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What is cbs news: live breaking news app? CBS News is your trusted source for breaking news and in-depth reporting on the issues shaping your world.

The CBS News app features:
• The 24/7 CBS News live stream with anchored coverage, up-to-the-minute reporting, and news conferences and hearings on major issues of the day - no cable subscription needed.
• Full episodes and on-demand clips from “60 Minutes,” “48 Hours,” “CBS Mornings,” “CBS Evening News,” “CBS Saturday Morning,” “CBS Sunday Morning” and “Face the Nation.”
• Push notifications driving to breaking news, live events and other high-interest topics.
• The latest business stories and analysis from MoneyWatch.
• Immersive documentaries that deep-dive into topics driving the global conversation.

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CBS News: Live Breaking News Version 4.4.015 April 2022

Performance optimizations & bug fixes.

CBS News: Live Breaking News Version 4.3.825 January 2022

Performance improvements and bug fixes.

CBS News: Live Breaking News Version 4.3.706 January 2022

Performance improvements and bug fixes.

CBS News: Live Breaking News Comments & Reviews 2022

- Commercials

I understand there will be commercials on a free app. But CBS often cuts into their own segments with ads for their own shows!! It’s so annoying! I was watching a great segment on the influence of Star Trek on Nasa. The host asked Nichelle Nichols a final question and Nichelle’s answer was cut off by an ad for a CBS special on race in America. Also, the ads for CBS shows run for many months. By now I would think most people have seen the shows. I know I have. I love the app for the news service, though there is a lot of chit chat. I understand there will be ads for the free service, just don’t make them so intrusive and repetitive. Thanks!

- Where’s our southern border?

This is actually a Zero star rating not a five star. As our country deals with the massive invasion of hundreds of thousands of people crossing into our country illegally (like that means they are breaking the law, as in criminals) where is the coverage? CBS news has sadly become a joke. With crime and a host of other problems dividing and destroying our country from within, is it really the time to allow hundreds of thousands more into our country? Where is the coverage? With Covid finally coming under control, is this the time to allow thousands more into our country who logistically can’t be adequately tested or treated? Where is your coverage? How about more coverage on this immediate threat to our country! Where is the honest daily coverage of this threat to our country? Come on CBS, how about an agenda of informing the public of this issue!

- Update lousy

I was just forced to update to version 4.2.3 of your app. I watch it on an iPhone 6. The previous version was fine. This version it’s not downloading well. It took a couple tries to watch overtime. I tried to watch the live feed and the speakers could not finish a sentence before the video and audio would freeze for a minute or two at a time. Finally I tried to watch a favorite, take out and it would never download just gave me a black screen with the play button but no video, no audio. No change when I pushed the button. Please work on this and create a new update very quickly as you have rendered the app nearly useless at least on an iPhone 6. This update I will eagerly take but I really resent wanting to watch five minutes of some thing and being forced to wait and update the app before I am allowed to do so. A much better method is to alert the viewer that there will be a forced update when they close this use of the app.

- Lost my article-again! 😩

How about a “Previously Viewed” button with a list of each article that a viewer has opened? Maybe an option for those who don’t want that to opt out of or hide? Rationale: Like so many other apps, it auto refreshes when you go back to it - even if you left it open. Only problem is that we are busy people. It may pop a notification at the end of my lunch break, which I open to an intriguing headline that I want to read. But it’s back to work, and the phone is ringing, people are pinging me on Teams for assistance in between handling tickets (I’m in IT). Coworkers are stopping by to pick up a headset or cables, or to drop off failed equipment. Then I go to troubleshoot a printer that I can’t reach over the network, and before I know it, the workday is done. Now I have an errand or two to run on the way home. By the time dinner is consumed and the kitchen tidied, I’m exhausted and brain dead. 🥱 I have totally forgotten that article as I sit down to the evening news and reruns of MASH. 😴 The next day, I take my buddy (our dog) on our morning run, and remember the headline! 😃However, so much has happened in the interim that I can’t quite recall the subject. 🤔 When I get home, I open the CBS News app, and it loads to something else. 😩

- Love coverage from so many cities but glitchy

I’ve been using this app since it became available. I love being able to see what is going on in other cities vs just nationally. Also like seeing congressional hearings (CSPAN requires cable) and live COVID updates from the nation’s governors. That it’s free compared to other national outlets is even better as I can’t afford cable. From, for example more diverse stations like CNN, MSNBC. Enjoy anchors too, especially mornings. They also do nice news investigations available on the app. Only complaint is that it sometimes looses its feeds right in the middle of a report, sometimes for hours and switches to another city. It’s not my local bandwidth so not sure what the problem is.

