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Harry's LapTimer is the advanced tool for car enthusiast. It records all types of sensor data provided by your iPhone/iPod/iPad (or external sensors), combines them, and makes them available to optimize your drive. Over time, you will get insights on your car and in your driving, not known before.

LapTimer offers more than 1000 predefined tracks world wide. With its assistants, it is extremely easy to setup - just click your track and drive. It fully automates your lap timing using GPS, and presents the results to all kinds of media.

You are not limited to track driving only. For example, you may define your home and working locations as a 'track', collect statistics on different ways chosen, and analyze / optimize the time used every day.

Want to show your drive to your friends? LapTimer Petrolhead and above generates beautiful in car video recordings with all kinds of data overlaid, ready to be presented - e.g. on youtube. Even without video, recorded data can be analyzed using purpose designed views, making it easy to analyze and improve your driving performance.

Using online racing, you can use LapTimer in competition. LapTimer offers a Hall of Fame, allows watching you and your friends on track - all in real time. Compare your sector times, braking / acceleration points, and learn from each other.

You can start with your plain iPhone in the beginning and add external GPS and OBD II sensors later, step by step, and as you need it. LapTimer itself comes in three different editions: LapTimer Rookie is the entry level with all you need for lap timing; LapTimer Petrolhead is the advanced version including lots of video features, and LapTimer Grand Prix is the edition for professionals including Multi Cam recording, and advanced sensor and analytics functionality.

Please note that functionality depends on your device, the LapTimer edition chosen, and sometimes even external sensors added (like OBD II). Please visit our web page to get the full story. All edition can be upgraded later, all editions come with native iPhone and iPad support.

There are quite expensive stand alone solutions for track days available. Be smart and own the leading edge tool simply by using your iPhone and LapTimer. Besides the professional area, there is no known solution that offers more functionality than LapTimer does - across the market. As our ambition is to offer the best tool, LapTimer is enhanced continuously.

Please visit http://www.gps-laptimer.de for detailed information on versions, FAQs / documentation, in depth technology background information, online racing, and supported device configurations. Join our user community on http://www.gps-laptimer-forum.de to be involved in future development - all with first class support.

Harry's LapTimer Rookie App Description & Overview

The applications Harry's LapTimer Rookie was published in the category Sports on 2009-03-27 and was developed by Harald Schlangmann. The file size is 72.37 MB. The current version is 21.1.0 and works well on 7.1 and high ios versions.

‣ Improved iOS11 compatibility for video overlay and data recordings
‣ Fixed a mix up of sensor names (Custom OBD WiFi etc)
‣ Added BTLE Custom GPS sensor support
‣ Improved BTLE Custom OBD sensor support
‣ Added TONWON BTLE OBD compatibility
‣ Several other minor fixes and improvements

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Harry's LapTimer Rookie Reviews


Too many bugs!  铣哥  1 star

Fix the bug!

Pierre SF

Total waste of money  Pierre SF  1 star

Bought at the last minute for a track day. Might work ok in a car but certainly not on a motorcycle as this doesn't work from inside a pocket.


Lots features but needs to be easier to use  MaliceRancher  3 star

App seems to have a lot of functionality but it's not exactly plug n play. I can't fiddle with it while on the track so it gets frustrating when it's not working as expected.


Please fix, no track available to load  dion613  1 star

No track listed in the load track view

Will Christian

Laptimer..  Will Christian  5 star

I recently purchased this laptimer "rookie". I'm a novice racer, just looking to make improvements in my street car (mk5 gti) this is perfect for what I want. It tracks your lap times, as well as a track map to see your "g's" in the turns. It's a great app! The folks are great with support as well.


Must buy for saving times  Felliph3  4 star

Worked great at a recent track day. Recorded lots of good data and times. Def worth it


Rookie version  Bossssssssssss  5 star

I bought the rookie version. I used it for lap times. Works great! Will mount it properly in sept at vir and use some more of its features.


App Fab  FPR2010  5 star

Great that I have been using since the good old PalmOS days. Runs fine on a 4(S), but needs external GPS on a 3S. Love the external gadgets: 5Hz GPS, OBD and camera feeds.


