BA II Plus™ Financial Calc

BA II Plus™ Financial Calc [Finance] App Description & Overview

See the capabilities of the most advanced financial calculator from Texas Instruments — the BA II Plus™ Professional calculator. This calculator is a great choice for business professionals and college students, in both corporate and university settings.

• Performs Time-Value-of-Money (TVM) calculations including annuities, loans, mortgages, leases and savings
• Generates amortization schedules
• Calculates IRR, MIRR, NPV and NFV for cash-flow analysis, storing up to 32 uneven cash flows with up to four-digit frequencies and edit inputs to analyze the impact of changes in variables
• Choose from six methods for calculating depreciation, book value and remaining depreciable amount
• One- and two- variable statistics, including list-based and editable, and four regression options: linear, logarithmic, exponential and power
• Breakeven, profit and percent difference calculations
• Date function to determine days between dates
• Evaluates bond prices and yields “to maturity” or “to call”
• Scientific capabilities include trigonometric and logarithmic functions
• Memory stores 10 values and Constant Memory retains them
• Choice of chain and Algebraic Operating System methods
• Key click sounds enabled optionally via Settings
• Switches to second functions quickly with the one-touch 2nd function key
• TVM P/Y=1 default matches current BA II Plus™ and BA II Plus™ Professional calculators

• Accounting
• Economics
• Finance
• Marketing
• Mathematics
• Real Estate
• Science
• Statistics

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BA II Plus™ Financial Calc Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Adds the BA II Plus™ Professional calculator features • Support for split screen and landscape modes • Ability to copy scalar calculation results to other apps To report issues and help us improve our apps, please email us at

BA II Plus™ Financial Calc Comments & Reviews

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- Change It Back

Am updating my original review. I HATE the new format. Before it had the same look and feel as my computer. Now it doesn’t look anything like any calculator. Ugh 😠😠😠 Original Review (previous 5 stars): I just downloaded to iPhone 6S and had none of the resolution issues previously mentioned. This app works just as well as the original calculator. I believe the reviewers claiming a glitch skipped a set-and-forget step they did 20 years ago when following the book's instructions - be sure to set p/y =12. After that, everything functions just fine. Love this! One less device to carry around.

- Great App, Same as Real BAII Plus

This app exactly mimics the BAII Plus Professional Edition calculator in layout and functionality. I bought this app while studying for the FM/2 so I would not have to worry about forgetting my calculator at home while out studying. The buttons on the calculator are a little on the small side, so you have to be conscientious of your typing so you don't accidentally tap the wrong button. Other than reshaping the buttons, I see no way around that problem, so I don't count it against TI. I'm giving the app four stars because, although the app is fantastic and an excellent mobile version of its physical platform, the price is way too high.

- Ok but had issues

I bought this, because we use the TI-30 in my Statistics class and it works great, so I figured that the app, although more expensive, would be more convenient and would work exactly the same way to input variables. unfortunately it does not and it has basically been unused since. Please fix it to more adequately mirror the input and usage of your excellent TI-30 calculator.

- Please Provide a Free Upgrade to the Professional Version

This is a great tool and although I have both versions of the calculator in my home, I would much rather have the professional version on my tablet. I think anyone who is buying this software for iOS is more likely to be a professional user, so it doesn't make sense to constrain us to the student version of the calculator. I would give this application 5 stars if it were the professional version but I have to limit my rating to 3 stars for the student version. PLEASE PROVIDE A FREE UPGRADE!

- Landscape mode needed

This is my go to for any finance calculation and I wish I could use it anytime for basic calculations. As I use my iPad so very much (Pro 12.9”) I have to use something else without the ability for it to be used in landscape mode. Please Please Please, add landscape AND the ability to open this side by side/hide. I will change this review to 5 stars if that happens, but until then, for the price, this should be embarrassing that these two capabilities have never been addressed.

- Great app with some glitches

Generally speaking, this is a great app like the physical BAII Plus Professional. But unlike the physical calculator, there are some functions missing. So far, the missing functions that I've found are as follows: 1. By using CF keys, there is only NPV, no NFV, PB, DPB, which are one or several steps further from NPV calculation. 2. By calculating IRR, there is no MIRR, which is unlike the physical calculator. Hope these missing functions can be added soon.

- Upgrade to professional needed

As previously stated this app is really aimed more at the professional but even as a student you are taught and expected to calculate these missing functions such as NFV. I do not see the point in even offering the basic version - the professional version should be the only app available. An upgrade is in desperate need. Great financial calculator but fails due entirely to the missing functions. Deserves more stars - short sighted of the developer.

- Works As Promised

I am a real estate broker of 34 years. I depend on my BA II plus to compute monthly payments for clients. This app works exactly as promised. It mirrors my standalone calculator. I was able to get directly through to customer service and they helped me with my issue. I like the fact that you can actually get to speak with someone if you have an issue. Great product!

