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BE WARNED: Insanely addictive!
"possibly the best iPhone game ever created" - Touch Arcade

From prime-time sitcoms (BIG BANG THEORY) to late night TV (JIMMY FALLON) to a fashion accessory for pop stars (LADY GAGA), Doodle Jump is EVERYWHERE! It's a cultural craze, a hot new trend!

iTunes reviews (US)
"I just got dumped cuz I wouldn't put this game down! And I just kept playing while she walked away... ITS THAT GOOD!"

"Somehow it's better than sleep for me. I am sick, sleep deprived, and achy, and yet I cannot put it down"

"Coming from someone who owns a PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360, I play this game more!! This game is amazing!!"

Media reviews:
"Doodle Jump is a perfect micro-game, insanely addictive, and deliciously replayable. Go get it." -

"the most addicting iPhone game yet?" -GIZMODO

"...the king of casual games on the App Store ...tons of updates and lots and lots of gameplay in a super simple and accessible package." - TUAW

So, what is it?
In Doodle Jump, you guide Doodle the Doodler—using some of the most subtle and accurate tilt controls in existence—on a springy journey up, up, up a sheet of graph paper, picking up jet packs, avoiding black holes, and blasting baddies with nose balls along the way.

Laugh with delight as Doodle™ blows past other players' actual score markers scribbled in the margins. And be warned: this game is insanely addictive.

- 11 incredible worlds + 3 SECRET easter eggs
- broken, moving, disappearing, moveable, and EXPLODING platforms
- JET PACKs, PROPELLER HATS, ROCKETS, and springs that fly you higher
- UFOs, black holes, monsters, bear traps!
- jump on monsters to bring them down MARIO-style
- share your scores
- race agains friends!
- global leaderboards, achievements!

How to play:
Tilt to move left or right, tap the screen to shoot.

*Please don't Doodle Jump and drive, and BE WARNED: Doodle Jump is Insanely Addictive!

Doodle Jump App Description & Overview

The applications Doodle Jump was published in the category Games on 2009-03-27 and was developed by Lima Sky. The file size is 58.04 MB. The current version is 3.21.2 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Performance improvements

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Doodle Jump Reviews


The app starts slow  Reddy0245  4 star

I’m playing this game on my iPhone Xs Max and for some reason everytime i start the app it’s so slow, I’m not sure if it’s my internet connection or what but it’s really slow when i start.

david kelso

Missions?  david kelso  5 star

Can someone tell me do the missions give you coins?

sivan hechtman

Half points  sivan hechtman  2 star

This game is fun but there needs to be half points so the player doesn’t have to start alllllll over again from the beginning :( I want to practice the difficult parts but every time I get to them I fall. Fun concept though! And addicting. Maybe because the player really wants to climb higher :/


Ads  LeafLeif  1 star

I get an ad every single time I fail. I will choose not to watch an ad to revive and then I get an ad. It’s so frustrating and I feel like I’ve spent 5 total hours in this game watching ads and 20 minutes actually playing.


Love it! One problem  maryellen1234321  5 star

I love the game, but by one complaint is that I can’t beat my high score! Grrrrr

Jefe Gerfazo

Claps  Jefe Gerfazo  5 star

Best game on the App Store. No ads, and it’s easy to learn. Definitely worth $ 0.99. You should get it!


Slow motion  lt222  1 star

I used to enjoy this game as a quick time waster on my phone when I was waiting for friends or appointments. In the last month however the game starts fine but after a few jumps it changes to slow motion which is just completely unchallenging & unenjoyable. I have the latest update on a new iPhone- doesn’t matter. The game simply doesn’t work properly. What a shame- it used to be fun.


I downloaded this back in 2010  Mexicanwitskillz  5 star

I wanted to start my review off by saying I downloaded this game back in 2010 and it’s not a game I play regularly anymore but it’s still solid for what you get from it. Not much has changed since I downloaded it back then. This was one of my first apps and I’ve played over 100s of mobile games. The concept is simple and it’s a chill way to pass time, but nothing I’d spend a daunting amount of time on everyday.


My opinion about doodle jump  Destroyer4Teen  2 star

Although it is kind of a fun game I get a really bad bug all the time where I use my hard earned coins to buy a 2nd life thing and if I am in the middle of the game and I turn of my phone, when I reopen the game it doesn’t have a record of me buying the 2nd life and also sets me back my 1,000 coins


Entertaining  evanjalbert  5 star

This is the only game I play on my IPhone and use it only if I need to entertain myself if I’m on a plane or something like that. Most games I play on my Nintendo Switch or PS4 Pro. But overall it’s a really great game. I recommend it to anyone. Keep it up Lima Sky!

Jessey Parente

Needs support for iPhone X!  Jessey Parente  4 star

Needs support for iPhone X!


