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Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

What is grindr - gay dating & chat app? Grindr is the world’s #1 FREE mobile social networking app for gay, bi, trans, and queer people to connect. Chat and meet up with interesting people for free, or upgrade to Grindr XTRA or Grindr Unlimited for more features, more fun, and more chances to connect.

Grindr is faster and better than ever:

• See people nearby based on your location
• Browse re-designed profiles with bigger photos
• Chat and share private photos
• Filter your search to find what you want
• Customize your profile to share more about yourself
• Star your favorites and block others
• Report people easily and safely
• Send your location and make it easier to meet
• Browse and chat with people around the world

Create and personalize your profile now to share your interests, what you’re looking for, and more. Within minutes you’ll be ready to connect, chat, and meet.

Looking for even more? Upgrade your Grindr experience to XTRA for more features, more freedom, and more fun. Grindr XTRA subscription features include:

• No 3rd party ads
• See 6x more profiles—up to 600 at once
• View only people who are online now
• View only profiles with a photo
• More blocks and favorites
• Access to all premium filters
• Chat easily with saved phrases
• Send multiple photos at once

Get Grindr XTRA with one of the following auto-renewing plans:

1 month/ 3 months/ 12 months.

Want the ultimate Grindr experience? Upgrade to Grindr Unlimited for exclusive access to our most premium features, including:

• Unlimited profiles - Always find a fresh face
• Viewed Me - See who’s checking you out
• Incognito - Browse profiles without being seen
• Typing Status - Know when someone’s messaging you
• Unsend - Undo sent messages and photos
• All XTRA features

Get Grindr Unlimited with one of the following auto-renewing plans:

1 month/ 3 months/ 12 months.

Grindr Subscriptions:

Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes account will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period unless you change your subscription preferences in your App Store account settings. You can manage your subscriptions at any time through your App Store account settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when making a purchase of an auto-renewing subscription.

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Grindr, Grindr XTRA & Grindr Unlimited are for adults 18 years and older only. Photos depicting nudity or sex acts are strictly prohibited.

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Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat Version 8.6.025 April 2022

We’ve improved the app to make it even better: less bugs, more connection. To make sure you never miss out on new features, keep your automatic updates turned on..

Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat Version 8.3.022 February 2022

We’ve improved the app to make it even better: less bugs, more connection. To make sure you never miss out on new features, keep your automatic updates turned on..

Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat Version 7.24.115 December 2021

We’ve improved the app to make it even better: less bugs, more connection. To make sure you never miss out on new features, keep your automatic updates turned on..

Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat Comments & Reviews 2022


Grindr and Jack’d are ANALOGOUS for what?Might as well be one app. Only thing different is the target audience (Grindr: privilege/ Jack’d: Minority), allowing screenshots within chat (Grindr: Yes/ Jack’d: No) though in my opinion i think screenshots should be disabled within the whole app itself, but if not at least the profile search page to see who’s nearby out of respect of others’ privacy that they claim they want, sending pics and videos (Jack’d: yes/ Grindr: only pics but videos gotta be sent live) and i get the live video from Grindr but wen i wanna feel lazy i just wanna send the video i already got that’s been working just fine to confirm that I’m legit because this black don’t crack, navigational location dropping (Jack’d: yes/ Grindr: No) and Grindr drops the location but you would have to type it out unless you have the world map memorized, and maybe the subscription but that’s sad in itself should jus be one price in my opinion, but we got profit feens. Other than that everything is cool i mean there’s probably other things i haven’t covered but there are other issues not pertaining to the apps but individuals themselves that may need time to look at a reflection of themselves to reevaluate and I'm still learning this myself. Just gotta take it a day at a time and use your time wisely.

- Horrible

I have been using this app for several years for what this app is used for. Then on the day I decide to purchase a one month membership to get the Xtra features I was banned without notice. I thought it to be a technical glitch so I reached out to the support for them and asked for reasons on the ban and they said all I have todo is appeal the ban. I went a week without word back, and reached out again and again. Then I received a email back that only said that I now have a lifetime ban and that I’m screwed because I purchased it, but better cancel my subscription or they will keep billing me. The only thing they said why I was banned was because of community guidelines. I asked for clarification on what I violated because I had no nudity, no foul language, no in appropriate speech, and as a person I don’t talk bad about other people. This is a horrible app, if you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. And they are no help in trying to rectify the situation. The language that they used in there correspondence with me makes me feel like I am a bad person, and being punished for something that never happened. I have been warned about random people getting banned for no reason then get excommunicated for absolutely no reason. Shame on the company Grindr, Inc. same on what you do to loyal customers and I hope this prevents you from marking any money off of your next victim. The essential stole from me and now won’t tell me why. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!!!!!

- Grindr is the most unsafe backwards dating app

I’ve used Grindr on and off for a few years. When I moved to my new house I started exploring more and redone loaded the app to try to find some interesting people. Immediately I was stalked, had my pictures stolen in an attempt to find out where I live, and threatened. When I reported the user they immediately created a new account. This went on multiple days until they finally gave up. Months later now, and I’m back looking on this app. Now my account has been banned for literally no reason and grindr support has been awful about giving any information. I did not violate tos and I did nothing wrong. I get the feeling that the report function is not monitored at all and if someone doesn’t like you or you say no and they don’t like that they can report you and have your account banned for no reason. Not only is the app unsafe and scary, but the people who run it DO NOT care about their users in the slightest, do nothing to make the app better, over charge for premium features that should be standard in every dating app. And now they are allowing bans for no reason and doing nothing to justify it. No reason given, the appeal form is a joke, and so is this app. Stay safe and avoid Grindr at all costs.

- To be honest

App works well to network. Except glitches can really kill an opportunity. Lost messages sometimes make the other person believe you are not interested- and vice versa. When a regular text comes in on iPhone- the app gets weird. I decline the text- but the app goes offline- and photos and msgs I have sent prior to message notification are lost. Sometimes when I block soneone/ the app gets frozen- I have to turn iPhone off to restart after a long wait- usually 5 minutes. If guys are going to rely on this app- it needs to work correctly. Pics and messages need to be sent and received. Otherwise- someone may become offended that you have not responded to their message- and block you. When I send error reports- when I get a notification- what happens? Do you use this ? Or is it a waste of my time.? Until grinder gets kinks worked out- guys will use several apps at once- and not trust this app. Also- location goes haywire on occasion. Someone who it says is close by- can be in reality be a thousand miles away. I use the app a lot. And wish you had customer service reps available when problems arise. Jg Un

- Dangerous

I’ve had someone use my photos for about a year and each time I reported them and reached out to support the profile would take days to be taken down. That profile also unknowingly harassed some of my direct reports from work which made for a very awkward conversation - something I never thought I’d have to deal with as a manager. Additionally, they actually offer zero support in terms of preventing this type of behavior. I ended up hopping off the app hoping they’d get bored but they persisted. There is no verified status (tinder has), and no internal system that tracks similar photos being uploaded by other users. It’s actually quite funny that when you post a photo you have a period of waiting where it needs to be approved. Why aren’t people caught at this stage for using someone else’s photos? At a bare minimum if you’re charging that much for ultimate - you need to include some safety features. Ideally, incorporate safety for all users. App works as intended, but is extremely unsafe to use. There is nothing stopping someone from creating a fake profile using your photos and ruining your reputation.

- Does job but here’s how it can be better

The app gets the job done, although there are some modifications to make it better. Providing users more filter controls to find their person of interest would be more helpful. Giving users the accessibility to find their ideal partner based on position, ethnicity, distance, height and weight helps users devote more time to interacting with their ideal person, as opposed to blocking users for being outside these margins. Also, showing users that are local as opposed to longer distance can draw more users to engage with the app and fulfill the pursuit of finding their person of interest. Alas, the filter setting should converge with other corresponding users. For instance, if a user is looking for someone within a set age range, then anyone outside of that age range should not be able to see that user from their account, unless they are within the age range. If these modifications were made on the non-premium version of Grindr, more users (especially of the younger audience) would be inclined to used Grindr.