- New design is frustrating

I don’t understand why the new design of the calculator doesn’t use 100% of the screen’s real estate? The new design has a WORTHLESS black band on either side of the calculator, forcing the buttons to be unnecessarily small. Next “improvement” should be to remove these black bands so that 100% of the iPhone’s screen real estate is used. It seems so logical, a company like Texas Instruments should be able to figure it out.

- That interface!

I downloaded this app a couple of weeks ago (on/about 2 December 2019) for class work. I love it, it has great functionality. It would seem last night an update was pushed out that totally ruined the GUI. I liked that looked like a real calculator. Now it looks like the standard iPhone calculator with extra buttons. So boooooring. Please change the GUI back!

- Need to reset constantly

Clearing multiple times still doesn’t reset the functions properly. Calculating known equations consistently brings up incorrect calculations. You have to go through the entire reset function every equation to ensure you get the correct answer. The reliability of this is extremely poor. For the price, you are better off getting a real calculator or downloading a different app for the assurance that you will actually get the correct calculations. Very disappointed

- This works!

I tried using Mirr on the ba ii plus before with two different calculators this by far is what I trust and use for investments. Who cares about display but some touch feed back would be great also knowing what you typed in on the tmv so you don’t forget

- Does the absolute bare minimum

This app opens full screen on an iPad with no way to be used split screen with other apps. For a calculator app, that is ridiculous. Also, the majority of people who are purchasing this app are professional users since clearly students wouldn’t be able to use it on exams anyway. So TI, please give us the professional functions!

- Please bring the old user interface back

I think people who purchase this app know exactly what they are looking for - replication of the same physical calculator. I don’t need the professional version and just want the same interface as the physical calculator. Please 1) bring the old interface back as I need to be familiar with the layout of the calculator during exams and 2) provide an option to go with the non-professional version.

- Nice update

The recent update to the Ui makes it easier to punch in numbers. Before it was a mirror or emulator of the calculator which didn’t provide a good user interface. I am glad to see development work continuing

- Works Great!!

This is just like professional version I usually use, only it’s way cheaper than buying a replacement. Would definitely recommend!

- Difficult to present

I find it can only display vertically but not horizontally on screen. It is useless in term of education purpose since the students can’t read sideways on screen.

- Horrendous Update

I agree with others that paid for the app that replicates the actual TI BAII Plus. I paid for an app knowing what I was getting, and I now feel I have been cheated from my money. This new user interface is terrible. Please, bring back the old app, or give the app user the ability to use the old version. I have to question who at Texas Instruments thought this new app looked good.

- Great but...

Please provide an option to upgrades to professional. This would change my rating as it should be something that you offer those who want to utilize their iPhone when a calc isn't available.

- Perfect Student Version

Does not emulate the Professional model. For example, does not calculate NFV like the professional does. Great app. Use it multiple times every day. Wish HP would take as much pride in their 12C.

- Nice Upgrade

I’ve had this app for 7 years, and they recently changed it to work with bigger screens, and they improved the look. I love it. So handy!

- Great app but...

Like the other user reviews, I would prefer the professional version. If there was an option for the professional version I would give this app 5 stars.

- Needs an upgrade

I have used BA II for years and like the features over other options. But this app needs to be updated to include features like rotation and split screen. Very awkward to use on an iPad as it exists today.

- I want my OLD calculator back

Dudes! What in the world are you thinking? The whole point of this app is to emulate the old calculator that we all loved. By making it look like any other calc, I might as well use the built in Apple calc. So disappointing. If I could have written the review with NO stars I would have done it. Way to screw-up a great app. “Thanks a pant-load!”

- Do not like the new interface

I wish I would not have updated. The old interface was easier to read since it matched to my physical calculator.

- Great app

Great app and very easy carry out everywhere. But I rather the previous appearance since it makes me feel like I’m using a real calculator and never confuse.

- New UI is terrible

Really TI? This has got to be the cheapest looking update to an app’s UI. Clearly the latest update was an attempt to give it a new clean appearance — except it’s gone horribly wrong. Everything runs together. Now left with either a nagging update badge icon or losing a once beloved app to an amateurish UI.

- Hate the update

I loved this app for years because it is like having my normal BA2 plus in my pocket at all times. Out of nowhere they change the look and add useless black bars to the sides. I started using the free Apple calculator. Don’t buy it until they change it back.

- Disappointed with new UI

I am like so many users who loved the look of the app when it looked just like the Business Analyst and the UI was perfect - it has now been ruined with an amateurish UI that takes away its unique look among Apple calculators. Bring back the old UI PLEASE!!!!

- Interface is terrible

It’s still a good calculator but the interface is horrible. Put it back to the way it was.

