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Download the official Pizza Hut app for the easiest way to order your favorite pizza, wings, desserts and more! We’ve added contactless ordering features, so you and your family can get the pizza you love without worry. Our app is designed for pizza lovers, making fast food delivery and takeout even easier. Check out our menu, find deals, save orders and earn free pizza with Hut Rewards®.
• Order contactless delivery, takeout or curbside pickup
• Check in for curbside pickup with one simple click
• Access the full Pizza Hut menu, discover new menu items and view local deals
• Stay up-to-date with your Hut Rewards® points and redeem free pizza, wings and more with ease
• Customize your own pizzas with the easy-to-use Pizza Builder
• Reorder in three easy taps
• Track your order with the Pizza Hut Delivery Tracker
• Place future orders up to 7 days in advance
• Use guest checkout to easily order without an account
• Find Pizza Hut locations near you
• Pay with cash, card or Pizza Hut gift card
• Order within the 50 United States territories and possessions excluding Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands

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Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We've made bug fixes and performance improvements so that you can keep on ordering your favorite pizza, check out faster, and redeem your Hut Rewards® points.

Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout Comments & Reviews

- Major Bug.

The app is designed very well and the user experience is great. However there is a major bug that doesn’t appear to have been addressed. Occasionally when adding something to the cart an error message is thrown and the item does not appear in the cart. Every subsequent item you attempt to add to the cart will throw the error and none will appear in the cart. Once you go to checkout none of the items appear in the subtotal or anywhere on the cart, BUT when your payment processes all the items that threw the error are on the order, charged on your card, and the items appear on the employee side so they just start making them. I got charged for 5 brownies and a couple other items I added while testing. Luckily I checked the order history immediately when I saw I gained over 100 points for 2 pizzas and called the store to cancel it, but this can cause SERIOUS headaches for customers and should be addressed. Unfortunately I don’t know what causes the initial error, and force closing the app didn’t help.

- Updated app came out with bugs

The previous version had some issues but they weren’t much of a problem and could be worked around. The new user interface seems a little clunky and there are a couple of problems that caused me to have to do some troubleshooting. First, user interface is a step by step procedure that, while it gets the job done theoretically, it seems like it could be refined to speed the process. The first problem I had was with the crust flavor section. I honestly don’t remember getting the option to set the flavor the first time I tried to set up my pizza. I went through the rest of the process thinking they were going to ask later but it never came up. Then I couldn’t find a way to edit the fact it had “no flavor” on the crust in the end and I had to start all over. When I got back to the beginning, I saw the crust flavor section and when I tried to tap on “no flavor”, it just moved to the pizza sauce section. I got frustrated and just ended up selecting a pizza I had bought previously. The next problem was in the payment section. First I couldn’t find the Visa checkout option and I wish there was an Apple Pay option but as I entered my credit card info and tapped the button, it notified me I forgot to fill out my name. No problem, I filled out my name then it tells me to fill out the credit card number. The number was already filled out. I checked it against my credit card and ended up just refilling the same number again and it worked.

- Omg fix your app!

How long does this need to go on being the most jacked up app I’ve ever used? I try to change my address because I travel for work, POP up talking about “contactless delivery blah, blah” telling me that I have to clear my cart to enter a different address (in a different room number in the same hotel) click Ok, nothing happens. Back out of and close the app, repeat of first problem. Completely delete the order, close the app and clear it, same problem. Delete the address completely from my saved addresses, go through the order process all the way to check out, wrong address again, the same one I deleted already from saved addresses. Click change address....REPEAT FROM BEGINNING. It’s a vicious circle of AHHHHHHHH!!!! I just wanted a pizza and now my blood pressure is through the roof AND I’m hungry. Trying to pay $25-30 just to get food to myself which is an exorbitant amount of money in the first place, I can go to a nice place, eat and have a few drinks for that. As a matter of fact, I think that’s what I’ll do! My 18yo daughter works for Pizza Hut while she’s in school and I raised her right and she’s commended constantly, I pay money to your restaurant maybe 2-3 times a month to feed the 5 people in my house and this is how I’m repaid, with an app that makes me want to yank my own eyeballs out. 🤯 Thanks Pizza Hut app developers! 🤬

- From bad to worse

Each update makes the app prettier, but less functional and introduces more quirks. I have not been able to successfully complete (at least) the last three orders. Prior to that, it authorized my charge twice, but the store never received my order. Tried again just now. I get through the entire order and click Submit. Tells me there is an error and my store isn’t accepting online orders. I need to change me location. Change MY location? Let me buy another house just to make it convenient for you, Pizza Hut. I also get a lot of “Out of Stock” notices when trying to put an order through. At least those appear in the front end of the order as opposed to at the end when I’m trying to complete the purchase. There is potential in this app, but Pizza Hut developers and/or receiving restaurants are making this a waste of time. Am genuinely recommending that you call a local and Izzy parlor and place your order over the phone as opposed to wasting time with this app. Something I’m about to do because Pizza Hut won’t accept an invoice for the time I’ve lost. (PS: the did send me a coupon for a free pizza once when I complained about this app, but the coupon required that I use it in a restaurant. I called corporate and confirmed I had to go to a restaurant to use it. Tells you how much faith they have in their own app!)

- First time user, bad experience.

I was at the checkout screen and it kept saying my zipcode was invalid. It asked me to find a Pizza Hut when I started and it did so I continued through the process. So how was it wrong? I go back to edit the address. Turns out you can’t. You get a window that says changing the order might cancel it. So okay. I went back and added my primary address directly in the profile tab. I go back to checkout and it lets me select the address I added. Cool. Then I try to finish and now it said I don’t have any items?? So the pizzas count as nothing? And the $35+ came from nowhere? So I tried to delete an item and it said an error occurred and the entire order was empty. I had to restart all over again. PLEASE make the text fields show the autocomplete. It’s annoying having to type all the fields especially the card number when it’s already saved in iOS (picture wasn’t working on Citi Double Cash card). Bad user experience.

