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What is cbs sports app scores & news app? CBS Sports is your source for top sports news, scores, videos and more! Stream all live sports events from CBS, CBS Sports Network and Paramount+ with just one app. The CBS Sports app gives you front-row access to games from the NFL, SEC Football, UEFA Champions & Europa Leagues, Serie A, Concacaf World Cup Qualifiers & Concacaf Nations League, the Masters, the PGA Championship, March Madness, PGA Tour, the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), WNBA and many more.

With the CBS Sports app, you’ll get all this for FREE:

• Select live events and games, including SEC football, The Masters, PGA Championship & PGA Tour, NCAA basketball, and much more
• Personalized sports news and video highlights from your favorite teams, leagues and athletes
• Breaking news from around the sports world, so you’re always up to date and never miss a moment
• 24/7 live news, highlights and betting advice with CBS Sports HQ
• Detailed pregame and postgame coverage of your favorite teams and the top games from CBS Sports
• Daily fantasy shows including Fantasy Football Today, so you can get the edge in your league this season
• Expert betting advice from Vegas SportsLine insiders
• On-demand highlights of top moments from your favorite leagues

Want more? You can use your verified TV provider and/or Paramount+ login to access even more exciting sports content, like:

• CBS Sports & Paramount+ events including NFL, UEFA Champions & Europa Leagues, Serie A, Concacaf World Cup Qualifiers, NWSL, PGA Tour and more
• CBS Sports Network live games including NCAA football & basketball, Scottish Premier League, Professional Bull Riding, Major League Rugby, and daily shows like Tiki & Tierney, Jim Rome and Time to Schein
•Your favorite studio shows like the NFL Today, College Football Today, Inside College Basketball, Champions League Today, The Golazo Show, Monday QB, That Other Pregame Show and more
• The fastest news, scores and stats, so you can hear about the latest big plays and events before your friends
• Coverage of every major sport: NFL & NCAA football, MLB baseball, NBA, WNBA & NCAA basketball, global soccer & MLS soccer, NHL hockey, PGA Tour golf, tennis, NASCAR, MMA, UFC, WWE and more
• Sports news, live games, events and analysis all year long

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CBS Sports App Scores & News Version 11.1303 May 2022

Don't miss the Coppa Italia final match. This update adds full support for Coppa Italia which allows you to add your favorite teams, check scores, and get the latest news..

CBS Sports App Scores & News Version 11.1128 February 2022

Bracket games are back! Start a pool and play against friends or fill out your bracket for the chance to win a trip to the 2023 Final Four® NEW for 2022 - Follow and fill out a bracket for the Women's NCAA Tournament! Compete against others for a chance to win prizes, including a trip to the 2023 Women's Final Four®.

CBS Sports App Scores & News Version 11.906 December 2021

We've made big improvements to how you can filter news, all from the Latest tab. Get the latest breaking news and highlights, or select a filter along the top of the screen to see news for your favorite teams, topics, or leagues. You now have more control over what NCAA conference you see by default in your scoreboard. Choose the conference selector in the main scoreboard to switch between conferences or other filters..

CBS Sports App Scores & News Comments & Reviews 2022

- 👁CBS Sports

👁CBS Sports is an awesome app! I love how the integrate CBS Sports HQ into their news wall, allow you to easily navigate through to your favorite team’s blog sites with local and national sports stories while also seeing news of each league. I like how you get live tweets from both sides of a game and can live tweet along with your team’s beat writers and click on stories. The app use to crash, but updates have improved the navigation of the app as well as the user interface experience. I do wish they’d do a better job with teams logo’s color: I’m a SF Giants fan and seeing our SF logo in white when it should be orange, at the same time seeing other teams have their multiple color schemes used...did y’all run out of orange? Overall, CBS did a great job and I use this app to keep up with games that don’t come in as clear on the radio (we live in an area where am radio doesn’t come in very clear.) Plus in dark mode, its so much better, now that the bug that put black on black writings has been fixed.

- Love the app

I’ve tried every other sports scores app and can’t leave this one. Love the new update and I’ve mentioned in past review only thing I’d work on is mma coverage and maybe player profile page (layout is a bit odd compared to others). I do have a question though and not sure how to get ahold of anyone. In the past I swear there was an option to bet directly from the app using William Hill sportsbook on the odds tab of a game and I can’t do that anymore? William hill is about to be legal in my state so this would definitely be a huge plus and cool feature I think. Did that get taken away or am imagining being able to do that lol

- Bracket problems

I don’t like the changes this year. I’m a manager and I couldn’t find access to information before the brackets locked. It was hard for some of my members to log in and I couldn’t help. It wasn’t clear how you could use the sample brackets. Once the brackets locked I couldn’t make changes for players as I could in the past. I sent a question to the help desk and never got a response other than an acknowledgment of receipt. I didn’t like the ways the brackets displayed. I like seeing the whole bracket at once. The having to click multiple times on regions was just annoying and made the tournament seem fractured. Ii made it hard to keep track of how teams were doing. I didn’t like the check and the “x”, you had to keep digging to find the team names. I didn’t like that you could submit your bracket without completing it. I had a couple of players who didn’t realize they hadn’t completed there brackets. I didn’t like the new version at all.