- Deleting app has issues

Let me start out by saying if I have an app that sends a notification about a topic and I touch the notification and am brought to several articles and not the notification topic I selected I will delete the app from my phone. That said I experience this with the CBS news app. I had a couple notifications from this app and when I clicked them I WAS NOT brought to the topic the notification was for. To make matters worse I clicked the article I was interested in and was taken to a totally different topic. I selected another article I was interested in and viewed it. You guessed it not the topic I was trying to view. Time is money and I do not have time to sort through poopy apps. This app will be deleted. As a second remark generally it is highly likely a not so great app will have adverse effects on the phone as possibly battery drain or other issues. Goodbye useless CBS app.

- No search feature

First, I’m looking for a story that aired less than 3 hours ago. Doesn’t appear in the day’s banner videos, and it doesn’t appear in the crime section. There’re 2 stories from days past about singers Peggy Lee and Alana Haim - but the one about America’s Nelson Mandela, it’s longest-serving political prisoner, Leonard Peltier, just disappeared. My guess is that’s because the Uber-right wing CBS didn’t want its viewers to see the truth about how constitutional violations and lies told by the FBI contributed to Peltier’s conviction, which even his prosecutor, James Reynolds, is ashamed now to have had anything to do with. That, and the fact Peltier’s attorney, former federal judge Kevin H. Sharp, gave the interviewer as good as he got from her, and showed how the FBI’s persistent lies not only lack credibility to this day but also prove they are happy to destroy the constitution that protects each and every one of us for whatever biased vendetta they chose to pursue on YOUR tax dollar.

- Black screen

Tried to watch “Bring your own Brigade” on 4 separate occasions via the internet without downloading the app. Miserable. Each time it died/stalled/gave me a black screen with no buttons/icons to try to resume. Terrible. Downloaded app to try again. Viewing in the app was working very well UNTIL 1/2 way through the documentary. After a commercial I had a black screen for at least 90 seconds then it started the audio but no video (sound without picture). Shut down the app and reopened. I hoped to easily find the documentary and try to fast forward to the point that I left off. BUT there’s NO SEARCH FEATURE in the app. How ridiculous is that? That is beyond frustrating! If you know what you’re looking to view then you should be able to find it easily, aka search.

- Solid, But With Annoyances

I just came back to complain about this, forgetting that I already had several years ago. One well, I guess they don't care, but There's no need to change it: In my few times using this app it appears to be, for the most part, a solid and well-put-together news app. It has, however, a few things that bother me. The first is that I prefer to use the app in portrait mode, and it works well in either landscape or portrait orientation. Unfortunately, when you play a video it switches to a full-screen horizontal view every time. Nobody wants to keep rotating their iPad for every single video so, please, give us the choice of switching only if we want to. Usually, for me, it's not necessary. Also, it would be great if we knew how long a video was before we hit the play button. Nice to know what we're getting into.

- App runs great, here’s two things they need

I’ve been watching CBSN for a few years now and I enjoy their style of reporting. The app used to have CBSN radio integrated. I wish they’d add it back for the times you just want to listen, not watch. The other thing that is sorely missing from this app (probably the biggest “deal breaker for me”): notification settings. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t send ten million notifications or anything, but apps like CNN have customizable options to choose what you’d like to receive and how often. This is really important for someone like me who doesn’t like clutter on their phone. Once they add this feature I’ll be happy.

- Real news presented by professionals

I first encountered CBSN as part of PlutoTV and was impressed by the news anchors, complete coverage, presentation format, and a comfortable level of advertising support. After purchasing my first iPad last year, I was excited to find that CBSN had this dedicated app. I enjoy both the live coverage which streams very well on all public and private WiFi networks that I use. As another reviewer has said, CBS gets it. They have the right balance of access and advertising. They do not trivialize the content or presentation to some mythical short attention span streaming customer. Walter Cronkite would be proud to be associated with this team and this app.

- Love CBS News

I love the app. Love the reporting. Love being able to minimize and use the picture in picture mode (PIP). Love being able to read emails, check Facebook or Twitter, or play games while listening to the news (sometimes playing games is the best way to watch the news). Then if something comes on that I want to see, I can enlarge PIP, or even go back to app for more detail very easily. Unfortunately when I upgraded my iPad the other day, the PIP keeps crashing. It minimizes, then just disappears. I am able to use PIP in other apps. I have tried rebooting my iPad and reloading CBS News app. Please fix so I can continue loving CBS News.

