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What is ww (formerly weight watchers) app? Our program has been ranked the #1 Best Diet for Weight Loss 12 years in a row by U.S. News & World Report—and now, it’s even better. The all-new WW PersonalPoints™ Program is our first-ever weight-loss plan built 100% for you and your goals.

Using the very latest nutrition and behavior change science, rigorous testing, and in-depth feedback from our members, we’ve advanced our award-winning algorithm, which boils down the most important, complex nutritional data—including calories, protein, fiber, unsaturated fats vs. saturated fats, natural vs. added sugar—into a single number: the PersonalPoints value.

Your personalized weight-loss plan will guide you toward a nutritious pattern of eating and help you understand patterns to create healthy habits. With WW, everything is on the menu: No food is off-limits! Our new program even allows you to add Points®—a WW first —for doing healthy things like eating non-starchy vegetables, drinking water, and being active.

As our most personalized and flexible program for sustainable weight management, WW (formerly Weight Watchers) has the tools you need. Unlike other weight-loss programs that only count calories, we know that real success happens when you look at losing weight holistically, from nutrition and movement to mindset and sleep. WW is weight loss that works and wellness that works, so download the WW app now and get a free trial today! After your free trial, plans auto-renew monthly ($24.99 for Digital, $34.99 for Digital 360) unless you cancel before trial ends.

WW’s team of nutrition and behavioral scientists constantly iterate and assess the most advanced research to power our program.

Food: Learn to incorporate healthier choices into your diet while still losing weight, thanks to your PersonalPoints Budget and ZeroPoint™ foods (which you don’t need to track). Check out our “What’s in Your Fridge?” tool for personalized recipe recommendations based on what you’ve got in the house.

Activity: The activity tracker helps you make progress toward your goals. We'll show you how to sync your fitness device (including Apple Health) and grow your Points Budget by incorporating more activity into your day. Also, enjoy hundreds of on-demand, equipment-free workouts.

App features:
weekly check-in
progress reports
weight loss tracker
sleep tracker
water tracker
activity tracker
meal tracker
barcode scanner
11,000+ recipes

Sleep: Science shows people who get consistently less shut-eye are hungrier throughout the day. Track sleep, relax with Breethe meditations, plus get science-backed strategies from our behavioral psychologists.

Mindset: For health and wellness, what’s on your mind is just as important as what’s on your plate. Our team of behavioral psychologists deliver 5-Minute Coaching audios to help you refocus and tackle roadblocks like stress eating.

Support: With 24/7 Live Coaching, an expert WW Coach is available via chat to answer questions or provide a dose of weight-loss motivation. Plus, we have an exclusive social network to connect with like-minded WW members!


For auto-renewing membership plans, your iTunes account will be charged at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, at the previously selected rate. Your payment will continue to automatically renew unless you turn off auto-renewal at least 24 hours prior to your next renewal date. Your WW Digital or WW Digital 360 membership can be managed or cancelled in your Apple ID Account Settings. The auto-renewing membership plan is billed monthly and gives you access to our digital tools.

For non-renewing membership plans, your iTunes account will be charged once at the time of purchase and will give you access to WW Digital or WW Digital 360 membership for 1 year.

Privacy Policy: https://www.weightwatchers.com/us/privacy/policy
Terms of Service: https://www.weightwatchers.com/us/termsandconditions/onlineplus-coaching

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WW (formerly Weight Watchers) Customer Service, Editor Notes:

WW (formerly Weight Watchers) Version 10.11.028 April 2022

We've debugged and improved your app experience, worked on issues that caused crashes, and fine-tuned a handful of things behind the scenes, all to empower your WW journey and help you build habits for a happy, healthy life..

WW (formerly Weight Watchers) Version 10.6.018 February 2022

We’re working behind the scenes daily to ensure that your WW app is running smoothly so you can track toward your goals. Speaking of tracking, the more you do it, the more WellnessWins™ you earn, which you can redeem for fun rewards like fitness memberships, kitchen accessories, and more. Until next time, keep crushing it!.

WW (formerly Weight Watchers) Version 10.3.116 December 2021

Make 2022 the year of a healthier YOU! Join two new, limited-time challenges (and now, see how many WW members are participating alongside you.) We’ve made all that new-year tracking even easier with access to the tracking “plus sign” on any screen in the app—and you can now tap it to track your ZZZs. Cue the confetti...these updates can only mean one thing—real weight-loss success! Plus, you can find our newly relocated privacy policy in Menu > Settings > Privacy Policy..

WW (formerly Weight Watchers) Comments & Reviews 2022

- Weight Watchers App is incredible!!!

Over the last 20 years I’ve lost weight using Weight Watchers principles a few different times. When I was going to Weight Watchers there was no such thing as an “App” for anything. We went to the meetings, weighed in once a week, and together lost weight and learned to change what we eat. It worked! Unfortunately the three times I reached my goal I eventually lost track and gained the weight back. This has happened once again until recently I decided enough was enough and the first thing that came to mind was how successful I was at Weight Watchers. As I began to look into signing up again it became apparent there was this Weight Watchers App that I could join instead of going to in person meetings, and what with the pandemic still an issue, I decided to give the app a try, so I signed up for it, and downloaded it. I have been using the app for about a week and a half, and find the App to be amazing! There are so many things wrapped up Into the Weight Watchers App I am already becoming very successful with over 5 pounds of weight lost on my goal to lose 60 pounds. The app is extremely user friendly in every way! There is even a scanner that scans to food label and you can find out how many points each food item is. There is a tremendous amount of social media related groups as well where I find fantastic support, recipes, and encouragement! For the price of using the app it is a steal! Truly remarkable!

- It’s broken it’s broken

I am a totally blind customer who has been using the app for the last 4 1/2 to 5 years successfully. Yesterday there was a major update and now I am not able to use either the calculator or the quick ad. They have broken the edit fields so that when I try to put in the information rather than just excepting the words as I find the letters it’s putting in every single letter as I go by them as well, when I try to put in the numbers that I need to put in it will not except the numbers when I go back to make sure the words and the numbers are in the app it shows every single number I went by to put them in but it doesn’t really put them in it just creates a mess. I really hope someone can fix this. So much of the weight watchers material and products that involve using scales for calculating foods etc. are not accessible and I am completely dependent I’m using the app as many of the books are not available to me. The app is the reason I have continued in the program, and I use and value both a quick add and the calculator. I really hope someone looks at this and considers fixing it. Weight watchers had an agreement many years ago that they would keep the app accessible. It is this accessibility that has made it one of the better programs for those of us with vision issues. I strongly urge someone to please please please fix it. We who cannot see depend on it.

- Awesome app!!

This app offers so much, including making it your own, adapting their resources on your own style and needs. It is so diverse, includes different levels on intensity and types of exercises. ( HIIT, running, stretching, yoga, cardio, dance) It includes articles on every aspect that affect and impact our eating patterns and weight management, such as anxiety, sleeping patterns, habits on eating more unhealthy foods, self esteem, etc. Most of all it takes care of each one in a holistically way, including: mind, body and spirit to fulfill your wellbeing in a healthier way. Facilitating on reframing reframing those “stuck” beliefs we can have in our minds and how they continuously have a domino effect on our actions and emotions making us to go to unhealthy choices to avoid feelings and all of these happen in automatic pilot. Let’s pause be aware of this precious gift of the present moment and begin to be aware of our choices. Look up for your “mojo”, your “for what” I want to loose weight. Remember each one of us is a beautiful and gorgeous being and we want to fulfill our purpose, enjoy life at the fullest, share and be there for the ones we love, for all your f that and much more we need to be energized, healthier…. It is NOT a matter of having a “skinny body as a model”, it is about your “why you want to be healthier, vigorous, energized”. Be courageous, BE BOLD!! Thank you WW and I am very grateful that Oprah is part of your team.

- Rude Customer Service

My mom gifted me a year long subscription to help get into shape for when my husband gets home from the Navy. When I opened the app, it insisted on me only paying through iTunes and would not allow me to just put in card information like other apps. Because of this I had to add my moms card info into my iTunes account and set it up at primary. This is irritating because what ends up happening is either I’m paying for the subscription myself (with my card being primary), or she ends up paying for any apps/music subscription/anything already connected to my iTunes Pay (with her card), which is completely ridiculous in my opinion. I called customer service to see if there was a way I could just set a payment method for the app itself and not through any other accounts. The lady I talked to was very rude. Was cutting me off while I was talking, repeatedly told me that it was “not her problem,” and transferred me to iTunes who still were unable to help me because they can’t have cards in iTunes pay that are primary for only some things but not others. I still don’t have any resolution and I wish there was something I could do about this as it seems like it should have been an effortless thing to set up. Even if it is through iTunes pay, maybe have an option to “gift an account” so a different payment method could be used. Very disappointed and sad that I have to make this review without even having the opportunity to really try the program.

- Love the app

I so appreciate all that you guys do with the app for us and our success! But it’s not perfect, I’m really disappointed in the fact that the rewards GIFs are so an interesting I don’t want to join anything I don’t want to membership for a month to anything, I want to earn fun stuff like the hats we used to have and the charms we used to have it have I so appreciate all that you guys do with the app for us and our success! But it’s not perfect, I’m really disappointed in the fact that the rewards GIFs are so an interesting I don’t want to join anything I don’t want to membership for a month to anything, I want to earn fun stuff like the hats we used to have and the charms we used to have it would rock if you could get that go on again. Also, I do not appreciate the social/political interests that we put on connect with supporting BLM, or the pride parades or anything like that I don’t want that on my WW app to help me lose weight it doesn’t help me lose weight it adds stress to my life because it’s all over TV so if we could get rid of that too, I have been in weight watchers for the last seven years consecutively and I love it but I want my workshop back in Carson City Nevada 🤗😉 and just one more thing I’m not real happy with the Oprah thing she does not represent me in any aspect of my life! I know it’s about the money, but there’s a lot of us who could care less if she’s there.

- WW app supports wellness journey

I returned to Weight Watchers (rebranded as WW) in February 2021, while still staying at home as much as possible. The app is much improved since I last used it in 2016. I attended the WW new member and app academy virtual workshops, which helped me learn the features of the app. Food pillar: The tracking function is the workhorse of the app. It works well enough for me. I tracked everything I put in my mouth since Feb. The vast majority of the time the food is already in the database. I added food twice, created recipes ~20 times. I used some of the WW recipes - all good. Activity pillar: I linked the app to my FitBit. In order for it to work, I had to allow more access than I prefer but the convenience of syncing was worth it to me. I like the access to the exercise videos. Sleep pillar: Another convenience of syncing with my FitBit is that my sleep log loads into the WW app. I choose not to log my sleep into the app by hand. The additional wellness wins are not enough incentive for the inconvenience. Mindset pillar: The audio coaching and Headspace audios are incredible. They are helpful to listen to, even over and over again. Workshop finder helped me find not only virtual workshops but also my local studio. Connect, the online community turned out to be more worthwhile than I expected. I joined my coach’s connect group, which helped my journey. I checked in twice a week.

