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Get the ultimate TV companion with TV Guide’s official app! It makes TV simple again with the best listings grid ever. You can watch full episodes and videos and get exclusive news anywhere, anytime. There are now more ways to discover what to watch with the app’s personalized all-new home screen.

TV Guide’s Highlights and Features:
- New Home Screen – discover what to watch based on what’s trending, your favorites and editors’ picks
- Optimized for iOS 13 – easily find news about your favorite shows by using Spotlight search
- Watchlist – a personalized TV guide where users can add their favorite shows, sports teams, movies, and celebrities and find out where, when and how to watch
- Full Episodes – watch full episodes and movies on-the-go anytime, anywhere - with options from Hulu, ABC, CBS, HBO Go, MAX Go, Crackle, iTunes and more
- Trending Tonight – an up-to-the-minute view of the night’s top shows determined by TV Guide users
- TV Listings - use the detailed TV listings grid with the ability to:
-- Set up alerts so you’ll never miss another live airing
-- Add shows to your Watchlist
-- View your favorite channels
-- Share what you’re watching with friends on social
- Exclusive content - get the latest breaking news and photos, watch exclusive videos and read episode recaps
- New Tonight - find out what time and channel shows are on and access quick episode summaries
- TV Guide’s app is optimized for iOS 9.0 and above

See what other TV Guide users are saying…

• “Easier to operate than any other! Thank you TV Guide” – Bill Z86

• “I can’t tell you how many times a day I check this app. Love it!” – Mishael S

• “I’ve used this app for many years and it just keeps getting better – more user friendly.” –F-nmi-J
• “TV guide is perfect...period!” – KKp6
• “I love this app, especially the Watchlist feature because I get emails reminding me of my favorite shows.” – Vast I

Download the app that USA Today called “invaluable” and TIME Magazine listed as one of “50 Must-Have Apps.” Also featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times,, Reuters, CNET, Fast Company, TechCrunch, and more.

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TV Guide Mobile App Description & Overview

The applications TV Guide Mobile was published in the category Entertainment on 2009-10-12 and was developed by CBS Interactive. This application file size is 93.68 MB. TV Guide Mobile current version is 5.1.25 and works well on IOS 9.1 and high versions.

Hey fam, thanks for your patience. A lot has been updated this time, including a bug which caused unexpected exits when you attempted to filter listings. Plus we improved video so that full-screen view works as intended, and you can now sign in using Facebook or email without any pesky issues. Now: what're we gonna watch next?

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TV Guide Mobile Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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jARTful23   1 star

Quit working can’t sign in. So frustrated with this app which used to work very well. Now I can’t sign in, can’t reset my password....caught in a useless circle of nothing working. Giving up.

Poochie "T"   5 star

Love Tv Guide!. No more guessing & easy to use!

Jason_Ky   1 star

Awful. Can no longer sign in. Just horrible

thezman1   1 star

What happened. Used to work fine. Having trouble signing in so I dumped the app and reinstalled it. Latest update said sign in problems have been fixed but I still can’t sign in to my account. When I click the reset password link it take me right back to the account page where I can’t sign in. I call it the circle of dissapointment.

App aficianado   1 star

Fine until...... This was an absolutely perfect TV a Guide app, all the info I could want, the ability to set up a watchlist and alerts, customize channels..... then you upgraded it and it won’t ever allow me to log in.

Tgdhihd   1 star

Malfunctioning. It deleted all of my favorites and now I can’t login to my account👿👿👿🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

Happenstance1   4 star

Malfunctioning. Worked great until today when it started deleting channels. After several attempts to add them back and watching them delete themselves one at a time I deleted the app and reinstalled it. No improvement. Now I cant sign in and receive an Error message. Tried the app support in the app store and get the same Error. Tried on the computer and get the same Error message. Apple can’t help and said to contact TV guide. I need my app fixed! BTW... the tv guide apps on my computer get the same Error message when trying to loadTV guide. mcdougall399 at yahoo dot com Thanks Addendum: tried again a few hours later and now it seems to be working fine. Thank you!

