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Rebtel: International Calling [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

Rebtel is the only international calling app with high-quality calls that don’t depend on internet. No calling card? No wi-fi? No mobile phone? No problem. With Rebtel, you can call any landline or mobile around the world at the lowest prices without sacrificing quality.

Why Rebtel?

• The lowest rates for the highest-quality international calls
• Custom plans to meet your calling needs
• No internet needed when calling 50+ countries! Connect over 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, or local phone lines—you decide.
• Call any kind of phone, from smartphones to landlines, anywhere in the world
• Call any kind of phone, from smartphones to landlines
• Top up internationally without hidden fees
• Invite friends and earn free calling credits
• Enjoy better international calling

AFFORDABLE - No hidden fees. Ever. Just the lowest possible rates so international calling can be available for everyone.
HIGH QUALITY - Unlike other calling apps, we don’t depend on Wi-Fi. We use landlines so you can enjoy stable, reliable connections every time.
GLOBAL - Call any country whenever you want! Whether it’s a landline or a mobile, you can call any number with Rebtel, and the people you call don’t even need to have Rebtel.Top up for your loved ones back home.

Call the way you want
Rebtel offers different types of international calling offers depending on your needs. You can pay-as-you-go with our cheap per-minute rates, call unlimited per month with one of our calling subscriptions, or enjoy one of our many special offers.
No matter how you choose to call, there’s no contract, no cancellation period, and absolutely no hidden fees.

Send airtime to loved ones
The Rebtel app makes it easy to send international mobile recharge to your friends and family back home. Simply find your contact, select the amount, and then send that airtime (mobile recharge) directly to your loved ones.
You can now recharge to Cuba, Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, Nepal, Senegal...and lots more to come!

Our most popular countries to call include India, Cuba, Nigeria, Kenya, Eritrea, Uganda, Zambia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Brazil, Afghanistan, Ghana, Colombia, Liberia, Burkina Faso, United States, Canada and many more.

Download the app today to try it all for free. Then invite your friends and earn $5 of calling credits when they make their first payment!

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Rebtel: International Calling Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thank you for using Rebtel! We made some fixes and improvements in this release to enhance your calling experience and app usability.

Rebtel: International Calling Comments & Reviews

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- It's been a year now, joined rebtel once and never looked back again.

One of the best and most reliable service I have come across. Bought a subscription, set it on auto pay and forgot this exists. It has become so much part of my phone that it doesn't feel like it's 3rd party subscription. Here is why I love rebtel so much! 1. I have setup local numbers for 5 top callers (indian numbers). Rebtel issues USA number for each and I call them just like any other call. This is as easy as it can get. 2. I have added my office desk number as alternate contact which let's me place call to local number. This means I can call from mobile or land line. This is crazy convenience. 3. Monthly report is boon and it shows how much in touch I am with my family. It's a constant reminder and compels me to spend more time with family. 4. Rebtel upgraded my plan from India unlimited calling to global unlimited automatically. I love it when they are fair to customers and don't try to exploit someone who is not aware of other plans. I haven't called other country so far, but feels good that rebtel is so honest in service. 5. There has been cases (1 in 100) where I would hear other personal phone ringing but they would not have got call at all. This could be due to bad service at the receiver end also. In any case, re dialing immediately fixes everything. It's a long review but i really wanted to show how thankful I am to rebtel.

- Wish I could give a zero or negative star

Such a waste of time and effort, terrible customer service. I gave all my personal data and credit card info on their website for a “free trial” that is not supported by the app. I am totally ok with paying money for the services they promised, but after setting up my profile I received a message that my acct had been restricted. Any time I tried to figure out why or how to unrestrict it I get an automated e-mail with links to more useless automated “customer service”. After fussing with it for a while and finding better alternatives, all I want is to delete my account and request my personal data and credit card to be removed from their system, but surprise (not), you can only delete the acct by loving in to the profile- but I can’t log into the profile because the pins that they have sent are supposedly wrong and the only way to get customer service is by logging on... which... I can’t do... just frustrating. I’m just going to cancel my credit card and hope they didn’t sell my info to someone as useless/irritating as them... total waste of time.... pinger, Talkatone and PopTox way better... even paying long distance calls is better than Rebtel ,sadly.

- The best app in the world!

This app changed my life. I used to spend hundreds of dollars on phone cards calling my family in Peru. Now I just pay 5 dollars a month for unlimited calls to landlines and cell phones. This is a really big deal because before this, calling a cell phone was very expensive and required a phone card (when calling a rural area that has no internet or WiFi possibilities, you didn’t have much options). Now I have one Rebtel account and with it I can call Peru from The US and the US from Peru from multiple lines and it has truly improved our quality of life and communication in a way I thought would never happen. If I had to delete all the apps from my phone and keep one, it would be Rebtel. Thank you Rebtel!!!!

- Really disgusting!

I am concerned with the app because after I carefully added funds into my account to make a phone call, the application itself enabled automatically the top up add money bottom, and this is not the first time the app does this. I realized the application did that because of the email I received, if not I would have never realized that that had happened. Besides, when you try to disable the top up (which is the way I prefer to have it), you have to add money to have access to it and then you can change it back to the disable function. I am really upset because it sounds like it is a strategy this app uses to charge more money from user like me. I would really like to have those two 10 dollar transactions undone, because I never consented to them, and it is just pre determined by the app the amount the automatic top up will charge you, which is 10 dollars, not 5 as I usually like to spend every time. I am also strongly recommending for this costumer services to have a phone number where users can call and do serious complains like this I am having today.

- Most Reliable & Easy To Use For International Phone Calls

I have tried several services for international calling, and Rebtel is by far the best! I’ve used it for over 2 years now, and it’s been totally reliable, great rates, the user interface is very clear and easy to use, and it’s generally a great service. It has an auto top-up feature, meaning you never run out of funds. And even then, $10 lasts for a while (obviously depending how often you make calls and for how long). Highly recommended!! 10/10.

- Very poor service I have ever seen

I usually don't write reviews but now I am seriously frustrated and annoyed with this app. Sometime when I need the most to make several calls to India. It start giving me problems that's u can't make call although I have unlimited plan. I try login into my account through website to make payment thinking that might be an issue. They take forever to send text to reset your pin. I informed many time over the email for same sought of issues but solved for a while and then back to square one. No customer service number to call. Had network issues voice didn't get through to other side. Most of the time I have to hang up call from Rebtel and then use internet calling. I am seriously frustrated with this now. This is happening 3rd time with me, even the developers are not that much educated and understand the issue. I need my money back, Rebtel is just making full to his customers.

