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Yahoo Fantasy Sports is the #1 rated fantasy sports app to play Fantasy Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Daily Fantasy, Tourney Pick’em and more.

Voted the Best Fantasy Sports App, Best Season Long Fantasy Sports Game, and the Best Daily Fantasy Sports Game by the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association, Yahoo Fantasy Sports has you covered every day, year-round.

The Yahoo Fantasy Sports App is your one place stop to play and manage all of your fantasy leagues and contests. Whether it’s season-long, daily, free, or paid, we have it all right here on the Yahoo Fantasy Sports App

Easily switch between fantasy games and focus on what really matters: drafting your team, setting your lineup, and winning your fantasy contests! Get all of the live scores and player news whenever and wherever you want.

Sign up now to play Fantasy Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Daily Fantasy, and more! 3 reasons you’ll love Yahoo Fantasy Sports:

1. Fantasy sports right at your fingertips - Manage your fantasy teams, leagues, and commissioner settings right from the app
2. Get live updates that work for you - Set alerts for your favorite sports and get instant updates on fantasy scoring updates and trending player news
3. You’re always in the loop - Live updates and stats mean that you will be on top of your fantasy games and contests no matter where you are

Simply sign in with your Yahoo account to get the best experience across all devices. Whether you want to play Fantasy Football or Daily Fantasy - check out everything Yahoo Fantasy Sports has to offer:

• Fantasy Home
Access all the different fantasy sports and games from the fantasy home page. Sign up for your choice in fantasy sport and easily view the latest updates in your fantasy leagues and games.

• Manage
Set your roster, pick up and drop players, and make trades right in the app. Visit our players' tab to see the latest in transaction trends and the top available players in your league.

• Draft
Mock draft and actually draft right from your phone. Whether it be your Fantasy Football, Baseball, or Basketball league, you never need to miss a draft again as you can draft your whole team from the app.

• Alerts
Be at the top of your game with instant scoring updates and player news. Set alerts for your fantasy leagues and get live updates on every scoring play, roster changes, player injuries, and much more.

• Play Daily Fantasy Sports
Not interested in playing season-long fantasy? Check out Yahoo Daily Fantasy Sports and draft a new roster every day for a chance to win money. Enter free contests or put some cash on the line. Check out the Quickmatch function to get started or join a Yahoo Cup to test your knowledge.

• Expert Analysis
Edge out the competition with our Yahoo Fantasy experts, now accessible in the app. Read rankings, recommendations, and reactions from our experts on the latest news to help you make your next fantasy decision.

• Fantasy Messenger
Smack talk your league-mates, friends, and competition in the fantasy messenger available in the Yahoo Fantasy App. Send them gifs, images, and emojis and let the trash talking begin.

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Yahoo Fantasy Football & more Customer Service, Editor Notes:

New Features: • You can now receive push notifications any time someone in your league adds, drops, or trades a player, and discuss them in your league chat. Enhancements: • For added flexibility, you can now pause your league draft up to 20 times. Notable Fixes: • Fixed an issue with push notifications for injured players. • Fixed an issue with push notifications for players who hit home runs. • Fixed an issue where the Survival Football card was not showing up. Searching for our own Fantasy alter ego...

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- Come on

Here I am, sitting here trying to access my fantasy baseball team and the app just loads and loads and loads. Uninstall and reinstall, and it won’t let me log in. SSL error. Click on support, safari cannot access page. Try to use forums, can’t because I can’t log in, through the app or safari. This worked fine a week or so ago, and now the app is useless. Hoping to hear a solution soon as the baseball season starts today. I am not the only one with his issue, I know, but hopefully they can get this done. Before you ask, I have the latest updates to the app and the OS and have an iPhone 8 Plus.

- Cheating

King of it All is the league I’m in - I’m seeing BS happening and it’s being over looked. I’m playing 3 times champ - his starting QB was Rogers - I’m winning right - then the switch happened. Wilson is in the line up now. Lockett is my WR every time he gets point there was no Wilson scores - Because Rogers was in lineup - every time Lockett scores Wilson should have - I have proof but nothing happened. It was over looked. This should not be happening - this is BS - some above should monitor these changes - to avoid situations like this/dishonest people - King of it all cheats - Commisoner shouldn’t have power - yahoo should help with changes. Please look into this league. Commisoner activities needs to be posted so everyone see the changes. Please King of it all the football league I’m in - starting line up has Rogers in abs when he didn’t produce points - somehow Wilson took his place. The commissioner of King of it all his activities needs to be looked at or into - also his activities and changes needs to be posted - so everyone can see - I got locked out of my league because I spotted the shady behavior-King of it all - is not running a fair or honest league. Yahoo needs to look into this - thank you for your time / I know your s busy network o something to change this please.

- Very good App

First year playing fantasy football and the yahoo app has held up well. It’s easy to navigate through the app and I like how updates and anything that happens in your league is displayed. However there are 2 things that definitely need to be changed for it to be near perfect. 1) the discussion section for players needs to be permanent. It’s a great resource for players across all leagues to ask questions and have conversations about players they share. Idk if it’s only present during pre-season or if they took it off. Regardless it needs to be permanent. 2) Team photos need to be bigger. The guys in my fantasy league pride our selves with coming up with hilarious team names and use photoshop to make hilarious photos for our teams. But the circle for photos is so small it’s too hard to see them. They need to enlarge the size of the circle for team photos. With these two changes the app would go from amazing to near perfect in my opinion. And I feel like these are easy changes so hopefully the developers see this review!

- Yahoo Fantasy on the decline

I have been a user of Yahoo Fantasy since 2003. It has been my preferred way to fantasy sports because of how easy it is to use and honestly, nostalgia. But recently, I have been disappointed with my experience on Yahoo Fantasy. There have been instances where players in fantasy baseball have not been listed in a starting lineup when they were and vice versa. As commissioner of my fantasy baseball league this has caused me many headaches due to the complaints of other in my league. My second point of concern would be the fact that it is so hard to get in touch with support. I understand that this time of year is difficult with the volume due to fantasy football but it took me 5 days to get the ruling on a tiebreaker scenario for the playoffs. I love Yahoo Fantasy and will continue to use it because it is superior to ESPN, CBS, etc. but I would like to see some internal housekeeping from time to time. Two more suggestion: can we have more than 20 characters for team names and the option to switch players out of doubleheader’s/rain outs. Thanks again!

- We got a problem...

I love the yahoo fantasy app, and have been in multiple leagues. I have recently started a late fantasy basketball league and have had more problems in two days than I have had in like 4 years. Problem 1: setting up the draft, I tried to set up the draft order. I tried to select something in the settings to do so and the app showed it but didn’t show up “blue” to let me click it. I just told the guys that we’d randomize it and apologized. Who knows, maybe you can’t do so 24 hours before the draft. Problem 2: after the draft, I set my roster and decided to look at my matchup for the week. It just showed me against me, and didn’t show any other matchups. Nobody else in the league had this issue. I deleted the app, restarted my phone, updated all my apps, and re downloaded the app. When I re-downloaded the app, I clicked back on and I was at the home screen. Once I clicked on the “basketball” icon the app would go to a black screen and glitch out. I could try NFL MLB and NHL and it wouldn’t do it. Only basketball.. please help me!!

- Omg Why?

Who designed the new look for the yahoo fantasy app? Not good. Not at all. Unless you’re a child that likes to look at gimmicky imagery. Or maybe you’re going for a nostalgic late 90’s/early 2000’s look? You know, like when the NBA teams thought it was super cool to have their team logos be campy cartoons. Remember that? The Raptors and Grizzlies and Pistons and Bucks and Hornets and Mavs and so many others? Anyways. If you’re intent for the new app facelift was to remind everyone of that annoying “Do you Yahoo?” commercial with the yokel who sang the “YA-HOOOoooOOO” ditty at the end of every painful commercial during the google/yahoo wars, then mission accomplished. I don’t know why exactly but it upsets me. In all of my years of having the internet going back to like 1994, I have taken the time to write maybe four or five reviews. I’m not quite sure how many exactly but I bet you I won’t be YA-HOOOoooOOOing any time soon to look up which ones. I didn’t even mean to tap the icon to give this one star. There’s just no negative zero star I could tap to indicate my sincere displeasure for the new app look. Please just change it. The one before it looked fine.

- Good But Could be Better

Yahoo’s fantasy app does a much better job than ESPN’s. I’ve been a Yahoo user for years, and appreciate most of what the app has to offer. However, with the amount of competition we are finally seeing in the fantasy app world, Yahoo seems to be dropping the ball a little. The app is incredible slow to react, and often times, it’ll time out. My whole league has this issue, and I’ve seen it mentioned on social media. This needs to be fixed ASAP. Yahoo doesn’t focus on customization so much, and loses the battle between Fantrax by a wide margin. My league is starting to wonder wether Fantrax will be the direction to take in the next year or two unless Yahoo focuses more on their fantasy hockey customization as well as app connection and fluidity. Coworkers and friends of mine have begun to switch to Fantrax, Sleeper, etc. I’ll give Yahoo one to two more seasons before switching unless they catch up and add a couple more features/customized tools.