- Outstanding Real Journalism From CBSN

Let me be completely honest here. Most of my cable news viewing is on MSNBC. I love their primetime line-up. As good as the opinion and analysis is on shows like All In with Chris Hayes, and Rachel Maddow show are, in the end, all of cable news including MSNBC, are political opinion and analysis programming. For real journalism, there is nothing offered on cable TV. This is where CBSN enters my daily news intake. The reporting is solid and thorough. We get real news from around the country and around the world. This is hard-hitting and in depth journalism. On days with no big-breaking news, particularly no big political breaking news, the cable news anchors look lost. On CBSN I can get thorough high quality journalism from real reporters in the field, wherever in the world they find news. It doesn’t all have to be the latest bombshell news, the latest big tragedy, and so forth. News exists, even on slow news days, and no one delivers it to you like CBSN in high quality professional journalism. An Enthusiastic Five Stars!

- Quality Headline News for Free!

I’ve never written a review before in my life. Never! But I had to in light of how impressed I am with CBS’s news AP, that I’ve been using over a year. I remember when CNN used to offer headline news every 30 minutes. This was great because we live in a 24/7 on-the-go world. Unfortunately CNN discontinued this service years ago. Thank you CBS for providing this up to the minute live news streaming. It’s quality reporting. It’s balanced reporting. It’s clear that you’ve spared no expense to make this a top rate outlet for keeping up with local and worldwide news. And here’s the kicker- it’s free!!! Thank you. This is great!

- Volume Leveling

I (usually) enjoy using this app on an Alexa Show device while making breakfast in the morning. I’m an early bird so it’s important that I keep the noise to a minimum. Recently I have noticed your promotional bumbers are considerally louder than the programming content and each time one plays I find myself swan diving across the kitchen to turn down the volume. A moment ago I tried setting a comfortable volume level based on the bumper, but when the programming content plays I can’t hear it. Millions (I presume) spent to build this app and it is rendered useless by volume leveling. I’ll be deleting the CBS News app on all devices and using an alternative news source because of this. Let me know when you’ve sorted it all out and I’ll consider coming back. Adios.

- Annoying pop-up

The streaming CBS News App is excellent, if only I could continue using it. I updated with version 3.7.2 months ago. I verified this in the App store, which prompts me to open (rather than update) the app. When I do open, an annoying pop-up appears to prompt me to update the app. Neither selecting cancel nor update allows me to use the app. Cancel closes it, and update takes me back to the App Store. I detest pop-ups anyway, whose sole function is to keep users from doing what they intended. Not user-friendly.

- App

It’s a great app. I have always loved CBS news. Of late, it seems more like a tabloid. The Megan and Harry thing has been so over done and I don’t feel like it should be part of world news. Also Governor Como. Knock it off, Trump has done far worse things and I don’t see him being crucified for what he did to women like the governor has. The women involved, have a choice, if you don’t like the heat get out of the kitchen. Tell the person that you think is abusing you or assaulting you that it’s inappropriate and you will go to the media. If it’s that traumatic. Quit the job and MoveOn. My opinion


Outstanding reporting by the most professional reporters. I COMMEND CBSNEWS FOR GIVING VIEWERS TRUE NEWS. THANK YOU!! JOAN. I live in Illinois now. Still love CBSNEWS. That said...I was very happy with the old app. Maybe it’s a case of, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I find this new app confusing. It was overwhelming the first time I opened the app. The old app was easier to navigate. Scroll down and view what news story I wanted to read. Then I could pop into the live news whenever I would see what was being reported live. I do like the larger print. Guess this “old dog” will just have to learn some “new tricks.” Thanks CBSNEWS. Joan, in Round Lake Beach, Illinois

- This update is SAD!

Unfortunately, I have had to edit my previous glowing review to rant against the CBS News app update. What on this green earth happened? The previous app was great! Now I can’t exit out of the livestream without shutting the whole app down, I cannot go back to previously streamed pieces by timeline, and it’s really hard to find articles now. Whose idea was this? When something isn’t broken, you should heed that age old advice and DON’T FIX IT! But please do fix this app now as it’s pretty much unusable. UPDATE: There is a glitch now where the shows cannot be viewed in full screen mode on the iPad. It’s just black after the first few minutes. To view one of the shows, you have to view it minimized, which is a smaller view than your mobile phone. Glitchy glitchy!