- Don't Pay for a buggy app

I've never paid for a dating app before. A couple months ago, I decided to give a few a try. While most of them have been great, paid grindr is actually worse than the free version. You consistently have to force close the app for some of the extra features to work (the recently viewed tab for instance). The paid version has a message search feature. This has never, ever worked. In fact, it's crashed the app every time I've ever tried to use it. I don't bother anymore. I recently opened the app and found that the interface had reverted to the free version, as if I had cancelled my subscription (I hadn't). This is the second time this has happened. The worst part? I've opened tickets about most of these issues. They've never fixed any of them after multiple app updates. They just tell you to force close the app, or delete and re-download it. Anyway, I'll be cancelling my subscription soon, and I wouldn't recommend the paid version to others. You're just paying for a buggy app where the free version is much more stable.

- One of the Most Fun and Safe apps to meet Guys!

Yes my partner and I been using this dating/friend making app for years now and I can only say is that if your responsible smart and very clear with your intentions you no doubt have a great time or simply end the conversation way before meeting that other guy. I’ve also noticed many guys complain about getting thrown off the app site or simply black listed. And then they ask WHY? 🤷‍♂️😵😭 if your being a bully, or a straight up stocker then people will complain about you and Make sure they show them the conversation record word by word etc. so be nice present and after getting to know one another well exchange numbers meet up in a public location etc. we’re all adults here at the end of the Day so let’s act like it and have fun with that new friend. 😉

- Great app but still needs work

Grindr has serious issues with typing messages or trying to correct typos. It’s very spastic and doesn’t want to let you put the cursor where you want it to correct things. It also sometimes doesn’t print what I actually type and totally changes words. Don’t know if that an Apple phone software OS issue or Grindr, but it really needs some work. Please! Using an iPhone X. Like the new pic Zoom feature and finger swipe features. Think overall it's really useful and I love it, but the development team needs fixes for the typing issues and the crash issue! Go team... Get it all up to speed!

- Bad verification cannot get account back

I signed up for Grindr under the unlimited membership and mistyped my email address. Since Grindr does phone verification and also does not send a welcome email, instead of verifying email address and then phone, I was never aware of my mistake. Now I am locked out of my account and I have sent them my photo I’d and my profile pictures and they are not able to restore my account to me after 3 support tickets. I will be talking to the attorney general. I sent in my pictures and my drivers license and they say I can’t have my account unless I know the email address. Why can’t you use the phone that I verified it with. If you can’t give me my account with my own pictures then what hope is there. I called the company and left a detailed message. The system is flawed for sure. It needs to verify your email and your phone instead of just phone. If you sign up make sure you type in and screenshot it what email address you used otherwise if you lose it you are likely screwed.

- Grindr is grinding itself away

Grindr go ahead and chew your own leg off. You are eating away at your product and customer base and goodwill. You should never have sold out, that’s when you went downhill. Foremost the price. Y’all lost your minds when you thought people would pay your original price for “unlimited”. You squandered those of us who had been paying for “Xtra” on that. I’d go with $99/year but even that is grossly pushing it and forget that $150+ mess you keep angling for. Connection has been better lately but messages are still hit & miss coming through at times. Like how long now have we had instant messaging? Other apps seem to have conquered it a decade ago but you’re still working on it. Also the catfish and the bots on there are out of control but you won’t let people verify themselves and reflect that confirmation in their profiles. Identity and data theft is rampant. The negatives are outweighing the positives lately and you seem perfectly fine with that. Just keep grinding away at yourself.

- Security risk caused ban

This apps support and security are abysmal. My profile was hacked by their lack of security allowing someone to reset my password. Support simply banned me after I was hacked and was no help in me recovering profile and they didn’t even believe that I was hacked until weeks of emails. They just said I know it was you. I lost that account snd had to make a new one but they did not delete the hacked profile. This app is full of scam artists snd drug dealers they do nothing about. The scams are run by the support staff themselves. That’s how they never get banned. My new account was banned for absolutely nothing. I’ve sent three emails which they’ve ignored and filled out the form in support to have ban lifted but all they did was resend a link for me to fill out the same form. So obviously support is just AI software and not a real human. I read online that Grindr net profit from New York City alone is enough to keep the company afloat so obviously why should they care about quality control and keeping customers happy.

- Bad app, even worse customer service.

I was recently banned without being given a reason when I contacted customer support. Not only was my profile banned but both devices I used to login were both banned in their system as well, so I can’t create a new profile even if I wanted to. I know for a fact I didn’t do anything that warranted a device ban. I’ve seen a lot of other trans people mention being banned for no reason other than for being trans and it really sickens me to think that a business like grindr, which is supposed to be inclusive to the LGBTQ community is being prejudiced against some of their customers. Who are these employees that are banning these profiles? Also, I contacted customer support multiple times and didn’t even get a response until a month and a half later. At least they apologized for that part. There seems to be no accountability or answers for unwarranted bans from their employees. I will be contacting the Better Business bureau.

- Won’t save any of your data

Had to remove the app because it has continuous issues. Went to recover the app and redownload it and it didn’t save my email address at all. Couldn’t recover my password or anything. Then come to find out when you use one of the sign in options (google, Facebook, or apple) it doesn’t require a password even when it asks you do you want to save your password to the phone lol. Turns out you don’t make one to save, which is unsafe. Just figured I’d give that tid bit. Strange hole in the system that’s just inconvenient and completely misleading. Had to make a whole new profile because it didn’t save my email info at all. This is the 2nd time this has happened. Please actually save people’s info so they can recover it, don’t just pretend. This leads to many duplicate profiles that aren’t being used and making people believe your trying to avoid them or any similar reaction all due to the lack accountability this app has and fails to uphold.

- False ads

Grindr uses ads to keep the app free. But what nobody has brought up is that these ads make you click them and interact. With you clicking on that screen on those ads you are pressing a yes button to all sorts of other things behind the scenes. After doing so you’ll start to get texts from random numbers that are down right disgusting with links to pages that are just as bad. These ads need to be checked by Apple and I think with a full investigation. These links are to steal even more information and I know for a fact that Grindr is the ONLY way I’d be getting text and calls like these. Awful. Btw they don’t stop even if you block the numbers. Grindr is terrible at keeping up with bans and will also ban you permanently without any warnings or really looking into the problem with the users. Over all terrible app. I wish a company would buy it and take it over. Also this is all coming from a daily user so please take it as you will.

- App is garbage, iCloud backup not working

Beyond all the issues with bots, trolls and data theft by the company. I am unable to restore my iCloud chat backup. For the longest time I was actually unable to even load the app it just kept crashing. So I got an idea that eh what would I lose if I uninstall it? I got my iCloud backup. Well apparently something changed with the app that my iCloud doesn’t recognize it as the same app I made a backup from. It instead thinks its a different app entirely. When I check my app history it does indeed show I have downloaded 2 different apps from the app store. My guess is the people at Grindr were tired of trying to fix the bugs that prevented it from working with iOS 14.x and just rebuilt the app in iOS 14.x. But then Apple issued it a different ID that doesn’t match the previous one. Fix it!! I got hundreds of chats and photos in that backup that I want back!

- Can’t get into account

3 days now I have restarted my phone and iPad I have downloaded again same window enter number then I get to many attempts. Customer service reported and they are now not even responding. I cannot enter email address for account it’s the same window when reinstall it every time. I don’t have another number to enter. I can’t get the app to do anything other than enter your number. I have done everything that’s on the web to fix this I have reported is over and over. Customer service doesn’t read the issues I’m having they want me to do things that I can’t do because it’s the Sam screen over and over. What is the fix what do we do about this. I have requested a phone number to talk to a live person and can not get one. I have done everything again now 3 days

- Get paid version or uninstall

It’s just as useful as Grindr has always been, but now it’s just not worth how many ads one has to deal with to use the app. When I log in, I can look at one thing before I get an ad... NEWS FLASH: this app is meant to be used by checking in often. If I am just opening the app to check the area around me quickly, why would I be okay with having to watch a Candy Crush ad for any amount of time? Banner ads and these extremely numerous pop-ups are not the end of it. The user gets notification that someone sent you a message? No— there’s an ad in your inbox. Or two. Or three sometimes. Literally sometimes I have three unread messages in my inbox, I get so excited, and then I open the app and it’s three ads. PLUS if I want to delete any of those “messages” it might trigger a pop-up ad. Honestly the app just pisses me off when it forces me to watch an ad in the first five seconds of opening the app. Usually it puts me off to where I won’t open the app again for a while. Sometimes I have messages built up for days because the ads only let me read one message at a time. My advice, it’s only worth it if you pay for it these days. What’s happened to you, Grindr? Are you guys not making enough money?