- I love the WW App

I am returning to WW after many years and the app has improved exponentially! I have used the scanner and it has found everything I have used it on when before it was about 1 out of 10 items would be found. I'm enjoying the smart points system and eating fruit again after toying with Atkins for almost two years. I like that it synchronizes with my Fitbit. One thing that miss is tracking my water consumption. (WW has listened and now has water tracking). I like that recipes are built into the app and the ones I have made have been fantastic! I also think having a place where you could write a daily journal would be a great addition to the app. (WW now has a journal section under the weight tracker). However I think adding it to the daily It could be a great way to note how you were feeling to perhaps help you define if you were emotionally eating and whether you were at a party and that was the reason for consuming a bunch of weekly points and even what your workout was like that day, etc. I just think that would be a great thing to add. Also I have an Apple Watch and I do like the quick add feature and frequently eaten items feature and think it would be great to add a water tracker to the watch app. WW and all of the successful losers have proven that tracking works and this is a wonderful and extremely useful app!

- Love the app, depend on members on connect, great virtual coaches, and great exercise videos!

I love ww and this app is like my daily diary, tracking device, and opportunity to share with members across the country struggling with similar issues. I even track my sleep daily, which helps me organize my life for better weight loss results. Love the recipe suggestions, articles on health and weight loss, advice from members and coaches. It’s simply the best recent addition to the new ww plan! Oh, headspace offers us additional self help methods of relaxation, and calm for better living conditions especially now while we still deal with covid restrictions. I am totally connected to like minded weight loss members and coaches who give the best support and encouragement during these tenuously crazy times. I was able to continue meetings all through the pandemic by staying virtually connected through this app. For me, it has been a real life saver. Very important part of survival and thriving! Great to connect with like minded members navigating the rocky waters of our weight loss journey, learning to overcome obstacles together, and joining efforts to face helpful challenges that bring us closer to our goals. Yes, I really need, like, enjoy this app. It’s a great supplement to the knowledge I get from my meetings. Thanks for being the very inspirational,knowledgeable organization that you are.

- I do love the app and the ease of tracking.

However, a couple of months ago my app had a glitch. I called in and explained the problem to no avail. I was told I would just have to live with it. I would like to object to this because I feel I should get a correctly functioning app because I need it and also because I pay for it. I do not know my exact loss without looking but it is 31 or 32 pounds or so. Suddenly one day the app showed me loosing over 200 pounds and it showed this several times. If I had really lost as much as the app said I would not exist. When I called they looked at it and could not fix it. They told me to reboot my phone. I did and it did not work. They told me to delete the app which I did and once again it did not work. They said they could not fix it and that I knew how much weight I had lost and I would just have to keep track of it myself. I did not agree with this but did not think I could do anything to correct this so I just moved on. However this really is not fair and I feel you should do something to correct it. You have even sent me charms to celebrate the weight I have not lost. I hope someone really reads this but if you treat this the way I was treated over the mistake I do not have much hope. Anyway I live with the app to track and find point values so I will continue. Thank you Dana Combest -Pucci

- It’s getting better with each upgrade

I first became a WW member 3 years ago, and back then, the app was pretty nice. Unfortunately, my heart wasn’t in the right place and I ended up leaving the program a month later. I gave it a second chance a year ago, and I found the app to be better than the last time I used it, because they added the barcode reader and definitely made tracking easier. I left the program a few months later because I became pregnant, but came back as soon as I could, and I was totally amazed with the upgraded app. It has a way bigger library than it used to, and it’s even more user friendly. The only reason I didn’t gave it 5 stars is because sometimes it’s hard to find some items. For instance, the other day I was looking for “fresh strawberries” in the search engine because I wanted to track it, but because I was searching for other packaged snacks before that, the option list only offered stuff like “frozen strawberries”, “dried strawberries”, “strawberry cereal”, etc. I got tired of scrolling down looking for what I wanted, so I waited to track the strawberries later in the day. I know this could be solved if I save the items I want, so it’s easier for the search engine to figure out what I’m looking for, but sometimes I forget (yes, I suffer from “mommy-brain”). I don’t know if the problem can be fixed, but it would be great if it could.

- The best nutrition plan I’be EVER tried!

My journey with nutrition and exercise in order to improve my overall health has been difficult. I have tried many diets ranging from low calorie to Keto to other crash diets and nothing has ever been sustainable for me. Just over a year ago I decided to give weight watchers a try because I had remembered a family member tried it a long time ago and had some success. Weight watchers has really help me develop a different perspective on eating as I don’t have to necessarily fixate on carbs calories or fat weight watchers really simplifies all of that by using the point system for daily food consumption. This system has been by far the best thing that I have tried and has helped me lose and keep off about 10 pounds since last December. My results could be way better at this point but due to having Covid multiple times and being a graduate student was stressed I fell off the whack in a few times but I am back on and expecting to have a good outcome. Again I feel that this is the most realistic plan one could try as it is flexible, you don’t have to give up fruits or other snacks that you want you just have to be more concerned about the portions that you’re having. Definitely a program that I believe many people could thrive off of long-term.

- Life changing!!

I was skeptical about WW, but then decided that I’ll never know if I never try. BEST choice in my life. The app is super handy and easy to use. I am not good with technology or social type apps, but this walks you straight through. Beginning to end. It is set up to completely accommodate you, the user. It will ask when you tend to eat the most, what your diet is, what your goals are. It’s wonderful! You can choose whether or not you want to be social with the WW community. I chose not to be and I am glad I made that choice just because there is one downfall... and I realize it’s the internet and there are keyboard warriors out there, but people are not always the most positive, uplifting, or even keep things weight loss related on there. Me personally, I feel, (and maybe this is silly?) that maybe there should be monitoring or something because, I see a lot of post about people being mean to others and that’s not cool no matter what the app is. This in particular though, is supposed to be encouraging and up lifting. This is a life changer for the better quality of people’s lives! That would be my only problem with the app. Otherwise five stars all the way!! To anybody that reads this I hope this helps encourage you to make a step towards making a positive change!

- Wonderful

This is the first time I have used WW and I don’t know why. My wife had great success losing 80 lbs. The cool thing is that she used her points so she could still drink her wine! I had tried Adkins years ago and had success but this time, after several months of stalling - I just couldn’t start, for whatever reason. I looked at Laurie and saw her -80lbs. success and hey- why not try WW? So, I have. And I must say, this App is fantastic. I have an advantage bc Laurie has experience with this, so I can ask her questions and she pretty much knows the answers. That said, this app is the most supportive, complete and informative app of any kind I’ve used. It’s truly designed to help you succeed and keep you on track. It covers so many foods-it’s incredible! The scanner is so convenient! I scan foods at the grocery store, see how many points it is, then either buy it or put it back on the shelf. That’s just one of the amazing things about this app. If you go out to eat, they have a bazillion restaurants in their data base with almost everything on their menu listed. This helps you make the best decision you can if you must eat out. Changing eating habits is tough and this app is there for you. Do it now- commit and this will help you beyond what I can tell you. Good luck!

- WW+ app light years beyond pencil and paper!

I joined WW back in 2006 when you still had to calculate you points with their slide rule tool and write everything down in their little log books. It became tedious and time consuming and so I dropped off. Fast forward to today and I’m absolutely delighted to have this little pocket calculator and log on my phone. People are creatures of habit and comfort and this app appeals to both. It remembers past food items for quick logging, it has a huge database of chain restaurant point options, a huge database of surprisingly delicious recipes that are easy to edit, all designed to be efficient so you can get on with your busy life. They also have Connect - a somewhat baseline social media platform where you can share your experiences and cheer each other on. I don’t miss the in-person meetings and have enjoyed this online experience. With ease and comfort I’ve lost 37 lbs in 6 months and I’m sticking with it this time around! My only qualms are - where you log your weight weekly is so tiny compared to the other images on the page I accidentally skip it and have to backtrack to fix it. Connect also has room to be a little more comprehensive. The overall design of the app was a little confusing at first and took a little time to learn my way around all the menus and such.

- Used to love the app, but not so much anymore

Is this up last year with my husband and really liked it. Upon rejoining I found the app has changed and not all for the best. A lot of useful areas are hidden and take a lot of school to get to now. I feel like before it was easier to access things like sharing recipes or quick add The biggest loss of feature that I have is being able to share tracked items. This was SUPER useful for my husband and I as I would cook or prepare something and scan the items and then send them to him and vice versa. A lot of times I would scan an item and then throw it away but I could later share the tracked item with him from the app and he could then take and adjust it to fit the portion or serving size that he ate. Quick adding won’t make adjustments for serving size because it doesn’t calculate the exact nutritional facts- not to mention sharing items was much simpler and way more convenient. The loss of the share feature really destroyed the app for me. Sharing tracked items was the staple of our previous success and without it we’ve been doing a pretty lousy job of accurately tracking everything. I know the recipes can still be shared which is a little helpful but only covers maybe 5-10% of what we used to share with the app. I’m not sure why WW would remove such a useful feature and intentionally make it harder on people joining or working with a support partner ☹️

- Jam

I love the app but wish there was a way to go back and enter my eating and activities for the previous day. There have been times when I’ve been crazy busy and didn’t get my food and activities logged in before midnight. I’m so thrilled to have the studios opening up again. They make such a difference for me. Meetings help keep my head screwed on right. They set and keep my mindset in the correct place. I appreciate the classes opening up, although they are small with Social distancing. Thank you for giving us what we need. Still happy the classes are open again. Can you program the app so it will send us a confirmation or the ability to put an automatic reminder in our calendar. Thanks much. Continue to be pleased and thankful for the app and reopening of studios. It is such a help. Thank you. Thanks for the app. I use it constantly and would be lost without it. Very pleased with the app. Thanks. I’m still pleased with the app and use it numerous times during the day. I still like the ap. It’s all good. I mainly live the app. 1. Often times when making my reservations for class the app tries to put me in a different state. It’s tricky but I think I finally found a way around that. We have to go slowly and avoid the automatic step. 2.

