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Come enjoy The Original Word Play! Grab your mobile device and prove you have what it takes to best your friends and family in this addictive multiplayer game. Whether you need to relax after a long day, or are looking to train your brain, Words With Friends Classic is perfect for you! Make sure to keep your mind sharp as you choose the perfect move on the board, as one word can be the difference between victory and defeat!
Are you looking for a way to build your vocabulary by yourself? Our Solo Challenge is the answer! There is no better way to train your brain than against our fiendish word masters. Looking for new friends with whom to play puzzle games? You can practice your crossword skills with our random opponent matchmaking. No matter if you play with friends old or new, stay connected with our in-game chat, and track your progress with unlockable stats.
Think you're the best at word games of all your friends? Prove it by racking up points and beating your Weekly Challenge!

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“The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency.”

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Play your best words in the latest release from Words With Friends! Compete with friends and family or find the perfect match to complete your Daily Goals! Smoother gameplay than ever before with new updates and bug fixes.

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- Complaint

Warning. There is a picture of a nice looking man on words with friend nan vicent pagilinan. He is a scam. He stalks women he is using this name and pix and it’s not him. The phone number he is using is from Texas I used a anywho and paid for a search. Nothing came up then I used another site to find people I am a paralegal and know where to look. Words needs to block him from this game. There is a guy on Facebook with the name Vincent pangilinan by did not want to send him message. But women watch out this is happening on a lot of games you play with real people. He deleted me and resigned games with me lol he knew with questions I ask he ha been found out. He had at least 5 flags beside his name now he has none. So he changed some things he is axed out on playing so know he is at it again

- WWF is all about cheating

This game has always allowed cheating. You can try using words you don’t know without penalty. You can see the tiles your challenger has at the end of the game. Etc. But now you play against people who can swap letters without losing a turn, and you’ll never know it. We all have played games where we end up getting crappy letters the entire time. It’s frustrating, but it’s the luck of the draw. I don’t think it’s too much to ask of the developers to have matches where you agree to not use swap + and other cheats that you can purchase. Everyone who plays a game should have the same rules. (I realize they want to make money from these cheats, but the relentless ads should be making them money too.) The game has speed games and solo games with separate boards already. Just add a true WWF classic mode that doesn’t allow paid cheats. It’s not that much to ask, if you want to keep all your customers happy. At this point, I’m going to stop playing with real people and just play the solo mode. Or maybe just stop playing altogether. That means much less ad revenue for them, when they could just allow another format instead.

- Words With Friends is no Scrabble

Where to begin? I guess it’s my fault for expecting that this game was Scrabble or a reasonable facsimile. I am an avid Scrabble player and take pride in my vocabulary. Imagine my shock when all of a sudden words that ARE NOT WORDS began to show up as accepted by this game. And imagine my even BIGGER shock when I looked up these so called words in the game’s definition section and find that AT THIS TIME WE HAVE NO DEFINITION FOR THIS WORD BUT WE ARE WORKING ON IT.....huh? And the skip your turn option with no penalty? And the option to see where you can make the best play? Why bother playing at all? I have told my friends who play with me that if they are using those options, cross me off their list. I do not use them ever. And as for some doozy “words” my friends come up with....they tell me they throw everything at the wall to see what sticks. Oh, fun. So why do I play? Oh I don’t know.....bored I guess. If anyone else feels like I do, there’s real Scrabble at a site called Word Biz that is an Internet Scrabble Club and is true Scrabble. I play it on my computer and it’s awesome. One more thing....I find all the non-game interruptions annoying. I know I can delete the app anytime I want but I do enjoy the actual strategy of playing a straight-forward game with no “help” options. One more observation.....how can a word be a word if it has no definition?

- Used to be fun but now it’s cluttered

WWF used to be really fun because of the simplicity of playing with friends with nothing to pop up except for 5 to 10 second ads. Ever since an update a couple months ago now there are more ads that are usually 30 seconds. Not only that but they added these “improvements” and challenges that interrupt matches. I like the idea of challenges but I don’t like the fact that they are forced to be reviewed and waste a good 10 to 15 seconds of your time just so you can see you completed them. And the last thing I have to complain about is that the game has been freezing my entire phone almost every other match. This is the only app that I have that does that and I have an iPhone 8 Plus. I don’t know what you did to your game in the last update but fix it because I am tired of my phone freezing for minutes. The only reason I haven’t deleted your game is because I still want to play with friends but your latest updates are really wanting me to delete your game and never touch it again because you guys have screwed it up really badly. The fact that you’re getting two stars is just out of pity Due to the fact that the game is still fun to an extent...

- Words With Friends 2

After the last iOS update two weeks ago, the app will not work on my iPad or iPhone. My games will not refresh at all on any platform. The daily challenge is the only one that works. There is no phone tech support. The in app tech support is terrible. They give me the same options that are already posted everywhere, as though I would need to contact them if my issues were that simple. Once I’m contacting you, my issues are beyond those solutions. By then almost a week in including a game refresh which still doesn’t work. Love playing the game, although hands down all of the new stuff should be a totally separate application that you choose to use, not shoved down your throat. It’s a turn off, the changes that have been made. The classic original is still the preferred game and should be an uninterrupted option. I love the game. More games should be offered than the 56 cutoff. Customer support/technical support is lacking and terrible. 2.5 weeks now, and I’m still unable to play my games, with no idea of when this issue will be resolved. Obviously an upgrade is due for compatibility with the new iOS update, but no one seems to be listening. Therefore one star from me.

- Switcheroo

Years ago I paid for the ad free/contest free version of wwf because all I want to do is play the game. You added these so called ‘enhancements’ without asking for my permission. I am so sick of playing a word and then having to wait for all the stupid ‘congratulations, you’ve made the word of the day’ or ‘your new word of the day is...’, which actually turns out to be the word of the hour when I play multiple games a day. I want you to remove all the extraneous junk from my games please. What I paid for is the game, not all the dumb congrats boxes and awards. From reading other reviews, I am one of probably thousands of others who are not happy with your so-called improvements. It seems to me that either you remove the ads and silly boxes of awards, congrats, and other things we didn’t pay for or we are all owed our money back. Of the 2 choices, I prefer you remove the junk so that I can play wwf without interruption. I’m giving the game itself 4 stars because by itself, it’s almost a perfect game. Thank you.

- Great game but OMG the free version is TORTURE

The free version of this game doesn’t just have ads. Ads I could deal with. The free version of this has horrible, mind-numbingly idiotic 30 second animations designed by psychologists to cause MAXIMUM anger and frustration on the part of the user. Every time you play a word you are BOMBARDED WITH THESE INANE cartoons that have a 30 second countdown and no way to avoid them. It is SO OBVIOUS that these were designed to torture the user into opening their wallet. Games like this should come with a warning: “the free version of this game is not actually a game. It is an instrument of TORTURE designed to either 1) drive you insane, 2) cause levels of blind rage sufficient to cause you to throw yourself under a bus, or 3) get out your credit card and give them anything they want to make the torture stop. The sad thing is, once you turn off all the ridiculous settings that make the game behave like a Vegas slot machine, and if you take enough sedatives to get you past the barrage of garbage in between plays, the game itself is actually extremely good.

- Game is great until they decide to upgrade and not tell you!

I’ve been playing word with friends for several years now and have never had a complaint. In fact I enjoy the game very much. My complaint comes when recently I’ve been trying to get into my word with friends app and everything appears to be opening as usual until I get nothing but a blue screen and nothing will happen. I finally give up and try again later. Except later I get the exact same thing. This has gone on for a couple weeks now. I’ve lost all my stats and power ups, everything I’ve worked to gain. I have 40 games that people probably think I’ve just abandoned. I’ve tried to go back to App Store and get words with friends 2 ....... different game and all my information from the the version didn’t transfer. I’m unbelievably upset and therefore wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who wants to play long term. There is no number to contact anyone. There is no email to contact anyone. Because I cannot get into the app there is no support to chat with. Everything just lost. If I could give lower than 1 Star right now I would do so!

- The Ultimate Demise of Words with Friends

Words with friends used to be fun. The online game was similar to the Scrabble game played on a board. Over the past few years it’s gone on a downhill slide. Paying players seem to be forced to a child’s version of the game (WWF 2) that dumbs down the game and causes adults to give it up. When you opt to receive the classic WWF, as I did, elements of new, dumbed down version creep into the classic version. Now because I have a new phone, the classic version seems to be unavailable to me and I must subscribe to WWF 2. I won’t do it. I will discontinue any and all WWF applications until WWF Classic is restored for those of us older than age 12. Am I alone on this? We must all tell the company that we need to be able to opt for the Classic version. If WWF continues to make it difficult to receive the unadulterated classic version, I, for one, will opt out, just as many of folks I’ve played over the years have already done.