- I need what I pay for but the app is decent

I haven’t used an international calling service that has perfect sound and connection quality just yet. This app only has one problem honestly and that’s what they put down as your talk time vs. the time that’s actually on your call logs. It’s disappointing when I’m paying money to talk to my loved ones overseas. This has happened more than once. I called a country twice and it went to voicemail both calls lasted one minute or less and this app tells me I spoke for 6 mins 😑 this happened about 3 times. I decided to give an honest review because this money loss is adding up. Please fix this because this app has so much potential to be the best! Payment process is pretty easy. The rate is fair but not giving me what I pay for isn’t fair at all.

- No Customer support and I lost my money

I purchased Rebtel for three months advance payment and I just changed my Sim card and my number got changed and all of a sudden Rebtel stop working because it never show me I need to update before using a new Sim it’s kind of strange how can I get a message out for a new Sim without putting into phone so basically it’s kind of nonsense and they said my account got restricted and nobody trying to help me why it happened and what’s happening and I am unable to use my old number to login because my old number no more working on the new number I need to create a new account so old account will be dead this is something so strange and I lost money I am so disappointed with the customer support and with this app guys pleasePlease read the terms and condition completely taking a whole day to understand do not to lose the money and am very disappointed!!!

- Poor quality and no customer service

I usually don’t write reviews but now I am seriously frustrated and annoyed with this app. Sometime when I need the most to make several calls to India. It start giving me problems that’s u can’t make call although I have unlimited plan. I try login into my account through website to make payment thinking that might be an issue. They take forever to send text to reset your pin. I informed many time over the email for same sought of issues but solved for a while and then back to square one. No customer service number to call. Had network issues voice didn’t get through to other side. Most of the time I have to hang up call from Rebtel and then use internet calling. I am seriously frustrated with this now.

- Running through hoops to purchase credits

I downloaded the app last week and went to purchase a pay as you call plan for $5.00. To my dismay it was rejected, so I tried another card and it too was rejected. I wrote to their customer service and was told that my account had been flagged by their Security Department for review and that they would try to rush things. A day later I got a message asking for my bank statement that supported the cards and my ID (DL or passport). After sending the items requested I wait another day and now they tell me that my email address is a problem and I should use another email address that has my full name in the address!!! Unbelievable!!! I have bought cars easier than buying a five dollar phone credit on this app!!!!!

- Wrong minute count & misinformation

I made a 3 minutes call but this app says it was 4 minutes. The truth I talked to the person for only 2 minutes but the app start counting from the moment it start to wring. How can you charge me for the time I’m waiting for the person I’m calling to pick up the phone?! The other question is how does a $5 fee becomes $7.99?! I’ve used other apps (Skype, Boss Revolution, Google Calls) and the prices never increased like that, not even after including taxes. Also, I just joined this app and it was saying that I could benefit from the first time user bonus (100 min for $5) but it never activated it after paying. This is an example of misinformation to benefit you guys.

- Great app. Missing some features..

I’d like to thank the developer or the Rebtel team for this great app, it helps to connect many of my friends around the world. It works great, no almost zero issue..I don’t know why most people are complaining in the rating section. Well anyways. One of the feature I would like to see to be able to clear Recent Call History/Log. Plus it shouldn’t show called contacts on the other device if you’re using same account on 2 or more phones.

- Good app, but needs some work

The app works good in terms of connectivity and interface (user friendly). The main reason for my 3 star review is the extra fee when adding money to the account. You guys seriously need to stop doing that, since many users have to go to the web version to avoid being hit by these extra fees. In my opinion, the whole purpose of the app is having full functionality without having to resort (still) to the web version.

- When will you guys add a function to hide number?

Hi rebtel, I have been using this app for years now and always work for me have no problem at all, sometimes when calling some mobile number in Nigeria 🇳🇬 my account got blocked and when I contact support in 24hrs it open back nice one, my only problem with you guys now is when will you guys add functions to hide number? Am tired of calling showing my real number, if possible add virtual number to hide the real number, thank you 😊

- Honest review from a 6 year user

I started using this app in 2013, and I pay for the phone calls. This app is worth it if you want to call someone by phone (with limited access to internet). I experienced some difficulties but realized later they are from the receiving end of the telecom company. Now I know how to deal with it but overall I cannot find an app better than this one to make real phone calls. Actually, I even called banks, airlines, hotels etc and worked very well.

- Caller ID

I have used various calling cards and others,calling overseas with other calling cards shows different number from my actual number,as a result friends or clients don’t take calls without numbers they know or have in their contacts,but since I started using Rebtel few months ago,my calls to friends in Nigeria and others contacts overseas shows my exact number to them..Na Rebtel Biko

- Disappointed 😡

I never write a review before. I checked all the review before I downloaded this apps. I am not sure where the good , 5 stars reviews are from. They lied. They have me 5 free minutes, I only use it to make 1 call internationally, the person didn’t even pick up the phone. My 5 minutes were gone after that. I was cool with it, it is free anyway. So I purchase their specia l first time deal. $1 for 30 minutes. This time I was able to make 2 phone call.; each probably took only 5 minutes . Two months later, which is today. I place a call again, and the interpreter say “ you have zero minutes” seriously? I use this because the person I try to call, sometimes does not have internet with them. Eventhough it is just $1, why baiting me? Is that how you do business? Pretend like you are giving us so much? Or the minutes just drain out because time fly????? . Please be honest to customer if you want to keep their loyalty. Hope this review get to Rebtel !!!! Or it might be deleted since I saw all the good reviews here. And some blind goats might get the bait again!!


rebtel is a complete and total scam, I signed up for the Free 30 day trial, and even included my credit card information. Rebtel said I had 30 days free trial to call the UK unlimited. After 5 days the app doesn’t allow me to call UK and is asking me to make a purchase for credits. So after 5 days of their 30 day trial they want to charge you, not only that, the calls hung up every time someone answered on the other end. This is a total waste of time and effort, never again. Total rip off, then. They will not post the review and make up lies. They will ask you to take a screen shot of their offer, not knowing I used a laptop to unfortunately sign up for their service. Rebtel is pathetic, dont waste your time or money.