- My safe place

No matter what I need whether it’s encouragement, inspiration, a venting place, a place to share my successes and my struggles, the community that has been created via WW Connect is nothing short of amazing. It’s the salve to everything that is awful about social media. The app keeps getting better and easier to track any food, get recipe ideas, restaurant menus, even see other foods people have created and logged. Activity is tracked as well and you can set any goal you want. My favorite things are: #1 barcode scanner and #2 blue dots. To explain, there are tens of thousands of food items in the WW databanks with points values available for your reference. Immediately upon scanning, you can choose the weight or measurement of that food item and instantly log it in your daily tracker. If I see someone else at the grocery store scanning barcodes with their phone, we can’t help but smile and nod at each other. 😁 The blue dot is a daily “at-a-glance” look at whether you are eating within your healthy points range. Super helpful and also sometimes the source of a weekly challenge I give myself. 🔵👍🌟 If you’re ready to manage your life with a focus on overall health, balance and positivity stop looking anywhere else and start here.

- WW app and virtual meeting rooms

The app is good. I struggle with accountability, finding it hard to track daily with my busy schedule. I was extremely disappointed when WW decided to shut down the meeting room I have attended and received tremendous support from for the past 5+ years. Kathy Edmonds, our coach in Woodstock and Strasburg, VA was phenomenal. It was her leadership that kept me and so many other members on track and coming back week after week or for lifetime like me, monthly. I made an effort to attend as often as I could, but definitely monthly when we went virtual. I cannot and do not feel comfortable with a new coach who does not know me nor who has invested her time and energy into my journey. When WW decided to shut down Kathy’s workshop, they literally pulled the rug out from underneath us and shut our support system down. For a business that touts support, WW has cut our support in this rural area in VA. I cannot travel 70 miles round trip to weigh in when this pandemic is over and that is what Kathy’s members will have to do. So, please help us out and return Kathy’s workshop to us! I’ll continue using the app and trying hard to be successful, but I’d feel so much better making this journey with my friends who were a part of Kathy Edmonds workshops in Woodstock and Strasburg, VA. Thank you! Yvonne Lytton Lifetime member


YES! This one can. If you track your points daily by using this app and stay within your points it can save your life, or at least enhance your quality of life. You never know how detrimental those extra pounds are until you lose them. I’ve had type II diabetes that this app decidedly help cure. Once I lost the weight my blood sugar levels went back to a normal level!!! With type II diabetes you can start losing fingers and toes, even your feet. I know someone that recently lost their foot because of type II diabetes. If you track with this app and just follow Weight Watchers guidelines you won’t need to suffer so much. I had AFIB, where my heart would just start beating at 200 beats a minute. It would not stop beating that fast! I had to go to the emergency room and have a cardioversion where they shock your heart back into rhythm. It’s my opinion that none of this would have happened if I hadn’t weighed so much. I’ve lost 79.2 so far in about a year. Get this app. Follow the rules and track your points. You deserve this. I want to thank the creators of this app for all the positive things and improvements you have made. I want to thank Oprah Winfrey for saving Weigjt Watchers. You all mean the world to me! Member - Robert S. Price

- App needs some improvement

The app is convenient for tracking your points & keeping you accountable. It’s efficient when paired with your fitbit. App now tracks your sleep, but why do I have to manually enter information that could be synced from my fitbit? The food list search feature is the biggest weakness of the WW app, in my opinion. Example: If I want to track a hamburger patty, I have to know that I must search ground beef instead of hamburger or I will get a long list of restaurant burgers, meatless burgers, chicken burgers , etc. Items are not sorted, so I have to keep clicking on “more”, only to see that my requested food is not listed. My suggestion would be to have a filter for a basic food items and one for restaurant food. If I am making myself a burger patty at home, the first thing I want to see is hamburger patty-plain, then maybe hamburger patty with egg & breadcrumbs, etc. I constantly have no choice but to pick a restaurant food to log my meals because the basic item is not there. The food list needs much work and I do know there’s an option to add foods myself. I don’t believe it’s the job of the customer to add foods and enter accurate ingredient values for use of all the other customers. WW should really provide a better search experience with the food list.

- #WW for the win💪🏼

Pandemic weight is a real. The weight I gained in the early days of the pandemic added the weight I already needed to lose and became a reality that I couldn’t ignore. Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome on the scale was also a reality. So I made a decision to welcome change and do a new thing. You’ve no doubt heard during the pandemic, “follow the science.” #WW Weight Watchers follows the science of weight loss. 33lbs pounds ago!, I came home from a doctor’s appointment and told my spouse I’m joining Weight Watchers, now, today. My spouse was in and joined too. Collectively, we have lost over 80 pounds. We are both on the #WW Purple Plan, there are color coded plans developed for the ways you already like to eat. The APP provides tools for tracking the foods you eat, (there are zero point foods, the APP guides you through what those are.) recipes, exercise videos, meditation and mindfulness videos/audio, audio lessons, encouragement audios etc. You also rack up rewards points when you track your meals, weigh in, work out using the exercise videos provided in the APP and or linking your Apple Watch or any fitness tracker activity to the APP. These rewards can be redeemed in the #WW store. Do something different. Give #WW a try.

- Works great, love the program.

Lost 30lbs on the program, and the app helps tremendously. Update: I’ve unsubscribed due to not taking the program seriously at least twice before. But… I always come back! I prefer ww over any other app or program I’ve tried and… when I take the program seriously I see results pretty quickly. I’ve already gone down 3.2 lbs in since Tuesday (it’s now Friday) and I’m not starving. I’m just sticking within my daily points and watching my food choices and there are a lot of O point options under the purple plan and it’s easier to me to track by points rather than tracking calories. I guess that’s just what works for me. And.. I’ve looked at the calories I’ve eaten these last three days and I’ve actually only eaten between 1150 to 1300 calories each day while sticking within my daily points or at least within the blue dot points (I was curious about the calories lol). Give it a shot! I hope it works for you. The app is tremendously helpful with tracking too! PS my workout of choice is walking. I don’t kill myself in the gym. Maybe I’ll have to workout workout later on but for now I’m focusing on my eating habits again. Like I said, this is what works for me! Good luck.

- Excellent

I had this app when it first launched and it was just ok. I’m back on WW now and the improvements are staggering. The connect feature is so excellent in terms of motivation. Seeing everyone’s progress (and struggles) is massively helpful on one’s weight loss journey. I would give it 5 stars but I’d like to see more sort options in the restaurant areas. For example if I go to a restaurant and want to search foods by points values it would be really helpful to see the lower point items first. Additionally if weight could sync with Apple health that would be very helpful. Right now I have to use a separate app that syncs my weigh ins with Apple health. It is nice to have them stored in both places. Update. It’s been maybe a year? I was not able to stick to the program. The tracking becomes too much for me and more than anything because of how my body responds I lose weight so incredibly slowly I lose motivation. In my 20’s WW worked and I had the motivation to keep going. When you lose roughly 1 lb per month it is just hard. Anyway. For lack of a better health plan I’m attempting to start tracking again as it’s New Years 2021. May the force, Oprah, Kate Hudson and now James Cordon be with me.

- Better Than Meetings!

I’ve done the weekly meeting sessions with both JC & WW - the online system with the app is by far and away better in my opinion. First and foremost, it keeps the program front and center on a daily basis. I can easily look back over my progress and gives me their incentive to “stick with it”. Second, the app scanner makes it a snap to find foods that easily fit into the daily/weekly point allotments when shopping. I can creat my own “meals” for things I have everyday, like ‘morning coffee’, and ‘tuna salad dinner’. The app is always right there on the first screen on the iPad, iPhone, and the task bar on my iMax and Windows computers The app isn’t perfect though. I have found that the value returned for a scanned item, on several occasions, doesn’t agree with the values in the nutrition info for the food. A point high or a point low - not a big deal, but I always only use the scanner as a guide. Would be nice if could adjust the scanned info in the App, and save it as a “My Food” item. Taking time to adjust to the App update, but as long as it still supports my continuing the program successfully, it gets 5 Stars. Major Request: How about bringing the Computer Version up to speed? Computer (iMac) version is only a 1 to 1.5 Star system.

- Love the concept, UX needs improvement

This is my first time returning to WW in years. I had a lot of success in the past (when we had to write everything down) and wanted to try it again. I love the points concept and how easy it is to understand. HOWEVER, the app is so hard to use.. I work in tech designing apps and I struggled! There is way too much promotional information in every tab, it’s completely overloaded the actual functionality of adding foods, saving recipes, scanning bar codes, etc not to mention made it overwhelming to know what to actually watch/read first. I’m sure there’s great content but idk where to start! The first time I tried to add a food I had no idea how to do it.. I didn’t realize the search bar was the access point to everything. More of the day to day functionality needs to be surfaced on the Home Screen with clear action icons and not 3-4 screens deep hidden behind a search bar. Being able to add foods/barcodes/recipes for future use without tracking would be a great feature. Also, it’s frustrating that only some frequent items show up and not others or any of my saved foods when I’m trying to log meals. This app has so much potential but it seems that content creation and promotional ads were prioritized over the functionality and user experience.

- WW app

I love it. The app makes entering meals and activity easy and fun. I am having a little trouble searching for “ingredients” rather than pre-cooked food items by national restaurants and chains from my iphone. I figure that’s a “picnic” and it doesn’t usually affect my otherwise very positive experience with the app. And I love Connect! I go there to see the many virtual kindnesses that people extend to people who are struggling and need some support. That tells me that the community works together to hold that space for people who need that support with the challenges of weight loss, body image, gender roles, physical health issues, mental health challenges, addictions, and healing in our country where bullying, racism, and other societal problems that divide the usa and many other parts of the world. I give some of the credit for that to Oprah whose own healing from adverse childhood experiences and the role she created for herself as a leader in American culture for the health and well-being of Black people, all women, and other American minority people. Go, WW. Thanks from me. And I’ve lost about 16 pounds since June 3rd or so. Appreciate the support from the lifetimers, coaches, member chefs who have blogs for recipes. Cool community.

- Love Weight Watchers hate the App

I find using this app to track my points very frustrating. It frequently takes me three or four tries before I can enter the food I want. Simple things like a banana took multiple tries this morning. I find the search mechanism to not be very smart. I tried entering sugar snap peas and they didn’t come up instead I got coffee without sugar and other totally unrelated items. Eventually I figured out that I needed to search peas, sugar snap. So because my search terms were not in the same order they didn’t find it. Very frustrating. In addition trying to create recipes is difficult. I wish there was a way to mass import ingredients like with my fitness pal. Instead you have to wade through the frustrating search for each ingredient individually. I have started shortcutting and only entering ingredients that have points because it isn’t worth the trouble. Then even after I’ve created a recipe it isn’t easily found to track. I cannot just enter the name I gave it in the bar. Instead I get other recipes that aren’t mine. I have to scroll down to recipes and the select through a couple of menus until I can search for the recipe I made. Sure it is pretty and has lots of features but the main thing I use it for is clumsy and not intuitive. It makes me question how long I’m willing to stay a member even though I have been successful with weight watchers before and really like the new points system.