- Don’t waste your time

I know that sometimes as individuals we might feel alone;however, I do believe that we can do so much better than this. The LGBTQ+ Community has floated in this mindset that we are all promiscuous and we cannot keep it in our pants. Nonetheless, I invite you all to prove the people who say those comments that they are wrong. I’m not here to attack this application, more importantly I’m here to let you know that there’s a world out there full of opportunities and possibilities, and we should all be pursuing love, happiness, and self-actualization in more productive, and safer ways. If you want to download this app, go ahead because nobody has the right to tell you what to do and what not; but, I think a good advice is appreciated once in a while. My advice to you all is: BE HAPPY, you are all extraordinary human beings, and you deserve all the love and goods in the world. Have faith, keep moving forward, and never give up.

- Horrible

As soon as my xtra membership expired, they banned my device and now I can’t log into my account or make a new one unless I get a new phone. This app has gone down the toilet hardcore in the last two years. Update: To Grindr!! I have already submitted several ban appeals. Your “customer service” center replied saying they can’t tell me why I was banned, and the decision is final and will not be reviewed again. I’ve since tried and have gotten ZERO response. If you are going to ban someone, at LEAST tell them what rule or guideline they’ve broken, and give them a chance to redeem. There is SO MUCH trash on this app, and here you are banning people who break no rules, and giving them no reason as to why. It seems rather coincidental that this happened immediately after my paid subscription expired and was not renewed…… money making scheme? If you wanna make it better, unban my account. That’ll change my review

- Profile Photo Upload Time??

Anyone else experience approval times that are longer than usual? I emailed support and the response was somewhat indirect and didn’t provide any explanation as to why it would take longer than the expected 20-45 minutes, just that sometimes it does. Well this happened EVERY time with my profile and I’d say it’s happened over the course of the last year or so and with at least 3 different profiles. My app is up to date and my iOS is as well, but support didn’t tell em why it sometimes takes longer. I typically wait at least 2-3 hours.. is the norm? Any specific reasons why? It was like pulling teeth just to get my question reiterated in the end, and then you have to be careful because support tends to be so temperamental at times.

- Unable to synchronize chats across devices

My partner and I used the paid membership for about a month. A key feature it misses, which is elemental for us, is the ability to have all chats loaded automatically on both devices. Even if we manual backup and restore chats, the history won’t appear on all devices. What’s being texted on one device remains on just that device or perhaps on the secondary device that’s used for the same person with the same Apple ID (e.g. my iPad but not on my partner’s iPhone). Because of that, chats are not fluent; in fact, ends up being very annoying and the third person on the chat tends to be really confused. Such feature is offered on most (if not all) other dating apps we have tried. We ended up canceling our membership. Will consider Grindr once this issue has being fixed.

- No customer service!

After more years than I care to admit, and having probably paid hundreds of dollars for the unlimited membership I was banned this last week for suspicion that I was underage. Clearly, as a 44 year old man, I am not underage. I followed all the steps listed to appeal the ban, and yet not a single email from Grindr to acknowledge that I had submitted the appropriate age verification documents, nor a reversal of the ban. What’s the point of paying for a service where it’s clear that customer service is of absolutely no importance to them? How hard is it to treat your paying customers with respect by following through? What’s the point of claiming to offer an appeals process if the appeal never gets acknowledged or righted? Can’t express to you enough how disappointed I am in a company who has no problem billing for their service but then offers so little back to its customers!

- Banned without any reason!

I been recently banned without any reason. Even my picture was not nudity it was approved by moderators. I had face mask on my face and a cap barely you could see my eyes. I was reported from another profiles as a fake profile CUZ I didn’t reply them back or just ignored them because I didn’t like any of those guys. So i got reported as fake profile and was Banned. I contact guy name Alex from Grinder he was rude, touched situation unprofessional. Asked me taking a picture holding on my face. I said on picture you don’t see my face how you can confirm if send my pic or someone else holding that note?! He couldn’t find any answer just kept trying to say that a procedure . So if bunch of stupid guys reported your profile as a fake account because of you didn’t like them or they are not your type to hang out Grinder consider that and will be ban you without any notice!!

- Worst Place You Want to Be

First of all, it’s beyond ridiculous and obnoxious that you can only use this app in portrait mode. I mean, come on folks, this should be an EASY thing to implement. Scruff does it. Second, there are more scammers and bots on here than an website or app than I’ve ever seen, which is saying a lot. Some are more sophisticated, but I can spot most of them pretty quickly, now that I’m expecting them. You can’t tell me that they can’t filter more of those. For goodness sake, don’t agree to send anybody money, even if you think they’re local. One major red flag to start looking for scammers is whether they have their location hidden. Some legitimate guys block it, but it’s a good reason to be on your guard. Again, I get nearly ZERO scammers and bots on Scruff. Finally, the subscription cost is MUCH more than it’s worth. I understand they need to make money and it costs to maintain, etc. But when they are putting ZERO effort to squelch scammers and bots. I will be canceling my subscription when it renews. *** If they lower the price by at least a third (for every billing frequency), even if it’s just a sale/special rate, I would gladly subscribe again. ***

- Subjective Experience

Been using this app since its birth. All about how you use it, getting hung up on how other people use it means your issue is with people. If used with tolerance, patience, and an open mind you could have many memorable experiences. Advertising is kind of lame and it is kind of over the top in price if you decide free w/ ads is just not worth it. Total game changer though, no one can deny that, and all of its rivals are just cheap knock offs with different templates. Your experience will only be as you make it.

- I wish there was a new app instead of this trash.

I’m at most made over 50+ accounts over the span of my usage with this app (2018). I think it is highly unprofessional to run an app this way and still make their name seem like such a staple. Also, they don’t do any of the special features that would run over a span of hours. It’s almost a cash grab on how much they want us to pay. Not one cent of my money will go to these people unless they start fixing the app. New layout, new options, LESS BOT ACTIVITY, more free options. This app has not progressed since using it. Still same crap. Say they increased security, but all what happened to me was I got banned for no reason. Seriously, such a scam. But there isn’t any other app to use. I guess that’s how they think about it. People are gonna use it anyway so why upgrade it. I hope they read reviews bc I’m so over this app.

- Apple - Investigate or ban this app!!

Just read through these reviews. Grindr must do one thing right, marketing! Aside how else can they attract so many guys to create an account. Unfortunately they do everything else wrong. There is no actual customer service. Send them and email and weeks later you will get a canned response. The app is full of ads but worse are the bots! Grindr will randomly ban your account and your device with no reason given. So I assume your iPhone can never again be used to connect to the app (by you or someone who may buy your phone from you). Honestly, save yourself the time and frustration. Guys need to start using the many other apps out there that don’t give their users so many issues. One day Grindr will end up banned from the App Store, or perhaps find themselves unable to survive as a result of legal action.

- It’s a hookup app, call it what it is

All the other reviews complaining about coming in contact with undesirable people, what did you expect?! This is the online version of the last bathroom stall in Greenwich Village subway men’s room. This app probably has more men than any other app; stop complaining that there’s too many frogs and not enough princes. That being said, 1 out of every 7 or so profiles is a trans or cross-dresser. Grindr should create a separate app for men looking for that. I certainly don’t want to look at someone who looks like a woman. I understand wanting to be inclusive, but I think everyone would find what they’re looking for if there was a separate app for them.

- Location services?

I'm not turning on passive location services. If you "can't refresh" location "while using" I'll just delete the app. I'm not playing your greedy little games anymore. The monthly and annual price are already laughable and I'll tell you another thing - it really made me angry paying for a year then finding you greedy people then had ANOTHER level. Give me a break. And I'll tell you something else - franklyI have a lot of money and no stupid little hookup app is even worth it. Then I suppose on top of that you're trying to get rev from location tracing. Get over yourselves! You're not that great. Were you ever sold out of China or did you manage to weasel out of it? I also don't exactly want that stupid govt knowing my medical info and literally every move. You're a joke!

- All the reviews are fake!