- Actual service not working like trial service

I really donot understand the how is this app tweaked on the backend. The trial version seemed to be perfect without any network interruptions or call drops. Once I have made payment for the same plan and started making calls, there were multiple call drops, and voice is not clear with frequent breakouts. I can seriously say the same day same network and same devices called using trial and actual plans are not same. The trial version is using some different network and minutes to place pretty good clear voice calls and where as the network selection for paid services are using cheap voip networks that frequently drop calls.

- They are cheat!

Whenever you will buy some subscription they will by default save your all credit info and add the auto renewal for the next month without even informing you! This happened to me several times and every time I had to log in to their site from browser and deactivate it. They even did not add the option to cancel subscription in this app! There is another terrible things that they add! They have some deals, but if you buy that your other subscriptions are still in the list and auto renewed! So you will pay twice without knowing anything if you don't check your account!

- Request

First of all thanks for developers. Awesome app for international calls but I was wondering in one thing you guys have unlimited $10 for India and China but not Nepal . Because Nepal is located between India and China. One another thing there have lots of people from nepal so you guys have lots of chance to make more money . This is my suggestion and request to include nepal also in $10 unlimited monthly payment. That would be great. Thanks

- Fraud

I’ve had this app for about 3+years. I will uninstall right after this review. After all these years this app still doesn’t have a customer service phone number. Still sending the same automated email responses. I’m tired of it. If I’m on a call and I have a few seconds left, why is the automatic voice wasting the rest of my paid time to tell me I’ve a min left? I use to top off over the phone with $5. Now the only option to top off starts at $10, $20. You have to go to the app or on the website to top off. And on top of that it seems like they deducts the time it takes for the calls to connect. That’s fraud.

- Good deals but could be better

They’ve introduced global unlimited but for a few countries. If only they could redefine or customize it to suit individual caller destinations than just clustering UK only. Also, they could add the ‘Deals’ feature in the app than having to log on their website and purchase it from there. Otherwise, it’s a great calling app with clarity and good connectivity; love using it.

- Technical support not available on Phone

The support is only through Email and there is no phone number to contact. I heard a message that the plan has expired and I need to subscribe way before the plan expired. I thought the plan expired and paid for a month subscription for Global Unlimited. Few days later I get billed again because of auto-renewal payment. I requested for a refund since it is not my fault and is because of a technical glitch on rebtel’s end. They respond saying we are working on it and there is no ETA for resolution. Sadly no telephone number to call as well. Overall disappointed with the service.

- Better than Skype

I had Skype for years but after Microsoft tried to make it into a social media site it became intrusive and confusing (I’m old). I was also often getting very poor quality reception and dropped calls. Rebtel is simple and mostly good sound quality. Though at the end of each good call I’m asked to rate it but never when it’s bad, annoying because they obviously already know if the call was good or bad!

- Really good quality but maybe a bit overpriced

I don't usually make international calls so I'm not sure how much it usually costs with a calling card from a gas station. I used this app and paid $10 for 125 minutes and was told by a friend that I could have gotten a calling card for $2 for 60 minutes. Either way, the sound quality was good I could hear them and they could hear me fine so I have no complaints.

- Beware of “Credit”

I got this app and subscribed to a plan to call my family in India with a $24/3months plan. What they don’t tell you when you subscribe is that you also need something called credit to make calls, aside from the $24. It is ridiculous that one has to pay a subscription fee and pay money on top of that to just make a call. I got this app and made one call six months ago and tried to make another call today, and just learned of credit.

- Very poor call connection

I had very a terrible experience with this app. Call connection quality is very very poor, can’t able to hear single word from other end or they can’t able to hear me. I used this app for about a month not even a single call went well. I wish I had negative rating option. Please don’t go for this app

- Fraudulent charging

I’m disappointed in Rebtel for your recent fraudulent charges. I made a call just now and with 3 times ringing before I stopped the call when the recipient didn’t pick up the call Rebtel has charged me with 12cents. This is awful and fraudulent! Your meter showed that I used 2 minutes but you debited me with 36 cents instead of 24 cents. Horrible!

- This is the most FRUSTRATING TRASH APP

I get this app because supposedly you can get unlimited international calls and supposedly you should be able to call any number with the premium numbers as an exception, but It NEVER WORKS FOR ME. It just works at the begging with the free trial but as soon as I pay for the subscription this TRASH APP NEVER WORKS WELL AGAIN & even worse THEY DOES NOT HAVE ANY COSTUMER NUMBER TO CALL, so you have to wait for the mercy of one of the “costumers support team” that just answer an email every 5 days to respond for your problem. IF YOU ARE LOCKING FOR AN APP THAT ACTUALLY WORKS, PLEASE DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY IN A TRASH APP LIKE THIS. I don’t understand why this have 4 stars

- Next to no customer service

This app may look prettier than many other cheap phone apps but has no proper support structure. When there is a problem with the subscription, there’s no one to reach out to. You gets replies only on email and it’s automated questions. After replying to that you get a generic answer. Waiting for this takes as long as 2 days each and worst of all, at the end of all that the automated service you just get rerouted back to automated questions again. Is like an automated call machine but stretched out in slow mail. It’s good value but only if it works.

- Was good in the beginning but...

The app and call quality was great for the first 4-5 months. The last 2 months it was horrible, calls would drop calling from US to Germany for every 20 minutes. Calls to India- call quality was really bad for last two months. Got to a point where I couldn’t use the app. One suggestion- improve the quality and give the ability to have conference calls(more than 1 person).

- Fake app

This app should be fake. I downloaded it bought a package to connect with my family but all the numbers I called using the app says number busy yet if I call directly without the app, it goes through. A friend of mine has also suffered victim of the app. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND you at all for this app, put your money somewhere else!!!

- Sometimes The “best” Is Not Good Enough

So, if you ever find the need to make contact with anyone in a office, institution or business of some sort, this application may not be a viable solution for you. Currently it has a 100% fail rate when calling a switchboard. Per the Rebtel Customer Team “ We currently don't support calls to switchboards. We cannot guarantee that calls to switchboard numbers will work as intended because when you are being redirected to another extension our system thinks that the other side has ended the call.”

- Poor quality and poor customer service

I have never rated any app with one star. But was so frustrated with Rebtel. Poor quality and when ever needed wont be able to make calls. Customer service says WiFi is required to make calls. I’m surprised to hear that comment, if WiFi is required then why would I pay and use rebtel , I can use wats app or Skype for calling and what does unlimited calls means here when WiFi is required? It’s been 2 months I’m trying to fix this issue . But the above was the reply I received and there no fix they provided

- Calls just stopped!!