- Good, But Room For Improvement

The app itself works well most of the time, it’s reliable, I use it for 90% of my fantasy transactions throughout the season. The biggest problem I’ve encountered is that the message board on the app and the message board on the browser are two entirely different forums for some reason. This definitely creates headaches, since it’s very confusing when half of the league is using one or the other. Kinda seems like they should be one and the same to cut out the possibility of being left in the dark on important announcements or just general league updates, trade requests etc. Speaking of which, it’d be really useful to have the trade block function operating on the app as well as the browser. My other primary complaint is pretty superficial, but I really miss the black background. Maybe you guys could add the option of night time mode? Seems easy enough. Otherwise this app gets 5 Stars.

- Where’s my team?

At long last, Yahoo opened fantasy baseball last month (well behind schedule and other platforms), but our league has no way to view our rosters from the previous year on the app. We have setup the keeper league management and everything, but for some reason you can only see your players on the desktop version via web browser. Therefore, the app is basically useless for me when it comes to checking updates on my players until the season starts. RECOMMENDATIONS: Make previous year’s final roster viewable predraft on the app for keeper leagues. Side note: please make the auction draft values for each player available on both the team and picks tabs, given that there’s no benefit to knowing the order of nomination in an auction league. The draft value is the most important item. I can’t view it via the app yet since we haven’t drafted so kudos if you’ve already fixed it.


Honestly I would give you a 5 star review because Yahoo is vastly superior to any other fantasy sports app (yes, I’ve tried them all) But the functionality of the chat app lately is really frustrating. Why would you wait until just before Fantasy Football starts ramping up to start going through all these chat app changes? And why not just wait until it is completely ready to launch instead of these incremental fixes? Can’t post my own gifs or pictures, still can’t post videos which is the one change we’ve all been requesting for awhile now. Please get this knocked out before the season starts!! The chat app trash talk is an integral piece of the Fantasy season! And without aptly timed gifs and embarrassing pictures it just isn’t the same man!!! Update: Football starts in less than a week and the chat portion of the app is still not fully operational!! Please get this fixed.

- Good app, but where are the poll and league pick em features??

I like the layout and it has a nice user interface, but what I really don’t like are two things: 1) No poll feature- for some reason Yahoo decided to get rid of their poll feature, which made me upset. My buddies and I have been using yahoo for 15 years for our fantasy league, so each year we usually need to vote on a rule change. It would be really nice if yahoo brought that feature back 2- No League Pickem feature- why is there not a way to pick the fantasy matchup winner on the app? The browser has this option, but the app this is nowhere to be found. My league mates and I like to pick the matchups, and it ruins our fantasy experience when we have to go to the browser every time for that Other than those two things, that app is really good

- FF Functionality is Fine, Messaging is Horrid

We’ve been using Yahoo’s fantasy app for years. No issues with how to set lineups, view matchups, info, etc. all great. What the h*ck happened to the messaging portion. No pictures, no gifs from outside their gif search.... I don’t understand it. It is the biggest complaint we have, nobody wants to use the chat for anything. A huge part of the fun of Fantasy sports is talking crap and sending our own pictures, gifs, etc, and that has been removed from the app, for reasons unknown. I’m in two leagues through Yahoo, and both have minimal chat presence as a direct result of this. Essentially, this app just seems bland now. It’s just as lame as the ESPN one. We’re pretty much forced to use Facebook messenger or something else. Please fix or reimplement the messaging as it once was, not this watered down, childish chat.

- What happened to the Chat? A Month Later...

I’m not sure if you guys are done with the new update but the chat, the most important part of a leagues dynamic, is absolutely terrible. TERRIBLE. I can’t stress how backwards Yahoo has gone with whatever they’re doing. This 7-8 day gap where my league has not been able to and refuses to use the chat available has ruined this years fantasy baseball for all of us. If this continues I will be moving all of my leagues to a different App other than Yahoo Fantasy and I’ve been with Yahoo since 2011. I’m extremely disappointed. *Updated* 4 weeks ago I posted the above comment. Still no update with the Chat. Yahoo please update your comments while downloading the app to 60 Day IL not 10 day. That’s false advertising. It’s insane how long it is taking you to roll out a new chat platform. I’m so mad I’m not mad. You are going to lose a lot of people over what you’re doing.

- Yahoo Staff can’t recognize cheating on trades

I’ve been playing on Yahoo Fantasy since 2010, and I’ve found it fun. I play the pro league from $20-$100 a league, win or lose I’m not sour about it. This year on one of my basketball league, there was a cheater, I’m guessing one guy has 2 accounts in the same league. This guy basically is swapping his average player from one team to another. Here are actual examples: (trade 1: Demar derozan, Rob Covington for Al Horford, TJ Warren) I vetoed, but Yahoo approved the trade. At the time of trade, Derozan and Covington were top 30 players, Al horford is ranked 49, Warren was ranked 140. Trade 2, Will Barton for Isaiah Thomas. Trade 3, Joe ingles for Colin Sexton. The most outrageous trade is Paul George, Jokim Noah for D’Angelo russel and Collin Sexton. Anyone who plays Fantasy Basketball for money knows these trades are lopsided, and should not be making decisions on trades even when other players Vetoed. Yahoo Fantasy just lost a loyal customer due to their inadequate staff.

- Rank removed for b-ball.. SHAME

One of the most useful tools for basketball lineup setting is dropping down the ‘last 7 and last 14 and last 30 days’ stats and the first metric next to the players’ faces was their overall rank for that time period. This made close lineup decisions easier to decide on and now that metric is just gone.. all it shows you on the players card is their overall season rank which is useless for setting a lineup. I’ve won multiple leagues of baseball and basketball by being able to look at ‘last 7’ stats and yes use the stats but also the overall rank during that specific time frame to make tough decisions and now it’s just gone. Great, dark mode but that doesn’t help me at all when I’m trying to make decisions on players. It’s all aesthetic updates, nothing to help the actual fantasy players.

- Can be great... Can be bad

For a free app, this works very well most of the time. Lots of sorting options, clean interface, and the Fearless Forecasts are a nice touch. Unfortunately, this season the app will often become unresponsive on certain screens. You then have to select a whole different category to get the app to wake back up. Not a HUGE deal, but really strange since this was never an issue in past seasons. Also, while the Fearless Forecasts are nice, you usually see a 10-15 second ad before each one. While that’s not a huge issue, it’s annoying when you sit through it... then don’t get an actual forecast. Just some stat animation that shows the same projection you already knew. Decent overall for Fantasy Football, but could be perfect with a few more tweaks.

- App id totally busted and unusable...

Its been 8 hours and i cant use the app because it freezes immediately when i open with a pop up in a grey IOS/apple style icon that says ,” APPLY TO BECOME A BETA TESTER” Then it gives 2 answers to choose from,” apply and ok”? What the hell is this? A virus, malware bate? What? Im not going to answer cuz i dont wanna lose my bank account or any other data!!! I contacted Apple after i uninstalled app immediately, backed up my Iphone 8 plus , wiped, reinstalled my back up data, then reinstalled this app. Opened it, and what do you know, theres the pop up again. Took me 2 hours and a third hour on the phone w/apple. Then i went to my ipad snd opened this app and the app freezes with the same pop uP, “APPLY TO BECOME A BETA TESTER” “Ok/APPLY” Then i contacted yahoo. Lets see how long this takes to fix with football season around the corner, i commish 3 leagues snd in the middle of baseball season.. JOKE!!!

- General

I really really enjoy the app. I’ve been using it since i started fantasy football and will not play on any other website or application as this one is the most fun and user friendly and the graphics are near perfect. I do really miss the black background and was not sure why you guys got rid of it not the first place. If there anyway you can make a night time mode or just change it the background back to black it would be perfect. And last thing would be the uploading of pictures is still not available and that has been a part part of the league as we upload pictures of winners and loses using funny memes. Thank you. Other than that the app is five stars

- What the ...

Been a huge fan of yahoo fantasy sports for years now… But this new update is absolutely atrocious. I love you guys but please fix it, soon. Edit : First off thank you for responding. The chat - I can’t post my own pics or gifs, you can’t tell if someone reads your post, I get no notifications if a player is sitting out that day, and yesterday the app wouldn’t load for me to change someone out (I happened to see it myself bc of course the app didn’t say). The “my team” page loaded at first. I went to check another fantasy team I have, came back or the original one I needed to change out and it kept giving me a error. Before you guys ask, yes I have my notifications on. Yes I tried to restart my phone, yes I closed out of the app completely to try and substitute my player. Yes to all of that.

