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Scanner Pro is the best scanning app for your iPhone and iPad.
Scan agreements, receipts, IDs, books, and more using your device and turn them into high-quality PDFs, so you can safely store and share them anywhere.

"I will confess to some serious love for Scanner Pro." – Rick Broida, CNET
"Scanner Pro is an excellent app for those who’d like to digitize and organize their paper worlds." – Marc Saltzman, USA Today
"There really isn’t a better scanner app for iPhone than Scanner Pro." – Matthew Panzarino, TNW

Experience the simplicity of on-the-go document scanning. It takes seconds to scan your travel expenses, convert paper sketches into digital copies, and save interesting articles and books for later. Due to its advanced image processing, Scanner Pro will automatically detect borders, correct perspective and distortions, remove shadows, making your scans look professional. Finally, share, email and upload your perfect scans anywhere.

Turn your scans into text, so you can read, copy, and export it to other apps. Scanner Pro supports 25+ languages: Catalan, Croatian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Turkish and Ukrainian.

Search through the text of your scans, not just their titles. Quickly find any scan no matter how it’s named.

Automate your flow and perform multiple actions in just one tap. First, choose your actions – rename documents, send an email, upload to Dropbox, save to the required folder and much more. Then, with just one tap Scanner Pro will complete all of these actions, while you solve more important problems.

Scanner Pro can automatically upload your scans to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, iCloud Drive, OneDrive, OneNote or any other WebDAV-enabled online storage.

Share as many scans as you want for FREE. Send scanned documents via email, export to Photos or open in any 3rd party application. Also, you can print your documents or even fax them to most countries and territories.

Protect your document library with a secure password, Face ID, or Touch ID. Share password-protected scans to shield them from prying eyes.

Keep your documents handy when on-the-go. Scan a document on your iPhone or iPad and access it on all your other devices.

Unlike other apps, Scanner Pro saves the original document that you scanned. This means you can always go back and reverse the edit changes or annotations you made.

* Current Scanner Pro PLUS subscription price starts at 19.99/year with a 7-day trial.
* If you choose to purchase Scanner Pro PLUS, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.
* Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase.
* Prices are in US dollars, may vary in countries other than the US, and are subject to change without notice.
* Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication.
* If you don’t choose to purchase Scanner Pro PLUS, you can simply continue using Scanner Pro for free.

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Happy upcoming holidays, folks! Before the final rush of the season, we wanted to provide you with one more update that brings a few extra bug fixes and performance improvements. Thank you to everyone who got in touch with us at From all of us at Readdle, have a safe, wonderful, and happy holiday season!

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- I use this App Everyday!

I love Scanner Pro. It is so easy to use. I use it to scan and send documents nearly everyday because it automatically straightens and aligns them to all four corners, removing all distortion seen in every regular photo. It saves lots of time. The image size can be adjusted after the scan to any standard document size before printing. The scans can be named and renamed again later as needed since no two files can have the same name within the same folder. The date can even be added to the name with one simple click. Scans can be grouped together in one file or placed in multiple files for ease of locating or sending. Any image can be rescanned and replaced with a new image, or discarded altogether. After scanning, you can edit the image in several ways to clean it up oftentimes making it more legible than the original. You can easily scan color or black and white photos, text, full pages, text and images, or even handwriting such as old recipe cards. I find that indirect sunlight is the best light for scanning with this app. You can save any image in color or black & white, in either low or high resolution. Get Scanner Pro-you won’t regret it!

- Some suggestions and questions

I am one of your users and I am using Scanner pro on my iPhone. I have some suggestions and questions. 1. When I finish my scanning and I want to send the file to others directly using my iPhone, I cannot find the option "using the Airdrop" which I think is the most convenient way connected iPhones. This is question #1. 2. As a new comer to this app, I sometimes deleted files by mistake. Although the app can upload files onto the cloud storage, I still think there should be a place where we can find the files we've already deleted just like other products of yours, like PDF Expert. This can be really helpful especially when I have some important files. 3. The uploading works in a strange way sometimes that I can't understand. I always find the folders missing in my Onedrive and iCloud drive, and the files that supposed to be in those missing folders turns out to be in the primary folder. It's easy for me to delete some file in this way. 4. Still the problem of uploading. I think it better to let the files on my iPhone completely conform to ones on the Cloud disk. Sometimes I may scan one file several times to get the best one, and those files are all uploaded on to my iCloud so that I can't tell which one is the best when I open my iCloud. So the best way is that when I delete some files from my phone, they will also be deleted from my Cloud storage at the same time. I'll appreciate it if you can improve some of the problems in the next version.

- Blown away

I have owned this app for years and generally switched between it and Scanbot to get the best scans. I just used it again for the first time in a few months today to scan a multi-page document and I am blown away. Under fairly poor lighting conditions (at nighttime under a yellow lamp) Scanner Pro gave me a perfect OCR scan of my document. Both pages were perfectly aligned, the edges of the pages were perfectly clean, the angle looked perfect, the crease in the paper was gone, and the pages looked perfectly white even though I took the scan under yellow tinted lighting. I tested the scan’s OCR by searching a few random words (in PDF Expert) and it worked perfectly. Wow - I don’t know what secret sauce Readdle has been infusing into this app lately but it’s miles ahead of where it used to be, even though it’s always been one of the top quality scanning apps in the App Store. Bravo, Readdle! Keep it up! PDF Expert and Documents have been invaluable apps to me; I hope Readdle keeps pushing forward.

- It used to be my goto scanner app...

I used to use this app all the time to scan my important documents so that I can have them on all my devices wherever I go...Until I started having trouble accessing my documents when I needed them most. If my signal is weak then I usually can’t access all of my documents because they’re all in the cloud and not actually on my devices. Or if I can access them it takes forever to populate in the app. Just recently I had to retrieve a very important document but my signal was weak so I couldn’t retrieve it at the moment I needed it. It was very frustrating. This has happened to me several times and it’s come to the point where I just stopped using this app for scanning and I started using the Apple Notes app which has made it much easier to access what I need when I need it. And also even if I do have a decent signal it takes so very long to load up all my documents. It’s possible I just have so many documents in the app but that’s because I used it and relied on it so much until now. I really like how I can fax documents straight from this app but until these problems get fixed I’m just going to have to go elsewhere..

- Best app I’ve purchased

I bought Scanner Pro three years ago and it continues to be the most useful and convenient app I own. Being on-the-go and not always having the time or access to a scanner, this app makes it easy to scan documents in color or B&W for future reference or use. The technology is accurate in capturing the image you want or you can manually adjust borders to get more or less of the document you need. Even if distorted or taken from an angle, the app will automatically adjust the image, so words and borders are straight and clear. You can email, add to, delete or retake scans. I use it all the time. I’ve only used the fax feature once and there is a small fee to pay, but it was money well spent when I needed to emergently send documents for clinicals. I highly recommend this app. My only request from developers would be to look into being able to attach scanned documents to already existing e-mail drafts.

- LOVE ease of use, flexibility and quality of documents..

I really wanted to wait until I had thoroughly challenged this app and I am now ready to do a review. I am thrilled with Scanner PRO. The quality of the documents created really are as good, if not better, than the flat bed scanner on my desk. I can scan anywhere, anytime, and send as jpg or PDF file. It helps my remote communications (out of the office) look professional and crisp. I no longer use my desk scanner. This is faster and easier! I am totally amazed at the quality and pleased with the simplicity and flexibility of this app. Several times we have been onboard our boat cruising and in need of scanning a document and sending. This app just rocks! Thank you to the developers! I don't know if this makes a difference, but I use this app with both the small iPad Pro and, more frequently, with my 15" iPad Pro and even my iPhone. Awesome!!

- Fantastic For An iPhone

The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was because the OCR needs improvement on things like receipts. I tried to scan my receipts to put into a database that can parse all of the data to the proper categories, but most receipt quality is not great. So I did some experiments to see if it was only the quality of the receipt text, because I realized that if it was totally unrecognizable it would be impossible for any OCR. So I first did a scan of the whole receipt, with yielded many mistakes. So then I used the iPhone photo app to edit the same image many times, each time cropping off areas, leaving only the text that the OCR made mistakes on. This effectively zoomed in on the text, and each time the OCR had an easier time recognizing the text. I did this multiple times, zooming in on every area of the receipts, until it had recognized the entire receipt. So, since it is obviously possible the scanner app could do something similar and end up recognizing the whole receipts

- Almost Perfect

There's a lot to love about this app. It's simple, intuitive, and does a great job at recognizing pages and transforming them into quality scans. I love the custom share sheet and integration with iCloud Drive. It's almost perfect, but I'm deducting two whole stars in hopes that it'll bring attention to the fact that the app chokes when I need to scan more than a handful of pages. For example, I wanted to scan 35 whole pages yesterday. By the 8th page, the app was glitching out and slowing down on me. It was barely usable, but it worked—up until when my phone (a 7 Plus) literally overheated and rebooted. My scanned pages were still there in the app, but it was a nerve-wracking experience when I really just needed the scan done quickly and uploaded. I understand that it must take a lot of processing power for Scanner Pro to do what it does, but if I paid for a Pro app, I'd want to be able to seamlessly scan a whole bunch of pages in one go. Regardless, if your particular use case is light, you'll be satisfied with Scanner Pro.

- Nearly the Perfect Business Receipts Expense Scanner

This is the best scanner app I’ve used for capturing receipts for business expenses. The capture to black and white, and downsampling to small sizes, coupled with sharing to email (I use SAP Concur that accepts emails to directly import into the expense pipeline), make a formerly tedious process a breeze. There are a couple places in the UI that with some polish and a major enhancement will put this into “perfection” realms. Let users set a preferred email address that the email is sent FROM so there are fewer taps to share a scan in a workflow. I’d change my rating to five stars right there and be satisfied because the major enhancement is really a far reach. The major enhancement is OCR and pattern recognition, so scans get the OCR metadata optionally embedded into the PDF, and the pattern recognition senses logos/patterns and lets you use that in workflows to alter scan titles or workflow actions. Then scans of a chain restaurant receipt for example, would automatically fill in a custom title and share to a predefined email.