- Great overall, but search could be better

I am loving this app overall and have lost 25 lbs so far with ease. There are good recipes, and Connect is addicting! I do wish the search function for food would improve, though. For generic foods, like fruits and veg, it's great. However, the search for specific foods isn't great. Sometimes, nothing turns up, but when I scan the item, I see several members have added it despite it not turning up in my search. When it comes to restaurant food, I find only limited menu items are available, and if you opt for the non-meat version of a dish, God bless you because the app won't have it. This is one thing the MyFitnessPal app has over WW - I could find almost anything and estimate pretty well if I couldn't find exactly what I wanted. I sort of wish WW could go do some recon on MFP and steal a few search ideas. The most frequently-added foods function could be better, too. The same food cannot appear under two different meals, and there is no multi-add option. The recipe search is a bit hit-or-miss as well. These are minor gripes overall, though. This app and program have allowed me to get my act together and even lose weight on vacation because it's all very livable.

- WW is changing my life, and it can change yours!

I am in my 50s, and and all the things in life affect my body differently than in my younger years. The weight slowly crept on, and it was becoming more and more difficult to stave it off. I don’t believe there is a quick fix in weight loss, so I never buy in to fad diets. I have tried everything, with a lasting approach, to lose the weight I had gained to no avail. A friend, a few years older than me, told me she had lost 25 lbs. on Weight Watchers, so I decided to look into it. WW has been helping people lose weight for as long as I can remember, so they must know more of what works than I do…and they do! They are a wealth of knowledge and can provide the tools you need to be successful, but you have to do the work. I have learned so much about food and how it works with and against my weight loss goals. In a few short months I lost over 20 lbs. I look and feel so much better. Leg and hip pain I was suffering from sciatica is nearly gone. I have dropped enough weight to go from a size 14 to a size 8! This program works, and I can easily see myself being a lifetime member! Join now! You won’t regret it.

- I'm sick of the problems with the latest upgrade.

Was a good app until this last upgrade. Since the last upgrade the app keeps crashing if you try to open any of the recipes you personally entered. I contacted the online chat for support and was told to delete and re-download the app. I did this but the problems persist. Every new upgrade has caused more problems. I have been a member over 5 years but have become so frustrusted with the app I'm thinking of dropping using it as it doesn't work well anymore. Ironically at the same time the app has deteriorated Weight Watchers has raised it's use fee 25 percent. I am so frustrated I am planning on dropping out of weight watchers. There are other point type apps to get with no monthly fee to use them. They may not be as full featured, but once you buy them they don't crash when using them. NEW ENTRY Well here we are in Aug 2018 and another update with even more problems. When I go to my recipes now it only lists the food items but not the amount so if you want to make the recipe you have to go to the website, the app won't work. Again in the chat line I was told to delete and re download the app and it didn't fix the problem. When I finally got tech support they told me they would let the programmers know about the problem. I asked when they would fix it and they have no idea. You should start over the app is becoming useless the bug are growing bugs.

- On the Road Again💫🎶

I’m now about to turn 75 in February with 25 extra pounds around my middle, lethargic, uninspired to do much of anything. Then a friend mentioned that she joined WW. This comment reminded me that when I was 39 I joined Weight Watchers, reached my goal & became a Lifetime member before I turned 40. Attended regularly for about 4 years and gradually drifted away from attending & pounds gradually returned. Mid 50’s brought me back once again to weekly meetings and once again returned to goal weight and healthier habits. These were the days when we had to write every bite down! Well now that I’m about to turn 75 I want that vitality & enthusiasm back. I want to stop eating my feelings. I’m delighted with the new and improved WW program & the ap is so helpful in helping me keep myself accountable. Our weekly meetings are filled with lifetime members who come every week because like me, they need the weekly weigh ins, support from one another coupled with the tremendous benefit they are to the rest of us! Gratefully I’ve realized that I too, will be joining those folks long after my goal is reached so I can maintain my momentum in living a well balanced life with joy and support.

- Love the App BUT 🔸Need Pic Zoom & 🔸Recipe Print

✅💗 I absolutely love the WW app as it makes it easier to manage staying on the program. It allows me to quickly track, find point values and recipes and Connect with other ww members. Connect is one of my favorite features of ww as it offers support anytime, anywhere. Any of the wonderful people on there are quick to talk you down from going off track or talk you up from having a bad day. It also allows me to help others which allows me to help myself. I feel good being able to help others, and that adds to the ‘whole’ of the program. ❌ My only complaints are: 1️⃣ While recipes are quick and easy to find on the app and online, there is no way to print from the app at all (besides taking screenshots and printing the pics), & online it prints the entire webpage with all pics of Oprah and whatever else is on the side there. I love Oprah, but I really just want the recipe on the page. And although some say don’t print them it save trees, people are gonna print. Sometimes we have to. 2️⃣ I want to be able to enlarge the pics posted on Connect. I want to see things better. We can enlarge on other social media such as Instagram, so I’d like to be able to do the same on Connect. Please 🙏🏼

- WW Review

I love a lot of things about the app! The plan has been easy to follow, there are a ton of resources available, and the daily tracking have all helped me lose almost 47 lbs! One thing I don’t love about the app is the weekly canned responses - “Congratulations xxx! You stayed within your Budget several days this week and it paid off.” I faithfully tracked my food and stayed within my Budget for 6 solid months!!! I lost weight consistently every week~ to the same response every week. When I first started the response was a little varied, you’ve lost x% of your body fat, you’ve lost x lbs, way to go! I think that should continue throughout a person’s weight loss journey. I’m almost within a healthy ideal weight range and there’s no encouragement to get there other than the canned “Congratulations........” I’m almost at my goal weight and there’s nothing to push me to get there. I know I should not be motivated solely by the app but I think the matrix of the app could do better! What happens when I reach my goal weight? Do I just continue? Is there a maintenance/lifetime plan? Do I still pay monthly once my goal is reached? Signed, A Little Disheartened 😩

- So nice and easy to use

I started mid January on weight watchers and I can honestly say if you’re serious about losing weight and keeping it off this is the way to do it. There’s absolutely no reason to be hungry to set yourself up to fail. There’s room for days when you need to eat or cheat, whatever you’d like to call it. In any event this diet should work for every lifestyle and you should not go hungry. I do not drink alcohol so I don’t know how that factors in but the points are the points. I often time say to myself and my partner, I don’t know how I’m losing weight with all of this fruit that I eat. Sometimes I eat 4 to 6 servings of fruit a day. I also treat myself to the weight watchers snack bar peanut butter and chocolate. It’s like two bites and enough to satisfy the sweet tooth urge for two points. I also had a revelation about microwave popcorn which also is satisfying. I just got a healthy pop from jolly time of 100 cal bags. I was just about to check out the points and the review option came up. Well happy trails to all of you in your journey with weight watchers but I just don’t think you’ll find it all that much of a challenge if you’re a newbie

- Very easy to use

Both my husband and I started WW on January 1st, 2019. I decided that if I was going to start WW...AGAIN (for about the 7th time!) that there was no time better than starting on January 1, new year, new me! My goal is to stay on it for the entire year - something I had failed to do in the past. So far, so good! I love the app because it makes my tracking so easy! I simply enter the food I am eating to find the points and the calculations are done for me. I also love how easy it is to track activities. Using the app has made following the plan simple and I think has helped to keep me on track to reach my goal weight. To date, I have lost 17.4 pounds and my husband has lost 30! In addition to weight loss goals, my husband is close to being taken off blood pressure medication and I am hoping to lower my cholesterol and blood sugar numbers - and then avoid starting any medications! There are so many other benefits to the app that one can choose to use: recipes, connections with other WW members, meditation and activity resources,etc. It has a multiple scope of resources to help one achieve success. I highly recommend this app to help with meeting health and weight loss goals!

- Data hog/constant overages

I don’t review apps but this app is so awful I have to. This app uses more than three gigs of data every month (10.3 GB in four months with cellular data off the last month) and I have been having to pay about $30 in data overages every month since joining WW even after talking to the tech support and asking for help in the studio. To try to combat the data usage, I have deleted the app and reinstalled, logged out, set it to not automatically stream video, and turned cellular data off for the app. The problem with this is that it means you can’t track food when you aren’t at home and you can’t scan anything at the grocery store to see the point values. This makes WW really hard to follow unless you only eat zero point foods. Also, you can’t use the app without a connection so would be unable to use on cruise ships or while traveling internationally unless you buy additional data. My app was set to sync with Fitbit and made me share all data to sync, so this may be part of the problem, but I would not download or use unless you already have unlimited data or budget and extra $30-$50 a month for data overages. I am actually decently tech saavy but just can’t get this app to not burn through all my data. For reference, I use a hipbone and had a 6 when I joined and upgraded to an iPhone 11 after one week on the program. AWFUL!

- WW has been so thoughtful with this app

WW set out to make a tool for their members. One that is all encompassing. Through their thoughtful and caring means, the end is divine. They considered food, activity, & mindset all in one app that not only covers each area but also equips each of us as we take on our journey to health, wellness and weight loss. With the ability to walk into a grocery store, scan a barcode and instantly know the “Points value” of a food, I can shop healthy and proactively without fear. I can also pair my activity tracker so I know the value of each activity I complete. WW also gives me the encouragement right in the app to stay on track and make lifelong habit changes that result in healthier living. Whether it be on Connect, a member only social media platform or through inspiring articles, recipes or workout regiments. This app has been the most helpful tool I have ever had when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. It is virtually essential for lasting weight loss and a helpful hand for those that wish to hold onto that healthy life after they conquer the unhealthy habits they had in their life prior to their journey to wellness. Joining WW has changed my life and this app has been key!

- Makes it easy to stay accountable

I have done a range of diets through the years, including abig and lasting adjustment away from 252. During the big diet in 2001 which was amazing, i had to look up and calculate everything. This is so much more pleasant. Can scan food at grocery store for smarter choices (yogurt isle was shockingly revealing) have tons of free foods so its less focused on what you cannot have which can increase stress and more focused on what you can which is great. My only beef with WW is their adherence to the faulty BMI system when deciding what is a healthy weight range to see if you qualify for lifetime. I am not about to lose that much strength to play that game. I am actually rather sad about that as i have reached a very healthy goal that i never thought i would see again and was looking forward to the challenge of monthly weigh in’s to keep me on track. But...not at the sink in water weight they want me to maintain at. I can already stand at tge bottom of the pool comfortably. To lose an extra 15 in order to qualify fir lifetime is crazy stupid. BMI is a faulty system. The rest of the program is quite good. I am very glad i have done this. Will work at keeping it off.

- Helps keep me on track - free day idea also.