Flept   5 star

Update bug. Details will not load after the last update. Please correct this. Edit: details are now loading, thanks.

Hepplthwaith   4 star

Disappeared!. This has been my go to for many years. Some on and off problems. But now my favorite have disappeared. Tried to set again but as I scroll back up they have self erased?? Help‼️

dixeyland11   1 star

Favorite setting doesn’t work!. Someone or something is erasing my favorites!

JerseyJane51   1 star

Latest update lost my favorites. I can’t even get the app to change my favorites at this point. What happened?

Lesinmorrisnj   1 star

I DON’T recommend this app for the following reasons.. I’ve use this app for several years and took quite a bit of time to Configure it to my service provider. I have occasionally had a problem logging in but it always corrected itself until today. Today I tried logging in almost a dozen times in several locations unsuccessfully. Always receiving an unknown error. I then tried to change my password. I was sent to white window with no information on it, several times. So I decided to send an email by contacting support. So far no reply. So out of pure desperation I went back to Apple’s site, then went to the app and I choose to click on developers website button. This is the message I got repeatedly on in a browser window: “Internal Server Error - Read The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your Reference #3.90243017.1573242281.46fec7c” It seems to me that all TV Guide wants to maintain their publication and not to have anybody maintain their application for iPhone. Very tired and frustrated user

aunt6   2 star

Loading slow. Takes forever for programs to load

Sarenaty   1 star

Some of the time it works. When I first stated using this app it worked really great. Now it works now and then. What is on tonight? blank. More often than not the screen is blank. For awhile it started working again but now it will not let me sign in so once again it is useless as a pay toilet in a diarrhea ward. Garbage

echeg5   2 star

TV guide is down on both iPad and Android as Nov, 08, 2019.. I'm not sure, but it seems like an update went wrong. Please fix this issue, thank you.

Wvdrtypgd   2 star

Great WHEN it works!. My favorite channel list disappeared AGAIN.

Eppy 75   1 star

Not working. When I choose myself favorites they disappear one by one and leave me with no listings. Please fix this problem

oldandgray62   1 star

What a mess. Keeps telling me I don’t have any favorite channels and then after I set them up it only lists about 25% of them.....won’t show many channels at all.....and the times are off due I suppose to DST. Finally just deleted it and found another app that actually works...imagine that.

joesguide   1 star

Fix it. The details do not load

Solitary'man   3 star

Won’t cancel. Alerts won’t cancel when you don’t want A particular show anymore.

Damit!!   5 star

Just upgraded. I upgraded TV Guide, it doesn't work at all, everything is jumbled. Worthless upgrade it is. Never had trouble with it before ... * * TV Guide works Great.. Thank You So Much.. it’s awesome to read what is on each channel 👍🏼🤗

No nicknmame 123   2 star

App keeps crashing. Used to like the app, but recently it has been crashing a few seconds after opening. Very annoying. Update - received a message asking me to update to the latest version to see if that solved the problem. It did NOT help! In the news feed, when reading an article, app just crashes and closes. And in the news feed, when scrolling through the articles, the feed jumps back and forth. It shifts the feed up and down to the point you just can’t read the article headlines.

Guairdean   1 star

No longer usable. The listing format is jumbled. I sent a message to the developers, but there’s been no response.

Stewartlittle16   3 star

Does not remind. Idk about other ppl but this app will remind me of a show or movie coming on and other times it doesn’t. I set reminders on the app to let me know when my favorites come on but it will not send a notification to my phone. And sometimes I look through my favorites list to see if any of them are coming on and it will say “no listing for the next 14 days”. But I flip through the channels later the same day and most of my favorites are on. Then I go back to the app then all of a sudden it has listings now! I would really appreciate you guys fixing this issue because it’s so convent I’m just tired of missing my shows!