- Unwelcome “improvements”

I have played & enjoyed WWF for years. Along the way, I have had to lose playing time to wait out or work around many irritating “improvements”, & fend off many ways to cheat. You frequently interrupt the game to say I’ve accidentally “accomplished” some pointless side goal not my own, & then make it impossible to get back to the game without tapping “great” for something I despise. I feel especially jerked around by that last thing. “Great,” It is not. Just now, I got put through a new diversion involving leveling and pages. It took so long to find a way out that I began to think I had been expelled from WWF. As a final insult, to get out of its teeth, I had to tap “Great!” I value the player contacts I’ve made, and I enjoy coming up with words, so I keep playing; but is it really not possible to opt out of the irrelevant time-wasting crap? I know I am not the only adult playing this game. There are many who would welcome a clean version like you once had. Please consider it.

- Get rid of all the junk

I agree whole heartedly with Yellowbugnana. However I am not rating the ap anything more than a one star because I don’t think choosing no stars is an option. All I want to do is play scrabble with my friends. I can’t stand all the junk running in the background and the waste of time it creates in between moves. I don’t want treasure boxes. I don’t want to play with random virtual opponents. I don’t want congratulations. I don’t want to have Zynga-imposed goals. Yuck. I don’t want to buy the option to swap without passing or any other cheats. I wrote to Zynga, without any response, obv, suggesting offering players the choice to play with or without all the sparkles, treasure boxes and other mindless clutter, the option, as it were, to just play the straight game of scrabble. I too, paid for the ad free version, which I agree, with another reviewer, because the ads were so, so, aggressive. I’m not judging those who like treasure boxes and mindless clutter and sparkles. I just want the option to play just plain scrabble with my friends who want the same. There I’ve said it.

- Words with friends

The game is fun. BUT the upgrade wrecked it!!! Couldn’t play on my I5S anymore. Started playing on Kindle but games disappear... they go to the versions that can only be played in newer versions of IPhone which means to keep playing the game I have to play on the IPhone which version is now full of a bunch of time wasting junk!!!!!! As if the advertisements aren’t bad enough no there is a load of extra unwanted time wasting junk you can’t op out of!!!!! So friends I’ve been playing for many years I can only play on IPhone version. other friends I can start and back and forth on Kindle maybe a dozen turns and then the game disappears!!!! So trying to play only on Kindle only works for some friends and not others. You’d think there would be a higher level of sophistication and security to prevent cross contamination between Kindle and the phone versions.. unless they planned it? I really just want to play on Kindle the classic game... I hope they resolve this problem ASAP or I might have to see if regular scrabble is as good or better than words with friends.😥

- Please get Facebook out of this game!

I don’t do Facebook. I don’t want to do Facebook. Please give me the option in Settings that will allow me to stop the pop-up message asking me if I would like to contact my opponent through Facebook after EVERY MOVE!!! The other issue that the recent updates have given is the “ oops, something went wrong” in practice games that makes them unplayable and undelete-able unless I uninstall and reinstall the game from the App Store. Then I gotta go to settings and shut off all the other stuff that interrupts games....except Facebook, which seems to lord over this thing at will. I paid for it, so allegedly I don’t get any ads, but this Facebook thing is nothing but an ad. And please buy a newer dictionary. Please fix this stuff. Okay, it’s only fair to acknowledge it when the developers address your technical complaints.....so I’m upgrading my scathing “3-star” review to “4-stars” because they took my Facebook pop-up complaints to heart and eliminated the pop-ups after every turn. Thank you. To all of you who still have unresolved complaints, I highly recommend that you go into game settings (in the app) and use the technical support “help” option. They are very responsive and usually get back within two days. But I still wish they’d buy a current dictionary....!

- Discrepancies.....

There are two things that I find truly frustrating. The first is that there are special “Words with Friends Words” that offer absolutely no definition, and don’t exist if you look them up anywhere else. Often times these words consist of obscure letters that people are desperately trying to put together and somehow it makes a “word” that’s acceptable to the game and often gives great points, because the letters are automatically worth more, being more difficult to use. How is this considered fair and not cheating? The second is that I may have a few letters left that I can use to score more points, but all of a sudden the game ends and somehow I lose, regardless of being ahead literally the entire game? If I have tiles to play that can make words and score more points, how does the game just end? If allowed to play the remaining tiles I would easily win. Again, how is this considered fair and not cheating? This is extremely frustrating and doesn’t motivate me to play.

- Love the game, filled with spam players

I have had this app on and off since 2012 and never when I played in previous years did I experience what I have since I downloaded it a few days ago. Many players start a game and typically are not high scorers, they begin to chat innocently enough such as thanking me for playing. I am okay with this or a great word or great game. These profiles have been men and want to know if I have children, where I am located, and if I have a significant other. When I state I am not interested in discussing my personal life and am only here to play the game two have them asked for my Gmail account as if I didn’t say I wasn’t interested in any discussion. These are huge red flags to me for hacking or possible information for something dangerous. I would feel more secure and better if the chat option was more used with pre-populated phrases for encouragement. This is not a dating site and I am uncomfortable being quizzed regarding me, my children, and my location. Be safe on here for sure!

- Never have problems

For the most part I never have any technical issues with this game! I enjoy it and play everyday. I do wish there was a way to get a full premium version with no ads. I generally would never pay for something to get rid of ads but I would for this game because I play it so much and get annoyed that a ad or video ad takes over entire screen after EVERY move! I think it is too much! Also include some of the word meters and other game helpers and I would pay. One thing that will forever bother me is scoring less for long words than many two letter words on a TW DW TL etc. it is not easy to create long words that fit somewhere in this game but to only get 8 or 9 points is so stupid IMO. Overall love the game! Updated Sunday November 5th. Got a new iPhone 8+ upgrade went to re-download I see a words with friends classic and words with friends I download them both looking for the hindsight and the swap and I don’t see them on either game I’m wondering where everything went and what’s going on don’t ruin this game for us!!!!!

- They still refuse to fix it

In addition to the increasingly time-consuming pointless “challenges” that I never accepted, I don’t care about, and that don’t seem to mean anything, the developers still haven’t fixed some things that they broke a over a year ago in one of their stupid updates when they added more clutter and junk. One of the more annoying ones is that the red indicator on the app icon of how many games are awaiting your move no longer updates in a timely manner. So maybe there are games waiting for you but you don’t know because there’s no indicator. Or maybe it says there’ s 10 games waiting, but when you open the game there aren’t any, and only then the indicator updates. Real useful. Another thing they broke at the same time is the Next Game arrow. For any given game you have going, it randomly might be available, or you might have to go back to the list of I played games to choose the next one. When they broke these features that used to work properly, I thought, “oh well, they’ll get around to fixing them eventually.” But, apparently it’s more important to use developer resources to add to the never ending senseless peripheral challenge stuff that only gets in the way, slows the game down, and annoys us. Much more important for some reason. Oh, and this stuff goes for all versions, “Classic,” WWF 2” etc., which all basically seem to be the same. I don’t know why they insist on multiple versions when there’s really only one game.

- All the enhancements stink!

I have played words with friends for years. They have added a bunch of stuff that I don’t care a toot about. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve accidentally hit “play word” when I didn’t want to play the word. They used to have a failsafe “do you want to play that word”? They don’t have that anymore. They keep pushing me into other games. It used to be that when you saw “next game” and tapped it, you’d go to another game you were playing. Now it doesn’t mean you have another game to play, it can mean that they’ve paired you up with a stranger or a computer and it starts a game that you have to resign to get it off your screen. They have added badges or some sort of perk that you have to watch for no reason because you played some specific letters—like you play letters for them? I play letters for points and to win the game. Not because they want me to play all the letters in “tulip” or some other word they choose. I have been thinking about quitting altogether because of gobs of stuff I don’t want.

- Keeping the mind sharp

This is such a great competitive way to interact with friends and family, and at the same time keep your mind sharp. Words is educational and also a great distraction from the stress of the day. It is user friendly and so much fun. What is nice is that the game is not a cheat or a computer setup unless you use the extraneous tools available and your opponent does not know that are doing that which I think is a very very unsportsmanlike maneuver and you a cheating because it is not a win using your own skills. There should be no pass and getting new tiles without the loss of your turn. I also don’t like all the interruptions inserting the awards constantly. I just want a straight play without all the whistles and bells. Otherwise I love the site.