I don’t know what to say but firstly I just got this app last night! It worked really well for a few minuets. I used the free minutes I was given to call 🇿🇦, I then bought the 30min for $1 and only used 11mins and I still says I have 18min left!! But when I try to make calls back to 🇿🇦 it keeps saying that my wireless carrier doesn’t allow to make calls! I’m with TMOBILE and I don’t understand how my wireless carrier could just stop my calls!! I just want to know if this is something that is fixable?? If so please do it ASAP because it is a bit of an inconvenience

- Worst APP

This APP is waist of your money!! I downloaded this app few months ago, first it worked fine but then it started to having issues, it’s either it wouldn’t connect at all or tells you “the person you are calling is not Abilene” or you get a recorded line and so on. Every time I tried to make calls I had to delete the app and re-downloaded and this worked sometimes and sometimes it didn’t. And with each try to make a phone calls they charge you. So it’s a waist of time and money!!! Don’t use it!! I would give it zero stars!!

- Calling to Africa

This is the best service for calling Africa that I’ve ever had. I’ve used others, but this service seems to work well, even when I only have 2 bars of cell service on my phone. Easy to top up and the connection goes through when other app services don’t. I highly recommend using Rebtel

- Decline in Rebtel performance

Since the end of August, the connection performance has declined significantly. There is no explanation why the sudden decline. Rebtel used to perform much better when calling overseas; however this is no longer the case. I’ve continued to lose money on poor connections; when the other party cannot hear me or I cannot hear them. Then; I have to hang up and try again multiple times without resolution. In fact, I had to use the expensive AT&T to make the calls. At this time, I’m researching the market for an alternate service to Rebtel.

- The best I have seen!

I am amazed at the quality of this service. This is unbelievable! Shows you time of your supposed call destination, available call time, call duration but importantly, the smooth connection and quality of call is second to none. This is by far, the best I have seen!

- Went from doable to bad

It was working fine for a whilst and then when I tired to call a few months back. It stop dialing through. It give me a busy fail tone right away. Try to resolve it w help desk but it's useless. The question they ask are impossible to answer as it ask for answer there you can barely fill in since you have to either write down the error message right away and fast and try to remember the rest to input the info in the window. And if you manage to get it in they just come back with more question.

- It keeps asking for PIN but does not connect

Everytime I tried to call internationally, the app would ask for a PIN and I would enter the PIN followed by the hash key but it keep saying that the pin is invalid!!! I have updated the app and even my PIN. It does not let me connect with the call!!! Also, the connection is really bad as of my very last call that I was able to make, after like 1:30 min being in the call, the call would be disconnected and seems like the person would be saying the same phrases all over again! Very dissappointed

- Amazing

I’m just starting with this app! And the first impression are great ! I’m so excited because they give you so many offers and even a free calls! I recommend it for everyone! I’m going to definitely move forward with this company! The quake of calls to Cuba are amazing and can hear my family so clear! Thanks

- Terrible

I like the fact you can make quality calls but the money you guys charge for credits is just too much and extra. Paying almost times 2 of the credit price is just crazy. Paying about $6 extra to buy a $10 dollar credit is straight scam.

- Amazed!

I’m really amazed with this app I used to spend a lot of money with Skype and orbitel calling my family in colombia and woow $5 dollars per month plus a mint free to try the app!!! I’m so sappy also because I had a top quality call no interferences or weird noises or the famous: “I can’t hear you” everything was perfect and my dictamen for this app is 5 stars :)

- What happened to SMS?

Hi there. I like the Rebtel app and am a longtime user (almost 10 years). I just went back to use it after awhile and it seems to me that the ability to send international SMS messages has disappeared. Was this feature removed, and if so why? It was a very useful feature to have. Thank you.

- Connects me perfectly with my loved ones!

I love Rebtel cause it’s easy, convenient, and somehow cheap compared to other worldwide calling apps/cards. I easily pick my contacts from the contact list and dial like a regular call. It’s very Clear and tells me how many minutes I have left after I hang up. No complaints!!!

- Worst money spent

Bought the $5 to call my parents, who are hospitalized. Everytime I made a call, a robot voice said “The destination you’re calling is engaged” Well, they didn’t even use their phone because I sent text messages and they were not on the phone! In the mean time, every time I tried to make the call, one minute was deducted. So I lost 20 minutes because I kept trying, with no result ! Such a waste of time. Sent email to customer service, no response whatsoever. Do not waste your money on this apps.

- Poor call connection and zero customer service

I downloaded the app and bought minutes to make calls to Asia. I called my family at two different numbers several times on different days. When calls are answered, the other party could not hear me and the call was clearly connected to the wrong number. And all other calls were routed to some unknown party and got to voicemails speaking a different language. I contacted customer service and received ZERO response. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.

- Voice problem

I am facing this problem from last 3 weeks, while on call voice is interrupting, i have made connection as Auto in setting and also checked for cellular data and wifi as well. The result is same for all. Please resolve these problem ASAP. Thanks.

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- Disappointing

Joined and paid my airtime, time to make a call its saying am not registered. My account has been debited and there is no 24hr support service. Had an urgent issue to convey home had to join and pay for another provider. Upto now l havent got any feed back or explanation why they managed to debit my account but failed to use the service l have paid for

- Great service

Need an urgent call to my home country and found this service on line and paid and enjoyed smooth service! Recommend to all and will be using it again.

- Certain network calls only

I signed up for their unlimited calls to Philippines for $18/month, (free trial) because I thought I can call anyone regardless of their sim network BUT I was disappointed that I can only make calls to a certain network which is - SMART. Glad my family is on the same network however my other relatives are not which is quite frustrating.

- It’s my first review on reptel

I’m using this application for two years no problem at all , good luck your team thanks for everything

- Call to uk

My friend in uk is in her 70s has emphysema and copd. I need to talk to her . Thank you for allowing this as I am a pensioner who also has emphysema and copd. Telestra is just here for the money, thank you for caring.

- Never been better. One reliable App

Awesome service. Thanks for making it easier to communicate with my mum. Loving it ❤️

- Quality call to China

Thanks, after 3minutes free try,definitely, I will buy credit.

- Best service

Best thing that ever happened to me when making a direct international call

- Me ahmed

I wanna to see if this is ok for Kenya then I can use and my family. Thanks again net work or reception it’s not worth thank you

- Girly!

Guys I get to talk to my family overseas without ridiculous charges! And that honestly means the world to me! I love this app! Thank you so much!!!

- Best one out there.

