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Welcome to SiriusXM. Hear the best of the best anywhere you go. The widest, deepest variety of music. More sports than anywhere. The best entertainment coverage around. Every kind of comedy. And the most complete news coverage, period. Plus enjoy it all while easily discovering new channels and shows recommended for you based upon your listening preferences. Here’s what’s new:

* ForYou home page is filled with your favorite and recommended channels and shows.
* Easy ways to listen to live and past programs with “Jump Back In” and “Episodes You've Missed” carousels.
* Recommendations automatically update based on your listening preferences and history.
* A sneak peek at Howard Stern video
* Tabs for Music, Sports, News, Talk, and Howard providing easy access to channels and On Demand content
* Favorites page for quick access to your favorite channels, shows, and episodes.
* Mini Player to seamlessly browse content while listening to audio or watching video.
* Updated Now Playing page that displays related content, more from that channel, or additional On Demand episodes.

SiriusXM Radio App Description & Overview

The applications SiriusXM Radio was published in the category Music on 2009-06-18 and was developed by SIRIUS XM Radio Inc. The file size is 195.18 MB. The current version is 5.4.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- FIxed an issue where On Demand episodes weren't saving the pause point after closing the app
- Fixed an issue where Favorites weren't keeping their reordered spots
- Additional bug fixes and performance improvements

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SiriusXM Radio Reviews

chej y be

New customer  chej y be  5 star

I really enjoy how I can customize a favorites list and get notifications of upcoming events and news.

Super Snarfer

They’re Good At Taking Your Money  Super Snarfer  1 star

Pretty worthless app. Stay as far from SiriusXM as you can. Across the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV: 1. The “now playing” feature on the Favorites menu shows the same song playing on two completely different stations (Deep Tracks and 70’s on 7; not very likely). 2 The information on the song now playing doesn’t even update on the station you are currently listening to half the time. I used their website to report these issues. I got an automated response telling me to contact their technical assistance phone and they closed the issue. I then contacted their technical assistance phone. The person could barely speak English and basically yessed me to death. No follow-up from them. Nothing ever gets fixed. They just take your money. As I said, this app is worthless.


Audio cuts out  Heat>knicks  1 star

New update is horrible. Audio cuts out for seconds at a time and comes back. Sometimes. When it doesn’t you have to open the app and it randomly works again. What testing goes in to these releases? This fails on me every time.


No Connection  stasdada  1 star

Get it together Sirius. You’ve been at it for years. How hard is it to make an app that streams audio without losing connection constantly. Your updates progressively make it worse. Past few weeks connection started dropping while on WiFi. Come on Sirius. Spend some money on quality developers and make your customers happy.


Videos  Rpm1096  2 star

I don’t understand why there are times I can review videos from the Stern show then the majority of the time they are not up on the app at all.


Not happy  mespon  3 star

Don’t like having to add commentary.


Howard 100-101 only  sternology  5 star

I only subscribe to SiriusXM for Howard Stern. Wish I could only pay for those channels :) oh well, its worth it though.

Elder's Quorum President

Can’t live without it!  Elder's Quorum President  5 star

Listen every day from news to music!!!


Bring Back OnDemand Cue Points  PatCinKC  1 star

As a user I need to have cue points in onDemand content so that when the app crashes and loses my resume point I can manually get there for a 3+ hour show. I also enjoy skipping certain segments.


Audio cuts out  JB2006inTN  1 star

The audio randomly cuts out. Sometimes for just a couple of seconds, sometimes for more than 10 seconds. Consumers pay too much for SiriusXM to offer such a buggy piece of software.


Sad update  JJK1234  1 star

I just updated the app yesterday and now it keeps crashing! Come on people fix the problem once and for all! It’s frustrating to pay for a service that doesn’t work!


Old Head  dholm26  5 star

Couldn’t live without my Soul Town , The Groove n Radio Classics Sincerely Sinatra


Syracuse  yogi1115  5 star

Love it over all other (pandera, iHeart, etc)

Marco stack-simone

App continues to have a ton of issues. Problem with on demand episodes  Marco stack-simone  1 star

I listen to Stern’s on demand episodes. I can listen for two hours... then all the sudden the audio cuts out, and the apps says “Sorry, this on demand episode is not available”. How can it not be active when I was just listening to it!!?? One of these years you’ll get this right. Just which year will it be?


Love!  DebW31  5 star

I’ve had Spotify for years & listened to it everyday at work.. but unless you pay for it, you get tons of ads in between every song! I recently bought a new car with SiriusXM & subscribed because I love it! Now I can listen at work without ads! Yay!


Punk Rules  Sueapples  5 star

Marky Ramona’s station is the best thing since sliced bread. I just love all the classics. I can’t stop listening. Please put it on SiriusXM. I just can’t get enough.


Intermittent Pausing, unreliable on-demand  WoffordTerrier  2 star

Playback of live stops randomly, often requiring app restart, which defeats the purpose of live streaming.


Love streaming!!  Dee4dee123  5 star

App is very easy to use. Love having music that I normally only get to listen in the car available anytime and anywhere. Exploring the new channels now!!


Love Sirius XM  R L M  5 star

I love that I can listen across many platforms!


New update bad  Rocketlamb  1 star

Everything was fine then they update. Not only can I not login, they don’t recognize the username. I hadn’t changed anything.

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