- Found it difficult

Found it difficult to do a simple payment. Tried to follow the instructions to a T. But I knew the answer was wrong after several tries. I found the HP 10Bii much more straight forward and accurate. That's just me.

- Need to update date range

Please update default date range so people in fixed income can prove bonds with maturities after 2049. Currently, all dates after 2049 are displayed with years in the 1900’s ie 1950, not 2050.

- Wrong results.

Have used ti ba calculators since they existed. This app does not give correct results. Have been waiting for an update for approximately two years now to fix, but no update forthcoming. Don’t waste your time with the current app.

- Ok for Phone, Bad for IPad

Two changes need for this to be a great (perfect?) app. 1. Make a professional version available (free?) 2. Make it compatible for IPad with rotating screen etc.

- Why?

Why did you change a perfectly fine app that actually resembled the calculator into some low qualify sci fi phablet looking device? This app was not broken, and somehow you made it worse. The best perk of the app was that it looked like the physical calculator.

- My favorite calculator... Back again!

Great to have it back.

- The new format is terrible!

Please allow users to change back to the old format. The new layout is awful. I updated my app today and am mad that I can’t change the format back. Texas Instruments wrecked a good app.

- Bad views size on iPhone 5s

The last update in not fit with iphone 5s screen , since it is narrower than the phone screen. Seems only fit with the newer iPhone version only. Get me back the old calculator version

- Does not work correctly

The app is not able to correctly calculate annuities, which is obviously a serious problem. Do NOT buy this calculator until this error has been corrected.

- Today's update is aweful

My first ever app review. The update today is a travesty. I did not request the new features and paid full price for the app knowing what I was getting. Now this update is unusable. Please refund me so I can look elsewhere.

- Go back to original look!

Why did you update the look? It no longer has the classic calculator appearance.

- Really not worth it

Its a short of the actual calculator by a lot. Not worth the price, this should be a free download. Horrible business move Texas Instruments.

- Change it back

One of the main reasons I bought this app was because of the cool retro look. Now it looks stupid.

- I hate the new interface!

The new interface makes it nothing like a ba2plus

- Updated app

Everything looked and worked fine until... the update. Please go back to prior version. This is my first review EVER of an app, the update is simply that bad to work with.

- Hate the update.

I love the calculator, but hate the update. Now it is significantly smaller and leaves water space in the margins.

- Version Update

Loved this calculator until they updated the look. Calculator keyboard is smaller now and is horrible. I just want the original calculator back. Do not recommend.

- Back to the original layout

Prefer the old format, have to question design change

- Does not compute annuities correctly. I tried downloading many times.

Does not compute annuities correctly. I tried downloading many times. I want a refund.

- Great app!

Awesome calculator app. It works just like the real financial calculator.

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- Great but..

Great app. Two feedbacks though: 1. Please update for iPhone X. 2. Please give an option whereby every time a button is pressed there is haptic feedback or some sound. Would be more user friendly that way.

- Dislike the new ui

Do not like the new ui in this latest version. Change it back to the old one. Especially the app icon...looks outdated and tacky. Definitely took a step back

- Functional but needs to be updated

This application does feature match the calculator, and is certainly helpful if you are doing CFA to always have this with you. However, as another review suggests, this application needs to be updated. First it does need to be updated to support the multitasking that has been in iOS since version 3 (now nearing 2 years old). Also it really should get a retina screen update for iPhone 4. Of course a universal binary to allow for a more native experience on the iPad wouldn't hurt either. I emailed TI today and they don't seem to have a timeline to upgrade this application which is a real shame, especially given the extremely high price.

- Very good app. Old skin better

Very capable app but prefer the old skin. Can you please bring it back?

- Excellent for quick practice

This is a great application, really handy and well worth the price. If you're studying finance or planning to sit the CFA, this makes for an excellent portable calculator that you can carry with you everywhere, so you're practicing on the same calculator you'll be using in your exams. Has helped me out heaps, and helped cut down the stuff I need to carry around each day. It would be good if they build the guide books and help into this application to aide learning the calculator. I highly recommend this! Hopefully TI will release the N-Spire next, for all of my other calculator needs.

- All is Great but needs update to multitask!

App is perfect. Just as the real calculator. Only problem I have with it is that it needs an update to allow it to multitask. That is, I have to wait for the app to start up every time I want to use it. Its not that big of a deal but it would have been smoother if I didn't have to wait for it to load every time!

- Vital App for any financial professional

I am a Mortgage Broker that has been using a Texas Instruments BAII plus calculator for years. This app is brilliant! It does have the exact capabilities as the actual calcluator. Response times are instant. The only downfall is it could do with a help function and guide book to learn how to use the calculator to it's full potential - hence the 4 stars.