- Doesn’t save progress, too many commercials

The app is great for the fact that shows are available so quickly. However they are almost unwatchable unless you can watch uninterrupted. Anytime you need to step away, you have to reopen the app and try to find your place, and then rewatch all the commercials up to that point. I end up watching multiple times more commercials than on a regular broadcast. I also had an issue where another video was playing in the background somehow so I had to stop the one I was watching, find my place again, rewatch 5 minutes of commercials, etc. In order for it to be usable, it needs to save progress and limit the number of commercials you have to watch on any given video. Something most other streaming apps are able to do without issue.

- Opinions of One

I guess if I wanted a one sided biased news app for liberals this would be perfect. The morning news group does nothing but promote separation in our country by pushing all things non-trump. Regardless if they like our current president or not they should report and keep their personal opinions out of the story. I have watched this news show for many years and have now stopped due to this news outlets driven agenda. I have also stopped watching all other shows related to this network. Here is a tidbit of information, most people are not liberal ~ USA hating individuals. WE want fare balanced news without your journalist personal opinions influencing the story. What ever happened to journalist reporting facts instead of hidden agendas???!!

- Unable to Disable Alerts

I am unable to disable these obnoxious “Red Vs Blue” stream alerts that seem to constantly pop off on my phone at least daily. There should be some setting to disable these quasi-advertisements while still letting the real news alerts through. Unfortunately, there is not. Therefore, ALL alerts from this app are getting disabled, and an otherwise decent news app will get almost zero usage given the much better design of USAToday, CNN, ABC News, WSJ, NYT, etc. Sad. If they ever provide the user the ability to actually customize which alerts are received, I’ll consider giving this app another try. Until then, no reason to use this overall mediocre app given the numerous better options out there.

- I don’t watch TV backwards

I have this app through my Roku and can watch TV shows similarly to how they’re presented here: in reverse order. Yeah that’s right, when you watch Face the Nation, for example, when it’s broadcast do they say “we continue now with our Interview with Dr. Fauci” then break to commercial and return with “Now we’ll check with Dr. Fauci on the latest...” or is it done in the *correct* order? This App lets you choose the order, but the App on TV doesn’t. They upload the show with the last segment on the left (or top) and want you to progress to segments on the right which are older. If you try to watch in the correct order (right to left) the volume is decreased to the point where you can’t hear. The app here mimics the Roku CBSN app in this regard. IF YOU DON’T WANT ME TO GO POSTAL, FIX THIS!

- Great!

Normally I watch CNN and MSNBC, with CBS low man on the newsfeed totem pole. I truly didn’t expect to like this App. Oh boy, was I pleasantly surprised. The App works perfectly, no glitches. Viewers can watch live news continuously, read the latest news, select stories to view, or choose from a variety of CBS news programs and specials. The political news is fair and unbiased. I particularly like to watch a daily program called “Red & Blue” and the CBS Evening News. CBS has become my Go-To location for news and information. You won’t be disappointed.

- Very pleased, but for CRYING OUT LOUD....

Over all, this app is pretty good but for CRYING OUT LOUD, could we please see a news filter?!? I don’t know of a single news app that let’s the user decide what news they do not care about. For instance, this royal wedding crap. Really. Don’t. Care. I’m getting notification after notification. STOP!! PLEASE! A royal wedding has ABSOLUTELY NO BARING ON MY LIFE AT ALL. Plus, I’ll still hear about it when I manually check the news. I don’t need notifications about it or see it when I open the app. I can’t wait for when she gets pregnant! UGH. Children are born every day all day long but because the parents are royalty my notifications are gonna get taken over by it!!

- Gives the News Primary Position, Keeps Fluff to Minimum

Unlike some other news providers, CBS tends to keeps the news front and center, while covering a wide range of topics. Most other providers will skew the news to one political side or another, or engage in endless ‘family setting’ type of conversations that basically make the news people the big focus. The reporters and personalities should not be making news. Just present it to us, please. Don’t want to know about your new dog, husband, baby, favorite coffee, etc.

- Still Love it but...

Best national broadcaster news streaming app, by far, on Apple TV. The recent move to increase audio on commercials is crass and offensive. The app needs a knob to control how alerts work, like a set of filters (eg. none, content-specific choices, all) They’re a significant annoyance. Content-wise, The Takeout is great. The CBSN anchors are fantastic. Personally, I miss the CBSN anchors between 8 and 9 AM. Also, it may be an editorial decision, but the national news anchors in DC come off as lightweight/complicit when it comes to holding administration officials accountable to the facts. If alerts were used for real-time fact checking, that might add value to them.

