CLZ Music - Music Collection Database

Catalog your music collection (CDs or vinyl).

Note: This free download is limited to 100 albums.
Unlock the Full App for US $15 (no database limits).

Auto-download full album details from our Core online music database
* Artist, Title, label, release year, genre, etc...
* Full song title lists, track lengths and cover images

Quickly add CDs and vinyl to your music database...
* by scanning CD barcodes with your device camera
* or by searching our Core database for vinyl by artist and title

Optional: Sign-up for a free CLZ Account and use the CLZ Cloud to:
* Make an online backup of your music collection database.
* Synch data between devices (e.g. iPhone and iPad).
* Transfer your unlocked database limit across devices.
* Synch data to/from the Music Collector desktop software (separate purchase).

FREE TO DOWNLOAD. Unlock the Full App for US $15

Download CLZ Music for free now and try it for yourself!
The free download is limited to 100 albums.

Unlock the Full App for US $15 (no database limits).
NOTE: this is a one-time purchase, not a monthly or yearly fee!

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We are here to help. Either to answer your questions or to respond to your feedback / concerns. Just contact us using the little "?" button inside the app (top right).

That way, we can have a conversation, answer your questions, solve your problems, fix the bugs you found, etc... We love talking to our users, as it helps us improve the apps :-)


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CLZ Music - Music Collection Database App Description & Overview

The applications CLZ Music - Music Collection Database was published in the category Music on 2009-06-10 and was developed by The file size is 36.67 MB. The current version is 4.5.5 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

* Fixed:
- iPhone: the main add button turning into an edit button after editing an album
- iPhone: navigation is reset to the listview instead of the detail view after editing an album.

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CLZ Music - Music Collection Database Reviews


Nice but missimg  Bfnet  4 star

It would be nice if it searched Internet for current pricing


Garbage app  abeltwoninos  1 star

Please don't buy this app

The Local Dad

CLZ music app  The Local Dad  5 star

Does everything it claims. Allows me to update or refer to my database without having to go to my desktop computer.


Great basic database  K9LEZ  5 star

I'm using the CLZ database primarily to catalogue my vinyl record collection. I'm very pleased with CLZ


Useful app  arisdna  5 star

...but need few improvements, such as being able to tap on the album photo and see a larger version.


Excellent!  HomeHawaii  4 star

After decades of amassing a cabinet full of CD's this ap allows me to catalogue them in an effective manner. The ap is intuitive and easy to master. My only complaint is the difficulty in finding inventoried classical CD's that correspond to my collection. This leads to a lot of typing. Overall this an excellent ap for inventorying your music collection.

J G 10

OK...  J G 10  3 star

Not a very extensive database. Has useful catalog number search feature when it works. Overall, little faster then manually typing everything in.


Review of CLZ Music App  buconyr  5 star

This works great! Being able to scan saves a ton of time. Thank you for the App, worth the money if you have a large CD Collection.

Itza meeeee

Great app  Itza meeeee  5 star

This is an awesome app to use for you personal collection regardless of the size of it. It preloads all data for your albums with pictures and full details. Great Great app!!!


Great Little App  ScottsdaleDoodle  5 star

After years of relying on iTunes for my music library (mostly for convenience), I found I missed the tactile aspects of thumbing through albums & CDs and had forgotten how vastly superior they sound to mp3s. With so many old CDs and records in my collection, I wanted a way to catalog them separate from iTunes and came upon this app. I have to say I'm seriously impressed, and that's not easy to do these days with so many crap apps out there. This downloaded quickly and was attractive and simple to figure out, and within minutes I had added 30 CDs - both by scanning UPC codes and adding by artist/album if there wasn't one. Then came the moment of truth, seeing this database on other devices. That too was flawless, I set up a free account, synced my first device to the cloud, then downloaded the app on my next device and synced it. Kaboom, there it was. It even worked on my first generation iPad from 2010 that became our iTunes remote (and now music database). I paid for the app immediately just to say thanks for designing something that works the way you hope it will yet so rarely does. Nice job!