- 2021 update

I loved the CBS Sports app. Been using it for years to check scores, updates, standings, and schedules of all of my favorite sports and teams. It was so easy to manage and use. Fast, live updates of games made the play-by-play enjoyable. Then CBS Sports decides to turn my world upside down and change everything about their app. The new layout is so much worse now. With a calendar format it’s hard to find when my teams are playing since I don’t know what day they are playing on, that’s what I’m trying to figure out. There’s no longer standings and rankings tabs for leagues/conferences. I liked this app way better when it was organized by each individual sports league/association and once in that sub link, there are tabs for scores, teams, rankings, news, stats, etc. Choosing to organize all sports under each day is just silly as it’s too much to take in at once when I’m trying to focus on one sport at a time. I usually don’t make app reviews but felt it was appropriate after CBS Sports just really messed up their app and probably lost a user

- Has Poor QA/QC

There are a lot of good things about this app such as the box scores and the fact that they have lesser know sports like college baseball. However, it can be very buggie. Often times taking you to a blank white screen instead of players profiles whenever you press on there name. I also think this app suffers from bad QA/QC. Such as the “Tweet” section of baseball game going days at a time without being updated. So you’re looking at a Twins v Indians game and the tweets from both teams are from two days prior. Additionally, the college football score board often times can be incorrect. I watched WV and Texas Tech go into half time 35-10, yet the score in the app was 40-13. It was weird because the score summary correctly documented each scoring drive, but the score still remained incorrect. I often get notification for college football games such as a 1 point touchdown or a 9 point field goal. It’s all very confusing. Due to these quality issues, I have decided to go to the Four Letter and will probably never return to CBS.

- One of the worst sports apps available.

While this app does have some redeeming features such as its ability to report some high school football scores .. the app lacks so many controls present in other apps. Despite the fact that I don’t follow PGA or any golfers at all, I continually get updates for golfing and how golfing is available on the CBS Sports subscription. And it doesn’t stop with golf. I get tennis updates too that I don’t care for. It’s one thing if a golfer breaks the record for wins at The Masters. I get that. That is transcending sports news. But to get updates that “Rory McElroy is in the lead with a -2” when I don’t follow him.. I don’t follow the PGA.. I don’t follow any golfers, tennis players, The Masters, Shell Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon or anything related to golf/tennis it becomes frustrating that the app is wasting your battery and time with alerts about things you didn’t suggest as something you like. I’m sure it isn’t the devs fault.. probably some suit upstairs.. but I want it to be known to the suit that it isn’t appreciated.

- Like drinking from the fire hose

Before the latest update, I could set up the app to prioritize the sports and teams I wanted, both in terms of games and news. After the update? All of the previously configurations are lost, and it doesn’t look like there’s any way to manually reproduce them. As a casual fan, I’m really only interested in a couple of sports and a handful of teams. But, in order to read news about, say, the KC Chiefs, I have to scroll through news about soccer, NCAA hoops, tennis, etc. Even if I go into the settings and turn off every sport except the ones that I’m interested in. Content? They’ve got a ton of it. Filters? Not so much. The upgrade seems to be a step backward for CBS Sports. Update: Per the developer response, the workaround for the lost functionality is for users to just manually dig down to find the news they want. Note to developers: Check out the ESPN app - the news feed is driven by user preferences, with no need to manually search. Add’l note: Once you manually search out the articles that you want, they don’t load quickly or smoothly. It seems as if the screen refreshes whenever you scroll down, which means waiting for the loaded article to reload. Latest update: Developers are updating the app so it works more like the old version, but the news feed still needs work. I don’t care about golf or soccer, but I can’t get them out of the news feed.

- 11.0 is a step back.

I echo wllmh25 comments in their entirety. And I am very disappointed in the response. Fortunately, with a couple of clicks you can get back to the individual sports similar to what it used to be. This has been my go to sports app for years. And for my buddies as well. But 11.0 disappoints us all. My sports are golf and college fb and mbb. I don’t know when it happened, but the golf player details are abbreviated even more. We miss the college and hometown info for each player. Why was it dropped. I know others are now likely looking for a new go to app. If you find one I hope you will post it. I’m going to watch the reviews for a better go to app recommendation. The Score comes close as it has score history and better golf bios and you can look at individual sports.

- Barely functional

I’ve been using this app for several years and I can’t believe that it gets continually worse every update. It’s barely functional in its current state, sure you can get information in its basic format but you are constantly bombarded with ads and errors. Baseball season is almost over and they finally got the news feed working, it’s 9/17. Football season starts, suddenly all teams news pages go blank, really? Then when you can get an article to load it’s broken up and even has sections covered by freaking ads. I think I’m finally just going to uninstall and find something else that works. If they would reduce the ads by half I could give it 3 stars but its just too much greed trying to pack all the ads in. The sad part is that the ads never fail to load unlike the information you’re looking for.