Sandy Surface   1 star

Who can’t read?. I’ve “unsubscribed” AT LEAST 10 times. ‘They’ say it might take up to 24 hours. More like 24+ days. TV guide isn’t pertinent to me and I don’t want the emails. The app isn’t even on my home screen anymore. What’s up with this?

lonewolfbear   4 star

Nice app except for annoying pop up ad. Above title is an update to lonewolfbear’s review of 10/23/19

KatBeck   5 star

Unviewable. Update: Very prompt action in correcting the app! update makes screens totally unreadable. All grids on listings, news, etc. are squashed to a line or two.

Tech queen5   1 star

Horrible video ads and pop ups. Time to update my review: The number of ads is still ridiculous. The video ads have stopped, but now there are flashing blinking ads in between the listings AND ads inside the listing when I’m trying to read a a show’s description. The amount of ads have increased to the point of ridiculousness. A few I can understand but not this many and not this obnoxious. Time to dump this app. The horrible video ads that I can’t stop for a full 30 seconds are the last straw. The pop up ads are bad enough as are the many glitches in the app, but now this app just isn’t worth using. All I I want is to see a show’s info quickly and I shouldn’t be made to watch a 30 second video or wait to close a pop up ad. May times the listings are wrong or totally blank. Time to dump this app.

frugalgigi   5 star

Good. Quick and easy to use

Alkiq   1 star

Why?!. The last update made it worse.

Advertorial    5 star

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Djp519a   4 star

Latest update works great!. Thank you for your TechSupport email. The latest update has resolved the video issues. Great App for my needs.

•Nile•   4 star

Good app, but... The TV guide listings for E! channel is the US schedule, not the CDN schedule, please update, thank you.

Kirby Light   1 star

Garbage app. Ad covers screen and does not allow you to click the x. Left it open for 5 minutes and no change other then it loaded another ad. Garbage, do not waste your time installing.

JJguy88man   1 star

Far too many ads, and now I have to share my facebook data?. No thanks, turning into spyware if it isnt already. Deleted it.

MichaelVS   1 star

Useless for OTA. UPDATE (7 October 2019): Still no Over the Air channels. Deleted again. I live in Toronto and OTA channels are inexistent. Garbage. Deleted.

Smiler 4483   4 star

Was working great until the OS13 update. I can no longer get to the options in the top left corner. As soon as I tap it, it throws me out of the app. Please fix ASAP. I really like this app otherwise.

oggie 999   5 star

TV Guide settings don’t work in IOS 13. App crashes when accessing settings

Peg_3   4 star

Great App. I really like this app. Would have given 5 stars; However there are way too many adds.

AGuyMakingThisReview   3 star

Good app bad ads. PLEASE make a paid version without ads, would be a great app if I could remove them somehow, still very handy regardless So 3/5 overall

Bobcat 11   2 star

Does not carry my satellite service provider Telus.. I'll start by saying I am blind. This means that I use adaptive assistive technology to read things to me. Unfortunately, this app doesn't work very well with The built in screen reader voiceover on iOS. Most elements are red out but they are red in such a way that it takes me forever to go through the listings and find what I want. This is a feature request. Since I am blind, it would be nice to have indication if a show has descriptive video service or described video for the blind.

Writing fool   3 star

MW. Love it for content 5 stars, very annoying because of the many many ads...they pop up each time I check the schedule.

smknmhvy   1 star

OVER THE AIR. Does not show Over The Air channels as a provider.

Nadiuccia7   1 star

Ms N. It’s ok not great. I’ve tried twice to unsubscribe from emails and I keep getting them.

Ddossett   4 star

Good enough for me. For what I need it does the job. I was using another app (ONTV) but that became slow and eventually stopped working.

Jimbo north   1 star

Was good. In spite of all the intrusive advertising, the app WAS a good resource. For some reason my provider (one of the biggest) is not included. App is essentially useless now!