- SusanneT

I have played this game for years and basically enjoyed it, but recently in the last week or so it has become an annoying game. Twice now I have been invited to play and had to make sure I wasn't sitting on a bar stool. They strike up a conversation with come-on lines and flattery. They ask how I'm doing, then comes all the personal questions. This morning was the last straw, the so-called player completely disappeared from the game after I bombarded them with a whole list of personal questions that I feel are nothing but bs. I even asked them if they were a Russian troll. I checked all the active games and completed games I've played and the player who said he was Charles Bernard was nowhere to be found. I think you need to find out what is going on. I'm beginning to think the game is now a vehicle for hackers. I may not be coming back to it once my active games are completed. I don't need this grief.

- Very annoying extra garbage

Oh Words With Friends, what happened?? Used to be a classic Scrabble game, fun to play with friends and now we are all so sick of the badges, pop-ups, congrats, daily goals and other super annoying so called extras that just slow the game down and make it awful to play. None of these things can be turned off in settings, and I have used the paid version of this game for years so I should be able to. I know I am not alone. With every update something worse is added. Today’s new annoyance is the game doesn’t allow you to just go to the next game like before, now it suggests other people to play with, can’t turn it off. Zynga needs to read these reviews. Also, what’s up with the words that aren’t real words (according to the game), but can be played anyway?? And some of the definitions of words are downright BIZARRE. So disappointed in the direction this game has gone. On the hunt for another word game for grown-ups.

- Added ‘play features’ ruining game

I have really enjoyed playing the (paid version) classic words with friends for years. However, you have added a bunch of extraneous junk to it, slowing the games down with pop up garbage, magic boxes or what ever all those treasure chest things are....it’s all very annoying! It all slows the play of the game. If those added ‘play’ features were on the game previously, I would not have bought it. I have written to you via email asking how i can remove them. I never received a response. Please get rid of all that extra stuff...it’s ruining your otherwise great game, at the very least, allow users to opt out of them! UPDATE: nothing has changed. Developers don’t care about the feedback. They even added more junk to it. I have been playing this game since 2011. I am no longer going to play. It’s still slow & jammed with play features I can’t get rid of. Not what I purchased. Junk game. If you are looking for a good word game, similar to scrabble...keep looking.

- Daily word game a joke

Used to be you could play the daily word and try and score 201 points in 4 words or watch a video and get 4 more tries. Now, the daily word game is 1120 points. For 2 days you had as many tries as it took. Now, they changed something again and you only get 4 tries to make 1120 points. How jacked is that? You can watch a video (when they are working and not just spinning and spinning waiting for something to pop up and get another 4 tries. I didn’t bother after I saw how many dam videos I’d have to watch to get to 1120 points. There is always something messed up on this app. I’ve been playing this game since 2011. I love this game except for the trolls thinking it’s a match site. Seems like every time they add some new game or prize, something else gets jacked. It has NEVER worked right on any one day. Please fix ur issues. It’s a fun game which I enjoy playing everyday. And, when you add or change something, test it out before it goes on line. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

- You’ve got to be kidding! Why can’t I give you 0 stars?

I was ready to enjoy this game. But what about all those points and “challenges”? Who finds them entertaining? And what do you tell me about those ridiculous ads for even more ridiculous games? Are you aiming at fourth graders maybe? Who likes to suffer witnessing that weird guy getting tortured by the players choices, or see and hear that poor fish crying for mercy? I find those ads very sadistic. Ah, but wait: you don’t want ads? Then pay $9.99 a month! That’s equal to some people’s phone bill. Im quitting this forsaken game. You should quit developing stuff like this. There, I give you that challenge

- “Ad Free Bundle” my foot

tl;dr — Aesthetically pleasing gameplay, and the app performs smoothly. Minus 3 stars for shoddy ad removal via a half-baked “subscription” & no other options. — The game is fine — I appreciate that this version of WWF (why, WHY are there 3 nearly identical versions on offer?) sports, to my eyes, the most streamlined UI of all the popular social crossword games (Scopely’s new take on Scrabble should take copious notes). The app behaves as expected, which is a good baseline for any mobile game/application in 2020. BUT: who do you think you’re kidding offering a $9.99 USD “ad free bundle” which only removes the ads for 30 days? Just offer a subscription model like literally EVERY other app has shifted towards in the past year. Call it what it is. Because I’m old enough to remember when customers could choose to endure the ads for a free mobile game (and that’s still a fair trade-off), or we could pay a few dollars *once* simply to remove the ads from our experience. Why has that option fallen out of favor? You want players to throw you $10 a month? Fine, offer a subscription & bundle up the ad removal & a replenishing stock of boosters/power-ups/in-game currency. The players who want that will pay for it. For the rest of us who just want to get the ads out of the way, give us the option to throw you $5-7 USD & be done with it.

- Needs work

This particular Words with Friends app needs to repair some software issues. Let me point out the obvious first. There is always an ad that pops up after every word submission, but no payment option to remove ads. As for the software side, the ads appear to be rushed when it was installed to the program. It never streams well, and half the time the ad does not auto adjust to your screen size. So when the short ad is complete, you can’t close it out. My app has crashed multiple times during an ad, and during gameplay. If it doesn’t crash, my screen will freeze. On average, I play around 1-2 hours per day. During those times, I would have to shut the app down to reset it. And this happens averagely 3 times within 2 hours. Just for the record, my iPhone has a 128gb memory, and nearly half of that is available. And all updates are current. So if you’re reading this, there are plenty of other apps to choose from.

- OMG ...the Ads!

The game itself, I’d give a 5. It’s fun, good to have a touchstone for friends far away, and unknown friends. But OMG, the ads are ridiculous. There are now TWO-MINUTE ads in the game, over and over and over again. Playing the solo 12 level “find a word” games, it takes 25 minutes to play. 1 minute for the game itself and 24 minutes of ads. Really WWF? Really? I won’t speak for anyone else, but these days I have the attention span of a gnat. The 30 second gross and repetitious Gardenscapes ads now seem like a nanosecond. Who does this? And advertisers, if you can’t say it in 15 or 20 seconds, then get a better marketing firm. You are being played. Maybe I watched 40 seconds the first time, but after 6 times in a row, it’s mind numbing insanity. I now play WWF and read a book at the same time. So thanks for that. Advertisers please reconsider...a solid 20 second ad will grab my attention, 2 minutes in a game ruins all credibility or desire to purchase your products.

- Annoying things about WWF

UPDATE: deleted. An ad after every play now. I mostly play practice games against the computer. Suddenly, since the last bug fix, my practice games keep freezing with the message "oops, something went wrong" and i am unable to release that game by quitting it. After three such "stuck" games it says i have hit my limit of practice games. Please fix this. Also, i agree with the other player who said they hate all this extra junk of achieving levels and accomplishments and not being able to opt out. Please go back to the way it used to be when we could just play a game unmolested by all that unnecessary nonsense. Please get your rules for valid words in order. For example, sometimes abbreviations are valid, sometimes they are not. This is probably why "real" scrabble doesn't allow any, because they are too numerous. And it’s not just abbreviations that are problematic. You need a better dictionary. And finally, get your search functionality aligned with your valid word list. I've had two frustrating experiences. First, i put a word in search and it came back with a definition yet when i tried to play it the games told me it was invalid. Second, when "practice" played a word i didn't recognize (and no definition was displayed) i put it into the search only to be told the word was invalid. Cheat much?

- Getting worse instead of better

I had never used any of the "add-ons" (i.e. Word Radar, Hindsight, et al) until several of my opponents (against whom I had a regular winning percentage) started getting too tough for me. I finally mentioned to one of those friends that I had given up starting new games because, "I don't know what happened but you just got too good; I can't win anymore." He laughingly told me about using these add-ons, and sure enough: as other reviews have pointed out, it's just made the game too easy. The add-O's haven't "leveled the playing field"; they've tilted it in favor of lazy people who are only interested in winning, not improving their vocabulary. They should give us the option to play/decline games based on whether an opponent utilizes these CHEATS, because that's what they are. The game is no longer fun, because it's no longer a challenge. It's a cheat.

- Extra features unneeded and annoying

I just want to play the barebones version of this game, but it’s no longer possible. The fact that there is not even an option to stop animations from playing every time I play all the letters in the word of the day, or whatever the hell it is, shows that the developers have no regard for longtime players. Multiple comments to this effect have been ignored, as I’m sure mine will be, or met with a response about disabling notifications (which is not the same thing and does not prevent me from losing fifteen seconds of my life when I happen to play all the letters in HEART close to Valentine’s Day or some other cutesy gimmick). My patience is growing thin. I always liked this game for whiling away spare moments or quick breaks from work, but the add-ons are unneeded bloat and make my blood boil. If some players want them, fine — but give us the option to turn them off if we don’t.