- Great Work

Fantastic to see my favorite calculator on iPhone. Only thing from not making this five stars is lack of reference guide. With my normal BAII, I keep it handy for less used functions. Can you include some kind of link in the next version? Thanks.

- Don't buy until display issue is fixed!

The display of the calculator is not showing correctly. Therefore it is hard to read so it is useless until developer fixes the issue.

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- I want BA II Plus back

The developer stole the large BA II Plus calculator and replaced it with a tiny BA II Plus Professional calculator. Because they put a stupid header and footer on the professional version, the keys and display are about 20% smaller. Why would a developer shrink the screen and advertise their brand name in the header area? I would be embarrassed to put my name on an app that is smaller and less useable than a knock-off BA II Plus app that sells for less! I bought the brand-name BA II Plus that worked great for a year before they shrunk it on me with this latest free update (actually THEFT of a product that worked for me just fine beforehand).

- Hard to use after update

It becomes hard to use after the update

- Size

The update is fine (although it took ages), except now the actual calculator has shrunk. Before it covered the whole screen and it worked OK, but now the buttons are smaller and I keep hitting the wrong keys. C'mon guys, fix this already!

- Landscape and split screen people

Come landscape mode and split screen capability on ipad? That is just lame.

- After 23 devoted years, the new format ended my love for the BA II plus

I gave myself a good chance to adapt to the new format but it has lost the appealing defined buttons. I wish we could have the option to choose among formats but we are forced to use this new look which just looks so small and generic. It’s not what I bought and I’d never buy this mundane impractical style.

- Not a fan of the update

The new update does not take up the whole screen and is smaller then the previous version. Very disappointing.

- No landscape view on iPad!!!

I simply cannot believe this calculator cannot be viewed in landscape on iPad!!


I bought this calculator originally 28 years ago as a standalone calculator. When I got an iPhone, I look for it and found the app. which costed 1/3 what I paid originally for the standalone calculator. All my functions have always worked for Canadian mortgages, US mortgage & any kind of loan payments.

- Need retina display & manual

Even a $3.99 app has a manual...

- It seems to work then stop

I have been having a lot of trouble with the calculator. I have uninstalled the app and then reinstall it. It seems to work then with time value of money or mortgage calculation.

- 2nd function key not working

I bought this app so that I can calculate mortgages for clients. The 2nd function key does not work so you can't get the amortization period right. The app is completely useless to me right now. I've emailed tech support 2 months ago and got no response.

- Won't download on iPhone 6S

I have been using this app for along time and it works great but it now won't download onto my iPhone 6S. Please fix, it's an awesome calculator app.

- Need Manual

Why does this app not come with a user manual. It's a good calculator, but the app should link somehow to an instruction manual. Especially at this price of $14.

- Really convenient!

I was looking for this a while back so I'm really happy to see it finally released. What I'd like to see is some of the BA II professional functions, also one tiny graphical thing I like to see changed is the bottom button embossing it looks very jaggy and not smooth it's a dumb thing but it looks off.

- Mal fonctionnement (removed 2nd key flip view)

Mal fonctionnement (removed 2nd key flip view) Ous avez changer le mode de fonctionnement, S.V.P. revenir au mode de fonctionnement antérieur, Je N'airaity pas acheté cette calculatrice électronique avec la touche 2nd qui ne change pas les valeurs des autres touche Je crois que c'est un mal foncftionnement de votre application je demande un remboursement...

- Thanks for the update

It works on iPad now, thanks for the update.

- Great!

Love the app. One of my profs actually recommended it to us. Great calc, love how it looks with iOS8. New feature suggestion: option to remove some buttons that are not used often/at all and then have remaining buttons resize???

- Best

Best financial calculator! Worth the money.

- Buggy

Since iOS 8, all the buttons and numbers became so small, making this app hard and awkward to use!

- Doesnt respect operation rules

It doesnt respect operation rules, when you press one of the basic functions, it will always sum first, which isnt the case with a regular BA II Plus. Not worth the money unless they fix this major bug.

- Does not rotate!!

One of the most desired function is to be able to rotate if you have an iPad. Paid quite high when there are less than half priced ones available in the market, trusting the Texas Instrument brand name. Which should consider putting the rotate function when they know how to price it quite high but do not know what the iPad consumer needs.

- So far so good

Bought this app knowing it would be convenient since I always have my ipad. I've only had it for 5 minutes and have a small issue, the sound the keys make are horrible. I'm aware that I can mute it, but I would like to hear when I hit a button. Please update the sound to a more crisp clicking sound.

- Great App

Anyone studying finance/stats/accounting. This is the App for you. I never have to worry if I forgot to bring my calculator. I now always have it on my iPad !

- Awesome

Thought there was no key tap sound but found it in settings... Awesome!!