- Amazingly simple

I never rate apps. But I had to rate this one. It’s incredible. Thank you to the other reviewers who convinced me to use this! I was using Tiny Scanner and tried iScanner. This one is perfect. It’s everything an app should be — intuitive, simple and efficient. You can have it automatically take the photos. They are very crisp. They are so easy to name and to adjust the color on. The app synced to my Dropbox effortlessly. When I upload subsequent documents to Dropbox, it pulls up the folder where I was before. Which is so great when I’m uploading lots of documents - cuts down on me having to click through all the other folders. I have a scanner on my printer 20 feet away from me, but this is so much faster and easier. I’m actually looking for more things to scan so I keep using Scanner Pro! Get it. Well worth a few bucks if you need a scanner app.

- The best scan app

I tried several scan apps before trying this one. I thought the others would be better quality just because they made you pay for a subscription. Boy, was I wrong. I couldn’t find a scan app that both did a good job scanning without giving me a blurry mess and also let me export in both pdf and gave the option to save the image file to my camera roll. Other scanners wouldn’t let you export to camera roll even if you were paying. So I finally tried this one, which you only have to pay for once. It does an excellent job. If you’re scanning a multi-page document and one of the pages doesn’t come out right, you can just go back and rescan that page without having to rescan the whole document. It’s user-friendly, easy to use, and gives you lots of options. Has definitely made my life easier.

- Absolutely Excellent App!!

I’ll keep it short and simple. If you need a scanning app for your smartphone, look no further. Scanner Pro is the best one you will find for some very simple reasons. I have been using Scanner Pro basically since they first offered it on the IPhone. Through the years it has transformed into an extremely important part of my communication regimen using my smartphone. It’s easy to use, intuitive, and all of the use options are logical, handy, and just plain smart. Combine this app with PDF Expert and you have basically everything you need to scan, assemble, and edit documents on the go with all the power of an office system right in your hand. Scanner Pro has become the ONLY scanner app I recommend. Period. As a long time user from the beginning, big thanks to you folks for staying on top of the advancements with Scanner Pro!! Top shelf!!😎

- Very smooth and glitch-free

I use Scanner Pro for the purpose of reducing the physical space taken up in my filing cabinets. I’ll soon be 59 and have a long history stuffed into boxes that I have endeavored to send through my shredder. This application is intuitive and problem-free for me. I have a suggestion regarding the filing of scanned documents that - if implemented - would make things more convenient. As it is, you can put multiple documents into a file with a name (let’s say “AUTO”), bit you cannot create subfiles within the original file. I own two vehicles and in the AUTO file, I have TRUCK documents and SUV documents as subfiles. What I would suggest is making it possible to make subfiles within the TRUCK and SUV files that I could name INSURANCE, SERVICES, FUEL, etc. But I still love this application for its ease of use and the space it’s helping make a reality.

- Everything I need

I have been looking around for a good document scanner for school use for over a year. I had tried most of the free scanner apps and all of them were garbage. Some had bad interfaces, and most had a monthly fee. I wanted an app that I had to pay for once, and can do everything. This is that app. Scanning documents is easy - especially multiple paged ones. I also love how this app can automatically upload scans to a folder in my school google drive. I love this app and would easily pay 10 dollars for it. My only thing I would have to say to the developer is to make a free lite version. One so people could do like 5 scans can see if they like the app, then get the pro version. If they offers this I would have gotten this app over a year ago. I want to thank the developer(s) for making such an awesome app.

- The best scanning app ever!

I needed a scanning application in order to send in a few documents for college. I started by first using other applications that allegedly preform the same intentions, if the other apps let you past the first page of trying to purchase a ~$50 year long contract, when trying to scan your documents you will surely be prompted with a message to continue scanning by buying one of these obscene packages. By downloading this app, sure you pay a mere ~$4 but it’s, to my knowledge, a permanent installation of the app that allows me to scan books if I wanted to. On top of the perfect price relative to current market value, the app is incredibly versatile and extremely easy to use. I very much recommend this app to anyone who needs to scan anything! Great app!

- App needs improvement

I have owned this app and used it for years. It is nice to be able to scan all my receipts on the road. Recently more and more companies are emailing receipts and I have a need to compile these into a PDF and send them via PDF to our finance group. The problems are two fold. The only way to get the emailed receipt, whether it be a PDF or other type of document, into this app is screenshot it and then laboriously go back into the Scanner Pro app and import them into the app, where manual cropping is required. This contrasts with other scanning apps like Genius Scan which allows you to directly import them into the app itself from a menu that pops up in the actions tab (where you would forward the PDF or other document). Second problem is when the screen capture is imported, the quality is so poor that others cannot read the actual document at all. This is likely a compression problem or, more likely, a result of the Scanner Pro app trying to adjust the resolution/color to one of it’s four pre-determined resolution settings. I have asked Readdle to support the import direct function months ago with no progress shown. Therefore, I am likely making the leap to Genius Scan by Grizzly Labs until they fix these two issues. I do love Readdle apps and would easily assist them in explaining more as I truly believe they have an excellent suite of products. Problem is this is just not usable now for my circumstances.

- Love the OCR for school — one suggestion

To echo more general reviews, this app rocks. I use it in conjunction with Readdle's PDF Reader for as much of my grad school reading as possible. However, here's a situation I experience often (and expect other students do, too) that this scanner could fix: My instructors will scan a book on a photo copier that flattens the image and exports to a packet pdf. The edges of the pages will show with large swaths of black space for the scan area, and I can't import this document into Scanner to use its OCR functions. Currently (and I've tried a lot of things), I have to separate each page and save them as individual jpegs in Photos for Scanner to recognize and reassemble my document. This takes forever. Please, could you add an import feature for pdf that let's us re-crop and re-OCR-scan the pages?

- Excellent phone scanner

I read a fair number of older medical journal articles that were printed before everything became available electronically, many of which I want to incorporate into my library of journal articles. I purchased TurboScan to take to the library on my phone. It wasn't doing a very good job with flash control and contrast control, etc., and backup seemed somewhat limited. I bought Scanner Pro. It takes a much better image from the get go. It has better contrast control. It has more flexible options for interfacing with OneDrive and other storage sites. I have Scanner Pro, TurboScan, Scanable, Office Lens. Scanner Pro is my favorite and the one I use most. I do like Office Lens for its white board ability.

- Frustrating App

This app was once a terrific tool w/few quirks. But sometime last year an update turned it into one of the most frustrating, and my least favorite but necessary, app. Prior to that update, it easily took pics/scans of docs, allowing the SAME adjustments as today, easily adding additional pages w/o issue, as well as saving, uploading to Dropbox & attaching to email or messages. Now EVERY TIME I try using this app I must retake pages 3, 4 or 5 times before it keeps a pic/scan - because the darn thing simply DISAPPEARED! Then when it looks like it keeps a shot, it disappears when editing - even after saving the darn thing! Oh boy, I've been trying other scanning apps, but others are much more cumbersome & not so intuitive. So until I find that elusive app that is easy, intuitive AND works properly, I'm stuck with this one. Too bad, they used to have a good thing!

- Too buggy currently

I’ve used ScannerPro for years and loved it, but recently it’s become far too buggy for me to use. It sometimes has a hard time reading my file system and requires a full restart of my device, sometimes runs fairly slow, a few times was not getting in focus, but the worst is when it started crashing in the middle of a 100-page scan and forced me to start over. Not to mention the file management isn’t the best, at least when syncing with cloud drive. If I want to rename them on my cloud drive or move files around, it won’t update or sync between the drive and what’s stored locally on ScannerPro. If you can fix at least the bugs I’m suddenly running into, this will once again be my go-to scamming app. Currently, however, I’m looking for a replacement.

- Not for OCR Solutions (as Readdle advertises)

Horrible, horrible, OCR no matter how polished or pre-preped the Photo is with the source text. Even very clean clear black text on white background, the app usually has errors. Poorly executed programming flow. Even if I take a snip of text, say a paragraph in the picture, it assumes the snip I just made in its crop selection is a full page. So the app, to correct for this stretches the snip. My text paragraph, is now stretched up and down in really thin lettering. Then it tries to perform OCR on this and naturally fails miserably. Just what were they thinking? Didn't anyone try their app before putting it on the store? Band-Aid fix is ...if you can guess almost exactly the dimensions of your clipped paragraph, you can punch X and Y dimensions in manually and it does better. Second-best is using the auto size feature, which on mine didn't appear as the default setting -why I don't know. And sadly, Readdle doesn't even have the workflow so that from your pictures album you could send a picture directly to OCR with a "cut" button for pasting (which is what the user is going to do next) ready to go like in other apps. Clumsy, clumsy, unusable. Not the typical Readdle Standard quality of apps. They really dropped the ball on this one. The only good thing I can applaud them on is being forward thinking and putting WebDave features in place cleared -kudos. Otherwise, it's just another scanning app.

- What happened?

Used this scanner all the time. The app always recognized the edges of the paper with no problems at all. But for some reason after ios 11 came out it recognizes the edges very poorly. Now no matter how perfectly I position the document I need to scan, I still need to crop the edges manually after the picture is taken what wasn’t the case before. In the past my conspiracy brain always made me feel that as soon as the new iphone comes out my older model starts to perform noticeably worse. Now I can’t shake off the feeling that since in new ios scanner is available natively from the notes app, the 3rd party apps will slowly start to die off. Although to be fair I don’t see that much comments here that are complaining about poor performance of the app, so who knows, maybe it’s only an issue on my phone.

- Best of the best! Still love it!