Overall, this app helps me keep on track. I love the scanning capability. I don’t like the fact that when I type in “butter” into the search box, it comes up with eight different things before it says, “butter.” At least it does this on my ipad. On the computer, it didn’t seem to do it. Also in regard to searching, on a lot of items it seems like if you don’t type in the exact text that’s on the product you won’t find it. That’s annoying. I should be able to type in the general name of an item and be able to find it. Another thing I’m realizing isn’t helpful, I did switch to using fitness points instead of regular weeklies, but I didn’t lose a pound that week. So obviously you just need to at least stay within your weeklies to lose, and often not use your weeklies at all - at least with me. Just an idea - I just can’t do seven days a week, so I use my weigh-in day as a free day. I try not to go wild, but if I’ve been craving something, I go ahead and have whatever it is, split it with my hubby, perhaps. Might be cool to incorporate a free day, maybe it costs you one day’s worth of weeklies or something or it costs you prize points, like 50 prize points or both.

- Can’t Track FitPoints

This was a great app until it stopped working the way it should. The app stopped tracking my FitPoints Stay Active at Home on my iPhone a couple weeks ago after an update. Today I finally updated it on my iPad and now I can’t track my FitPoints Stay Active at Home on the iPad either! And the FitPoints on Stay Active at Home have been reduced, there used to be 4 points for a higher intensity minute walk/run and now it only gives 1 point. Basically it just gives you one point for whatever exercise option you select. But no matter what I can’t get any FitPoints! I have logged out, and also deleted and reinstalled the app but it still does not work correctly!! This is very frustrating. Please correct the app as soon as possible! Update: the app will no longer allow me to manually track activity, after your recent update for both the iPhone and iPad. I’m using the Stay Active at Home audio workouts, and the buttons are white or are grayed out, they don’t do anything when you click on them. I have already submitted a ticket to have this checked out. The gal in your Priority dept said she was having the same problem. This has nothing to do with being connected to another app or Fitbit. And it doesn’t have anything to do with FitPoints variations, as I am unable to record any FitPoints. Please correct the app ASAP!

- WW app

WW has really transformed diet management with the WW app. If one is serious about understand food and how it affects one’s weight, then this is for you. However, if transferring ownership of what you eat to say: Nutra-System or say Jenny Craig is what you desire, then forget ever making a supermarket a place of visitation. Those previous diet systems choose what you eat, when you eat, and it is almost without the user ( that’s you ) having input. Plus, like the Eagle’s Hotel California, you can check-in anytime you want but you can’t ever leave. That’s because the food is portioned, selected, and packaged per firm by their dietitians. WW is different. With this app and understanding the daily allowance of food accumulation ( known as points ), you accept total control of your food intake. Nothing is off the menu. Surely this lifetime arrangement surpasses anything Hotel California diets can offer. Make your goal weight and the app is forever and it’s free. The best of both worlds ... having one’s cake and eating it too. Plus, visits to supermarkets are part of the fun. It did take me a bit to work into daily tracking but I am sold. I choose WW as my Hotel California because I want to be in control of what I want to eat.

- Love the WW App!

I did WW several years ago, before there was an app. I lost weight, but as soon as I reached goal I quit tracking points because it was such a pain to go into my home office and track after each meal, especially after eating out. If I was on vacation or away from home on business, I couldn’t track at all. Without tracking, I got back into old habits and slowly gained the weight back over the years. I started again on WW last July and the app makes a world of difference! When I go out to eat, the app is with me on my phone! Away for business or pleasure? The app is with me! Also, they have automatic entries of points for many national restaurant chains. I used it when I went to Olive Garden and Outback with my mother, and I was able to find delicious, sensible things to eat! My phone is always with me, so it makes it super easy to look up point values, make decisions, and track. In short, I love the portability of the app and I love its features. There’s also the ability to chat with a WW coach 24/7! I plan to be using the app and tracking for the rest of my life so I can maintain all my hard won losses.

- Love WW

WW program with use of this app has truly changed my life for the way better! Love this program, but I agree with a few other members with all these updates that continue to change the layout which is annoying. 1) top area of app is too narrow when trying to select to type in the "search food & activity" and the "scanner" 2) when on Connect wish could access the "trending" "new" "following" at any point without having to scroll all the way back to the top, we were able to access at any point before upgrades 3)for some reason when trying to access my food "favorites", does not load all items that I have added, stops loading items when reaches the "W's" and I continually have to rescan or use the search food. 4) it’s annoying when the app is fine and then changes are made on items that do not need to be changed making it more difficult to use instead of user friendly, like before used to be able to select a time of day (Morning,noon,evening icon) to enter food item, if I wasn’t able to enter at time of eating, and now it wants to default to current time of day at time I’m at entering food data and I have to go back and reset each time and there are other app changes that are just making it more time consuming to use

- Love it - but it could use some tweaks

I love the WW app. It does make following the plan so much easier and fun as the say. I can updated at work or check points sometimes when I am out. There are a couple features that are missing from the app though. I would like to be able to label and save a meal so I do not have to enter the separate components each time I eat it. You can only label and save meals on the Internet site. Also, scrolling back through dates is a pain. You have to go through each day, one by one. They need to make it so a calendar pops up like on the Internet site so you can easily jump to and view a previous date. WW is a great program that works and this app helps me searchable and tracks and stay on course. * Above components have been improved. Having trouble now with teaching ahead. When I swipe right to track on a future date, it works correctly with first food and then puts all the following foods on today’s date. *Updating barcodes from grocery and updating restaurants is so important for WW to do now with so many 0-point foods on Purple, the calculator is not accurate

- Linda Brinkman

I love the app for tracking plus reading how WW’s are doing with their losses. I also love the graph of my progress. I find it difficult to find all restaurants that we like to frequent. This makes tracking difficult, as I have to itemize every single ingredient. I cook a lot at home and itemize the same way. I have been a WW for many years. Quit and returned four times. Trader Joe’s must have WiFi as I can track there, but three Safeway’s in Walnut Creek and Alamo plus Pleasant Hill, CA had no WiFi in the store making tracking impossible. Meetings are excellent and we all love, Mary, our guide and leader. We meet at the Tice Creek Gym on Monday’s in Walnut Creek at five p.m. The room is full and there are usually sixty plus people there. Two Safeway’s now use Wi-Fi. I have not been consistent with my mindfulness these past months. Stress, love of sweets and forgetting about moderation has been a heavy weight on my back. Please send Oprah Winfrey to our meeting on Monday afternoon at five p.m. at Tice Valley Gym in Walnut Creek. I never miss meetings and am honest in my tracking. I need a read boost! I am a very active senior who uses a Walker due to back issues. I help many others and have trouble helping myself. Lovely Linda

- My personal story from Ron of Frankfort Illinois

Using this app makes your life tremendously easier !! Whether it’s at your house or someone else’s great choices can be made without stress added. Before joining weight watchers it took 12 months to lose 40 pounds .Then I went off gained 12 pounds in 4 months. Joined weight watchers and lost 20 pounds in just 4 weeks ,without zero exercise except stretching in bed during commercials. All while eating more than double the amount of food then I could eat before . Good choices and not skipping is key!!! This is a permanent life style not a diet!!!Im leaving for a trip to south padre island and I’m bringing snacks and dressing with me ,So again no stress about what to eat ! My total success came because my wife realized she needed a life style change to!! It took me along time to get her to see that . But my thinking is better later than never!!! Having a spouse life style change with you brings permanent successes. There is no longer pies lying around constantly helping to make bad emotional eating choices. So thanks again wife for working together. I hope this helps other people that working together really brings body and soul health.

- Well done WW! But one suggestion.

This is a great app and WW is a great program that keeps getting better. Great recent update. There are so, so many resources and I’m using them all! I’m steadily and joyfully getting closer to my goal weight and lifestyle while creating healthy habits/ behaviors/ mindset. Love the new program, love the app. One suggestion… Please add a search feature. I’m pretty tech savvy and I have a really hard time finding things I’ve discovered while exploring the app and have had to rely on chat support on countless occasions to find features I’d like to use (exercise videos, recipe builder, mindfulness, sleep, restaurants, etc.) I’ve attended the app academy a number of times too. Such a shame to have so many wonderful features included but many are difficult to remember where the heck they are hidden. The AWESOME perks included in the app should be easy for all to find via a search feature and not hidden for the young, determined, tech savvy members to find on a treasure hunt. That being said, for anyone still reading this far, join WW, I can’t say enough good things about it whether in person or online/ via app.

- Frustrating

I was either starving on WW or over-doing “zero point” foods and I could not see a way to stop … always trying to figure out what the heck to eat without blowing all my points before Wednesday. The activity monitor didn’t pick up on my cardio/stair-master workouts, which make me super hungry. I have a chronic illness and food is an issue for me because I don’t tolerate many foods well. I have anxiety over what to eat, and I cook most of my food, so tracking was tedious then portion sizes seemed unreasonably small… like if I wanted to eat pizza with my family on “game day” … two pieces and my points are gone for the day at 600-ish calories total then I’d eat a big sweet potato at around 400 calories and that was zero points then I’d have to try to figure out more zero point meals or dig into my reserves … … I gave up every week, for weeks. tormented myself, felt extra guilty, extra hungry, and I never made any progress. Once I lost about 5 lbs on WW but gained everything back the next week, and that was all the success I ever had. I’m good at maintaining my weight just can’t get back to a pre-medication-weight, so I am currently overweight and can’t wear any of my old clothes … going on four years now. I want to cry because the medication created new problems and I guess I’ll go back to counting calories.

- Nothing is perfect

The app is a helpful tool to have on the journey of living a healthy life. For all the good things there are some things that need fixing/tweaking. The barcode scanner is great. I'm not sure if there is maximum number of foods that can be stored in the scanned list but foods that I've previously scanned are not there. Tracking foods/meals is easy. Having frequently used items is convenient. Reviewing previous entries is a bit of a pain. You have to scroll, slowly, back through EVERY DAY instead of just going to a specific day. Having a water tracker on the home screen would be helpful. I use another app to keep me on track with water consumption. The weight tracking feature is good. The auto generated messages are cute and encouraging. The WW social media outlet, Connect, is like going to a meeting whenever you want! But....after using other (FREE) media outlets, certain features are expected. The ability to see things you've liked would be helpful. To "refresh" your feed requires scrolling, manually, back to the top!🙄. I'm committed to my lifestyle change so I'll continue to use the app.