Nicolesegal   2 star

PBS CHANNEL Disappeared from listings !. A week ago PBS was in the listings but all of a sudden it disappeared (:-( x#x Rachel

App Programmer   1 star

Useless until favourite feature is fixed.. All though it has an option to choose your favourite channels so you don’t have to see all 999 channels available, the feature does not work and you can’t actually select any channels to add as favourites. Without this feature, you have to scroll through 999 channels too see what’s on. By the time you’re done, the show is over.

dwsgrant   1 star

Where is Rogers?. Your listings for Barrie/Orillia do not show a Rogers provider. WHY?

Ohhfishsticks   1 star

Too many fullscreen ads. It’s one thing to have a banner ads at the bottom of the page and little ads in the middle of the listings but when you first open it up and you get this big full page ad it’s really annoying and rude.

Looking for honest software   5 star

No support. You contact for support. Get a nice email. Never hear from them again. It’s worth what I paid. Nothing. And now, they want a rating.

Boonr62   1 star

Troubles. Latest version won't open on my device.

19SND61   1 star

Disappointed.. Used to be good, now video and pop adds have infested the app every time I open it up. It has become an absolute nuisance to use and I will now delete.

B in Ott   1 star

Good app, crippled by horrid ads. The app itself provides the TV listings as specified (though it’s not intuitive to setup) and detailed information about shows, e.g., episode lists. Small nit - the app doesn’t open to the tab selected in options. It always opens to the listings tab. Not a biggie. Major Annoyance - the full page ads. Every. Single. Time. Even when you send the app to the background and bring it back. The ads are intrusive and those with sound are a nightmare. I hardly use this app anymore because of this. Update: New update. Nothing changed. Time to delete. Pity, this used to be a very good app.

Raerae54   1 star

Used to be good. Used to have “what’s new tonight” and now it has 30 second ads.

MBW73   1 star

Garbage. I’ve used this app for years. Lately there are video ads every time it opens. It is now unusable and garbage. Years of use and now I’ve happily deleted it.

willy 430   1 star

Useless. The emergence of short term pop up ads make this app useless and pointless. What a waste?

Workside   1 star

Annoying ads. Far too many ads. Now the video ads are very annoying. I am searching for a less offensive app

old-school75   2 star

Ad pop ups are too much. I was fine with ads between the channels but this recent change is making me rethink using this app.

braindeadapp   1 star

Garbage APP. Pop up ads are overwhelming. I would be willing to pay to remove all ads.

S to the P to the G   1 star

If you like ads, get this app. Now getting 15 seconds video ads when launching the app. If the ad is longer than the time I’m using the app, it’s a no go. Look elsewhere.

Advertorial    5 star

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uuytefiyeg   1 star

I hate updates!. As with most updates, this one wrecks everything. Makes you log back in and you lose all your favorites 🤦‍♂️

WisdomSeed   4 star

Great service. I wish it would auto-locate like weather apps do. It’s challenging to use in hotels which don’t have published channel line ups. There are what feels like an inordinate amount of ads, but it’s a free app so we can take some ads. It could do a better job of determining what is ‘new’. I like Friends, but none of the episodes are *new*. Also it would be nice if there were tags for streaming, and lesser known streaming apps.

loukyboy   3 star

Sometimes A Problem!. Sometimes my favorite channels won’t load and I have to go in and reset them, which is a hassle. Secondly, the TV guide critic needs to lighten up on the’re taking the job way too seriously! Also, I detect a “left leaning” attitude going on there sometimes, which is totally uncool!

tautt   1 star

List of shows. The name of the shows that are scheduled to play are listed 3/4 typed on top of each other. Some channels shows are not readable.

PierreHome   2 star

House video interrupts listings. Since the last update a video of a house just starts showing itself in the middle of my viewing the schedule listing. I have to close the app to get it to go away.