This app is FULL of fake accounts, when they are reported NOTHING happens to them! At all. They upload blurry photos they got off google and then they will tag a location asking for gift cards or credit card info, others will say “tired of this app go here and enjoy” and there’s about 2 of those messages a day. So aside from the HORRIBLE amount of spam and scammers they OVERRRRR charge for a monthly membership..I’m sorry...$20 a month to see who’s 10+ miles away...? Or $20 a month to see who is a top or really...? You can buy a Netflix membership for cheaper then they charge just for a few things. (100% not worth that price.) This app is by far one of the worst “dating” or “hookups” app I’ve ever seen. They’re nothing but money hungry and they do not care that their users are being scammed and used.

- Good App, But it’s Always Something

Grindr is the go-to app for queermasc people and it’s no question why, but there’s pretty much consistently at least one relatively big, annoying issue. Right now, there is a large concentration of bots who use pictures of ridiculously hot guys, always say “Offline” on their activity timer, and try to get users to message them on snapchat or whatsapp under the guise of looking for a “loyal and honest baby” that they can spoil. For me, I am also experiencing a total reset of “My Type” every couple of days. I never change it and always have about 4 different things selected, and sometimes when I log on, my type is still active but everything has been unchecked and reset.


I’ve been using this app for about 3 years on and off. Decided to get the unlimited for one year ($240!) and get banned out of nowhere. All my favorites from two years, chats, pictures, and the unlimited gone in one swoop. The app is good if you’re just looking for a hookup, but seriously don’t spend any money on it. After contacting support they’ll just give you a pasted response email about how they have the right to terminate any account and that they won’t share any info with you. Literally no way to learn what you did wrong and no way to get the account back — most importantly, no refund for the remaining unspent months of premium. The developers are greedy and are looking for any way to short you of your cash. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

- Scammers and bots

For an app with so many users I’d expect their support and maintenance of fake accounts and scam accounts to be a lot better I can’t go one day without getting 4-5 messages from a scam account asking me to go to a certain website for sex or nudes or someone trying to get my bank information and they can’t say “we have no way mpf monitoring that” because clearly other apps do seeing as this is the only app I’ve ever had this problem with and the amount of adds are ridiculous if you’re going to try to charge so much for your app’s higher memberships at least make sure we are having a good experience with the free version or is the high price to get rid of the scam accounts if so that’s great marketing... your app is literal trash along with your developers and customer service.

- they are taking everything from the free version!

Why did grindr change the Explore policy? 2 days ago it was , watch a 5 second ad, chat someone from the explore page (that’s when it didn’t glitch and keep repeating the ad). it was a price to pay, but it was worth it to be able to chat a wider range of guys. now we’re only limited to 3 people a day? i live on a state line where half of my grid is of the next state over and im not trying to pay a toll just to meet up with someone! the explore feature allowed me to search in a range within my state. without it, i’m confined to the same 9 guys in my town. please amend the new restriction, set it back to 5 second ad = new explore chat

- Protect your users!!!!

I firmly believe every user should be able to have a video chat or send expiring pictures whenever they want. That way we can avoid freaks and catfish, not to mention dangerous folk. I personally had a horrible experience with a stalker who made multiple profiles of me on Grindr in different countries and linked my Instagram to every one. He contacted several friends and family members, saying lies to hurt my reputation. This lasted about two years and I never found out who they are. I filed multiple reports and Grindr didn’t do anything about it; I even went to the police several times and the digital crimes unit of my local police station tried contacting Grindr to no avail. The app has a lot of potential but I believe it needs to protect its users more.

- Ridiculous burden of responsibility put on Customer

My XTra account had been working fine until a recent update which somehow downgraded it to a basic account. Normally, a simple “restore membership” would do the trick but in this instance that was not the case. So what is now going on two weeks I’ve been going back and forth with support reps trying to just simply restore my extra membership. The amount of details that I’ve already provided, with any other company would have been well over enough but with Grindr it hasn’t been - asking me to sleuth out data that it should very easily have at its disposal. I’ve literally given them every detail and verification in my jurisdiction and yet it hasn’t been resolved now going into a holiday weekend.

- Unsafe app, terrible support.

I’ve been on and off here for years. Well someone started impersonating me and using MY photos! Grindr did not care. I reported this person for using my photos less than a month ago and it disappeared, I asked Grindr for an update. Never replied. Well I decided to keep the app because I was afraid the person would do it again. Guess what? Someone is IMPERSONATING ME AGAIN! Reported the profile and Grindr did nothing! It’s been up there for so long! I contacted Grindr and they never replied. This app does NOT care for your safety. Oh, someone’s using your photos? Let’s just ban them so they can create a new account and do the same thing. I’m still trying to look into a way to get this person to stop using my photos. Grindr is no help whatsoever. Be careful guys

- Unexplained Bans

This has happened to me twice already, without any explanation or email replies from the company explaining what I could’ve done wrong. I’ve read only this has been the experience of many users worldwide. Seems like the app is slowly getting rid of their members and blocking their numbers from creating a new account and have a do-over. Furthermore, if the app is trying to create a better online environment, the least they could do is list the reasons why you are getting banned and educate their users so they not what not to do. Having an array of reasons why you’d get banned that don’t pertain to you seems ludacris. Some people are banned because other users can’t handle rejection and report them for whatever reason. Grindr should have an automated verification process. Also, if you bought a year subscription and they ban you in the first month, you won’t get your money back, you will just be prompted to cancel your renewal, which seems like a cash grab. Overall terrible 2021 experience with the app. Hope the creators and developers work on it and better their doings.

- More real profiles needed

I enjoy real profiles, sometimes there’s deceiving ones that waste your time. There should be a box to check off that requires you to read a profile before being allowed to message someone. be a box to check off that requires you to read a profile before being allowed to message someone. My phone is having privacy, power consumption, and random blank media play issues with Grindr or it's Ads, so I'm permanently deleting it. Seems there's too many fake accounts and not enough real interest from the real ones.

- Unusably buggy

App has been parasitically unstable for months. Can't scroll or tap on anything without it freezing up and lagging, which lasts even after you've closed the app. God forbid one of their spammy ads—which already are difficult to close and sometimes brick the app—pop up in the process. I've even had it pop up in other apps asking for my fingerprint to confirm a $100 premium subscription. Seriously, what? I don't like being an accidental tap from doing that. They say they're aware of the issue but I've seen no progress in recent updates. Not to mention the time I once got banned for impersonating myself (???), premium racist filters, and limiting the number of people you can block, which is a security concern to me.

- After six weeks... turns out I like Grinder a lot. I like the directness of it, I like the ethnic and age diversity. and even tho I am older than the general demographic I am delighted that I am still attractive to men! Of course, the 'once and done' part is frustrating, but that's hook-up culture in general, not Grinder. And I've had some great conversations and met some very sweet guys. One grumble are some of the ads. I understand that they are necessary, but some of the ones that pop up are really obnoxious (like the PayPal/Solitaire add that will sometimes literally not go away unless I log out) or the one game ad that features someone with a sub-machine gun mowing down hundreds of people--which given our out-of-control gun culture is both distressing and tone deaf. (And I know game culture is violent, but does Grinder really have to support it?) Also, it would be nice to be able to delete one's trace (like one can on Adam4dam) but that's a minor complaint. But over-all--"Thumbs Up!" Glad I finally posted a profile!

- Your service is great

Your service is very good. Although I would make some changes to the UI and you can email me if you want you should make sure that peoples accounts have a two step verification so no one can use their account or log into their account if they get the account information. Add two step verification where you need your phone to log into the portal. Allow TextFree app numbers to be used as well. Good service tho!

- Spammers allowed to use Grindr’s bad algorithms to ban those who report them

I was repeatedly targeted by mostly Ghanaian trolls claiming to be US military men looking for love so they could collect and sell my information. When they realized I wasn’t falling for it, they reported me to Grindr and Grindr banned me. Permanently. The reason this happened, and can easily happen to you, is that Grindr is built on a system that makes it nearly impossible to restore an account, have a fair hearing with human interaction, or even receive human email communications to dispute the company’s seemingly arbitrary decisions to disable or ban an account. I was told they had the right to ban an account for any - or no - reason at all. That was the most specific explanation I was given after many attempts to understand my banishment. This system allows the anti-LGBTQ+ trolls who target Grindr’s members nearly free reign. And Grindr allows it. And now a computer generated Grindr response saying they take these comments seriously in............


