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Get premium-quality international calls for the best rates on the market to any kind of phone in the world, no internet needed! And there are no hidden fees for sending mobile top-ups.

Why choose Rebtel?

• The lowest rates for the highest-quality international calls
• Custom offers for your calling needs
• No internet needed when calling 50+ countries! Connect over 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, or local phone lines—you decide.
• Call any kind of phone, from smartphones to landlines, anywhere in the world
• Send international mobile recharge without hidden fees
• Invite friends and earn calling minutes

Call the way you want
Rebtel offers different types of international calling offers depending on your needs. You can pay-as-you-go with our cheap per-minute rates, call unlimited per month with one of our calling subscriptions, or enjoy one of our many special offers.
No matter how you choose to call, there’s no contract, no cancellation period, and absolutely no hidden fees.

Send airtime to loved ones
The Rebtel app makes it easy to send international mobile recharge to your friends and family back home. Simply find your contact, select the amount, and then send that airtime (mobile recharge) directly to your loved ones.
You can now recharge to Cuba, Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, Nepal, Senegal...and lots more to come!

Call wherever you want
No matter where you are calling from or where you want to reach, Rebtel provides the best prices for the highest quality calls on the market.

Our most popular countries to call include India, Cuba, Nigeria, Kenya, Eritrea, Uganda, Zambia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Brazil, Afghanistan, Ghana, Colombia, Liberia, Burkina Faso, and many more.

Download the app today to try it all for free!
Then invite your friends and earn $5 of calling minutes when they make their first payment!

Rebtel: International Calling App Description & Overview

The applications Rebtel: International Calling was published in the category Social Networking on 2009-10-14 and was developed by Rebtel Networks AB. The file size is 179.25 MB. The current version is 5.10.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

This release resolves a crash that some of our users might have experienced

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Rebtel: International Calling Reviews


Actual service not working like trial service  rebteluser816  1 star

I really donot understand the how is this app tweaked on the backend. The trial version seemed to be perfect without any network interruptions or call drops. Once I have made payment for the same plan and started making calls, there were multiple call drops, and voice is not clear with frequent breakouts. I can seriously say the same day same network and same devices called using trial and actual plans are not same. The trial version is using some different network and minutes to place pretty good clear voice calls and where as the network selection for paid services are using cheap voip networks that frequently drop calls.


Lo mejor  Champyreal  5 star

El Champy is my name para que nunca se les olvide,


Super!!!  Yauner  5 star

Por primera vez puedo hablar a Cuba con calidad en la conexión. Me satisface mucho haber encontrado esta opción. Yo la recomiendo. Nada que ver con otra que usé antes. Casi igual costó pero imposible de entender lo que te dice tu familiar en Cuba.


Good  bayize  5 star

Great app


The best App  mamboking7  5 star

Es buena comunicación El precio igual que otros APPS


Really disgusting!  carmicar  1 star

I am concerned with the app because after I carefully added funds into my account to make a phone call, the application itself enabled automatically the top up add money bottom, and this is not the first time the app does this. I realized the application did that because of the email I received, if not I would have never realized that that had happened. Besides, when you try to disable the top up (which is the way I prefer to have it), you have to add money to have access to it and then you can change it back to the disable function. I am really upset because it sounds like it is a strategy this app uses to charge more money from user like me. I would really like to have those two 10 dollar transactions undone, because I never consented to them, and it is just pre determined by the app the amount the automatic top up will charge you, which is 10 dollars, not 5 as I usually like to spend every time. I am also strongly recommending for this costumer services to have a phone number where users can call and do serious complains like this I am having today.


I’ve been using Rebtel for years to call my mom  briddebhal  2 star

In Ireland. So frustrating that I cannot talk to a person as I’ve been unable to use for weeks although I put more money in although I had a balance. Grrrr


Great and enjoying  spado4life  5 star

This is the best network really appreciating


Calls just stopped!!  Mmakgomo  1 star

I don’t know what to say but firstly I just got this app last night! It worked really well for a few minuets. I used the free minutes I was given to call 🇿🇦, I then bought the 30min for $1 and only used 11mins and I still says I have 18min left!! But when I try to make calls back to 🇿🇦 it keeps saying that my wireless carrier doesn’t allow to make calls! I’m with TMOBILE and I don’t understand how my wireless carrier could just stop my calls!! I just want to know if this is something that is fixable?? If so please do it ASAP because it is a bit of an inconvenience


Calls are not being connected  qwvffuimbsrlovg  1 star

Every time I called I get some weird message with a code and a dollar is deducted from my balance. The quality of the call are not good at all. I am changing to another company. Had them for almost 7 years no more. Now all they are doing is sending the calls to bogus numbers you get charged and your balance gets depleted for you to keep adding money.