4th review - still the best!! And I'm one to always dl new things looking for better apps, but I never bother with any scanner apps. This is one my employees have to download because I don't want ugly scans in our files. OCR works beautifully. Love that you can choose to do that later by editing a scan. That's really cool. Developers, keep up the great work! Years later, my review below still stands. Except the app gets better and better! Yay!! Sooo convenient!! This scanner truly works better than all the others. Trust me, I tested all of them!! So much easier/faster than using the printer's scanner and has a great quality. Document image quality is outstanding. Syncing makes it even faster.

- So far so good

So far really liking this app a lot. I was using tiny scanner before this and I felt it scanned everything pretty well. The problem with tiny scanner was that it didn't work with Google Drive. It even started to have a problem with drop box. I like to be able to store me scans in the cloud and it was really frustrating. Now with this app I am having no problems uploading to any of the cloud storage places. It has been working seamlessly. So happy! Scans great too. Really cool thing they do is send you 7 short lessons on how to get the most out of this app. Loved it!! Didn't have to spend hours figuring everything out. So far one of the few apps I spent money on that I felt was worth it!!!

- Works great

It hasn't disappointed yet. This app does everything one would expect out of a scanner app. I rarely scanned documents before getting this app about 6 months ago. It was a pain. Whether I used my desktop scanner or the photocopier down the hall it was guaranteed to take at least five minutes. Now I can have the same quality image I would expect from our photocopier using this app instead. It is quick, intuitive, and produces documents I feel comfortable using as a professional. On top of that it interacts flawlessly with my Gmail and Dropbox accounts, making it much more powerful than any other scanning option I have. This is very empowering software.

- Scanner Pro

I did a big scanning job for a court case. There were many pages of all different sizes. Some pages were 2 sided. This job was deemed impossible with a regular desktop scanner that could not accommodate small pages mixed with larger pages nor could it determine if a page was 2-sided. I used the basic Scanner Pro software to scan everything. This was several years ago and as I recall there were several thousand odd sized pages and the job took about 2-1/2 days. I just set up a work station and was able to rapidly flip and snap the pages. The small pages and 2-sided pages were under my control while I flipped and snapped. The job went smoothly.

- Best in class

This is the best scanning app I have tried—and I have tried a dozen or so! For the 70% of the time that distortion removal works, it is great! Two small complains with an otherwise stellar product: 1. App is inconsistent in how it deals with shadows on the page. Unfortunately, this is a constant annoyance as there are almost always some shadows unless you have improbably perfect light—in which case, you probably have better options for scanning than an iPhone! The result is that about 10% of pages require a retake or two before a clean scan is obtained—and maybe 5% of pages require a half-dozen tries to even get an acceptable scan, never mind a good one. Considering how hard it is to find lighting where the phone itself does not cast a shadow on the page, the app should handle this better—on this it is clearly behind others. 2. App can be quite badly behaved with longer documents. Somewhere around around 15-20 pages, app sometimes crashes. Fortunately data seems usually to be preserved so you can pick up where you left off but it is annoying. Some rough edges notwithstanding, this remains the best scanning app I have so far found.

- A full-fledged, totally portable desk scanner!

My default hobby is digital document control, 49,000 family and biz documents scanned and full-text indexed over 30 years. Preserving history & running the company with totally efficient control & retrieval. ScannerPro app exceeds ANY desk scanning software; HP, Canon, all of them in features! It includes decent level OCR. And you always have it handy in your pocket, which is a major asset for on the spot, books & magazines, things that don't move, & places like museums. The quality depends on your device, iPhone it's superb. You'll be amazed at B&W document scanning; crisp, full-size resolution, almost always better than the original. Just snapping a photo doesn't compare.

- Super! Recommend to everyone!

I love this app! I use it for everything I need to scan. At school, work , or home, I always come to this program to help scan something that is important or something I need to remember. For example, if I have papers for a meeting, I’ll scan them just in case something happens to my copies. There’s been times I forgot my copies at home, but was glad I scanned them. I can edit and export it. I usually export it to my pdf app. I though I would stop using it because of Apple’s update, but nope. This is better than anything else I have tried. Also, they have always been working on keeping it updated and improving it periodically.

- Uncomplicated Receipts

The image quality for scanned receipts is excellent, and it’s very fast and easy to upload the scans to the cloud. I use this App primarily to scan my receipts, immediately after I make a credit card transaction, usually while I’m still standing at the cash register. Then, I upload the scanned receipt directly to my Microsoft OneDrive and my Scanner Pro folder. Later, I attach the scanned receipt to either a QuickBooks or Quicken expense line item in my credit card account register. It makes life exceedingly less complicated when you don’t have to handle (and then handle again) paper receipts. This App makes that bookkeeping process painless.

- Love this app!

This is by far the best scanning app! I use it everyday to scan and send docs. Extremely easy to use! I did have an issue with the app freezing up. I contacted customer support and received a response within 24hrs and was given instructions on how to fix the issue. Works perfect once again. I have been using this app for years and never had issues. Alina with customer support just made me love it that much more! Thank you for creating an app that is beneficial to my everyday business needs that truly works! Thank you for having such a wonderful customer support team that takes care of issues immediately.

- Awesome app!

ScannerPro is super helpful for digitizing your life. The camera will automatically detect the edges of your document and give you the option to correct it if necessary. Other tools, like the brightness and contrast, help you get the most clarity out of your scan, and once you’re finished, you can upload it directly to your cloud of choice or just keep save it to the app. One of my favorite features is that it allows me to navigate my Google Drive and save my documents to the right folder, all within the app. As a student, ScannerPro has been an awesome alternative to lugging around textbooks and syllabi. I highly recommend it!

- Beautiful Scanner Update Crashing OneDrive Uploads

I have enjoyed this app the first time it was shown to me. I used it daily for receipts, documents, and sharing directly to my computer with OneDrive. It has great options to for scanned documents. Only problem is since I updated the app I can no long upload through it receiving error “Authorization Failed”, “The operation couldn’t be completed. (RSGenericOnlineClientErrorDomain Error2). Can we please this problem fixed it was my go to upload and now have to rely on Dropbox again which doesn’t have the same feel. Anyway great app just a minor dysfunction that I hope can be resolved. Took screenshot from my iPhone X and am hoping to return to my daily paths.

- The Standard For [Mobile] Scanning

Before discovering this app a few years ago I used Cam Scanner. It got the job done I suppose but this app is loaded with features, it's simple to use, and since I always have my phone handy, it's the most convenient and my preferred method of scanning. Readdle has almost created the perfect scanning app. The only feature I would like to see is an option to import PDFs directly in order to access the powerful OCR capabilities of this app. When yahoos send me terrible PDFs I can't copy / paste from I find myself converting the PDF pages to .jpg, throwing them in my photo gallery, importing the images to Scanner Pro, and exporting a PDF I can actually work with. If you’re considering using this app just save yourself the trouble and buy the entire Readdle suite now because I promise you... you'll eventually own it anyway. Once you use app this company creates you'll fall in love. Quit delaying the inevitable and buy it before they figure out how awesome they are and start charging what they're actually worth.

- Loved at first but extremely frustrated

I’ve loved this app for awhile but several mistakes have left me extremely frustrated. I use this app to scan important documents, and now several times when I go back to find the scans, they have all been wiped. They weren’t uploaded to Google Drive or another app, they’re just gone. Last time I tried to upload a document to Google drive just in case it wiped it on me again, and sure enough, they were gone when I went back for them. They didn’t upload to Google Drive like I thought it did, and they’re gone. Maybe I’m missing something, but I’ve looked everywhere they could possibly be and they're no where to be found. I like the app, but I can’t trust it with important documents. Seriously disappointed and extremely frustrated

- Super Scanner

This is the "holy grail" of iOS scanning. It's unmatchable in the mobile Scanner Apps. I wish there was a BlackBerry version too. It basically makes all scanner apps look like toys. However I cannot give it 5 stars. Why? Because to give 5 stars is to imply that it is equal to other 5 star scanner apps. I give 7 stars! This is all I ever need for my perfect scans. I have tried some top name apps to do anything better than this but there is none out there. NONE. I have even paid for apps more expensive than Scanner Pro only to end up deleting them. I cannot have the second best for what I do. I need the BEST and this is it.

- Wonderful scanner tool

This apps provides great features that help my two continuous needs for a scanner. First it gives me PDF versions of my business receipts to use to file my expenses. This was my initial reason due selecting the application. Once I had it I realized it could replace my large scanner and fax machine for the day-to-day family needs such as kids sports registration forms, government document requests, and forms needed by my tax attorney. Great app for anything requiring my signature. Easy to use, allows you to save the scanned documents for future use, and has built in connection to email to easily send the scanned images.

- Spent a few minutes testing...

Did a comparison of the several paid scanner apps I own, scanning identical print under the same lighting. Of course, they all essentially worked. But Scanner Pro was the fastest to successfully frame the image, automatically cleaning it up. Then when I pressed the text button (sheepishly admitting to never having noticed it before), the printed copy was INSTANTLY OCR'd! And formatted correctly! As usual, Readdle in one of the most dependable productivity app developers in the Apple Store. (And I have no connection with them other than being a satisfied user of most of their products.)

- Going Downhill

This app used to be perfect for in the moment at home, and quick on-the-go scanning. Not sure if it was after the iOS 11 update, or a random bug, but now there is discoloration and distortion on almost all edges of the scan. When taking the photo and within the first preview, it’s normal. Once moving to the last step to save, the distortion appears. My phone froze for almost 10 minutes last night while trying to use the app. Had no issues at all before launching it. Tried again this morning, app was very sluggish, and I had to accept the distortion on the page today as the document was urgent. Issue needs to be fixed or I’ll have to move on to something else for scanning.