- Content is there if you can find it

Very poor app design. This is supposed to be the CBSN app. On Saturday mornings we stream CBS Saturday Morning via the app because our local station broadcasts too early. But most of the time when you open the app it defaults to a list of local stations (not our city) and it automatically plays one of the local stations or it forces you to choose one of the local stations. It will NOT autoplay the national broadcast every time. Randomly, inexplicably, on a whim, the app will actually autoplay the national broadcast. Instead of having easy access to the national streaming of the Saturday morning show, you have to scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN to an odd little grey icon at the very bottom that will get you to the national Saturday morning show. App designers: absolutely, EVERY TIME the app should autoplay the NATIONAL streaming and NOT some local station. The icon to the national streaming should also be AT THE TOP. If someone wants a local station they should have to click on that station and it should NOT EVER autoplay.

- Bookmark collection in app over 10 years gone in an instant

I have been using this app for years as a main go-to News app fir 10 years. The collection of bookmarks I had are completely gone in an instant of an update. The white on black type is minuscule and fatiguing to the eyes. All of this creates zero loyalty total and tech fatigue. Those bookmarks were referred to and shared with online groups frequently. Thanks for thinking of the end user. At. All. The app now looks like every other app out there and took away what was valued most with no warning. Update: what some of the sizing was adjusted, the spacing of the type still was not. Please work with a designer to get a correct and useful to end-users. The app still stalls regularly on video play.

- Finally some news

I was a serious CNN watcher before they got into a (()$& match with the President and became negative and backward focused in a dynamic situation. Pence was right to speak earnestly and quietly to Wolf Blitzer who felt his head fall into his lap but didn’t change his focus for long. Enough of the bombastic recounting of the ever changing positions of the President in the past few weeks..I am definitely not a republican but I just can’t watch CNN any more than a half hour. I just want direct news. Thanks for offering this news alternative.

- Need to differentiate articles that are video only

I prefer to read my news rather than watch a video. I can read it at my own pace, or skim it to hit the main points. If I’m in a public place or in bed with my wife, I can still read news without disturbing others. There are numerous reasons why reading news is preferable. Need to add an indication which articles are video only, or include a filter so I can exclude the video only articles. I suspect CBS does this because it’s easy, they don’t have to write or document the article. Better yet, include a written article with every video so the user can determine how they want to get their news. Used to be my go to news app before the last update, now I no longer use it.

- Keep stop playing after each news update

Keep stop playing after each news updates. And all the news live broadcast shows the same new reports and all live channels, They all the same. For example, Bay Area, and cbsla and Denver, and Colorado show the same broadcast! Y’all should be showing news from that area y’all in! Again, the same news report I watch on cbsla for LA, it’s shower again on the Bay Area channel. Make no sense! And y’all shows the same thing over and over again. Repeats. It doesn’t seems live to me at all after a certain point. It’s a good app, but can be way better than it is! Thank you.

- CBS morning 5/3/22

We only watch the CBS network for news every morning. We have for decades! Tony Docopul is a wonderful broadcaster (as is Nate Burlson - Gail interrupts too frequently and talks over people however she is good as well). Today we were so angered by Tony’s opinion of the rights to have an abortion, we stopped watching. We can’t enjoy watching Tony the same again. All professional reporters should refrain from announcing their personal opinion on broadcast news. He went overboard with his personal opinion. We do not share his opinion! We are still deciding if we can watch any CBS news programs again. You may have lost (at least) two faithful subscribers due to his personal “judgements”!

- Dependability is Excellent!!!

I normally stay with CBS during a normal night at home because I do enjoy their choice in the programs they air. Also when there is a developing news story I can depend on VBS to stay that story while the news is being made and there are normally updates on such stories as often as there are new facts emerging. That is all I can ask from a. Network. This is not to say other networks donor do a good job. I simply enjoy CBS because of the well rounded programming.

- The news is good. But there’s this annoying feature…

The news in this app is good. When you read a story, and they’re usually quite long, you have to scroll all the way to the top to be able to get back to the list of stories. That is very annoying. Almost all apps allow you to get back to the list of stories without having to scroll all the way to the top. So for this reason this app gets only three stars and I don’t use it as much as I used to because this feature is very annoying

- Design nightmare

The point is to communicate current events. This new design is messy, confusing and a massive disappointment. Tell me the headlines and then let me drill down into the stories. Keep it clear what is news, what is opinion and what is advertising. Seems so simple. How could CBS have gone so wrong? The home screen is cluttered. Stories are repeated in multiple sizes in different sections as you scroll. It’s supposed to be a mobile app. CBS apparently assumes the user has endless speed and remaining data available. Probably not. Let the user decide when to watch videos. The old app was much more organized, clean and easy to navigate. Bottom line: skip this app and go find an independent aggregation app.

