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Step into the future of photography. Record key moments - and immerse yourself in new ones - like never before. See Paris from a hot air balloon, feel the energy from the American ldol stage, and hold onto your raft as you approach Hubbard Glacier. With Sphere, your device is a movable window you control.

• Keep elbows and forearms pressed against chest
• When shooting indoors, find a wide, open area
• Avoid moving people and objects
• Practice makes perfect

You can also record hands–free using a Motrr Galileo. The following devices support this feature: iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, and the iPod Touch 5th gen. (w/ rear-facing camera)

iPad (original, 1st gen), iPhone 4 and older, iPod Touch (4th gen and older), iPod Touch (5th gen without a rear facing camera). Also, iPad 2 and iPad 3 strictly support Pro Mode for recording (Easy Mode is unavailable). Note: It's impossible to deliver our recording and stitching technology to all devices. We've tested on every iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, fine–tuning and modifying in every way to support the most devices we can. If your device isn't one of them, please know that we've tried our best to support you.

Follow us on Twitter: @SphereTeam
Access pro tools at: http://inside.theSphere.com/pro
Discover Galileo: http://inside.theSphere.com/motrr
Let us know what you think: [email protected]

Sphere - 360º Photography App Description & Overview

The applications Sphere - 360º Photography was published in the category Photo & Video on 2010-03-29 and was developed by Spherical Inc.. The file size is 42.79 MB. The current version is 3.5.4 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

- fixed Bluetooth connectivity issues with the Motrr Galileo
- added initial calibration in Galileo capture mode to improve quality
- spheres captured with the Galileo are now saved to the camera roll again

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Sphere - 360º Photography Reviews


iPhone SE not supported  Freeflyer179  1 star

Don’t get the app unless it says your phone is supported with it already deleted it thank you I deleted the app nothing against the app I’m sure it will make an update for it but until then... and get google street view better than this

nsiab xv

Doesn't work on iPhone 6 or later  nsiab xv  1 star

Basically makes it useless in 2018.


N O P E  beardedbarry  1 star

Waste of time and energy.


dont download it  sortlighgooz  1 star

its fake plz dont diwnload

Crack Berry David

It doesn’t work  Crack Berry David  1 star

I should have read the reviews before trying it.


Register  Dejan017  1 star

I can not register via email


Doesn't work on iPhone 5 or later  CHOTime!  1 star

Why the heck wouldn't you update your app so it works with the new phones?!?! Don't even waste your time downloading this or God for bid any storage space or data usage.


No support for iPhone SE  EddieStarr  1 star

I just went through the whole process of downloading this application and running it and it told me that there was no support for this phone how weird I just bought it a couple weeks ago oh well I’m just going to delete this program now


Can't even create account  donutzman  1 star

Apparently this app has had this problem for some time based on earlier reviews. Why's it still in the app store?


Horrible stitching...  TheMajor72  1 star

After three different tries, I made a 360° horizontal panoramic. So many blurry spots where they try to stitch and stabilize shaky images. Uninstalling and not going back to it.


Dead  darquebus  1 star

App doesn't work anymore


I would like that time back  iphoneuser68473838393  1 star

Worst. App. Ever. Photo app that doesn't take photos. Cool.


Useless App that errors on first use.  Correzpond  1 star

Useless App that errors on first use. Don't waste your time.


iPhone 7 Not supported  Michelonus  1 star

Opened it on my iPhone 7 to see a message saying it only worked on iPhone 5 and up, gg.


Doesn't work on iPhone 7  DannyDo21  1 star

I am using iPhone 7 and it doesn't support. It said support 4s/5+! I am on 7


iPhone 7 not supported  Delfabc  1 star

Despite app saying 5+ is supported. Waste of time


Dead. Can't sign in  kevinwong82  1 star

No longer works on iPhone 6


Doesn't work  dragoninink  1 star

Although other reviews say the app is useless I had to try for myself. Unfortunately I have the same issue as others, have deleted it. Shame was looking forward to trying it out.

Sal men

Comparability  Sal men  1 star

Doesn't work on current OS.


CRAPP APP  Noold  1 star

App doesn't work, won't even let me get past the welcome 'sign in' screen. Give me my money back!!!!!


rubbish app  RaysOfSunshine101  1 star

Doesnt work . couldnt even login and create account finally managed to log in and find out my phone is not supported!!! wth take it off the appstore and stop wasting people's time


iPhone 6 or 6+ not supported?!  InfinityFields  1 star

Update 2: After seeing their answer to all the 1 Star reviews, they decide to say it works great on older phones and can't update to every device (i.e. Won't update their app). This has to be a really good business model. I guess that is why I am now deleting this app. Update: I download and use a lot of Apps and I have to say this one caught me by surprise when I viewed the sphere's that were available. Awesome was what I was thinking. I could now go places and see everything that someone standing in that location sees (next best thing to being there). Well then I tried to make one :-( Why would the they not support new iPhones (6 or 6+) not be supported? Do these developers know how many people are using the new iPhones? Please fix that in a very near future update and I'll give the five stars this app deserves. Until then I say use the Google app Photo Sphere at least it works with my iPhone 6+.


Keeps crashing  movieluv10  1 star

Can't even get my Galileo connected before it crashes. Please fix!


Can't even register  TCMontague  1 star

Won't even let me register. App crashed while registering and now says that my emails has been used and there's nothing to be done about it. 😩


Awful experience  Ahmed.f.taha  1 star

The application doesn't allow me either to register or login using my facebook account, whenever i try with my facebook account it crashes.


Lame  hindmanjoshua1  1 star

Could not get past startup after newly installing this app.


App is Useless  molliwhopped  1 star

Every Time I would try to sign up, which is required, it would tell me "Facebook Problem" or "Google Problem". Rendering the app useless


Horrible  Ben252564476564323  1 star

Total waist of time

Adam Aitmouha

Not that good  Adam Aitmouha  3 star

At first it was good but i was on an iPhone 6 Plus and I tried to make a photo sphere but it said I needed higher than iPhone 5. What is wrong with this app.


Literally terrible programming. Can't even log in.  Sgxftwx  1 star

Try to connect Facebook, get an error. Try to sign up with email: "problem signing up" Can't even use the app without an account so this app is useless.

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