- Fantasy sports app

Hey guys whatever you do umm make sure that you don't update this app during your regular season of baseball or any other sports games of any other sports or your app looks like a bad whitening toothpaste and it's not a good idea for the use of it all when you have the best records in one of those leagues. Fix fix fix this app asap please and ty. Please don't let this update make it worse than it would make it better if you can stop all updates till the end of the season and then this white out will be done and then you can keep up with the best records in fantasy baseball leagues as well ty. It was fixed and then 72 hours later it all of a sudden it froze again please stop saying that you are updating it for game experiences with this app.

- Unable to Log On

So this has been going on for the last week. I was forced into getting a different phone after my current hot water damage. So I restored the phone and it worked well with every app other than Yahoo Fantasy or Yahoo Mail. I get the same error message, unable to locate Accelerometer. Spoke with several people online and the master “technicians” are horrible and had me wait online for no answers. When is this going to be fixed and when can I get a real answer on how to fix it. This is taking hours and at this point I’m ready to swear off everything yahoo because the service is so bad. Switching to T-Mobile, getting rid of cable, and will borrow internet from our neighbor. Yahoo fantasy is no more. CBS is the way to go. Season is starting over with every one of my leagues because yahoo can’t figure it out.

- Would love this added feature

Hello, first off lemme say yahoo fantasy is the best out there when it comes to any fantasy app. Very easy to use/understand platform with up to date analysis. That being said, one thing that would be awesome to see in the future is team sections. For example let’s say you are playing fantasy baseball and want to add a player from the Cleveland Indians ( my fav team 🤘) , instead of going through all the positions to find your player , you can sort by teams to find them quicker. Just an idea , thank you yahoo for doing what you are doing and staying loyal to the consumer .

- They released an update with more push notifications without the option to disable them

Did anyone test your new update? Now my phone buzzes whenever anyone in my league picks up a player. The worst part is, there is no way to turn this new notification type off in the settings. You can turn on/off like ten other types, but no one thought to add the new type? Edit: thank you for the response. That is not an intuitive place to put that setting (it's not obvious the notification is coming from a chat bot; I tried to go to the league's push notifications like ten times) but I'll increase my rating due to the good customer service.

- Yahoo Fantasy Football is the best

First year playing yahoo fantasy football. I’ve only played ESPN fantasy football for the last 10 years. Yahoo is so much better. They give so much more information and make it so much more interesting. There is a game recap. Explains the game and stats after matchup is over. I absolutely love it. Wish I started years ago. Yahoo puts a lot more thought and effort into it. You get a trophy case when you win championships for all sports. Great idea. ESPN needs to take a look at yahoo. ESPN is way behind. My opinion Yahoo is the best for fantasy sports.

- Nice App

I really like yahoo fantasy. It’s a nice app, but I do have 2 complaints. 1) There needs to be a better way to have other players see the trades proposed to them. I like proposing trades, it’s one of the best parts of fantasy. But other players should be alerted in the app that a trade has been proposed to them. There also needs to be a better way to communicate of what players you want besides the little message board that nobody checks. 2) Transacting trends. When you go to add a player, it shows transacting trends. It shows the players being added the most. But that’s basically giving other teams the hint of who to add. Besides the few errors, it’s a nice app!

- You have one thing going for you...

The only thing keeping yahoo alive is the elderly and it’s fantasy app. The fantasy app is a disgrace this year. On draft day it was so glitchy that we had to re-draft 3 friggin times! Sunday’s are the worst day on this app which is absurd. It would be like the preacher showing up hungover every Sunday. Now such a small thing like being able to share images hasn’t worked all a season. A small thing that brings so much joy and so simple to fix seems to be off the yahoo radar. The elderly are drying off and the rest of us will soon abandon the one thing that keeps this relic of a search engine alive. Get your house in order, yahoo team. After a decade of using this service I fear we will have to move our talents to ESPN. Such a shame.

- The Update is Garbage

The app updated and kicked me out. When I logged back in, there was no history of me being in a league. I couldn’t find the league I was in because there is no way to search for it and when I tried to use an old email to join, it kept redirecting me to something completely different. The commissioner had to delete me from the league and email me a new invite. But this app won’t allow me to join. It keeps redirecting me to the website to log-in ENDLESS AMOUNTS of times. Switching back and forth from the app to the log-in website. And each time I fill in my info, it redirects me back to the beginning. This app is not user friendly and they even found a way to make it impossible to rejoin a league that they kicked you of to begin with. Multiple emails later, Yahoo has still not helped.

- Last time I use Yahoo for Fantasy Football

One (1) star is still over rating it but I could NOT give it anything lower! I have been using Yahoo for years, but they just keep finding ways to make things worse. Trying to find a mock draft is terrible unless you sign up for one 15 minutes later. If you have a small group that you are trying to mock you have to go through the larger groups first. Then when you finally get to one with an open draft room you need to cross your fingers and hope you get the spot you want. Once you get your team then it is a chore to get anything swapped. Take my advice just use your computer, but if you did download it and keep it...CHECK YOUR COMPUTER TO MAKE SURE ANY CHANGES YOU MAKE WENT THROUGH!!!! Next year I am switching to a different provider. Yahoo is to much of a headache to use!!!

- Making decisions for me?!?!?!

Is yahoo make roster decisions for me??? I shouldn’t be going to bed and waking up the next morning and seeing that one of my players has been dropped and that I picked up another one. Yes the app was being a little glitchy/freezing up before I went to bed. And did I tap on the screen in frustration? Of course, but in the top corner of the screen is where I was tapping. Lucky one of my best friends was the one who picked up the player that I lost and he gave him back. This all happened in my fantasy hockey league and yes I am upset. But, if this would have happened in my fantasy baseball league I guarantee I wouldn’t have blown a gasket. Look into this issue because if it happens again I will definitely be going to another fantasy sports app!!!

- Not for keeper leagues

I use multiple apps for fantasy that allows us to protect players prior to drafts. Our league through yahoo is a 2 person keeper- unfortunately the app does not support this. You must log into a URL to protect your players. Also, protected players STILL show in the draft and NOT in the teams roster. The Commish must go in after the draft to place the Protected players into the teams roster. Once the season starts, however, you are able to add/ drop players. It’s a awkward flaw for an app that should support this action. Other than that, easy to use- but still prefer RealTime Fantasy Sports Update: draft was HORRIBLE and a mess. Keepers were in draft- not all players were showing for the team members. All it created was. A headache and frustration. We unanimously decided to DROP yahoo as a free league and pay for Real Time Sports.

- Still Can’t Upload Pics

In the newest update, it says we’ll finally be able to upload pics to group chats and DMs, but you can’t. The option is still grayed out and when you click on it, it says it’s coming soon (I even closed the app and restarted my phone before trying it after the newest update). I’m not giving 3 stars for not being able to upload pics on a sports app, the rating is mostly because the app notifications are SO delayed... by the time my red zone notifications get to me, it’s over. Even chat notifications are sometimes delayed, whether I’m connected to WiFi or not. Overall the app is easy to use, but definitely STILL needs improvement.

- It does the job, but could be better.

I don’t mind it and a few of the newer features like live updates are nice. However, I find myself using the ESPN fantasy app to track games and live updates because you can do that in app while also tracking player performances. A feature like this would make me never want to leave Yahoo. The second reason I brought the rating down is that ever since the update limiting the size of messages went through, if I send a message that’s too big of a file, it shuts down the app and even when I restart my phone it crashes the app immediately. Not even usable right now, so I’ll probably have to reinstall.

- Great Fantasy Football App

Yahoo is a very good app to play fantasy football on. It’s very informative with the rankings and predictions. I’ve been playing on ESPN fantasy football, but switched to Yahoo so I could play in a league with my friends & family. It’s a good looking app with an easy to use interface. A feature that’s unique with this app is a thing next to the players’ names that basically ranks how good the opposing team is at playing against that player. That feature has been really helpful while playing.

- Still Needs Work

They've made changes for the worse. You still can't upload pictures. The GIF options are horrible; you should be able to use the gif keyboard at the very least (how do they not have the Todd Haley hot dog gif?) you can add reactions, but it doesn't show who the reaction came from. The mock draft system is a joke. 90% of the rooms are full and they stay on the list until the countdown is over. You have to pick room with a 15 minute wait just to confirm you'll find a spot. Half of the commissioner tools don't work, it just pulls open a blank page. I was hoping over the summer that they'd have everything straightened out before the start of the season, but seeing how it's a week away, it's probably not happening.

- Reverting Lineups

The biggest issue I have with this app is when I add a new player to my roster, it reverts my previously set lineup to whatever it was before i set it. Sending players I want playing on a given day to the bench. Sure I can go back through each day and reset my lineup but it has screwed me and others because you think you have your lines set for the week, add a guy, and now your lines are changed. Overall I think the app is great but it would be nice not having to go back and reset my lineups after adding a player. I am referring to basketball. Not sure if the other sports have the same problem.

