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VeganXpress is an on-the-run guide to what’s vegan at popular chain restaurants and fast food places.
Now, no internet connection required!

Featured on Beyond Meat's Blog - How to Buy Vegan Wines 12/10/15

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"This app is the perfect companion for vegans on the road." Bob Torres, Vegan Freak Radio

"VeganXpress is a nice guide to have." AppCraver

"I have used it a few times, and in my mind, it has already paid for itself." QuarryGirl gave VeganXpress it's "Better" rating. 7/2/09
VeganXpress also features a full list of vegan / vegetarian beers, wine, liquor, snacks, candy and foods that you may not have realized were vegan.

Vegans often find themselves looking for a place to eat with non-vegan friends, family or coworkers, and the search can be somewhat difficult. While the population of vegans is growing, most restaurants do not specify which menu items are vegan. This app lists over 130 very common restaurants and their menu items suitable for the vegan diet. Whether you’re on a road trip, in a hurry, or looking for a place to eat with family or friends, you will be able to quickly find vegan options.

VeganXpress is updated regularly, so feel free to contact me with updates or new info that you may have. Follow VeganXpress on Twitter for live updates and information.

UK and other international customers: Help us out by suggesting restaurants you would like to see listed in VeganXpress! Thank you!

VeganXpress - Menu & Shopping Assistance App Description & Overview

The applications VeganXpress - Menu & Shopping Assistance was published in the category Food & Drink on 2009-03-27 and was developed by Brandon Berger. The file size is 108.94 MB. The current version is 3.1 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

Added many new restaurants, including Burgatory, Chopt, Piada, Papa Murphy's, Pizza Rev, Pizza Studio, White Castle and more!
Updated many restaurant menus, including Cheesecake Factory, Chili's, Olive Garden and more!
Updated Beer, Wine & Alcohol menus
Newly designed menus and icons
Updated for larger iPhones and iPads

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VeganXpress - Menu & Shopping Assistance Reviews


doesn't work  AmandaStrange  1 star

i just downloaded this app and it won't open at all. pretty annoyed i had to pay for this


Thank you for the new updates!  Nyxanrd  5 star

Best app for vegan menus! A must-have!


Update!  QwπŸ˜›πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜™πŸ˜€  4 star

Love it. Update.


Not sure  Maghy7  3 star

This app hasn't been updated in over a year, was going to recommend but don't even know if the lists are still true. Developer should keep it updated!

Disillusioned RM

Helpful but needs updating  Disillusioned RM  3 star

The app can be really helpful when traveling or going places with family, but some of it is out of date. There are also more chains that could be added to the list


Great Old Info:(  Twylight24  2 star

I was excited to see this app. Helps take the guess work out of what to order at restaurants and bars. However, I paid $1.99 for this app due to a friend's comment telling me I had to have it. Well, I'm very disappointed to see that this hasn't been updated in over a year. Too bad, because I really like the app. Waste of money though because some of these restaurants don't offer these vegan options anymore.


Favorite App!  Confused1575  5 star

This app is a must for all vegans. I wish they'd organize their wine list differently but other than that, this app has always worked perfectly for me.


Not worth it  Han_Cam  2 star

I wouldn't buy this app again. The majority of the menus I've looked at have like 2 options on them (some with options that don't exist), some big chain restaurants aren't on the list and as a whole it just needs updating. Don't bother.


Helpful  Kayla0616  5 star

Haven't had issues yet, app has been helpful. I hope the developer keeps up with future menu changes because this app is very helpful


Disappointed- app won't work - waiting on a refund  AngieBeatty  2 star

I downloaded this app because I was super excited about having a Vegan food guide & after agreeing to pay for it and downloading it I received an error upon opening it that wouldn't let me open the app. I contacted the creator of this app and he told me that he didn't have any other issues with other users & to try deleting, rebooting & downloading again. I had the same results, so he told me to request a refund from iTunes support. I don't think it's my phone as I've not had any other issues with other app's I've downloaded. I'm disappointed that I can't use this app, and the response from the creator has implied that it's either my phone or user error that's causing this lack of functionality.


Nice!  Erksn396  5 star

Wahoo a update! keeping things real! way to go VeganXpress. As far as the nit picky reviews about complaints of bone char... GFY.


Great!  Marchmom  5 star

Thanks for keeping it fresh!


Really loved it in July, now not so much  Veggiemom73  2 star

Another user who really loved this app until the upgrade. It does not store menus you have clicked on for use if there is no wifi even though it's supposed to. Would love to see this fixed.


I loved it until the update  pattylovescoqui  1 star

This app was amazing nd very helpful...UNTIL wifi was needed to use it. Sometimes wifi is just not available so please fix that

Stout ale

Useless unless online  Stout ale  1 star

I loved this app, until the update. After that, I had to be connected to a wifi signal in order to check restaurant menus. Before, all the information was stored on my device... I will give a better rating, if I do not have to connect to the Internet.


Was Great, Now Merely Decent  drewdbro  3 star

This app was incredibly useful for the occasional times I was stuck eating at a terrible chain or had to pick up fast food and needed to know what I could eat that was vegan. The latest update has reduced the functionality of this app dramatically. If you want to quickly scroll down to a specific restaurant that is further down in the alphabet you'll have to flick your finger incessantly instead of merely clicking to the right side of the list onto a specific letter. Additionally, I've had a couple of experiences trying to check what's available at a restaurant and no data will load. When in a pinch and needed to know what I can order, it can be quite frustrating to not be able to load the restaurant data. Otherwise this is a great and useful app for the people eating vegan out there in the world and the work done by its developer is greatly appreciated.


Was good but now useless  booyah5  2 star

I liked this app before the latest update because I don't have a data plan, but now you need one. So it's pretty useless. They should allow the user to download the dbase for offline use.


Perfect tool for the traveling vegan  Haavoc  5 star

This is a very handy app to have on the go. Most vegans have their safe places to eat out, but when you travel or are in unfamiliar territory, it is nice to see if the places around have an option. While all of this information can be found from websites, this app puts it at your fingertips. While traveling the only option was a Cracker Barrel and we were able to look and see that we could eat something there and even know what foods to order special (without butter or sauce.) The addition of Barnivore data is awesome so when shopping for wine, I am able to make informed choices.


Worth it.  philly_jen  5 star

In response to the comment about a cheese omission being obvious-while this is true, if the items were NOT listed this way, we might not order them correctly and then they would come with cheese when we took the item to be vegan. Yes, it is true that if you want to make sure you should ASK but this app gives us a place to start. Do I eat at these places regularly? Hell no! Not when I live in Philadelphia and Los Angeles, home to some of the most amazing vegan restaurants...but does it help me on the road, outside of an urban area, or out to dinner with family at a chain (olive garden) type place? ABSOLUTELY! I use it more than I thought. I usually don't eat at these places but it has helped when I have no choice.


Perfect!  Mreeble  5 star

Normally I don't eat at these restaurants, for obvious reasons, but for those times when it's about someone else (birthday or other special event dinner) or just stuck with no options, this is perfect. I think some of the people who gave this a low rating might be missing the point, it's not about telling you where the best vegan food is, it's helping you survive in very not-vegan environments.

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