- What Happened (Baby Come Back)

I remember as a kid loving Pizza Hut. The pan pizza gave the best little crunch to every pie. Then something happened over the last 10 years where the quality just went down. Maybe it’s the fact that for years dominoes was garbage and when they caught up Pizza Hut just didn’t look as good anymore. I still believe that those Pizzas I had as a youth were better and a return to the roots would be nice, ingredient wise. Nowadays I go to Pizza Hut because y’all come up with crazy “pizzas” stuffing your crusts with whatever you can find. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a foray into deep dish or a “Corn Dog Stuffed Crust” (which I’m not asking for, but would be on brand. That’s not even mentioning the app, which would be fine if every other app in the Pizza business weren’t already so much better. Everything feels laggy, the design is fine but the engine on the app just feel like a beaten up Mazda just trying to make it home from Burning Man. It does the job but honestly halfway through my order I second guessed even getting my food from Pizza Hut because the dominoes app would have just been a breeze to work with.

- Please update the following

So the app is definitely more user friendly, however, there is no way to add extra toppings. For example, when you select pepperoni as a topping, you can only select it once, there’s no way to change amount. The other thing I’d change is limiting the amount of characters available when instructions. Since you can’t add extra toppings, if you try to request it in additional instructions, you have to limit what you say. Add a feature that allows you to specific certain things for each item or something. The purpose of the app is for convenience and ease, but now you have to call the store after placing the order to update it to what you truly want. Might as well just call in the order. Also, with the update, when you change the amount of sauce on your pizza, it doesn’t show you’ve selected light or extra sauce when confirming your order. As consumers, we want to see what the store will see and we want to be able to order something exactly as we want it without having to jump through extra hoops. Other than that.. Pizza Hut app is great. That’s my 2 cents ✌🏻

- Doesn't work!

So, I built a profile on the app.. Built an order and continued to check out. Then in the check out it wants me to re enter the info I just created a profile with.. Okay.. So I do that. Then again continue to check out. An error pops up stating I need to enter ALL info.. Okay.. I go back. I've entered all but the email. So, I try to enter my email, however the app will not allow me to select the email field. So I log out.. Back in.. Re enter everything from scratch.. But of course.. Same issue. Okay.. I'll just call in. I do that.. Read my order from the app verbatim. Of course this is a process because the employee doesn't know what their cheez-it product is.. Apparently employee product and special feature knowledge isn't a priority... Okay.. Finally, after extensive teamwork my order is ready to process. BUT WAIT! Now my order is 8$ more than what is stated on the app. The employee of course doesn't know why either and lacks any sort of social or problem solving skills.. However at this point.. I can't go through anymore of this bs. Keep the extra 8$ pizza Hut. Maybe spend it on app development or employee training. Both facets could use work. What an experience.. Thank you pizza Hut. What a magical experience.

- Order Chao’s

Annoyed!! It glitches and causes order’s to get messed up! Here is my order problem example, wanted 2 pizzas 1 with all pepperoni, reg cheese, reg sauce (which I pay good attention to bc the other gets light cheese and light sauce) and then olives on half. For this one they gave me instead, extra cheese on half (which I hate!) Then for pizza #2, ordered all pepperoni with light cheese and sauce, ended up with up with only half pepperoni(which it clearly does not say on my order), I know I specifically said “NO” when the pop up menu suggest extra cheese too! Then if that’s not enough, to end the madness, my 4 pack of 20oz was ordered as 2 Pepsi’s and 2 mountain dews and guess what, got 3 mountain dews and1 Pepsi!!! Then I have a receipt on my pizza’s (the one with no description)that’s $10 less then the one a paid!!! What kinda of chaos is this, i guarantee when I call, and I will, they will do everything possible to blame it ALL on me, they always do. 9 out of 10 times, I prove my case! Ifwhen I call, my experience is different, I will update this review! Don’t hold your breath though! Just double, triple and maybe even call them to verify they have the proper order, this is a pain!!! Good Luck my fella consumers!!!

- App will not update or download now!!!

This is the 7th time, I’ve tried to update the app today! This same thing happened two weeks ago where I ended up calling, and that was another headache, nevertheless, I open my app on my iPhone 8 running iOS 13.4.1. I also have Norton’s VPN on. The app tells me that have to Update Now, without another option. So I hit the button and it goes and opens the App Store, it turns the download icon to a blue bar that says Update Now and when I hit it, it starts twirling in wonderland. After 5 minutes I give up and close the Apple Store and close the app and then I try the whole process again and again. I now turn off all of Norton’s secure features that protect me, thus leaving me exposed to the world and I try this process over and over with no new results. I decided to delete my app and reinstall it again, but after about 3 minutes of twirling it comes back to the download app mode. What do I need to do te give you all some business?

- Awesome for frequent customers

I have been using the Pizza Hut app now and we order about 2-3 times per month. It’s a great way to get their best deals, order from your favorite location, and save your favorite items for a quick reorder the next time you’re having a “Hut Craving”! On average, the wait times the app has given me are about 2 minutes earlier than average. My favorite part is that it tracks my purchases and saves my points so that when I get enough for a free item, it will populate that first so I can save money on my order. It’s one of the best ordering apps I have used. We have consistently accurate orders, quick pick-up/delivery times, and the best deals coming up every time we order (or reorder). Give it a try. Most “big corp” apps are really not as user friendly as this one is. I will continue to use it as long as the user interface stays as useful as it has been.

