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Grindr is the world’s #1 FREE mobile social networking app for gay, bi, trans, and queer people to connect. Chat and meet up with interesting people for free, or upgrade to Grindr XTRA for more features, more fun, and more chances to connect.

Grindr is faster and better than ever:

• See people nearby based on your location
• Browse re-designed profiles with bigger photos
• Chat and share private photos
• Filter your search to find what you want
• Customize your profile to share more about yourself
• Star your favorites and block others
• Report people easily and safely
• Send your location and make it easier to meet
• More ways to quickly find what you're looking for
• More ways to chat with people around the world

Create and personalize your profile now to share your interests, what you’re looking for, and more. Within minutes you’ll be ready to connect, chat, and meet.

Looking for even more? Upgrade your Grindr experience to XTRA for more features, more freedom, and more fun. Grindr XTRA subscription features include:

• No banner ads
• See 6x the profiles, up to 600 at once
• View only people who are online now
• View only profiles with a photo
• Unlimited blocks and favorites
• Access to all premium filters
• Chat easily with saved phrases
• Send multiple photos at once

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Grindr has someone for everyone. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find it here!

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Grindr and Grindr XTRA are for adults 18 years and older only. Photos depicting nudity or sex acts are strictly prohibited.

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Grindr - Gay chat App Description & Overview

The applications Grindr - Gay chat was published in the category Social Networking on 2009-06-25 and was developed by Grindr LLC. The file size is 231.90 MB. The current version is 5.9.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Bug fixes and optimizations
- Japanese language support
- Preparation for new features

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Grindr - Gay chat Reviews


Services  topretti  4 star

Cool app easy to use wish you had more free services to entice people to join the premium services


AWESOME APP  Dolphin1969  5 star

I like it


Bots are a nuisance.  Rsdhil3f  3 star

Grindr will be given 5 stars when it can get rid of bots and underages

Maui MM

Indiscriminately bans accounts  Maui MM  1 star

Been on the app for over a year. They have problems with every update they make. It’s like they don’t test the update at all. Then all of the sudden my account is banned. When I contacted support several times they won’t tell you what the issue was. All they tell you is they are upholding their ban because it’s in their terms of service that they can ban anyone at anytime for any reason. Great way to treat your users. I don’t think they investigate anything.


Notifications  Masonfortune  4 star

Sometimes my app doesn’t send me notifications when I get a message on Grindr. Would really love for this to be fixed, it doesn’t always do it but it either works or it doesn’t and I have my notifications turned on for Grindr in my settings.


My review  Hobbit2690  1 star

Good to find guys around u but extremely difficult when it comes to taking care of all the needs of a customer because there is no way to speak with a human . I pay for Grinder extra so I have all of the bells and whistle‘s I think that it is very micromanaging to have to go click by click by click click into a profile you click to message and to get out of it you have to do the same thing click click click you can just click that message and then go back to the profile and if you ever get locked out of your account pray that you remember everything you have on there because you’re going to need it or else you will lose everything and you’re still be charged. Because Grinder will not help you retrieve it if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for help for.


Annoying  richardly888  1 star

You annoying issues when i have your app on and it plays noise in in background and the most frequent annoying advertisements every 5 secs keeps me from enjoying the experience of the app. Stop it!

bot/spam hater

Horrible app  bot/spam hater  1 star

Grindr does nothing to weed out under age people on the site. Grindr does a horrible job at weeding out spam/scammers from creating profiles and spamming you. This site was sold a few years back to a Japanese developer that doesn’t care and doesn’t need to follow any guidelines in the United States. There’s no accountability for the app owners or developers. Location services are horrible. Ex. It says someone is 189 miles away. But I’m all reality, that person is over 1000 miles away. Not cool!!!!! Spam/scammer: guys in the military that are in another country on a peacekeeping mission. Now... one liners. Watch out for those

atlanta reina

Nice  atlanta reina  5 star



Horrible app!  dmp1723  1 star

There’s a lot of spam profiles and the block spam feature crashes the app! It would be nice to have a verified profile account to stop fake accounts!


Bug  johnthegospel  2 star

When I open the app, a completely white screen appears. I removed it from multi tasking, restarted my phone - still there. The white screen is mostly a pop up of an ad that is bugged. I open Grindr without internet and it works but as soon as I open it, the white screen swipes up, like a typical ad. I don’t wanna reinstall the app, otherwise I lose everything.


Full of Fakes  Chiimma  1 star

This app is full of fake profiles. 1 in every 2 are either desperate lonely pedos, the mentally unwell or just simply deranged seeking some form of attention. These individuals create numerous profiles constantly and yet whilst Grindr being fully aware of this does nothing about it. How Grindr can claim this is a safe environment when who knows what is being done with your pictures with these fake profiles? I suspect this due to the advertising revenue generated as they can claim 1,000s of so called users whilst duping advertisers of their marketing $$. Tread your own path carefully. If you have concerns about where your pics may end up be sure that the user is genuine!