I or the person I’m chatting with never felt that I’m not using a direct call. Good job team Rebtel.

- Rip-off

What a joke. $5 credit costs at least $10. It’s like they’re intentionally trying to obfuscate the true cost of the service. I know the response is going to be “we incur extra costs because of the App Store, blah, blah, blah” but seriously, get with it. This is the cost of doing business. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

- Calling

Can hear voice very well

- Call playing back problem

When i call overseas after 1 minute it starts playing back our first conversations then I have to disconnect and ring again which is a very frustrating experience. Not happy

- Excellent app

I give it 9/10 rating and it really amazing app allowing me to call in Africa for low rate.

- Hi

good but same time the sound is back to me while talking

- Awesome

Unbelievable I was given 30 minutes,I never thought this was real

- Call failed

The app is good but lately whenever I try to call to Malta , it shows call failed and it’s annoying 😏😏


So I noticed whenever I called my friend it would continuously loop the same thing he said previously. I thought it was just my phone so he called me and he said it did the same thing back! Most definitely a scam to get people’s money and minutes.

- Don’t waste your time and money

They don’t tell you that you can’t call to a mobile number overseas and it’s like when then why do I need a calling card that doesn’t call any number overseas! Fraudulent stay away!

- Unable to get my number verified

Please help

- Awesome!

I really needed this kind of app. Thank you so much Rebtel.

- Waste of money

Can't make calls for the past two days, tried to contact customer care, they don't have any contact no either. Was relying on this for international calls. Can't trust.

- Thieves

I recharged and after recharging while trying to make a call they stopped me from using it and told me that I was suspended when I tried to email them there was no response this app is a fraud

- Keeps calling the wrong number

Starting today, it just keeps calling the wrong number for some reason. Random people all over the world!

- The worst app ever.

3 minutes free call and didn’t even connect! Absolutely useless! Just dialled a number in Brisbane when I entered a PNG number! Are you kidding me! What an absolute scam! Rip off! Deserves a freaking negative five star rating! 😡😡

- Best Calling App

This is one of the best calling app. Thumbs up rebtel

- Disappointed

30mins for $1 they say but when I purchased it, the promo is gone and it didn't even went to my credits.

- Worst App

It’s a fraud. If you get any issues they will take ages to reply and won’t be able to fix it. Worst customer service.

- Chris Canberra

Crystal clear international calls.

- Nice app

Good app to connect around

- Kogan mobile blocked this local number

Could not make call except with wifi

- :(

It was great until i changed to iphone xs max, doesn’t work

- Worst application

Signal drops off every two minutes. It is a waste of money.

- International call

This is fraud wasted money very bad connection not reliable you will be disappointed

- Very good

Great app . five stars to the app

- Too expensive

Called Zimbabwe it was $5 for 10 min what a rip off ..

- Complete scam

After seeing a one week free trial: 20 minutes to sign up & add credit card information. Then be told that to use my free trial i must add credit, with a $10 minimum. 30 minutes to delete my account. Thats 1 hour of my life i wont get back. Avoid this scam of an app.

- All good

Amazingly amazing

- The best

The best service

- Quality

Clarity is great

- Best VOIP app

This has to be the best VoIP app. It just works and is so cheap. Helped me so much whilst overseas and having free wifi at airports and hotels turns your seemly unconnected phone into a working phone. The great thing also it sends your number to others when you call. So it looks like you are calling them off your mobile and not the app (very nice feature) ESP if people want to call you back. Get this app you won't regret it and it will help you especially if your a traveller.

- Bunch of scammers

Dont even bother downloading the app You’ll regret

- Rebtel

Its just disappointing costumer servise i never ever use unlike these app in my life very bad app.... Do not wast your time with services go and have look other apps

- Wast time and money

Worst app I used in my life

- Great

Awesomely great

- Fantastic app, but with a few connection issues

This is app that is one of the mainstays in my phone. It's connection prices to overseas is bar none, being significantly less than Skype. However, it's use is sometimes hindered with occasional difficulties in connecting with the other person, and a few usage errors. These typically are solved by restarting the app, waiting a few minutes or at most a day or two. Overall the stability of the app has markedly improved in the recent months, with the ease of use and low price far outweighing anything on the market.

- It gets worst with time

One expects to have a better experience and simple usage for any app. But this one has proven to be the exact opposite. I have been using it for more than a year. During this time they chafes the layout and they way you make a payment. Recently I came across a verification method I have never come across before. Even after submitting all my bank details and everything- I was still not able to recharge my account. When I contacted the customer service they told me to try the same method and offered no explanation what so ever to why the payment process wasn't working. I am done waiting for the developers to improve the app. I am going to be looking for alternative ones from now on. Adios

- It gets worst with time

One expects to have a better experience and simple usage for any app. But this one has proven to be the exact opposite. I have been using it for more than a year. During this time they chafes the layout and they way you make a payment. Recently I came across a verification method I have never come across before. Even after submitting all my bank details and everything- I was still not able to recharge my account. When I contacted the customer service they told me to try the same method and offered no explanation what so ever to why the payment process wasn't working. I am done waiting for the developers to improve the app. I am going to be looking for alternative ones from now on. Adios

- Easy, cheap international calls

Rebtel is a great VOIP service for international calling. This app makes everything even simpler. Provides you with local numbers for your international contacts. You pay cheap Rebtel rates for the international call and whatever your rate is for national/ local calls. On my plan national calls are included so no extra cost. Once the service is set up, Rebtel is definitely the most straightforward cheap international calling service I've ever used.

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- Free

If you are a canadian and want free call anywhere in USA this is for you and it is free.

- While making call continuously vibration in line

O facing this problem since sep17’1018 I so not know what happed but while making call my phone vibrates till the person picks up the phone. Please fix this issue or comment any suggestions.


Very very perfect and seamlessly.

- Wants access to your contacts even to test it

Don’t like this approach - forces you to allow their app to access your contacts from the get go. A stupid “international dialling will be difficult without access to your contact” is of course rubbish, so I deleted app without getting to test it

- Great call quality - better prices than others!

I like the quality of calls. Desktop version allows paypal bu mobile version not yet. Hope this will change. Other than that very pleased. Thank you.

- Doesn’t work

It’s really random. Often it never connects to destination. On wifi I have never had a chance, on phone lines it’s rare that it works. Gonna stop using it if it continues.

- Scam and fraud

These guys are scammer. They charged me double for 8 months and now they are refunding it only for three months. And still they have charged me thrice for this month. Save your money. Stay away from these thieves.