- Takes forever

My family and I truly love Pizza Hut food. The Corinth location takes longer than an hour to deliver 100% of the time. If we’re ever starving and can’t wait to eat, we just have to order from somewhere else. If we want the delicious food from Pizza Hut, we have to be sure we’re not too hungry and we have to order it way ahead of time. We stopped ordering from Pizza Hut about a year ago because of delivery times, but we received an email a few months later with a coupon, asking us to come back and that delivery times had improved. This was not the case. That was a few months ago. Now that Pizza Hut has these new deals, we wanted to give them another try. A couple of weeks ago, it took an hour and a half to get our food. I ordered them again today because my kids begged me to, and it’s already been over half an hour, and according to the app and online, not only is their estimated delivery time over an hour, they haven’t even started cooking the food yet.

- If only there was 0⭐️ option

This app is terrible. So bad that it actually affects how well I enjoy your pizza. I actually can’t enjoy it because your app hasn’t worked properly for the last 7 MONTHS!! I’ve relied on Dominos to RELIABLY deliver with a functioning app. Your apps MAIN issues that really shouldn’t be issues include: 1. Adding a new address when ordering. It takes forever to verify an address. Then I shut down the app and restart it and my address is in the saved section. I shouldn’t have to keep closing your app for it to save my input. 2. I can’t get into the Order menu. I click order now and NOTHING happens. It just sits there with the map up showing me my nearest Pizza Hut location and that’s all. So I can’t even look at your menu and order anything!! It’s just a shame because I honestly used to enjoy your pizza. I even considered, after 7 months, ordering from you. But again your app has failed me and from what I see, everyone else writing these recent reviews. Until you fix your app, I’ll be enjoying the 5-Star(check their App Store rating compared to yours😉) service, quality, and taste of Dominos pizza. Amazing how much a functioning app can affect your customers

- Pizza often gets mixed up

I have used the app 3 times this week. I normally don’t order pizza this much, but I want to see how accurate the orders are. Every time I order something a pizza is close to what we want, but not exactly. If you aren’t dealing with kids this isn’t a problem, but it can be. I have ordered a pizza with white sauce and one with red sauce. I picked it up and it was wrong I didn’t think twice about checking it was wrong. I ordered pizza for a classroom they delivered the pizza and we didn’t have the vegetarian pizza which is not fun for the 3 kids who have been told by their parents you can’t eat meat(not my favorite thing about teaching but not relevant) then I decided to order one last time on the app this time I would go in and pick it up and check the pizza. Again a simple order three two topping pizza’s with one white sauce. I get the pizza and there are 2 white sauce pizzas so I check the app and I realize I messed that one up for the sauce, but the toppings had been switched so one pizza was correct to my order on the app. Use it if you want 1 pizza and it is amazing more than 1 and it is wrong very often.

- Worst app to use

My experience EVERY TIME I try to use this app is horrendous. To start out, I hate talking to people over the phone. If there is any possible way to get rid of in person communication, I go for it. But... With this app I will ALWAYS pick up the phone to CALL the store instead of just using the app. For a mobile app, if it is not twice as easy to use as any other method to do the same thing, then it won't be used. For my desire to ignore people, if it made it twice as hard to order the pizza I would still use the app. But since at every turn I am presented with a broken portion of the app, or when the prices don't add up for a premade pizza, or when you go to add something to the pizza and the cheese is the only thing that tells you it costs extra but then you're $5.00 over what you expected. Then you realize all the app actually is, is the web GUI crammed inside a mobile app, you realize you would've had a better experience just using the mobile Web browser. Bottom line, don't use this app until Pizza Hut gets off their ^$$#$ and pays someone to actually build a worthwhile app. Just call the dang shop. They're nice people, usually.

- Was perfect, now it’s annoying

I shouldn’t be forced to open a web page to order because the mobile app isn’t functioning right. Just to be clear, I LOVED the app. It was handy, I found all the good deals very easily, and it was so convenient sometimes I just ordered pizza to order pizza. Now, everything has drastically changed because the app doesn’t recognize my login. I even changed my password to see if I was in the wrong, in which I wasn’t. The website worked just fine, but the app acted like I didn’t even register. Until this issue is fixed, I’m rating this app 3 stars. Also, this isn’t a one time problem. For months this has happened, hence my fast of Pizza Hut pizza. Now, I about had it with this unrecognized login. Update: Customer service did little to nothing. I’m questioning Pizza Hut’s value of customers since my issues are obviously not prioritized. What was a great app is now deleted. Im keeping the 3-star review because the app is useful, but beware when you develop a problem! It’s going to be a good minute before you get a response.

- Help Pizza Hut!!

Why does this app not work for me? I recently moved to a new house. I mean new as in a brand new neighborhood. So the post office barely recognized our street name so I wasn’t surprised the pizza app didn’t either. After a couple months of trying to use the app to order, it finally started working. When it finally recognized my address and let me choose a store that was near me I was super happy. I ordered delivery four or five times in the next couple months and then one day I opened the app to place an order and it was back to not recognizing my address and telling me that I didn’t live anywhere close to a Pizza Hut that delivers. And this is how it has been since then. I check it occasionally and I have deleted the app and downloaded it again but it still doesn’t work. I hate calling and having to give my card information over the phone and the last couple times I paid cash the delivery guy had no change so my tipping options were limited to “you are so cheap” and “biggest ripper of the week”. I wish Pizza Hut would have some way to actually fix this. I sent an email several times and it went nowhere. Help Pizza Hut!