- I used to be able to watch a news clip at a time...

Why did thay change it to be one clip then back to live news. What’s the point of that? This used to be a great app. Now, without a way to view a particular clip or control options, what’s the point? I want my choice to view clips or live news back. I would be willing to pay for it by subscription, but even that isn’t available. I see one clip and I’m done...On to someone else’s app. I used to like CBS news because of the focus on Quality over making a buck through advertising. Very telling that content and quality isn’t as important to decision makers. I am terribly disappointed. Sunday Morning is unique, and a favorite. I will miss it.

- CBS this morning!

We get the news on this site! We watch “CBS this morning”every morning and love it! Not happy about the change in the cast but still get the news and trust it!! Today (Monday)CBS this morning had a female news caster that in our opinion was not up to its standard- she was not good-we ended up fast forwarding thru her!! Please don’t use her again no credibility!!!! We have been with CBS for years and the news casters are great and believable- Thank you!"

- CBS gets it: Best video news app

To keep up with these hurricanes, I installed apps from all three news networks. Surprised how challenging it is to find a good one. ABC doesn't have auto live and NBC barely offers a live feed. Only CBS seems to understand that every news app (and there are many including apples own) has text news. That the point of these apps is video, particularly the same live coverage we used to get from TV. CBS news is where it's at.

- Current News, Not Abstract

CBS provides current information at all time. The team appears to be coordinated and the news are not too abstract, thus making viewers feel present in the occurrences. Reporters are always present where events are taking place, no matter how dangerous the environment appears to be. My only suggestion is that, presenters or newscasters should try to conceal their political affiliations in order not to sound biased to viewers. Otherwise, the network is doing a fantastic job. More grease to your elbow.

- worst app news ever

The user experience is terrible, scrolling and browsing around is bad. Videos don't update in the main view. Currently says I have to update to version 3.7 to continue using the app, then I'm transfer to the app store where there's no available update. I deleted the app then downloaded the app again, appstore asks me if I want to download an older version, I accept as my ipad is old, then open the app and again I'm forced to update to version 3.7 ad infinitum and ad nausea. You should keep providing support for older versions or alert me you no longer support my ios version and not misleading that I MUST update it and ending up not being able to use the app anymore.

- CBSNews app crashing.

CBS news app that I’ve had for at least 5 years now, closes within seconds of my attempting to open it, after the latest update. It worked great before. Well actually it worked as good as it ever has. Normally, it has long pauses with every video report I try to watch. Many times when the video freezes, the audio continues to play). This is all very frustrating because CBS is my favorite news app. I think the reporters are honest, fair, unbiased, and report many sides to controversial topics. I have tried everything I know of to try to fix this issue, but nothing works. HELP🤯

- Best free live streaming news app available

Kudos to CBS News. I so appreciate being able to have immediate access to current events in real time without having to pay some cable or satellite company for the privilege of seeing what’s going on the world around us. Shame on the other networks for limiting access to their news to cable/satellite subscribers only. I’ve tried FOX News, CNN, and ABC and have removed the apps from all my electronic devices.

- Great broadcaster terrible listening experience

The news coverage is excellent. The broadcast team is very personal. I think they do a great job. There doesn’t seem to be a strong bias and the interviews are very well done. The bad parts are the same commercials that repeated over and over and over again. The volume changes are extremely annoying. I have to lower the volume every time a commercial comes on. Further the app frequently freezes. The news coverage is excellent, the app experience is poor

- Good App

Overall, this is a good app. It becomes tedious; however, when you want to read a story, and you have to click on read full story. If I didn't want to read the story, I wouldn't have clicked on it. update-This problem seems to have been fixed. Now, however, CBS has joined the ranks of news apps that take you back to the first story so that you can then page down through all the stories you have already read to get to the next story you want. I am sure they have convinced themselves that this is helpful in some way. It is not.

- Re download app to fix crashes

Used to love this app on my iPad Pro. After upgrading the app this morning it now crashes every time I try to load it. Something is glitchy about this upgrade. Update: I was told by a friend the same thing happened him so he told me to just delete the app and download it again. Now it’s working perfectly. Just a heads up for anyone having a problem with this latest upgrade.

- Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning used to be an upbeat and interesting show, full of interviews with people who had made a difference in some way, usually something unusual and informative, if not just plain fun. Now it is full of politicized stories, definitely slanted to the left. This morning I turned it off three times, starting with a Kamala Harris puff piece. Each time I “tried again” it was the same, ending with a comedienne who has made it big at the expense of (yet again) Donald Trump. I am NOT a Trump fan in the least, but have realized that your editorial staff on this show has turned sycophantic and only wants to adulate the left. I’m finished. Buhbye.

- Fix the app

Now with the new update you can't read the stories.....seriously isn't that what the news is for??? Too many videos and ads and no news content worth wasting my time for!! Although I really enjoy the news stories provided by CBS, the app constantly crashes and won't load the entire news story!! Repeatedly when watching videos they freeze or the app crashes completely. Please fix it!! Now the most recent annoyance is ads that are imbedded in news story and play on their own!!! Seriously????? Can't we at the very least read a news story without being bombarded with advertising we didn't choose to listen to????

- Top Class News App

CBS News has had a prestigious history and a strong reputation for delivering the accurate news. This app continues that history in our current age, when our free press is under a most unusual review. I cannot stress enough the high quality of news content within this app. The news streaming option is an added bonus. Thank you, CBS! You are continued proof that journalistic integrity still exists.

- Great journalists, Horrible app

This is the worst performing app on my iPad. Inconsistent placement of content, inappropriate targeting of ads (I repeatedly get an PG&E ad pop up in another language that I dont understand and this just makes me hate CBS and PG&E), inappropriate placement of video imbedded in a written article (video or picture in a piece on completely a separate topic) make me think that CBS is actually not interested in maintaining a web presence. CBS journalists maybe great but I just deleted this app in frustration and probably wont restore it for a while. I get 100% of news on my iPad instead of TV. Will just go to the app of other news services.

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- Good Intuitive interface - nice mix of news areas covered - BUT NEEDS LANSCAPE MODE

A good app, well polished, but seriously why no landscape mode for stories, text, images or video!?

- Keep up the good work! 👍🏻

I like the app. Living outside the US, it’s hard to get live coverage from the US without using VPN but not with this app. Most news stations around the world aren’t free or geoblocked but not with CBSNews. It’s free and not geoblocked. Because it’s just News! Thank your for that. I really enjoy watching the news as an American at heart (having family there) I want to know what’s going on there too, when living in Europe or Australia. Wish other News stations around the world would do that too. Keep up the good work! 👍🏻

- Best Live US News app available in Australia

Reliant app, relevant coverage with all the US politics hacks in Australia need! Mostly use the CBSN 24 channel, though I do recommend flicking through to CBS Los Angeles and NY during there prime times.

- Bad update

It was my favorite free news channel, until the casting function stopped working.

- ...

giving it 2 stars because you can’t search anything!!

- Don't bother

Parochial US-only trivia. Constantly crashes. Can't turn off those annoying push news alerts that arrive early in the morning. Re anything local (eg weather) repeatedly gives error banner that where I live "doesn't exist". If you're not a CBS news junkie living in New York, avoid this piece of rubbish.

- get rid of the ads

remove ads landscape is a must font size change button is needed

- Crash

This app continually crashes. No landscape bites. Should have known this app was rubbish....I mean, well, check out their dud anchor!!

- V2.2 Crashes at Start-Up

Another app rendered useless by lazy upgrade developers. I'm running iOS 3.1.3, like many iPod 3G 8GB users.

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- CBS Sunday Morning

Amazing to have all this at your fingertips. Just would love to find a ‘share’ button easier as some of the clips are a ‘must share’!!

- Great news desk personalities

I’m a regular viewer and have been for quite some time. The personalities and reporting are clear and concise. My only complaint is that they have been running the same program advertising incessantly over and over again even though it is clearly outdated. It’s got to the point where it’s annoying and often I will exit the app and look for something else to watch.

- App

To much advertising

- Search function?

Why is there no search function?

- Too. Many Adds!

I respect to be subjected to some adds but the Paramount Plus plush is really annoying! Over and over the same adds...I got it “The Road West Was Paved with Blood”!!!

- Ridiculous


- Repetitive

Is it necessary to have the same ad 3 times in a row? And the same ad’s for over a year. The news is pretty repetitive too.

- Useless

“Live” feeds are dead and don’t work.

- Informative & Works (most of the time)

I experience a few crashes when the app launches if viewed & accesses from the notifications section of my iPad. It typically works quite well if launched directly.

- Video streams never works

But at the same time “previews” works without sounds If we activate live radio (CBSN), we can get the sound.

