent a push notification. Tonight the Cavs were down all game and they finally took the lead with 3 min in the third q and no push notification for the Cavs.


Box Score  Luckness  1 star

What millennial created a tab called "box score" and doesn't provide any team scoring by quarter?


Doesn't refresh scores  cukeith  1 star

Whenever you reopen the app, all of your scores are the same as last time. There is no mechanism for refreshing the scores without clicking on a game. If you pull the screen down you just get last week's games, and your live game's score from an hour ago.


One annoying feature that ruins the app  Mds643  1 star

I don't usually write reviews, and I'm pretty easy to please. However, this app has a feature that makes me hate to use it. When you open the app and click on a score an automatic commercial begins to play with sound. There is no way seemingly to pause this or mute it. You are forced to endure a full volume preview, even if your phone is on mute. I could understand a commercial that defaulted in mute, but this is rediculous. Please update and delete this annoying featureand.


Disappointed  Jermo262  1 star

They could of made this app much better you guys should be ashamed for having this app and it's the "official" app for the NBA this app doesn't even deserve 1 star take the ads off.


Doesn't even work  Rb9224  1 star

How can a billion dollar organization have the worst app of all time. Doesn't even display accurate or realistic information. That's if you're lucky enough to get it to load. Absolutely terrible. Stop wasting money on ads to download the app and just fix the app....?


Glitches Glitches  Lgcyelit  1 star

Videos don't work; Links don't work when pressed. Don't mind the changes if they worked properly (update) game recap is terrible never works and when you tap 'see all' always plays video instead of showing all videos. Extremely bad update!!! Nothing new!!! New features with bad user experience


This app is getting worse and worse.  Abe啊笔  1 star

Video won't play after ad perfectly played. Video pictures freeze but sound still playing. A lot of bugs too tired to list them all. I have been using this app for couple of years. Everything is getting worse


No scores showing in app  gibro316  3 star

As the title says this needs to be fixed!


Here is a bug  NelsonDarcy  1 star

Open any game, slide down and click on another team tab. Not working


The NBA could do much better  BrianFH  1 star

I am a big NBA basketball fan. I have used this app for a long time hoping to see improvements. It is the slowest app to startup and load that I have ever experienced. In fact it fails to start almost half of the time and just displays an error message. There are so many ads and commercials that it significantly slows down navigation and detracts from the experience. I still hold out hope for a better apps from an organization that can afford it.


This app freezes constantly. Needs major work.  TerrySlade  1 star

The QA team for this app is terrible. How do you let major bugs like this slip through the cracks?!


I used to love this app ...  Kebe  1 star

I am disappointed that I can't check box scores without a video playing. We should have a choice of whether or not we want to play it. It's inconvenient when you're trying to check scores and you end up making a lot of noise around others.


Horrible horrible horrible yuuuuuk  Tkleib24  1 star

Being a multi billion dollar world wide known sport your app was made by 12 year old amateurs who don't know what they are doing, it takes a minute to load the scores stats arent even up to date it kicks you out of the app 3/5 times entering it, i go on European sports apps which give me up to date information on every detail i want and your own nba app cant do half of that , what a shame so disrespectful to your fans and paying for league pass? Lol what a joke you still keep the ads and its horrible not even on point 1%


Go Back To The Old Version  1816254939101763  1 star

Newest update fixed the box score but the app is still barely useable. Can't see old games, sections of the app won't old, and it crashes constantly. The old version used to be amazing and I would use it all the time but this version is an absolute joke.

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