- Fantastic

I've been using this app on both my iPhone and my iPad for about two years now. In short, I love it! I travel frequently for work. This simple app allows me to scan receipts and convert them into .pdfs on the go, as I receive them, which makes documentation expense reports super easy to generate - way easier than looking for/using a scanner while traveling. Same goes for signing hard-copy documents while traveling - print, sign, scan, email - all from your mobile device. I highly recommend downloading this app for anyone whose mobile device is often his/her office space. 👍


I am an older law student and the casebooks are too much to carry around...and they're not all available as e-books. I was sad when the pics I took of the pages with the iPad were too uneven to use....and thrilled when I got ScannerPro! ScannerPro makes the pages look great despite inadequate lighting and the warping of the image from being in an open book. I then save the page images in a file folder in the same company's Documents app, and I can read them just like a book. I even underline and mark on the pages with the Apple Pencil in the Documents app. It's wonderful, and it's saved my back!

- This has proven to be the best scanner app

I have been using this app for years, and it is so good and handy that I almost never use my “real” scanner anymore. Whether it is scanning to jpeg or PDF formats, it is consistently excellent with my iPhone X and before that with my iPhone 6 Plus. I can’t recall when I last used my “real” scanner. This app is also excellent for scanning for OCR, but so far, I haven’t used that functionality much but when I do, I prefer using it to the OCR on my Windows computer. I haven’t used the OCR functionalities on my Linux computer yet, so I’m not sure which may prove to be the best for my needs.

- I Want to Work at Readdle!

ScannerPro is stable, feature-rich, and indispensable. This is a powerful app. • It produces scan-quality images, not just camera snapshots of documents. • ScannerPro “Workflows” are like R2D2 assistants. After an easy (and powerfully connected to cloud storage) setup, they upload your files into the safety of the cloud with one tap. (You can automate them; and even keep copies on your device.) • It’s a powerful app—don’t be scared of needing to read instructions. • The ScannerPro in-app Help and email support are reliable. • Behind strong in-app password and privacy protection, I have entire medical forms on my device and safely in the cloud; so I have access to all my info while I’m talking with the doctor. • I have vital legal documents, service contracts, and warranties easily accessible and safely in the cloud. • Readdle releases only meaningful updates to ALL of their apps and ScannerPro updates follow that policy. • I have purchased EVERY app Readdle has created. Readdle apps really have changed MY life.

- Game-changer for this working musician

I'm a professional guitarist who works in a variety of different bands and situations, and I'm constantly learning new music for gigs. I've used an iPad for reading sheet music since shortly after it was released in 2010. Scanner Pro has created a great workflow for capturing printed music and getting it into my preferred sheet music PDF app, ForScore. Scanner Pro's automatic scanning features work extremely well and it does a good job of de-skewing and converting the scanned pages to black-and-white. As I capture them, the pages are saved directly to dropbox, where I can easily import them into ForScore.

- This is the one

Over the past few years I’ve tried just about every scanning app in the App Store and this one is the one with all of the features and intelligence I need. I can scan a 20 page document, rename it, and email it in less than 2 minutes, on the go. It has folders to organize all your documents which is perfect for what I use it for. The UI is still a little clumsy (trying to drag documents into the folders) it would be fantastic if that was rearranged to be a bit smoother. Otherwise, this is one of the top 5 apps I use every day.

- Working well thank you

This app has changed a lot, and works much better now. I purchased it a few years back, in mean time got a new phone and it came up as paid for while searching for a scan app ... how lucky I am! And the reason I searched for it was that the other one I tried to use just was too “unfriendly”! Too many limitations. So when this came up, I remembered that I had it but never uploaded again onto new phone. Truly the best scan app. Easy to use, works like a charm. Thanks for being able to transfer to new phone. It makes me happy!!

- Consistently the best most reliable scanning ever!

I recommend this app to everyone I talk to you! If you are out on the road at jobsites in the office at home there is simply nothing better than this app to provide consistent clear accurate and easily transmittable PDF documents of anything. By far the best app for this process I have ever run across I wish more developers for apps would do things in their apps as simply as this app does scanning. There is simply no reason to buy any other app for scanning documents with your tablet or phone period! And no I am not a paid reviewer.

- Works good. It's my go to scanner for iPhone

Works very good IMHO. Pretty good interface. Excellent quality—- all my scans even the ones from years ago ( from different Iphones) are still there.- I never migrated them myself- they just seem to flawlessly follow my phone every time I get a new phone which is a huge plus for me) It's my go to mobile scanner for iPhone. Use mostly for work- I own a real estate brokerage so this comes in handy when I don't want to pay a $1 a page to have copies made. Also to note- I've used on full sized house plans- even works good on them. If it's something you'll use frequently- I don't see how you can go wrong. I’m a Realtor, Broker, Landlord and Investor in real estate and I use this app almost daily. Very satisfied — I tell everyone about it. Device used with: iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, IPhone 6, Iphone 7 and now my iPhone 8plus They have all worked flawlessly- and I even have my very first scan. Can’t ask for more. Best few bucks I ever spent in the Apple App Store for sure. Paul Maine, USA

- Good App missing important feature

I have used scanner pro for at least 6 years and I think it is very capable app when compared to lot of other more popular scanner apps out there. The only reason for 3 stars is it is missing a key feature that enables a pdf file to be directly copied in to the app using “open in/ Activities”. I hoped this would eventually be added as it is a common feature available on other scanner apps like genius scan, CS scan, etc. I have even submitted a request for support, but was told it’s not on their road map.

- Favorite scanning app, but recently very frustrated

This had been my favorite scanning app for years, but I have been having many problems with it as of late. Sometimes I open it and it shows a page to enable iCloud, which was already set up. When you enable or try to skip it, the database of documents is EMPTY. Sometimes the app asks me to restart my phone due to a system problem. It has also LOST very recent scans of documents I wasn’t allowed to keep a paper copy of and they never synchronized with either Google Drive or iCloud, so there doesn’t seem to be a way to recover these files and I am now hesitant to place my trust in this app for important documents. I don’t know if there is a way to locate those recent scans, but I hope Readdle technical support can reach out and help me.

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- Love Readdle! They simply know what they are doing!

First it was Spark for me, the Readdle app that made me love email again and realise that this company loves Apple products as much as I do and because they build apps with the Apple ethos - they are beautiful, super-powerful and aesthetically and practically useful. Than I got this Scanner App at a decent and affordable price which outdoes any scanner app out there and again, with that pleasing appearance and user friendliness. I'll say it again, Readdle simply knows what they are doing. Keep up the great work team 🤙🏼!

- Hate the built-in advertising!

I’ve been an enthusiastic user of the full version for several years, and it has worked very, very well. And the latest version continues to work well. However, under the guise of ‘making it easier’ the newest version inserts multiple non-standard icons into the share sheet that are attempting to convince the user to install/purchase more of their products! They are not coded like normal share sheet entries, as they cannot be re-arranged or switched off! So, every single time I open the share sheet to run a workflow, I’m faced with multiple attempts to upsell me to the vendor’s additional products! Thank you Readdle, I’ve checked out your other products via the App Store, and, at this time, I have no need for them. Now please get your advertising out of my face. No - this is not making things better for the user. If I wanted to be bombarded with advertising, I’d log in to Facebook!

- Pretty Good App

I have used this app a lot in the past. I like how you can select whether you only want black & white or photo, or colour, selecting & cropping is easy. However I’ve just gone to scan some stuff & the last update us no good. The app is less intuitively obvious- or maybe I was just so used to how to use it before? But the main issue is it is unstable. It shut itself down a few times in the middle of scanning & I had to scan again. One time it didn’t want to open at all. In the 10 mins I was using it I became so frustrated that this has happened to my favourite app. Please fix this in your next update!

- Makes everything a whole lot easier

I got the app during the “app of the week” deal, and started using it a couple of years ago. I’m now going through Year 10, and still use it for simple things, like downloading worksheets from teachers (and not losing them in my bag), and getting good quality photo’s of text work we need to study. A really helpful app, that I would recommend to anyone.

- Scanner Pro

As s teacher in primary school who had on occasions been time poor the use of Scan Pro has been an absolute life saver when there would be a queue at the photocopier and lunch or recess is so short. I would literally scan the document on my iPad Pro from a book print it to an inline classroom printer or display on a smart board. You guys are the best and it’s money well spent when I can scan, print and store. Brilliant

- Essential fabulous App for me

I just love scanner pro. I have used it for years for everything from legal documents to real estate to death notices, registrations, forms to be completed and emailed etc etc etc. It does a perfectly clear precise record of any document I have needed to either keep as an electronic record or send off to someone else. Love it. Essential for me using only my mobile phone very easily.

- Professional Resource

As a trainer it is important for me to send documents for compliance purposes. All facilitators that work for my company rate this product superior to other products that we have trialed. I have been able to recommend this product to clients for similar compliance purposes and ease of use. This smart little app helps me perform at professional level.

- Extremely simple and effective

I've been using this app consistently for about three years now. You can set it up to automatically upload to Dropbox or Google Drive, so I scan documents and then seconds later they're on my computer, ready to attach to an email.

- Excellent and superb value

Spent a while trying to find an OCR scanner not as expensive as Cam scanner or ABBYY. There are many scanners that create PDF's but very few that can convert text to OCR (so it can be modified later), very well (if at all). Scanner Pro is very reasonably priced and very capable. By the way, I also bought PDF Expert from Readdle which works just fine👍🏻

- Google drive folders

Takes forever to upload to Google Drive and you can’t even select a different folder from the default as each time you try to specify a different location a) it takes forever to load a Google Drive folder view and then shows the folders all messed up with no folder structure!!!

- The best scanner

I’ve tried at least 10 different scanners, including a few paid ones. None come near Scanner Pro. It is the best all round scanner for quality, recognition and conversion. On top of this, it has a great filing system where you can store your saved scans. Highly recommended.