- Need to empower managers

I tried for over 30 minutes to order pizza online & kept getting the message, “uh-oh something went wrong.” By this time I would have just forgotten about it but I promised my grandson I’d get him Pizza Hut pizza for dinner. Totally frustrated, I tried calling the store. Of course, the ‘deal’ I was trying to order was an online only deal so I was put on hold 3-4 times while the manager was consulted. He couldn’t ‘find’ the deal online & I finally had to get them to pull up my order history to see that I had ordered the same deal the past several times. Then the mgr had to ‘call the GM’ to check w/ them. FINALLY, they agreed to take my order & discount it down to the online price. Meanwhile, this whole ordeal has taken almost an hour & now it’s going to be another 45-50 minutes before it is delivered. We will be eating dinner at bedtime. Totally disgusted at this point.

- Terrible service

I don’t take time to write reviews, but I am an avid review reader, why didn’t I read this one first?! Smh. In a nutshell, my orders eta was first 50 min, then 66 min, by the time I completed the order it was 80 min. I placed the order at 1245p. After 95 minutes I called 4 seperate times, reached the call center who kept transferring me to the store, and ended up waiting about 10 min each call. I wanted to know if my order was free if not let’s cancel it. They would not answer. I’m livid at this point. Finally I get into my car to find food, I get a notification at my doorbell, long sigh. I asked the driver “sir do u know how long I’ve been waiting for this?” He says “yes like two hours” ok cool, so I would like to tip u but I don’t want to pay for this food, explained my efforts to call. He offers to call his manager and explain that I didn’t want to pay or cancel. Manger offers to cancel or discount from $22 down to $12. I accepted the discount. Pizza was not cold but far from hot. Waste of time and effort. I shouldn’t be eating pizza and this was my punishment, is what I keep telling myself. I’ll never do it again, I’m going back to papa Johns and I’m deleting the app.

- Worst app ever

The is one of the worst apps I’ve ever tried to use. We quit using it because we have tried many times over many months to use the reward points that show at the top of my app. Thing is, if you look closer, some (or probably at this point all) of the points are expired. So first of all, if the points are going to expire, they should automatically drop off your account. Second, why should the points expire at all? If I only want to order pizza a couple times a year why should I get punished for it by never being able to use the points? This is like when gift cards used to say “After a year of inactivity we will start taking this much out this often”. Well, that was unfair because people had spent the money on it so everyone was like - Why shouldn’t the gift card be able to be used whenever the person wants? It was paid for. Period. Do companies changed it. This is the next thing that needs to be changed. At some point the money was spent so why should the points be taken after a certain amount of time? Pizza Hut got the money. The money I paid didn’t “expire” if they didn’t use it. It’s bull 💩.

- Delivery tracker

So they rave about their delivery tracker... however it is VERY vague and hard to get to. Sure it takes you right there after you order but heaven forbid you exit out of the link because it is impossible to find it again. Looked in my email, not there. Finally found it and it said “pizza is out for delivery” and that my estimated delivery was 30-45 minutes.. the same thing it said when I placed the order. I live 5 minutes down the road from this location.. it can’t take that long to get the pizza to my house. Surely it doesn’t mean that the pizza is going to be sitting in the box, in a car, for 45 minutes, when it has to travel 2.2 miles down the road. Apparently, that’s exactly what it means. My email said the pizza would be here by 6:30 but it is 6:50 and still no pizza. So I thought, ‘let’s check the tracker’ buuut that was no help at all. Can’t wait to eat cold pizza. At this point I should have just loaded my toddler and infant into the car and driven to the location to get the pizza myself. My kids would have been fed hot pizza and put to bed on time.

- GREAT app, but...

This app works great when you have a huge family gathering and everyone is trying to figure out what they want. You don’t have to annoy the person on the other line with all the waiting on people to decide and figure out their orders. However, I would love to be able to change my credit card info. The first time using this app I had to use another persons card because they were paying. Now every time I place an order their credit card info immediately for the default pay. No where in the app can you change this, you are forced to have to type in your information every time if it’s not the default and it can get a little tedious. This app has great potential and could go a lot deeper in depth than it already has. An example would be having toppings on a quarter of the pizza as an option. There is a half option, but no quarter. Now would that be nice? Overall the app is super useful and it gets the job done.

- Delivery/ Costumer Service

I ordered pizza on a Friday night as my injured foot was throbbing after a week long of work and while the baby slept. I get a phone call from the Pizza delivery man saying is outside. Strange no one has knocked. When I look at the peep hole no one is outside... I open the door... I see him blocking my neighbor’s entrance to their driveway. I go out to the porch so he see’s the house he is suppose to delivery the pizza to. He stops at the front of the fence that’s is 5 feet tall (definitely the fence is is taller than me) and lefts my food up. So now I’m suppose to walk myself to the side walk and leave a child unattended because the delivery man won’t even bother to walk over to the door. I didn’t even sign my credit card receipt. When I call the Pizza Hut location to explain the situation. The lady’s response was ok I’ll tell the driver. tell her I didn’t sign my receipt. Ok. I’m was so furious. No apologies horrible Costumer service. I spoke to a manager and expressed my frustration. Her response was costumers don’t want delivery people in there properties. What? Pizza Hut you should practice what you preach and inform and teach your employees proper costumer service.

- Worthless and Useless App for such Mediocre Pizza

Since the last couple updates I have been unable to use the App. I click “Delivery”. I click my saved address. I click order now... NOTHING. I then have to call the store and listen to a message about how I can order online. I get a person that seems annoyed because I DIDN'T order online. APP DOES NOT WORK!!!! Frustrating for a pizza that is merely a step above a Totino’s .99c pizza from Kroger. About to not do this again. The Papa Johns App works. The Jets pizza app works. The bottom of the barrel Dominos... works. Pizza Hut should really be embarrassed!!!! Upon writing this review... been thinking... there are just too many better pizzas who’s apps work to bother. I’m deleting this one! I emailed YUM directly. Can’t believe they don’t read these reviews. If they did they would fix it. I’d hope so, anyways. DELETING...

