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Music Studio offers a complete music production environment for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch with features and a sound quality previously only known to desktop applications and expensive audio hardware.

It combines a piano keyboard, 118 studio-quality instruments with sustain, a fully fledged 127-track sequencer, extensive note editing, reverb, real-time effects and much more on a user-friendly interface.

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• "A recent composition of mine started on the iPhone with Music Studio" - Jason Hayes, lead composer of "World of Warcraft"
• "GarageBand on your iDevice" -
• "Music Studio is loaded to the brim with features and is a no brainer for composers" -
• "If you’re at all serious about your music you can’t really afford to miss out on this app." -
• "Music Studio justifies the purchase of an iDevice if you're really into it." -
• Awards from,, apps4idevices, Palm Sounds

• Photorealistic dynamically configurable 85-key keyboard
• Instant positioning via the slide gesture and resize with the pinch gesture
• Drum pads, chord pads and chord programming
• 178 studio-recorded instruments (16bit 44.1kHz sampled from real instruments)
• 118 free instruments, 60 available in the in-app shop
• 6 categories: symphonic, classical, band, electronic, world, drum kits
• Release and attack time configurable per instrument
• Sustain samples
• Pitch bend wheel and accelerometer control
• Audio tracks:
• Microphone recording
• AudioCopy & AudioPaste
• iPod library or wav/mp3/AAC/ogg file import
• Waveform and audio region editing
• Record up to 24 channels simultaneously with CoreAudio (class compliant) hardware
• Audiobus and Inter-App Audio support (input & output)
• Sampler to create custom instruments and kits from audio files and recordings
• Background audio playback and recording
• Low-latency, highly optimized, 128x polyphony, battery saving audio engine
• 100 drum loops
• 10 real-time effects with lots of parameters:
Reverb, Delay, 3-Band-Equalizer, Filter, Phaser, BitCrusher, Amp, Compressor, Limiter, StereoWidener
• 127-track sequencer
• Beat & metronome settings (tempo and signature)
• Mute, solo, effect bus, pan and volume adjustment for each track
• Edit tracks, bars and even individual notes:
Draw, quantize, transpose, repeat, move, length, velocity, etc.
• MIDI import and export
• Save and load your songs and export to wav and AAC formats
• Share your songs via email, Dropbox, iCloud Drive, AudioCopy and SoundCloud
• Wi-Fi and iTunes file transfer to your computer
• Songs and MIDI files can be opened directly from Safari and Mail
• Unlimited undo and redo
• Detailed in-app help
• Play or record 2 different instruments at the same time with 2 keyboard rows
• iPhone and iPad Retina Display supported
• Compatible with CoreMIDI (MIDI in and out), Virtual MIDI and MIDI hardware.

Visit the forum at - Questions, feedback and bug reports are welcome!
Video tutorials are available on the Xewton YouTube channel.

Music Studio App Description & Overview

The applications Music Studio was published in the category Music on 2009-09-04 and was developed by Alexander Gross. The file size is 873.79 MB. The current version is 2.8 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Support us with your 5 star review to help keep the updates coming! New in version 2.8:
• Audiobus 3 support featuring MIDI routing and Audio Unit Extensions
• Bug fixes

Improve Music Studio by reporting bugs and feature requests to the forum at, we can't reply if you post them as a review.

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Music Studio Reviews


Awesome app  morro1050  5 star

You guys need to update this app So we can run more inter app with it Combi mode would be awesome


Great app, but needs a better mixer  Montgorm  3 star

Music Studio is a great music production software package. I’ve been using it for a couple years and have been pleased with the results. But it needs an update, more specifically it needs an updated mixer with automation. So, do I continue to wait the the update that has been promised for over a year, or do I migrate all my work to Cubasis? The limitations of mixer, especially for a final mix, is the biggest issue for an otherwise great app.


A production dynamo!  Musacman2  5 star

This app has it all, very authentic instruments, very easy to create, record and edit. Worth every penny!

Sleeper man

Great but where is the Bluetooth?  Sleeper man  4 star

I bought this so I could play and write in my bedroom. I thought I would fly the tracks through my bose soundlink. I was shocked that it only plays through my dinky phone speaker. It is obviously very powerful and I like it, but really bummed about playback. Maybe I am missing something? Oh well. I like it BUT!!!


Amazing  Shaunree23  5 star

The best best best best best music studio app in the worlddddddddddd



Con un interface Tascam y MUSIC STUDIO tengo un estudio de grabación fantástico, y la facilidad con el Ipad es que no necesito ningún software adicional. Buenísimo.


Great, but...  G-Mar  4 star

when are the next updates?


Love it  JayFox007  5 star



HORRIBLE  aewise21  1 star

Do Not Use! Waste of money. Not iPad compatible, and completely un-user friendly. WASTE OF MONEY!!!


App  QuailDope  1 star

App keeps crashing.


Excellent sounds  beaubrookes  5 star

It was worth sticking with this program, purely because the instrument samples are really good quality. Takes a while to fathom things out and dont rely on YouTube demos.....they are bad.....would like to see a mixer in an update...and a piano roll editor that you can actually hear? .?oh, and the ability to resize the tracks vertically too.... Good stuff.


