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Grindr is the world’s #1 FREE mobile social networking app for gay, bi, trans, and queer people to connect. Chat and meet up with interesting people for free, or upgrade to Grindr XTRA for more features, more fun, and more chances to connect.

Grindr is faster and better than ever:

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• Filter your search to find what you want
• Customize your profile to share more about yourself
• Star your favorites and block others
• Report people easily and safely
• Send your location and make it easier to meet
• More ways to quickly find what you're looking for
• More ways to chat with people around the world

Create and personalize your profile now to include more about you, what you’re looking for, and more. Within minutes you’ll be ready to connect, chat, and meet.

Looking for even more? Upgrade your Grindr experience to XTRA for more features, more freedom and more fun. Grindr XTRA subscription features include:

• No banner ads
• See 6x the profiles, up to 600 at once
• View only people who are online now
• View only profiles with a photo
• Unlimited blocks and favorites
• Access to all premium filters
• Chat easily with saved phrases
• Send multiple photos at once

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Grindr - Gay chat App Description & Overview

The applications Grindr - Gay chat was published in the category Social Networking on 2009-06-25 and was developed by Grindr LLC. The file size is 243.39 MB. The current version is 5.4.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Get ready for feature tutorials for new users
- Bug fixes & optimizations

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Grindr - Gay chat Reviews


Annoyed  Mbutler422  2 star

This app is slowly starting to become horrible for IOS. You can’t delete any sent pics or texts anymore and it constantly opens to another conversation. There’s no use in paying for something that doesn’t work. If all the other apps that spawned from this idea can get it right why can’t the originator??


Fake profiles  neshobadude83  1 star

I don’t understand how Grindr can be around this long, you have to jump through hoops to get a profile established, wait for photos to be approved just to be inundated by what are now OBVIOUSLY fake profiles? First you could tell when they were “all” Versatile (nice try), then somehow their texts are now “unsupported messages,” and now it’s Fakey Fake names. SMH. It’s no wonder I quit subscribing and put up with the ads. I struggle to delete it but honestly I only keep it just to log on when I travel out of town. I don’t live in a big metro area so I see the same people day after day and it’s like all the locals just ignore each other anyway. The closest sizable city is 35 miles away with the capital city being 75 miles away from me. It’s the only reason I even keep grindr at all. Needs improvement before I even try Xtra again any time soon!


Needs improvement  Aimeno97  3 star

Easy to use and rarely glitches. However, there are been a surge of what I assume are bots lately, I get a lot of “unsupported messages” from weird profiles


You’ve ruined the app  xavclarke  1 star

This app used to be great but you’ve destroyed it with absolutely useless one comes to this app to read articles! NO ONE. No one cares for the stupid emojis...and $27.99 a month? Are you kidding me? What do you think you are? Netflix? This has stop ruining this app


App down for Iranian users  Razaelo  1 star

I wonder why developers won’t try to solve this big problem ! App for all Iranian users down and seems Unresolvable ! two problems: 1- when I went to login I faced with this error unable to login even though I add my email and password correctly that push me sign up again with new email and password! 2- when I sign up and enter the app and swipe down to refresh nothing happened and profile won’t load and even shows(except myself) ! Is it possible for us sanction and grinder banned Iranian users? Please don’t tell me it’s because of Iranian government censorship, because another dating app like “Hornet,Surge and others apps works fine” Whats the problem which won’t solved even with reinstalling and using VPN and proxy ?!


Full of bots and ads..TERRIBLE!  russdry  1 star

This app really went downhill over the years. I get messages from at least a dozen bots a day trying to steal my credit card info. You email the admin about the bots and they don’t do anything. They also recently raised the price of xtra where it is not worth it to me. Now with the free edition, you cannot even click on a profile without a 15second ad being put in front of your face. NEW GRINDER = HIGHER PRICES FOR LESS SERVICES AND MORE BOTS.


Blocks  GleamOfTheDevil  1 star

STOP with the block limits. That’s jeopardizing ones safety. I’ve brought this up several times yet no changes. Apparently you don’t care about your users safety. Only about $. Sad.


Stupid notification options!  Merp505  2 star

Why is it everytime I log into this stupid app the vibrations and sounds toggle is on when I switched it to off! Can’t stand the annoying notifications on this app because even if I have my phone on silent the stupid thing still makes noise!