- Ba II plus

When you are in web by hotspot or in phone by blu tooth. I lost some fonction that i can not use the app. I ave to log off my hotspot and restart software for use it.


The flip view in version 1.0 was the feature that made this app better than the real calculator. With version 1.1 the flip view has been removed, which is why I have not upgraded. It is beyond belief that the supplier of this app does not recognize what a great thing they had with flip view!

- Déception

Le contenu de cette app est parfait, si ce n'était pas de ma ligne de gauche complète qui est absente 2 fois sur 3. Ce n'est vraiment pas pratique et m'a mis en mauvaise situation. Cette app coûte 14$ donc il serait souhaitable de pouvoir s'y fier pour le travail.

- Functional. Ugly. Boring. Silent. Poor keyboard experience.

Perfect emulation of the BA II Plus financial calculator, but a terrible app. The app processes and operates exactly like the calculator. However, this app could use the following improvements: -"click" sound when touching the screen could be improved. It needs faster sounds that don't overlap eachother when the user quickly taps the screen. -optional "above the finger preview" of each button that is touched. This would help the user see precisely where they are tapping the screen. Like the stock iPod touch keyboard. -improved visual appeal (take advantage of the Retina display). -it needs an in-app "info" or "settings" toolbar that allows the user to at least give direct feedback, or change some optional audio/visual settings. -swipe functions would make for faster calculations, ie. To clear the display, swipe the screen from left to right. Far from a 5 star app. PLEASE UPDATE THIS APP!! I want to give it 5 stars.

- What is it with Texas BAs and failing at key rollover???

The (real, physical) Texas BA is fairly well designed on the whole but has a huge design flaw. Basically they utterly failed to implement 2-key rollover in the way that any other calculator does. Try it with a real one: hold down a key (say '3'), keep it down and release another (say '4'), now release 3, and then release 4. The BA completely ignores the 4 key! This situation happens all the time when entering numbers quickly with 2 fingers. People are often confused as to why the calculator missed digits. So onto this iPhone software version- the engineers fixed the case I described above, but incredibly they left the following bug! Try pressing and holding '3', then press and release '4', then release '3'. Amazingly the software BA has registered '43'! This calculator is only useful to me for helping out students who like to use it for TVM calculations, I would never use it myself unless I had to.

- Good but could be better.

This App works almost as well as the real BA II Plus financial calculator. However, in my opinion, it needs two critical improvements to make it great. First, it really needs a better resolution (i.e. HD resolution optimized for iPhone Retina Display). Secondly, it could be a bit more responsive. Apart from these two quibbles, it is a good App overall.

- Functional but not pretty

Works just like a BA II plus. Needs retina display support. @ $15 I expect retina display support. Also I expect multitasking support. I don't see why the app has to relaunch everytime. For those 2 flaws I subtracted 2 stars. Let's hope for some updates.

- Excellente Application

Je m'en sert quotidiennement dans ma profession, j'avais acheter il y a plusieurs année la meme soit celle physique et maintenant je ne m'en sert plus du tout. Alors si vous avez besoin de ce genre de calculatrice n'hésitez meme pas elle vaut largement le prix que l'ont demande pour.

- Needs update

Pls update for retina display (would be 5 stars)!! Otherwise this is a great App

- Just like the actual BA II Plus calculator!!!

Even though I have the actual calculator, I bought the app version for convenience. Based on other people's reviews, I decided to buy it and it's exactly like the BA II Plus. I still use the actual calculator, but the app is great to have in case I forgot the calculator (which has happened once) or something happened to it. The only thing that's missing is the manual. I know you can get it online, but it'd be nice to have it with the app for convenience.

- Iphone 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cmon TI Get!!! with the program... 16 bucks a pop... Cant afford upscaling a little application? Thats weak as hell...

- Tous les jours

Comme courtier immobilier, je l'utilise tous jours. Ma calculatrice accumule de la poussière depuis que j'ai telechargé cette app. Un peu chère quand même pour une app. Il y en a une à 1.99$ qui semble être une bonne competition...

- Just like the actual one!!

Well I have both the Plus and the Plus Professional but I totally forgot them at home while I had was doing some homework somewhere. Downloaded the app over 3G and it was good to go. Good job Texas Instruments

- I had 2 BAII+

Simply outstanding. Exactly like the calculator. I mean exactly. If you are in finance you are either an HP guy/gal or a TI. If you are the later, just get it and you'll never be in a meeting wishing you packed your calculator. Thank you!


This is just GREAT! I no longer have to carry around my BAII PLUS with me.. I can just use the one on my iphone. And for people wondering, this application will keep the modifications you do to it's memory such as changing the C/y and P/y to lets say 12 and 2 for morgages. So even if you close the application, once you open it again the values will still be what you last gave them just like the normal BAII plus. It's a great buy! Don't be fooled by the free 3rd party version out there it's NOT true BAII plus and it doesn't keep the modifications you do to it.. this one is absolutly worth it and half the price of the "normal" one!