- Rewards points!

Why are the crusts limited to one who are spending a decent amount of money to earn them? Tonight I went on my Pizza Hut after not ordering for them in a little while because I typically don’t eat often. But who doesn’t like pizza right? When I’m in the mood for pizza my first choice is Pizza Hut. Anyway, i went on my Pizza Hut app & saw I had 276 pts. Cool!! I proceeded to redeem my points and order a large pizza, should I say “Large Any Pizza”. Well I came to learn it’s not any choice of large pizza you can order. I wanted to order a stuffed cheese bite pizza with toppings & wasn’t able to do because the crust wasn’t an option...when I thought I’d be redeeming my ANY large pizza? My point in all this is maybe tweak your advertisement & points system as well as being able to redeem them in-stores! I hope I can one day redeem my points for any pizza of my choice with any crust option, topping, sauces etc. Thank you for the delicious pizza I am shortly going to receive and I hope to one day be able to redeem my points & continue to do business with you.

- Horrible App

I wish that zero stars were an option as I haven’t gotten a single star’s worth of use out of this app. I have always used an app to order pizza from competitors of Pizza Hut and decided to give them, and their rewards program, a try. This app has been a headache from the start. It freezes up, or doesn’t register my press, or grays out boxes of information and then refuses to let me continue as the boxes that I can’t type into are required information. I always end up having to call in - when I call in I find out, of course, that the deal I wanted is online only and rewards points can’t be earned on call in orders. I’ve emailed and called technical support multiple times to resolve this issue and I always hear “we’ve had several online orders placed in the last few minutes and so the issue must be on your end.” On three separate occasions I have been hung up on. I have attempted the app on multiple phone types, carriers, and recently attempted logging in on a desktop computer and discovered the issues existed there as well. So, be warned they do not pertain to the app only.

- Disappointed customer

We ordered the $7.99 two pizza special some wings and desert for delivery. Because of the extreme high delivery orders I received a call from the manager Caesar asking me if we would prefer to come and pickup the order instead and he would remove the delivery surcharge, now this wasn’t the issue... the issue started when the my spouse went to pickup the order. Because my spouse wasn’t aware of the complete order the female employee handed her only half the order prompting me to have to contact the establishment again. Upon returning back to the store the same female associate again appeared to be confused and unsure of our order nor what I was there for after I told her the name on the order. After it was all said and done they still failed to give us all of our order. I highly suggest if your planning on visiting this establishment to check your order throughly because the employees don’t seem to care.

- Very rude manager

Order a pizza and wings driver no showed up.. I called the store and was very polite and ask if they were busy and she said no so I asked her well it’s been an hour and they driver never showed up so put me on hold and to see what the problem was. She then tell me the driver must have taken my Ticket and he must be on the way so I still have some what faith in the driver so I’ll said I’ll wait. 30 mins passed I called again and told her the pizza still isn’t here she then said that they driver said he knocked on the door and call my phone and no one was there I politely told her no one knocked or called then she said If I wanted to I can come and pick it up lol.. and they would give me store credit I said unbelievable. I then asked if I could talk to her manager and the. Manager basically said to me what do you want me to do.. well for one hire a better driver who can deliver pizzas on time and second I’m explaining to you that they driver never showed up and your telling me he did. As if I’m lying.. it was a horrible experience I had to order dominos instead.. do not order from here bad customer service .

- App functions but can’t access order status from app

It used to work fine but it has been updated constantly every couple weeks and for months as soon as you finish the order it won’t show the delivery status like it used to. I have to click on a separate email to know when it’s our for delivery or use text messages. Additionally adding food tends to break the cart if it’s not done in one go, can’t go back and add another Cheezit Pizza actually counting 2 of them as an example. Finally when adding drinks in the mix and match it won’t register anything after the first drink. I have to go out to the deals and find that specific 4 for 5 drink deal just to get what I want. Otherwise it functions reasonably and has been my exclusive way of ordering for over a year.

- Pizza Hut App and customer service

I have used the Pizza Hut app on several occasions and have found it to be extremely user unfriendly. It is difficult to navigate and according to store employees they seem to never receive my orders or they receive them wrong. However, what I find most disturbing is the level of service I have received from my local Pizza Hut. The manager on duty took no initiative to remedy or try to explain the problems. She hung up on me when I became upset with her for telling me to contact the corporate offices rather than extend customer service to remedy the reoccurring inconvenience and delays. More troubling is the general district manager took no steps to reach out to the customer to discuss the on going problem and reinforced the employee’s actions. At this point I have no further interest in purchasing any future products of your firm or it’s affiliates. In a highly competitive market such as yours, I cannot understand how your management team can stick their heads in the sand and point fingers to the corporate level. Good luck growing your customer base with that marketing strategy.