Good features - but tricky to use  picksomething  4 star

I've had this app for 5 years and find it great fun to play with. But I find the interface tricky to produce anything substantial with so GarageBand is my go-to DAW. Inter-app audio etc makes it worthwhile having both =)


Quite good  Riggiluglug  3 star

This is quite a nice app and I'm kind of in the process of moving over to it from Cubasis. The inbuilt instruments sound fairly good and it's easy to get ideas down quickly. The interface is a little confusing and it's not always obvious how to do things. One major issue though is that it's not possible to edit pitch bend automation. You either need to re-record - which may not be possible if you're away from your midi controller, or you may not want to if the performance was good, but you just want to have a pitch bend event start a little earlier or end a little later.


Impressive.  Jayezon  5 star

Very easy to use and a large range of high quality instruments makes this app worth the price. I have used this amazing app for high production songs and background tracks. I highly recommend it.


Love it  RaphWhitt  5 star

Been using this app for around 3 years now. Love it for composing ideas, and it's so easy to export tracks to my DAW once I'm done. Haven't done a lot of recording on it but overall it's been a great app for the applications I use it for. Hoping for a growing instruments catalog...? Great support too. 👍🏽


Awesome  Iudcjodbciodchoidsb  5 star

It's not the best one but pretty good for the price! Keep the updates going!


Inter app feature stopped working after update  Upizdumaterinu  5 star

Inter app feature crashes when used with sample tank apart from that great app


Love it !!!  Murrieprincess  5 star

This app is so great. It is an app that can never fail anyone.


One of the best  Aussie-Camper  4 star

Had this program for a while and works well Used it using midi connections to work with my keyboards Quality of the sound is really good


Good value, great ideas within....  Des-on-drums  4 star

I've been using this for a while, took some getting used to, but it is good for editing and writing with. I don't like the the way it docent allow me to send MP3 files, it makes things a little difficult. Still a great app, I would definitely recommend this!!😃😃


Please don't abandon  ALL CAPS RAGE123  5 star

I've tried just about every music app that's out there but non can really compare to this all sounds are strong and instruments sound like they should and the layout is simplistic and not too complicated the only thing I can ask for is for more sounds more instruments there is a decent amount but more would be better hell I wouldn't mind paying for more please bring more to this app


Fun and easy to use  Tacosauce710  5 star

Coming from a classical background, I really like instruments instead of keyboards. This app has everything I need thought so props to that. It is very fun to make songs on here, and I hope you keep updating it.


Most powerful DAW in the App Store  Pippipboy  5 star

Have used this app for almost 4 years now!!! Great for all my music needs. It really amazes me how far I've gone with just this app alone!! I've come to about 300 projects thus far!!! This app offers a lot of features desktop software provides with a abundance of instruments and beats for any style I'm composing. I absolutely love the power I hold when I open this app. It's my main studio as a young composer and probably will be with me for years to come.


Best!  Misphus  5 star

The best DAW that just keeps getting better!

John Fryar

Easily my favorite app for working with midi files  John Fryar  5 star

This app is amazing! It really shines when working with midi files. The instruments are well done.


ProTools yeah I own it & use this App.  musicmkr75  5 star

As stated recently calling this an app doesn't do it much justice, I write record import export mix edit do timing & pitch adjustments although I have perfect pitch!!! Yeah me… still sometimes you need a little tweaking. You go in & change individual notes Length pitch timing on real instruments as well as software instruments. Best Import Outport functions available hands down on any app I've used Plus you can write anywhere edit anywhere... so much more to be said! Thanks: PUNK INC.

B Closz

Great app  B Closz  5 star

I use it nearly everyday. Good for iPhone and iPad. Great app.


Ok for new iOS producer  Strizbiz  3 star

This was of my first iOS daws years ago, and not bad if you're new to iOS audio production, but to be completely honest it really hasn't evolved or grown that much since and doesn't really compete with many other daws these day, especially the audio section, it makes me think the developers hasn't kept up on the capabilities of current iPads. My first iPad was an iPad 2, now I'm on an iPad Air 2 and it just seems like it hasn't grown since my iPad 2.


Amazing app  TheElvenEspio  5 star

This is exactly what I was looking for. A great alternative to the amateur Garage Band and the expensive Finale. This is my go-to app for music. The MIDI editor and FX are stellar and sound beautiful. Everything about this app is great enough I would easily buy it for $50. My only nitpicks are no tempo changes or time signature changes but that's only playback issues. The import and export supports lots of files and making my own instrument kits is easy to do. I especially love Music Studio because i can get an awesome simulation of the song before i export it to MuseScore or something else to become sheet music.


Best Music Creation App In Store  Aaronomous  5 star

I've goje through many of these apps promising "A great way to create music on the go!" or "Incredible quality!" and almost every one of them has turned out to be mediocre. On the other hand, This one outclasses the rest by a mile. The price is worth it, and to unlock everything is not much. The price is totally worth it. The instrument selections and sound quality is god-like compared to other apps in the app store as of now. Thank you to the devs for making such an amazing app. Makes creativity on the go neverending 😁

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