- Works brilliantly, needs modernising

This scans faster and better and more accurately than any other scanner program I know for the iPhone. My only criticism is that the whole UI needs an update, it needs modernising with nice fonts and clean design, but I don’t think anybody can criticise how efficient it is to use.

- Useful app but drains battery

This app is a godsend; it has saved me a lot of standing at the photocopier when doing library research. I do have one gripe: it drains battery life like you wouldn’t believe. For example, 15 minutes of use will drain my iPhone SE battery 12% or more and can make my phone run hot. If it were more battery efficient it would be perfect.

- Simply the best

Scanner Pro is absolutely the best scanner app for a mobile device as well as the other products by Readdle. This have completely replaced my home scanner, which I almost haven’t used since purchased this brilliant app. Sincerely recommending for everyone. Well deserves all money I paid.

- Most useful app!

Most useful app I have ever purchased. Have recommended it to colleagues and students alike (at university) for admin and for research (no more photocopiers or scanning to usb in library). Works a treat with uploading into OneDrive. As one colleague put it, this is ‘doing that James Bond stuff’, from phone camera to computer in just a few steps.

- Handy when traveling

This app has been invaluable when traveling and not having access to a computer or scanner. Simply open the app, take a phone snap of your document(s), and email away. Has helped me complete unexpected business whilst away.

- Great app

I scan all my invoices for their warranties. I just wish the auto detection is able to pick up quicker as it sometimes takes a lot of moving back & forth. Also photos don't always come right. Other than that a brilliant app & worth every penny

- If support little notes would be better

Hi Really love this app, but it would be great if we can add some notes for each scan. Just need to display in app, not need to appear in iCloud Drive folder. Some scan really easy to forgot what are they for a long time

- Very convenient and accurate

I've been using this application for a while now. It had some contrast issues in earlier versions and I switched to using the Dropbox scanner. But recent improvements to this application and the OCR capability has brought me back.

- Cant live without this

This app is well worth the money. It saves me so much time. I can save all receipts and easily scan documents from my phone. It allows me to operate an office on the road or away from a computer with the touch of a button on my phone.

- Needs improvement.

Works very well... however it doesn’t adjust images as well as another app I have used by Evernote called scannable. Scannable makes documents easy to read straight off the bat... this app you have to get in there to adjust contrast and brightness to make some text readable... it also doesn’t work well with small text... pretty disappointing considering I had to pay for this app but scannable was free.

- Readdle enthusiast

A huge congratulations from a user that has every readdle product on their phone and MacBook Pro. Feedback: I use scanner on a daily basis and since yesterday before the update I would arrange my scans around, create folders and arrange the scans in the folders but drag and drop. Similar to rearranging the Home Screen on iPhone. Not it’s more “Documents” alike 🤷🏻‍♂️. Definitely not a deal breaker but while gained a lot of functionally it lost some of its intuitive UX. P.S. Not related to scanner but we are still waiting on *cough* Spark for windows *cough* Keep up the great job at readdle!

- Best app purchase in a long time

This scanner app has saved me so much time and allowed me to be a lot more organised with my paperwork. I can actually scan my documents on the fly now instead of keeping them in a pile to do all in one go when I'm at the scanner. Love it!

- Arising Issues

There seems to be issues with the last update, making it slower to process than normal & sometimes the scanned document comes up blank.... please fix. I’ve been generally very pleased with this app.

- Scanner Pro best ever scanning app

I've had scanner Pro since it was first released and am amazed how well it works. The apps ability to convert scanned text to editable text, from complex page layouts, with few errors, and all on an iPad is an incredible achievement. Worth 6 stars.

- Brill

They are not just good app designers, they are great people. I communicated with them online regarding the app and they were helpful and supportive throughout. Great job guys, keep it up, this app is so useful and I scan all my study content on it. This makes things so easy for portability. Super!

- New life

After many years in business. life is so much easier with this Scanner. We went threw difficult year with telex & fax machines Also dependent on mail deliveries to run a business Now that I’m retired I wish I had the opportunity of this brilliant product. Regards P Bowen

- Great app for mobile devices

Easy to use, and like how it easily organises saved docs straight into the cloud. Use it all the time and is both faster and easier than having to scan via printer/scanner.

- iCloud Sync / Restore issues

Whilst I’ve used this app for years and it’s a great app, I recently had to delete and reinstall it. Now none of my scans stored in iCloud are restoring inside the app. I can access them direct via my iCloud Drive, yet the app only syncs new scans to the same iCloud folder, not showing any of my existing scans. This is clearly a bug and needs to be fixed. Once this is resolved, this is a 5 star app again.

- The one application I would recommend

Brilliant. Sending documents to people on the fly is just such a breeze. The clarity is exceptional. Can’t ask for more. Thanks to the whole team for making my life so much easier.

- Great app

What can I say other than it works and it works very well. I’m a very long time user and I've used scanner pro to scan hundreds of documents and books and it never fails to do the job right. The reliability of scanner pro has allowed me to create portable digital copies of my favourite books, many of which had hundreds of pages and it successfully converted it all to PDF and to text with a good 99% accuracy allowing me to have Siri read them to me while out and about. Keep up the good work 👍

- Just want I needed

This handy app makes my administration so easy. No more holding onto receipts. It’s as easy as taking picture. So many handy features if you look for them but if you don’t it still is great. My must have app.

- Signature options

I would like to see an option to allow a person to sign the document once it is scanned. For this I have had to download a different scan app that has that option but I would prefer to just use the one app. Would be great if you could develop that in the next update.

- Scanner app

Most handy and easy app to have. Brilliant app, saves time and easily accessible. Also has provisions to keep different files to keep various documents and photos. Recommend to anyone who wishes to have a great scanner app.

- This app made my life easier

One of my most used and relied upon apps. I have lost count of how many times this app has made my life easier. It has also continued to genuinely surprise me with how it scans documents. Well worth it.

- Time saver! Fantastic app

I’ve set this up to automatically save to my cloud drive. So simple to use and such a time saver. Way faster than using my old printer scanner and so convenient. I use it to save all my receipts, bills, warranties etc. Great app.

- Used this for years

Great app, the most reliable admin IOs app, although, Needs a few tweaks, such as the ability to view files easily by date order. Technically, this app is amazing.

- Shadow removal is awesome

The new Shadow Removal feature is amazing. Previously high contrast would have noticeable shadow but now they are almost totally gone. This app just keeps improving. Most valuable few Dollars I’ve spent in App Store many years back

- Quick and easy to use +++

Easy loto scan multiple pages. Scanned copies clear and easy to read. Scanned copies are easy to save and to forward onto emails. I use it all the time

- Good for numpties

I’m a numpty and eventually I worked it out. I need to scan and store documents in a safe environment and this application does it for me. It’s not intuitive for me but It allows me to learn and it takes up little space.

- Issues

Hi I have used this app for a long time .But with the latest update and new iphone 11 pro max i seem to be having trouble sending the email through the App .Is there an issue please

- 4 star for not able to recover password and scam review

No way to disable not to review. Pop up ask for review every now and then- like a scam! Ask for password but no way to recover it. If you forget yours, too bad, all your files are gone. Should add a function to recover it.

- Buy it - it’s really simple and effective.

Don’t mess about for ages with different ones like I did. Really annoying. This scanner is great. I use it daily and it’s awesome. Especially as it sends as a PDF. Great for my small biz.

- Excellent scanner for iPhone

Easy to use scanner creating multi page PDFs. Very intelligent in squaring up images taken on a slight angle. I retired my old flat bed scanner! Can't print directly via AirPrint unless you buy their app!

- Great app! Can’t work without it

I have tried some scanner apps, this app is the best! I have been using it every week for over 5 years, will stick to it, can’t work without it!

- Best App Ever for Business Tasks

Best Innovation Ever! Has saved me lots of time. Extremely handy. Its a powerful business tool. No longer use any other bulky scanners. My iphone has been transformed it a powerful business tool.

- After scan size.

Hi, there, the scanning function is good, especially for not many pages, while the size of the file is quite large, is that possible to reduce the size of the file, while not losing the quality of the documents. Thank you. Isabella

- Ridiculously good

I’ve been using this for years now, it’s completely changed the way I work. I haven’t used an actual scanner for a long time.

- Brilliant scanner app!

I use this app everyday as I am on the road and need to send signed certificates in real time for my students. I’ve tried several like this, but keep coming back to this app.

- 7.5.5 no good on 8+

Having done many perfect scans am really disappointed that this version gives bad distortion on A4 lower right using my standard setup and techniques, or any setup for that matter.

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- One of my best apps ever!

I use this app all the time! I've tried lots of scanner apps and this one is the best by far. It's changed the way I work. Thank you!

- Very helpful tool

This app has replaced my desktop scanner. It's intuitive to use and the results of high quality.

- Best Scanning ...

I use Scanner Pro for all my document scanning. The very best and easy to use.

- Super apps

Vraiment super et très pratique

- Awesome App

I have been using this app for years now for scanning and sending worksheets and invoices etc. I love how i can have seperate folders for every company i deal with which makes it simple to find an item i need to check or resend ... can’t praise it enough to do it true justice....

- 😫 407 MB??? Seriously? Almost a half-Gig!

Even the MS Word app is only 272 MB! I love this app and always considered it a 5 star app, but lately it’s gotten a little top heavy. 407 MB is to much for a phone app, especially in iOS 13 which is suppoesed to allow apps to be more memory efficient. Guess I’ll have to make do with just having it on my iPad. If it gets much bigger, I’ll have to only temporarily install it for special projects. Please reduce your memory footprint.

- Scanner PRO

Can these people improve an already perfect app. This app is truly “AMAZING” Thank you Ron G

- Very useful

It's a very good app. I use it a lot.

