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The easiest way to manage your family’s grocery shopping—and it’s FREE!

"I love technology, but I also love simplicity. I've found the best of both in OurGroceries." —The Kitch review
"After more than a year of using OurGroceries, we have been very satisfied." —Anne vs. Home review

OurGroceries automatically keeps your family’s grocery list up to date with the latest changes—on every family member’s mobile phone, and our website. Nearly out of milk? Add it now on your phone and your partner can pick it up on their next shopping trip.

Every change to your shared shopping list is visible within seconds on any other iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or other smartphone grouped with yours. See items being checked off as your partner shops!

You can also keep track of the key ingredients in your favorite recipes and add them all at once to your shopping list.


• Take your shopping lists with you wherever you go.

• Share shopping lists amongst everyone in your household. Simply enter the same email address into each copy of the OurGroceries app.

• Add items quickly: on-the-fly completion searches prior shopping list items as you type.

• Cross items off the shopping list with a single tap.

• Create as many separate shopping lists as you wish, or keep it simple and just use one.

• Organize your items by category or aisle to make shopping faster and easier.

• Add a photo to an item to make sure your partner gets exactly the right one. (Premium version only.)

• Browse your favorite meal ideas anytime, anywhere.

• Add all the ingredients for a recipe to your shopping list with a single tap.

• All your items, lists, and recipes are automatically backed up onto the Internet. Upgrade, replace, or reformat your phone without worrying about losing your data.

• See and edit your lists and recipes from any desktop web browser.

• Versions available for other popular mobile phones too, in case your partner doesn't have an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

Visit http://www.ourgroceries.com for more information.

Our Groceries Shopping List App Description & Overview

The applications Our Groceries Shopping List was published in the category Shopping on 2009-08-14 and was developed by HeadCode. The file size is 13.16 MB. The current version is 2.8.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

• Long list and item names wrap nicely in lists.

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Our Groceries Shopping List Reviews

Pecos Blue Jay

Best Grocery/List  Pecos Blue Jay  5 star

Best Grocery/list app I have found yet. Use it all the time. Very simple and easy to use. For me that means a lot.


Couldn't share list  DonMcCPA  1 star

List would not show up on those I shared it with. I followed directions and it indicated it was being shared with the correct e-ddress but no list appeared.


Great for me and my husband  akphill  5 star

I make the grocery list and he shops. Great because we can share and never go threw forgetting the list at home again.


Good app  verguencia2  4 star

Only improvement I would like to see is the ability to re-order the categories instead of only the default alpha order.


Great App!  valenka  5 star

This app is perfect for my husband and me. - Both of us can add items to lists for multiple types of stores. When one of us adds an item it shows up on the other's device. The cloud base is important because his platform is Android and mine is Apple. - Lists are completely customizable. Items can be ordered based on location in store. Check off works perfectly. Items stay in the checked off group so they do not have to be reentered. ***Note to the developer: please make a simple checklist program that is also cross platform and allows creation of multiple checklists! We would use it for lists for tropical vs cool weather vacations, cycling gear checklist and more.


Love syncing with my husband  PBCynthi  5 star

I finally gave up the paper shopping list on the fridge! This is so much more convenient. I love that I can sync it with my husbands phone so he can add stuff to the list too. A friend told me she even made other lists like "movies to watch" and "books to read" and "restaurants to visit" which sounds like a great idea!

love the app but sync issues

Love but sync issues  love the app but sync issues  3 star

My husband and I love this app. We are always on the go and prior to having this app we always ended up at the store without our shopping list. It's also easy to add items as you think of them. My only problem is that lately our lists are not staying synced. One of us will add an item and it will not always show up for the other person. Sometimes it takes days to sync.


Best app! Coupon support?  Jrsygrrl  5 star

This is by far my most-used app and I tell everyone I can about it. Love that whoever is at the store knows what to get. The recipe function is great. Reaching out to the app's developer: I would love to be able to flag that I have a coupon for an item on the list. UX would be to add the item and click a flag next to it for "coupon ".


Constantly crossing off on its own  Jbemail1  2 star

My wife and I have used this app for over a year and have watched on numerous occasions items mysteriously being crossed off as we're shopping when I am not even touching the phone. She has experienced the same thing on her android

Ianzilla's Mom

Makes life easier  Ianzilla's Mom  5 star

I really like this app. My favorite feature is the ability to share lists with my husband. Now, we don't have to constantly text each other things we need from the store. Additionally, we don't get as frustrated with each other or ourselves for forgetting items because we can add them as we need them. I also like that we can customize our lists and categories within those lists.


franckhertz franckhertz 3 star

@songadaymann OurGroceries works pretty well for us.


AppleVisXL AppleVisXL 3 star

#AppleVisAppReply: Our Groceries Shopping List -

Lux Lucid

It fulfills my list of needs  Lux Lucid  5 star

Exactly what my wife and I need. Small, simple and smart. It remembers where each item gets categorized, and even remembers our sort-order within each category. (We use store-names as caregories, and order by location-in-store.) Under 10MB size is rare these days. The only feature I'd request is separate sharing users/permissions for EACH LIST (but don't let that bloat/complicate it).


My Most used app !  Scubajanet  5 star

Perfect grocery list app, I use this daily.


Easy to use  pabbott52  4 star

Good app-easy to use and so convenient!


Very useful  Forgetful_me  5 star

Works well for sharing any kind of list between busy family members


Easy to use  Clemsongirl68  5 star

Easy to use and always with me!! Sharing with family makes it easy to see what's needed anytime any place


The Aunt Hill  Cpqpc  5 star

Our Groceries is the simplest, most efficient app I've used. We prefer it over other apps we've used. My sister n I can keep up with shopping without having to ask each other what is on the list.


Finally my husband can shop for me!  dnoricks  5 star

We love this app, that I can enter stuff we need & my husband can see it. No more annoying feelings when he comes home with bags of groceries for himself & nothing for me or the baby!


Love it!  Daybee6669  5 star

This app is great - my hubby and I use this all the time - saves so much time!!!


Awesome with Alexa  Steve46::  5 star

Love it


Great app!!  Program99  5 star

Love this for groceries and other lists too. I like that you can categorize your list and even make your own categories that correspond to your supermarket aisles. And it integrates nicely with Alexa. It really makes meal planning and grocery shopping a breeze.

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