SERIOUSLY, do you HAVE to RUIN EVERYTHING??? I DON’T want EDGAR ALLEN POE’S MUG HANGING AMONG THOSE whose turn it is to play!!! HE’S HAD HIS CHANCE, he should have played the game when he had the chance! We DO NOT; REPEAT, DO NOT WANT DECORATIONS, COLORS CHANGED, GAME MANIPULATED IN REGARD TO COLORS, FLOWERS, DECEASED ADULTS, or ANY FURTHER CHANGES MADE TO THE GAME THAT ATTRACTED US IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! You all are now so empty-headed from trying to entertain, that you are throwing the dregs of your brains SO FAR DOWN THE LINE THAT I ACTUALLY HAVE COME TO DESPISE your stupid, not funny(not even half-funny) desperation to out-do the OTHER IDIOTS TRYING TO OUTDO YOU!!! S-T-O-P!!! If you’re getting money for all these dumb decorated “CHRISTMAS/HALLOWEEN/EASTER GAMES, USE YOUR HEADS AND go get a job that you can really get into, because you’ve ruined more games than I care to count!!! You are about to lose players because you are SO EMPTY HEADED!!!” Signed, So worn out, so disgusted, I honestly think my brain is going to explode, and I HOPE Y’ALL HAVE USED ALL THE ghoulish, infantile accoutrements that reside in your tiny brains!

- Great EXCEPT for Solo Challenge Glitch

Overall the game is fun but when it glitches it’s a real pain. Regularly it will glitch in Solo Challenge giving message of ‘Oops. Something went wrong’ and there’s nothing you can do. We close the app. We restart phone. We’ve even deleted and reloaded app. All you can seem to do is wait for end of week when new solo challenge loads. This has happened multiple times to both my husband and me. Rarely write reviews. Only writing this one because I’ve been battling this issue and today’s daily challenge is to play a solo challenge game. Seemed like rubbing salt in the wound. Then App Store ‘give a review’ popped up and figured it was a chance to give feedback. There’s nowhere in the game to give feedback on issues so this seemed the only option besides having to just live with it. Otherwise- really enjoy the game. Play it every day.

- Not fun anymore

I purchased the pro version of this app years ago. It was supposed to be a one time payment. To get around that, they stopped supporting the pro version so it no longer downloaded on updated devices. The classic version I am now using is maddening. It’s one thing to have ads between moves. But seeing the same ad over and over that takes at least 4 taps to close when tapping the x, and then when it does finally close it takes you to an install page to have to close again. That’s annoying enough, but that ever present stress inducing casino ad on the top with constant slot machine motion is maddening and distracting. It interferes with concentration to the point of inducing anger. As hard as I try to ignore it, I can’t. I assume it’s designed that way on purpose. It is no longer an enjoyable game. Instead of this game being something to look forward to and fun, I dread playing, and am deleting the app.

- Every Update Gets Slower and More Frustrating

I used to enjoy playing this app. But the developers have added so many gimmicks the program has to stop and think about that every time I submit a word that there is a pause of 10 to 20 sec. As of the last update the moves from the other players don’t show up immediately either. Even when I am trying to move letters to create a word there is often a pause of a few seconds before the letter will move. I enjoyed the app much more when it was a straight forward exercise of vocabulary and logic without “prizes” and gimmicks giving extra advantages to a player. If the performance and complexity of what was a very responsive and simple app gets any worse it will be unusable. I am about ready to remove it from my iPad.

- MAJOR Quick Play Glitches

The quick play in game game has major glitches that I have literally stopped playing it! It either just hangs in the middle of the game (despite great internet connectivity) and lets the opponent win or both players all together are unable to play at all for several minutes while an "error" constantly pops up UNLESS one exits the game and restarts it a fresh then rejoins game!. Worse still, it often doesn't tally up a word score made or GIVES THE HARD EARNED WORD SCORE TO ONE'S OPPONENT!!! I SWEAR!!. VERY FRUSTRATING AND ANNOYING!!!. I had 78 and played an 86 score word yesterday which would have easily shot me to a 164 meaning a win in the duel but instead the 86 went straight to my opponent and they instead won! YOU CAN ONLY IMAGINE MY FRUSTRATION!. FIX IT!!!!!

- WWF Bonus Coins are now CORRUPT!

I used to LOVE playing this game. I have been playing since 2012. Up until recently I would have given them 5 Stars. However, in the past six months of 2020 I have felt cheated by their advertised Bonus Coins that can be earned by watching ads. Previously, one could earn 3 Bonus Coins for each ad that one watches for up to 30 Bonus Coins a day. Coins can be used to purchase Swaps that eliminate losing one’s turn. The letter swaps you get can be used immediately. It is a great feature. But now it is almost impossible to earn more than 6 Bonus Coins on ANY given day. Most of the time it will say “Sorry, took to long to load”. Even more infuriating is when you actually watch an ad for Bonus Coins and at the end a box pops up and says “Sorry, something went wrong and we could not credit your Bonus Coins”. WHY ??? But I can answer that question! Because you can BUY them! They cost around $2 for each swap, bought in increments of $5, $10, $20 and even $50. It is my belief of late, that the Zynga management of WWF has made a corporate decision that they want more profit from the players and have decided not fulfill their advertised offer to earn free Bonus Coins each day... SO THAT PLAYERS PURCHASE THEM. Naturally. I am to the point of dropping the App completely.

- Used to be the perfect game

All the extras they put in the app in the form of challenges within the game, and the congratulating me for using a letter of a word of their challenge, inside the first challenge is utterly ridiculous. I don’t play the game nearly as often, because when that noise comes up and interrupts my game i just close the app. I used to play it all throughout the day with multiple players of my choice. Not anymore. If you think people like all the extra garbage, then create another words with friend app for it all. Those who appreciate the simple perfection of your original game design can stick with it. You will be surprised and how many stick with the original. Zynga has completely lost sight in their little design room of what the user actually uses and likes.

- Worst advancements of all times.

I used to enjoy WWF. I paid for the no ad version for a reason. I don’t want intrusions while I’m conjuring up a move with very competitive friends. The game has evolved to the point of being a juvenile , in-your-face, game that screams,” look at me” every chance it gets. I don’t want to buy coins; I don’t want to be exempt from certain rules, via point accumulation; I don’t want to be asked to play other people. I especially don’t want to be interrupted after a move and told how wonderful I am. I don’t want to be forced to play for certain predetermined goals I. The insensitivity of developers to the extremely frustrating interruptions as I complete one move and am stalled from jumping to another WWF game when playing multiple games, is mind-boggling. You would think that when you turn the options off in settings that they would all go off but they do not. And some are not even options to turn off. This is not the game we bought years ago. My friends and I ought to be refunded. The rating is average, with the highest points for the essential game and the lowest for the extraneous baggage that the game brings along.

- Crashes or freezes up ALL the time

I have played Words With Friends nearly every day for 8 years so I am a bit of an expert. I use the Classic WWF app because it is compatible with most of my friends. I am SO FRUSTRATED because it keeps freezing up and I have to delete the app and re-download it. This happens 2-3 times a week. Also, when I buy extra clues, it can take several hours for them to show up. A couple times I have lost the $9.99. There is NO TECH or CUSTOMER SUPPORT. They have a phone number but no one answers, due to Covid. I’m sick of this. I have literally spent several hundred dollars over the years and am getting less and less. There are more glitches in this app than is reasonable and it is no better with their other apps (WWF2). I’m just about ready to quit altogether and go to a Scrabble game. Come on Zinga, you can do better!

- Lots of fun

Been a big fan for years. Thought of a new power up you could do. A definition power up on last word played (or any word played if not too complicated a program). Much faster than pulling up a Webster’s online and typing in the word. Especially with how often people use outlandish words. I half hope this gets ignored because I’ve got a pile of coins and would use them all up quick buying more dictionary power ups if this were available. Side note: Clue power up is useless. Why would I want you to give me the location and letters for a mediocre word? Completely pointless. Other than those 2 things I really like the game. Finally broke down and started using tile styles. It’s fun!

- Don’t like all the awards, etc.

I play WWF on a daily basis. This is how my sister and I stay in touch. However, we don’t like all the coins and awards and wish all the BS would go away. What happened to just the plain old game? I know that some people adore all the added competition but we just want a plain old game, like in the beginning. We have been playing for several years and get tired of all the new “stuff” added. We don’t think that it is improving the game at all! Also, the allowed words get more ridiculous each day. Please design the game as plain and simple WWF and use the English dictionary. Some of the words allowed are unbelievable and the sentences used in the definitions are preposterous! Thanks for allowing me to vent, just wish it would create some action!

- Used to be good, but not so much now

For the past several weeks, my app has been notifying me of games and of people nudging me to play, and the badge icon will show several notifications. When I open the app, however, it doesn't list any games as my move for which I had been notified. Just today, it completely deleted a game I had going with someone—it doesn't show up anywhere on my app nor is there any history I ever had a game with that person or had been friends with them. They could still see the game on their end, though. This is so frustrating, as the app is resigning me from games because I haven't played in so many days, but the app itself will not show the games properly on my end and allow me to play. @ Zynga: FIX THIS.