- Please stop trying to force us to vote democratic. It will backfire

I feel threatened and bullied when I see this information. Please let us make up our own minds. We are so tired of having you feed us false information to force us to vote Democrat. It’s going to backfire

- We don’t care about your politics in Canada

Almost every day... at 12:30..” you put on these stupid “ special report “ of something to do with your politics .. we in Canada do not care ... it doesn’t affect us .. please think of this ... I think it’s terrible that you interrupt a tv show that we pay our cable to see ... if we’re interested in all your politics down there , I’m sure if we cared to know, we could read it in your paper ... stop doing this .. makes us furious .. your news is not only in the U.S.. it’s sent to Canada too . Where I pay to see this channel ..keep this up, and I’ll stop paying for your channel

- Excellent on IPad

I have always loved Sunday Morning and the interesting topics it offers. Now I can have this peaceful and informative quiet time with stories that are educational and entertaining. No need to miss anything now with this app.

- Excellent

Excellent news cast. Thanks


Live coverage is non existent- this app SUCKS. I would hope to see live breaking news coverage than TRUMP. Done with cbs Los Angeles- moving to NBC or ABC. Sad to be missing out on STU’s amazing coverage. He is like no other broadcaster.

- No Search Feature?

With so much going on, Search is critical for time management! Bryana’s story can’t be found?

- No Chromecast

Needs Chromecast support

- Canot access the news

What go is your app if all I get on my iPhone is a blank screen???

- Liked the older version much better

Videos often don’t play. Layout much too busy for iPad.

- Chromcast ???

The most recent update does not have chrome cast.

- Awesome!

It’s awesome and good informations!

- Pretty good

Pretty good ap

- Performance is top notch!

App seems faultless!

- Good app

I have no problem with this app, works just fine

- Disappointed

I’m sorry- I was excited to see this app but it looks like it was rushed. I don’t expect to watch advertisements before a clip. So disappointed.

- Keep reporting an unpartisan view on US politics

Like it very much

- It used to work well

I like how advertisements are minimal, but you should be able to close them. The articles show up very well, including the images. Scrolling through news stories doesn't work (anymore)! It's kind of useless when the same articles reappear.

- Works

Yes this news app is very stable and well laid out

- 48 Hours no longer plays on ipad

48 hours and only some of 60 min shows now play on ipad app


Crashing all the time

- Don't waste your time

This app just crashes over and over!! Frustrating, because it had great content! Just can't get to it!!

- Awful program!

Hate it - it crashes all the time.

- Runs so slowly!

Feels unfinished. Not polished. Slow to navigate.

- Crappy

What a crappy app. Aside from the news articles which are generally well written and informative this app is so slow loading and even reading pages jumps unexpectedly. Like really guys, you can't even get smooth scrolling text pages?! Oh yeah it crashes! Quick fix is to add the mobile home screen from the internet and bypass the crappy app and ads.

- Crashes

0 stars, can't access. ...

- Very Unstable!

Works for the first few minutes and then shuts down to your homescreen without any warning. VERY annoying. This needs to be updated & fixed asap!!!

- Jumpy cbsnews

This app jumps ALL THE TIME when scrooling. Annoying to the point I simply deleted it. Too bad.

- Crashy crashy crash bang

Ya confirmed. Many many crashes to homescreen on my iPhone 4 with 4.0.1. Avoid until fixed.

- Started to crash on May 4 - still crashing July 1

Still f&$ked on May 5, moved to trash Reinstalled June and crashed as soon as OK location, back to trash

- Crash Bang

Worked pretty much fine till April 28. But now loads then crashes every time you go to click on a story. Completely useless till it is fixed!

- CBS news app unstable

As of April 30, 2010 the app just shuts down. You start it... It updates the news stories... And it crashes... I now use CNN. Great when it worked.

- Lacks settings

Articles are displayed in a miniscule font size and which is hard on the eyes. Unlike the NYT app, font size can't be changed. Also unlike NYT app, orientation cannot be changed to landscape. The news articles seem ok, but overall this app isn't even close to the NYT app.

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CBS News: Live Breaking News 4.4.0 Screenshots & Images

CBS News: Live Breaking News iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

CBS News: Live Breaking News News application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

CBS News: Live Breaking News (Version 4.4.0) Install & Download

The applications CBS News: Live Breaking News was published in the category News on 2009-10-13 and was developed by CBS Interactive [Developer ID: 295669712]. This application file size is 74.86 MB. CBS News: Live Breaking News - News app posted on 2022-04-15 current version is 4.4.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.H443NM7F8H.CBSNews