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All around the world, The Secret has helped millions of people to live the life of their dreams. In their personal health, careers, money, relationships - in every aspect of their lives - millions of people have transformed their lives by using the timeless principles unlocked by Rhonda Byrne in the wildly successful film and book, “The Secret”.

More recently from The Secret have come The Secret Daily Calendar and The Secret Daily Teachings, incorporating more insights for every day and building magnificently on The Secret’s powerful truths. Now, these compelling messages – personally created by Rhonda Byrne to give you new clarity, understanding and wisdom every day – are available for the first time direct on your iPhone.

You can now carry The Secret’s wisest, most compelling teachings with you wherever you go, and access them whenever you like! The Secret Daily Teachings for iPhone application takes the printed edition into another stratosphere, enabling you to read the Secret Daily Teachings on the go, and live The Secret 24/7, 365 days a year.

And as well as having your own personal mobile access to this treasury of wisdom and inspiration, you can even schedule the time you’d like to be reminded to access your Secret Daily Teaching. Or, for even more synchronicity, schedule a random alert within your own nominated time frames, and watch as The Secret delivers the perfect message you need in your day, at exactly the time you need it! The Secret Daily Teachings App puts The Secret right in the palm of your hand, to inspire and guide you wherever you are. You’ll never miss a day of the life-changing knowledge “The Secret” has unlocked for humankind!

You’ll have 365 days of inspirational teachings right there on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can even bookmark and share your favorite passages.

The Secret Daily Teachings for iPhone – your understanding of the The Secret is about to expand exponentially! You will truly become the creator of your life.

**Please note: Your Daily Teachings never expire. When you reach the end of the 365 day calendar, they return to day one for you to enjoy your teachings again. You can also add more Daily Teachings Messages if you choose. Your journey never ends! **

*** Please note: If you have just started experiencing problems launching The Secret Daily Teachings app, we recommend you update your device to iOS 9.3 or later to overcome this issue. ***

Daily Teachings App Description & Overview

The applications Daily Teachings was published in the category Lifestyle on 2009-10-28 and was developed by Creste LLC. The file size is 19.36 MB. The current version is 1.7.3 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

- Fixed bug so previous purchases can now be restored
- Fixed issue with app showing localisations that are not available
- Fixed bug causing the badge number to persist on the app icon even after a notification has been read

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Daily Teachings Reviews

B. lious

Love  B. lious  5 star

It reminds me of what I need to be doing.. had the book people kept taking it.. now this is perfect

Poshya Barakat-Devine

Great app  Poshya Barakat-Devine  5 star

Great inspirational app!!!

Loves to Live

This keeps $ always on your mind  Loves to Live  5 star

Since getting this app I have a whole new view of money. It's healthier and it has produced money for me in ways that I never thought possible. The daily reminders are exactly what I needed to keep my mind on money. I love this app!


Daily Teachings from The Secret  blobdablob  5 star

A great way to start the day... inspirational...positive... guiding


Very Calming  Opie2740  5 star

The idea of the secret is very special to me. With the daily posting I am always able to review and refresh my thinking



Your thoughts. Your thinking. You are what you EAT!

Ashly smashly Riddle

A must!  Ashly smashly Riddle  5 star

Everyone needs this in their life! Love the app! Worth every penny 💜


Awesome app  Mom4kmkc  5 star

Love that I can get my little pieces and tidbits of The Secret whenever I need a pick me up! App is simple but great to use and always works well and quickly!


Nice and simple  Ivyem  3 star

I like this app. Wish there was more of an interaction for the price. Yet the information is good and for that I am grateful


Spiritual intelligence is key to success!  Doodoodindin  5 star

Following these teachings have changed my life and put me in the path for success!


Wonderful  snowflake2258  5 star

Love this app it keeps me in the law of attraction mindset.


Everyone needs this app!  Yally-P  5 star

Love this app!! Daily reminder to Feel Good


Love this App!  gizakissmusic  5 star

Such wonderful life teachings 😊


Daily Morning Ritual  cusstigen  5 star

Every day as soon as I awake I stop my beautiful soft harp alarm, pick up my iPhone and open my "Secret To Money App" and read the next "Daily Inspiration" then I go through the "Affirmations", then I open my "Secret Teachings App" to read that days teaching. When you fully understand the true power of the Secret and how it can be used to create for yourself a wonderful life by being aware of and controlling what you Focus on and feeling deep Gratitude for all that's great in your life, there is no better way to start your day from the moment you open your eyes and realize a new day has begun. I am Eternally grateful for the knowledge I have received from the gift of the Secret, thank you Rhonda Byrne


Thank you  Cheeyah  5 star

This app is so good in reminding you how to be thankful and change the way you think to attract good things.

LJD music singing

Love it!  LJD music singing  5 star

Great app, love the reminders. Love the teachings. Highly recommended


The Secret is out!  Apasih  5 star

Start your day with some of the best ideas and advice you can get your mind on. It just sets you up for an awesome day everyday.


Love it ❤️  Graz8  5 star

Excellent , like reading everyday


Love the daily inspiration  Shaz019  5 star

Fabulous reminders to stay positive and look forward to every moment


Awesome App  Celza1970  5 star

Absolutely love the daily inspiration and message that we can all apply in our lives. Much gratitude for creating it. Also The Secret movie is life changing so if you haven't watched it or it's been years since you watched then defo watch it:-)


Weylen Chinen weylenchinen 3 star

"Every thought of yours is a real thing - a force." -PRENTICE MULFORD (1834-1891) The Secret: Daily Teachings


MotherFatherGod MotherFatherGod 3 star

#Daily Teachings of the Masters ~ ​Tuesday, November 21, 2017 LOVE US @mewe.com/join/lovehaswon


Robert w Carey Akkster58 3 star

There is no path to truth | Daily Quotes Archive - J. Krishnamurti Online


Just what I Need  Kellyannebxx  5 star

I don't really listen to people if they tell me to think positive as instinctively I find it corny. This app is a great way for me to re-wire my brain into being positive. I'd be lost with out it now. It's truly helping me change my mind set for the better!

Mighty pleased

Excellent companion  Mighty pleased  5 star

Just thankful for this daily companion. It's fun to grab the phone and anchor myself in beautiful teachings and affirmations


Great app  Robertpv1  5 star

Get it and keep an open mind


Accessible  Gigi319  4 star

It's always available and easy to use.

Jamie Matovu

Worth it  Jamie Matovu  5 star

So motivating and helps you better your life


Really good 😊  AngelaCasasV  5 star

Thank you!

Dan Toomey

The Secret give me hope  Dan Toomey  5 star

Sometimes I'm feeling down and out either about a relationship or my job or anything and I read the secret and it makes feel better and gives me inspiration to keep trucking along. Thanks!


Life changing  Haddis  5 star

Everyone can have everything they want with a balance of unwavering belief and unending gratitude. There is enough of everything for everyone.


Inspiration  Gnattles  5 star

This app reinforces the things we all already know and is such a lovely, daily reminder of the positivity we all need to channel. 💫


Love The Secret  mrt1423  5 star

This app is great. It is visually appealing and the content is motivational. Glad that I bought it.

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