- First real app that visibly holds me accountable for what I eat

I love this app. I have struggled with weight loss for over ten years now. Well I guess you can’t really struggle when you haven’t put forth an effort of trying to lose weight. However, this app is helping to change my mindset and the ways that I usually eat. I’ve been so used to eating whatever I wanted when I wanted that I forgot about the consequences. I was a gymnast for fifteen years and nationally ranked judo player for years but my mentality was that of, “I’ll keep this fit body forever.” Well it turns out you are what you eat. So it is the new year of 2020 and I have started this weight watchers program and intend to use it to get to my goal of 90 pounds lost. This app helps me see what I can and cannot eat and what I should eat less of. The point system visually lets you know that the choices you make are ones that will either benefit you or break you. So I choose wisely. We are in this together and this app has the community to back it up. There is nothing but support and groups of people that actually know the real struggles we face as an individual and as a group. This is a life changer.

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- A very carefully constructed way to lose weight.

In order to keep my weight manageable I have signed up and attended Weight Watchers meetings many times over a period of around fifty years. Because I almost always succeeded with Weight Watchers I had great faith in the meeting psychology and the weekly weigh in. Even though the app has been around for a few years now I didn’t think an app could possibly be as successful and avoided ever using it. But the Covid 19 pandemic has meant no more WW meetings. And like many I have sadly stacked on too much weight during our mandated lockdown and felt a positive outcome of being locked up would be come out of it having lost those extra kgs. So I downloaded the WW app six weeks ago and have faithfully stuck with the tracking and weigh ins. I’ve been amazed at the power of the tracking. I am hooked! The data base of the food and meal options is very good. The recipes are great to turn to when your tried and true meal options are getting a little stale. The exercise options are terrific and the always constant and positive vibe is quite addictive. I enjoy the companionship of the community so much. This is a really great App. It works and has been a wonderful companion through the hopefully latter stages of this pandemic.

- What and why I like about WW.

OK! I’m about 3 weeks into my 2nd round of ww. Not much weight to lose because I got to goal last time, but some health issues have led to some flab piling on again. I hated the app when I first got it - it’s quite complex and with nothing to explain how to do things I was completely lost at first. Old-fashioned trial-and-error helped and now I’m mostly on top of it. Now I think it’s great and a fabulous tool for people like me who like to figure things out for themselves. An e-mail with a down-load-able, printable file on “what-to-press to get-to-where on the app” would be extremely helpful, especially for newbies like me who are generally computer-literate, but not maybe particularly I.T.-savvy. What I like about WW is that it gives its members skills in not only how to lose weight, but in coping with the stresses of day-to-day as well as how to choose what we eat more carefully to stay healthy, which ultimately will see more of us being less of a drain on the health system. It educates its members.

- Bring back PP

Not really app related but feedback for WW as a whole. I love the program, I lost 20 kg quiet easily but then for some reason we changed to SP which I struggled with, then the zero point foods were introduced and weight loss stopped. It became very hard, not like PP at all where I could still have a coffee or a nice treat The very reason WW worked was the accountability ( tracking ) I don’t get how WW doesn’t see it goes against the very essence of what WW was and still should be ... it’s very disappointing, and like many people I’ve canceled my membership and joined groups where people still follow the PP plan It’s sad to feel like making the $$ by constant changes is more important than helping those who really needed this, and I get the new system works for some but WW has to realise it doesn’t work for all

- So easy to use and track

I love this app. I have only been using it for 1 week but it has made trying to lose weight fun. I love it so much that my Mum has signed up. I love that there are meditations, recipe options, zero point recipes to help guide you on days your getting close to your limit. Tracking is easy and if you connect your Apple Watch/Fitbit/Garmin it tracks your fit points for you. I feel like WW app if going to be the tool I need to shift my 6-7kg. I’ve already lost 1kg and feel like this could be a tool I use for life. Other diets I feel like I am starving myself, I feel like WW forces you to eat the good nutrient dense foods for 0 points. I love veggies, fruit (especially bananas 🍌) eggs and plain greek yoghurt! I feel like I am winning!!! Thank you WW!!!

- WW app

I really like using the WW app. I have lost 8 kilograms, Met my goal weight, have maintained this weight loss and am now a lifetime member. The app keeps me accountable in tracking my points and recording my weight. However, what I love mostly in the app are the fabulous recipes. I hardly ever make the same recipe twice. The healthy recipes that I cook in bulk are the key to my success. My only criticism with the recipe section of the app is that it does not specify how to prepare ingredients. For instance I know I need 2 carrots but should I shred or chop them? Ok I see I need 6 tomatoes should I cut them into big chunks or dice them? The older version of the app used to specify but the latest leaves you wondering on every food item especially fruit & vegetables. Please correct this then I would gladly give 5 stars! I pay $27 a month for this app and feel for that price everything in the recipes should be crystal clear.

- Disappointed!! I have rated this as 1 star ONLY because Zero isn’t an option.

I used the WW app a few years ago with great success- I lost 12 kg - the app was absolutely wonderful, easy to use, very intuitive. I loved it!!! I gave that app 5++ stars. This is a different app. It is a “DOWNGRADE”!! I am totally baffled as to why the “almost perfect” old one was replaced by such a clunky, difficult to use app. It does track points, which is great, but it takes 5x as long to do it. It’s hard to find recipes, there used to be many more search filters - eg based on meal types, points, special dietary requirements, cultures.... For example it was easy to find an Asian, vegetarian dinner under 7 points, now you can’t use filters to search, you have to search in dinners and read everything so there’s no way you’ll find anything quickly! That’s only one of the many amazing things the WW app has lost; along with many previously happy dieters, no doubt. Why was it changed?

- Pretty good

Quite enjoying the app, couple of things - firstly i often can't find the food i want to track, which is annoying enough i have to knock it down to 3 stars; secondly its not as intuitive as i hoped, it was 4 days before i got a grip on some of it (or even noticed it was in there)... probably mostly my fault as i didn't do much research, i was just expecting to count my food and not the other stuff like fitness and synching to apple health, and other stuff i'm still finding out about. But i'm glad the fitness and other stuff is in there, makes the experience much more useful. I do get lost in the app though sometimes and really feel like i may never find those interesting bits again later. Also messages pop up and disappear too quick sometimes, leaving me baffled. Hopefully most of this will become clear soon though.

- Activity sync issue

When you have a workout listed in activity the other steps for the day don’t sync it shows them as zero steps. Also it often blanks out other days in the activity tracker and I have to keep re-syncing to fill them all in. Often I find that the points earned in activity tracker can be disjointed as they don’t come out logically eg. 4000 steps earned 3 points but 3000 steps earned 5 or 6 points. That’s illogical earning more points for less steps!! How do I report this issue? There is no ability to report issues to developers from within the app. That’s a real flaw in design. The other aspects work quite well for daily food tracking etc. I hope you take these issues Into consideration in the future updates as they are really very frustrating.

- WW digital app

I love using the WW digital app because it makes everything about loosing weight so much easier as everything you need to succeed is at your fingertips. From counting points easily, tracking your weight loss each day/week, accessing 100’s of recipes, getting motivational messages to help keep you on track or being able to set personal goals. The digital app allows me to be a member of WW without me having to leave home which is especially good because the nearest meeting group to me is 45 minutes away. The app also allows me to quickly scan foods in the supermarket so I know exactly the points value of any item. I cannot recommend the app more highly. Thank you

- Track happy

The app makes it so easy to keep on track, literally and figuratively. Being able to track your food and exercise quickly and easily ensures it gets done. The addition of the barcode scanner to scan food right in....pure genius. Having the ability to add food on the scanner by having the nutritional information pop up on screen has further simplified the process. Oh and last but not least, having the message boards available by a quick click on the app means that if I'm not happy with how I'm tracking, or if I have something to celebrate, I can get help or praise from people going through the same journey (or the online coaches)

- Has a few technical issues

The app is generally pretty good, however it doesn't sync well; eg I can have the app open and be looking at it on my phone, but my watch says "You must login to the app on your phone". And despite having my Fitbit scale added to the app, I have to manually enter my weight as the app seems to have given up syncing with the scale since the weight moved to "my profile". It doesn't seem to be able to pick up the info from Apple Health either which it's set to sync with. Also, if I have to"create a new food" I generally just give up and go to the website to add it as it's so hard to find the option in the app. (I've stumbled on it once or twice so I do know the functionality is there somewhere) Once the bugs are sorted out I'm happy to update my review and give it 5 stars.

- When you consistently track - you do get results.

This food program really works, but like anything, it only works if you use it properly. This app takes the difficultly out of knowing what you should have and how much of it too. However, the knowledge in your hand is only useful when applied. Stick to your daily point limits, use correct measuring tools (scales, measuring cups and spoons, etc), earn those blue dot days (great new feature to help you focus on moderation throughout the week) and you will succeed. But at the end of the day, you must be the one who changes, as great as the app and program are they cannot do that for you.

- Great App but ......

This app is really important to me as this to track how I am going in my weight loss journey. I am unable to go to meetings SO it is vital Works simply and effectively. I often can’t find food???? I am aware that it is difficult to have everything and I am sure many are being added all the time. I didn’t understand what a “serve” was then that was equivalent to 1 cup. I am still not sure what “Individual” is. With my own recipes I believe the amount of SP given is for the Dish not the size that I will eat. Just a few things I’ve noted and still don’t understand. I find things and then after 3 days found them again, it could be me. If a few things were sorted out it would a 5! Today I will give you a 4.

- W W app - I’m in love

I live for the weight watchers app. I’ve wanted to lose 10kg for a long time and hadn’t really considered WW - meetings etc! I know reading other members posts that 10kg isn’t a lot but I’m only short! Anyway I stumbled across the App, and honestly haven’t looked back! Im half way to my goal. I love every part of it- The scanner is my fave especially when shopping! I love entering my food each day and calculating the points values. I love the WW recipes and use them nearly every day. Especially the gluten free section as I’m a celiac. So yes I love the app- it’s easy to navigate, interesting, full of great information and tips AND it’s easy to use. Thankyou WW 🙏

- Needed to chat and could not

I have only been a member for 10 days and urgently needed to ask a question about the app and when I tried to char I couldn’t . It came up with the message that there was a high load or something and it would take 3minutes to chat soo I waited and then after 3 minutes it said I’m can’t chat and I will need to come back another time and chat with someone else. The most frustrating thing was that it deleted my question, that was quite long, and so now I have to re type it and hope I can get someone to answer my question. Very frustrating. Anyway, the tracker app is good.

- Freezing

This app is ok but freezes too often and this means using it can become a pain. Consumer use should be seamless and it isn’t. Also sometimes searching for simple things is quite frustrating and not as intuitive as it should be. Otherwise it mostly does what’s needed. Update- this app continues to disappoint. When working it’s good but everyday there are issues with it freezing and being unable to access data. For people doing WW online this is irritating and time consuming. In addition the chat feeds jumps around when the feed updates and you find yourself back in posts you have read previously. Very annoying. It’s not snakes and ladders guys! You really need to sort this out. People pay good money for access to the app and it should work properly.