Few bugs, and some spamming here and there, but still the best app out there.  horny_young69  5 star

Was never a perfect app, but still better than every other m4m app out there, with Scruff being a close second favorite of mine. It just seems like there are always more guys close by who are looking to strictly hook up and that's all I really want from an app like this. If you aren't subscribed to Grindr xtra, then you can't expect a great experience with this app. Simple as that. I had a free week subscription of xtra a couple months ago and I loved it. Considering purchasing a month subscription to give it another go. Maybe it's just my location, but on Grindr there always seems to be guys looking within a few thousand feet from me. Other apps it seems like the closest guys to me are always the same ones and no one is within like 4 miles from me. And being into older guys in particular, I've managed to come in contact with a lot of married guys on the DL in my town that I've known for years and have hooked up with a few of them. Nothing hotter than that to me!


Getting better.  Darksizzle  3 star

I definitely appreciate the continuous improvements made in this app. From fixing app crashing to new improvements like group messaging and taps I feel like this app has improved substantially. However, there are many features that could be added to make user interaction more convenient, and enjoyable. I’ll only list one that I believe would be very popular with your user base. The ability to search profiles by name. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been talking to a guy on here and I forgot to save him under my favorites. I accidentally or have to delete my app (I don’t want o expose my little nephew to this app at such a young age) and I lose him as a contact. I believe the ability to look up profile names and have the results show up from all over the world would be extremely useful. If you’d like you can even submit a survey on your Grindr app as a pop up to get a polling (a showing that polling to the public) to show how many people support the idea. Thank you for your consideration.


Scummy ads  lRoguel  1 star

Every time you open someone’s profile there’s a chance for an add to take up your entire screen. These adds tend to run for about 10 seconds. If you HAVE to use Grindr, I quickly realised it’s much quicker to close the app and reopen it every time one of these scummy ads come up. It gets you back into doing what you’re doing already. Feel no sympathy for the developers, they are willing to inconvenience all of us for a little extra ad money. Absolutely disgusting.


Maple leaf  S1KEO  1 star

I got banned for having the 🍁 emoji in my account


Ads have become too much  ManningC  1 star

Big ad on the profile search screen. Advertising messages to invest in start-ups and full screen ads when clicking on profiles. App has really become desperate Im sure you designed the facility for full screen apps and the "modified" home screen


Trash  Sunmachine  1 star

Why are so many drug pushers and prostitutes allowed to promote themselves so freely on Grindr?


Absolutely the worst  avvoid  1 star

Constantly stating we cant locate you if it connects at all On cellular and wifi deleted reinstalled and still the same problem but omg doesn’t the app suck the battery life from the phone, constant ads which are so annoying Discrete is fine but full screen every other profile view is just stupid Other apps do better and are more customer friendly


Not receiving messages  Chris_695  1 star

I just upgraded to latest (free) version and now I don’t receive messages. I get the notification when the app is closed but once I open it nothing shows up. Always something wrong with this app!


Fraud app  Phil5599  1 star

Grindr are Bullies and Liars. They block your account for no reason. Support team Lie & make up stories then block your email to support. Grindr block over Fake childish reports then bully people


Excess data refund needed  chugley  1 star

Grindr I believe you need to actually offer me a refund each month due the excess data you chew with the excessive adds! When you are selling this add space do you actually tell the advertisers people shut them down. That’s right. We don’t watch them. They are too long and it’s quicker to close the app and restart it. Very very poor. Update: just when you think the app couldn’t have anymore adds they update it to fill the whole screen.


Quickly getting over this app  PeeOne70  1 star

I don’t mind the HIV ads popping up every now and then when I click on a profile to me that’s community service... just opened the app to see three top profiles then a whopping big Ford advert sitting there... ridiculous!! Utterly ridiculous!! Not to mention worse than snail pace response to reported profiles - there is a drug problem in our community if profiles are being used to sell and advertise drugs they need to go... but no they get reported and remain there constantly... they should be instantly banned while you look into it... code words of cold for ice, and green for dope indicate drugs!! There was one user that stated openly GHB for sale.. reported and was not removed!! Fix this reaction time. Finally, why are all the blocked profiles returning sick of removing the same pests twice a day


Upgraded to 2 stars Whoopie!  Spidacraig1972  2 star

Upgraded my previous rating to 2 stars seeing people can actually load more then just 1 photo now (that only took you guys 10 years to achieve) but now with that gloriousness we are now not able to see a persons photo full screen or zoom in (this can be done on EVERY ORHER gay dating app that I know of) some profile photos when you goto the photo you cant even see the person in the photo because their photo is of them to the side and you can’t see the whole photo now. Obviously your testing people did a fantastic job testing for these annoyances prior to your amazing 10 year in the making multiple photo update 👌🏼


Feels good  TreyLail  5 star

Thanks to this app I have had more inside of me than I could have ever imagined!


