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Line2 is your second number that works on your iPhone and all your other devices as a full-featured business phone system, designed for mobile professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Call and message from a separate number on devices you and your team already have, via Wi-Fi or your existing cellular network, with anyone in the U.S. and Canada for only $9.99/month, or with other Line2 users for free.

The latest Line2 app for iPhone and iPad now comes with a native calling experience enabled by CallKit. You can now enjoy incoming calls that come in full screen with a visual caller ID, that can be answered directly from the lock screen with a simple swipe — exactly like a regular iPhone call.

Line2 is free to download and to use to call and message other Line2 users. Invite others to download Line2 today so you can communicate with them at no additional cost and without any ads. To call and message users outside of Line2, simply upgrade with an in-app purchase.

Experience the ideal phone system for you and your business with a designated number in the area code of your choice. Keep business and personal separate without needing to purchase clunky landline phones or carry a second mobile phone.

Use your Line2 number across your iPhone, Mac, PC, iPad, and even Apple Watch.
Get a native calling experience with CallKit integration. Enjoy incoming calls that come in full screen with a visual caller ID that can be answered directly from the lock screen with a simple swipe — exactly like an iPhone call.
Choose a number in any city in the U.S. or Canada.
Enjoy picture and group messaging — even using Siri — with anyone in the U.S. and Canada.
Get a rich and virtually unlimited calling experience that includes caller ID for incoming calls, call forwarding, group calling with up to 20 people, number blocking, and much more.
Enjoy quick and easy setup with no additional hardware required.
Use over Wi-Fi/3G/4G/LTE and cellular voice so you’re never without service.

Looking for a business solution for your small business that grows with your company and offers advanced features like an auto attendant, toll-free numbers, online faxing, and much more? Learn more on our website.

Questions or comments? We’re here to help, seven days a week: or tap Settings -> Help from within the app.

Line2 - Second Number on Your Phone App Description & Overview

The applications Line2 - Second Number on Your Phone was published in the category Productivity on 2009-09-01 and was developed by Line2, Inc.. The file size is 110.77 MB. The current version is 10.0.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

* Enhanced read/unread message statuses to be live across all devices.
* Improved CallKit experience with better mute button behavior and quiet ringer functionality.
* Expanded Bluetooth support. (We'd love to hear how Bluetooth is working for you. Let us know by going to Settings -> Help -> Email Our Support Team within the Line2 app.)

For any and all questions, please go to

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Call Quality  36Y6  2 star

I like the fact I can keep my business separate from personal; however, the delay is killing my conversations. It's awkward for both me and my client when we keep cutting each other off. When I know I need to make an important call that will be lengthy in conversation, I resort to blocking my personal number and using my personal line. It's a shame.


Perfect app  Zypsy1  5 star

I'm a recent convert from Google Voice and I have to say that I absolutely love this. The fact that it actually rings consistently when I get a call is a breath of fresh air. The interface is clean and intuitive. Well worth the money I spent for the personal line.


Simple and innovative  Jj1999223455  5 star

No problems yet!


Great App  VA-user  5 star

I have been using it for our business. It works great. Thank you Line2.


Poor call quality  Jaaaaaa1  2 star

Callers have hard time hearing on the app recently


Contacts request  DsyPete88  5 star

Love the app as my business number due to spotty cell reception in my home state of Vermont. However, would like the ability to have a separate contact list for my business numbers connected to Line2 use. When the app first came out, this was possible.


It works most of the time  Bob775  2 star

As one person stated in a previous review sometimes the app doesn't ring and either shows a missed call or you get a voice mail. Doesn't happen a lot but it does happen. 2nd thing is since the last update when I use a Bluetooth headset and while I'm on a phone call a 2nd call comes in it makes the first phone call garbled so then you have to disconnect and call people back. So I have reported it but nothing has been done I have had to forward all my phone calls to my cell phone. I can make a phone call out on Line2 but receiving a call and the getting a second call is impossible. I get a lot of calls in day so it is a big deal to me. Other than these problems it works great love it. So when Line2 gets this fixed I rate 2 stars


Great concept but average results  DowntownDooger  3 star

Call quality is not as consistent as it should be using my iPhone 6 on a solid wifi connection (30mbps).


You gave me a phone number used by jail criminals  Abn20  3 star

You assigned me a phone number used in prison by inmates and I get calls all the time by courts and judges and the lawyers and from prisons inmates too. I have tried to clear this up for over 5,or 6 years I have had this line 2app. When. It comes time for renewal this year I don't know where I will renew again. Just as cheap to get another smart phone line for a little more and not have to rely on wifi . Line 2 needs improvement to eliminate the trash call from advertisers that always calling also. The text part is nice but now there are lots of free text apps for iPod itouch and tablets and don't have to worry about the trash phone calls coming in. Work on your app filters .


Excellent  Puckereye  5 star

Excellent service and great value. I have used this service since 2008 and this app make it even better.


Please update the latest update!!  eazy00  1 star

V10 updates keeps closing in the background (missing phone calls)... which makes Line2 useless. Please take the time to fix this issue or create an alert of when the app closes and is offline in the background.


Great second phone line  vivaldastrauss  5 star

I use Line2 as my business phone for work and I love it. The latest update is especially useful.


Getting There  ielliott  1 star

Great app features but it's using 50% of my iPhone 7 Plus battery every day, even if no calls come in.


Does what I want it to do  cvonline  4 star

Another great update. It's pretty amazing to be able to manage a second line from my iPhone. In fact, we use Line2 for our company. It's not perfect, but it's close. And it keeps getting better.


Fix your app!  Johnson1981BigGun  1 star

The service is good but the app needs major work. It lags big time and there is a bug where you tap to open one message thread and it opens up other message threads instead. Whenever the app is loading the entire app freezes. Every time I open it, the app is frozen for about 30 seconds to a minute. Needs to load in the background. How could they release something so poorly made?

Svetlana Bsksheeva

Recommend  Svetlana Bsksheeva  5 star

I'm using line 2 for several years it's Great service all legit. From many other choices Line2 is #1!

Middle Missouri

Works well. A few idiosyncrasies.  Middle Missouri  4 star

Overall the app works great. However, when you are talking on Line2 and someone calls, your phone will ring full volume in your ear because the phone takes priority over an app. Also, if you have a screen lock on your phone, it is very difficult to answer the call because you have to sign into your phone. You can however have it forwarded to your regular number and wait for for the call to transfer in order to answer it. Overall, it does what I needed it to do.


Skype and WhatsApp are better  #1Hustler  3 star

Skype and WhatsApp have better audio quality. The only reason why I pay for Line 2 is because I need to make phone calls that are not possible via Skype or WhatsApp.


It's Great!! Better than GVoice!!  CTJ1  4 star

This is a great service. Call quality, flexibility, professional. Love this and wish I had gotten this earlier.


Better than before, just 1 revision that needs to be made  EnterOriginalUSN  4 star

Great app, only thing it's missing is the ability to receive SMS from automated systems. If the developers are watching and reading, PLEASE fix this asap and the app would be perfect! Thank you.

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