This app constantly keeps banning me out of the blue for what seems like ever you are never told the reason and you cannot log in on your device no matter what you do it is unfair that a app where people flash you , offer you drugs and will straight up rob you bans others for absolutely nothing I don’t want to hear from your crappy support team I want to speak with A higher up in reference to the issue that has seem to been going on with this app for the past year. There must be some form of new management that does not care about the lgbtq community at all and is here for pure profit or gain. In the meantime I will be signing up for better in my opinion dating apps such as “JACKD” “TAIMI” and “TINDER”-sincerely Andrethemodel

- Great app for its purposes although it has a horrible buggy interface

Grindr is amazing for its purposes (hooking up, dating, etc) but it’s interface is horribly buggy and outdated. It’s been years and still apparently nothing has been done about the “failed account creation, or failed login attempts”. I ALWAYS get this error whenever I want to create a new account anytime I periodically login to Grindr. Moreover, the interface looks old, parts of the screen become unresponsive. Please, I’m writing this review in hopes of addressing the most concerning issue: the inability to register by any means (Google, apple, normally etc)

- Personal opinion

Honeslty I like the app buh at the same time is pretty stupid, it’s not giving me anyone in my general area, and honesty wish that this could be fixed and make it more based on the persons location I don’t want to deal with people over 40 miles from it’s not worth it, and not only that Buh there needs to be somthing more like a Snapchat and Facebook grid set up with this app so that people can talk with each other and personally don’t like subscribing part it’s not worth it either hope the creators can fix this and make this app a little more suitable for people like myself

- List of setting on this app

Due to a respectful as your about to read this... I have a question for you and I hope your gonna be honesty about this . How in the worlds anyone knew when I log in even though my setting distance, receive tapping , keep phone awake and all that setting were off and do you realized that you are putting my life in danger when I turn off the distance and how did they knew I was within the mileage ? This is not cool at all and this will put anyone’s life in dangers. You need to get this sort out since this is not fair for anyone that who wasn’t aware.. this can NOT HAPPEN again. I don’t deserve this even I have a respect for this app. So please sort this out . Thank you..

- Terrible (Would NOT Recommend)

The app itself and the performance are mediocre, you can run into glitches and things of that sort and it’ll take months for it to get fixed. And the customer service is absolutely RIDICULOUS, there’s a lengthy process to try to get anything solved. I’ve waited weeks for a response but all i get is an automated response explaining that it’ll take a few days to get back to me. I’ve paid for subscriptions before and have lost months worth of conversations, and all i get in response is a computer response...great way in showing that they genuinely care about our problems/experiences. To any new people, avoid this’s not worth the migraine.

- Banned for no reason!

Woke up a few days ago to find account banned for no reason! I don’t have any issues with other users, never violate the guidelines or rules, and have had no problems for several years that I have used this app. Tried submitting a request for them to remove my ban, haven’t heard back. Tried calling the headquarters directly, left them a message, never heard back. After all the sick things I’ve seen others on this app get away with, it surprises me to find out I am being banned for no reason at all. The day I was banned, I never even interacted with anyone!!! How can you ban me for looking but not doing anything?!! Don’t waste your time and money!

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- Tapping

I think the Tapping Function should be deleted on Grindr . Mostly sent by the people who tried to do dodgy to all member of grindr . They advertise being a masseurs. And created a fake location. And require to make a booking to reserve the time and date, to do that they asked you to provide credit card details and pay half amount of the service in advance . But the masseur is actually isn’t a real person . This is created by one person, but this co- founder send the advertisement about this massage service through to every member of grindr all around the world . He changed the face pic of masseur every day with different person face pic through “ The Tap function “ .But the map location is always the same address at the same hotel.

- Poor experience

After downloading the app again after being off it for several months I was banned without any explanation whatsoever. I read through the guidelines and terms of use and know for a fact I did not break any rules so I emailed support for an explanation and was advised by staff member Kelly that due to privacy they would not provide an explanation... what privacy? It’s my account for crying out loud, who’s privacy are you protecting? I’m not asking you to tell me who reported me if that’s what happened all I asked for was a reason for being banned I was also told that this decision was final and as such any further queries would not be responded to which is ridiculous. How you gonna ban me then not offer and explanation and then refuse to discuss the matter. I did not break the law or any of your guidelines nor was I rude, abusive or display any toxic behaviour whilst using the app and yet I’m unable to appeal or get any sort of reasoning for your actions. If by chance I did break some rule I should at least be advised as to what I did that warranted this decision The whole situation is absurd and I am disgusted by your response

- Wow

So I’ve always heard about Grindr as a younger gay male, I’ve heard it was good for getting out there and also that it is a very gross environment. From what I experienced it was really good and helped me interact with people I would have never have met, I found it quite charming in all honestly. Except when I got a permanent ban a week after getting it, I was confused and went through all the guidelines to find out what I had breached but I really couldn’t put a finger on it. I didn’t send inappropriate messages, my bio wasn’t vulgar like most others, I was of legal age. Then I thought it was my profile picture, it was rather attractive photo of myself so my friend put it on their account they don’t use as a test and got permanently banned, do I look underage, do they find I’m a fake account, I wouldn’t have a clue because they don’t give any reason or explanation or warning for permanently blacklisting your number. I tried to appeal then I read online most don’t even get a reply to that. So thanks for the experience I’ll try to be less attractive in the future

- Too slow for sending msgs

When I sent my pics, the indication shows me that the receivers have read my msgs and got pics I sent. (I’m a paid member) But receivers sometimes complain that they haven’t got my pics and blamed me who asked to show me their pics. I definitely sent my pics !! Other then, Thank you so much for your hard work all the time.

- If only I could give 0 stars

Wow, this app used to be somewhat decent a while back and one day it just suddenly changed. Nowadays there are constant bots, spammers, fakes and drug dealers/escorts that are somehow getting onto the app and ruining the experience for everyone. The “Guidelines” that are supposedly set for people’s profiles are clearly fake and prioritise certain people. I’ve been denied putting certain pics up due to being sexually suggestive or otherwise (someone explain to me how a drink is sexually suggestive?) whilst many other people get away with being nude or doing sexual acts or even having pornographic content in their profiles. I’ve reported quite a few of these people due to the unfairness and yet they still have those pics up, in fact some have even added more grotesque one’s and yet nothing. The App is a waste of time, money and storage I don’t recommend this to anyone, I suggest looking elsewhere.

- Ruined by incognito

Incognito - in which users can avoid showing themselves as being online. The result: they can’t be sized up by anyone else, unless they approach or view someone who isn’t incognito, and even then, only that small proportion of visible ones can ever see them. As the proportion using incognito increases - and I reckon that proportionn is pretty high in my region - the app become pointless. An ever increasing number of the most desirable guys are invisible. But the invisible ones, those who use incognito, may just as well not bother to use the app, because those invisible ones can never ever see other invisible ones. How to ruin a dating app: allow 'incognito'. Congrats to you, Grindr. Your shortsightedness has achieved the ruination of your own app.

- Scams are tolerated. Illegal activity tolerated.

Great app to score drugs or get scammed by a bot. Any real people are outnumbered by bots 10:1. What’s with all the masseurs or trans people wanting external validation site scam? How about all the people just advertising their onlyfans or insta? Or all the underage kids (yikes!). Or all the people who immediately ask for Kik messenger? Or all the sugar daddy seekers, or pay for meet people? Or the obvious url spam. And gify spam. Broken chats (STILL after years). Message delivery failures, no replies. Pay to remove ads and the still features don’t work. Solution. Add a more expensive price option with more features. Sorry, not worth my money or time. It doesn’t even let you flag an account for violation of terms. Apple has allowed Grindr to continue this facade and are complicit in this scammer platform.

- Hark! Is that the sound of yet another update?