- annoying limitation hobbles app

When "scanning" photos already on your camera roll, the app doesn't allow you to access your custom folders. So if, for example, you have thousands of photos and you want to scan a few older photos to make a pdf, you have to manually go through your entire camera roll to find the photos even though they might otherwise be readily found in a custom folder. The developer has been aware of this limitation for a while now but so far has not shown any inclination to fix it.

- Icloud saving is all messed up

All the files I've scanned over the past year or two are all mixed up (doesn’t sort by date properly anymore), and many of them that are showing in my iCloud folder are not showing in the app anymore. Its now very difficult to search for documents I need, because they do not order by date.

- Scanner Pro is not just for documents.

It also makes photos and paintings just "pop" with perfect saturation

- Excellent app

Love this app

- VietNamese. Please!!!

More language

- New update makes this app unusable

The newest update has rendered this app unusable for me on an iPhone XS Max. For some reason it works fine on a new iPad Air though. Please fix. App crashes after 30 seconds on iPhone no matter I’m trying to do in it.

- Readdle is becoming greedy

First you imposed a ridiculously priced subscription model on PDF expert and refused to fix the excessive ram usage and file corruption bug, now you put a scanning utility app on a subscription. Sad!

- You can’t put a subscription on a scanning app.

A $26 a year subscription for a scanning app is ridiculous. At first, I thought it was $26 to own it permanently, until I saw “yearly” which made me immediately delete the app. For future customers, please download Scannable. It’s free

- Wow! This is very awesome app and it is super useful for my study.


- Fast: Auto shutter auto crop + iCloud

No frills. Gets the job done as fast as possible. Only one to upload to iCloud Drive that I could find. iCloud Drive is encrypted properly (for real, even Apple can't access your documents) unlike Dropbox and Google Cloud Drive and Microsoft Offerings.

- Excellent App

It is easy to use and has nice user interface. I recommend this app

- Great app

Very convenient, works great, highly recommended

- Great app

I use the app from receipts to blue prints. Very Impressed ... I use an iPhone 10 ... no glitching issues, hardly use my deck mounted scanner

- Go to pdf

Used for few years and wonderful for records on the fly

- Easy

Easy to use!

- Works really well

Scanner Pro is great for in the go scanning. It allows me to scan documents from wherever and whenever I am. And I can email or text them to people. So easy to use. Highly recommend it.

- No. 1 app for doc scan

Since I started using this app, this app never allow me to use other app. It scans doc very fast and remove any folds, creases or spots from doc and gives very neat and clean scan image. I would suggest, photo scanner to scan photo in passport or different countries visa size and dark theme support.

- Great update with better enhancements

I love the last update and it is great

- Was good.

Used it for years and absolutely fantastic. Then recently it will not auto load to one drive. Not sure what changed but useless to me now. Up to this point it was amazing. I must have a setting wrong somewhere but cannot locate the error.


Scan Pro app is a great help as it scans automatically as well as manually -I have a vision focusing problem so this is an excellent aid. Works perfectly on all kinds of documents and objects!

- Fantastic App!

Love it.

- Great app

But there’s a bug today. Can’t take a snapshot with the camera. So app is broken for me now. No use.

- Good app

Have loved scanner pro for many years for scanning my art work but lately the colouring is off ....too bright and reddish in tone. Can you fix this please as I miss the great scans the app does with the approximating of the edges and general good scanning. Thanks in advance!

- Best scanner I ever seen

I’m surprised to see this scanner pro and performance

- Missing PDF Import

Overall I love this app. The one MAJOR flaw is that you can not import a PDF. This app is by far the fastest and easiest tool to scan & crop pages and run OCR. I can also import from the Photos app. However, if someone sends me a messy PDF I can’t drop it into the app to do a quick cleanup. Readdle, please fix this!

- Perfect on the go App

I’ve had this app for years now and not once thought of deleting it. 1) It’s very convenient when it comes to scanning and emailing large amounts of documents. Don’t need to do it one by one, it’ll just scan and position the next one and scan again. 2) Easy saving and sharing to other apps. I used it to save documents onto my files. 3) Multiple setting options on whether you want black/white, color, photo, etc. And option on using flashlight for a more clear photo if needed. 4) Quick and Easy to use. Not too many buttons to confuse you. Once you get it, you’re set

- Awesome affordable scanning app

Fantastic. Simple and efficient, saves file size of your choice and saves to .pdf and can email or transfer from app . $6 / yr . Don’t hesitate.

- Terrific app!

What a great app! Never had issues - can’t do better than that. -:)

- IOS 14 - scan does not work anymore GRRRRRR

Please, update your app, since IOS 14 installed, scan button is grayed , i cannot scan any document anymore ! Tried to look on settings of the app, everything seems ok. Update sep 23: update v 7.8.1 fixes the issue ! thanks a lot ! everything back to normal. Got back your 5 stars ! good support !

- Scanner Ap on IPad

Very useful, just purchased, great for home use consolidating legal documents. So handy and useful since COVID 19 has forced everyone to be more creative when working or doing business from home.

- High quality

Connected, reliable, versatile.

- Great app

Easy to use and scans perfectly.

- Privacy intrusive permissions

Love the app, it does everything I need. But why would you need to see all my GDrive files? All I want to do is to upload a file to my Google Drive. You don’t need the permission to see and read all my existing files. Please change that ASAP!

- Love it !

Have been used this app for a few years. Never has an issue.

- Scanner

Great, simple and easy!! Love it

- Best APP I have

I probably use this app more than any others, it’s great for turning documents sketches and pretty much anything into a PDF for storage or sending to others.

- Best scanner app I have ever used.

I am not a power user, but I have needed to scan and email documents during this pandemic. So far no issues with this app. It works as intended with no fuss.

- Works when I need it

Though I haven’t needed it often it has worked every time for the task intended. Scan/photo a series of pages an send them out.

- Used to Work Beautifully - Not Any More

I have had this app for several years, LOVED it - it worked perfectly every time, quick, easy to use ... PERFECT! Now it crashes every time I try to upload and scan from my iPhone photo app. I can’t scan a page without it crashing and it struggles on Auto to scan a document, and it takes forever. The app also no longer shows up on my list of apps to load a document into, it previously did. What gives? I miss the app I use to love!

- It works!

Forgot what I paid for this app, but it was maybe 6 years ago, if not longer. It remains the best app, most useful, and trouble free amongst the dozens of apps I use. Worth the money, you will not be disappointed.

- Good app till you to want to get your scan

Needing to scan to pdf quickly when my scanner had broken down I remembered I had this app. It was pretty straight forward and did a pretty good job scanning the documents I needed scanned. Where things break down for this app is when you want to get your document to email out. It seems to default to scanning things in as an image. I couldn’t find a way to set it to pdf. So you have to mess around getting these files to a could service so then download them, convert and assemble and then you finally have what you need to mail out. So frustrating when your under a deadline when, if they only had the option to save to give the process would have been MUCH smoother. That frustration at the end is enough for me to delete the app and look elsewhere. It’s so disappointed to see an app that could have been so convenient to use fall apart like that.

- Great Tool

Straight forward, easy to use, very helpful to quickly shoot receipts and timesheets and email the pdf within seconds.

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- Amazing application for scanning

Few apps present a user experience so smooth that it’s magic to go through them. One of them is scanner pro. I first tried the application a while back but never got to it that seriously. But once I started storing all my digital documentation for both personal and professional work I realised the true power of multiple scanning and editing. Scanner pro lets you scans, annotate them and save them to your iCloud files and access them so seamlessly that I wouldn’t go to any other app for my digital documentation needs.

- Must have for business

The scans from this app are sometimes of higher quality than the original. With business on the go, this app is a must have. Whether it is scanning copies of court documents while at the courthouse or scanning in receipts or other business documents, you can do everything you need to do on the spot, which lessens your workload later. If you ever have clients or vendors you work with that do not have scanners, or that may not being a position to scan something to you, this app solves that. For this price, this app is a must have!

- Essential Document & Image Capture App - For Anyone

I’ve been using Scanner Pro since the developer’s first iteration and it continues to be the most stable, reliable, and easy to use app for capturing content to date. The clarity of the “scan”, character recognition capability, and ease of use cannot be beat. The ability to store and share captures easily makes this perfect. This is one of those essential apps you want to have in your smart phone toolkit even if you think you don’t a “scanner”. Taking a photo of content just doesn’t do the job.

- Still the best scanner app

I just went back and tried every scanner app in the App Store again after using Scanner Pro for a long time and it is obvious to me that Scanner Pro is still the way to go. That being said, Readdle still insists on their own, very specific UI that can be confusing and difficult at times. It doesn’t feel very much like a native iOS app. I won’t take any stars off because every scanner app has a bit of a funky UI, but it’s worth noting because it’s the one thing keeping some of Readdle‘ apps from being perfect.

- Built In OCR!

I’ve had this app for a couple of years and it works wonderfully. I try to be as paperless as possible and I use it to scan all sorts of things. I’m working on a genealogy project and once used Scanner Pro to scan a 148 page family history book. 😳 It was much faster than using my flatbed scanner. Now I’ve discovered the built-in OCR function and it’s a huge time saver for me. The text recognition is quite accurate, only requiring a quick fix here and there. Now I won’t need to retype documents and it will save me a lot time.

- Absolutely great all I wish is it also ran on the Mac

I am a software developer and my wife is a digital imaging expert. I know my stuff. The filing could be better and it would be absolutely fantastic available on the Mac. The images are available through iCloud but I would love to do the filing manipulation and imaging from my mac also. Maybe they already have this but what difference does it make I am giving them five stars because they get this ball out of the park. You can also access documents stored on the iCloud from your Mac or browser.

- Been using for at least 3 years

I’m a finance professional and often meet clients at homes but instead of taking their documents tommy office, scanning and sending back, I just pull out my phone, take a picture of each page, edit them to appear as a black and white scanned document and drop them into my system. It doesn’t take long to get good enough to scan multi page documents in barely longer than an ordinary small office scanner can do. Bonus: NEVER JAMS! Highly recommended. I use it for all sorts of things.