- My WW

I first joined and got the first month for $10 I think and found myself to be much healthier after the two or three months I was able to walk without breakfast just felt overall healither but I felt I wasn’t getting much for my money from the online app and thought I could do it myself it wasn’t long before I put the eight j lost back on and felt worn out again so this time I joined for 9months I’m pretty sure..... I’m getting much more support this time and feel like I can do it my sister us also sighned up for classes I don’t like crowds so I prefers online thanks so much

- Such a handy tool!

I’ve used the app for 5 weeks now and it is such a help with tracking food consumption, figuring out allowable points for food and for support. I love the scanner - so clever - and Connect is a great community for people who are all on their personal journeys, be they big or small, long or short! The whole program has been very well thought out to create success for all. The thousands of recipes available online is so handy and the recipes are delicious! I highly recommend this app and the whole program - it’s a live-it not a die-t!

- Registering activity points!!!

The only trouble I have is with the activities..... before I used to put in hydro therapy under Special activities ... now there is nothing! I do consistent water activities for 40-50 minutes.... do not know what to register them as! On other days ...... Also I do about 45 minutes of Physio therapy activities ... which include sitting cycling, using thera bands ( think that’s what they are called!) used for resistance training, sliders, standing/sitting form chair, using large ball for body raises as well as toe touching! Not sure how to register this activity!😜

- WW Newbie

Two weeks in & thanks to the app I find Wellness that Works the most easy eating regime of the zillions of programmes I have religiously tried over the last 30 odd years. The support through connect & chat is amazing & encouraging. Happy with my blue dots & weight loss to date. Find if I stay on track with my allotted 23 SP I loose weight each day. It’s also gr8 how it connects to Apple Health as I love variety in my weekly exercise program. WW is not time consuming or fiddly & the choice is yours to decide what to eat. The best thing is I never feel hungry or deprived.

- Online member

I’m absolutely loving the app. It’s so easy to use and I love that you can simply scan barcodes to see how many points different foods are. I always have my app open when I go shopping to decide whether or not to buy something! I also LOVE the “community” aspect of the app, it’s like a private Instagram for people signed up to weight watchers! It’s very inspiring reading people’s posts and sharing your own. Losing weight is easier with like - minded people around you!! Ps. Also love that it’s NOT a diet, it’s a lifestyle change - 5⭐️!!

- search function frustrating

This app is meant to be used to track food. The search function is pretty poor. Even if you have previously located a food and added it to your favourites, then you search for it again is does not show up! .unless all the words, brands, types, match and are in right order. Some basic foods are very hard to find or search for but show up instantly if you scan them. not show up at all in searches! Would love a better search function where it searches for more than just the first word to match. Please get improve this. Otherwise, this app has had a few great improvements, I like the connect part and progress features.

- I love using the WW app

I have two issues with the app that I find causes some frustration. The first is the variation in the measurements used for food items some are grams some are spoons some are serves I find it frustrating it is not consistent. The second thing is the items added by other uses such as when you scan there are so many errors on theses items and I think if the fields required were more structured ie every item info must be the 100 ml or gram info off the nutrition panel it would be more accurate and not left to the individual user to decide what qty they use.

- This app is my go to

The app is like my own coach in my pocket! It’s saved me on more than one occasion. It’s user friendly , with loads of features, tips, hints, recipes, click to chat options with coaches and a whole community of connectors at your fingertips. Recipes are easy to find, and most food brands are in the app which makes shopping a breeze as well as loads of restaurants already built in with Smart points attached. Can’t get any better than that! Thank you Weight Watchers for making my life EASY! Anna Van Dyken (Life Time Member)

- Game changer for weight loss

I am really enjoying this weight loss platform. It is easy to use, allowing privacy to lose weight at your own pace without fear and shame that can come from “public weigh-ins” and yet allows you to be as connected as you want with others in the Weight Watchers community. I find it extensive and very flexible to create recipes, track food in the go, plan ahead and also learn to make informed choices with food to balance weight loss with living life optimally.

- App good, could have more functionality

The app is useful for keeping track of what you’ve eaten, but I think it could be a lot better if it could be used to plan too. There’s no way to build a meal planner in the app, nor can I create a shopping list. I end up having to “track” my meals a week in advance and use that as my planner, and have to write my shopping list manually. Life would be easier if I could add recipes to a plan and then add them to a shopping list. Also, if I were able to adjust the quantities of the recipes, so I don’t buy and cook for four when I only need to feed two.

- The absolute best weight loss tool

This app is addictive. I’m so used to tracking my food now or simply scanning it in with the scanner Makes it easy. Without tracking I simply forget those little bits I’ve had. I’ve found using this easier to lose weight than I’ve ever done before. For the first time in my life, I think I might actually make it to goal.. There’s a 24 hour help is you need it or forget how to do something. Tracks exercise, support group, recipes, tips, and much more.

- Love WW but the app is buggy!!

Really loving the Weight Watchers program. I’m losing weight and not missing out. BUT ... the latest version of the app is very buggy and needs some refinement. Recipes can show one set of points and then change when I track them! This has nothing to do with the colour program I’m on either ... I’ll get sent a recipe from my wife and save it, but viewing and tracking display different points. The same goes for when I create the recipe myself. We’re both using the latest version so I’m not really sure why this happens. I hope it can be sorted out soon because the program really works well and the App should replicate it.

- Thanks

I have gradually been increasing in weight over years and haven’t known how to be truly accountable for every morsel that I put into my body. So many foods have so many more points than I would have thought, so this app is highlighting to me just where I can change my eating habits. I’ve made 16 meals which are in the freezer ready to go, so that I don’t need to scramble for a meal which might be out of my points range. This program is working for me and I’m extremely happy, so ‘thanks’.

- Issues with subscription

I really like this app - when I can get into it. I have paid the subscription but when I log in it says I dont have a subscription. I spent an hour on the phone to Apple who didn't do anything. I still can't use the app. I cancelled the subscription and re-subscribed. The money has gone from my account, I have an iTunes receipt, the subscription section says I have a subscription but when I log into the app it says I don't have a subscription. It's really frustrating. This is the second time this has happened. Weight watchers don't want to know about it and apple just say " well there are no errors". Useless.

- A bit clunky but useful

Great for tracking food but not particularly intuitive with too much scrolling and unclear at times where to find different things. Also the activity list can be different for different users. I raised this with connect and was told the activities I was looking for were there and to look again - kind of irritating when you’ve already checked several times. Also if there was a meal planning function that would be brilliant. I would then know what we are eating which night and be able to click straight to the recipes.

- Good content but a bit clunky

It would be much quicker to enter food consumed if the number field was type-in instead of the dial selection. It takes ages to scroll the dial to get 900 g of something in a recipe. I’ll also like to see the portion options expanded - Easy Diet Diary is much better in this regard as it offers selections like ‘a bite’ and ‘a serving’ (for foods that are sold as servings). The same app offers many more options for food preparation e.g if you select ‘chicken’ you then select the cut and then how it’s cooked - baked, fried, steamed etc. it’s also easier to find and add the same foods from previous days in Easy Diet Diary.

- Victoria

I really like the app, and being able to scan foods in the supermarket for their points value, but the monthly fee is way, way too much for what you get. No meetings and a useful app doesn’t make a weight loss program. I’m a lifetime member since 1972, and an age pensioner, and I struggle to pay the monthly fee. It should cost a lot, lot less! Maybe have an app where you can opt for some features and not others. I’m reviewing my use of the app in relation to the cost and will probably stop subscribing at this point and track on paper.

- So easy!

Everything at your fingertips to help on your weight loss journey. Tracking is easy with barcode scanner, recipes, even the ability to create your own recipes and it calculates the points. But not just food, activities so easy to keep track of with connection to Garmin and workout ideas, tracked once you complete them. But wait, there’s more!! Connect with others on their journey, mindfulness activities...so much inspiration in one little app!

- Good app, couple of thoughts -

I’m finding the app really useful and rich in content - it’s easy to track, the food and database recipe is huge, and most foods have a couple of ways to count them, which makes it super flexible. It also syncs to my fitness tracker, a super helpful feature. There’s a couple of things that would knock it out of the park - 1) tracking water 2) somewhere to write down your goals (eg for a week or a day or whatever) and 3) somewhere to record your measurements.

- Disappointed

Love the new look......but I agree 100% with kobogirl hate that I can't track multiple items in one screen it used to take 2-3 mins to track items it took 45minutes to track my food very frustrating having to go back to a different screen and having to scroll down each time!!!!!! App also freezes please please give us back the multiple track option so much quicker don't have time to track foods

- Best weight loss app!

Never thought I would be the size I am now! 27kg gone in 8 months. First signed up to the 3 month plan as I thought it wouldn’t work and didn’t want to commit to something that I thought would be useless. After 8 months on it, I have now changed over to the 12 month plan as I hope to reach my goal weight in the next 4 months but want to keep tracking and stay in good habits. Size 16-18 at the start and now down to size 10!!

- Winner

On the mountain of life, I’m grabbing for the oxygen, so its with an immense amount if experience I can honestly say Ive tried every diet available bar sewing my lips together.... All have been failures..... (insert drum roll) Until I was coerced in to accompanying her to WW.... Well, Ive lost weight, (sorry to the person who found it) I look positively stunning, My skin glows, I sleep better, the biggest bit is I feel wonderful, but the icing on the cake Sorry for the pun......ITS EASY..... the WW app is the turning point from miserable failure to success.....

- Cost of App

I have been using the app for a few months now & have had some small benefits to date and many more to come in the future hopefully, but I don’t understand the cost of $38 / mth to use and access the app. I feel this app could and should be much cheaper to run as it wouldn’t cost too much to keep running efficiently. I love the app, but just don’t see where my money is going each month & feel it should be at least halved to get more people into this lifestyle choice. Would you change the monthly cost or is it something that can’t be considered owners?

- Good but could be better.

I like the app but there are certain annoyances that stop me loving it. For example when you are creating a recipe why can’t you manually enter the weight of the ingredients rather than the scrolling function to find value you want? You can manually enter weight when tracking weight loss so why not the same for foods? Also when you have scanned a barcode why is it not the first option when you open the scanned foods list? Wouldn’t it be more sensible if it was listed by most recently scanned instead of alphabetically?

- Love the app but would love to see....

I would love to see the app add a “daily sum up” like at the end of day you can review how you are feeling that day. Not like a journal just a few sentences that are kept private not shared with the community. For future review like : no walk today due to rain. Or feeling..... I think it would be helpful. Also I loved in the paper diary you checked off how much water, fruit & veg I would love to have some emojis we can check off each day.