Awesome  Pacman12323  5 star

I love this game and the stickers for iMessage are a very cool edition, thanks ☺️


Great fun and addictive  scootre  5 star

Well thought out. Great entertainment for all.


Love it!  Lilydawson_  5 star

Doodle jump is such a fun and enjoyable game i hope for my kids to be able to play it when im older and for this game to never get old and forgotten because this game is AMAZING !!!! From Lily Dawson 😄😄


I ask the real questions.  Dan9876512345463728190  5 star

If you don't have doodle jump yet, why not? If you do, WHY AREN'T YOU PLAYING IT!?

Stella is the best

I love this app  Stella is the best  5 star

I love this app because it has a variety of fun features you look for in a game 💖


Very Addictive - I can't stop playing it!!  Abcabvabvah  5 star

Every time I have two minutes to spare, doodle jump is what my first reaction to play is!! For a game that is a dollar it is worth it. No ads whatsoever, it's wonderful!! Recommend for anyone who can constantly handle beating their high score. Five out of five from me!!

Potatoes are cool and me

I dont care if this is a dollar but its a waste of money  Potatoes are cool and me  1 star

So i just got an itunes card and i looked at the 99c games and this was one of them. I bought it and at first it was fun and all then i looked at the other doodle jump games. The free version of this WAS EXACTLY THE SAME it just had a few ads. BUT WHY WOULD U MAKE THIS IT THERES ALREADY A FREE ONE. It doesnt even say if its a lite version. YOU CAN BUY THE SAME THINGS IN THE STORE AND ITS EXACTLY THE SAME BUT FREE AND WITH LITTLE ADS.

4 reviews?

Had it from the start  4 reviews?  5 star

I can't remember when I downloaded doodle jump but I know that the game was free and I bought my first iPod for it. After that I became addicted to the game and even borrowed people phones to play it. The game got to me and after a while I accepted it as the best game ever, no adds, no loneliness, just jumping and killing. Then tragedy struck, I got home and played on my iPod, the next day it had exploded on my bedside table... ok I get it, it was like 3 years old and the iOS had been jail broken just so it would go higher than its current level (so I could update doodle jump more😀), but it was my first device and I loved it, so instead of getting a phone that Christmas I got the money to repair it. I set it back to the lower iOS level and downloaded the updated fame from online until yet another bad thing occurred. It became a paid game. Look I owned it on my account but when it became paid I didn't feel good downloading it offline and not supporting the devs. So I bought an iPhone and got it again, now I'm here telling an old story of how I fell in love with the game and how I feel like I've been supporting the decs since day 1 (I wonder how many people had it when I got it?)


Masterpiece of smartphone games  NatanTeam  5 star

5 stars


Amazing classic game  Me-yeah_me  5 star

Love this game so much


Rate pestering  josephmscott  1 star

Pesters you to rate the app.


It's ight  Oh_It's_Dylan  5 star

Yeah, it's ight. Was it worth a dollar eh maybe, but whatever it keeps me busy.


Greatness  Soappy25  5 star


Jeff from State Farm

Jump  Jeff from State Farm  5 star


Calvin N. Hobbes

Great GAME  Calvin N. Hobbes  4 star

Fav. Lot it.

Awezome sauze

Amazing fun and basic  Awezome sauze  5 star



Yasssssss  JodyT-P  5 star

This game is Fantastic!!!! U won't be disappointed

Voracious Vulcan

Good as when it was launched  Voracious Vulcan  5 star

Goon then...still good.


Doodle jump  markebailey1964  5 star

Great game to take your mind off things for a little while. I read some stuff in the reviews about the tilt of the iPhone and inconsistencies. Well if you're a professional gamer I certainly won't be playing this game. But this game helps me spend a little time when I don't have anything else to do and helps me clear my mind and I've been using it for years.


Wonderful  Cassy792  5 star

Great app, never glitchy, and hours of entertainment.

Laura lulu McGuire

Awesome  Laura lulu McGuire  5 star

Well worth it. Five stars, without a doubt


Get it  1man1  5 star

Just get it


😀😀😀😀😀😀😀  Emzomckeon  5 star

Very good game.😃 Get it now it's awsome you'll love it!!!! GOOOO DOODLE JUMP!😉


Good game!  Help?????  5 star

Very addictive but very fun!!


Cool  Tiggyboo7  4 star


ODST Camando

Doodle jump is da job  ODST Camando  5 star

If the fian na gail knew about they would **** off with their water charges #ImIrish #PógMóThoin


Dodl  Billymcfeely  5 star

It is a very good app

Do og

It's a gud gam  Do og  3 star

It iz alrite cud u plez mak a hurling version it's an Irish sprt


Great  Brobabe  5 star

Best game ever rate it 5 star ***** now

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