- MLB alerts arriving late

I really enjoy the app, though some features are confusing, such as setting up favorites and seeing the scores for those teams. Baseball season is underway, but game alerts are arriving very late. Currently watching Orioles/Twins game in the top of the third inning and just received the alert that the game was starting, though Twins are leading 6-0. Last night, hours after the game ended, received the notification that the game ended. This seems to be limited to MLB, as Final Four, NHL, and NBA alerts arrive timely, though sometimes duplicate notifications are received. My app and iOS are up-to-date on an iPad less than six months old.

- No Control Over Notifications

Liked the app until I started receiving alerts for everything, not just my favorite teams. According to their customer support, this is an Editorial Staff decision on breaking news and ongoing stories (see below). To stop this over saturation their suggestion is to disable each of my Team News alerts and/or disable all notification for the app. There are other options for my sporting new on the teams I follow. Needless to say I have deleted this app. “If you have disabled all notifications (League News, Gambling & Odds, Fantasy, Draft, Top Stories) within the CBS Sports app, but have Team News enabled for your My Teams/Favorites, then you may still receive some league (e.g. NFL, NBA, NCAA, etc) notifications. This is based on our Editorial Staff deeming breaking news or an ongoing story worthy of a notification for some or all teams for a certain league.”

- I love to see all my favorite teams play especially the Golden State Warriors.

To be able to keep up with the different teams that I love in the competition against the Warriors and to know when they are playing is a blessing for me. I am sometimes challenged by what channel on DirecTV the game will be on and sometimes get Miss information on the time the game begins. Over all, to hear the news of the players on the team and what is happening with so many teams it is quite the blessing to stay on top of all the many teams and players that I so appreciate and admire. Thank you and God bless you!

- This App Has The African Strain of Covid!!!

I’m a league manager trying to get my annual NCAA Pool setup. CBS is no longer allowing mobile devices to access the league Pool/Bracket via the web browser on a phone. The CBS website forces a redirect from the league home page for our bracket straight over to this app. This app is HORRIBLE. Our league page is nowhere to be found. On top of this app being complete trash CBS decided to revamp their entire Bracket website this year. Our 10 years of previous NCAA Pool Standings has been deleted, and when adding our rules to the league page it doesn’t allow for spaces or blank lines. When new members sign up for our Pool the first thing they see is our additional league rules with all of the text crammed together without any spacing or line breaks. CBS your App & your NCAA website are a complete dumpster fire. Please allow people to access the NCAA Brackets through their mobile web browser, bring back the historical standings for the last 10 years of our Pool, and fix the additional rules section, so that it’s readable. What a disappointment. Looked forward to some normalcy in the NCAA Brackets we’re so used to and it’s like the NCAA Bracket website & the App have the African strain of Covid, and they need a vaccine SOON!

- App used to be decent

This app used to be a refreshing alternative to ESPN. It gave solid coverage of the latest sports news and provided a well organized and consistent browsing experience. Not anymore. My beef with this all are threefold. 1. The app has punched me with ads recently. Clicking to watch a 20s video now has a 15-30 second ad attached. Bad form. 2. The app is on the level of spam with the number of notifications I'm getting without first opting in. 3. Stability. The app now freezes EVERY time I launch it somewhere between 1-3 minutes in. This means I browse to an interesting article, only to have the app hang. I then restart and am unable to find the article. I've gotten tired of only reading the first half of articles. I guess it's back to ESPN...


The CBS SPORTS app is a very handy app to have and use as a sports fan. I like when this app covers ALL major sports. I like when I am able to check on scores of football, basketball, baseball and other sports. I also like when the app has a news feature to keep me posted of news which pop up around the sports world. The CBS SPORTS app is my all-in-one sports app that I have enjoyed so far and I have it on all of my devices. I plan to keep and use this app for a very long time. I recommend this app to other sports fanatics out there. Thank you, CBS, for your awesome app!

- App needs work...

Should be a home button or a way that when the user scrolls through the upcoming days, they can return to the current day’s sports listings, instead of have to scroll all the way back again. Once the user leaves the app after an hour minimum, the app should reset to the current days listings of games, instead of the last place the user was looking. App should allow the user to follow individual players. Some fans like players, but don’t care to get all the news about the whole sport, league, etc. NCAA Baseball and Softball should be able to be viewed the same as major college sports. Though watching the games is more unlikely do to the coverage wants vs needs, this is a sports app, so all scores and teams should be provided.

- Excellent app for LIVE coverage and scores

I’ve used this app for a few years now especially during the March Madness Men’s Basketball Tournament. It has been a great app for catching LIVE coverage of top games across the country. It keeps up with real time coverage, no issues with video delays. My cable went out recently during the Purdue/Virginia men’s basketball game and I went directly to the CBS Sports app to finish watching the game. Plus it’s convenient for checking scores and tv lineup broadcast times. I do use competitive sports apps also but no LIVE coverage is available with those apps.