Best  Joonyaboy  5 star

Still one if the best apps I have ever purchased. Continually updated refreshed


Outstanding  Buki5  5 star

I've been using this app with the Tom Tom mount through several releases. Absolutely phenomenal!! With the new iphone 5 and improved processor I'm hoping the video can be made continuous....otherwise wonderful tool.


RUBBISH!!!  The17thPope  1 star

Calibrated the device and had 4 ticks, so 'good to go'. Track loaded and then 'race' selected with nothing more to do. 5 sessions and NOT "ONE" recorded Lap. This is the biggest POS, do t waste your time!! If you're going to charge $30+ for your other timers; if you can't even get the base model right, you can go jump on the others!! Gutted not one time 😡😡😡👎👎👎


Exactly what I wanted!  pyrate_80  4 star

After downloading this app I was delighted it had some tracks built in that I needed such as Sandown. It's very easy to define custom tracks and then u just press 'drive now' and it starts timing and comparing to your reference lap. The Hall of Fame feature blew my mind at a track day when I hit submit and saw other people's lap times from my track day session who were using this app!! Feels a tiny bit expensive and not always the most intuitive UI but this is a brilliant track day/everyday app with plenty of data to analyse and have fun with.


Must have app for track enthusiasts  Vtecing  5 star

One of the essential items at every track day. So good to keep a record of all my laps in one convenient place.


Best app  User35566  5 star

I've used this a few times and are continually impressed with the super powerful options available. Highly recommended for anyone who gets on the track.


Does what it says  ***bigdave***  5 star

Bought this app thinking it would be ok. Turns out it was fantastic!! Lots of tracks and very user friendly. Highly recommend this app to all motoring enthusiasts.


Great lap timer  MDW88  5 star

Brilliant little programme. Set up was simple – walked over to the start and finish line and set this as a trigger, mount it on the windscreen to get good GPS signals and off we went. It managed to record times within 5/100ths of a second compared to the official track timing whilst creating a map of the track and pretty little maps of linear acceleration and G forces etc of each lap. Later that night I got all techy and set a couple of sector points which it also duly recorded and added to the data sets when back at the track the next day

Paul de Rome

Harry's lap timer  Paul de Rome  4 star

This app is brilliant! I downloaded the track (it even had Wakefield Park near Goulburn, Australia), set up the track data and car data then mounted the iPhone in the car and hit go. It records all the data around the track and produces a brilliant data file which can be opened in Google earth to view your laps with speed at every poll point. I also found it useful to see where I have been and whether Taxi drivers are taking th ebest route. Really useful as a lap timer for the amateur racer. I can't wait to use it at Eastern creek. A race team would've paid 10's of thousand of dollars for somethin glike this 10 years ago. Well done Harry! I'm coming to the Nurburg!


Undecided  gavbond  3 star

I'm still hopeful that I can get this to work well. G's are useless to me as I am on a bike. I used google maps to get Lat Longs and preload Eastern Creek POIs into it. But it seemed to spike (grab points in Mt Druit). I think I need a better mounting, fully charged batteries and maybe less waypoints. It would be nice if it just worked. (I too have to force calibration.) o am guilty of not contacting "Harry" to see if I am doing something/s wrong.


Outstanding piece of software !!!  RaceTeamManager  5 star

Harry's LapTimer is an innovative application that truly takes advantage of the iPhone as a smartphone. It's features are extensive, providing invaluable performance data for novices and experienced drivers alike without the expensive price tag. In my experience, the app's stability is rock solid and performs exactly as described. The author is very responsive and provides regular updates and new features. This app was one of the major reasons I moved to the iPhone from another smartphone platform. In summary, it is a top class application you will not regret purchasing !

Mike GT3

Fussy and frustrating  Mike GT3  1 star

Set up the timmer as per the instructions including mounting the iPhone. Tried to use it a Eastern Creek and it was a complete waste of time. It wouldn't or couldn't track the individual lap times and certainly is not as user friendly as race chrono - I ended up giving it up and using the other app. Needs the track to be listed and splits per set so you focus on the track not trying to get it to work. Also think it is the internal GPS that is a limiter on how the app performs. 1 out of 10

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