Updated every five hours, Grindr is the perfect place to go to find that special someone you’ve always dreamed of. A man with a vagina and a tentacle fetish? Grindr’s the app for you! How about a local drug dealer? Grindr conveniently displays your closest dealers all within a handy 3km radius from home … sorry! Kilometres! What was I thinking? Sheesh! I mean … only 98.5% of the world uses the metric system, but Grindr keeps defaulting to the ever-popular Imperial system, used in such exotic destinations as Libya, Myanmar and the United States. LGBTIQA+ people are in such a majority in Libya and Myanmar they’re practically falling from the sky, and homosexuality is certainly not illegal and punishable by imprisonment - so the fact Grindr constantly defaults to Imperial is easily understandable and completely forgivable.

- Updates

Every time you do updates there is a issue, since the last update was up load to my phone can not ever log on. How much do you test updates before uploading them?? Like not very much get your act together if you want people to pay for your service So now it been 5 days since dealing with customer support still no access to the service I have paid for. Customer support said the were fixing the issues as they were aware last email sent to them for update still no response great customer service I also would like to know what are they going to do with my paid service as it was fault I still do not have access??????. I bet there responds on here is contact customer support what a joke

- Horrible app

Grindr has never served me well in any instance, iv been sexuality assaulted , verbally abused when I used this app to meet guys and have constantly felt that I wasn’t worth anyone’s time and just ugly in general from using this app. And the funny thing is I’m not bad looking. Every health relationship iv been in has been with somebody who I have NOT met online. Guys delete this app and go out and met guys in clubs or at your local gay community group. I met my partner at his place of work and asked for his number. Cmon let’s get rid of Grindr today

- Gross negligence

Quite simply one of the worst cases of negligence on the internet. The app is rife with sexual harassment, catfishing, spam accounts, as well as some of the most disgustingly obnoxious people, who feel it’s appropriate to open conversation with a nude pic. They don’t protect their users, they don’t do anything to verify anyone, accounts are allowed to be entirely blank while they perv on all the others and then pop up and harass people. Yet, if you call them out, you’re more likely to get cautioned or even banned, than they are. It’s the most toxic culture, where people do things that are blatantly wrong or unethical, and just expect to get blocked and move onto the next person instead. How Grindr hasn’t been sued for negligence yet is a miracle!

- The new grindr is frankly confusing

Gone are the days of simply swiping left to sort by filter. Now there are three separate lines of options on the main page (Profile, "Seen by", Filters; secondly Nearby, Fresh guys, Explore; and finally, Starred, Browse, Chat, Xtra) muddling things and making it a mess of an app. Throw in the spambots still trying to get you to visit links outside of the app, and the lack of action from reporting certain profiles that should not be on the app, and yeah, three stars is generous actually.

- more ad than app

every update brings more ads and no added function. every time a new feature is added it reduces the usability by just being another tab that can house ads. and the ads are evermore intrusive. NO ad should be able to open a separate app on my phone. also why do we need to see who has viewed us? just so we can reject people without ever having to interact? seriously tho. give all the advertisers their money back and strip grindr back to the way it was in the first few years. if you don't plan to improve it why spend money on “developing” it?

- Do you actually do anything when you ‘update’ your app?

Each time I update absolutely nothing changes ... the same bugs are still there. Freezes still there. Location services are off message constantly. No internet connection message constantly. Profile pics won’t load unless quit and restart app constantly. This has been ongoing for almost a year. And also your app no longer shows up in app centre updates. Only way to find out is by searching in the App Store and checking it there. Not worth a cent

- Poor performing App

I have had this for years and I must say I am very disappointed in the functionality in the last 3 months, slow, sluggish and since the last update major operating issues, I tap on a profile and goes to the very first profile and is half screen. Come on Grindr we are all paying for this service you need to get it sorted for your customers. Stop upgrading and adding new features you think will improve the users experience. I’m speaking for myself and most likely others STOP making changes!

- The people on here are terrible

Bots, scams, and worst of all just complete wastes of time. I hate using this thing. I can’t even count the number of people that will chat me up for hours only to block me for no reason. Using this thing is a miserable time. Can’t trust anyone on here. Hop on here if you want to be swamped by horny old dudes so that you can be their unpaid hooker, and be annoyed by weird horny rando’s that will pester you endlessly but will block you at the drop of a hat. The people on here are endlessly fussy, difficult and not worth it. Stay away from this waste of an app.

- $$$

I have been on this app on and off for a few years, the last couple of times I paid for the extras. Just signed up recently and getting frustrated that you can only send a few pix on a daily pix or a message jump up that I must upgrade. This is getting ridiculous, because Grindr already got so many advertisers on their app that pops up every couple of minutes. Hope their will be a better app in the near future so we can dump this one.

- Grindr icon feature

Why isn’t the Grindr Icon in the app still being used to take you to the top of the grid/page, instead it does nothing. when we get to the bottom we have to scroll all the way back to the top and this is somewhat annoying!!!.

- Worst app

This app takes free ad-supported to a ridiculous level. Every interaction or action tried (view, block, message) is met with a 30 second ad. Can’t even say hey to someone without wasting 2 minutes on ads. The app doesn’t even function properly anyway. What a waste of time UPDATE: I don’t need a stupid response telling me what ads are for. That’s nonsensical. The point is the inundating and sheer volume. It just makes sense that this app is so bad seeing as the developers can’t even tell what the point of my feedback was.

- So many fake profiles!

The amount of daily, repetitive messages from different accounts makes you wonder whether the team at Grindr gave up trying to root these scams out or whether they’ve built this traffic into their business model. It’s particularly apparent in smaller cities. Grindr needs to improve its account verification process and do better to pick up on scam messages before they are delivered to actual users. It ruins what is otherwise a fun social app...

- Totally rubbish and a rip off

What a waste at Christmas I was offered a month half price but what did that get me the ability to see more people and to see a few of the members that had checked out my profile. Why does an app like Grindr need different levels of membership and who on earth would pay over $ 50 for one month of unlimited membership.. get real make it dirt cheap and offer more then people might part with their cash. Grindr is dying rubbish. You will never get another cent out of me again.


BANNED shortly after paying for extremely expensive subscription!!! After use this app on an off randomly for about five years last week I decided to pay for a subscription and what do you know as soon as they take the money from my account I get banned without any explanations. SCAM SCAM SCAM. WASTE OF MONEY! This app is SOOO OLD Endless advertising pop ups! Even with sound off or phone on silent you get videos of advertising popping up full blast! NOT DISCREET! ENDLESS ads only minutes apart. App is barley usable. SAME adds over and Over and over. This application runs your battery into the ground does not function correctly as advertised EVEN AFTER PAYING unreliable and VERY BASIC & OLD Not to mention being harassed by seniors endlessly and drug dealers, Old app for old people.

- GrindrXtra keeps closing now.

Why does my GrindrXtra keeps closing now. This feature is one of my favourites. Previously it stopped my phone from going into sleep mode. Not sure about the new changes. What's happened to my favourites. Can't search can't see on line favourites.

- Great if you want a massage

So many massage services it’s actually getting ridiculous. Something has to be done to control this, it’s become so frequent that 9/10 I can now pic them out just from their profile pics. This is otherwise a great app for hookups, although there is a saying that people use - get on to never get off. A lot of time wasters, not Grindr’s fault though

- Banned after years

I have used Grinder for years. Today I went to open it and I was banned. After requesting a review, I received an email claiming the decision was final and a reason for the ban could not be provided for safety and privacy reasons. No reason and no idea what I’ve supposedly done. And what is worse there is no avenue to appeal. You have community guidelines yet you test your members so disrespectfully. The law says innocent until proven guilty yet for Grinder its guilty without being able to defend. Goodbye and good riddance.

- Updates

Downloaded the new updates 2 days ago and cannot get back onto it Does not load anything Using I phone 8 Have turned to phone off and one bit still nothing Please update and fix

- Not worth it

A lot of functions you’d expect from typical dating apps are not available unless you pay a heap of money for a subscription. The amount of ads is astonishing, and not to mention the endless banning of accounts. I have never once violated a guideline yet somehow, people who may have reported me (for not wanting to hookup with them), gets believed with no questions asked. Definitely a hassle to use, not to mention completely drains your battery like no other.

- Over priced and over rated

Seriously!? 0.99cents for 10 days? Make it a month and over a year for $12 it might be worth the money. Stick with free version you get stuff all really for the Xtra version at a ridiculous price.

- Blank profiles and not a full photo of the person

I think photos should show the full profiles of the person not just the lower part of the body with out including the face.