- Too slow

I’ve been using CBS sports for the past few years. It’s good other than one thing. When a game is over I immediately want to check the standing to see how the game effected them. It can sometime take hours for standings to get updated after a game is played. Also when the new rankings come out for college sports CBS again is slow on the draw. It’s sad because the graphics for viewing are so much easier in the app but I am often forced to read an article from another source because the app is too slow.

- Apple ruined this app, it won’t open or update without WiFi

Apple ruined this app for me. It won’t allow the app to open or update without WiFi. I can’t open the app because I don’t have WiFi, yet I have unlimited data that Apple won’t allow me to use. The restrictive nature of Apple is getting really annoying, let me update the app on my cellular data. What’s the point of having unlimited data if Apple won’t let me use it. Apple thinks it knows better than I do for using my data. Someone send my comment to Apple management & fix this issue already.

- The Great App

This awesome apps lets me set my favorite sports so when I open the app, My teams' scores are right in front of my eyes. I don't have to Google them. Plus there is videos, standings, scores and highlights from the things I want. The video gives me a recap of the game, and the rest do the same. I use it always to check the scores. The only thing I would like is for the golfers to be in the My Teams. Overall, Cbs has created an excellent app that couldn't be better!

- Radio stations

Before the update this app was 100% awesome I was able to listen to the radio I was able to navigate through the system with no problems stay up-to-date with my local favorite teams now to take it to updates it looks more colorful that’s nice but they took away the radio part so now I have to find another way to listen to the CBS Sports radio like theJim Rome show and there’s another show Amy Lawrence .Now I have to find a different way to listen to them I hope when I do another update on this app they were add back the radio portion I reached out to customer service last week but still no response I will keep my fingers crossed.

- What happened to being easily able to see games stats?

CBS Sports has been my go to application for scores for several years. The ability to easily see scores from multiple games at a time in a grid format is great. And the detail in each game was easy to navigate as well. But with the latest version all I can see our tweets not the ongoing games stats? What’s up with that? I personally don’t care about clever tweets but would rather have the data easily available. I’ll be exploring other apps for a while to see if I can find one I like better.

- Latest update

I was a fan of the CBS Sports app for a couple years. Now? Might be time to find a new source for sports scores. You managed to take a very user friendly app and make it very user unfriendly. Why do programmers think they need to update just for the sake of update. Note I didn’t say upgrade. This new app is a definite downgrade fro what you had before. For example, I know that the B1G played several first round playoff games yesterday, but if I went by the results posted on the app, I would think there was one NCAA game yesterday, and that was a Big 12 tourney game. Today, you list a few more B1G score but not all of them. Your app is useless if I can’t count on finding the scores from all games. Oh well. I’ll be looking for a new app.

- App Having A Stroke?

I would absolutely give this app five stars under any other circumstances but it seems with the new update (I’m assuming it must be an update) The push notifications are just vomiting garbage scores from like four hours ahead and then giving me more notification saying that the scores didn’t count like right now apparently the Bruins have beaten the hurricanes in overtime and then the hurricanes have just scored their first goal of the first period after that. The push notifications seem to be getting scrambled or just being sent out by a stroke victim. Very confusing and I have no idea what is actually happening. Please fix and thank you.

- Please Add Favorite Team Prioritization

It’s really more like 4.5 stars. The app is perfect in pretty much everything, and it’s exactly what I was looking for, it has almost everything. However, there’s one great addition to make: those who have two teams as favorites in the same league (NFL, MLB, etc.) should be able to prioritize which one shows up first on the scores screen and on the widgets for the iPhone home screen. With that one extra detail the app would be essentially perfect. Thanks.

- This app used to be great

I switched from ESPN over to this app in the spring of 2014, and I was impressed with the simplicity and streamline interface. The notifications were simply score updates, and everything was great. Fast forward to now and I am bombarded with notification after notification about stuff I do not give a crap about. I clearly have NBA alerts turned off in the app, yet it still seems like I get 2 or 3 NBA notifications daily. I have not found a way to fix this and it is so frustrating. I am switching over to the FOX Sports app for the time being to see if they are any better. CBS Sports was once great, and now are trying way too hard to accommodate the “social media” influenced brand of folks.


UPDATE: The CBS Sports App is currently working great. Hope they got the bugs worked out. There’s a lot of moving parts to this app and right now they’re moving well! Highly recommended, AGAIN! Back to Five ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I always give credit when an App’s developer works to get things right. Please stay this way. OLDER REVIEWS *CURRENT REVIEW Crashing again. Takes forever to load. Slows down phone and other apps. I emailed their support about this issue. Last time it worked. So far nothing yet. Best Sports app for scores when it works. *REVIEW AFTER FIRST ISSUE FIXED This is actually a 5 star app. Right now there is a major issue, especially in the NFL week by week scores. UPDATE: Great work by the CBS Sports App team. There was an issue for a short period of time and it had been fixed. STILL THE BEST SPORTS APP!