- Bloated, spammy, and gradually getting worse

I rarely rate apps but this app had a fun behavior- it asks you to rate the app and if you like it, they send you to write a review. If you don’t like it, they don’t send you to the review page. So I came here myself to note that this app isn’t great. It has obnoxious ads, overly complicated notifications and just a ton of bloat. I don’t play every fantasy sport there is, I’ll never play daily fantasy, I just want to manage my fantasy football team. Yahoo insists on making their platform slightly less user friendly each year so next season we’ll probably move to a new platform for our league. I use this app because I have to for my league but I wouldn’t recommend it or use it by choice.

- Does not work for fantasy baseball

This app is not reliable enough to use for our fantasy baseball league. For the amount of time and energy the members of the league put in to their teams, the frustration of having an app that doesn’t even display their teams is frustrating. League members complain that those who run their team via browser have an advantage over those who joined relying on the app. This has caused the league to get out of balance. We will either be switching to cbs or retiring the league next year. Update: the app works better on some devices than others. The problem seems to be more with older iPhones and certain androids.

- Chat Portion

Yahoo is far away the best app for fantasy sports until this year. The chat portion of the app has de-valued this app completely. You can’t post pictures. You can’t post videos. If you leave the chat and come back you have to scroll back through the chat board to find where you last were. It doesn’t sound like much but it has ruined the smackboard and that is more than half the reason we even play. Unfortunately we are stuck using the yahoo platform this year. If we don’t see a change in the app soon.... then next year we will definitely be switching to a different platform. You had a good run Yahoo! You either go bankrupt being an honest app or take enough sponsorships and pump enough bugs into your product to see yourself turn into an ESPN app.

- Will not save changes

It is quite possible I have no idea how to use this app, but every time I move an injured player to the bench, he ends up back in my starting lineup within a couple of hours. Unfortunately I just noticed this recently. My changes never stick. It’s like my app is hell-bent on filling my active roster with only players that are hurt. Any changes I make are gone the next day. So unless I stay on it every couple of hours to switch out players to the bench, I end up with a roster full of injured players daily. Until this is fixed, I can’t give more than three stars. This has the potential to be a five star app when the bugs will get fixed.

- App has regressed from years past

It was one thing to remove chat feature from the desktop and only have it on mobile, but since hockey season the app no longer supports photo and link functionality in the chat which has really turned what could have been a fun baseball season into just a meh experience, especially for a league that relies heavily on those functions. Yahoo is lucky that when it comes to the actual fantasy aspect they are the best in the biz. But similar to how Madden focuses most of its time and energy onto MUT, Y! seems to do give the same attention to DFS than adding to the experience of season long leagues in the past few seasons.

- This app is garbage.

I’d love to spend the hour it would take me to explain every problem with this garbage excuse for an app. From unintuitive design (it’s March and the app defaults to my fantasy football teams, with no obvious way to change/configure it to bring up my tourney pick’em as default), to simple bugs (app gets locked into one region of the tourney and the east/west/etc options across the top bar disappear, to more fundamental problems — like when I deleted and reinstalled the app to fix the above issues, I now get “please set your clock” and SSL errors trying to log back in. Lead engineer/product manager/project manager for this app need to be demoted to some internal Yahoo tools to learn how to make functioning applications before being assigned back to what’s essentially Yahoo’s remaining flagship application.

- Suspiciously high data usage

If I open my matchup and swipe between the players on my team to read their notes, and then do the same for the players on my opponent’s team, it uses almost 100mb of data for the yahoo fantasy app. This is far too much for downloading a few thousand words of plain text and a handful of low-res player headshots (which should already be cached anyway). Auto-play is disabled for the videos and I am not loading them manually. However, my suspicion is that the video content is still being pre-loaded and using all this data. If that’s the case it’s definitely a bug and needs to be fixed. Thank you.

- Stat corrections

They take the longest out of anyone for stat corrections to happen, took all the way until Wednesday to get a correction that actually won me the game. They should be able to do better. Also the app doesn’t offer near as much as on the computer. It’s way off, by a long shot. Should be close at least. Also I have tried to turn off my notifications cause tbh I don’t need yahoo of all people telling me when a injury has occurred or how many people drop players I own. Why do I care about who’s dropping my defense? A lot of people stream defenses. It’s irrelevant. I don’t like how I can’t check back on past years anymore, idk if it’s a glitch or what. I know me and my friends will be going to be checking out other options next year and for the years to come

- Needs work

This app is easy and pretty user friendly. I play all my fantasy sports thru yahoo but this players section is driving me crazy. It takes so long to load because of all the videos and blogs they post throughout the week. Really hope you guys find a way to fix this and maybe add another section with just news and notes. Especially frustrating because some of leagues have open waivers so when we’re all racing to the wire to pick someone up and my screen locks and/or kicks me out or doesn’t respond I wanna break my phone. Lol overall I’m a fan of the app but could definitely use some improvements

- Fine app

Regarding Weekly H2H Points: 1. allow users to add/drop players up to the start of the current week’s first game for the current week. Right now, any add/drops after midnight PST are eligible for the following week. Biggest gripe from our league. 2. Display cumulative points for bench players on the Matchup tab. Bench player’s scores are zeroed out. Knowing bench players scores helps users determine if bench player outperformed a starter. 3. Seems like the stats for 14 day, 30 day, and season total don’t include today’s stats until after midnight PST. Should be updated real-time. Otherwise, a great app and website.

- Fix the basics

As much as I want to draft for Russian face slapping I’d much prefer to be able to select my keepers in FF lol...just the basics will keep me happy for a while...but just a while...not long. Update: Yahoo still hasn’t done anything useful. 100 updates and still nothing useful for FF in terms of being able to select keepers through the app. It’s only been 8 years...if you aren’t able to do it then hire some interns that passed programming’s not hard lol I say get rid of your team since it’s been so long, sorry guys but you’ve proved pretty useless, and get some kids that would have realized they could’ve been Google before Google lol...

- Yee

If it ain’t me it’s ya boi ka ka ka ka Kobe swordfish shruke Dino yee boi LeBron James gettin ur movin clutch king tigg another day another beer because its gonna be a good day if u see a Craig u best be runnin because he gone getcha hop in that truck ya because we can do that got little Wayne bumping on the iPod If U ain’t lookin for trouble look out for them Cherokeen choctaws they got chicawas they’ll drag u around by ur head band beacause they ain’t ur kind There’s also a buce bungus buqaufeaus that’s a wierd one u should probably run from gotta do that triple back flip 180 rainbow behind the back as well if u want to make that pk Hit em up with a nice yeet and a yee haw that’s how u get their attention if u pull from deep make sure u hollar Kobe because then it’s a 100% chance ur making that shot always remember that boys and girls other wise Humpty Dumpty will come outa no where with the rko and when ur down he will t bag u and then you’ll get recked by t pex itself But otherwise it’s a great game👍🥔

- Not able to see my team yet n the app

I drafted my team on my computer like I always do. My team never showed up in my app. It was only showing my hockey and basketball teams. After those seasons needed I uninstalled and reinstalled the app to see if it would show my baseball team and it did not. I emailed yahoo with my issue and I got a basic response that was no help at all and as of now still isn’t showing up. I have been a long time user of this and loved it but I am not sure what the deal is.

- Minor Improvements Needed, Best FF Platform!

I love the yahoo platform, and have been using is for my 10th season this season. There’s just a few minor tweaks that need to happen for me to give it them last two stars. There should be an option for a yahoo randomized non snake draft, the names should be able to be longer than 20 characters, and the system to keep up with the keepers of the league if renewed (this may happen, but going to a keeper league this season the verbiage doesn’t seem as such), make the draft grades realistic, nobody is draft ALL of their starters before benches, and finally make it where I can delete my chats on the app.

- Noticed some changes, still room for improvement

I’ve been playing FF for over 10years with Yahoo and each year I almost dread having to use the Yahoo app. And although admittedly, the app gets better each year, it still lacks compared to what’s offered via the browser. Some of these are pretty simple fixes so somewhere along the line - the web team needs to meet with the app team bc the tabs online (which are vital for fantasy users) are either difficult to find or just don’t exist on the app - Predraft rankings for example. So come on team, let’s make this app worthwhile, functional, and most of all fun!!

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- David

Great and very easy to use

- Great app but lacking key features

In NBA fantasy when you go to the players list you can’t view the players upcoming schedules on the app. The only way to do it is to go to a web browser, go players list then filter stats by “opponents”. This clearly should be in the stats list and I have no idea why it’s omitted from the app, frustrating.

- Good layout, features missing

In fantasy basketball on the iPhone app it doesn’t create an empty roster spot when you place a player/s onto Injury list. When you go to add a player it shows as if the player is still on your roster taking up a spot when they’re clearly in the injury reserve, thus preventing you adding a player without dropping someone. This issue doesn’t exist on PC.

- What’s with the ad’s!?

Great app overall, has great features for setting lineups, picking up players etc. However, what’s with the ad’s when your viewing the your roster? Having ad cards in between player cards just wrecks a lot of the experience. A simple banner with an ‘x’ button to close will suffice. Thanks.

- Start Active Players?

