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Spotify is the best way to listen to music on mobile or tablet.

Search for any track, artist or album and listen for free. Make and share playlists. Build your biggest, best ever music collection.

Get inspired with personal recommendations, and readymade playlists for just about everything.

Listen absolutely free with ads, or get Spotify Premium.

Free on mobile
• Play any artist, album, or playlist in shuffle mode.

Free on tablet
• Play any song, any time.

Premium features
• Play any song, any time on any device: mobile, tablet or computer.
• Enjoy ad-free music.
• Listen offline.
• Get better sound quality.

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Spotify Music App Description & Overview

The applications Spotify Music was published in the category Music on 2011-07-14 and was developed by Spotify Ltd.. The file size is 157.67 MB. The current version is 8.4.79 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

We’re always making changes and improvements to Spotify. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, just keep your Updates turned on.

- This release includes the first version of our Apple Watch app

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Spotify Music Reviews


Spotify  MasterTy123578447  5 star

Great app for music highly suggested


Bad V1 for Apple watch  inailuy  1 star

The UI doesn't respond from the initial launch, nothing gets loaded and when I play music from the phone the now playing screen doesn't update. Finally using this app has resulted in two os reboots, which has never happened using an app on the watch.


Issues when using iPhone X’s max  Johncammel464  4 star

Began a few updates back. Thought the new updates would fix but it did not. App freezes quite often and/or the lag time on music playback after pausing is too much. And app seems to take longer to come back online after having no signal. Never used to be like this. Slightly annoying when I’m paying each month for the app.


Add Siri Shortcuts  Acal1  1 star

Needs siri shorcuts. Spotify voice barely works right.


Good. Almost great.  danielandrews  4 star

Great with a few small exceptions. Allow more than 10k library limit & get rid of the “custom” UI for some playlists that are a bit of a UX nightmare (requires extra taps and shows blow up artwork without context of what you’re listening to). Still, by far the best music app.


Robert  tniskt  5 star


Unhappy and am switching

Upgrade is terrible  Unhappy and am switching  2 star

I upgraded the new app. Now although I pay for premium like I always have, I’m getting the free Spotify. I have deleted Spotify and downloaded again. I have sent messages and have not received a reply. Where is the customer service??? I also do not like the setup. Will switch to Pandora if I don’t hear back from Spotify by days end. They should also refund my money


A better music service than Apple Music, but needs Apple Watch support.  Zeroes  2 star

Blows away Apple Music, especially with daily mixes and recommendations. Kudos on the new Apple Watch app! It still absolutely needs playlist syncing and playback from the watch to get to parity with Apple Watch and to make me a complete convert.


Offline Mode Needs Work  timmc94  4 star

I have Spotify Premium and love it. That being said, the app does have some issues that can be annoying rather frequently and I would very much like to see fixed. This app is basically useless when offline or with low/unreliable cellular signal. I have quite a lot of music downloaded to save data, but even then I often cannot access it offline (unless it’s in my recents on the Library tab) because the list views won’t load even the offline-only content! As much as I despise apps that have large caches, I really want the listings for downloaded content to be retained in the app. Best case scenario, I can view all music I have saved and playlists but just not play anything that isn’t downloaded and have that just be greyed-out… but bare minimum I need access to my downloaded content, even if the artist photos are blank when offline or something like that. With it operating as it is now, I have my favorite music in iCloud Music Library and downloaded both there and Spotify because I cannot rely on Spotify when offline for downloads but can with the built-in Music app. The data is there… this shouldn’t be difficult to fix. Another issue I have with the Spotify app is the shuffle algorithm, which is absolutely abysmal most of the time. A playlist can have music from dozens of artists and yet it plays three songs in a row from a single artist! There’s no reason it should do that. I can pretty much guarantee at this point that songs most recently added to a playlist have shuffle priority, which is fine for an optional behavior but not for the only shuffle option. (I don’t want to hear all my new music back-to-back when I hit shuffle on a playlist… I just want it to randomly shuffle everything evenly, and yes I mean RANDOM!) Every once in awhile issues show up in the app, and sometimes they’re solved quickly but sometimes they take awhile to be fixed. With this current version, the aforementioned issues are all I really have to complain about, aside from minor things like a view optimized for OLED, a slight misalignment of the UI for adding a song to a playlist for the safe area respecting the stupid notch on the XS Max, and the lack of optimization for the screens on the new 2018 iPad Pros. (The UI is needlessly large and letterboxed on the new 12.9” Pro, even after this latest update that could have easily fixed the issue and supported the devices natively) Overall I really love Spotify, and I highly recommend it if you listen to more than just a couple albums on repeat all the time; in fact, even if that’s you Spotify can help you branch out and discover great new music you otherwise may have never experienced. The free version is very limited, and a lot of reviews I’ve seen here reference that very strongly and angrily… but Spotify is first and foremost a paid service, and without Premium you are going to run into a lot of shortcomings. US$9.99/mo for the standard subscription is a great deal if you buy more that one album per month on average!