- Swap Plus Scam!

I have been playing WWF for years and have always loved the game. Recently you introduced a new option called Swap + which allows you to swap letters without missing a turn. You initially offered this as a free trial and of course I, like others, used it to swap out letters that were not ideal as part of my strategic moves. Then, the trial ended and that’s when the shenanigans (on your part) began! After the end of the free trial, all of a sudden, all the letters I receive are equivalent to one point! I’m not talking one or two, but ALL SEVEN of them! This is mysteriously happening in each and every game I play! You are NOT fooling me! This is obviously built in as an algorithm for all of us who took advantage of your free trial to encourage us to now PAY to swap out our low tiles! What a SCAM move!! If it continues, I will be deleting the app because I refused to be manipulated by you!

- It WAS just the best

down below read my review of time past. the latest update has shredded this app. now there are pop ups, suggestions for rules changes, (changing letters but not losing a turn) hints...changes and distorts the game. for heavens sake, do not frack up this app any more. P.S. now it freezes the game after every move, cannot move to the next game. so dissapointing. dont make this into a horrible boggle type platform. pleased with words...it is not junked with pop ups, nonsense interruptions...it has nice communication aspect, i have made nice friends playing the game. very happy with it. can check on statistics, and i like that as well. good job guys. 👍🙂

- D@#n Your so-called 'dictionary & ads!

If I could, I'd give ya'll "0" stars...I'm sick & tired of checking a word in your "dictionary" to see the comment that you accept the word, however ya'll say no definition is to be found. I also HATE your acceptance of archaic words (usually Scottish), foreign words or slang but not always proper English...& when I "introduce" you to definitions from the Oxford or Webster's dictionary, you'll "consider" that word & never allow me, or anyone else for that matter, to see your inclusion or continued exclusion of the word. Also, your acceptance of slang, abbreviations, & nonsense words just angers me no end. Also hate the way you've allowed vendors to hide &/or put the "skip/x" symbol in places that are difficult to see or hit. I would pay to play Scrabble but my family, the only persons I play with, unfortunately Scrabble is no more..so I'm stuck with you, you miserable cretins!

- What happened to this great game?

I have played daily for years. Since the revamp, I find the game environment to be quite childish with its elves and other silly characters. I love the solo challenge but I have stop playing because I can’t stand the juvenile “solo challengers” with ridiculous names and childish cartoon faces. I would pay extra to have a game without all the babyish add on’s that have recently appeared. Next, like some other female players, I have also suddenly been barraged by creeps asking me personal questions and commenting on my appearance, even asking where I live. I don’t know how you started attracting this new crowd of inappropriate males, but I hope you figure out how to get rid of them.

- Goodbye WWF

I’ve enjoyed playing WWF for several years. I had the original ad free version, which I was happy to pay for. I resisted upgrading time after time because I feared the ads would be awful. You stopped offering ad free versions, even with pay. Today I upgraded to IOS 11 which meant finally my old WWF app no longer worked. I downloaded the latest version of WWF, and things were just as I feared. Actually, they were WORSE than I feared. As much as I love WWF, it’s simply not worth having an ad play after every single move. It’s no longer relaxing but is in fact tortuous. And it’s. It just the ads. You’ve made the entire game obnoxiously busy busy busy. Sad day for me. I will miss WWF. And I’ve read enough of others’ reviews to know that you have had plenty of complaints, but do nothing. I have no expectations at this point.


I have had ongoing games with my daughter for years. When I upgraded my IPhone this time, I had to reload the app and lost the games we were playing. I could live with that. However, I had the paid version without advertising. Now, after every entry for the 4 games we have, I have to wait while you try to sell me another game that I am NOT going to download. This greatly diminishes the flow and enjoyment of the game. You have made enjoyment into a chore after each entry. I will gladly pay for an ad-free option. That, or we’ll delete the game and find another... making a point not to be one of your’s. Rating has gone from 4-5 stars to 2 stars and dropping!

- I love Scrabble but hate the way the developers have dumbed down the game

This is one of the most popular apps and has been around forever but their dictionary has massive gaps—so many words that they claim are valid but they cannot define. Their competitor Lexulous has a much better dictionary and is less frustrating. Words accepts many two-letter words that are not valid Scrabble words. The developers are more concerned about monetizing the game so they are constantly trying to get you to cheat with things like Word Radar. And they annoy you with games within the game in which you accidentally spell words thar you cannot see. Who cares? I hate that the developers do not care about the integrity of the game. If they want to add something users care about they could add a lead change tracker for each game.

- What used to be a great app... millennial takeover!

Used to be fun. I used to be able to just play words... with friends. I assume that millennials are in charge now of updates and such for this game. They think that everyone needs constant validation and trophies and awards. I just want to play the game. Even after you PAY for ad free, you’re still subjected to constant pop ups and annoyances of “daily goals” and “challenges” and treasure chests. Who actually likes or needs this? Seriously! It has nothing to do with anything. Most of the annoying options you can turn off, but the self validation ones you can’t. So... if you are a millennial... go for this! Get your trophies and awards and feel good about yourself! If you just want to play a game... GO ELSEWHERE! Well... decision made to quit! Last update for “bug fixes” and such killed the app. It will no longer open. Bye bye WWF!

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- Words with friends classic

I am constantly waiting for my niece to play but she says she already has but they are not coming through. Thank you what are you doing to me now I have no no. On icon ornotificationsa game has com up but cannot get it to play. Comes up whoops a n error occurred thank you. When are you going to fix my game. You are sending me messages to play but as before l can’t play the game is stuck could you please fix it or delete it this is the third time I have complained about it. please. You have put the new game on my iPad I don’t like it and it doesn’t work I play a word then can’t get on to next game or get out of the game please put other game back on. THE GAME IS NOT WORKING!STILL NOT WORKING. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FIX THIS GAME? THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE OTHER ONE? IT SEEMS LIKE THE GAME IS STUCK WONT DO ANYTHING. I PLAYED ONE GAME AND ITS STUCK AGAIN. Still not working could you put other game back pleasetake all those games off please or I will delete gamethis game is not downloading. Please stop trying to force me to play games with other people I have enough games to play. Also pu words in with meaning out of the dictionary I am so sick and tired of not getting the points I have earned I only get 30 so how can I bet som one the that gets 50 or more thinking of deleting game

- Really ticked off

Have enjoyed the game having over 20 games going. But getting annoyed at inconsistencies - allowing some slang words n not others, misspelled words. But the biggest issue is if you lose a couple of games you then get lousy letters and that keeps continuing - that happens to my husband playing me. Proved my point by playing for him to win and guess what he starts getting decent letters. Then he lost a couple and back to lousy letters again - there is no challenge when you can make 30+ points easily every time and end up 200+ points in front. Now to make it even less fun to play - this latest update is so full of unnecessary bells n whistles you have to wait forever to play and again afterwards. How about an option to allow those who want the basic game back to be able to remove the bells n whistles they don't like? Am about to quit playing when I have finished the games I am playing

- WWF on messenger

I can’t seem to access the same players outside of messenger... which means I can’t actually talk to them, which is a shame as I can see how we are both improving and it would be good to congratulate an excellent move! Love the stimulation of this game though. Be awesome if it could teach me what a better move might have been after I had played my move... might help me improve my game. Still don’t agree with all words though ... I have tried words I know are real and been denied, and played words that make no sense.

- Too many ads & inconsistencies

The number of ads takes away from the enjoyment of the game. When playing multiple games at once, an ad every move has you spending more time and data watching the same ads over and over than you do playing. $15 to remove ads for a short time is not affordable, especially now during COVID-19 when many have lost their jobs. Secondly, the game is inconsistent in the allocation of letters. All vowels, all constenants or all the most challenging z,x, q (no u) all at once. It’s ridiculous. You end up being beaten by hundreds of points which in turn makes it even worse for the next game. After 2-weeks of playing I’m almost ready to quit.

- Too many glitches.

The game is great in most respects, however, it repeatedly tells me certain words are not valid so that I can’t play them (squaw, esq, seq are some that won’t pass) yet then the hindsight features tells me I should have played the word that has not passed because it was not a valid word!! This can be the difference between winning or losing the game, and is really annoying. Also wont record my highest word score correctly. Gives me the highest word score with the opponent & for that game, but still doesn’t update it as my overall high word score. Fix up those glitches & I’ll be a happier user!

- Love it, but...

I have had many men sending disgusting sexual messages. It seems like it’s a platform for these sleazy men. I also have a lot of issues with same advert after every game. I agree with the other comments on here. I have a new iPad so have to start over for the 3rd time so have lost all I done over the last couple of years. I have downloaded it but only part of it has downloaded. Back to the drawing board.