On the player screen, when I go to select “Start All Active Players” my app freezes and is completely unresponsive. I assume I am not the only iPhone XS user for the app, so I can only imagine how frustrated everyone will be with Yahoo Fantasy when they are unable to set their team come regular season. Pretty 101 stuff for a fantasy app. I just wish Google would have a fantasy competition.

- Most counterintuitive app ever used

Why bother allowing an option to set lineups in advance when any move resets lineups. I am constantly opening the app to find active players put on the bench with no notification that it has moved them to that position. It baffles me that the most popular fantasy app can’t grasp basic concepts and I will definitely be moving my leagues to a new platform next season

- Works relatively well

The app is basic and most of the time easy to get around but the only thing is it always diverts or starts on the NFL even when I only play NHL

- Fail

The app is good I like it but it is constantly asking me to log in when I already am. I have to delete app and download it again to get in. This is very annoying.

- You destroyed the Pick Em feature

You had an easy and simple design built in to the app for Pick Em competitions that worked and looked really great. Now you've destroyed it by replacing it with your website within the app. Goodbye app. Absolutely useless.

- Baseball user

Latest update has ruined the app! Can’t see players after adding. Can’t view probable pitchers anymore. What happened? Go back to the old version!

- iPad app is blown up iPhone app, locked to landscape mode

Blown up iPhone app, locked to landscape mode only - that pretty much says it all. Terrible iPad app. I’ll stick with the iPhone app and website thanks.

- Fix your chat

Chat worked fine.. then you “updated it” now it’s broken.. to the point is pretty much useless.. looking for alternatives now to host my fantasy comps.. it’s not hard is it?!

- Player

Not allowing me ( iPhone X user btw ) to click on Player section. Backs me out of app when I try to

- Good game app

This app show’s a lot of games.

- Yahoo Fantasy will make your Dreams come true!

To put it quite simply, it's a very fun, and user friendly app which is not too over crowded with multiple tabs all over the screen and provides just enough relevant information to get the job done. Thank you YAHOO! 😊👍🏽

- Bad

The app doesn’t show trades or free agent acquisitions... it’s still saying I have the same team I drafted even though it’s not the case

- Horrific UX/UI from the 90s

The whole thing is one giant headache.

- Has potential but lacks features

I find myself using the website via my iPhone browser as there is no way to view league transactions or research (I use transaction trends mostly) - also why can't there be a setting for push notifications be sent through when a transaction (trade, add or drop) takes place in each league? It beats checking the website manually across the day! Also I'd rather remove the advertising and just pay $3 for the app - the adds are just annoying and degrade the user experience. The app is a decent start but clearly needs work. Thanks Benn

- Thank you Yahoo

This app is awesome! Australian fantasy players have been waiting on this one for a while now, with this app exceeding all my expectations. Just wish the team I drafted was as good as the app!

- Does almost everything

Very useful app. Only recommendations would be to include more sorting options when looking for free agents such as previous season stats. Also to be able to see the "previous 4 weeks" current season stats which is available in the yahoo site

- App is great - most website features captured

Easy access to add, move and drop players. Players' points projections are week to week depending on opposition which is great. Want to be able to click on other match ups other than my own but can't on the app.

- News feature does not work with update

I enjoy using the fantasy news aggregate feature, but for a month now I'm am only able to read the top article available. I've tried to report this problem but I've only been sent to their forum after navigating their site for way too long. Please fix this ASAP.

- Positions

The app is quick and simple to read and use. The only complaint is that once the players have scored the position of the player is no longer shown. Not helpful if your looking to trade with somebody.

- Makes it easy

It took me a while to test it out but now it is helping me dominate my league. I get the jump on all transactions because of this app. Very pleased.

- Awesome

Does everything you need it to and it's easy to use. Better than Fantasy Monster apps.

- Menu is confusing and I found it difficult to edit team Extra feature are a bonus

The app needs a better option to view match ups or weekly score like a quick review or a better home page. Otherwise great app.

- Used to be good but daily fantasy is wrecking it

I loved Yahoo fantasy football but this latest version has too much "daily fantasy" cash grabs which are annoying and make me miss the old version.

- Huge Improvement

SO much better than the old version, this is actually really useful now with full functionality. Well played, Yahoo!

- Finally

Living in Australia I've been waiting for this for ages. Have an ESPN fantasy app as well and yahoo is infinity times better

- Great for nfl

Very useful and much much better than website. Used it all season

- Lovin' It!!

A great app!! Only wish you could adjust the dashboard so your league appear in the order you want.

- Would Recommend

Good app. No glitches that I've experienced.

- Excellent

App allows you to keep up to date with fantasy on the move.

- Handy

Convenient updates on the move.

- Thankyou for this Yahoo!!!

Great app that just works, use it everyday, never crashes, I love it.

- Eyesore

The redesign is very plain and looks like a boring 90's website. Give the option for night mode, have all matchup stats on one page and allow swiping between team players like the old version did by default

- Best fantasy app!

This has taken over my life, I am definitely failing exams 😰

- Great

Really keep up to date now I have this app

- Super Good!

Easy to use and enable fantasy changes on the run!

- Awesome app

Couldn't live without it

- Push notifications

Only reason for not giving 5 stars. Great app.

- Works fine for me in Australia!

A good app that helps me stay on top of things! No connection errors for me.

- Solid app

Pretty darn good. Arguably better than the desktop website in some respects.

- Pretty slick

Pretty good fantasy app. I'd prefer more information on the games too

- Bad taste

Human excrement from a diseased bowel doesn't give off as foul a scent as the experience of dealing with Yahoo or this app. Indeed I would rather face the prospect of a heinous smell exploding out of my rear end than ever sign up to another of this company's abortion-like apps.

- Yahoo Fantasy Football App

Great app!!

- La

The basketball one is bad because you never know when there injured and even though the games havnt started you can't change your team it's bad!

- Crashes frequently

Crashes frequently, needs some work

- Excellent

Best fantasy platform, great app

- basketball

there needs to be an alert or something on your roster page for basketball when someone has put in a trade request!

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- App crashing

App crashes when receiving a message in the chat.

- IT help is zero!

App is glitching cannot make trades with others in own group. Waiver moves are also not working correctly. When I emailed IT for help only solution was to delete and reinstall app for fix. It has not worked and no further help or guidance has been provided. Current group very unhappy with this app.

- Add a widget for the today section to view scores

Add a widget where you can see the weekly scores from the today section

- Great app but needs some fixes

been using this app for 5 years now and I’ve noticed some thing: - news articles STILL don’t load properly - should show how many games a player has played in the week in the matchup tab - needs a dark mode

- Did Yahoo remove the player comments?

Can’t find the comments section on the player cards anymore. Was it removed from the app?

- Good App, could improve

The app is a great fantasy app, however as of late I can not open any of the articles or daily suggestions - it’s just a white screen that says more, which i can not click either. A really nice feature to add would be to compare your team to other managers for the current week and not just for your fantasy history in the league. I HOPE THE DEVELOPER READS THIS!!

- Lots of family fun

Im in a league with my family and it’s a great time however the news will not load. I’m trying to win the pot in my family league and it’s hard to do if i can’t read about upcoming players etc. Please get on this fix

- Great app but player tab articles never work

Lots of fun but they have yet to fix the tweaks and little bugs such as articles in the “player” tab. The articles literally never load it’s so annoying.

- Articles not loading for IPhones

The written daily player/pickup articles don’t load anymore on iPhone on the app, please fix!

- Issues with “News” articles

Can’t load up a single news article under the “Players” column in Yahoo Hockey... really frustrating when you wanna get details on what’s happening in the league 🙄

- News not showing

Unable to read the news all of a sudden, O can click on them but all it opens is a blank screen.

- Anyone else seeing how much this app is an absolute data pig?

This app crushes through cellular data. It should not require this much data. 2.5Gb in 7 days while mostly on wifi. Wth.

- great app

Very friendly and complete app.

- I can’t change team names

My team names are stuck on old names even when I change the names it changes everywhere but in the app and I cannot switch them it’s very annoying

- Needs to promote trading more and goalie assist/goals to count in hockey

It would be nice if there was a trade block option so if someone looks at your team they can see who you are willing or trying to trade away. This can promote more interaction and investment from users furthermore lengthening the amount of time the average user has the app open. Also goalie assists or goals should count or be an option in the hockey leagues. It is a shame that my goalie can get an assist but it doesn’t benefit my fantasy team where theoretically it should, it would be nice to make it worth more than the usually point standard but I would be happy if it was even a thing.

- Below average

Too many adds. Not as easy to navigate as other sites.

- Message for the app developers:

This is coming from a senior developer: You guys should be proud of yourselves! Amazing mobile application!

- Garbage don’t bother

Worst fantasy app around

- Vert cool app

I love the yahoo fantasy app! I would love it even more if they had a companion app for the Apple Watch so I would follow my team or matchup without picking up my phone.

- Best Fantasy Sports App EZ

Whatever sport it is, fantasy is most convenient app to play on and manage all your fantasy needs.