- I met my love on this app

I met my amazing partner on this app. Started with a random hookup and now we are engaged. It’s not just about having random hookups but if you connect with someone it means a lot. I say to everyone that I met my partner in a birthday party but the truth is I met him on this app.

- Gay Conservatives won’t welcome

This app runs by the far left brain washed people , so any of you are politically incorrect and not obeying their leftists terms and conditions , Grindr would ban your account without and explanation or warning . There is no such thing as free speech , democracy exist on this app , Grindr had no respect for the western culture , values too busy suppose there cult of Islam to thank Muslims for killing homosexuals and too busy changing our tradition rainbow flag to blank and brown for thugs lives matter . This leftists plant forms are the embarrassment for gay communities .

- What's with the invasive commercials?

Over the last week, commercials began to abruptly pop up while using the app. Forcing you to watch it. Now there's this commercial keeps playing in the background? What's going on?

- Not working too well on iPhone

Latest update is worse than the last. Free version only let’s you see some 30 profiles and beyond that it shows profiles some 20,000 kms away. I don’t think its worth taking a subscription if they can’t get this app working properly. The tap function is a pain, even turning off notifications doesn’t work. Spam is a huge put-off and to add insult to injury, after reporting spam you also get hit by some long advertising. I’ve opted for another popular app which doesn’t spam with a massive amount of adverts and isn’t constantly trying to get you to sign up. One advert when you login and that’s it. I’m finding it easier to meet guys as face photos are mandatory and no spam!!

- Mic

Good app, like the incognito feature when you want a break but still can check messages and browse. Scrolling back to main menu from checking out a profile with multiple pics needs precise finger taps can be a bit tricky lol.

- Useless

Refused support from support team. I have been personally targeted by users of the app who wanted me removed with little to no valid reason because i chose not to sleep with them based on their scum screen shotted pictures that looked like it was from a 70s porno magazine. I have NOT violated your terms and conditions and somehow spam accounts, prostitutes, drug users, married, lying, cheating men and child predators are allowed. How is this acceptable? Please un ban me as i have not violated your conditions. This is discriminatory treatment and its legally considered as harassment. I have contacted my lawyer and you will receive a case in the coming days. As i have done nothing wrong, i have been wrongfully suspended and ignored. Do. NOT download grindr. It is not worth your time.

- Doesn’t show all the guys in the area!!

My friend lives 5 km away. We’re both on grindr but we never come across online till the day we randomly hooked up offline and found out we’ve been in the same area for years and never seen each others profiles online!!!

- Prefer more ads less cost for add ons

After a 5 year hiatus from Grindr, it’s as good as ever - runs smooth, no glitches. Xtra and Unlimited are substantially more expensive than Xtra used to be but there seems to be less ads with the free download.

- No more nostalgia

Grindr always allows me to have some companies at wherever I go to. When I feel homesick being in an international location for five years, I have always activated this apps. Thanks a lot!

- Log out or be tracked.

Check what data they use to track you before using !! Crazy. How many clicks to logout? The “online” button should also be the offline button. Ridiculously expensive. Super annoying when out on the road on crappy reception and being forced to upgrade to latest version before being able to use it. No, I won’t turn on auto updates.

- Suggestion

Hi, hope you could put a feature on Grindr on here there is a ‘story’ part like from Snapchat or Instagram. Just for a day update of us. It’ll be a little bit fun :)

- Ok, if you can get used to how buggy it is

Constantly needs updating, grid doesn’t work sometimes, a lot of spambots and fake profiles, there are always error messages and refresh messages. If you get used to that then it’s only the people on the app you need to worry about. That’s if you can even log on.

- Not the 90’s

It not the 90’s when we went out and picked up. But Grindr is the next best thing. Just wish guys would put pics on their profiles.

- It’s a whole lot better now

Grindr has really improved, a LOT less of those stupid ads, much better user experience. Thanks 🙏🏻

- Expensive for basic functions

It’s very expensive to use with full functionality, the free version is perfectly usable though. One thing it does offer that others don’t is unlimited blocks which is a very handy thing!

- Easy ! And a lot of sexy guys to connect to

Grindr new features are very useful to keep notes and don’t forget those important details for next chat ...

- Easy and lots extra

Super happy for it and for their features of asking more information

- How about giving actual update notes?

Rather than your generic update notes, how about giving actual ones? Just noticed there’s now a 3 year minimum when attempting to put an age filter on… that’s not part of your release notes. Sometimes I am just looking for a 37 year old. What else has changed that you can’t be bothered actually listing?

- Account ban?

I have literally never made an account before and received the phone off a friend, he has obviously used the phone to make an account and get permanently banned, I try to make an account and I’m instantly banned, I tried to explain this to the support team but it kept coming to the same conclusion, to bad so sad type thing, I’m beyond disappointed.

- Ads after blocking

Why do you show ads every time we blocked someone? Like I’ve just had a negative experience on your app that led me to use the block feature and then an ad gets thrown in my face? And it happens every time as well. Not a great way to push your overly priced premium features.

- Banned

I was sleeping n a chat last week with one guy only and screen came up, banned. I emailed and a week later no reply. Such bad service.

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- Dick pic galore

Great if all you want to do is see dudes dicks but trust me it’s gets old really quick. Would like to see country filters I am right at the Canada us border and half the guys are on the wrong side of the border

- intrusive advertising

auto plays adds that automatically open multiple apps and redirects. no option to opt out or close add before the redirect to advertiser’s app store

- Full of spammers

Horrible! Abide by every rule. Never done anything except be nice. And get banned right after telling a ‘sugar daddy’ who wants to do some bitcoin favours that I reported him to crime stoppers. This app is full of human traffickers and spammers. You get reprimanded for standing up to both.

- Garbage App - Banned

After being user for five years, often on I decided to pay a full year subscription which expires March 2021, for no just cause a reason explain to me they just simply banned my account and my device. In order to reactivate I had to write a PhD explanation asking why I was banned. In the end there was no reply back from grindr, they have full control, you have no control. I wanted a credit but no credit was given. I hope grindr sinks into the abyss , along with his people.

- Worse experience on here

People are very bad and the app

- Kendraxz

Very safe and easy to use.

- Cant use this app

Each time I try to create myself an account it says error. After seeing many reddits review, apparently they banned many people for no reason. Apple should act against it.

- Awesome

Amazing aap.

- It’s gotten bad. Developers checked out/greedy

All I get is bots, and constant pushes to upgrade. I report the bots and spammers but nothing comes of it. People are getting banned no reasons at all, yet there are still guys on here that are allowed to call me racist stuff because I don’t want to see their dick. It’s a bit of a joke at this point.

- Your horrible customer service and ban process has been brought to the attention of others

Lots of us have been unreasonably banned, there is no customer service, spam is rampant, and this is being brought to the attention of others. You can expect review-bombing from here on out. I have already brought attention to this on other forums where many other users are having the same issues

- Shady Ladies

Back in June 2020 I went into the setting of my iPhone to purchased a subscription. There were 3 options for Grindr(gay chat, xtra, unlimited). I wished to purchase Grindr unlimited so I obviously made that selection. Under that selection various price points appeared with a time frame written beside the word unlimited(unlimited 1month, unlimited 3months or unlimited 1year) and then there was also pricing for just a stated time frame(1month, 3months, 1year) and they are had different random prices beside them. Prices that don’t even show up on the app itself. Since I clicked on the 1 of the 3 subscription options in my settings that said Grindr unlimited, I thought it was fair to assume the pricing under that selection was for a Grindr unlimited subscription. So as a consumer you see all of these prices for what appeared to be the same subscription, I naturally selected the cheapest option to which fit my needs. So under the Grindr unlimited subscription option, I selected a price point that said (3 months for 36.99, which is a steal of a deal since it’s usually 36.99 for one month of Grindr unlimited but I thought I was getting some promo pricing) Now ever since that purchase I have only been getting access to Grindr xtra. And despite taking a screen recording of me going into my setting under subscriptions and it showing Grindr unlimited (3months), Apples technicians confirmed i purchased unlimited but state I must go thru the app to get what I paid for(even tho I bought the subscription through the settings on my phone, not the app itself) and Grindr says I only purchased Grindr xtra.(even tho I have a video of me in my settings showing I have an active subscription for Grindr unlimited AND an email from Apple saying I purchased Grindr Unlimited) so I have been paying for this subscription for going on 9months now and Apple would only offer me a refund for my current 3 month purchase, and Grindr offered me 3months free of Grindr unlimited (even tho I’ve been paying and not getting access for almost 9months) such a rip off. Currently I’m not even asking for compensation for the 9months I’ve been paying for Grindr unlimited and not getting access to it. All I want is what I have paid for moving forward. I’m not sure how they can tell me I purchased Grindr xtra when on my end and Apples end, it states I purchased Grindr I unlimited. I’ve tried to resolve this issue twice now and Grindr keeps closing my case as “solved” and Apple won’t do anything about an app they provide giving me a price point for a subscription and then not honouring that subscription. Even if it’s a technical error of some sort, as a consumer, I’ve done everything on my end correctly to purchase the subscription I want. My next move is contacting the business bureaux since after my conversation with them, they and I both feel this is a strong violation of my consumer rights. Typing up the email to inform them now cause this bull ain’t right.