- No free calling to US

I used this app because it provided free calls to USA. Was enjoying the app but one day suddenly I started getting “out of credits msg” when 0 credits required to place calls. I can’t make calls to US anymore and now this app is useless for me.. uninstalling

- Awsm app for international travelers

I really liked this app. You just need to recharge once of $10 and talk until its not getting over. No monthly bounds and all . Thank you for being youb🥰

- Do not get if calling NA

Dropped calls and bad reception if calling USA or Canada

- Terrible voice quality

Receiver could not hear my voice properly. It is frustrating and useless.

- I am so excited .

Great service absolutely recommended

- voice quality is so poor

i cant hear mosg of time

- It's amazing

This is great app for international call..!

- What’s the point of Canadian App Store?

Why allow it in the Canadian App Store if your going to charge in USD every time via credit card. The conversion fee alone will equate this to a normal landline price. I’ll come back when I can pay in good ol CAD

- Great service

I recommend this service, it’s clear and uninterrupted telephone line. I’m glad to know this Rebtel.

- Terrible!

I could hear the person I called but they couldn’t hear me. I was frustrating. And the call was dropped. Don’t wait your time

- Expensive rate compared to others like “call to Ethiopia “

Higher rate per minute compare to other call app. $0.23 cent per minute to call in Ethiopia but other apps offers $0.16-0.20 cent per minute.

- Love it

I wish if calls were cheaper to Yemen especially when times are tough like this. But other than that I love it.


Worst app so far. AVOID

- Behave like frauders?

I am an active subscriber of rebtel and my top up date is 14 july and its my choice i can renew it or not? Because my automatic top-up is off? And with off mode, why rebtel top-up it manually. Really dis-satisfied? 👎🏻

- Not a loyal company!!

I have been using this app for a long time and spent a lot of money on international calls as well as top ups for family and friends. The quality is generally good but at times calls drops in the middle of your conversation and your money in the account decreases. Also, they charge US dollars and when converting to Canadian it’s much higher. THIS COMPANY ALSO CHANGE The RATE WHENEVER THEY WANT without telling customers. The other issue that I noticed was that they don’t let you use your entire minutes. If they say you have 25 minute for this call, then you are talking only 18 minutes. That’s stealing minutes! My phone provider also charged me $25 when I was trying to make an international call through this up. Tried to contact them but the customer service rep has so much attitude he told me to relax! They only care for the money! I have to find another loyal company!! Stay away from rebtel!

- Application with Hidden Rules and worst customer service

I bought an unlimited plan. I had to call different numbers to arrange for doctors and hospitals admissions for my family due covid. Rebtel blocked my service saying I cannot call new number as I have reached the limit. Like really!!! I bought unlimited plan and how can unlimited plan have limits! Worst experience with their meaningless internal rules and policies.

- Best App

Great customer support and amazing service

- Quality of calls is clear

Quality of calls is clear

- Can’t call china

Keeps giving me error “cannot initiate call”

- Don’t do it

Worst app ever! They charged me for nothing!!!! I hadn’t even tried the app and was charged 15$!!!!!

- Connection problem

Every time when I’m trying to call india, call didn’t connect to the person I’m calling, it always rings when i call but didn’t connect to the person i am calling till i call them like several dozen times and by chance out of all that times it connect only 3 to 4 times and sometime it connect to a unknown person. I’m having this problem since September 2019... please look at this problem.

- Ph

Excellent service

- A

Amazing app keep it up

- Terrible Support, doesn’t include different formats to download call records

I have been using RebTel since 2019 but my experience with the support team has been terrible. Being a subscription based app, Rebtel should provide better support. There is no option to download call records in exc format or even to apply filters.

- Scam!!

I purchased this and used it once or twice for a few min and now it is saying i am out of credit. They don't tell you the validity at the time of purchase and latter they’d make an excuse by saying it is expired. I emailed and no one responded to me, so it is not trustworthy.. be careful!!!

- Why I didn’t found you before Rebtel!

I’m so happy and satisfied to use this app , it was my first time using and the call ear clear and out of any noise ... here you have a new user ! Thank you for this standards of quality

- Call from Canada to Scotland

It was awesome to be able to visit with our extended family in Scotland. The connection was excellent!!

- Scam

Bought some credit and can not use it to call to Nigeria

- great

Rebtel is great

- Best app

Good app

- Exceptional Quality

Exceptional call quality at awesome rates 👍

- Easy calling

I like this app, no distortions while calling (smooth). Easy to pay.

- App reussie

Facile à utiliser côté interface graphique. Appel fluide

- Calls dont connect

I have been using Rebtel for over 2 years - making calls from the US to India and the service was really good. After moving to Canada, I reinstalled Rebtel again and the service has dropped down horribly. I am thinking of uninstalling. Ridiculous!

- Amazing

Just an amazing app!!!! So happy is perfect guys

- Won’t send

I don’t get the SMS and I can’t get a call.

- Clear and effective

Clear and effective , I would recommend it

- Great

Hi this app has been great but since yesterday it is not allowing me to call anyone, it just gives me the message saying “this person can’t pick up call right now, please call back later”. I texted that person and they said they haven’t gotten any call from anyone and my app is just doing this thing. Please fix it.

- Rebtel

This is the best solution ever to feel home away from home. I can now talk to my parents and siblings without rushing and the clarity of the lines amazes me. It’s quite affordable too! Thank you Rebtel!

- Awesome quality and great service

Wow, so great to be able to talk without the worry how juicy it will costs.

- Sound is great!

Calling Canada is like talking to someone locally. NO drop calls, NO bad reception, NO interruptions. I was hesitant at first about long distance call app but I’m glad and happy about this one.

- Not used anything better

Super simple, excellent quality and best value for money international calling app.

- Best

This is very helpful especially reaching people who I cannot access through internet.

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- Doesn’t allow conference call

I’m happy with this app but it doesn’t allow me to conference more than one number. This is biggest pbm for a bachelor who is outside country and trying to reach his family and connect using conferencing If they fix this issue it would be globally perfect app for india calling.

- Fraud Alert!!!