- Bummed out about Pizza Hut app pricing

We have placed an exact same order online. For 3 lg pizzas 2 lg cheese pizzas and 1lg pepperoni no extra anything no meat lovers or pepperoni lovers or no extra cheese only 1 plain pepperoni an 2 plain cheese pizzas at least 8 times in the past 6 months an today when we try to reorder that exact same order all of a sudden it’s trying to charge us double the price we normally pay so I called my local Pizza Hut an ask why an all I got was I’m Sorry but I can sell you that exact order today an it’s only going to cost you an extra 5 dollars an you won’t get points because your not ordering online which is total BS because the app will not allow us to reorder the same damned order we always get an so when you are forced to call an complain about the about it ends up costing you that weeks points an a extra 5 bucks thanks a whole hell of a lot WASILLA Alaska Pizza Hut . If they sell it to us at a set price for over a yr an all of sudden the manger has no idea why the app will not work and he ends up changing an extra 5bucks I say that’s total BS

- Needs fixed

Crappy, it would not let me order a deal. Every time I selected one the app closed and I had to open it back up, sign in, and start my order all over again. I finally gave up and ordered without it. Otherwise it's fairly easy to use. This app has gotten worse again. I haven’t ordered in quite awhile, but I used to at least be able to use the thing. I was using my phone. I had to re-enter my address even though I was still logged into my account. When I hit save, it just kept spinning. I closed out and went back in and my address was saved. I selected delivery. It brought up my location to order from and that’s as far as I could get. I’d try to click order now and it did nothing. Let it sit for several minutes, wouldn’t move from that screen. Got out my IPad and the above was repeated except this time the order now eventually worked. So I was able to order, but I don’t always have my IPad handy. It seems they have been having similar issues for several months. I think you should re-evaluate your developers.

- 6/13 order that never was delivered...rated 1 star because I had to pick one

I would not recommend ordering a pizza from Pizza Hut, especially if it is going through the OLA location. I ordered a pizza and was told it would take about an hour. That would have put it here at 7:30 and I’m giving them a grace period. I called around 8-8:15 and was told the order was out for delivery. I tried 8-9 times starting at 9:00 to contact the store to get some kind of response when my order was still not this point any response, we are not bringing your order-good luck would have worked. At least this way I could have made plans to feed my 3 year old grandson something for dinner. I finally got to speak with Corporate who said they would call the Ola location and they put me on hold for roughly 10-15 minutes and finally came back and got no answer, I wasn’t surprised....given I have the 10 messages and times I was placed on eternal hold and hung up saved on my phone to post in the paper as well. She then called and reported to her higher ups. To say I am more than frustrated is an understatement, but you can read all about it in the Henry Herald, that is if you can buy a page to post comments on local businesses in the area, which I intend to do. She did say, I would receive a call from corporate and even the store, and you can bet I will not hold my breath waiting on that call or plan on eating any Pizza Hut pizza in the near future. Your former customer, Chuck-

- The point system is fooling people and taking more money than they are saying you need

Went on the app to order a pizza one day and I had over 300 points saved up to get a free pizza. I find what I want and try to place my but it said I needed a 15 dollar minimum. Trying not to get aggravated over them wanting me to over spend; I add cheese sticks. I haven’t eaten all day and I’m only ordering for myself I don’t need cheese sticks but I go with it and yet for some strange reason it won’t let me order still. So I call the store and the employee tells me that the delivery fee isn’t included in the 15 dollars minimum. I feel lied to because I was expecting to pay only a little over 15 dollars. Don’t tell people one thing and expect them to play along with your hustling. If you say 15 dollars MINIMUM... it should be 15 MINIMUM. I should have to spend 22 dollars when you told me otherwise like delivery fees don’t count towards the money you get. Tell people SPECIFICALLY what it is that you need. Don’t beat around the bush and expect people to be okay with this. It’s like you lied to my face.

- Angry Customer

Put an order in at 2:00 pm for a 6 pm delivery.... got a text that order was out for delivery an waited over a hour and no delivery. Call location to find out what happened and I was told I had no order from them an was put on hold for 15 mins. I decided to hang up an call back and tried to explain what was going on an got hung up on. Then tried 2 times to talk to manager and on the 3rd cal got manager. I explained what happened and he found my order that was supposedly delivered and no answer according to the driver and was credited. But I’ve been home all day and no one knocked on my door or my dog would have gone nuts like she does every time there is a knock at the door.... I thanked him for my credit and I told him like I’m telling you I refuse to use Pizza Hut again and I’m going to go out of my way to talk to all the people I know to have them stop using you too and I know a lot of people ..... this is some kind of operation you run that don’t put your customers first!!!! That’s a crying shame when the customers make or break you!!!!

- Poor customer service and online service

I am completely frustrated with Pizza huts online app. I tried changing my address and then placing my order and it still sent it to my old address. I also tried deleting this online app because it floods my email with spam and was unable to remove my information from this app. Pizza Hut customers service is very poor, I called and placed a delivery order and was told my order would arrive in 40 minutes and didn’t show up for an hour and a half almost double of what they told me and once I received my order both pizzas were incorrect and the wing weren’t right. They did not even bring napkins or paper plates as requested and all the delivery driver said (oh sorry I will let them know) I am completely dissatisfied with pizza’s hut online service and over the phone customer service... what a shame because I grew up eating pizza huts pizza and it has gone down hill.. oh and to top it off they now charge one dollar each for the little packets of red pepper flakes and Parma cheese..🤬🤬🤬☹️☹️☹️

- Little thought

I like the reward from Pizza hut, and love pizza hut big time,but when I purchase pizza hut in store and I totally forgot about my online account for points, I approached and told the lady in the till about how to get the point when I already paid for the item and I am just waiting for the order and she said I cannot claim it anymore. Thats it. No other way. There should be a way to claim it still, considering that I haven’t even have the item and I am still in the store and I just totally forgot about it.(human nature) Also , most of the store the till will ask the costumer if they have a membership and they usually ask the phone number. Just a little disappointed, Hope the management can do something about this little thing, because little things like this matters.

- So. Many. Glitches.

