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The original and still the best. The New York Times: Gadgetwise - App of the Week!!!

"Of the several [magnification apps] I tried my favorite is Magnifying Glass from I-Beam. The iPhone app is simplicity itself. Turn it on, point the camera at the fine print and then touch the plus button until it is enlarged enough to read...

"Two other built-in features I like about Magnifying Glass: the button that instantly resets the image to low magnification and the camera button which lets you take a photo of your close up." - Roy Furchgott, New York Times

Magnifying Glass is a convenient, fun, easy-to-use magnifying glass for your iPhone and iPad. With infinite zoom, the ability to rotate, freeze, filter and enhance the view, and full control over focus and exposure settings, Magnifying Glass is the most powerful app in its class. Magnifying Glass is also a fully functional zoomable camera! On top of that, it includes a built-in flashlight that is dimmable. Try it today to see why this was the New York Times app of the week!

Magnifying Glass allows you to set focus, torch, and exposure settings on the iPhone and iPad cameras, giving you full control over what you are seeing.

Magnifying Glass features include:
- Infinite digital zoom
- Fully functional zoomable camera
- Ability to freeze the view and further enhance an image
- Built-in flashlight - turn the iPhone torch on and off and have the ability to dim the light
- Rotate the images coming from the camera
- Eight different filters to enhance the live or frozen view***
- Special high contrast image filter to reveal hidden details in low light
- Stabilization mode that ensures crisp and sharp images are captured
- Support for both the front and back cameras
Several interface themes or skins so you can personalize the app to your liking***

*** Feature available with upgrade

Magnifying Glass App Description & Overview

The applications Magnifying Glass was published in the category Utilities on 2009-09-22 and was developed by I-Beam. The file size is 13.07 MB. The current version is 3.6 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- iOS 10 compatibility
- bug fixes

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Cousin Juno

Enjoying it!  Cousin Juno  4 star

I haven't had this app for a long time but the short time I have had it I have enjoyed it. The zooms and focus works very well and I think it has a lot of potential. Just playing with it I am impressed. After I've used it a little longer I will come back and review this but so far I am very impressed!


Magnifier  Wickione  1 star

Not great as I still have not found a way to take freeze in one thing and be able to look @ nxt thing


not great  Spacemonkeybutthead  1 star

did not find it helpful. Already deleted it...


Works great!  JOTestedIt  5 star

Love it, especially the rotation in live-view. Helps my poor eyesight!


This app is wonderful  JohnK31415926535  5 star

This app does everything it says it does and I no longer have to carry my Magnifier for the people who say the image is too blurry you're probably either not moving the phone far enough away from the text or keeping your hand still enough


Great App  Hoopz67  5 star

This is the best magnifying glass app available. I have tried several other apps but non of them provided good magnification. This app has a much more accurate digital zoom that can zoom up to 32x and gives you more features for $.99. This is a must have for those who have trouble reading small print!

fooled once

Worthless APP  fooled once  1 star

This APP does make things in the camera view bigger, but it also enlarges blurriness, so the "closer" image is useless.

not magnifying

clearly doesn't work  not magnifying  1 star

I am not sure what the reviewer in the Wall Street Journal was thinking or seeing. This product just plainly doesn't work. It does not add clarity to any image. It does not help one read anything. A magnifying glass it is not.

zinger matt

worthless  zinger matt  1 star

This thing is worthless. It has no better resolution than the Iphone camera and just provides an ever larger blurr.


Worthless for Text with iPhone 3G  AAWSF  1 star

Maybe it would be better if you have a 3GS, but don't waste your money if you're using an iPhone 3G or the original model. Magnified text has no clarity whatsoever.

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