- Annoying

I have played WWF since 2011. I play everyday. I bought the app originally to get rid of the ads, but now it is full of other annoying Paraphernalia. All this other ‘junk’ has slowed the game to a crawl. It freezes in the middle of the game constantly and takes a lifetime to load. I used to be able to quickly log in and get started, now it just takes an eternity and all those boxes and daily words😱. Why??? For people who just want to play what was a great game, can’t you include a way to turn these off. I only play 3 people now, as that’s all I can manage with the time it takes.

- Bugs

There are a number of bugs in the current format - the most obvious is the sudden freezing of the screen which necessitates the turning off and rebooting of the device being used - the other annoying thing is the game being automatically switched to the next game before the player can see what letters have been replaced - other than that it’s ok. Bill from Tumbarumba, Australia.

- Update has created more problems

Fully paid for this originally and worked well. Latest update makes it almost unusable. Once a move is made in a game and I hit the 'next game' tab it will now not open the next game!! The only way I can open the next game is to get out of the app and get back in. I also don't want suggestions of people I can play. I don't play with randoms only two friends. I'm not on Facebook so why are random people popping up?? Who is the Assistant Earl and why the bleeding hell do I need him?. Looks like they just want me to spend $ and I won't! Been using this app for years and I'm extremely disappointed.

- My thoughts of Word

I thoroughly enjoy playing Words With Friends but it annoys the daylight out of me that I can’t skip many of the video ads: I just don’t have the data in my phone plan to be watching adds which are of NO INTEREST TO ME. So, I have to close the app and re-open it! Further, the number of legit words which are not permitted is an irritant but the number of “acceptable word(s) with NO DEFINITION is ridiculous! Either a word has a meaning, or, it is not a word!!!!! Thank you for deleting all you non words, IMMEDIATELY!


Good Game but annoying glitches ruin it. Friends who are listed as members of your list and Facebook list disappear suddenly and an erroneous message stating that they don’t exist is the best that Zynga can do. Mystery Boxes which are accrued by regular and frequent players suddenly are not claimable. Already about 5 players in my group have quit; another 7 are losing patience and will follow suit if a quick fix fails to materialise post haste. In defence of the game it is fair to say that it is an enjoyable, educational activity which I look forward to at the end of a long day at the coal face. However, I feel the boat rocking; maybe a sinking feeling.

- Frustrated

I’ve been playing words with friends for many years now. I’ve been slowly becoming more and more disappointed with the changes and now, I’m really frustrated by one change. After opening the box for the daily reward, apparently the only way to get past the “option” of ‘great’ or ‘watch video for 3 coins’ is to close the app entirely and reopen, as the ‘great’ option doesn’t work. I just want to play words with friends like I used to, I’m sick of all the changes. Can you just keep it simple, please?

- WWF is just that.

I enjoy playing this game with family and friends around the world.. the special challenges are fun and I am pleased to see an ongoing improvement in my vocabulary and scores . Most annoying thing about this game is the intermittent pop up window in the top left hand corner which obscures, albeit briefly, the board. It is distracting and irritating.

- Words with friends

I have been playing this game since 2011 and I cannot get my mystery boxes that I have worked so hard for.. 17 in total.. every time I try to collect them, nothing happens.. I have sent messages and to no avail.. not trying to blame or point a finger at anyone.. just love the game and would like fairness and support from the words team. Thank you

- Great game ruined by trash!

I love this game and enjoy playing it, but the experience has been ruined for me. SERIOUSLY, EVRY MOVE YOU MAKE will bring up yet another ad making the whole experience frustrating and a waste of time. The developers need to realise NO-ONE watches these ads anyway. While I get they are necessary to a degree, the frequency is ridiculous. The clincher for me was having to sit thru a minute of offensive language during an ad - NO-ONE NEEDS TO SEE OR HEAR THAT TRASH just to get a few coins! PARENTS BEWARE if you don’t want your kids to see this stuff. Disappointing!

- Interesting statistic

I’ve been playing with a friend for over 8 years. We have played a total to date of 10,764 games and with an average of 31 turns per game that makes a grand total of 333,684 moves. And would you believe it our average move score is 25.2 and 25.2! I challenge anyone to beat those stats. By the way we love Words with friends. Thank you.

- Suspicious players

I love playing words with friends, but I have encountered a number of strange individuals when I accept challenges from people I don’t know. It’s the comments. First hi, then hello, then how are you etc. I end up blocking them because it seems like they are probably scammers. I saw another review from a woman who encountered either a scammer or a pervert. Just something for people to be wary of and it would be good if there was some way the app admin could identify and block these users.

- Great Game

Good to keep in contact with busy daughters, even using the message section to do our messages to each other. NEW REVIEW still playing this game and enjoying it, but accepted a game challenge from a person not known to me.....BIG MISTAKE!..I think it was a scam....he was saying weird things and wanted to go to a private chat room....it really creeped me out....have screen shots of comments if needed. I have tried to report this man within the game , but you will not let me sign in..... EVERYONE ......PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

- Great game, terrible notifications

Have been playing this game for years and love it but recently updated and now the app feels the need to use the notification system to tell me about things in the store to buy, thus not allowing me to clear the notifications by playing all my games. The little number remains and I cannot even find whatever stupid thing it is in the store to view it and clear the number. Please get rid of this!!!!!!

- Beware of scammers

I’ve been playing since July this year. Suddenly starting to get men requesting to chat. I’m a friendly person and of an age where people used to have pen pals so thought it would be interesting to have chats with people from other countries. The language was unusual. One saying my name was magnificent, who says that. Very quickly escalating to requests to continue on hangouts a google platform favoured by scammers. WWF should have better filters in place.

- Drains battery - poor power mgmt

Lacks good power mgmt app. A short play of an hour reduces my battery by 25%. To save my battery during the day, l’m not leaving the app on. Interface is too busy with activities that I’m not interested in. Finding controls to turn off features were difficult to find. And when I turned off features for my account it only applies to the device, so I had apply it to each of my devices. And the changes didn’t stick. I’d see the device revert to default settings. Not sure why but it was more work to manage. The advertising is annoying which is probably the intent of the developer to get some money. But I’m just annoyed so why would I pay the developer any money. Love the game but annoyed by everything else around it. But poor battery usage due to the lack of energy efficient app design and programming is unacceptable.

- Still considering

I was forced into this program when my original program would no longer work for me. This has resulted in my being unable to use the chat function because my friends are still continuing the older version. They can write to me though but I can’t reply.I agree with another writer that your ads are invasive and annoying. What a pity you have chosen to treat players in this way. In addition why are there so E letters in a game? I have 4+E letters when the words played can add up to 8-15 of that letter.

- Bonus Video..

This has been an very frustrating issue..it keeps saying ..”Still Loading”. Please try again......this has been happening since 3pm today....how about fixing the problem..hmmm 😠 The bonus video started at 3pm and 3 opened..its now nearly 3hrs later and its jammed up again...last it took 12hrs to download..so for 12hrs it told us it was taking longer than normal to download to try again later...hmmm. 12hrs..what’s causing lengthy delays..surely you’ve got an answer..😟 Can’t open bonus videos.. it’s now 24hrs..what is the problem and why...you need to fix this, if this continues then take it off ..but.. don’t offer bonuses if you can’t fulfil it...not impressed 😠 The bonus videos are clogged up again,, constantly saying it’s still loading try again later...hmmmm..😟..annoying

- Difficulties

Since updating iPhone with Version 13.1.3, I have had constant problems using the messages. The message jumps about and cannot get the cursor to the correct spot. It usually returns to the start of a message, and almost impossible to get it to where it should be to continue writing a message.

- Moves fail to register

I am frequently waiting for my partner to move on our 3 or 4 games for many hours. The last, and worst time delay, was 2 days, to eventually find they made their moves straight after I did, but the moves did not show up on either of my devices. Sometimes shutting the app down and reopening it will reveal their moves, but not always. This would seem to me to be a major bug that needs urgent attention, but update after update has not addressed this.

- Sick of the ads

Can’t get rid of the ads in this version and it’s nearly $50 in the other version.. it’s an ok game but not worth $50 to be ad free and having to constantly close this version cause the ads freeze means I don’t bother with it as much I would if I could go ad free. The badges are cute but unless you have zero life they’re out of reach after a certain point, this detracts from the game also. It’s not what it used to be 👎🏻

- It’s speeded up!

I am posting from Australia, and the game has suddenly speeded up to quite acceptable speeds, don’t know why, some of my friends report better speeds too, still got all that additional rubbish challenges etc, but at least the nonsense notifications arrive quickly and can be quickly closed and I can get back to the only part of the app I am interested in, the actual games. Please keep this up, and next, let us opt out of the challenges, levels etc.