Junk12   1 star

Not even worth 0 stars. Totally fouled up last update. So bad you can't even read the annoying ADS. Grid is unreadable. And I'm NOT getting a useless Facebook login just to use this piece of garbage. Maybe you should fire the ex Facebook programmers that made this useless update. I wish the iStore would let you rollback to old versions but then Apple probably doesn't make money. Why do people think iGarbage is so cool?

Scottytohottie   2 star

glitchestitches. App Review Customer to Developer;CBSinteractive TvGuide listing app again has glitches,Why haven’t you/company have my account”You All have my email”Please do Something”I rated 3,1/2 stars...If this app be updated,it Should be 5.0/5.1. My review,Should help Y’all CBSseller-the Seller of TvGuide app,Shouldn’t have problems because,Everytime I del I have to start anew from my account my email,it’s getting bored but I need Help”Please. Lol;Scott

im_stewie_griffin   1 star

No Thanks. This app is still terrible. “Authentication error” cant long in. Same problem on android.

JWS900   1 star

Grid lines. Now the grid lines and spacing is all scrambled on the listings screen. I can only assume it was released without testing on the various operating systems.

johniiiiiiiiiii   1 star

Should have minus stars. All I could get by way of information was invalid no information was provided which would give any indication of what information was required. For an app I rarely used due to multiple sources of the same information I would recommend using anything else to receive advertising you don’t want anyway.

oldroge   4 star

Choosy. Hi Today, we must organize life. No different than any other day. So, what time is our team playing ball? Now, we know and will work our schedule to help guarantee a bit of joy to go along with a goal to be successful in life. (Generally Successful fan)

Jeff from Portland   1 star

Deleted after years. Congratulations on your new password verification system, it locked me out and I’m not going to build a fake email for you just to see a fairly clunky site. I will miss the movie reviews you so cleverly hide behind the listings, some good stuff in there.

PeacefulLiving   5 star

App keeps closing. Needs some serious updating. This app keeps cutting out. Though I have used this app for quite some time, it has serious problems that needs fixing The developer has updated this app and now seems to be working much better. My initial response was typed quite fast since the app would only work for a short time, it would shut off and then I would have to begin again. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to type a response fast enough to the developer before this app would reset so the developer could know there was a problem to look into. Thanks for the update, this has been an excellent app and I look forward to using it for the foreseeable future.

Jesus will return soon!   1 star

App worked great until the update.. Much better app before this update. App worked great until the update. Now there's no tv program details.

Upset79viewer   2 star

Updated mess. Only half of the words are showing in the listings. The words are only half in the rectangles. I am very disappointed in the update.

conan 63   1 star

thanks a lot. as you know i have to resign up for this app butt cant remember my password and now i had to delete the dam thing, thanks a million...but i see you have good and bad reveiws and im willing to bet youll ignore the bad ones as long as theres good tells me to email my password and thats also useless so thanks for leaving me stranded to do the old fassion channel surfing and wait for the commercials are finally done just to see what channel im on..thanks genius for leaving me in a real bad way...

fitzyd   1 star

Horrible update. Can’t even log in after the security update. Can’t remember my password after all this time and the so-called password reminder feature only sends me back to where I started.

[]>|£   5 star

.. Nice

Baca stogs   1 star

Sign in. Now you have to sign in and it’s not a smooth process! I have a solution just delete this app and problem solved!

JL-Checker   1 star

Version 5.1.24 update causes rows in listing to overlap. After 5.1.24 app update for iPad, the rows in the Listing display overlap each other, also picking the Sport selection also the rows overlap. Deleted app and reinstall did not help.