- Great app

Works perfectly use it all the time I have used this app for about 2 years now and have never had any issues with it . It works great for everything I need I drive a truck so I don’t have access to an office or office equipment this app replaces all of that stuff I’ve used it to fax print and email documents and and all of the documents come out great on the receiving end I would recommend this app to anyone that has to be away from an office and needs to still remain connected and able to send documents

- Best Scanner app out there

I have tried many other scanner apps, including Adobe Scan and Scannable, and Scanner Pro blows them away for scan quality and features. The app captures the true item, and not the area around it, which is a problem with the others. The Workflows are also the best feature ever! I use Dropbox and Evernote, and I created workflows to store items in different locations, and it is all done in one click! Don’t be fooled by other brand names. This app blows all of them away!

- Great for law

I am a criminal lawyer that’s constantly running around. I use this program to scan my pleas And court documents and email them directly to my paralegal so that they can be placed into our case management software. This makes my life much easier so that I don’t have to carry around stacks and stacks of papers and keep them organized. Having the ability to go straight to PDF and straight into case management with my paralegal makes my life immensely easy and this program is worth every penny. Please excuse any typos was done With dictation.

- Work from home life saver

This app has saved the day numerous times when the scanner at work was down or unavailable, but it’s been a life saver for working from. My home printer/scanner isn’t very reliable so having this app is a necessity these days. You can edit the docs of your lighting is off so they look more professional and they convert to PDF for easier saving and sending. I scan and either email from my phone or save the doc to my cloud service so I can access it from any of my devices.

- Latest update has ruined this app

This has been my favorite app for years. I scan receipts and all types of documents. However, in the interest of trying to promote their own services, they have listed all their apps on the first list and when you upload to something you want to use, you have to scan through menus to find the app you want to upload to. I can see no way to fix it. Have the upload apps are not even on my phone, but is just an add to get you to buy and download another app. One of the big advantages of this app was ease of use. This latest trick has made it a chore to even upload a doc to google docs or OneDrive. The apps in the “services” section do not work and no instruction is given to get them to work.

- Privacy issue with camera & photos

New review: I used to love this app, but now it seems it needs to get too many permissions. All I want to do is scan (& sometimes OCR) images *I* choose. I don’t want to give it access to the camera, and I don’t want it automatically scanning my photos library. If you turn those features off, THERE IS LITERALLY NO WAY TO OPEN A PHOTO. (The reason is that the “open photos library” buttons are hidden in the Radar screen and the Camera screen, so if you turn those off, there’s no separate Open Photo Library button.) What you should be able to do is pick one or more photos in the Photos app, tap the share button, tap Open With Scanner Pro, and have those photos opened in 1 document in Scanner Pro. That would be super easy and maintain all your privacy. I will start to look for another app that respects my privacy. Old review: Everything you'd ever want. Oftentimes when rating apps, you're left to ponder why a certain obvious feature was left out. But this app is missing nothing. It's easy to learn, easy to use, syncs with iCloud and Dropbox, and has really great output. What's not to love?

- Outstanding

Got this app on a whim. I can have documents emailed to me and fill them out scan them and either email them or fax them back. I can also save them to photos or transfer them into other apps. Used this so much with my business and my medical records. No stopping at staples and cussing at their fax printer crap set up. I can deal with this on the move. I hardly ever write reviews and never go back after owning something for awhile and write a review. Had this for over a year. Please don’t ever take this app down!

- Upload freeze

I’ve used Scanner Pro through many phones and mostly it works quite well. Lately though, I can’t open a multi page document I’ve scanned several days ago. I usually scan three or four pages and the view page has no page count and gives me a “Cannot Open Document” message. I’ve opened it and viewed the scans since saving them but I guess it’s trying to back it up again or something. I’m looking for another app because I have to be able to view a document when “I” want and not when it’s convenient for the app. Sorry Readdle, you dropped the ball on this one.

- My favorite Scanner app

I’ve tried a handful of paid scanner apps and this is my favorite, largely because of its good quality scans, OCR and file management. But it desperately needs the ability to create nested folders in its iCloud storage. And working with its other Readdle app ‘PDF Expert’ is really wonky. Scan a file with Scanner Pro and open it later in PDF Expert to make some annotations, and those edits are only visible in PDF Expert. And files created with PDF Expert and saved into the Scanner Pro folders are invisible to Scanner Pro. Would love to see better compatibility with other Readdle apps.

- Excellent, highly recommend this app

This app has saved me untold hours of scanning. I can now very easily turn my filing system into one that is completely electronic. I now routinely scan my documents with this app and shred the papers. I save directly to iCloud and then later if I so choose place them in the appropriate locations in my filing system on my Mac. The document recognition algorithms are very good, commonly finding boundaries of papers and sizing the final document correctly. This really is quite a good app which I use all the time.

- Fantastic app with a single flaw

Scanner Pro is sincerely one of the more useful apps I’ve installed on my iPhone. The image distortion repair works fantastically and the OCR is surprisingly accurate, doubly so considering it’s a mobile device app. The one change I would make (and the reason for four stars instead of five) has less to do with the app itself than with the scanning service: it offers no fax receipt confirmation. Just throw your $.99 and document into the wind and hope it makes it to its intended destination. Aside from that, it has definitely been money well spent.

- Absolute must have

This app is so handy. The quality and ease of use is amazing. Of course no automatic feeder but it does automatically scan the doc quickly and continues as you hover over new pages. I highly recommend when doing documents to edit it and use either “color document” or “black and white document”. The scanned images are always better than my multifunction and almost as good as my Fujitsu’s dedicated scanner (not portable!). But nothing can touch this app when you are ON THE GO!

- Restored to functionality

This was a favorite app which worked great on my I-phone until an update destroyed it’s functionality. The developers did respond to the original review which I posted. Subsequent updates remedied the problems and my opinion of this app has been restored to it’s original approval rating. I still believe that there is room for improvement but overall, this is a very good app. UPDATE: Now every time I use this app, it asks for a review. I have rated and reviewed this app already as stated above. The continual requests for review have continued. Sorry but you lost one of the stars that I gave you back in my last review.

- Crashes and Detects Text Poorly

I bought this app to use on an iPad Pro and I have been universally unimpressed. I love Readdle’s Spark and PDF Expert, but when I downloaded this app the first time, its detection of text was extremely poor and did not see underlined text correctly. The pictures of my document were taken in excellent light against a dark background and I had written them in Times New Roman size 12 font, but the scanner translated the text incorrectly any time that any formatting existed at all. In addition when I had reset my iPad for another reason and re-downloaded the app, it didn’t download the English language detection package and now crashes whenever I open it with an internet connection. Totally useless and a waste of my money.

- Great As Book Scanner

I spent hours and hours wasted so much time trying to scan my school books to use on my iPad, using the library, holding down pages, transfer to laptop, edit them in different software, adjust coloring, correct cropping, and all the results were the same: trash lol. I finally thought let me check the App Store. Thank God I found this. Worth it. 3.99 and gets the job doooooooooooone. Scanning and adjusting is a breeeeeeeeze. You guys deserve an award for sparing me of hours of frustration. Award! AWARD! Thank youuuuuu!

- Best product!

I do genealogy. And this product is wonderful! Previously when speaking with relatives or persons of interest and I asked if I might borrow a letter to make a copy or remove a photo from a frame, (after they caught their composure ... how dare I ask such a thing). The answer was a resounding NO! With this app, it’s not a problem. I don’t even need them to remove it from the wall. I am then able to make edits and print on my photo paper. Or place notes and documents in corresponding files. It’s a wonderful product.

- Exceptional scanner app

I use this app for all of my business trips (every week) ease of use and quality of the scan is excellent. I especially like the black & white document option in Edit. Cleans up picture flaws 99% of the time. Looks like a real scanned document. Email option is also flawless. Easy to put multiple pages in the same scan. Great for faxing as well, free would be nice since I paid for the App and use my network or wireless. Highly recommend this app.

- Love This App

I’ve used this app for years. It’s an awesome product that helps me keep track of receipts and such. Yes - I should have reviewed years ago! 10 stars! I’m writing the review now to thank the developers for updating the app to work with iOS 12 betas. I’ve got the beta on my iPad and this app didn’t work with it. I was dealing because I have the app on my iOS 11 phone and also because ... beta! But the developers updated it - for a beta! How cool is that?! So, now I’m happily continuing to use this app on both my iDevices. Thanks.

- Great for iPhone & Business

It takes care of filing loose paperwork and sends copies to Dropbox and keeps a copy on your iPhone. You can even file in separate folders. I file by date because I can usually remember when I received the documents. I’m a CPA and copies are not as important anymore, but you should have easy access to things you need to be a productive member of a team, your clients, and your bottom line. Enough said, it’s a gem! Download it now and make your life so much easier!

- Needs update

I used to love this app. It used to be very convenient and usually worked wonderfully until the past couple of months. It’s been two months now that I’ve been experiencing many many issues. What’s worse is that I reported this one month ago and yet the issues continue to persist. Even though an update was finally done two weeks, the same issues still continue. The screen keeps freezing up and constantly closes and kicks me out. My phone is always up to date, so I know my phone is not the issue. I really wish these issues would get taken care of before I decide to switch to another app.

- Best scanning app ever!

I absolutely love this app it takes great photos and copies of documents or photos. I took a picture of a photograph with my iPhone the picture was grainy. I scanned it with Scanner Pro an the picture was perfect and gorgeous of my niece and it’s using the same camera. I can scan a five page document save it attach it to an email and have it sent in a couple of minutes as opposed to many minutes using my printer/scanner and laptop computer. Love it. Thank you for a great app.