- Needs updates to push notifications

For the most part, I do like this app. But I would love to be able to adjust the types of notifications I get. Currently, the toggle is just for “team news”, which includes everything under the sun. Many of the other sports apps that I have allow you to adjust what TYPES of news events you get a push notification for (i.e., breaking news vs draft updates). I don’t want to miss important team news, but the sheer volume of alerts I get during the day is astounding, so I may have no other option.

- Review

So many of our players feel there have been too weeks with picks that are not competitive. Meaning, if NE is projected to win 100 percent to another team 0 percent why would anyone pick the other team. Matchups that are 60 percent to another team at 40 percent make things interesting. Better yet teams with odds 51 percent to 49 percent keep players interested. My players are complaining that this year has not been interesting or challenging at all. I realize we are a very small group but I don’t know how many players will return next year because of the lack of interest due to this issue.

- Poor editing

There are things I like about the app, though it’s tough to get past the poor editing. For example, “ Giants announce is Deandre Baker "day-to-day" with sprained knee”. Often times they’ll report on a NFL player being released or picked up, yet no information about the player is offered such as position, former team, stats, and so on. Lastly, they recycle articles giving them new titles every other week or so. I’ll find myself reading an article only to realize I read the same article maybe a week prior with a different headline. I expect more from an organization that makes a living writing news.

- Cover3 pod is the 🐐

This 5* review is genuine because I would almost never compliment a Tar Heel product, Chip. My school(NC State if you couldn’t guess) is overlooked sometimes when it comes to the “QBU” and “D-LineU”(which is a stretch) discussion for schools that put players in the Pros, while blue bloods like USC and Texas are always in the discussion without producing very much recent talent. My question is, what other under-the-radar schools should be included in the “position-U” discussions but are left out for more popular and less deserving schools?

- Need better in game stats

I love this app on my iPhone. Not so much on my iPad. The problem is the stats for an NBA player or a college basketball player (maybe basketball and football too) Are no longer available for the game that they are in. I can’t see shots made an attempted for instance. This used to only happen on my iPad until the latest upgrade. Would probably give five stars if I could see the stats are used to be able to see.

- Ridiculous

It’s crazy to see that such a big company still has to buy fake reviews for their garbage app, seriously... all I want to do is watch the champions league and maybe some nfl once in a while. Can’t do that because the streams crash every time. I’m not the only one because CBS Twitter feed is filled with people having the same problem. It’s not a hard problem to fix, and it’s straight theft as the people pay to watch the games however are denied by CBS and their lack of care for the customers. Seriously, don’t get this app, I’d rather walk through a pile of glass the length from my house to the nearest sports bar to watch the games instead. CBS, fix. Your. App.

- Update ruined the app

After the most recent update you have to scroll for years to see all the scores in one sport. It used to show scores in small boxes with 2 boxes per row which made it easier to scroll through and find specific games, but now you have to scroll through each individual game making them harder to find. It is still a good app and I plan to continue using it over all other sports apps, but they basically just copied ESPN with this update and I am close to switching back after using CBS for many years.

- Mid-Reading Ads?

Been on this app for 4 years but if you guys don’t stop the mid-reading PSA ad for your own podcast it won’t be worth it to read your articles. You’re already filled with ads. This exact ad is worse than all other ads I’ve seen because it’s disguised as part of your article and then you find out it’s just another ad about this podcast that I will in no way ever listen to because of the awful way you advertise it. Put it at the end of the article or at the beginning. Stop that interruption ad and make your pieces readable again please.

- What crap!

Doesn’t work all the time. Always gets error messages of “can’t connect to server “ or “invalid id”! Why do I have to sign out and in twenty times to view or pick games!? Only reason I use this app is because my fantasy football league does. Why isn’t this app connected with the fantasy football app? And before you say “oh you must have a bad connection “ I have the best service on and off wifi! No other app has this problem. You would think with the billions that CBS gets paid that they would spend a little more time and money making sure an app would work! Again if I wasn’t locked in my league I would not be using this app ever!

- Latest version: more problems than exciting features

Following NCAA baseball CWS is more of a hassle with new version. While trying to make it feature rich with snazzy graphics, it’s now confusing and verrrrrrryyy slow in response to user actions Upon selection of a particular game in-progress the display tries to switch back and forth between full-display video and miniature video and is so jumpy when scrolling that it causes user distraction and confusion (almost nausea). This is on both iPhone and iPad.

- Great app but one minor thing

I absolutely love this app. It’s one of the few on my phone that allows notifications. I select my favorite teams and know everything that’s happening like game starts, game finishes, news, and scoring changes (sans basketball). The one thing they could do that’s a little annoying is that when a cool story pops up as a notification and I click on it I am brought to my last page that I was on and I can’t always find the story. Still highly recommend the app!