This app is the main reason I order from Dominos. It all starts when you try to “reorder”. It’ll show the buffering sign non stop. I thought it was my connection so I’ve tried everything from restarting the app to restarting my phone to trying different apps. It’s definitely an issue with this particular app. I’d be okay with that too if when I try to go into “Carry Out” and select a store it actually took me to a page to order. Nope. Just stuck on that page. It’s been the same. Their mobile website is marginally better and somehow with a couple of smashed keyboards and a few hair pulled out, I can place an order if I’m desperate enough to torture myself to go through this process. It’s a real shame, because I do like their pizza above all their competitors but nowhere near enough to torture myself before every attempt to order. To top it all off, pun intended, this issue has been the cause of 1 star reviews for several months now with nowhere near an attempt to fix it! Pathetic.

- 😡😡😡😡😡

I am completely appalled at the customer service at Pizza Hut. I preordered my meal at 10:39am And the store opens at 11:00am. W/my Pizza Hut tracker, my food was expected to be at my house at 11:45am. I waited 10 minutes after and got a call from Pizza Hut saying “the driver is running late”. I Then waited another 10 minutes, I’m still waiting for my food. After another 10 minutes, it’s 12:15pm at this time, I proceeded to call Pizza Hut back and asked “Did the delivery Drive show up yet?” Pizzz Hut proceeded to tell me “No”. At this point the meal is free because of their unorthodox working methods and late employees. But the meal wasn’t free and I am completely disgusted because I actually like Pizza Hut & I just ordered from them 2 days ago & that meal was late too but I still paid for it and let it slide but today’s ridiculous

- Is this 2007??? Do better Pizza Hut

This app is absolutely terrible. Pop ups cover your on screen options. I was unaware of what a deal contained and when I wanted to see the description by clicking more, a pop up covered it and when I hit the X to close it, it went back to the home deals screen. So I had to leave the app and go online to look.. When scrolling through secondary and tertiary menu pages the banner at the top of the screen just goes white and is non functional. The look of the app is just not there, and the functionality isn’t either. Why can’t I pay through the app? It’s 2018 guys.... really? I’d like to walk in the store; sign, grab and go. The whole process is not very smooth and kind of clunky. Some simple improvements would make the experience so much easier and would keep me going to the Pizza Hut which is closer to my house rather than papa johns which is 1/4 mile farther. Your deals are great and I like the pizza! But if ordering them takes twice as long as the competitors.. why would I just go there???

- Took my money with nothing in return

I was ordering on the app and when it was time for the payment I had a gift card to use so I put in that info. Took off $20 from the total then I had to put in my regular bank card info. After I did that I tried to process the order. Well this thing popped up saying “uh oh something went wrong” so I checked everything and it all looked right so I tried going ahead again but the same message popped up. So I click out of that screen and then click back on the cart because everything was still in it. I had to put in all the payments again but this time when I tried processing it it said my gift card wasn’t valid anymore. So I was confused and called to check the balance on my gift card and it said $0!!! And the last time it was used was for the order I was just trying to purchase. So they took my money and I got no pizza. I called Pizza Hut and they said there was nothing they could do. So this app needs some work so it doesn’t do that to anyone else.

- Great, but needs work.

Very user friendly and easy to navigate through the app. It’s all well laid out and easy to figure out. I’ve had a problem in the app where it crashes and doesn’t allow you to sign back in until you have entered as a guest and gone back through the sign in tab at the bottom. I’ve been a member of the rewards for a while, but for some reason can’t view my points through the app. It always asks if I’d like to join the rewards program, and when I click join that is when the app crashes and doesn’t allow me to sign back in. It pops up an error message and say “Uh oh! Something went wrong.” Really wish they’d fix the bugs in the app, as I have read through many other reviews and seen similar problems.

- Please Improve

This app crashes all the time. I have updated 3 separate times and I haven’t been able to order on it once. Every time I try to select a location the menu never comes up. Also if I happen to be to the checkout by some miracle I can’t order because I am not allowed to enter email address (it’s a gray bar and no keyboard pops up) which should already be saved to my account. I love Pizza Hut and like it 100x more than Dominos. But the simple fact is that this cause Domino’s has a way better app and very easy to access. I really hope Pizza Huts improves this because the only way I can order is on my laptop and even that still gives me problems inserting my email address. I literally have to go to my account setting and hit save profile settings every single time I order because the email never pops up and I can’t type anything in the box either. I’ll stay optimistic and hope you take this into consideration cause it’s almost like this company doesn’t want me to get any Pizza Hut points.

- Wow. What a joke.

So, I typically don’t review things. Apps, restaurants, events, it just isn’t my thing. When I first downloaded this app, it was awesome! UI is simple and easy to navigate, and payment process is simple and quick if you have an account set up. The majority of my orders have come through correct, with the exception of a couple of pizzas missing a topping, or the occasional extra topping you didn’t know you wanted. I’ve received pizza flipped on itself but after an hour of waiting I decided to just eat it rather than wait another hour. I’m not here to complain about poor employee performance, though it could use some work. However, as of late, this app seems to never work. When attempting to reorder a previous order, it will just send me a prompt to tell me an issue has occurred. Okay, let’s hit the menu and do it manually, right?! Wrong, when attempting to view the menu, it doesn’t appear. Can’t view any item of food or drink. Rebooting doesn’t fix, nor did a sign out and sign back in. To be honest, I’ve given up on Pizza Hut. It’s a shame because I’m a huge fan of stuffed crust pizza. But Digiornos has stuffed crust and doesn’t make me wait an hour. There’s a local spot with better pizza I’d rather order from anyways, this was the one thing keeping me around and if it isn’t going to work correctly then I have no use for it or this franchise. I’ll promptly be deleting the app after this review! And never ordering PH again.

- Wonderful app redesign but...

