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Karaoke Anywhere is the world's first and only fully featured iPhone karaoke application with a library of thosands of songs! Karaoke Anywhere gives you the full experience of karaoke without requiring expensive equipment or going to a crowded karaoke bar. You now have the world's largest karaoke song book at your fingertips!



- Playlists - Put together the perfect setlist and entertain the masses!

- TV Output - iPhone screen not big enough for your karaoke party? Output to your television with a standard audio / video cable!

- Key changing functionality - Alter the key for playback to fit your vocal range.

- Record, mix and share your performances in iTunes compatible format for later playback. Share to Twitter and Facebook directly from the application!

- Full headphone monitoring during audio playback with optional REVERB and ECHO vocal FX.

- Subscribe to Karaoke Anywhere PLUS for access to over 5,000 streaming songs for a low monthly fee.

- Purchase individual songs from our library of over 40,000 tracks from the Digital Download Store.

- Join the community of Karaoke Anywhere users and vote songs up or down. May the best song win!

- Bulk import / export songs (MP3+G) and performances via iTunes File Sharing for backup and playback .


Host your own karaoke party right from your iPhone. With over 10,000 songs to choose from with a Karaoke Anywhere PLUS subscription, there's something for everyone.


Karaoke Anywhere uses the MP3+G ZIP format, the standard file format used by most karaoke DJs, to display the song's lyrics and graphics in sync with MP3 quality music. Now you can store and play your karaoke songs directly on your iPhone.


You can record your performances for playback at a later time. Use vocal FX to enhance your voice and mix your vocals in realtime. Share to your Twitter or Facebook friends instantly!


Karaoke Anywhere allows you to import your own MP3+G ZIP files to the application and play them as you would on any other karaoke system. Simply upload your files directly from your computer to your iPhone via iTunes File Sharing.


Already a Karaoke Anywhere user? All of your purchases are available for download into Karaoke Anywhere via JoltSoft Connect.


* Subscription to our Karaoke Anywhere PLUS Platinum service is optional.

* Your monthly subscription includes UNLIMITED access to the streaming content for thirty days.

* If you choose to subscribe, your iTunes Account will be automatically billed $9.99 USD monthly.

* Subscriptions automatically renew. To disable auto-renew, visit your iTunes Account Settings prior to 24-hours before the end of your monthly period.

* As with all iTunes managed subscription services, no cancellation of your current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period.

Bottom line: You will be automatically billed monthly to your iTunes account, and you can cancel the auto-renew at any time. No surprises here! If you have any questions please contact [email protected]


- Much like your local karaoke DJ, Karaoke Anywhere supports only MP3+G ZIP files. .KAR and other low quality formats are not supported.

- We recommend a Wi-Fi connection when streaming karaoke songs with the Karaoke Anywhere PLUS service.

Digital downloads provided by TriceraSoft.

Karaoke Anywhere App Description & Overview

The applications Karaoke Anywhere was published in the category Music on 2009-10-07 and was developed by JoltSoft LLC. The file size is 7.62 MB. The current version is 6.0.4 and works well on 5.0 and high ios versions.

- Fix for player clicks / pops / static
- More accurate playback for karaoke files

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Karaoke Anywhere Reviews

Better aps!!!

Used to Love It!  Better aps!!!  1 star

Super Fun! Super Easy! Great Recording!!! BUT NO WAY TO SHARE LISTEN TO ONLINE NOT WORKING!!!


Best Karaoke App for Me.  cecljrg  4 star

Even the developers kinda abandoned this app without updates since 2013, still works perfectly for me. The reason is because I don't use subscriptions, I use my own Karaoke files and there is no other app that can let you do that. Is the Perfect Old Fashion Way to Play Karaokes.


Complete ripoff  VinnyCarpenter  1 star

Please don't waste your money. This app is complete garbage. We purchased it because of the Singtrix connection but the app is totally worthless.

gee mcreader

Expensive  gee mcreader  2 star

You have to pay to keep up with your subscription in order to stream music and you have to pay additional to be able to download songs. It is however a nice app albeit expensive.

Hannah 1824939

Crappy  Hannah 1824939  1 star

This app fails to mention that even though you paid for the app you can't really do anything with it or play any karaoke unless you also pay a monthly fee.


Free songs gone & no blue tooth interface  Jammon41  1 star

I have been a paying customer for years and suddenly the streaming song database is smaller. Songs I use to have for free are now in the pay. Never did address the bluetooth accessibility which is standard with all music related apps and not something special. Will be canceling my sis subscription @ this point. Good luck!


