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Got tanpura? Well guess what, we have two for you, PLUS a Swar Mandal AND a Sur-Peti / Shruti box! Come listen to the beautiful, meditative sound of real Hemraj tanpuras, and get lost in the mysteries of Indian Classical music.

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◆◆◆ which has all iTanpura features + tabla
◆◆◆ Note: All updates are always free!

And the reviews are in:
***** "Excellent App, superb sound"
***** "Concert-quality tanpura in your pocket"
***** "This is what I've been waiting for"

The Tanpura is a musical instrument used in Indian classical music to provide a background "drone" against which the rest of the music is performed. It is a 4-stringed instrument with a base made from cured pumpkin gourd and a stem made from wood.

iTanpura is an electronic Tanpura for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It uses stereo digital sound to simulate a set of two tanpuras each of which can be tuned with a different string combination. It uses sounds sampled from real Hemraj tanpuras to provide beautiful yet realistic sound in a pleasing and intuitive package. And now iTanpura also includes fantastic Swar Mandal sound (with presets for 75+ raags) for an instant concert atmosphere guaranteed to inspire! iTanpura is ideal for everyday music practice, concerts, or even as a serene background for meditation.

YouTube demo:

√ FOUR fantastic instruments in one app: includes two 5-string tanpuras with independent pan and volume controls, a 15-string Swar Mandal, and a Sur-Peti/Shruti Box
√ Uses sounds sampled from actual male & female tanpuras for realistic tanpura sound throughout the pitch range
√ Wide range of pitch from lower A (A2) through upper E (E4) for one and a half octaves of tuning
√ INTEGRATED AUTO-TUNER: Auto-Tune iTanpura to your instrument such as harmonium, or use it to tune other instruments (microphone capability required such as iPhone built-in mic or 2nd/3rd generation iPod Touch with external microphone)
√ BACKGROUND PLAY: Start playing the tanpuras and switch to another app, or play along with iPod music
√ Integrated 15-string Swar Mandal - completely tunable & can be played manually OR set to auto-loop
√ Suitable for Hindustani or Carnatic, vocal or instrumental music
√ Fine-tune pitch in cents. The display shows the fine-tune value to allow exact recreation of any pitch
√ Play one or two simultaneous tanpuras both controlled by the master pitch controls
√ Each tanpura's first string can be tuned to Pa, Ma or Ni, or any custom note such as Re, Ga, Dha, etc
√ Or tune first string to any shruti in the octave using a slider
√ Each tanpura has its own pan and volume controls to allow precise placement within the stereo image. For example you can have a tanpura with Pa on your left and one with Ni on your right
√ PRESETS: Save your favorite settings as named presets. Includes presets for the 100+ most popular raags. And now you can also export/import presets via email or iTunes File Sharing.
√ Turn the Sur-Peti/Shruti Box on or off and adjust its volume from the settings page
√ Can be used with speakers, headset, or the internal speaker (a high-quality speaker dock is recommended for maximum effect)

Not yet convinced? Try iTanpura Lite for free! It has most of the features of the full version, except the sound stops playing after 30 seconds and it does not include the Swar Mandal or the Tuner.

iTanpura - Tanpura Player App Description & Overview

The applications iTanpura - Tanpura Player was published in the category Music on 2009-08-15 and was developed by Prasad Upasani. The file size is 8.22 MB. The current version is 8.4.3 and works well on 6.1 and high ios versions.

Minor fixes and enhancements

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Stopped working. No app support  guitarlele  1 star

I have loved this app forever. Today when I went to demonstrate it, nothing. I can’t turn either tanpura on and I can’t find any way to get support from the developer or upgrade to the paid version. I’m on an iphone 6 running a fully updated ios. What happened, Prasad?

Edward Piercy

Excellent  Edward Piercy  5 star

An excellent sounding tanpura. They seem to have thought of everything. Tuning can be changed both by cents and more traditional means. You basically get 2 tanpura, each with 2 strings, all can be set differently and played at the same time if desired. Ability for user presets (thank you!). L/R pan. Loops can be varied by minutes or not at all (continuous). I patch this out of my iPhone and into my Roland and then in to DAW. Works great. And oh -- you can find the master volume under the Harp icon.


Very useful and convenient  SSRIVATSAN  5 star

This app has saved me several times when I was asked to sing and didn't have a sruthi box. Before this app, i use to have hard time singing at my pitch during an adhoc request. Very useful, convenient and life saver for singers. I would highly recommend it. I have tried using other apps, but none as effective

TJ Floyd

Excellent app in my opinion!  TJ Floyd  5 star

Never really written a review for an app before thought this app was well worthy for it! One of the best apps I've ever purchased!! Hands down!!

Music lover Charlotte

Love the app  Music lover Charlotte  5 star

Very very useful app. Sometimes it sounds a little sharp but I love the app. Portability is a big big plus without having to lug the sruti box. Still have to learn some of the functionality but overall a great app.

Bk is a awesome game !!!!

Fails  Bk is a awesome game !!!!  2 star

It stopped my sound system and suddenly stops working . I have been having issues with this app for months and now my sound system doesn't even work ! Never buy it , it's a waste


great app!  taylormadeaudio  5 star

I had iTanpura Lite for a couple of days before I upgraded to the full version - glad I did! What an amazingly well thought-out design. I love this app and use it all the time - a perfect accompaniment for practicing my Tablas, and when I get together with Sitar players... the closest you'll ever come to a live Tanpura player ; )


Great app for accompaniment  Grgupte  5 star

This is truely great app. My old electronic tanpura broke so I tried it out. The quality of sound is truely close to the real thing. The swarmandal is great. I recommend this app to anyone who needs to practice music.


Amazing app  sendiv  5 star

This is an amazing app for Indial classiscal music learners and professionals. Thanks for creating such a wonderful app. The inclusion of sruthi box helps young leaners to stick to the swaras when they do the alapana. I would appreciate very much if you could also please and please and please include the carnatic notes in the sruthi. If possible, please also provide some presets for carnatic ragas. My 11yr old daughter became crazy of these presets and overall with the app since I purchased it.


Beautiful sound  17costu29  5 star

Sounds exactly like a real tanpura. Absolutely lovely!


excellent musical example  backcountryjoe  5 star

Mr Upsani has done it again, a great app that teaches and performs these instruments well. I have only I Lehra to go and I have bought all his software. His interfacing is easy to master as is the performance of the instruments. There are a wide range of options with all his software and I recommend it to anyone.


Great app!  Harini  4 star

It's a great app with mind blowing audio from the tanpuras. I play it by itself as very soothing background for meditation, or as tonal background for music practice. One thing would make it even better - the ability to have "stream" in background while I am doing something else like browsing the web, or in fact singing with my music notes ( also stored on the same device). I did get prompt feedback from the developer which is great! As substitute for tanpuras, much better than the electronic/ electric drones!

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