- High quality

Way better then the espn app

- Very functional

This app is a must have , shows you everything you need to know. I just finished my first year and it kept me pretty occupied. I will be playing fantasy again using this app.

- Crashes

App crashes everytime you try to click on player to read notes or look up stats. Please fix!

- Usually a reliable app but latest update keeps crashing...

When you try look at a player profile. Needs fixing ASAP!

- Can’t move players in lineup

Cannot move my player in and out of my lineup

- Don’t use the App

The web page is better. Yahoo would be better off if they mirrored the layout and functionality of the web site.

- Great app, been using for years

Always been a fan of the yahoo format, been using it for years, and the app very clearly performs the tasks you would expect a fantasy league app to perform. I’m trying out the Best Ball leagues for the first time, and it would be really cool to click on players’ icons, once viewing your drafted teams, and get their blurbs; just like in the draft/standard leagues. Blurbs, stats, projections, schedules, etc.

- Yahoo is #1

Love the app. Would it be possible to add a feature where u see the activity on the specific player, ie name of the manager that added and dropped the player, and the dates. Pleeeaaaassssseeeee!!!!

- Playoffs Fantasy hockey

With all that is going on this year I think that you should try and be able to make a leauge for the playoffs

- Can’t sign in

Updated the app and it signed me out. Now I can’t sign back in...none of the sign in buttons work

- Pure Fun!

Nothing but fun trying to outsmart, outwit, and maneuver your buddies. Ohh so much fun!

- Complacent

Need to add the Dynasty league option

- App Keeps Loading

App continually loads during live games. Please fix. It’s virtually unusable in it’s current state. Thanks

- Won’t load since last update

App is no longer working since latest update. Fix please!!!

- Best Fantasy Sport Application

If you’re looking to set up a casual/competitive Fantasy Sport league, I would highly consider using this App!!

- Five stars is even an underrated for this app

I absolutely enjoy using this app to play hockey fantasy. It is probably my second go to app other than Facebook. I would rate this app a 6 or 7 out of 5 if I could

- Fantastic!!


- Review

Started glitching in dark mode. Needs to be fixed ASAP. App stops working when you pull up game logs.

- Amazing app

Used this app for fantasy sports ever since I got into fantasy sports and this app has always been GREAT.

- My review

Full points and big thumbs up to Yahoo Fantasy excellent setup for all fantasy sports too bad some fantasy owners don’t play even at the beginning I guess you can’t do much to control fantasy owners for signing up and then not playing

- Terrible after redesign.

The app never updates in real time anymore. I also noticed that there’s often a loading symbol in the middle of the page, even when there’s nothing to load (e.g. middle of the day while no games are on). Not sure what happened but this update has been terrible. I do like how the icons are bigger though.

- News Articles in Players Section Never Works

Overall, this is a great app. There are few apps that I choose to use over the desktop version, but this is one. The only thing is that the articles above where you can pick up and drop free agent players has never loaded. It’s just a blank screen that shows a “more” button that you can’t press. It hasn’t worked on several iterations of iOS, and hasn’t worked on both my iPhone 6S and my iPhone XR. Yahoo, please fix this!

- After the update the app is messed up

When you open player profiles it just keeps reloading and reloading. Everyone on reddit is having the same issue. Stats hardly ever load even after restarting the app numerous times.

- Bug/Glitches

Im using my old iphone 6 since my iphone 10 cracked. And ever since i downloaded the latest update, the app keeps glitching or bugging to the point where its really annoying and unusable. Fix this soon!!! I deleted app many times and i have reseted phone also and it still be buggin

- Current version has so many issues

This app used to be excellent. The latest version has so many issues on iPhone 11. It doesn’t update scores properly. It often has issues showing which players are currently playing. When looking at a players recent games there is a spinner spinning in the back. Please fix these issues! Otherwise the app is incredible!

- Recent update bugging

Recent update bugging, causing screen to flicker and “buttons”/touchscreen unresponsive on page.

- App just gets stuck loading on team page

Would be better if it worked!

- App not functioning

App is constantly glitching....

- Last update causing serious loading issues

The latest update has created serious functionality interruptions. Approximately five days ago the latest software uploaded which has created lagging issues, interruptions, and erratic app behaviour. Hopefully a patch or further updates are forthcoming for Apple products.

- Most recent update GLITCHY

Its not working. I can’t go to game log, it keeps refreshing. Its no good!

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- Awesome app, I recommend

Honestly could not ask for a better Fantasy sports app, it got everything I need, updates haven’t changed for me. They seem completely fine, only issue I have is how you can not remove a team from a league even when you did not intend to join this league, it has had a glitch but it’s gotten better. Other than that, this app should not change in anyway, completely fine by me and my friends I play with

- Horrible!

This is my first time using Yahoo for Fantasy Football and I’m less than impressed. I have not been able to see any points this entire season. I don’t know who is performing well, who I should keep on the bench or even who is winning in my league, all I can see are the projected points in a game. Debating on deleting it and whatever happens, happens (I couldn’t tell anyway)! Disappointed because the player layout and detailed information on each player was far superior than the other apps I’ve tried, I was so excited to try it out. The star is for the potential it has, I’d probably give it a 5 if it actually worked! Thankful I didn’t listen to my husband and only played Yahoo Fantasy this year.

- Minor fix, does anyone test changes?

Player updates tab does not have indicator icon disappear after viewing player notes and going back to roster tab. Have to take specific steps to make indicator disappear. Also randomly, it will indicate that I have viewed zero notes and says I need to view all of them again. Players on bench when their team is/has played, should still be movable in the app. I am unable to update player to IL from my bench when team has played. I can make the change in browser, but not in app.

- Worst Fantasy App

My league has used this app for years and every year on draft day something gets messed up. You can’t push draft time by 15 min for a late arrival; You have to push by 2 hours. If you change your phone number, good luck logging in because knowing your password or anything other than having your old phone number will not work. They have no tech support; don’t call the number google gives you, it’s a scam. Then you can’t change a manager (who got a new phone) without unlocking teams which then scrambles your draft order and won’t let you reset it unless you want to postpone the draft 2 hours... We switched to ESPN and drafted with our chosen order within 15 min of saying “F YAHOO”.

- Good, but pick’em needs improvement

I’m in 3 Yahoo fantasy leagues, a pro football pick’em and a survivor league. I use the app for nearly all of my transactions. Overall it works well, but the pick’em shows “No line” for every game. Last year the line was there for every game (unless there really wasn’t a line on the game which is rare), and I kept thinking it was a glitch that would be fixed. It’s week 10, and it still isn’t fixed. It’s time consuming and tedious to have to look in other apps to check the line on each game when making weekly picks. Get this fixed for a 5 star review.

- Yahoo has done an amazing job upgrading

Every time I give feedback, I find that yahoo fixes the glitch or nuance I want fixed. This is easily the best fantasy football app out there. What needs to be fixed: The chat needs to be available on the matchups view. I have to exit the matchups page to get back to the chat... just leave the link up in the top right corner. Can’t upload photos or videos right now in chat. Why?!? Makes it hard to talk smack in a league where I don’t have everyone’s number. Chat feature on the mobile site needs to be the same as the message board on the web based page. It’s idiotic to have 2 forums... and no one uses the email format of the web based message board anymore. I’d like to see the standings projections on the web be moved to the mobile site too. Overall, the app is much cleaner than the website... and overall, this app is killing it

- iPhone

The daily app is horrible. Something is wrong where it doesn’t work very well on an iPhone. If I switch from my team to looking at the standings in dfs the app will blink and it goes back to my team. If I scroll down when viewing my team it again blinks and takes me to the top. This happens over and over again. I can’t look at my opponents because it keeps going back to my team. Right now I have four games playing. The main summary page shows that I have four games in play but I can only view three of them. I have deleted the app and reinstalled, I have powered down my phone and back up, you name it...same issue. It has to be the app. It’s not good at all. Don’t waste your time.

- One, Main Issue - Easy Fix

We host a league that doesn’t have head to head play (it’s strictly total points weekly). The one major complaint of our entire league is that in a total points scoring format there’s no live scoring in the ‘league’ view; you must click on every individual team in order to see live points/scoring. Live score viewing is available in head to head play/league’s also available when you click on each individual teams, so why not make it available in this format as well? Hoping this rating brings attention to the issue. Should be an easy fix and will gladly update the review when someone acknowledges the problem. Thanks.

- Could you please fix a bug in the player stats modal menu?

When you click on the player’s name, and modal popup dialog shows up. This menu has a layout issue when you click on a week to show the player’s stats for that week. The menu autoscrolls, so week 1 is on the top of the screen. However this doesn’t work on devices with different screen sizes. It ends up scrolling so the week is out of the viewport. I’m on iPhone SE. Please fix. Thank you

- Fantasy news

Ad space and inv to watch the game take up like 1/5 of the screen space during matchups (extremely annoying considering one of the largest phones in the industry rn can’t see their starters without scrolling). Message board was built by a toddler. Considering moving to nfl for fantasy as the app crashes way less/message boards are better/just overall quality. My league’s been here for years but we’re done playing with 2008 level engineering. Whole app needs a redesign. Gave it 2 stars cause at least it functions but isn’t fun to interact with. Kind of like a prostitute, you go here cause you know what you’re getting.