- Tony Romo

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, you could say Tony Romo was not a favorite player of mine when he quarterbacked for the Cowboys. As a NFL fan,I have been surprised and thrilled by Tony Romo’s color commentary. By listening to him, I have learned so much more about the game. He is knowledgeable about individual players and explains the intricacies of various plays etc. He also has a great sense of humor. I hope he remains in this position for a long time. He was a perfect choice for Super Bowl with Jim Nantz. Mary Casey

- Was hoping this would be the one

But alas it is not. For some reason it will not show the proper scores for NFL on a previous day. For instance 12/18 Monday Night football appears to not exist when today is Tuesday 12/19. Also, for your my teams, it shows week 13 with no score and week 16 the current week. Yes it's week 16. What happened to the scores for week 13?!? And what about week 15? Don't get me started on all the ads. Seems like every other 3rd news story is an ad. Is CBS hurting for that much ad revenue that they have to kill a potential good app for ad revenue!? Come on man!

- Terrible servers

Downloaded to watch Super Bowl and created subscription. Won’t even load anything at all on the CBS sports app on my TV or the CBS sports app on my phone. I have tried without wifi and with wifi. Neither cellular data or wifi is the issue. It’s the app crashing. Called for support and it just says “we are aware of our current technically difficulty’s”. Their servers apparently aren’t equipped enough for them to prepare for people to watch one of the largest viewed games in sports. They need to fix it now. It worked fine earlier in the day and now right at Super Bowl time it’s not working at all. 1 star. Don’t waste your time. They can’t make an app worth a flip.

- Absolutely terrible for streaming to an Apple TV

I got this app so I would be able to stream games from my phone and mirror them to my apple tv. This app is unable to do that, while every other sports app I’ve downloaded so far hasn’t had an issue with it. Any time I attempt to stream the game on my tv, it is impossible to turn off the captions that are about 15 seconds behind the announcers and the stream will turn off if my phone is turned off, meaning if I want to watch a game I also have to sacrifice my phone dying. I also haven’t been able to successfully watch more than 30 seconds of any game so far because of how non-user friendly the app is.

- Love the app, hate the constant TV provider sign in pop up

The best part about the app is the fact that even with having an outdated iPhone, the app still runs great (as opposed to the other sports app). However, recently, I cancelled my directv subscription that was linked to the app, and since then a non stop pop up has occurred for me to sign in to my subscription. It can vary from once every few minutes to once every 5 seconds, but it is nagging as heck and has almost pushed me back to the other sports app. Please fix this if at all possible.

- Best sports app

I have always gotten great information from this site. CBS SPORTS is the best app that I have used. You can get info on all sports and also set up your pools for any sport. They also have contest that you can play for money . You can play just to play also. It has been a pleasure to work with for quite a few years. The info I have received from CBS SPORTS have won me my league 2 years. Thank you Terry Russo

- Thank You For Always Being There

It’s always a pleasure to scan the courage provided by CBS Sports. Each topic or subject selected provides insightful information while still feeding the need to attract and entertain its audience with the important facts. I prefer going to CBS first because of the quality and balance it provides. CBS Sports reporting has established the standards for others to follow. Being loud or flashy doesn’t make the story, the facts do.

- Only care about men’s sports

Click on any women’s sports link and they are either blank, or functionality is terrible. Espn is much better for displaying news/schedule/results. Example: women’s World Cup. One of the most favored women’s sports in the US. DOESNT WORK on cbs sports (click on schedule, you get an old news article. Click on scores, nothing shows up). Meanwhile on espn: Nice layout, easy to follow the feed, can set alerts for games of interest...the list goes on... Similar example for the women’s college World Series (college softball). Functionality = TERRIBLE on cbs sports. Decent coverage and layout on ESPN. Cbs sports- it’s disrespectful what you do with women’s sports. It’s 2019...wake up.

- Poor App

I bought CBS All Access strictly to watch the Champions League and the Europa League games. For two straight games I have been unable to watch my preferred games due to issues with the app! The first game I did get to watch the second half! For the second game when I selected the game I wanted to watch they were playing the goalz show instead of the game! I’ve had nothing but issues with this service!😡😡😡 The developers contacted me and did nothing to solve the issues and didn’t read the actual complaint! If another company bids to carry the FIFA games (Champions League, Europa League & World Cup games I will immediately cancel my subscription to this app!

- Favorite sports app, but hard not to click ads

The headline pretty much sums it up. It’s a fine sports app with lots of nice features. I mainly follow MLB, NFL, and NCAA football, and I can easily find the information I’m looking for, and follow games in real time. Probably my second most-used app after Twitter. My only complaint is that the ads are too easy to click by mistake (I NEVER click an ad intentionally), and you suddenly end up on some irrelevant screen and have to find your way back.