- Woot.

Will not let you down. Seriously, get it. You have a choice, make it.

- So nice!

I am having this TI calculator. I was use to carry it all day. Now... Just the iPhone can do it perfectly!

- Great App!

Just like the real thing...amazing TIBAII+ Calc...

- BAII has been with me...

... since college and university. Now that I'm studying for my professional accreditation I'm happy to see it so easy to access on my iPhone! Now if someone can get my TV remote on here, we'll be cookin' with gas!!!

- Good calculator at a good price

Excellent the same as the real thing

- Top notch

Exactly like my real BAII. Now I have it with me at all times! Works great

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- Prefer original UI

I don’t like the new UI. TI should provide a setting to revert back to the original UI that looked like the physical BA II+ calculator.

- New design leaves much to be desired

I much prefer the old design

- Worst update

I wanna the old version back because the old version looks like the same as real calculator!

- Glitchy - would like refund

Product has material glitches. Can't clear cash flow memory.

- Please update took use modern features

For $15 this should support split view. I can't recommend this.

- Hate the new display

Loved the old version. Hate the recent update. I want the old display back (version 1.4).

- Resolution Update Needed

Resolution update for new iPhone versions would be nice.

- Does Not compute

This app doesn't seem to work. All the answers are coming up incorrect. I want my Money back.

- Change it back

The update is not good. The keys are microscopic. It doesn’t look or feel correct. Why pay for a BA II Plus app if it’s just another lame calculator app? We originally paid for a BA II plus EMULATOR. And it WAS but now it isn’t. Guys.... lame.

- Don't get

Awful. Didn't get the same answers as other calculators.

- Ruined by update

Pro upgrade ruins the app. No longer the product I purchased

- No ratation?

I use a keyboard case for my ipad which require me to position my ipad in a horizontal orientation. The app does not rotate in response. I would expect a $15 app like this one to at least have that most basic feature. I downloaded another app for just $5 which does the exact same thing and DOES rotate. Fix this issue.

- ugliest layout - why was this “updated”. avoid

total waste. avoid until they return to its old layout.

- New design

New design is terrible

- NF cannot use the nfv pb dpb

NF function does not work

- Bad

Not worth it

- Great for away from the office meetings

I don't need precision to 9 decimals because I'm not sending man to the moon using my iPhone. I don't mind the couple seconds that the screen takes to load because my job doesn't require me to load and close this app constantly all day long. It is expensive for an iPhone app, but way less so than buying the actual calculator. That is a great value; after all we aren't buying Angry Birds here! It is a financial calculator!! As such it simply and easily illustrates financial scenarios. Those change constantly in real life, so as long as its close enough I don't understand all the crazy reviews freaking out about the values being off by a ten-thousandth or whatever. If you are going to write a contract with legally binding numbers go get the real calculator, or buy industrial strength software and stop crying about this really fine looking (pixelation and blurry - seriously?) and fine working application that is way easier to have at a meeting away from the office than the big real calculator!

- It Works Perfectly

I have used the Texas BA II Plus for about 20 years. I'm a mortgage banker. The software version of this calculator works exactly like the handheld version. I noted that someone complained that the I/Y key doesn't calculate properly. That is not true. Just like the handheld version of this calculator, you have to set that key to 12 by pressing 2nd I/Y then enter 12. This is the only calculator that I use and it has always worked that way. So there is no need to divide the interest rate by 12. I have owned other calculators and most work the same way. Go ahead and download this app with confidence if you are in the Real Estate field. As for other uses, I have no comment.

- Great Tool

This iPad version of the TI BA II Plus is just as good and accurate as the handheld version. I read all of the posted reviews, but couldn't believe that the ap had the problems and glitches described. I suspected that the reviewers just didn't know how to work the sophisticated tool. All of the features about which previous reviewers complained are simply the result of not knowing how to use the calculator. Amortization works fine, payments are computed correctly when the proper number of payments per year is entered. I suggest that the operating manual be made available to those who can't work this valuable tool. I am very happy to have this ap on my iPad.

- A great tool for on-the- students and professionals

This is a great calculator app from TI that says exactly what it does: it represents the TI BA II Plus which is used within the business and finance field everyday. As a CFA candidate this is an invaluable tool when it isn't feasible to carry your own stand alone calculator and you want to run through some practice problems. It's also a great tool for Mortgage Banker/Loan Officers who prefer TI's design over HP's products. The app works well and fast. It is accurate and was tested through problems from CFA course work with both this app and the real life counterpart. It starts quickly. And that's pretty much it. Enjoy.