Blank  thane136377875)  1 star

App just go blank white I’ve re downloaded it and tried to log in but nothing


Profiles slow to load at times  zJ-Dl  1 star

Sometimes things take a while to load and no its not just me

Chris Coonrod

Reception  Chris Coonrod  1 star

For an app that’s been around for a while it’s connection and drop out is terrible.


Appalling  Phil5599  1 star

Blocking people over Fake childish reports to lazy to even check the chat history instead of blocking how about check the chat history first


Grinder  Faleb  3 star

Ok now but still prefer to use other apps


Banned straight after 1 yr xtra payment - no explanation, no response  Roodolpho81  1 star

A few days after the yearly subscription payment went through I was banned. Got some standard email for breaking terms of service/community guidelines and that decision was final and would not be reviewed. After reading guidelines, I can only suspect either being reported by someone who thought I was fake about a week beforehand or for possibly having the word “drugs” in bio. If they dug a little they would see I wrote “Not into drugs” or I could’ve provided photo ID to prove I’m real. Most disappointing thing is I have to create a new profile and the many many years and 100’s (if not a 1000 plus) blocks will appear in my area again... 🤬


Dismal experience...  jxydxnsmxth  2 star

I’ve been a long time Grindr user and have only recently paid for a subscription to Grindr Extra - (which I think is woefully overpriced) as it was a special offer of “1 week of Extra for $0.99”. Even with a paid subscription, the app is still a mess. Loading times are long. App bugs causing you to stay disconnected. It would be great if you could turn off the option to constantly seek your location. Grindr is a BIG battery drainer, especially when the app insists on checking your location every time you open the app, even if you were just using it a few seconds ago. Quite cumbersome when you want to reply to someone quickly. Aside from that, I think it’s ridiculous that you limit a certain amount of profiles that can be blocked when you’re not a subscriber to Grindr Extra. On an app where you get a lot of rude, fake, and creepy profiles, I think blocking should be unlimited for ALL users. Two stars, mainly because I suppose Grindr is one of the only apps where you can SOMETIMES meet decent guys.


Worst support experience you will ever have  MattyB!!  1 star

Along with many of the other 1 star reviews here, I was more then happy with GrindR and used it for years, without a local gay pub it’s really all we have to meet each other. But I recently was banned, told to contact support and my reply was a generic email about guidelines and did not clearly state why I was banned. I have sent 5 emails since then and not a single reply .... it seems after they send you their guidelines they don’t open you’re emails ever again. The infuriating thing about it is the lack of information they give you, honestly one of the strangest and worst support staff experience I have ever had.


Advertisers: grindr doesn’t respond to support  30$is30$  1 star

Posting here to try to get some response to my support requests. Bucksense (the ad company used by Grindr?) sends my advertiser account promotions but doesn’t respond or attempt to work with me when it rejects my promotions. I’m fine with my promotion being rejected, but there is no way to contact support or to get a refund.


Bots...  Levi.tation  3 star

When are we gonna do do something about the bots, Ms. Thing? I’ll give credit where credit is due, there have been some great updates w/ the UI in the most recent update and that’s all dandy— but these BOTS, sweetie— the bots have gotta go. EXPEDITIOUSLY. I’m tired of getting notifications and breaking my neck to see if “DomTopDaddy87” messaged me back, but it’s really “James Thomas” telling me how much he wants to spoil me...


Video  gfufff  4 star

Can we please send video on Grindr now


Review  Shadezbluerangerlu  1 star

This app should go because it ruins real relationships plus people is using other people’s photos pretending to be that person that’s not cool at all

Grindr Spam-a-lot

So much spam!  Grindr Spam-a-lot  1 star

The amount of spam bots on this app is ridiculous. It not worth subscribing to Grindr Xtra


not working  uwuuuww  1 star

my grindr is not working for 2 days it’s always connection and putting it on the internet or fix it or ur app is not good


my app broke  guavab0y  1 star

ok so i had it for a few weeks and i had hundreds of messages, a lot of people, then one day i tried to get on and the screen just immediately went white when i opened the app every time so i had to delete it and make a new account, i couldn’t even recover my old one. i lost all my messages and now i have no contact with the men i met. im about to delete this app for good.

coquito p

Is the greatest app ever  coquito p  5 star

I found Graet friends & stressed out if we have stress meeting & talking making friends


No consistency at all  NRG5766  1 star

I just don’t understand who poorly managed grindr is. So many fake profiles that are just ads. And check this emoji pic I set up was denied they said to sexually explicit. However there are 6 profiles with same pic still up. As a test I reported one. And copied and past the reason hey gave me. Lo and behold those ones are still up. Now. My account is banned honestly it looks like this app really has lost it usefulness. Bye the way honestly get real. How profiles have this on them💎 or this☁️ and This💨🍕🎉💩also look at there emoji they offer. Lit, Turnt, spin. Hypocrisy.