- Annoyed

Have played this game for years and am thoroughly fed up with the changes that keep coming through. Latest frustration is moving the play and next game button from where it’s always been to the middle. I am sick of clearing my words by mistake. I tried staying with the classic app but it is really not the classic game I love as it is a complete clone of the new apps. I’m fast getting to the point of stopping playing this game.

- Such intrusive advertisements

And a ridiculous price to pay to get rid of them. My mum bought the ad free version back in the day for a few dollars. Now they want $15 for 30 days. This just highlights the greed of CEO’s at public listed companies. You spend more time waiting for 30 second ads to disappear between each move than you do actually playing. My advice is scrap this absolute time waster and do a personal puzzle instead. It will also save you lots of phone battery power and data.

- Ads

I love this game and play it every evening, but come on, give us a break, 30 second ads between EVERY game, I can just about handle 5 sec. adverts, so I now only play with one person, then double tap to delete game as quicker to do that and reset than watch an advert I’m not in the least interested in. Why can’t we pay for no adverts like we used to be able to? I might then play the game with others

- Words 2

After reading all of the reviews or rather complaints, I’m feeling a bit wary of updating the App (even tho I need to) to fix some problems. I really enjoy playing Words2, but I am continuously getting guys wanting to know “How u doing?” Same same. This is not a dating service - it’s a game!!! I do decline. However, I’m always needing to update to fix everything. Not all that happy with this app.

- Game SLOW to load, shuts down and freezes

Really getting sick of this. Games are supposed to get better, not worse. So slow and freezes mid play. Then will randomly shut down. I’m playing on an iPhone 11pro, so it’s not my phone and other games play just fine. All chat history gone pre a week ago too. Sometimes it is not relaxing to play as it is SO frustrating just waiting for it to OPEN Fix it please. It has been months like this.

- I’m not here to be picked up!

In addition to the Mute Conversation option, could you have a option for “stop trying to pick me up” that automatically suspends for a period of time those players who get high scores (funnily enough they can’t in Scrabble). Muting them only angers them & they cancel the game. Great app though.

- Hate the ads!

I love the game but sick of the ads, have tried to find how I can buy this game so it will be add free but no luck so far. It gets very annoying when you have to see the same ad 20 times at 15 seconds in length when it has no relevance to me! Give me an easy option to buy this game! Now with the update it is even worse, after the ad, iPad freezes and I have to restart the game, you just ruined a game that was going downhill with the ads now with bugs included, great job, no testing before upgrading?

- So much cruft

5 years ago this used to be the go-to game for my friends and I. Chasing a little nostalgia I downloaded it; what I found made me wish I hadn’t bothered. After every turn you’re presented with a new achievement, award or level-up... rubbish that you’re probably not remotely interested in. As you can’t dismiss them they just get in the way, causing enough frustration for me to have removed the app after one game. Don’t install... just remember the good times when this used to be about playing that public domain word game.

- Tile Colour Change

Who thought it was a good idea to show the other player’s tiles in a different colour. Makes it really hard to read the words, much better if they’re all the same. Not a good change to the game and should be an option which can be changed according to the player’s preference.

- Great app

I love playing WWF. I only play it with my friends but usually have several games going with each of them. Some are in the UK and US as well as Oz so the time difference works well. I have so many fun chats with some of them that wouldn’t happen without this app. Thank you.

- Childish

This used to be a great game before all the ridiculous cartoons arrived. I’m not interested in rewards, words of the day challenges and breaks in play due to the animated prizes wasting my time. The latest update is the worst! Please go back to the earliest version without all the computer geekery and make it available as a download. I will ditch the latest version in a heartbeat for the original app. Bring back the old game, please. Just WORDS with FRIENDS: no more ridiculous, childish cartoons cluttering it up and slowing it down!

- Update not working

Hey creators. This has been my favourite game for a long time but latest update has come with a bug which makes it freeze each time I play a word. Only way to make it reboot is to power down entire phone. Very frustrated. Please fix quickly.

- Fun game but need to sort out ad options

Fun game to play but one suggestion would be to allow option to pay to stop ads forever and not just for 30 days. Paying $15 times 12 months is also a lot to pay for one game and someone will introduce a cheaper version

- Love it and hate it

I love playing but there should be the option to play people without either player using the cheats! I don’t like to use them but don’t know if the people i play use them. Would like an even playing field. Also no option to buy ad free? Can only buy ad free for 30 days and it cost $15 dollars! Most expensive one I’ve ever seen

- Seriously!!!???!!!

Seriously!! The new update is great for the gaming aspect but you have to sign out and back in again after every game!!!! I love this game but this aspect is driving me crazy! It was better the old way !! Please fix it or I'm off it.

- Hate the upgrade

The 'upgrade' means Word with Friends Classic no longer works properly on my IPad. I have to keep going out and in of my home screen for the other players' moves to come onto my board - even when playing Practice. I would pay a few bucks for a fix but can't afford a new IPad. Grrr. What I once bought has been effectively down graded and I feel robbed. My 5 star favourite game is now 2 star. Grrrrrr again!

- Big whoop!

So I’ve just been told by WWF developers that while there isn’t an emoji for cotton candy there IS a new COTTON CANDY TILE STYLE!!! Well whoopty dee!! - Who Cares!! I can’t even imagine what that is and who the hell cares anyway! The developers seem to be struggling and desperate to remain relevant to their fan base. If they really wanted to improve this app they could address many of the negative feedbacks contained in many various reviews and realise that they are marketing to a global market not just the USA


It was bad enough that every few days my games were hijacked by so-called events every now and again but now so-called daily goals are hijacking the screen every couple of moves every day and no way of turning them off despite constant requests to zynga. No zynga they are not part of the game and once my current games are finished you are deleted and I am going to wordfeud. Your own fault you should listen to your users feedback instead of botting replies.

- Way too many extras

All I wanted was a scrabble game. Simple. Play words, beat your friends. What I got was a constant bombardment of mystery boxes, rewards, and challenges which have totally the joy out of the game. No, I don’t care about coins, or reaching a magic number, or making two words at once to open a box to get more coins. Just a game of scrabble please... but alas, that was too hard. Once I finish my current games, this app will go into the never again pile. Thanks, but no thanks.

- Old version please

This new version is just awful. I just want to play my games without the interruptions of “rewards and challenges”. What was a great simple format now has me wasting time with this stupid stuff. I paid for “add free” but these other silly interruptions are just as bad. It gets worse with every update. I’m very close to giving up after many years and friendships. It’s just becoming immature.

- Good to play with friends

I enjoy relaxing and mildly exercising my mind with Classic Words With Friends. I’m not very competitive, but still enjoy the challenge when it’s my turn, and seeing what my opponent has come up with. I am learning new words!

- Annoying new feature

I have been playing WWF for years and seen a few changes that have I taken awhile to get used to. But I hate this new feature which drags pics of other games across the move you have just played! It kills ones sense of satisfaction for the move just played. Please repeal it!!!

- Words with friends.

I am sick of getting a black screen between each word I enter. It takes me three times as long for a game as it should do. The ads are bad enough but 12 to 15 seconds of a black screen with a little wheel in the middle is very frustrating. I paid to get rid of the ads in the old version but have since changed server and get all the ads.

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- Words with friends

The original needs to be made available for all tech platforms.

- Too Many Adverts!!!

Shoving advertising in our face is in POOR TASTE. 🤬🤬🤬

- Hate the bells and whistles

I’m new to Words with Friends, and so far I’m not enjoying it at all. Why must I subject myself to casino-like distractions? It’s all so immature. I’d like simple, clean boards, tiles, and scores.

- Classic?!

I’m not sure how they can call this the “classic” version of the app, it is filled with garbage power ups, achievements, and useless notifications that I can’t get rid of. When I download a game called “words with friends,” I just want to play a game of words with my actual friends, I don’t want stupid challenges or bonuses or any of the complete trash that is all over this app.

- Computer games use words not in any dictionary!!

I am competing against computer generated players to advance and win things. At the Easy level, They are using words like Qibla and smetana...qibla is not in dictionary. Ridiculous!!

- Advertisement Overdose to the Point if Nausea

This use to be great but the constant bombardment of obsessive ads has evolved to disrupting games. Either give a FAIR subscription option for ad free or play a moderate variety of ads intermittently. The ads are so frequent that I don’t even want to play words anymore

- All the extras are getting ridiculous.

I have the paid version, and when I find time to play a word with a friend or 2 it seems with all the crazy bonuses and rewards I have to wait 30 seconds just to let all the nonsense finish before I can move on to he next game. I really wish there was a way to turn it all off. I just want to literally play words with friends like when they first brought out the game. Please make a way to opt out of all the nonsense, including the constant urging to play all the computer challengers. It’s time to look for something way less annoying. Such a shame the take a brilliant product and ruin it like this.