- What Looks Like a Faithful Reproduction of the Original -- Is

I bought this calculator for the mortgage computation features and found that it calculates mortgage payments only on a monthly basis. While this may be a faithful reproduction of the original, the world has grown up ahead of this product. Mortgages today can have monthly, biweekly or even annual payments. I'm sure the rest of the features are as good as they were in the original I used for financial calculations during my college years and beyond, but for completely flexible mortgage calculations where you input all but one of PV, N, Int, Pmt and FV to have it calculate the remaining value I spent a lot less on the Vicinno Soft 12C.

- Always have a ba II plus with me!

This is the most I've ever paid for an app, and I don't regret it. I am studying for exams and this way I always have a BA-II plus with me at any time I want to study. One person complained about the p/y being 1 instead of 12. I actually like this because it's my usual setting, but I do think he has a point about keeping everything exactly the same. I hate havin to change CHN to aid, but that's true on both versions.

- Update needed

I purchased this app for a college class that I'm taking. I was excited when I found the app and I didn't needs to purchase the calculator, as I didn't need another item to lug around. It worked great when I installed it; however, since the multiple IOS updates it is not functioning properly. The keys are very small and the readout screen is very hard to read. I haven't had any troubles on my iPhone, but this is getting ridiculous! I would gladly give this app a 5 star rating when it is returned to its original means of functioning, until then it gets 1 star. Get on the ball, Texas Instruments!!

- TI Calculator

This app is as easy to use as the original calculator version. Instructions should be included to show how one would set the 12 payment per year to allow proper payment calculations. This would resolve complaints about the payment being wrong and untrustworthy. I love having this extra tool on my phone vs carrying an extra device around. Thanks TI!

- Mr.

This app works the same as the ba II physical calculator. Those that say it doesn't do certain functions are not using it correctly, a review of the owners manual may be beneficial. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is due to the glitch, mentioned by another user, that doesn't allow a call and app to run simultaneously without cutting out part of the user interface. Other than that it works fine.

- Ba2 plus fantastic

I use it for my fund investments and it is just like the real calculator. I am glad the probability and cf work. No doubt you will use excel but it good for quickies and of course for those taking the Cfa exam prep courses. You can' t use it on the actual exam but can do homework problems. Billing clients $600 an hour means this download is a fantastic bargain and very convenient. What took so long?

- Prefer BA II over Hewlett Packard 12C

I bought the 12C when it first came out in 1981 because I was a Real Estate Broker. I broke or lost at least three of them. I still have a broken one. I switched to TI 59 ($300) because of my accounting degree. Found the programming easier than RPN for a non science major. As a RE Broker, the TI BA II had everything I needed for TVM so I sold the TI-59 in favor of the TI BA II. Features that I like: uneven cash flow, IRR, begin/end of month. I've bought, used, broke or lost at least 6 BA II Calculators. I still have 2, including one that works. But I don't need it now because this app does everything the hardware calculator does and it's always on my iPhone 3GS.

- Bugs Fixed

Cautiously downloaded the app after reading some reviews from a few months back. So far it perfectly mimics my calculator, it's a shame I can't use this for the CFA exam. But it's great I can have a calculator with this much horsepower in a familiar set up all on my iPhone. The calculator picture is perfectly crisp.

- Love this app but the buttons got smaller!!

I love this app but after a week of not using it, I opened it to find that the buttons are way smaller and no longer looks like the actual calculator. I killed the app and opened it back up but it didn't fix it. This doesn't look right to me. Can some please fix this!?

- Buttons Suddenly Small

Ever since I installed iOS 8 on my iPad the buttons suddenly became small and the number display litterally looks like it is cracked. Don't know if this is a bug in the applet or not. Upgrading to iOS 8.02 did not help. Very strange. Otherwise, this is a fantastic app. Great value for money.

- A must have for Bus. Adm. Majors

This app saved me about 50 dollars! And yes, it's worth every penny. It does everything the original calculator does only it more compact and convenient form. It does it all: Cash flows, TVM, Annuities, and Amortization. Don't be afraid to purchase. Even my professor was impressed by it (he may be recommending it next semester).

- Poor. Not recommended.

I've used TI real-world calculators for many years and like them. Sorry to say, this program has problems and I do not recommend it. 1. Slow: It is slow and sluggish. Example: Enter 10 digits just a little too quickly and it will often miss two of them! 2. Precision: It is limited to just 10 digits of precision and a decimal exponent of 99. This was cool circa 1985. 3. Value: As iPhone apps go, this is an expensive one and its defects make it a poor value. Tip 1: For those of you looking for documentation on this calculator, get the PDF for the real-world TI calculator from the TI website. Tip 2: I kept looking and found PCALC which is everything this TI calculator is not: Fast, responsive, high precision (15 digits), decimal exponents to 260, unit conversions, keypad layouts, highly customizable and polished.

