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Photobucket - Print, store, edit and share your photos, create animated GIFs and access your full photo library anywhere, anytime.

BONUS! Enjoy 8GB of free storage just for downloading the Photobucket app.

* Photobucket Print Shop: Create easy photo gifts, home décor, prints and more.
* Auto backup: Instantly and automatically upload all your photos, videos and GIFs.
* Easy Photo Editor: Enhance your photos with filters, text, stickers and more.
* Photobucket On-the-Go: Manage, organize, browse and share your photos, videos and animated GIFs with anyone, anywhere.
* Photobucket GIF Maker: Make your own animated GIFs with our free GIF Maker.

Join the movement!

Make animated GIFs from the palm of your hand with the Photobucket GIF Maker.
* Automatically upload and store your GIFs to your library
* Share your GIFs with the millions of users on Photobucket
* Easily find all the things you need to make a great GIF in 30 seconds or less
* Use images from Photobucket or your Camera Roll to create GIFs

Plus Features:
- No ads everywhere you access your Photobucket photos, GIFs, and videos
- Additional storage (the additional amount of storage is dependent on your chosen subscription level)
- Unlimited bandwidth*

Your Photobucket Plus subscription will automatically renew monthly or yearly depending on your chosen subscription. Please note AdFree does not automatically renew. Your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings.

Monthly Prices: AdFree $0.99, Plus20 $2.99, Plus50 $4.99

Yearly Prices: AdFree $9.99, Plus20 $29.99, Plus50 $49.99

Privacy policy:
Terms of use:

*Unlimited bandwidth applicable for non-commercial use only. Photobucket reserves the right to limit excessive bandwidth usage.

Photobucket - Backup & Print Shop App Description & Overview

The applications Photobucket - Backup & Print Shop was published in the category Photo & Video on 2009-06-08 and was developed by The file size is 53.56 MB. The current version is 3.3.10 and works well on 8.1 and high ios versions.

A few bug fixes

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Photobucket - Backup & Print Shop Reviews


Unable to open with iOS 11.0.3  Gen1K10  1 star

Please address the above issue. Thanks.


Angry also!  Joswife  1 star

Ever since you created a new upgrade I can’t download any of my videos! I want to download them so I can delete the app as well. Terrible service. And yes holding photos for ransom horrible. I have to pay your I can’t get into my account??? Unbelievable. Fix something ASAP and let me download my videos!!

Melody luv

DONT BOTHER !  Melody luv  1 star

I can not even open the app it will freeze my phone. I tried my computer and it was worse!! Spam popped up on my screen and I couldn’t get back into the website. I don’t know if I’ll ever get my photos back. And having to pay to get them is insane!!! I’m so over photobucket!


Disappointed.  Femmebooty  2 star

Auto backup works when it pleases. The app says backup complete when I obviously know better. So I try and manually upload things, and that works about as well as baptizing a cat, too. It used to work a LOT better until the massive Interface update last year. It was acting up even before iOS 11, so I know that’s not the problem. I wish they would bring the old photobucket mobile back.


You're holding my videos & photos hostage  Pissedoffstranger  1 star

You need to fix your app because I can no longer re download my videos or pictures like before. it is not right holding my videos and pictures hostage. I would like if you could put that "download video" and “save image” button back ASAP!!!


Don’t uSe this app  Jazmin1015  1 star

I have been using photobucket for years and now all my pics and videos are gone


Terrible!  Krayzid0rk  1 star

The app will turn off your auto back up, so when you turn it back on it wants to upload all the images all over again. I don't need duplicates. Many years ago it knew the difference and wouldn't upload the same image twice. We need that option back. This app is severely lacking in options, it is completely basic. I remember now why I quit using it years ago. Reading the other reviews, I really hope I can get my images backed up elsewhere.


Horrible  Drelaflare91  1 star

I been using Photobucket for 10 years and I can’t download any videos to my phone. This app is no good. I feel like one day all my pictures and videos are gonna be gone.


Don’t waste your time  Nobackbittonlulz  1 star

All I get is an error code and can no longer log in as it doesn’t recognize my email and password...


Great  Bunny45678  5 star

Free storage for photos .. Yes :)


Mad  TLSams  1 star

All just disappeared. Cannot fathom...


Stupid decision to charge for a broken app  nolongerapbuser  1 star

App was inconsistent at best uploading and sharing photos. Now they want you to pay for mediocrity? Not thanks. Switching my photos over somewhere else.


Screw you PB! You're looking st a new Flickr user.  Curtis.ramirez  1 star

I've been a user for 8 dam years and this is what you pull? Screw you guys. Everyone go to Flickr. Don't put up and support this bull crap. Enjoy putting your crappy photo hosting site into the ground PB. $399 for this junk haha


Ridiculous pay to link  Arthomas44444  1 star

What a terrible business move


Gave my phone a VIRUS.  Vvolz  1 star

Constantly crashes. Every since I downloaded it everything on my phone has been glitching & I'm 99.9% sure this app is the reason why.


What's going on here?  ShawnaMB  1 star

I've used Photobucket since 2005 and I cannot access the app and the mobile site has ads. Please fix ASAP!!


Are you serious???  Fjdudhgehsyfjdjg  1 star

You're wanting me to pay $400 to download my pictures and videos?! That's not my problem if you're going bankrupt or not making money! $400 is ridiculous!!! Not to mention their website is full of ads you literally have to exit every second and they deleted many of my pictures and when I contacted them they didn't care. DO NOT use this app!!!!


Annoying and never works  TayRenee5  1 star

Zero stars. My pictures never show up even though I know they are there. And all the ads popping up is so annoying. Makes me wish I never stored pictures here.


Can't use my pictures or gifs without payment  HolyVessel  1 star

10 years of pictures and videos now the only way to use them or share them is to pay money?! This is ridiculous!!! You go from a free app to a money hungry app.


I don't write reviews either but you should know.  Gjfkfjcjfklsksbigk12453  1 star

After research I'm seeing that they're actually holding our picture hostage. Thousands of pictures and videos throughout years aren't accessible anymore. It pains me that I can't get these documents back.

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