PaulaBar   1 star

Missing Favorites. 10-25-19 After updating my rating from one star to five stars, I have reduced it again to one star. My favorites have now disappeared entirely; the check marks indicating my favorites have been removed. ***** Updated rating after bug was fixed with latest update. My favorite channels are now accessible. ***** I came here to see if anyone else was having issues where the listing of favorite channels is no longer accessible and see that I’m not alone. I checked my settings, and my favorites are still filtered to show up. I also discovered that, when I scroll through the “all channels” listing, none of my “favorite channels” are in the list. As others have suggested, I have only noticed this glitch since the latest iOS update.

Michael Rutherford   5 star

TV guide. It’s a very organizing app.

Abmacdee   1 star

Forced login is a non-starter. Dumping the app with the latest version. It requires a login with Farcebook or an email address. No way that’s gonna happen.

Crenellyfartz   1 star

Problem with the latest update.... I'm having a problem with version 5.1.24. On the schedule the horizontal lines of the schedule overlap each other so you can only see the bottom half of each line of the schedule. I thought it might have just been a problem with the update so I deleted the app then reinstalled the entire updated app again. Same problem. I am using an iPad 2 running iOS 9.3.5.

SJG94   1 star

Newest Update October 2019. I updated the iPad app and now everything is jumbled. Listings have shrunk, half of the titles are covered by the show's logo/title card. Basically, this app has become unusable. Please fix, I've had zero issues with this app up until now.

In_HTown   1 star

Update locked me out. Latest update won’t let me select new password. Email Link provided doesn’t send me to page to create new password, just sends me to sign in page. Big circular mess.

BlueMoon50   1 star

Not happy with latest update. It now requires me to sign in again but does not recognize my password and does not allow me to change it . Will be deleting and using another TV guide

kcroxd   1 star

About new update. I don't like this new update. It's not good at all!!

Marcia H1231   1 star

Terrible update. The latest update was not ready for prime time. The grid listings now overlap. These developers need to be fired.

Questgal17   3 star

App keeps closing. For the last two weeks the app keeps shutting down on me. I have done the update but it still keeps crashing

Solaweb   2 star

Way too many ads!. I wanted to see if this was a better app than OnTv. After downloading, I couldn’t believe all the ads, pop ups and non stop redirects to retailers and additional aps. The ap itself maybe be good but the wasted time in ads and redirects has put me off and it’s now deleted. Come on TV Guide, what were you thinking. Very disappointing.

BusyB's Mum   2 star

It would be great but the ads ruin it. Offer me a paid version without the ads. I'll pay for it and I'll give you 5 stars. Win win.

Screenstar   1 star

Endless ad loop. App has started looping through an ad. Doesn’t matter if you go to website or not

Fous rois   3 star

Erreur ch23. Ch 13 et 601 CBAFT Ch 23 et 654 CJBRT cH 515 et ch 602 CBAFT HD Il y a 4 canal à CBAFT il n’y a pas 6 CBAFT

RichardJN   3 star

Doe the task well. This is a solid app. Works well in Canada. Ads are very intrusive tho; would pay for an ad-free version. 3 stars because of all the ads; 4.5 stars for a future ad-free version.

Gbone.   3 star

Wish i knew. Works great but since last update you get a pop up ad every time you open the app thats hard to close. Shouldnt have updated. Wish i knew..

Politico-Girl   1 star

Recent updates added annoying ads!. I understand that ads are necessary but now you are prevented from using the app EVERY TIME you go on to something else and return! Even when you don't close the app. This is excessive!

scorpion18431   1 star

Canadian. Poor app. Interrupted with constant adds when click on closing they disappear and are back in next second. Hate this app. The ads come on and when you try to close up it won’t for a while when it finally disappears I am so upset that I check the TV guide on my TV.

sdt4944   4 star

Sports channels 21 and 22. Why are these never correct? Baseball doesn’t appear whenever I’m looking for it....grrrrr.

Namron2008   2 star

Downgraded. Used to be my go-to guide. But not anymore since the full page advertising screen made its appearance. Get the “TV Listings” App instead. Much better.