- getting worse every update

every time the thing gets updates the advertising is increased. now its full screen videos that run 3 to 5 seconds without being able to fast forward it. Similiar to youtube and their increased advertising. whats next for this app? two commercials in a row?

- Used to love this game

I Have 20 games going right now, but I have to wait thirty seconds per ad between games to play. It takes too long to play 20 games this way and the music for the ads sucks and interferes with the music I usually play on my device. Let me buy the app and I’ll keep playing. Force me to listen and watch the ads.. sorry team back to scrabble I go. Treat us your client with some respect. Of course you are a numbers game so I doubt I’m going to receive this respect from you. Do you read these comments? Let’s see...

- Words With Friends 4

I hate this new version...distracting things flipping all over the screen, silly-looking cartoon opponents (we are not seven years old). I loved the older version. This new version is definitely not an improved version! Zynga should have left it as it was, and added a second version, rather than replacing it. Very disappointing. Will look for a different word game...not by Zynga.

- Going downhill

I love this game, and paid for the ad free version, but there are so many distractions on the sidebar, colored tiles, rewards etc. that i will be looking for a new game unless you give us a way to turn off all these extras

- Ads

Love the game but the same ad repeating between every move is making me crazy so will be staying away from thus game

- Unwanted feAture

Why do I have to put up with unknown players wanting To play!, H.

- Stop

Way to much adds we can’t even play the game Take off the adds get one add per game not 20 adds a game It’s really frustrating to have so much adds In one game

- Too many ads. Sigh.

After every play. So annoying.

- Confused

So when I play daily word play the use of the word “di” is used many times by the puzzle board but when I try to use the word myself it informs me that “di” is not a valid word. What gives?

- Waking the brain!

There’s a few too many popups at the beginning but it’s not bad. Love the challenge.

- Security

I have Ads in Russian I question your security.

- Ads and 8 hour wait times!?

SO many ads now. Almost every move and 8 hour wait times for solo mode? When I started it was 15 minutes. Loosing it

- Ads and freezing

Used to love this game. With all the updates, flashing and moving parts....the ads freeze and I have to close the app. Very frustrating! Not sure which dictionary is used but when playing the solo games, the words are not valid.

- Ads

Too many ads. 😤Candy Crush Saga ad freezes & stops my game! I’ve deleted the game before & will again! I’m fed up!

- Love the game!

... BUT ... please update so the game stops zooming in when I try to play!

- Words with friends

I claim my free coins every day but they aren’t added onto my total coins amount . However, If I use them to buy power ups etc, they are definitely deducted from my total. What’s up with that!

- New version is slow

Freezes regularly, doesn’t respond, ads take a long time to load and I’m using a new iPad. Used to be much better - please fix it!

- Forces login with facebook

Won’t send an email password reset and then when it finally does, you can’t enter a new password it just hangs and freezes. Unusable. Forces me to login with facebook which I don’t want to do. So 🤷🏻‍♀️I’ll find something else to play that isn’t buggy, doesn’t crash my phone and will let me login without forcing me to sign in with facebook. This is probably why I uninstalled it the last time I was using it. Too bad, it was a fun game to play.

- Words Classic

Notification banners not appearing to notify next play. Still no notification banners

- Game freezes

My game is freezing a lot lately. Tried deleting the app and re-installing......still freezes.......annoying. Any advice?

- Words

Always freezes

- What is happening?

Played this game for a few years...now getting frozen often and have to redownload every few days..can this be done?.

- Way to many ads

What a waste of a good game. Destroyed by to many ads. Don’t download

- Zynga Words With Friends Classic

Most annoying game I’ve ever played with its constant replay of repetitive ads. Drop the ads, get a dictionary and return to the old format please.

- What title?

I have played WWF obsessively for years ..all of the changes..rewards..daily goals etc..updates have destroyed what was a great word game. I found another word game..can’t play this any longer.sorry you ruined it! My sister still plays and urged me to come back..I am lost..everything has changed. Write a review? Everyone is complaining but whoever is in charge could care less.its all about the advertising..Shame on them!

- Terrible

Another word game ruined. Tons of Ads, notifications and looks like a circus for 5 year olds. Absolute junk.

- Way too many ads

Way too many ads for sure

- Forced games

I hate how they keep starting games for me to play! Let me decide IF I want to start a game against some random fake player.

- Freezing Screen

Lately the screen has been freezing...have to turn my computer off, then on again to solve this. Was there a recent update that’s causing this glitch??

- Best game

My mom doesn’t think this is a video game so I can play when ever I want!! And I love this game

- Board freezes

I have had to uninstall and re load 3 times! It is a pain. Can’t stand all the tile changes. Who needs that?

- Going overboard...

I understand and appreciate the need to moderate what people can say in the chat function but I really don’t think ‘follow’ is in any way inappropriate. Completely ridiculous.

- Long time player

It’s hard to rate something i’ve been playing for 10 years too low, so i’ll give it a 3. But... why did you take away the ability to see your friends current weeks point total and average per word????? It makes me mad so i think i’ll change my rating to 2 instead :-p. There also is a lot going on and is sort of confusing. Oh for the good old days of 2010, sometimes simple is better. I’m glad i was able to buy it for $.99 and for 10 years i haven’t had a single advertisement :-)))) Edit: decided to rate it a 1 after all because you can’t even see YOUR OWN SCORE once you reach the goal for the week. I usually reach my goal on Thursday, so for 3 days i have no idea how i’m doing.

- Love

Love Words with friends, however don’t understand why the advertising ads have increased in length since my updating one week ago? Plus some are in French?

- Great game- terrible ads

My enjoyment of the game is only limited by the obnoxious and insanely numerous ads I have to sit through.

- Annoyed

The game itself is fun but all the nonsense happening on the screen (e.g, mystery boxes, daily/weekly goals, forced games) is annoying.

- Words with Friend Classic & Words with Friends 2

Love playing these games and have played them regularly for several years! I’ve recently run into issue of Rewards and bonuses not being awarded. I’ve attempted to contact The Team but don’t get any satisfaction. They repeat the websites to correct these issues. Have done them many times with nothing positive comes of it!

- Confusing set up.

Confusing. Too many distracting side boxes and options.

- Classic Words with Friends

Five days ago I would have rated this game at 5 stars, but given the new “updates” it makes the game more like a circus than a challenge to the brain. Too many cheesy peripheral things going on now that take away from the game I used to love.

- Black out

I play 1-3 moves then the game blacks out ....so frustrating. Then i have to shut down my iPad and back on for it to clear. Please fix this ! Even after the update , now its one game then blacks out !

- Advertisements between games

I can almost stomach the advertisements between the games but what is going on now is ridiculous!! Every time I want to go to the next game the screen goes black and I have to completely get out of the site then bring it back up. It is so Annoying I am seriously ready to give up on this game. Fix it or take it off

- To many adds & hidden x

The amount of adds gets tiresome. It’s especially irritating that they go to such lengths to hide the x on many so you can’t shut them off or when you do find and use it, it opens the site anyway!!!

- Design

I like the original design,this design allows small words unless one likes to be in jeopardy all the time. It’s more like keep away. Also new words appear all the time many which are not in the scrabble dictionary. One week they’re not allowed so I don’t make them,next week they are allowed and I get nailed. The designers are arrogant and are not into the spirit of the game and they seem to care less. I guess they feel that if you change the name it’s you can do what you like. So American..

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I was thinking of my two all-time crushes and then I opened the Words with Friends Classic app and it says the name of one of my crushes as my match of the day 💜

Attune To Peace. Eagles (2-4-1)

Bruh there's a words with friends classic. I feel old asf.

Attune To Peace. Eagles (2-4-1)

@UglyCalifornia Wait we on words with friends classic or part deaux?

Deward Gahnz

@OfSimp bet get words with friends classic


@deathbychocoIat @johnnbangerz @chartdata @ArianaGrande She writes a majority of it her friends Edit it and add words like a classic yuh or baby so that it flows smoothly but she’s the main co writer of all her songs along with vicotoria and tayla

Words With Friends Classic 15.70.3 Screenshots & Images

Words With Friends Classic iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Words With Friends Classic iphone images
Words With Friends Classic iphone images
Words With Friends Classic iphone images

Words With Friends Classic (Version 15.70.3) Install & Download

The applications Words With Friends Classic was published in the category Games on 2009-07-19 and was developed by Zynga Inc. [Developer ID: 295913422]. This application file size is 204.51 MB. Words With Friends Classic - Games app posted on 2021-01-25 current version is 15.70.3 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.newtoyinc.WordsWithFriendsFree

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