- App is missing so much.

After years of submitting feedback. Yahoo still refuses to add the trade block to the mobile app. SMH. This app still doesn’t allow commissioners to edit their league schedule on the mobile app. There is no live scoring update for the standings in Rotisserie format. This is unacceptable. There’s live updated scoring for head to head formats. Why can’t there be live scoring for rotisserie? On desktop you can click a button and see live updated standings for rotisserie formats. Mobile app should have it as well. There is so much more missing but I will stop here and hope yahoo addresses these 3 simple issues. There’s millions of people using the mobile app why not make the app the best it can be.

- Losing $$$$$$

So every time I try to enter a Public Daily Fantasy contest on iPhone 8 Plus the app tries to verify my account and goes to a blank screen ... and I’ve got it to work ONCE.. Yahoo and PayPal have been used AND verified before. I have money sitting in my account and I just wanted to play fantasy football and your app is probably losing competitors daily. Do you test this before you release these updates? You’d think I was using an IPhone 3G.

- Above average Fantasy App

This is a great app for all Fantasy interests. The app allows you to get tons of great info and allows you to play fantasy freely. The one complaint I have about this app is when I hit a feature in Fantasy Baseball, called “Start Active Players”, it put in the players that were on the DL. This could possibly cost me a win in this weeks matchup. Fantasy, please fix this! Other than that, I have no complaints. This is by far my favorite fantasy app to use. I highly recommend it for all fantasy sports! Great app!!

- Lineup change is net getting set

Update: issue seems to have been resolved but still loss of confidence in this app I updated my lineup in the My Team tab and it is not getting set on the matchup tab. It’s unclear why, but this is causing concern. I believe I had set my line up for Sunday but could have been a user error so not sure if this is was the issue. However right now when I make changes in My Team they are not reflected on Match Up tab which is causing concern. I checked that the week is accurate and killed the app. My team changes remain but matchup is not updated.

- Good App. Could use ONE thing.

So this app is a great app for fantasy football. There is just one thing that I think should be in the app. Optimize your line up. In the NFL fantasy app, you had the ability to optimize your lineup to make your points go up and give you a better chance to win. In this case, let’s say one of your players gets injured on the field. That player gets zero points. But his backup gets twenty five. Optimizing the lineup will put the player in that already played therefore raising your points.

- Good but one problem

I have one problem but otherwise it’s a good app. The problem I have is I get a injury report like 15 minutes before the game starts so then I have to replace him at the last minute. Which then brings my points down and then when I want him back he is gone. Another problem is that injured player I could put on my bench but I can’t get another player so I have to drop the injured player. But otherwise the app is well set up and I did good in my first season which was this season. Thanks.

- Too many notifications - every transaction is stupid

The recent update to push a notification every time someone adds or drops a player is super annoying. I keep my notifications to a minimum. I liked the feature to notify when you’re starting a player that doesn’t have a game or is injured but who really want to be notified about every transaction in the league? Maybe it'd be nice to get notified about people on your watch list but I’m not even sure I care about that. Please create a way to choose which notifications get sent.

- Anywhere Anytime

This app has been a great tool that has kept me updated and inform at the touch of my fingers. Many times I am not near a computer. This app allows me to seek information, make changes to my lineup, make trades, check player points during games etc.I keep informed on player news and update too throughout the day. This app allows me to be on top of things throughout the day especially injury updates. It is a needed and great tool to have to navigate through your Yahoo league FF season.

- This app made me lose

I’m writing this review to complain. I’m in two different leagues. In each league I had 2 or more players on bye week. I switched them out for active players Thursday before the game. Throughout the week I continue checking the app. On Monday night, before the game started, I checked both of my leagues and in they both had the players on bye week, players that I stuck on my bench, and they were on my starting rosters. I’m super mad because by this time it is too late to replace them because everybody else on my bench has already played. Please fix.

- What happened? Help!!!!!!!!!

I updated my iPad and now when I Open the yahoo fantasy app, it starts to load shows the load screen for 2 seconds and shuts down and closes itself. I have never had a problem until this update for my iPad. Unless you updated the app and it’s on your en, but I can’t even bring it up. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and the same thing happens so I don’t know what’s going on. Maybe you could Reply and let me know if anyone else has reported this to you. I could use some help. I will give you 4 stars For now, if you get back with me and we fix it I’ll give you five. If I don’t hear from you I’m giving you a one. Please help me.

- Don’t use yahoo

Yahoo will send you a violation of their crap TOS without telling you what you did. I never agreed to their TOS anyway nor could I have done anything to violate it. They will lie and cheat just like every other leftist organization and if you don’t say exactly what they want they will threaten to ban your email. They don’t even allow comments on their biased news stories anymore so that no other opinions can be heard on their site. Yahoo, Facebook , Twitter are all run by corrupt leftists who will censor anyone with a difference of opinion. I have had a yahoo email for 20 + years but I can guarantee they won’t be around another 20 the way they are run. Fascism is real and yahoo is one of the main sources.

- New update Causing issues

New update fails to allow scores to update when on the “My Team” tab for fantasy football. It will update in the “Vs” and update every other play. But when looking at JUST my teams progress, I have to close the app and then wait for a slow open. If I’m lucky, I won’t have the issue for awhile. Overall, it’s a decent app. Had to give it a 3 star because honestly it seems like with every update the app gets slower and more and more stuff is getting crammed into the app. Probably the nicest latest feature that’s been added is being able to compare players.

- Drafting on Yahoo is trash this year!

I had a draft and it would not let me enter the draft. So yahoo auto picked my team with leftover trash no one else was wanting. I did a mock draft before hand and was fine. I deleted cache, rebooted phone, deleted app and restored, yet nothing worked. Another person in league had the same issue for our draft, while others were able to get in. I couldn’t even draft through website, it told me to draft with the app...which didn’t work lol. Some of the guys kept getting the wrong draft selections when they would pick a player, yahoo would give them someone else! Crazy! yahoo ff is trash this year

- (UPDATED) Good App but a bug in latest update

EDIT: Want to follow up that Yahoo replied to this review and that they seemed to have fixed the issue I was experiencing. Thank you! Really enjoy the app including the dark mode update. However, there’s a problem in the new update. After opening the app and leaving it, upon going back to the app, the app’s performance severely deteriorates. It can still open but functionality is significantly worse.

- Hiding Teams

The app used to allow me to hide my fantasy basketball teams and now after hiding them it has them all still there. You have to fix this issue ASAP because it’s very annoying to have a list of teams from the basketball season while football season is the only thing around. When I go to “edit team order” it does not allow me to remove them. Fix this and I’ll change to 5 stars.

- New features

Great app. I’ve been using this app for years. Since my inception into the yahoo fantasy sports app, there hasn’t been much development. This app needs to include a trading block feature. It’ll be easier for teams to negotiate and see what other teams are offering for a particular player and allows the owners to dictate the market value of the player. You are welcome app developer guys. The next one I have to charge for.

- Simple Changes Beyond Devs Ability

At the beginning of Fantasy Baseball Season doing a sort in the Players list on All Available, Pitchers (Probable) and Stats Season (total) does NOT work. In fact, the only viewable data for Pitchers (Probable) is stupid worthless numbers like Season Rank, Adds, %Own - no other data is available - so it is impossible to use this particular Feature! It’s now coming up on the mid-season (All Star Break) and this still has NOT been fixed!!! Epic fail and complete laziness on behalf of #Yahoo as owned by #Verizon, so I guess, shouldn’t be surprised. Who in there right mind would pay for Premium Support when the app is incomplete, with broken features - REALLY?!!!

- Best app for fantasy sports

Absolutely the best app for fantasy sports. Most user friendly and provides great tools. But I have it 4 stars (I would of given it 5) but every time you open the app it opens to their Tourney tab which is obnoxious. You should be able to set it to whichever tab you want it to open to. For ex: fantasy football team tab or mock draft tab, etc ...instead of forcing you to navigate through the tabs to find where your trying to get to.

- Yahoo fantasy football and more

Have used the app for several years and had no problem. However, after the update five days ago, the app stopped working. I did not find out until I was trying to draft in my fantasy baseball league. After I made a complaint, the developer responded and the app is now working. Very quick response that solved my problem. Thanks.

- Super easy to use for someone who knows nothing!

I love football! However, fantasy is not my thing. I love to play anyway! I somehow always win by sheer, dumb luck and everyone gets so mad! This app is super easy to use for someone like me who gets confused a lot. Ha! I was in multiple leagues and it worked well for that too! Overall, I’ve used a number of different apps for my fantasy leagues and this is by far my favorite!