- CBS Sports

CBS Sports is a great application for checking all college and NFL football scores, schedules, and rankings. I like this application better than espn because there are fewer commercials, and it's also much easier to read and navigate. With that said, CBS Sports is a must have application for any avid smart phone user that's into sports. Lastly, I'll always use and trust CBS Sports. Thanks CBS Sports.

- Undo the update!

I have loved this app for years but this morning when I went on it’s completely changed and not for the better in my opinion. I loved being able to easily access the pick ‘em section from the very first screen and now I have to click ‘more’ and then scroll all the way to the bottom just to find it :/ There’s no way that I can see to customize what appears on your Home Screen or on the bottom banner. If it’s going to stay this new way, at least let us adjust it to what we use! Why mess with something that wasn’t broken? :/

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- The Only Sports App You Need

Easy to use, nice looking app.

- Not good enough

Scores don’t refresh smoothly at all. There’s a couple hiccups and stuttering movements and change of the match times Twice or so before the scores actually refresh correctly. Really annoying!! Why can’t it be smooth . Also, lower tier ncaa basketball matches don’t refresh quickly. They update every 6-7 minutes or so. Apparently it’s due to data limitations. But why can’t they improve this so all matches are covered equally?? Not happy at all with this version. Laggy and slow.

- NFL always one week behind

When I open the NFL scores on gameday, it shows last week scores (Eg If week 8 games are happening right now it shows week 7) so every time I have to press advance week ... gets annoying when I’m having to do it constantly checking the scores

- Latest not so greatest

Not a fan of the new scores format. Use to be able to see more games scores at once, now I can only see 4 games. Seems like a waste of space.

- Really un-user friendly

Terrible app! Really hard to use and navigate in. And it won’t let me edit my pools, or name, etc... One of the most non user friendly apps I’ve ever come across.

- Poor

Scores are all over the place. Mlb scores refresh and then scores go back to an older score and then back to current score after a couple seconds. Pathetic from cbs

- Australian user

Love it excellent for sport - excellent app - the very best in the world for USA Sport Keep up the great work !!!

- Dark mode is looking great!

Nice job, team.

- Great

The best sports app for scores, stats, standings and quick news, and following your teams. Only app better than it for articles is B/R, while it's way better than ESPN Sports Center and even The Score, which is a good application!

- Bad

NBA preseason games are so slow and scores don’t update quickly . It’s very disappointing

- Women’s NCAA

Should have the women’s conferences as well

- So laggy


- Awesome App

Has everything you need and more when you want to keep in touch with all sports. Great job

- Awesome app

I love the notifications on scores. Don't have to jump on the net for ten minutes just for an update.

- Awesome app

Great app. All major US sports updated within seconds of the live action.

- Useful App

The design is different but overall good. More columnist pieces would be good and link to CBS radio also ( if they have one ). Great to follow NFL live.

- Best sports score app

This is the best app to keep track of any sports scores + your fav teams results! Impressive!

- Great app

Quick live updates on all the US sports mainly. A must if you follow the American sports.

- Winner

Brilliant app. Score refresh is great. As close to live as you'll get.

- Best Sports Results App

I love this app. Excellent features, great detail and easy to use.

- DS

Using this for very long time it's very good

- Review

Great app for all sports!!

- Great app but...

Keeps crashing in the NFL section on iPhone 6. Please fix!

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- CBS Sports

Love the app, it’s so amazing

- Nhl standing

Thanks for updating the nhl standings looks great would be nice if you could add an OVERALL standings option but still a great improvement

- So Good, Yet So Frustrating

It’s completely disappointing, all the improvements made, yet the highlights still don’t play. Frustratingly, the ads play just fine... just no highlights. And yes, I’m running the very latest app update.

- New update is trash

I’m trying to set up a bracket for the March madness and the app doesn’t allow you to even click your league to send invites. Only works on the computer so you better fix the app before you lose millions of users

- March Madness Pool

Why can’t I find where my March Madness pools are?? I can’t find anything where it brings you to brackets you have joined with friends. I can only find it on a computer and not the app. Why!?!

- No version no good

Don’tLike the new version

- March madness bracket tourney

Trying to sort out how to set up a March mardness pool with 10 friends. Can’t figure out how to do it. Don’t seem to be able to find any links to actually set it up; which is frustrating because I’ve played on here before.

- App

Terrible app freeze like crazy

- Didn’t work


- How do we go live stream?

We have used two different devices and sent support help and read so many different links and utube videos and still were getting no where any help who had the similar problems and figured there’s out?

- Click baiting/straight out lying

Got the app to watch Super Bowl stream and it’s not streaming on the app or website

- Horrible application

This app sucks. It was advertised that we could stream the super bowl for free using this app. We downloaded it, made an account, streamed to our Roku and it wouldn’t give any option to watch the super bowl. Huge disappointment

- Fake Super Bowl ad

You can’t watch the bowl. But you can see game updates. Misleading

- Cant watch super bowl

Doesn’t allow you to watch the super bowl despite advertising it.

