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Gain confidence on over 40,000 courses worldwide and trust in your game with Golfshot Plus. Like a personal caddie on the course, Golfshot Plus gives you accurate GPS yardages to targets and hazards, rich scoring, shot tracking, entire course flyover previews and detailed statistics.

Enjoy your best golf with Golfshot's support for Apple Watch® 2's built-in GPS and world-class video instruction from Golfplan.


- Never search for yardage markers with Golfshot Plus’ real-time distances to all hazards and targets.
- Score for yourself or your foursome with Stroke Play and Stableford.
- Take the guessing out of your game with insightful and powerful statistics based on your playing history.
- Visualize and plan your round before you play with 3D video previews of your entire course.
- See the course from every angle with dynamic 3D flyover previews of each hole.
- Purchase and easily track your Handicap Index® through Golfshot Plus.
- Track your shot distance, direction and club used.
- Search. Book. Play. Save time and money on thousands of GolfNow tee times booked with Apple Pay®.
- View your game at a glance with Apple Watch™.
- Earn, view and share awards showing your accomplishments and the progress of your game.
- Free Golfplan video tips each week from leading experts including Martin Chuck and Sean Foley.
- Share your rounds and send tee time invites to friends to set up a game.
- Track your pace of play and activity on the course with HealthKit and Under Armour.


- Challenge your foursome to Skins, Nassau, or Match Play games.
- Real-time distances to hazards and green, scoring, crisp hole views, and shot tracking on your wrist with Apple Watch
- Get $20 off a GolfNow Hot Deal tee time booked through Golfshot.
- Link your existing GHIN® Number to post scores directly to your Handicap Index®.
- Detailed scoring and distances to all hazards and targets on your Apple Watch™.
– Pro membership means access to premium features, exclusive member benefits, and an ad-free experience.


Powered by Revolution Golf's extensive and dynamic video library with coaching experts like Martin Chuck, Sean Foley and Andrew Rice, Golfplan gives you a front-row seat to the best golf instruction available on your iPhone®, iPad®, or Apple TV®.

- Elevate your game with access to over 400 personalized videos.
- Rent in-depth video series for one month to get the most extensive golf coaching out of Golfplan.
- Focus on nine areas of your game including driving, putting and approach shots.
- View recommended videos based on your skill level and areas of improvement.


Golfshot Pro and Golfplan require subscriptions that can be purchased in-app and are renewed automatically unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can manage your Pro and Golfplan subscriptions through your iTunes account. Golfshot offers both monthly and yearly subscription options. Purchasing a subscription while your free trial is active will activate your membership immediately and cause your trial period to end. For best performance of Apple Watch 2's built-in GPS, turn OFF Bluetooth on your iPhone.

Golfshot Plus requires a GPS-enabled iPhone® or iPad®. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

In-app purchases available:
- Pro Features for Plus Members: $2.99/month or $14.99/year
- Golfplan: $2.99/month or $19.99/year
- Martin Chuck Tour Striker Training Program: $9.99 for 1-month rental
- Core Golf: $9.99 for 1-month rental
- Golfers Need for Speed: $9.99 for 1-month rental

You can view our privacy policy and terms of service at

The USGA® trademarks, logos, service marks and trade names are registered to the USGA® which require written authorization for use.

Created by Shotzoom LLC

Golfshot Plus: Golf GPS App Description & Overview

The applications Golfshot Plus: Golf GPS was published in the category Sports on 2009-06-21 and was developed by Shotzoom Software. The file size is 143.54 MB. The current version is 5.13.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Enjoy the app? Rate us! Your feedback keeps Golfshot Plus on 40,000+ courses worldwide for nearly 3 million members.

- Updates for optimized support of iPhone X
- Bug fixes for iOS 11

Have a question or a course update request? Email us at [email protected], or tap Send Us Feedback in your app.

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Golfshot Plus: Golf GPS Reviews


R u a golfer?  Rudexxx  5 star

Then get this app!!! Helpful, fast, stats, history besides great help in yardage, hole preview etc.


Needs better GPS  Diggy22  3 star

I enjoy GP+, but I can’t rely on the gps.


Series 3 Apple Watch not supported either  BriOnH  1 star

Update 11/8/17 Now on latest Apple Watch. Golfshot version 5.9 is still only usable version. Hope developers can fix someday. Update 8/1/17 Got back previous version 5.9 - DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS VERSION!!! Especially if you have the original Apple Watch!!! 5.9 updates in a second or two. You will be waiting 20 times longer if you get this version!!! STAY WITH 5.9! Original post: Doesn't work well, anymore, with original Apple Watch. -Takes 5 times longer to update yardages. I was standing around my ball, with people waiting for me to pull out a club and hit, to move on to the next shot. Over and over. -When yardages do update they are WAY off. Before this version I would stand at yardage markers and the watch would be really accurate, within a yard or three. Now expect to wait around for about 20 seconds and have yardages be up to 20 yards off. -The workaround is to pull out your iPhone (in my case a 7+) and open the app on your iPhone. Then the watch will display the proper yardage, that's on the phone - but obviously not really a workaround. It's more of a "why even bother putting the app on the watch when you have to pull out your phone every shot?"


Used to be awesome  lisajanaes  1 star

The last two times I golfed, the GPS stopped working on both my phone and watch.