Boy Fawkes

Could use improvement  Boy Fawkes  3 star

Considering that the team of Grindr is likely relatively small in comparison to the number of users/accounts I give them a thumbs up, but It could be better. Here’s why, a few months ago a stalker of 25 years decided to sit online with a profile duplicating mine, putting the real me on blast with false accusations, rife with slander, libel, & defamation of character. While most locals knew exactly who it was and that said person is bat sh— crazy, it still makes attempting to start a conversation with someone when theirs a rhino sitting in the middle of the china shop (pun not intended, as the app is owned by a company in China, btw). It took several friends and a whole weekends time to get the offending profiles removed. Why do they not have resources to ban repeat offenders via MAC address or even DEV-Id is beyond me. It should be something they have the ability to do. I hardly think that the staff is racists (but I’m sure there are some who might be, but company policy prohibits making decisions based off race,gender,sex,disability etc. ) what cause the delay in prompt action? Likely not enough moderators to handle the user volume. Recommendation hire more staff. Add more security features for both user and staff. Would be glad to offer my help as It security is my Skill set and Profession.


No ADDS  garryconstable  5 star

No adds why more lads close bye and u can also choose to see online now guys only 👍


Forced sign out?  PinkBlanter  1 star

I created a new profile and when I was setting everything up I was forced out and wasn’t able to log back in. My profile is still up there as I had to create yet another profile.


Grindr xtra  Collie-1  2 star

App can be dreadfully slow just grates on me being a paying customer on xtra.

Irish stud

Standards  Irish stud  2 star

I am recently single and I’m finding an off a lot of people on this app or shallow time wasters I would also prefer to see who viewed me And possibly be able to put an advert up like hosting a party if that’s possible


Recall  brian198026  5 star

As a member I would like to be able to delete sent pictures, that person sent to can no longer view them



Grindr keep asking me to join Grindr Extra and pay extra for it. They must believe I am crazy as there is no way I would pay for an App full of bugs which never get fixed. When I attempt to write several msgs to another user on my iPad Air, the virtual keyboard pops up to cover what I am typing hence my message is full of mistakes. When I attempt to remedy them the pop up keyboard screen prevents me from seeing the message with the faulty text so I cannot correct the errors! This has been the case for over a year yet nothing has been done to fix it! Appalling!


Ads from which there is no escape  scsa_  1 star

The ad overlay seems to pop up every single time I tap on anything, and some have no way to cancel the ad or hide the X too well. And now they play LOUD NOISE too!


Unfortunately it’s become unimpressive  Pjry_1  3 star

I changed phones. The data was backed up etc but the sign in password seems to have been altered. Umpteen requests failed to reset a password - until this evening when having barely enough time to write a new password & insert some hazy captchas I’ve been told >10 times now the “link” has expired. It wouldn’t be so bad but....I was a year’s subscriber from Aug 2017-Aug 2018 and that still has nine months to go while I have no access. Older versions used to be limited but reliable...........this is appalling. Update.....4 days later....eventually managed to reset the password with help from their tech person. After three more days and sending a screen shot of my App Store receipt, the xtra status has been restored. At last! Perseverance seems to pay off. Upgraded star status from ✳️ to ✳️✳️✳️ 1/1/19 - that star upgrade wasn’t from me, so draw your own conclusions as to its source! One star is just one too many. The app is taking 14-21 days to reveal “instant” messages. It’s pitifully slow and the “free” extra upgrade works well for a few days then slows and slows and......... And by 09 Feb 19, it’s telling me someone who was last online 21 days ago “tapped” m 14 hours ago. Quite a feat of time, space and data! Seriously, folks, this is the pits.


Poor !  Miaumeow1  1 star

The app freezes all the time. I get that. Lots of gays use it but still! Restarting my iPhone to send a message? And yet I am paying for the membership since ages ! Currently it’s impossible to have a conversation and yet recordings get lost. Can click them on but would not be audible.


Riddled  LarkMeanings  1 star

This app is more riddled than the average guy on there. I’ve never known it to be so bad. Constant crashing. Actually more downtime than up in the last week, and that is not overstating the problem. Ads every second profile. The devs seem to think there are no other options for gay men. They are sorely mistaken.

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