Great App it's clear and excellent means of communication!!!  Halibay  5 star

I'm extremely happy from this App!!! It's clear during conversations I appreciated it!!! Really fantastic!!!

ollie mc carthy

The best  ollie mc carthy  5 star

The best service


Very good  murad6640983  5 star

Great app . five stars to the app


Rip-off  JSMarks  1 star

What a joke. $5 credit costs at least $10. It’s like they’re intentionally trying to obfuscate the true cost of the service. I know the response is going to be “we incur extra costs because of the App Store, blah, blah, blah” but seriously, get with it. This is the cost of doing business. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.


Call failed  upendra14  3 star

The app is good but lately whenever I try to call to Malta , it shows call failed and it’s annoying 😏😏


SCAMMED ME  Lolina12334  1 star

So I noticed whenever I called my friend it would continuously loop the same thing he said previously. I thought it was just my phone so he called me and he said it did the same thing back! Most definitely a scam to get people’s money and minutes.

umair maroof

Nice app  umair maroof  5 star

Good app to connect around

Meri Buka

The worst app ever.  Meri Buka  1 star

3 minutes free call and didn’t even connect! Absolutely useless! Just dialled a number in Brisbane when I entered a PNG number! Are you kidding me! What an absolute scam! Rip off! Deserves a freaking negative five star rating! 😡😡


Kogan mobile blocked this local number  KalyanReddyL  1 star

Could not make call except with wifi

Sydney Dage

Quality  Sydney Dage  4 star

Clarity is great


Satisfied  Avi🇵🇷🇺🇸  5 star

Clear connection and priced well. I have tried several different services to call out of the country but this will definitely be the service I stay with.


Status of receiver phone should be stated.  segbu  3 star

Overall a Nice app, but would be great if it lets you know whether the phone is switched off or can’t be reached. It shouldn’t just ring and then u have no idea what’s going on.

Marcos Gemini

Easy access  Marcos Gemini  5 star

Very easy access,good quality and clear calls


Thanks  PapaFemo  5 star

Clear and excellent connections. Worth it.


Great Service  GoldenFllower  5 star

Easy to use!


Horrible está compañía  urahara2013  1 star

A mi me sacaron 20’dolares sin yo haberlo autorizado y se los digo y me dicen que es imposible que yo los puse y yo no lo hice , les digo que la aplicación cuando la abrí para mirar las ofertas recargo automáticamente y me Dicen que es improbable ! Me pregunto yo si no se sabe de sobra que las aplicaciones puedes presentar problemas.El servicio al cliente malísimo , te responden por el correo solo una vez y solo para dar excusas , faltándote el respeto alegando que lo que estás diciendo no es real o sea te llaman mentiroso , no tiene un teléfono para atender al cliente y literalmente te dicen que tú reclamo esta mal y que no pueden hacer nada ! Tuve un problema con la aplicación móvil de ellos y me dicen que es imposible que estoy equivocado ! Para mi una de las peores compañías no la recomiendo ! Mejor váyase con CUBALLAMA o DimeCuba ahí si hay servicio y respuesta ! Ni hablar de que han ignorado mis correos de soporte técnico !

Yahya Olaniran Adekunle Sr

Rebtel  Yahya Olaniran Adekunle Sr  5 star

So far am very pleased with their service Thanks


Mui mala atención al clientes  livito26  1 star

Me sacaron dinero de mi tarjeta y no me dieron el bono me engañaron y nunca me dieron el bono luego de acermelo cobrado


Good  jpsanch  4 star

Not so bad


Cuba call  Dell310  5 star

Awesome call and very clear. Thank You!


Great service  sh'la  5 star

Clear network


Great;)  Trevorino  5 star

I love using rebtel however the fact that the app doesn't have a favourite list it's a bit annoying trying to pull the same users from your contacts,this could be really hard while driving!!! Please add favourite list otherwise its great and cheap!

Adele _Hinze

Saved me a fortune ..!  Adele _Hinze  5 star

Saved me a fortune..!


Great app.  AC/DC-123  5 star

Works well


Great Rates  Yetty26  5 star

I love using Rebtel, especially to call Nigeria. Gives me great rates! Fab App! The only thing that annoys me is the Vat charged.. That can be additional credit for me...


New version keeps crashing  Talk2thehand  1 star

Can you fix please??


Cheap VOIP Service Provider...  Innoraj  5 star

Excellent app to make unlimited calls to India...;)


Ok  Abihudi  2 star

Do not expect your money to go as far as you think - very often calls have no audio or they drop; and you end up chasing them for a refund. Also they list per minute prices on their website pre VAT, which is stupid. So whatever they list, add 20% or so to get the real value. A big negative for me was that they tripled their Tanzanian prices since when I started using it. I used the service quite frequently until that happened and didn't mind the call dropping as much. Support is good but very slow. The app is not badly designed. Expensive, deceitful prices and network quality have lowered this rating significantly.


Phone derive  mshule  5 star

Great service and excellent voice quality I would recommend to all my friends this service

Cathal mc

Great App  Cathal mc  5 star

I have been using Rebtel a few months now. I call mobiles mostly in UK, Europe and Usa. It works very well and a top up goes a long way.

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