- Lived by the scan and fax functions through house refi

I got this app to scan and fax things back to the bank during a refi on my house and ended up living by this app for about 2 months. It has stayed on my devices since and is now my fax machine for pretty much everything and has been for the last year. The option for iCloud saves has also been a life saver many times. All you need is a good printer, this app and you can pretty much run a business LoL or refi a house in my case.

- Excellent product! Scanner Pro is the best!

I have tried out probably 10 or more scanner apps including the new iOS 11 Notes ability to scan. It works but it does a poor job at auto correcting for imperfections in the capture! Scanner Pro can take something barely legible and make a perfect PDF document of it in seconds! I find it easiest to use and get the best results! Go ahead and buy it! It will NOT disappoint! Which generally has been my experiences with all Readdle Products!

- Exceeded expectations

When my multipurpose Dell scanner printer died I thought I would give this a try. Usually I need to scan 2-3 times a week, we've found it a great tool. Love it, the Quality exceeded the vintage scanners previously used for documents and contracts. With PDF Color or B&W and the ability to save quickly to dropbox, now docs are saved too my notebook in my office. Really works great for scanning 15 pgs or less. Mobile, portable and quick, even as scanning docs in My car and emailing them rapidly.

- Not showing any of my files

Since September, most of my scanned files are not showing up. I contacted support and they asked me to update to the new version, which is horrible. All my files disappeared. On the start up page I was asked to enable iCloud which I did. Nothing seemed to happen. Then I went to settings to manually enable iCloud. Then it is stuck forever. Then I went to iCloud and found that each of my files was copied multiple times!!! What’s happening?

- Sending my Daughters Homework while on Vacation

This is such a fantastic product. Were having to keep up with my daughters assignments while we are on vacation; covering 7 subjects which means 10 documents at a minimum per day. Absolutely user friendly with the ability to scan all her homework into one PDF from our IPAD in this case. Looks like the developers were really thinking ahead on this one and got this product spot on. Sincerely grateful parents on vacation, -Mike and Tammy Lawson

- Must Have App

This has been a staple for my business for years now. I haven’t even tried some of the other options out there because this app leaves nothing to be desired for me. I scan receipts/documents/etc. directly to a folder on Google Drive and then file them in my Drive where I want them. The scanning is great and it fixes skewed documents really really well. I’ve recommended this app to many people who are all happy with it also. Keep up the great work!

- A must have tool

I have been using Scanner Pro for years and it is one of those apps which just gets better and better. I travel a great deal and this tool is a fantastic asset! Whenever I get a receipt I immediately scan it and within a minutes my bill is off to my office to be collated into my claim. Even if you have to provide the original versions of your receipts that is a great tool to quickly make a back up just in case you lose the originals.

- After 4 years of this product

Thanks guys for being there every step of the way. This app has been in my life for the past 4 years and it has been consistent and reliable. I can’t believe after 4 years, you guys are still updating and taking accountability for your product. This type of service is rare. I appreciate your dedication to the product. Whatever you release next, I am sold. Worth ever penny. I look forward to your next innovation. Thanks!

- Very good app, even for non-techies

I've been using Scanner Pro on an IPhone 6 for over a year now. I am constantly amazed at how well it extracts text from curved surfaces (like pill bottles or book pages) or at an angle. I am NOT super techie, but this app has been reasonably easy to use and plays well with my older phone (except for being a little slow at times, which is not a surprise). Here's a few things I use it for: upload bills, extract block quotes for papers, snap pictures of receipts.

- Scanner Pro Great app

This app simply works. Clear scans. Easy to forward etc Has saved my bacon with copies of easy to misplace receipts (taxi, subway, metro etc). That alone makes it worthwhile. Was able to markup or forward business related documents quickly which impressed clients and have resolved issues with billing and payments on the spot or in transit . If you are in business and especially travel and need to address document issues on the road ... get the lid app. Great app!

- Review of Scanner Pro Ap

Does so much, easily and perfectly. I love how it automatically cleans up the image. It’s easy to fix perspective or adjust contrast, or even switch from B&W to color after the fact if desired. Hard to believe the resulting scans were made with an Iphone. Images are sharp, crisp, and even has distortion correction! They get done quickly. Filing and retrieval of the scans are easy, intuitive, and quick. I use it all the time, don't know how I got by without it before!

- Almost great!

I love scanner pro... well almost! It’s great for making multiple page PDFs. So easy and convenient. My only issue is that I find it confusing switching between different modes, such as saved documents and scanner mode, and I can’t figure out when it will start a new document or add to an existing document. Despite these minor irritations it has really been so much easier than scanning with my copier. Great for scanning signed documents and sending them off. Just wish they would fix those design flaws!

- Great App & Great Support

I use this app primarily for scanning music and sharing it to my forScore app. I have to first share to Adobe Pro, then from there to forScore. Would be better if I could share directly to forScore. Still this is the best scanning app for the purpose I have found. Follow up: The developer responded directly to me with instructions on how to accomplish a direct share to forScore. “please open Scanner Pro - select the file needed > Share > Open In > select forScore”. This does exactly what I need. Great app and Great support.

- Stunning

Scanner Pro is brilliant. It integrates key parts of my iOS workflow. AND — now on iOS 11 its OCR (text recognition) function is second to none. Like most OCR, it's not 100% perfect. (I don't think there is an OCR app that can recognize 100% without fail.) But, when I compare it to apps that claim to specialize in OCR—and just get back mostly swiss cheese from them—I am so thankful and appreciative for Scanner Pro. It seems, in my informal observation, about 96-98% accurate on a regular basis, from clear and well lit photos of printed material. Wow.

- Most valuable app

I love this app, syncs with Dropbox, I email directly from it. I use it for everything, and every day. At the end of each lecture, I scan my notes, it auto uploads to Dropbox and post to Moodle for my students. Takes less than 5 minutes. I no longer save every piece of my children’s artwork that they “must” save, scan as pdf. Takes up less space. I recommend to ALL people I know. I even scan music and then use my iPad to play said music. Win.

- Great App for scanning

I’ve been using this app for years! It is reliable and fast to use (for multiple sheets) and doesn’t leave a watermark (because I’ve paid for the app). I also love how easy it is to upload docs to my Dropbox folder. The only issue is that it has been saying “upload pending” whenever I open it when it’s not true—all my scanned documents have uploaded. Just a minor glitch that doesn’t affect the functionality of the app.

- Great, use it every day!

The scans are excellent quality. Easy to use application. Great organizational tools. My only criticism stems from the fact that I use the application all the time. I wish I could see the scans in the Apple file application or the Readdle Documents application. Then I could transfer all of the folders to external storage such as a lightning capable USB drive for backup. The only way to backup my scans now is to transfer them one at a time through the share process.

- Used to work

This was a fantastic app, took great pictures, trimmed them intuitively, good detail, and was very easy to email scans or send them to my Dropbox. People at work were always surprised at the quality of the scans, just as good as the xerox! However this app has not worked at all on my iPhone 6s is about a month. It will no longer snap a picture automatically and locks up if take the picture manually. Luckily still works in my iPad so I’ll have to resort to using the iPad as opposed to finding another scanner app. I’ve rebooted and removed and reinstalled the app with no resolution. I assume they’ll get around the fixing this versions bug someday.

- Maybe the best app I own

I’m not even sure I paid for this app. It might have been free because of a promotion. But it’s been my most consistently used app over the last 5 or so years. It’s so easy to scan every possible document you may think you need and organize it on whatever cloud service you use. It’s saved my bacon multiple times. There are a lot of scanning apps and most are very good. But this is the one I picked and I have zero problems with it.

- Updated review - app fixed!

I must acknowledge the developers' quick response to recent negative feedback or complaints after a recent update. I had the same issues as others did (app freezing or never processing documents). I got the new update tonight and it now seems to be the app I remembered and liked. I only used the flashlight vs. flash once, but it seemed to work well. But my scan processed very quickly and accurately. I’m pleased to have a great app back and pleased that the developers listened and responded quickly. 👍🏻

- Awesome

Get this app. It does everything it says and without issue. It seems lately that I’ve run across a lot of apps and IT related services that seem to promise much more than they can deliver, and in that world the scanner pro app is an exception. A simple concept, executed flawlessly each time. It’s elegant beauty is its simplicity. These app developers should be lauded for creating this app. One of my most used and favorite apps. Thank you developers for bringing a small amount of app joy to my life.

- My Best $ spend in App Store!

Man, this app really works! This is NOT a cheap sub over traditional flat bed scanner, instead this is way better killer app if all what you need is to scan a utility bill or some paper work prepare for a loan application. It work way faster than my Epson 24xx professional scanner, way less number of clicks required. Easy to use, save my time and save my table space. All I need is a slickly pad to help me hold 1 piece of paper on my white wall, 1 page at a time. Best rate to this app!

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Zane Revai

Scanner Pro helps me to scan documents into PDF or JPEG. It’s even got OCR Text Recognition Too!!! Great 👍🏻 App To Scan and Email/Fax Paper Documents Via Your iPhones 📱 Camera 📸!!! ⁦@ScannerPro⁩ You’ve Been My Goto App For All My Digital Records!!!

Big Gay Techie

@Readdle I’m so confused: why do my scans from Scanner Pro go in an iCloud folder called PDF Expert, but my files from PDF Expert go in an iCloud folder called Documents by Readdle which is also shared by the Documents app? 🤨🥴

Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner App 8.0.3 Screenshots & Images

Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner App iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner App iphone images
Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner App iphone images
Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner App iphone images
Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner App iphone images
Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner App iphone images
Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner App iphone images
Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner App iphone images
Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner App iphone images
Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner App iphone images
Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner App iphone images

Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner App (Version 8.0.3) Install & Download

The applications Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner App was published in the category Business on 2009-10-09 and was developed by Readdle Inc. [Developer ID: 285035419]. This application file size is 161.15 MB. Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner App - Business app posted on 2020-12-23 current version is 8.0.3 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.readdle.Scanner

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