This app uses subscribers card details without authorization. It happened to me and no one at support has responded to my cry. The app stores card details and through a convoluted means, does not clearly tell subscribers that they will be forced to auto-renew their subscription. It used to be well spelt out with Rebtel but I guess Rebtel is getting desperate. Please stop storing subscribers card details without permission and stop auto-renewing without authorization! Someone please get back to me and do me a refund! Until I get a response I ll very present here frequently venting my displeasure!!! M H

- Great for the military

Been using this app for a couple months and it’s been a life saver overseas. Initially I was using my overseas phone plan and was getting murdered on my bill. This app enables me to stay in touch with my family and my stateside business calls I have to make while I’m stationed overseas. Highly recommend this app!!!

- Call from the states to the U.K.

I call my mother from my cell phone to her landline regularly and the quality of the call is wonderful. Never experience dropped calls or static on the line. Call always goes through on the first time. Don’t have to worry about pins or dialing codes. Love the app! Well done Rebtel!

- Terrible!

As you can make out from 1 star their connection is terrible.I wish we had an option for 0 rating! The call quality is very very very bad. Either the person at the other end couldn't hear us or we couldn't hear them. The line had a lot of disturbance! I barely used the app for a week and I even asked my husband to install it on his phone because the "free trial" had a good connection. But once we paid for it and got the app, it sucked! Not one call went on well! I want my $20 back!!!!! I'm very upset!

- International calling

I have been more than happy with Rebtel I can contact my sisters who live in Germany and the U.K. and a very dear friend in Denmark I just hope I understood correctly that Global calling really is unlimited for $10 a month the sound quality of my calls is excellent great service you provide Thank you Marion Campbell

- Awful calling quality

I purchased the unlimited India calling subscription but their calling quality is so bad that i had to move back to another service provider. Many times the other person cannot hear or i cannot hear them etc., so its very bad experience overall. I tried calling from different phones, different destination numbers so i know its not an issue from my end. Rebtel support also did not refund for subscription. I will not use them for my future needs.

- I love the service

Everything is so clear and easy to hear and understand the person you call and what they are saying. This is a really good app and I recommend to use this app especially to call people who u are close with and that if they are far away great app!!!

- Bring back paying through App Store

I used the app for years to make calls overseas and it worked great but one day it would no longer let me renew my subscription through the App Store - instead it wants my credit card. I’m not giving my credit card number to some international business with no contact information, so I delete the app. It’s a shame - if they went back to subscribing through the App Store, I’d use this App again!

- Oh What A Relief to find Rebtel!

Didn’t call my brother & sister-in-law in Germany all through the holiday season because I couldn’t locate an international calling card. Now I know about Rebtel!! My call was quick, easy and oh so clear. I’ll now be using my Rebtel app on a regular basis-thank you Rebtel for a belated Christmas gift to myself😃👍.

- Not the best

This app is great because i can talk to my family in different countries but every single time I call it cuts off after maybe one or two minutes and the conversation repeats itself on it’s own. I thought my grandpa was getting old and forgot I was on the phone but it was actually the app that wasn’t working. If the connection was better this app would be the best

- Junk customer service

Do not waste your time downloading this app not good calls quality and the customer service is a lost of time they never solve your issues and guess what they don’t work on weekends so if you have any issue late Friday or during weekend days you’re done I send a top up to my father in Cuba during father’s day and he never got it they told me “just wait till the next recarga with bonus” but Father’s Day is just one day in a whole year and it was a gift they do not solve anything what a waste

- Excellent App!

I was a little skeptical at first when I downloaded the app. However, upon using it I quickly changed my mind. The call was crystal clear and felt like a local call even though I was calling someone halfway across the globe. Highly recommend this!

- Total scam

The information on how to use this app is seriously lacking. Was told that minutes to United Kingdom would be two cents. I paid $15 to put $10 of credits on my account. After I had used 10 minutes of calling my money was gone. Supposedly I had dial the premium number whatever that is. No information on what a premium number is. Lori was completely unable to explain why I was charged the wrong amount and would not correct it or refund my money. Do not use this app it’s a scam

- Amazing service

My family was evacuated from their homes due to severe flooding and I was unable to contact them via messaging services so I downloaded this app and within minutes I was able to hear their voices and know they were safe. I am so thankful for that.

- Very inexpensive way to make international calls from the U.S.

I have been using Rebtel Local for quite some time now for making calls to Germany. The rates are excellent, and the call quality has been very good, as well. I can wholeheartedly recommend this service.

- Making international calls

The calls are clear but my phone number didn’t show at the other end, unlike some other apps where the receiver will see your own phone number. Aside that it’s perfect.

- About Rebtel

It is a good service, affordable. Anytime I dial a new number it tells me I don’t have minutes. Don’t understand what is happening since minutes are unlimited. Little complicated to get in touch with the service provider. Still recommend it!

- First call on the service

The very first call I made today after signing up to Rebtel, and it could not have been better. Call quality was fine, connection was immediate, and no waiting. I’m curious to see the call total, but I am very, very satisfied.


I find this new Rebtel network very very good in audio quality and cost. The connectivity is extremely good and i am enjoying its use. I think it is cheaper using Rebtel in making international calls than most other networks available in the market.

- No in-app purchases????

This isn’t great. I just want to use Apple ID to buy world credits. But the app is asking me my card details. I don’t want to provide my card details. The AppStore description says this app should have a support for in-app purchases. But I commit find. The support as no clue either.

- Good

It is a good app for international calls! It is expensive, but it is still good compared to other apps. In terms of call quality, you should have a strong WiFi signal otherwise you will not experience good call quality!

- Worst support. Never works. Just charges you money

One of the worst support I have ever seen. I have been charged every time I call international numbers. But call recipients never ever received my rings or calls. Contacted their support team on multiple occasions. Their response is always lame like reinstall the app, or disable wifi calling. I did all that. But they would never help fix this issue. I have never seen a company with such a low integrity. Not worth doing business with them.

- Bad bad bad

If I could give 0 star i would. This app is a SCAM. repeat scam. I dont get how it got all these stars? What are these people on ? Downloaded it based on reviews, after doing and purchasing credit non of the calls went through, when it did the person said 3 or 5 words max then it kept going in bizarre audio loop on non stop for 7 calls to different numbers, people watch your records and what could this app possible be doing. I’m so frustrated and will be reporting it.

- Not reliable customer service

My account had been locked, and then unlocked but I cannot use the app to make call, the problem is about their customer service, they do not help, I will not recommend this app

- Best International App!

This app really helps me keep in touch with my boyfriend who lives in the UK. It’s perfect! For only $5 a month I can talk to him as much as I want! Completely unlimited! It’s cheaper than my own phone plan. I highly recommend this app for your international calls!