App Crashed  IsrvChrist  1 star

App crashes when doing a WiFi export from desktop.

Like the app, but.....

Be careful  Like the app, but.....  2 star

Did not find out, until purchased, that you could not manually add tracks to your cd. I have many CDs that are old and not all are in the library, so I tried to manually add the CD and then add the tracks on the CD. Found out that only the Windows version allows this feature and this action is not allowed in the iPad version. There was no explanation or did they offer that this feature would be forthcoming. They charge for each version.


Difficult to Use and Sync  rwjr44  1 star

If you have the PC version, you would think it would be easy to upload your collection. Well, it isn't and much of then much of the your data doesn't transfer. The App and the PC versions look very good but are very frustrating to use because they are connected to a very faulty company based server which is poorly implemented. You have to strictly abide by their rules, which IMO are overly restricted.


Works great  PK1957  5 star

I have to say I am enjoying using this. The data available could better but I assume it will be as more people contribute to it.

V Bunsen

Loads of potential, $15 is way too much  V Bunsen  3 star

All in all a decent app for managing a music collection. I am using it to catalog my vinly collection. It's ok. It looks good and presents the information in an easily accessible way. There are a couple of glaring shortcomings though, the most significant being the complete inability to edit track listings. So If I have to manually enter an obscure album thats not in the database, I can't enter the tracks at all. Why? And the search engine for their music database is totally inadequate. If the bar code doesn't get it, the only fields you can search are artist and album. Sounds fine till you're looking for a particular pressing of The Beatles Abbey Road and you have to dig through all 300 listings. How about a catalog number search? Release year? How about filtering results by format? It doesn't help that the app crashes when you open a number of listings in rapid succession looking for the right one, as the stone age search engine forces you to do. Cloud support is super flakey, never quite works right. For $15 I expected a lot more. Hopefully the app develops to meet its price point.

silver rhoads

LOVE this app!  silver rhoads  5 star

I spent some time using this extremely helpful app for organizing my music. I'm using it specifically for my vinyl. The app is very easy to use, has a nice clean design and nice features. I am able to take photos of my covers, crop them and easily ad them within the program. With the iPhone 5 version I can add everything except track listing. However, I can easily add first from their database, which has track listings and then do my personal customizing after that. I have only noticed two things of concern. One was that the colored background info and design were all different from each other. I was told that an update would fix this. The bigger concern was organizing. I had to make sure to type things a certain way in "Sort Title" section. While everything is in the order I like them to be in the program, the order is different in every other section. For example, if I click on Genre, the albums are sorted differently than they are in my main window. If I click on artist, they are sorted in a completely different order. I can keep track of my collection easily now. I know exactly what my covers look like, what country they're from and many other details. It's great for me to view my collection while I'm out browsing the stores. No more second guessing. My only request would be to have the option to share my whole catalog with my personal notes to friends. As of now I can share one album at a time and it doesn't show my notes. Sorry for the long winded review. I can't say enough about how much I appreciate having this app.


Poor Customer Support  PaulK_Fl  1 star

Discontinued their iPad HD product and would not supply the new product at no charge, expected another $9.99. I've been a customer for many years but got trashed by them. No respect for their customers.

Happy User for over 4 years

Great Program  Happy User for over 4 years  5 star

I have over 6000 books catalog end and over 1000 CDs all neatly cataloged in Collectorz. It is great to be able to carry around the knowledge of everything that I own. It has saved me many times from buying duplicated. This is a program that you can easily is also used by the developers. The program is very optimized for speed of entry and flexibility. This app does what it says very bell and integrate well with the PC version.


Just Rocks!  RichK90113  5 star

You can use your wish list and show proof to what you have for you Beatle collection.


Scam  Pranabindu  1 star

This app forces you to purchase the upgraded version of the pc software if you want to sync with pc. Don't trust this vendor.

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