Bruh omg KILLEM

Spotify  Bruh omg KILLEM  5 star

It is good and when you don’t have WiFi it works on the road


Spotify review  easy909  5 star

I wish it was a bit more straight forward and I do not have to use shuffle play

Brandon is better than thomas

Good and all, but...  Brandon is better than thomas  3 star

Spotify is a great app to listen to music nearly anywhere (with wifi) if you haven’t got premium. Now, I’ve had this app for over three years, and the first time I got it I was impressed, but over the years i started to notice how often ads are now, and not only that, how many ads. When I first bought this, they had like 2 ads every 10 songs, now it’s like 3 ads every 4 songs. Not impressed


Way better than Apple Music  Potato_Theory  5 star

Honestly I don’t know why people would go to Apple Music if they tried Spotify, I did and cancelled my Apple Music subscription, it is that good, it’s technically amazing with what you can use to playback on, and it’s library is expansive af, it’s everything I love in a music app


Nice  gubhhnmnbfdfjj  3 star

It’s nice to listen to top hits all the time


Spotify is ok😐  megemoo101  3 star

Spotify is a good idea but the fact that you have to pay for the premium and you can’t really choose what song is in the playlist that you listen to is really annoying. If someone who could change this is reading it would be really great if you could. If possible thanks!🙃


👍  Mozigee  5 star

I’m new to Spotify and am very impressed with it. I still have a n old hifi and lots of cd’s. Every song, artist, or album I searched for I could find Love it. Thank you Spotify Mozi


Wow  claassy8  5 star

What a tool to have to locate and capture songs that brings back so many memories.i could say more but less is more enjoy😄


Good  Tsogas  5 star



Free music!  booster15342  4 star

It’s a great app lots of song for free


Worked well until new update  Mocko666  2 star

Player worked fine, no issues until the last 3 days. Music pauses after about 10 seconds, won’t start again unless I change the song. Please fix!


Love it just need more songs and artists  JazzyJacci  4 star

Love it


Why no Spanish songs  canowy123  2 star

I try to listen to bad bunny or any other Spanish songs but it’s doesn’t work. I hate this and you need to please fix that and when it does work it skip the songs. If not fixed then I’ll move to another app that plays music.


Please read  J3eremy  4 star

I am a new user to Spotify and I notice their are a lot more song choices than iHeartRadio has witch has sparked my interest in Spotify but one big issue I’m having is Spotify is draining the battery on my iPhone 8 rather quick it says it’s taking 59% of my battery witch is a lot is their anyway that you developers could fix this issue because I really need my phone through out the day for music and phone calls if you developers could fix this issue I will give this app 5 stars but until then you only get 4


“No internet connection”  Ggydchfhgyufg  3 star

Are you guys ever going to fix that issue where it’s says I have no internet connection, but I clearly have an internet connection? Happens on iPhone, iPad, home computer, work computer, no matter if I’m on cellular data, home WiFi, or work WiFi. Just randomly because it feels like it. Seemingly no rhyme or reason. I’m far from the only person reporting this, by the way. You must not be listening.


I used to love it until it stopped working  Juanes2544454445  3 star

I’ve loved Spotify before. After the update in my iPhone Spotify just stop playing, reason just because. I have to skip the song so it plays something and then it stops again. The play button go crazy too. I hope you fix this soon. If this is fixed I would give 5 starts

fnaf 48

Jn  fnaf 48  5 star

I love listen to all my favorite music


Latest update is screwed up  T123451  1 star

Well I always enjoyed listening but since the last update...... songs will drop off...... I cannot pull anything up at times...... it tells me I am offline..... I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Worked fine for a bit but now back to the same things above.... please fix!


App breaking bug with latest update  pokeredface  1 star

Just got the latest update from November 7th and it has destroyed this app. Tried to get on today and every time I would try to play a song the would freeze and wouldn’t play the music. Please fix!!!


help?  Bellahi55  2 star

so i’ve been using this app for about 2 years and it was working fine until like a month ago it logged me out of spotify. i types in my email and password and for some reason it still won’t let me in. i don’t know if they deleted my account but i’m confused.

Kaiju Senso

Bad connection  Kaiju Senso  1 star

Doesn’t work on WiFi only when I’m in a location with no cell reception. iPhone X.

Gaming Ninja

Limited  Gaming Ninja  2 star

I am a premium user and I was very happy with the service until I got a notification that I have reached the maximum of 10000 songs in my library, to anyone else this is not an issue but would be nice to not have to delete some of my older music to make room, I pay the €9.99 a month anyway so I was a bit surprised that even premium accounts have the limit.


5 stars !  avagall098  5 star

Amazing app so quick and easy !


Swipe  kako5335  5 star

I would just like if yous let me swipe whenever I wanted that’s all x


Spotify is awesome🎤  uhouhoi  5 star

Spotify is really good

Naoise is here

Great,recommend it  Naoise is here  4 star

I love this app.(I have the free version)I don’t think it’s worth getting premium.there’s adds but I don’t mind


Strauss  patisih  5 star



Bad update  Brianroo  1 star

Love the service but the new UI is awful.


Stephen Gallagher  steve-mart  5 star

The best music app ever I hard


Really good🥳🥳🥳🥳  everyfuckinnamestaken  5 star

Smells like cheese man


Skipping songs  AnnaJuser  4 star

I love Spotify but sadly I find it quite annoying that we can’t listen to our favorite songs on mobile Spotify without PAYING for premium which is quite bad. You guys should change this because most people listen so Spotify on their phones and not all people can afford premium ok so thanks keep up the good work but think about what I said

Spotify Music Comments

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