They messed with a good thing  Leslieamanda1  2 star

I used to love this app. I've been paying 10 bucks a month for over a year for a membership subscription that used to get me access to a huge database of songs. Now they've taken away and locked a huge number of songs that used to be included in the price and they want you to pay additional. I'm going to cancel my subscription if they're going to keep taking away things that used to be included in the price.


Worthless!  MikeBon24  1 star

Worst app ever! I want my $2 back! Just worthless


This is not a good app  Sirgry  1 star

On my last update of my osi I lost all my songs and I'm not able to reload them . My point is if you pay for some thing it should be kept on record or in the app that's backed up on your PC . And I have not had luck with support . So my opinion is don't waist your money at 2$ a song I'm out at lest 80$ ouch


Best Revision Yet  agrambo  5 star

Before I get into how good this nerw version is.I wanted to comment on previosu reviews.People were complaining they had to pay for songa? Do you get songs for free from Itunes??/ I think not. There is an old expression: There is no such thing as a free lunch!!! If they were giving away the songs they wouldn't be working on new versions. This new version has almost everything. It tranferred all my old songs with no problem. Best thing is the key changer that allows one to go up or down per half step on keys. Great if song is too high or low. My next suggestion wouldbe away to remove vocals/background vocals if so desired.


CarmelaConroy CarmelaConroy 3 star

@ItsDanSheehan You haven't spent enough time in Japan, or anywhere else in karaoke speaking Asia, if you think that's a good idea.


Mr Tom Casson tommy_casino 3 star

Anywhere in London where I can perform at least 3 hours of @AverageCabbage songs on karaoke for my birthday ?


Jessica PeЯЯy JessToBrazil 3 star

@staychad @thisis_peanut @NickKarpPhotos Anywhere is karaoke if there's a microphone. 🙈

Michael John Stuart

Karaoke  Michael John Stuart  5 star

I love this app.


Ok  Itsnadiaaa!  3 star

It is ok but I can't transfer songs... It doesn't work!!!


Exactly what I was looking for!  plainnpretty  4 star

Works great & is perfect for what I was looking for - like being able to transfer from my library and not limited to where I buy songs


Fun  doza23  5 star

Awesome app. Especially to practice vocals


So Close....  007JBSA  2 star

This could really be a great app, but it seems the developers are a bit lazy. To their credit, the program plays CDG files very well. Unfortunately, they pretty much stopped there. They included a search for BUYING songs, but you can't search your own songs! WHAT?!! Yes, you just have to scroll and scroll until you stumble on the one you want. No way to organize playlists. The number one problem is that it is absolutely painful to add your own songs. No iTunes File Sharing support is included, so you have to zip and upload the songs 1 at a time. There's no pitch control, which is the one of the most basic features of Karaoke, so that you can set the key of the song to work with your range. There's no reverb, which again, is a pretty fundamental Karaoke essential. They've been claiming for almost a year that those features were "coming soon". There's no support for Airplay audio, and no announced intention to support it. This is a shame, since playing the music out of headphones or the little dinky iPad speaker limits the value of the app considerably. Yes, you could connect a cable to the headphone jack and plug it into your stereo, but that's so '90's! I wouldn't go so far as to say don't buy, but keep your expectations VERY low if you do.


Great for practicing  mth17dc  5 star

This is a solid app for practicing karaoke for the real deal. The song versions are good and there were thousands to pick from. $2 is a little pricey per song, but then again it's not just a plain song. You gotta buy gas for your car, blades for your razor, etc. Don't expect everything in life to be free; someday these whining freeloaders will be trying to sell their products or services.


Great app!  Yakiman  5 star

The only complaint I have is that I would like to see a greater selection of classic rock in the store. I haven't yet tried importing my CDGs in or recording but once I have I will add that to this review. But this was definitely two bucks well spent. And I have already bought several more songs--I'll bet they will sell a lot more to me! Great to be able to buy the song and sing it immediately.


Love my KaraokeAnywhere!  PantyFree  4 star

I love this app. After some difficulty understanding how to upload my existing songs and expending some time to rip them to the proper format, the rest of the app works really well.

Kung Pow Chicken!

Karaoke Anywhere  Kung Pow Chicken!  5 star

This app instantly makes me to coolest guy in the room, unless snoop dog is in the house.


Voice rendering  Gage0001  4 star

Great program! How about making it even better by adding voice rendering to adjust the vocal for people who sing out of tune like the Glee app? I'm sure you'll get 5 stars after that.

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