- Eliminating league chat is a huge mistake

Not sure who decided that league chat was a bad feature for Fantasy a Football, but they have eliminated it, making it much more difficult to communicate with my league. I’m the commissioner and that’s how we’ve always done general announcements. My league never checks the message board, and many managers use separate, rarely checked, email for fantasy. There was no usability reason to eliminate this feature. I can’t imagine a technical one. Terrible move, and it makes using Yahoo! as my fantasy sports provider much less appealing.

- Date bug

For the last two weeks, it is not possible to view your lineup for any days in the current week other than the current date. If you click on the right arrow, instead of going to the next day, it jumps to Monday of the next week. After that, it cycles to subsequent days ok. But it’s impossible to adjust lineups for other days in the current week. Please fix this bug. Minus two stars until this bug is fixed. Other than that, historically I’ve been happy with the app.

- Best Fantasy Sports App

Yahoo! Fantasy sports app format is the best for fantasy sports. The format & layout are the most user friendly there is. Yahoo! has really stepped up its game with the weekly recaps in fantasy football & the new compare option makes decision making on who to start/sit each week that much easier. Would recommend for any serious fantasy sports fan & beginner. 5 Stars ALL DAY!!!

- Waaaay too many notifications!

Way way way way way way way too many notifications. I like the way it used to be where I would only get notifications when a player scored a touchdown. Now I get notifications from this app all day every day. It is extremely annoying. But i don’t want to turn off notifications completely because I want them when a player scores. Please please please change this. I am close to just deleting the app and playing on a different site next year. STOP THE CONSTANT NOTIFICATIONS! I do not want notifications for a player In the redzone. I do not want notifications for brad Evans advice. Please stop.

- Great app

Great app would be nice if I could use all commish tools from the app. I’m the commish in all three of my leagues and I’m on the go quite a bit some weekends and it would be nice to be able to do it all from my phone when needed. UPDATED I like I can use most commish tools from the app now but it would be nice to add more categories for scoring in football and maybe even be able to do punters as well.

- Still the best fantasy app

I didn't like this updated version at first. I think the developers should have to introduced it slowly instead of all at once. I love it now. I exclusively use the app for baseball and football daily and for drafting. It's as good if not better than logging on through a computer. I wish there were more articles or an expanded research section.

- Slow

Love the app besides how slow the match up scores update. Not sure if it’s because of the fact that it struggles with updating the match up or what. Match up scores don’t update until about 5-6 minutes after a play but they show (the score updates) on profiles right away. So instead of checking the score right on the matchup you have to check your own score on your profile and then go to your opponents profile and check their score to compare...

- Messaging needs improvement

I love most things in the app. The one thing that rubs me is messaging. One of the greatest things about fantasy football is trash talk...ask anyone. Some of it is elaborate. Me and my league mates make our own memes. Gifs. Pictures. Can’t add them to the chat. Can’t upload them to the message board. Last year we could. This year we can’t. Messaging has seemed to take a slide from previous versions. Please make the communication part of the app better and you’ll get 5 stars.

- No Positional Rank on Player Card

You’ve got Larry Fitzgerald and you wonder: is he a Top 20 WR this season? Top 10? Unfortunately with this app, there is no quick, easy way to find out. The Player Card shows him ranked “57th Overall,” which is horrendously USELESS information since it lumps him in with DSTs, QBs, and every other position. You’re forced to go to the All Players screen, reset three filters, sort by Season Fantasy points, then manually count (yes I said MANUALLY COUNT!) receivers: 1,2,3...12,13, there he is at # 14 behind Thielen. If this piece of information is important to you—and how could it not be in evaluating trades, start/sit, etc.—then look to ESPN or other apps which present the Positional Rank instantly by simply tapping on the players name. Minus Two Stars for this annoying omission which goes uncorrected year after year, degrading an otherwise very good FF app.

- Fix the chat and team settings

I’ve been using yahoo for 10 years now and overall have minimal complaints, but this year has been very frustrating. The picture upload has been taking away in the chat which is one of the best parts of talking to the other league mates. Also, I went to change my team name and profile pic and now I can’t upload a custom image? Just like the chat it says it is “temporarily” unavailable but there have been no updates to fix this. Why would this be taken away right before the nfl season started? It makes no sense. Get it together yahoo.

- I love this app

I live this app. Twice it’s taken robbed me from two championships, though. It really sucked. When the day ended I had a .something score that was higher than my opponent and the next day, yahoo changed scores & I lost my game after i had clearly won. So I lost my bets. I didn’t even know who to talk to. But other that these two things, I’ve had the best time using this app.

- Autoplaying videos

Autoplaying videos on the player info screens is a bad idea. I go there for stats and player details. The vids chew up cellular data. Consider having them play on touch of the thumbnail/play button. Sometimes they don’t even have real game footage. Would prefer more player data not included from the website like player age and draft history.

- Data hog

Better hope that you’re on WiFi or have unlimited data when using this app. I used close to two GBs of data in one day just from average usage of the app. Another thing about the app - when it gets close to game time, the app is almost unusable and often can’t get data from the servers. My guess is that it’s a combination of the immense data (advertisements and media) that the app features and the over tasking of the Yahoo servers. In conclusion, be careful about using data on the app, and set your lineups well before game time so you don’t lose your weekly matches due to the poor app performance.

- It’s not awful, there are just lots of opportunities

I can’t access the app whatsoever. It keeps requesting my login credentials recently. The web based on mobile is practically unusable with features not available. For Golf DFS, it’s extremely limited in real-time updates and basic information like what hole your golfer is on doesn’t exist. Also, when a player is one over par +1....the site for some reason can’t display that and just has score. Creating matchups is rigid and there could be SO MUCH MORE offered and to make this more competitive with other DFS options out there. I’ve got a list of ways this could be better. Outside of picking players...this App does very little in terms of user interface, live updates, player research and matchup creation/customization. Weak. Hands down the least engaging platform for any daily fantasy that I’ve played on. And the fixes are somewhat obvious and simple to truly make this a go to platform.

- Latest updates broke daily data

When looking at your team and flipping to see how you did each day, the score shows incorrectly. 2 updates ago, all was fine. One update ago, the daily team score always showed zero. Current app shows score of today (Tuesday) for Monday‘s score even though you can see individual players scored lots of points. App is usually reliable and good but recent updates have introduced some bugs. Also, there was no need to clutter the screen with an extra row. Please allow us to remove it.

- Fantasyland with the family

Just a great time of the year to interact with the kids and have some challenging game of baseball. The skill of it all is out the door. Be a big time manager create a team of players you think we’ll get you to the top of your league. Have highs and lows of what what a real team goes through. Yes the season is long and it gets Tough to stick with it but it’s all in fun. So Go Team!!!

- Please make notes available in the app. Thank you!

Generally I can do everything I want to do in the app and it is responsive. One ask: on the regular webpage, I can make and save notes on my team page. Can that be made available in a future release on the app as well? It would be helpful to see the notes I have already made instead of having to switch to the regular website to see them. Thanks!

- Message Board issues - Part 2

On December 10, I reported, “There is now a problem with the format of the message board in fantasy football. Earlier in 2019 season, when a message was posted there from a computer, it looked the same on iPad and iPhone. The last 3 weeks it looks totally different and rather crappy. As Commissioner, I use the message board weekly. This needs to be fixed ASAP, because it looks ridiculous.” Developer replied that an app update was released to fix. I downloaded update. Problem still not fixed. Strike 2.

- Love this game

This is a really fun thing to do when there’s football I love this it’s so awesome. I get so excited when I play fantasy football on this app it’s really enjoyable and peaceful. I would suggest this app for fantasy football. I also have a recommendation for this app is where when you go to the main screen and hit the 3 bar you can see friend stuff. Best Fantasy app ever

- Since the most recent update

Since the most recent update, my app won’t load anything that happened after the update. My league draft is coming very soon and I’m not the only one in my league with this issue. It better be fixed soon or me and my entire league will use a different site and never come back to yahoo. Fix this ASAP please. My draft will not be ruined by a faulty update. I am not pleased

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Yahoo Fantasy Football & more 10.20.6 Screenshots & Images

Yahoo Fantasy Football & more iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Yahoo Fantasy Football & more iphone images
Yahoo Fantasy Football & more iphone images
Yahoo Fantasy Football & more iphone images
Yahoo Fantasy Football & more iphone images
Yahoo Fantasy Football & more iphone images
Yahoo Fantasy Football & more iphone images
Yahoo Fantasy Football & more iphone images
Yahoo Fantasy Football & more iphone images
Yahoo Fantasy Football & more ipad images
Yahoo Fantasy Football & more ipad images
Yahoo Fantasy Football & more Sports application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Yahoo Fantasy Football & more Sports application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Yahoo Fantasy Football & more (Version 10.20.6) Install & Download

The applications Yahoo Fantasy Football & more was published in the category Sports on 2009-09-08 and was developed by Yahoo [Developer ID: 281970157]. This application file size is 188.87 MB. Yahoo Fantasy Football & more - Sports posted on 2020-09-18 current version is 10.20.6 and works well on IOS 11.3 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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