Pizza Hut did a great job redesigning their app, however lost a crucial feature in doing so: the ability to route a previously ordered, saved order, to a new address without manually changing the address on the saved order first. Now as opposed to before, you have to start a new order from scratch even if you want exactly the same thing as a previous order, because if you try changing address after hitting reorder (even if the two orders are to the same store) it erases your cart and leaves only the option to make a new order from scratch. Meaning reorder can now ONLY be done to the exact same delivery address as before, where with the old app design you could change delivery address mid-reorder, no issue

- Gets expensive in a hurry

Was 4 stars... but dropped t 2: Even without very much food, the total jumps up quickly. But it’s always hot, fresh, and tasty. And overall, delivery is timely. So there is that. It’s just so expensive that it can’t be done as often as my family would like... like weekly at least. Due to the cost it’s more of a special occasion kind of treat, like for a birthday. So a few times a year instead. Their loss. Our loss. UPDATE: was left sitting amongst numerous boxes delivered to our 220 apt building, no receipt. No receipt! Nothing to identify the order... and multiple residents were already circling the order!? They were discussing who’s it was, what was on it. And one box’s “seal” was open. At least there needed to be a receipt to let everyone (and myself) whose order it was. (Oh, and no marinara sauce. No quite “pizza” without sauce. The wings were delicious, as were the cheese sticks.) My tip will be less next time... much less. And if the app allows I will ask that they wait for me, rather than abandon my $40+ order to hungry people without even buzzing my apartment that they were here, as I did request. I headed down as soon as I had been texted that my order was out for delivery, but my family says no one buzzed... so very good I did head down or else our food would gave likely been snatched up by someone else, particularly in these difficult times.

- Bad service

I ordered my pizza online the app, one large pizza hand tossed with the garlic butter sauce on the crust with pepperoni and bacon , two hours later I got my order and it was not correct I had the pepperoni but it was ham on it instead of bacon and my pizza was cold it tasted like the cardboard it was in the driver was looking at me like he deserved a tip for being two hours late so I called the north ave location and told them that my order was wrong they did give me a 20 dollar credit but I try to give this restaurant the benefit or doubt because I always order from this location because it’s close to my home but after I use my credit I will not be ordering from that location no more, I feel like if they don’t have enough drivers to deliver the food fast enough so it can be hot and people can get their money worth they should just say their not excepting deliveries because they have only one driver that expects a tip. Worst experience I ever had from them and most of my orders are always wrong!!!!!

- Convenient, kinda...or not

I've used this app once before. At this point, when I open it to place an order, I expect it to already know my address and which Pizza Hut location I'll be ordering from. It keeps taking me in circles, though. I press the "Carry out" button and it searches for my whereabouts and the store nearest me. Why? I've already told the app everything it needs to know. And after I place my order it asks 'Delivery or Carry out. I press 'Carry out' and it searches on a map for my location...AGAIN. I tried using it again tonight, it did the same thing, but I also noticed that there's no way to be certain if the order has been sent or received. I almost ordered 4 pizzas for two people. I panicked and drove down to the PH I ordered from to make sure they aren't making four pizzas and they straightened it out. Got my pizza in a timely fashion and it was delicious. But you guys really need to redesign your application. Please!

- Address probs

I have almost ALWAYS had trouble entering addresses with this app. It's always one thing or another, usually involving the special instructions section. First it wouldn't let me go back and correct an error, and currently it won't let me see what I'm typing or use the space bar. I also used to have my address saved, but somehow it ended up being deleted? Not sure how that happened, since I didn't do it...please fix the address glitches! I love using this app over the online website, but not when it's so glitchy! Edit: correction - it won't let me add instructions on the website either (on my phone, iPad, or laptop). Edit #2: app works now, but please give the address directions space MORE characters. It's hard to give detailed directions when you can only enter 20 characters or so...

- Large Variation in Times

I downloaded the app and used it for the first time today. At the time of my order, which was just before 5:00 pm, it said it would be 30 to 40 minutes. Once the order was placed, the app updated, said my pizza was in the oven, and it would arrive by 5:38. At 5:40, I check my phone again to see where it is. The app still says it’s in the oven and should arrive at 5:38... which has obviously already passed. Then I check the text message they sent me that included a link to a website and it said it was going to be another 40 minutes. I would not have ordered from Pizza Hut if I had known it was going to be an hour and a half... or more. At this time I don’t have my pizza. I’m very disappointed in the difference in the app time given and the actual delivery time. My advice... skip the app. Just call the store. Or maybe even another pizza place that has an app that works. I’ll be trying a different app and company for our pizza delivery next week.

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@Chase_Iowa Oh wow, that sucks! It should count as cash paid. I know they have a $10 min for delivery as I have used rewards points and had to go pick it up. At least my Pizza Hut has a drive up window for takeout. Mine was good, now I am going to call mom so I can then watch TV.

Craig Millard

@EddyElfenbein TBF, Pizza Hut used to be a decent (good by national pizza chain standards) pizza sit down place 15-30 years ago and now is a below average (even by national pizza chain standards) takeout/delivery place. Glad other people feel the same way.

Aimeez World

@BearcatfanAdam They closed all of our dine in Pizza Hut's you could only get delivery or takeout now

Robert Caruso

@johnbcrist Old-school Pizza Hut, where you sat inside of a Hut and were served Pizza or fetched it from a hot bar, was good. It was a pure and good place. Then they removed all the good, piece by piece, and entirely transitioned to takeout and delivery.

Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout 5.19.0 Screenshots & Images

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Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout iphone images
Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout iphone images
Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout iphone images
Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout iphone images
Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout iphone images

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The applications Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout was published in the category Food & Drink on 2009-07-08 and was developed by Pizza Hut, Inc. [Developer ID: 436374259]. This application file size is 101.36 MB. Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout - Food & Drink app posted on 2021-08-09 current version is 5.19.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.imc2.iHut