- Great but WW Connect needs tweaking

To the developer: I love this app and I love WW Connect but...I hate that I can’t open, enlarge or zoom in on any of the photos in my newsfeed. I hate that I can only see tiny thumbnails of member’s profile pics and once again I can’t select and enlarge their images. I keep forgetting and trying to click on pictures and it’s just so disappointing. I know it’s not meant to be social media but is there any way to build in this functionality? It would greatly improve the experience.

- Loving this app

I was always happy with the pp program and lost weight quickly. How ever I’m loving the new sp recipes ect. I started with the blue sp in January and even though I’ve lost the weight more slowly, I feel much better for it and have a greater understanding of why things have changed. I’m hoping this time I will be a lot more smarter maintaining my weight on the sp program than on the pp program. I’ve lost 12kilos to date, so very pleased with myself 🌈👍

- Major glitches

Don’t know why the app is so glitchy since upgrade. Doesn’t count fit points off Apple Watch anymore. I disconnected and reconnected like help center suggested but no better. Also my fit points just disappear. The exact same activity gets calculated with different values. For example 50 min cycling calculated at 6 points on one day and 12 on another. I can also eat well above blue dot limit and get blue dot. So frustrating.

- Just joined love it

I’m really enjoying the app! It would be so great if you could include in the app a shopping list option where you’d click your recipes for the week and it would give you a list and you tick off everything you have already. That would be handy. Also is there a measurement section where you can type in your measurements to track for cms lost. Other than that. Foods great.

- Love the program too many bugs with the app

I absolutely love the program and can’t sing its praises enough. I love the idea of the ease of using an app in my own home however I have had so many issues with the app that I’m starting to feel very frustrated, especially with the amount of money I am paying every month! Problems with the app closing down when trying to talk to an online coach, points not adding up correctly when trying to track and the app freezing up. Please fix the app so I can rate it the 5 stars I really want to give it! The app is not doing the brilliant program justice!

- Needs fixing

It’s getting better but has a way to go. So many things don’t work properly. If you select a walking activity and enter 60 minutes as the time then select the star to make it a favorite you would expect that the favorite would be a duration of 60 minutes. But no the favorite is for 15 minutes. So each time you select that favorite I have to manually change the time to 60 minutes. Worse still if you track the 60 min walking and then try to update it to 75 min it refuses to accept the update. Please fix these and many other bugs.

- Water tracker needed!

I like the app but would love to get a water tracker integrated into the my day overview. It would be so helpful! It would also be great to be able to have somewhere to do body measurements as well. Just like the weight tracker! I also found it hard to find recipes. Maybe this could be looked into in the next update? Otherwise, it’s really good. Easy to find points value with the barcode scanner!

- Everything you need

This app has everything you need at your fingertips. I haven’t found any issues with logging or finding the right food that others have mentioned, which put me off joining. There are heaps of recipes at your fingertips that you can automatically track a serving and the community is right there whenever you need a pick me up. Love this as an alternative to face-to-face meetings.

- Easy when you are out and about

The WW app makes tracking easy when out and about. The bar scanner is great and being able to create foods to check points helps makes better shopping decisions. It just lacks the ‘quick add’ function. I track everything I eat including points free foods, eg fruit, and would like to be able to add them the way I can on the website rather than look up individual items. Otherwise the app is s great tool.

Payoneer 💰

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- Weigh To Go

I have been to Weight Watchers a few years back and always struggled with the point system. I mostly just lost my weight by watching what I ate and working out. Club members always talked about the point system and how they loved it and I would sit there and listen and not say anything about my confusion with the points. I joined again two weeks ago, and this time I love using the WW app. I don't have to worry about counting the points as it does it for me. It took me a week to figure it out and watched some UTube videos to help me. I love how I can put in my own receipes, check favorites and there it is. I love how my Garmin sync's and shows my fit points and takes off a few points. I have tried a few of their receipes as well. I am not into the chats but this app makes my life of trying to lose weight a much happier experience.

- Weight Watchers

Easy to understand app. Facilitates tracking of food and activities. Can link Fitbit to track movement and award FitPoints. Clear and easy to read

- Super easy to use!

Easy to keep on track with the visuals

- Corrigez le français!

PU CAPABLE!!! L’application Canada français devrait être en français non? Vous venez de faire une mise à jour... vous auriez pas pus en profiter pour traduire tout le contenu? Même votre présentation de l’application dans apple store est pleine de fautes. Vous traduisez certains mots, mais pas d’autre. Et c’est sans compter les fautes de français!!!

- Ww app

Fairly often there are times when the app is down and I am unable to log my daily food intake. When I get back on I’ve forgotten points because it’s probably the next day


I’ve used WW for years, and they gave me an eating disorder! This is very dangerous, please go see a dietician instead! You don’t need to lose weight in order to be loved!

- Don’t Purchase Through App!

The app charges $70 for one month! If you buy online via WW it is $17 per month. You can sign up online via WW and then still access your account via the app without being so royally ripped off. 🤬🤬🤬

- Junk

Why do you have to pay over $69 PER MONTH to use this app?!?! We pay enough for weightwatchers, now this? Quite a money grab. If I could give it no stars, I would. The Fitbit app has the same features and it’s all free.

- Easy peasy

I cannot believe how easy and practical this app is. I was skeptical at first but now I find it so easy for me to stick to my daily food intake and exercise. Keeping track was one of the worse part of my daily task. Also the scanning option is amazing. I’m losing weight and cannot be any happier with this new tool. Thank you!

- Great app!

I love the WW app and it’s so easy to use! There’s so much information about food, recipes, mindset, exercises and meditation for just a few things. I am a lifetime member and WW has improved so much every year! 👍👍

- WW app

I love this app as it’s so easy to track with food & recipes.

- Measurements

Love the app but wish there was place to include your measurements.

- Great app

Love the WW app. Easy to use helps me control what I eat.

- Awesome app

So many great features it’s worth getting it just for the recipes

- Great!

Love this app! Keeps me on track!

- Life style buddy

The app is the best buddy, keeps you on track, encourages and holds you accountable 👍

- Love the app

This has so much to help us on our journey Really love the recipes

- Love the app

It would be even more perfect if I could enter recipes to give me point values

- Ellie in the north

Love the app

- My conscience

The app allows me to make the right choice in the moment. I use the barcode scanner when I go shopping all the time.

- Love this app

This app is awesome

- Great app

It's user friendly and I love using it for tracking.

- Weight watchers app i

I love this app and the improvements they are making all the time

- Easy peasy

Love how easy this app is to track food and activities. One negative sometimes there are technical problems. But the ease of using this app far outweighs any technical problems.

- Tracker, A Helpful Key to My Journey to become Healthy!

I use this app daily and I find it invaluable in my journey to good health. I am pleased that WW connects to Fit Bit as the two tools are so helpful in supporting/creating a better life for me. Thanks you WW. 🤗 L

- Keeps me on track

I love everything about this app. The tracking of food, exercise and water intake are my favourites.

- WW Rocks!

Great app. Easy to use! A must for keeping on track!

- Postian

Couldn’t do it without my WW app! Love it!

- Love it

Keeps me focused

- Support

My only contact with WW I do need the connection to support my weight goal I have been unable to find my own Ww group on line My meeting was Saturday am off Baseline rd in Ottawa

- So convenient!

This app has been a lifesaver for me! Makes it so easy to scan and track everything. I haven’t had any issues with the app itself since starting to use it in December.

- WW 2022

Love it-especially the recipes, what’s on your fridge, and so easy to use! Nothing hard about this one.

- Kathy W

The app is wonderful. Useful tools and information.

- Complet

Tout y est : recettes, conseils, motivation, mise en forme, facile à utiliser et un conseiller nous répond en quelques minutes pour toutes nos questions !

- Super! Simple et facile d'utilisation !!

J'adore la nouvelle façon de compter les points et activités!!

- The Big Easy

I love the app. It’s so easy to keep track of your eating, activities & related info. The scanner to use while shopping saves allot of time, look up point count for an item before eating and all nbr of things with the app

- WW app just works

The WW app works so well to keep me accountable. Great recipes, tips, and motivation 👌🏻❤️

- Ww


- Luv the app

It is a great tool!

- Review

This app has helped me immensely. It has helped me wh8e I am doing great and it has gotten me back on track when I’m away for a bit..

- Excellent App

Ease of use, valuable info

- MY review

It’s a great application. It would be nice to have the same options at the website

- Great app but needs 2 more things

What is needed in the cookbooks is the barcode for each recipe, so that you can just scan the barcode and track your meal that way. I made something from the cookbook last night but was unable to find the recipe when I searched for it. I had to manually enter the recipe and the points came out different/higher🤨The most important thing that this app needs is to pull in the data from my Garmin activity tracker as soon as it has been synced. It takes so long, so long, for my daily steps to be uploaded into the weight watcher app. It’s super frustrating😠

- Love this app!

Great tool! Super recipe ideas! Integrates with Apple Health. Wish some recipes were more detailed in instruction.

- WW APP~I have not changed my mind!Absolutely love this app!

This tool , used by weight watchers everywhere , is the absolute best accountability tool for anyone that really wants to lose weight! I love it because it gives you so many options, in food choices, in portion sizes, in vegetables, desserts, for everything! If you have used most of your daily points, you can still find something under the WW foods points guide , that you can use for a meal! If you are really organized you can plan and log your food at breakfast time for the whole day! So you know what points you have left just by looking! It keeps you on the right track! The app Connects you with so many people in the same position, you are NEVER Alone! It is GREAT!

- Love this app.

Very easy to use and it keeps me on track. Love it b

- Hi

It’s great love it

- Awesome

The app is so easy to use and very helpful.

- Très facile à utiliser.


- Intuitif

Facile à utiliser et simple! Ça donne envie de poursuivre

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WW (formerly Weight Watchers) 10.11.0 Screenshots & Images

WW (formerly Weight Watchers) iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

WW (formerly Weight Watchers) iphone images
WW (formerly Weight Watchers) iphone images
WW (formerly Weight Watchers) iphone images
WW (formerly Weight Watchers) iphone images
WW (formerly Weight Watchers) iphone images
WW (formerly Weight Watchers) iphone images
WW (formerly Weight Watchers) iphone images
WW (formerly Weight Watchers) iphone images
WW (formerly Weight Watchers) iphone images

WW (formerly Weight Watchers) (Version 10.11.0) Install & Download

The applications WW (formerly Weight Watchers) was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2009-09-19 and was developed by WW International, Inc. [Developer ID: 331308917]. This application file size is 308.68 MB. WW (formerly Weight Watchers) - Health & Fitness app posted on 2022-04-28 current version is 10.11.0 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.weightwatchers.wwmobile