Drug use  JosVn84  1 star

There is just so much heavy drug use on the app ... meth and coke ... dealers are selling from the app itself ... you report and report but nothing is ever done ... just block them ... doesnt stop the person from selling online ... grindr support is of no help ... you have to think is grindr beneficial to the gay community or destroying it ... get online at any give time and count the drug users around you ... eye opening


Unable to refresh  Kenkenken!!  2 star

I keep getting this thing on top of the screen that i cant see anything.. and its the paid version


Adds  tugasp  2 star

Are you so desperate for revenues on adds that ON EVERY TAP a pop-up add comes on ?!? Reallyyyyy?!? Shameeee on u


Rules should be more clear.  Des3210  2 star

I see people asking for generous or saying they give massages but my sayin I have weed “not selling but having” gets my banned. This is ridiculous and I will not be coming back on to this app. Horrible.


Ads  sholu69  1 star

Too many ads. 75% of the time when I look at a profile there’s a 15 second ad. I understand ad revenue, but when it’s that frequent and for that long, I hesitate to use your app. Balance is key


Great if you’re just looking for booty, but...  Ryscir  2 star

Grindr will spy on your messages. Nothing you send to people is private. As long as you don’t mind this, have fun.

Too Many Ads & Glitches  1 star

There are Ads every 2 profiles


the Way It works  Yourtruegang  1 star

I feel as tho you guys go out of your way to ban accounts which isn’t a reliable way of taking care of things seeing as if someone not interested in you they can report you and then the account gets banned because of it improve your system fr fr


😂  randomized77  2 star

😂 $20/mo.... 😂


Block function does not work  Bolder1  1 star

The latest version 4.6.1 has a bug which prevents users from blocking other profiles. The ability to block as many other users as one requires is absolutely essential in a dating App like Grindr. The loss of the BLOCK function is scandalous 👎👎👎


Poor !  Miaumeow1  1 star

The app freezes all the time. I get that. Lots of gays use it but still! Restarting my iPhone to send a message? And yet I am paying for the membership since ages ! Currently it’s impossible to have a conversation and yet recordings get lost. Can click them on but would not be audible.


Riddled  LarkMeanings  1 star

This app is more riddled than the average guy on there. I’ve never known it to be so bad. Constant crashing. Actually more downtime than up in the last week, and that is not overstating the problem. Ads every second profile. The devs seem to think there are no other options for gay men. They are sorely mistaken.


Very poor app  Ordinaryirishman  1 star

Latest update cause more annoying bugs. The developers don't have a clue how to improve the app it seems. Every update is meant to fix something but seems to create more problems. The latest problem I'm having is very irritating. When I want to scroll down through my chats and if I go into a chat and then go back out of it It brings me straight back up to the top of the list. So basically if I want to go back to an older chat I must scroll all the way down each and every time. You'd expect something like that with a new app but Grindr has been out as long as whatsapp and fb messenger so I can't understand these issues. Very disappointing. Wish they would make a better effort /investment


Crash mad  2ShaeDesign  1 star

Keeps crashing when app switching. Have to force kill and restart it. Ads are now crazy long and pop up too often. Honnestly not worth the hassle anymore


Problem  jackobp12  1 star

When I try to set up an account the spam verification thing is too small that I can’t hit continue please fix it I need to join

fatty face fatty

Not safe  fatty face fatty  1 star

Honestly the amount of creeps and pedofiles on this app scares me, something needs to be done about it!!


Unreasonable volume of Ads  NotVeryFriendly  1 star

Over the last few weeks the amount of ads present has reached epidemic proportions. Loading the app typically results in two ads which can’t be skipped. Opening a profile often loads another unskippable advertisement. The developers have clearly overloaded the app with ads to try and encourage adoption of their overpriced premium service but instead it just increases the likelihood I’ll discontinue use of the app until this is changed. Encourage subscription to Xtra by adding value to Xtra, not by making the free version of the app borderline unusable due to the volume of unskippable ads.


Ads out of control  andrestern88  2 star

Ads have become out of control in Dublin. It was bad enough to get one every two touches, but now almost all of them are videos, require you to watch some or all of it to close them and, when you do, another ad page is immediately opened. It’s completely out of hand, I can’t be expected to wait half a minute and tap three times to load up one profile.


Anti-spam problem  andre_alves  1 star

Cant finish Logging up, the Anti-spam check doesnt fit on the screen, so the “next” buttom doesnt show on the screen

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