- Best one

Finally found my sports app! Its perfect

- Bring back the Previous Version

I hate to be negative but the update stinks. I used to love to app to follow specific sports (eg NFL football) because you could select the sport and see upcoming schedule, news etc. Now even with only the sports and teams I care about selected I still have to look at each date to see if there are games. Please revert back to the previous configuration!

- New version bad

The latest version (v11.0) is terrible. Used to absolutely love this app because could easily track and follow almost any sport. But the new version is so confusing and so hard to select the sports you want to follow and switch between. Not impressed.

- Great App

If you want or need quick access to scores or schedules. This app is great. Keeps track of your favourite teams always at the top. No scrolling needed. This is my go-to sports app.

- Live stats needed to get 5 stars

Could be better if I could click on the live games to follow box scores and team stats, play by play etc.

- Fire tv

Would be a great app if I’d be able to share the screen on my firestick. It forces me to download the app which I would but won’t allow me to since I’m in Canada I’m guessing. If this could be fixed I’d probably change my review.

- Streaming

I downloaded the app because it said I could stream sports through all CBS all access, however when I try to sign in to my CBS all access it tells me my stuff is incorrect when its not.

- The best

CBSsports has THE best sports app going I’ve had it for years and years I don’t use any other sports app and that is no bull!!!

- Feedback

I love this app

- Changed the app made it crap

Change the app back. God you messed it up

- Room for improvement

Spelling and grammar mistakes found frequently

- Pickem Broken for 2020

This app was exceptional last season, but unfortunately is completely broken this year. Rest of the app works just fine, but pickem is completely unusable.

- Pickem doesn’t work

Does not save picks. Always shows an error.

- Home page favourites

Please please please change the favourites back to the old way. Highlight the favourite teams at the top of each category/sport. Hate that it’s separated from everything else.

- Bill Canada

Good up to date information. A fine break from the BS coming from the BS of Team Trump! Let’s all pray for a change in government so like your App you can be Great Again🤾🏿‍♂️⛹🏿‍♂️ Bill

- Good


- Annoying how persistent the app is to rating it

Every time I open the app is asks me to review. No option to not rate the app and have it stop asking. So, I have been backed into a corner to rate the app or suffer the annoyance. I don't react well to that kind of tactic. Rating a 1 to send a message.

- Golf

Golf coverage for leaderboard is weak. Ladies golf being listed about 25th on your front page is disrespectful. I

- No


- Amazing sports app!

This is my go to app for all sports . Great NFL tv coverage too.

- Ok app

Should not show the %’s on others picks. Game scores slow to update in pools “live” update.

- Just great

Best sports app I’ve found. Covers most or all of the major sports with schedules and scores and news etc. Very easy to use. You will not be disappointed with this app.

- Great when it works.

The app itself seems to have network connection issues all the time, but is slick when working.

- Review

The only reason you did not get a 5star rating is because you do not cover the CFL

- Click-bait titles

Notifications are structured to force you to click on them to get any value (details) of the notifications

- No access to videos

New update blocked video content such as game recaps for all Canadians.. We the North! Why add geolocation blocking right after the Toronto Raptors win?? Very Trumpian of you CBS!!

- Great Sports App

One of a few but better than most.

- Canada

Show us Canadians some love and stop blocking your videos!

- Score updates are bad

Score updates either don’t show who scored, or show the wrong team scoring. Last year this app was pretty good but this year has been pretty bad.

- Low vision

I love this app but I am visually ignored and it does not allow someone like me to zoom in or make the font larger. I had to get others to organize my bracket and invite my pool team for me. That was disappointing. I hope this is something that could be considered going forward especially since I liked this app so much in the past. Thank you!


This is the best site for scores, ranking, news, and navigation through the world of sports! It is my”go to” site when I am travelling and want a quick and accurate up-date of all major sports events!

- Forced

CBS won’t let me view my bracket challenge until I got this stupid app!! No way to close the pop up window.

- Raptors

Excelente información

- Lag

Running this app lags like crazy... it’s the only app that does this.. need to fix ASAP


Why don’t you have cfl football on this app

- Twitter links

It doesn’t let me watch twitter links embedded in the app. They won’t play for some reason

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CBS Sports App Scores & News 11.13 Screenshots & Images

CBS Sports App Scores & News iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

CBS Sports App Scores & News iphone images
CBS Sports App Scores & News iphone images
CBS Sports App Scores & News iphone images
CBS Sports App Scores & News iphone images
CBS Sports App Scores & News iphone images
CBS Sports App Scores & News iphone images

CBS Sports App Scores & News (Version 11.13) Install & Download

The applications CBS Sports App Scores & News was published in the category Sports on 2009-03-17 and was developed by CBS Interactive [Developer ID: 295669712]. This application file size is 171.12 MB. CBS Sports App Scores & News - Sports app posted on 2022-05-03 current version is 11.13 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: H443NM7F8H.CBSSportsApp