- Used the app for 7 years

This app has been a great place to connect and meet with awesome people. Considering that paying $30-$20 a month for the unlimited thing I think more feature needs to be added. Maybe add more themes for the app with different ringtone sound peach-lime etc, Maybe show safety guideline at start like how to meet people safely etc. Add 2 step verification for the app like Authenticator text message, Create emoji that animates, Some text words that have effects like glowing etc. Maybe add more search filters. The removal of ethnicity filter it took me a while to understand and I think you guys did the right job, making people more open minded to meet everyone unique. Maybe add more tribes with symbols. Create a way for people not to loose all chat messages connection and something more permanent. Thanks.

- Los amo

Los amoldo amo

- Bots and fake profiles

The app used to be good about 10 years ago, now it is full of bots and fake profiles. Scruff is better.

- Complices d'obsolescence programmée

Pourquoi contribuez-vous à l'obsolescence programmée dictée par Apple sur des tablettes parfaitement fonctionnelles. Pourquoi sabotez-vous des applications qui fonctionnaient sans aucun problème sur ma tablette pour me forcer à en acheter une autre quand la mienne fonctionne pourtant très bien. Vous vous portez complices de manigances malhonnêtes de la part d'Apple et ternissez votre réputation ce faisant.

- Expensive unreliable and spam

I like the apps, but still have bugs. Lost message, scrolling notification makes loose message. Many spammers can use computer and harass older people like me. Expensive fees, creator must be rich!

- Grindr

Great Application

- Awful

The app is always glitching and has many bugs that need to be improved!

- Terrible in so many ways.

The guidelines are not consistent across the users. The support staff are unhelpful and just response with copy and paste responses. Definitely not worth the money for this app. The app is glitchy and doesn’t work properly - when you bring it up with support staff, their response is always lacking and doesn’t address the actual issue. Will never pay for this app again.

- MTL Canada

Not secure enough with all the fake profile Sorry Grindr

- Underage

The app itself is fine but the moderators don’t do anything about the underage and very underage looking boys on here I have reported kids that are children of friends and their profile were still on here after 6 hours of the report It seems this app needs better security or a screening process. This app allows 15 year olds! 15 is not a age of consent and it is very illegal and wrong for an adult to pick up a underage boy. Do better Grindr!

- Messages not delivered

Sorry, I am a paid member and I paid for the Xtra Plus don’t what else and it was not cheap I must say, however the app continues to have so many glitches and bugs, my roommate and I sent each other a message and it was not delivered at all, and I continue to hear that from people I tried contacting...I understand this could happens once or twice but updates are to fix these issues and it is just not happening so (plus other things like the password suddenly disappearing, etc). I don’t think I will renew my subscription

- Always phishrampant, blocking doesn’t really work, you can still see photos of blocked profiles

Always getting hacked so bots and fake profiles, phishing and SPAM are rampant

- ⚠️

no one's who they say they are fae profiles, dp's & all the trans girls are credit card scam bot profiles.

- Grindr

Not enough characters for a lot of people to describe themselves to others and make their intentions clear. I know the whole idea is to meet up though

- Privacy

Grindr sells your information

- Spam

Be prepared to get spam from “escorts” and spam invites to orgies thru third party websites.

- Worst App

This app you paid a lot money for and still working very badly. How can u guys just getting worst and worst ? Get something done and fix pls

- App sux

Does not work on iPad. Save urself. Do not download. Can not located. GPS doe not work. Terrible app. Don’t bother emailing customer service. They never get back to you.

- Good app

Good app but they need to put more love in their infrastructure like msg don’t sent out most of time. Facebook messager isn’t like this ahah

- Toxic & Straight Owned

I don’t feel safe nor secure nor willing to give much time to this app anymore... grindr culture just gets worse & meaner every year.

- Phone number help!!

Grindr keep asking me for a phone number verification and i don’t have one no matter what i do they keep asking for one

- Banned for no reason

You guys banned me for no reason. You just believe whoever reported it and without doing any investigation. You banned me but can’t even give me a reason?

- Was the worst app I’ve ever had

Longest relationship with the worst app I’ve ever had a chance to love and much as I hate. Good for the most part but can get toxic in areas mid Canada

- Bottom

Very good app to meet guys

- Lame

The amount of spam and fake profile solicitation is deplorable. The time it takes to upload a new picture is unacceptable. It’s not even that fun to use.

- So many scammers

This app is a great place to meet people and it’s an important part of the gay community but there are just too many scammers. I don’t know what the developers can do about it but it’s out of control and it makes me hate being on the app. All of these blank profiles, fake profile pictures and sugar daddy scams. There’s so many that I can’t report them all—it would take all day. This needs to be handled.

- biased, offensive Grindr moderators

Disgusted by the biased, offensive Grindr moderators. Seriously Grindr is no longer a safe spot for gays. 80% creepy, curious supposedly straight looking for trans(no men). What is that???? Moderators approve almost naked pics if you are 20, a twink or underage. But normal 30 plus gays pictures get rejected even in swim suits. Disgusted by the biased, offensive Grindr moderators.

- Best app for hookups

Great app, everyone knows it’s the easiest way to have sex and it doesn’t let you down. Totally recommend unlimited: it gives you a great experience and is worth its value

- Good app. Soooo much spam

You would think they would put some effort into preventing scam profiles. It’s exhausting reporting upwards of 10 or more per day and they’re still a plague on the app. Grindr, you can do better

- Fix your bugs

Location services turned on and it keeps asking me to turn on.

- Best hookup app period

Only place I need to get laid! So easy to connect with horny men near me. App is super easy to use. I think I’m gonna on rn and find someone to rail me 🤤

- Boys, fake accounts, and imperial system

This app has a problem with bots and fake profiles. Also, my account always switches to the imperial system and then I have to constantly switch it back to the metric system

- Money grabber

It’s a good app. I want to use premium but not for an entire month. There needs to be more cost effective subscriptions that I can use for a day. I’d suggest a subscription between $2-4 per day. More people would actually use this than feeling like that gotta purchase a whole month. Because let’s face it. Not everyone is choosing to get dicked down on the daily.

- can you delete my subscription?

as mentioned can you delete my subscription history?

- Poor GPS and speed

Very slow. Not real time or close to it for live contacts. And location accuracy is weak

- Chat is disappearing

The amount of bots has increased a lot recently. I’m writing this because now after I click on anyones first message the entire person/conversation disappears from chat.

- Resets all the time

Annoyingly resets settings for metric and other presets like every 3 days.

- Double standard

Depends how hot your body is as to if your pictures are approved. The pictures I post are much less revealing than other on here and they are denied

- All Bots All the time

Don’t pay for the extra. The developers don’t care at all about the user just the cash. Every other message is a bot and they aren’t doing anything to stop it.

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Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat 8.6.0 Screenshots & Images

Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat iphone images
Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat iphone images
Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat iphone images
Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat iphone images

Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat (Version 8.6.0) Install & Download

The applications Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat was published in the category Social Networking on 2009-06-25 and was developed by Grindr LLC [Developer ID: 308956626]. This application file size is 155.76 MB. Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat - Social Networking app posted on 2022-04-25 current version is 8.6.0 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.grindrguy.grindrx