- 5 dollars monthly to call Colombia does not work, you should fix that big issue !!!

I give 1 star because i am actually living in the United States and this app doesn't give me the chance to make a subscription for minutes to call Colombia for the 5 dollars, i have realized that this app give the opportunity to subscribe to many countries, but not to Colombia. On the other hand, this app is expensive, Boss revolution is more economic and they give you more opportunities to call and more plan options.

- Call

Excellent Quality call!! ... Also able to use all minutes purchased not like other companies that will take fraction of minutes not used...Love Rebtel ...Please keep it up and thank you for your good service !!!

- No login system

This app doesn’t have a login system, if you leave your credit cards linked to your account and for any reason you gif your SIM card to someone else, lose it or something else that person can use your cards. Sms check is nice but a login system is critical for security purpose, it happened to me, i lost my last SIM card, and some one stealed money from my account. You guys need ti think about making a login system for security purpose.

- Best option

I was skeptical about not having to call without data but it worked perfectly and it was clear for both parties. Definitely recommend this app!

- Best quality

My parents and siblings live in Colombia and I have tried a lot of apps and international call services, and by far this has being the best quality I have used. Super recommend, my family said they heard me perfectly!

- Crystal clear

5-star: At least the first call was crystal clear. Update: voice quality has gone down, and the most important thing: once my phone is connected to WiFi, as I have T-mobile, it has WiFi calling. Your calls should go through when using the dial from phone option. Please fix.

- The Best for $10/month

My gf advised me for Rebtel and I felt like wow $10/month and have option to call so many countries ? 🤩 voice clarity and conversations are awesome👌👏 they did gave me free upgrade to call some other countries too. Great app - great facility 👍 keep up the good work team☺️

- One of the best in the market

Best call quality, not many call drops unless your carrier signal is weak. As they say no hidden fees min to min call billing no rounding. Monthly plans works best for me, I have used a lot of packages in the past but this one is hands down the best.

- Worst service

Do not waste your time this service is not reliable, voice was never clear, was trying to understand, not connect when I want, I complain , look at their response, they respond me after 3 days. “ I can see you were able to place some calls, but if you are still experiencing any issues, please reply to this email with details about your experience and we will get back to you shortly!”

- Rebtel works great

We used to use Pincity to call overseas, but they closed unexpectedly and I started look for others for inexpensive calling plan . Very glad I found Rebtel! It is cost effective and convenient with high quality services, highly recommended.

- Horrible customer service

Cheap quality calls sounds good right , but quality is not that awesome. They do not have any customer care number hence when you run into issues you are out of luck. They have email support but they are rude and it takes days to get your issue resolved. I wish they offer better quality app which allows you to make good quality calls with better customer service.

- Kool App

Keeps me connected to family and I'm able to dial directly through the app. Not as cheap as I would like tho to call Africa and I get charged to call many people that I know who have Rebtel whom I should be able to call for free! What’s that about?!

- Total waste

I used Rebtel around one year back and it worked fine then but when I tried using this time, it was total waste of money. Lot of disturbance during call, can't hear what other person saying. Contacted Rebtel and they provided few steps to improve which I did but no difference. I gave them all information asked but they never came back. Total waste of money. Won't recommend. Google voice is much better option.

- Feel sorry about subscribing with you guys

I subscribe only for the hidden phone number (( private number )) that doesn’t appear private number any more and appear as international numbers ... I am very sad because I subscribe with 50 $ and if you don’t fix this or money back, I will write about this experience with you on the internet and Facebook and let people know about your ignorance on my letter , I am waiting for your response for the third time

- Worst service ever.

This is the worst service i ever received. Even after paying $10 for unlimited calling, i hear automated operator answering my calls and asking to recharge account while making international calls. Calls drop intermittently. Their support will try to solve the problem but that never helps as well. They keep on asking the same data and god knows what they do with it. I wouldn’t recommend to use this service to anyone.

- Good call quality

Although is internet based the quality is good if your internet is weak then the voice goes in and out. For most part a good service for the price

- Zero stars. App stole $ and won’t refund

I tried to call using this app and was prompted AFTER the purchase that the app is not operable in the United States. Then why have it in the US App Store? Requested refund through Apple and was denied. Thanks for the theft. I’ve been a loyal Apple “buy EVERYTHING” fan boy since 2003 and all it took was this app to change my mind. I will NOT be buying Apple products or apps from here on out. I would suggest that you don’t spend your money on this legal theft app. 🤬

- Lost my money!!

I bought a $5 calling card. I wasn’t able to make the call. I was automatically logged out of the App. I couldn’t login into the app nor the website after that.

- Satisfied

Clear connection and priced well. I have tried several different services to call out of the country but this will definitely be the service I stay with.

- Used it for years, but they overcharged x2

They charged me x2 the advertised rates, and offered lame explanations after a dozen emails. That’s how the treat customers who were with them for years and years, so no longer a customer. Also, accounts in their billing system don’t add up, but that’s a different matter with its own lame excuses. Completely lost my trust after many years in which I unfortunately recommended them to many people.

- Worst app. Call doesn't get disconnect

This is really one of the worst app I have used. My calls are not getting disconnect until I visit app. According to rebtel My last call was continued for 708 minutes, Non-sense. I have talked barely for 14 minutes.I have been charged so many time like this. My second last call was continued for 400 minute.

- Something wrong happened

The app was awesome it was working very very good and since five days whatever I'm trying to do call whenever I press the number the whole app is shutting down anyone can advise me what to do?

- App crashing after update

After the lastest app is crashing. Sometimes in between of the call, call drops automatically. I am using rebtel for quite few years just because of less price for unlimited calls.

- Worked for me

I call Bangladesh from US with the monthly subscription. Normally I don’t rate apps but I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to deactivate my subscription. Have not experienced any bad calls though I have good wifi.

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Rebtel: International Calling 5.16 Screenshots & Images

Rebtel: International Calling iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Rebtel: International Calling iphone images
Rebtel: International Calling iphone images
Rebtel: International Calling iphone images
Rebtel: International Calling iphone images
Rebtel: International Calling iphone images
Rebtel: International Calling iphone images

Rebtel: International Calling (Version 5.16) Install & Download

The applications Rebtel: International Calling was published in the category Social Networking on 2009-10-14 and was developed by Rebtel Networks AB [Developer ID: 1461743302]. This application file size is 116.71 MB. Rebtel: International Calling - Social Networking app posted on 2020-05-13 current version is 5.16 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.rebtel.Rebtel

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