- Expanding on the reported bug in TVM

The bug that was reported in an earlier comment can be fixed by changing the periods per year "P/Y" to 12 and pressing "enter". However when you do a "CLR WORK" the app reverts to 1 period per year which will cause the TVM to miscalculate once again. This should be addressed by the developer, the default value for periods per year should be 12; this is the basis for most TVM calculations.

- Bug in I/Y key

I've used a BA II plus for years. After purchasing this today and using to calculate a 30 year mortgage I noticed you get the wrong payment unless you divide the yearly interest rate by 12 before entering it with the I/Y key. On my handheld that step is not required, you simply enter the annual rate. Other than that it seems to function fine.

- Great App

I am an MBA grad so I am very glad this calculator is now available. It works just like the real BA and is much better than the standard iPhone scientific calculator. Wish it had landscape however and was updated with the BA Plus features. I have no problem loading like one review said…comes up in 2 seconds max.

- Amazing Port!

I used the BA II Plus heavily during college, and I am very impressed with this version of the calculator. For those of you asking about the manual, it's availble along with the reference card at the TI website. I can now carry my favorite calculator with me whereever I go! Highly recommended.

- Finally!

I am a long time BA-II user (through school, exams, and now in my professional life). I love being able to use my familiar and trusted app now on my iPhone! I was not using it as much because of the inconvenience of having to carry it around and dig it out of my briefcase. Thanks you TI!!!

- Needs an update

I liked this app but it needs to be updated to support landscape mode. I also have the HP12c and it has the landscape mode. The app icon has to much going on. You should consider just putting your logo and make it more simple so it is easier to recognize.

- Superb

Glad to see this application finally available on the iPhone!! It's excellent. Finally, I can get back to using the best financial calculator out there on my phone ... This is one of the easiest calcs to use as well. Fully functional like the handheld ! Super!

- Just like real one

Perfect, works just like the real ba ii plus. I love having the app and no longer need to bring the calculator on business trips. In fact, I pretty much use the app as my go to now. Highly recommend.

- Really convenient!

This is really convenient and faster than the real thing (due to a touch interface being quicker than buttons).

- Display update needed for iPad

As a financial advisor, I've relied on the BAii Plus Financial calculator for many years. The ease of operation in calculating complex financial projections is beyond compare. However, this app does not properly display on my iPad since upgrading to IOS 8.0.2. It still works on my iPhone. Please update the app to fix this problem!!!

- Not equivalent to the BAII Plus Professional

Really disappointed I just spent $15 on an app version of my calculator that doesn't even do the full functionality. No MIRR, or payback/discounted payback. Or even calculate net future value. If you're working on the CFA make sure you learn the full functions on the professional plus

- Great calculator!

I love how the interface is identical to the physical calculator. Easy to follow along with instructions for my class. It would be great if TI could make the same kind of interface app with their scientific calculator also!

- Now I'm not the obvious geek when I bust out the BAII

Love it! Now I can be a geek in peace without the heckling for carrying my trusty calculator. The only thing I would add is a help feature similar to the card in the case of the real thing.

- Wrong answers

Call looks great but are there any plans on fixing the bugs? Waited two semesters almost and people are mentioning here but no response seen yet. The I/Y for example, one of the most needed keys here needs calculation to confirm from manually doing so or lesser calcs than the almighty TI. I'd gladly raise my stars if these are addressed.

- Great app but needs a few updates.

I haven't had any issues with the app yet, but one would expect the app to be updated for newer devices (especially in paid apps). This app has not been updated to run on iPhone 6 plus' native resolution. I hope they do soon.

- Finally!

I've been waiting a long time for someone to offer this and it seems to work perfectly.

- Best app ever

I have the actual calculator since 9 years ago. But having it on my Iphone as well as help me to use only one device for calculating purposes. It's absolutly very practical!!!!! Ramon from Puerto Rico

- Needs manual

Since I'm rusty and used to using a different TI machine for years I find this one confusing. No help function makes me shake with frustration. And given the available screen it would be simple to show a running list of data entered.

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BA II Plus™ Financial Calc 1.5 Screenshots & Images

BA II Plus™ Financial Calc iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

BA II Plus™ Financial Calc iphone images
BA II Plus™ Financial Calc iphone images
BA II Plus™ Financial Calc iphone images
BA II Plus™ Financial Calc iphone images
BA II Plus™ Financial Calc iphone images

BA II Plus™ Financial Calc (Version 1.5) Install & Download

The applications BA II Plus™ Financial Calc was published in the category Finance on 2009-09-15 and was developed by Texas Instruments [Developer ID: 329739753]. This application file size is 2.78 MB. BA II Plus™ Financial Calc - Finance app posted on 2019-12-17 current version is 1.5 and works well on IOS 12.2 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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