Flyboy'D'   2 star

Very annoying startup ads. It’s a great app, most of us understand the need for ads, however this app’s ads freeze and are just annoying the way they pop up. Should be offering an ad-free version.

Barbilly   3 star

Enough with the ads!. I really like the app, but the amount of ads is getting ridiculous. I find it so annoying, that I’m considering deleting the app. I’d rather buy it outright if that was an option.

Hunderpants   2 star

Canadian here. Works well. More and more ads. This is by far the best tv listing app. But the amount of advertising has increased, and the ads have become more and more intrusive. From banner ad within the listing and now pop-ups when the listing finishes loading. Why isn’t there a paid version without ads? The ads are ruining the app.

Very Hungry Catapillar   1 star

Grrr. I am not impressed with the last update!! The satellite provider I use is no longer available!!! I will be uninstalling this app

Carorose13   1 star

Not working after being updated. Yesterday, there was an update. Now, it is not working. Will try to remove and reload the app.

Skrappy_Braun   4 star

It works but.... Finally a TV Guide app that works in Canada... one annoying flaw I cannot stand though is under my watch list even though I have set my favourite channels or channels I have on my TV I am still seeing my favourite listed under watch list that I have blocked out... it’d be great if there was a fix to block out unwanted channels under watch list too

ThanosGrape   4 star

Sportsnet Ontario Glitch. I have Rogers and my Sportsnet Ontario (Ch. 22) always has the listing “Oilers Hockey” on it from 2:00 AM - 2:00 PM EVERY DAY!! When I go to Sportsnet Ontario on my TV, that is NEVER what’s actually on! PLEASE FIX

Scarborogal   3 star

Need more providers. I loved this app until I could no longer get Bell Fibe channels. Bell Satellite has different channels. This app is useless to me now.

LordZeke11   4 star

Nothing Amazing But Perfectly Functional. I recommend this app. It's a bit cluttered with features I don't want, but the features I do want are handled very well. Ignore all the old reviews saying it doesn't work in Canada, because it works perfectly in Canada now.

Boss moose lover   5 star

Convenient. I was looking to find the channels for hockey games. Works great.

Michelleth17   1 star

Absolutely useless and crappy customer service. I have emailed them five times and Facebook message them. Still have not got a reply I come on here to see if other people are having problems and they obviously are. Don't invent an app if you don't want to reply or fix when there's a problem with the app.

KitMarlow   4 star

Actually a good app. Not sure why this app has so many negative reviews? Works great even here in Canada. Not many bells and whistles but lets me know exactly what’s on TV.

I rate. This five stars   1 star

I don't like it. 1

Phantom_Phoenix   1 star

I LOVED this app, but.... Just crashing all the time now. I guess this is a here I look for a replacement. Goodbye TV Guide, you were great.

Misstang8   5 star

Great app!. Cut the cable and keep up to date on local channels scheduling!

writerforever   5 star

Incredible support team!!!!. Love this app, easy to use, and useful if you like to plan ahead. But I was flabbergasted by the support I got from "Alice" from the TvGuide Team. I had an issue with 2 inaccurate channel listings for my city and my specific provider. So I emailed them, and to almost my disbelief, not only did they answered back, but they corrected my problem. Thank you

CNS0802   3 star

Pretty Good. Gives an okay overview, but missing channels. There are three local channels that do not appear in the listings.

Fffnpa   4 star

Very good. Works for what I need it for

Marm_   3 star

Missing channel list reordering and light theme. Can you add the possibility to reorder favorite channels list? Also, the theme is quite dark. Can you add an iOS like theme? Otherwise, really good app! Probably the best tv guide on the store!

Moi272   2 star

Alerts don't work. The app says to register in the notification section of the phone settings but the app doesn't even figure in the list of apps that issue alerts ! So it is impossible to allow or block alerts for this app. Always need to move the tv programming to the correct time of day, it stays to the last move even if the app was closed.

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