App doesn’t work at all  BIGAAPL  1 star

After the update today. I try to select my tee box & it won’t go past that screen. Free version works but not the plus. Please fix


This app is not improving fast enough  Loudj  2 star

Limited on their website: No chance to add or edit a round online. No pitching or putting length tracking. Great effort on the Apple Watch 2 although the standalone gps is really slow and unusable! Few bugs and issues that are not solved so far !

skibum moldonado

Unusable w Apple Watch  skibum moldonado  2 star

I had high hopes that I would be able to replace my Garmin with my Apple Watch 3 combined with Golfshot. Not so. Takes waaaaaaaay too long for the correct distances to appear on the Watch, even when using the preferred settings Golfshot recommends. The Garmin is accurate as soon as I look down; the Apple Watch can take at least 15-20 seconds to load up, and sometimes more. Unacceptable. I’ve gone back to the Garmin.


App Freezes Up  1MorHacker  1 star

I’ve used the app on iPhone 6 for several months now and logged 31 rounds with few problems. But yesterday it suddenly was not able to locate area courses, wouldn’t show my “favorites” list (said none were entered) and generally froze up. I have to agree with other reviewers that it’s buggy and I wouldn’t buy it until it’s fixed.


Not quite ready  trmmcd  3 star

I tried this app with my series 3 Apple watch to replace my Garmin golf watch. Display of distance was quite sluggish and I found it unusable. I had trouble finding clear instructions regarding how best to configure phone app with the watch.

Shark III

Falling behind  Shark III  2 star

Ever since iOS 11 update, the watch app has become unusable. My subscription renewal date is Nov 6 and I plan to cancel.


Easy  Watto027  5 star

Great App, super easy to use and data captured foe everything needed to improve your game


Love this app  Troza  5 star

Everything you need in a golf app


Scam  Robsturgeon  1 star

Purchased the full version 5 years ago with unlimited access to all courses. Now I have no access unless I pay a yearly fee.

Hat-trick Harry

Grouse!  Hat-trick Harry  5 star

Grouse app. Love it


Love it  gel8ti  5 star

Awesome app that is a must for golf lovers. Highly responsive and does not drain the battery. Highly recommend!

MelTrance Fan

Definite winner!  MelTrance Fan  5 star

Does all I need to improve my game with great analysis and stats.

Sydney Baz

Great App  Sydney Baz  5 star

Great App. Really works well and does everything I need.


SO HAPPY  goboy3133  5 star

Blown away. Why spend $$$$ when you can have everything for such a reasonable price!?!

Mr Slinkmeister

Feels like cheating!  Mr Slinkmeister  5 star

So accurate it feels like cheating. Would like the ability to set for 9 hole round. But that's a minor detail.


Awesome!!!  Richarooni  5 star

Great app for keeping track of your scores. Has me playing better golf because I know the distance I hit my clubs. The app has every course I play at already inbuilt! I love it

The Pigs bomb

Excellent App  The Pigs bomb  5 star

Accurate and dependable. Extremely user friendly.


Awesome app  mattmurphy86  5 star

Been a user for 8 yrs and wouldn't choose a different golf gps. Works great! Would like to see only one app very confused about why there is more than one. Also would be nice to have the Apple Watch to detect and track shots based on swing motion. Keep up the good work!


Battery Hog  AdvidGolfer55  3 star

Golf Shot Plus is a great range finder application with one huge exception. It's a battery hog and demands to have location services enabled regardless if you using the app or not. Therefore I will not use it until they provide the option to only enable that service when I'm actually using the application.


Latest update is terrible  Mnjhome  2 star

GPS takes for ever to lock-in. Quite useless given the time it takes. Only good now as a scoring app for which I don't need GPS. Will be sticking with my trusty laser range finder.


Don't always need my location  MusicMaven12  1 star

The app works well, but the invasion of privacy to always need my location when I occasionally play golf is a ridiculous overreach. I don't think it helps my battery either. To have to go and turn the setting on and off manually is also annoying. I am also a subscriber and will unsubscribe and delete your app if you have not changed the setting to "use location only when I use the app" at the next update or in the next month. Thank you.


Not Happy  Johnjohn1-1  1 star

I used to love this app and paid $29.99 which gave full access. Now after paying that they now decided to charge $14.99 a year, then to top it off it auto re-resubscribes. The app does not have a way to turn this feature off.


Golfshot is by far the best golf app. EOQ!  D4zzl3r  5 star

I don't write many app reviews but this app is my go to app for 4 years now, so I felt an obligation to show my appreciation. I've logged over 300 golf rounds, including scoring of cards via Golfshot over the years and always stray off to see if there's any better app- bottom line GolfShot GPS is the best- end of question. I've recommended it to at least 30-40 who have purchased it over the years. Where Golfshot takes the cake in my book is in customer loyalty. The new version called GolfShot Plus is entirely free to it's existing user base! Those who are finding the new version sluggish can always uninstall it and re sync phone to an old backup. Bonus: Watch features- for those of you with an iWatch, I can attest that the features work very well- their is a subscription fee of $10 or so a year but it's well worth the benefits.


Love it  Harrydunne15  5 star

I've been using this app for 4+ years now and I love it. Tracks your particular course your playing, all your scores, stats, and auto calculates your handicap. I love being able to review all my past rounds in one place. I can track how my recent scores compare to older scores, and see my improvement along the way. This is a must have for any avid golfer


6 years later and I still love it  6YearsLater  4 star

I've had his app for over 6 years and I still love it. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it requires that I purchase the upgrade to Pro to link it to my USGA/GHIN Handicap. I love tracking my stats and seeing my trends. 6 years of data is pretty cool to look back on.


ALWAYS location? Subscription after $29 purchase???  Reidawggydog  1 star

This app makes requires that it can track your location at all times, even when you're not using it. Terrible idea. Moreover, I paid the full price for this app a few years ago to get full capability, and now they want me to pay again and monthly? Terrible cash grab. Do not purchase.

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