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Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Whether it’s fandoms or philosophy, fashion or felines, Tumblr is where your interests connect you with your people.

— Post photos, GIFs, text, videos, live videos, audio, anything.
— Make your own GIFs. Cover them in stickers and text, if you like.

— Look however you want. Customize your Tumblr’s colors, fonts, layout, everything.
— Follow whatever topics you’re interested in. Find new ones you didn’t even know existed.

— Join millions of people in millions of communities across millions of #tags.
— See something you love? Reblog it to your Tumblr and start a conversation.
— Start a private conversation with your friends in messaging.
— Or just follow, if you’re feeling shy. No big deal.

Live streaming of sporting events on Tumblr in the United States features Nielsen's proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen's TV Ratings. Please see www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information. US users may also visit Settings in the app to opt out of Nielsen measurement.

Tumblr App Description & Overview

The applications Tumblr was published in the category Social Networking on 2009-02-25 and was developed by Yahoo. The file size is 128.07 MB. The current version is 13.4 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Thanks for choosing Tumblr, a place to connect with others over shared interests.

Deep within this app is a morsel of code that makes videos on Tumblr possible. Now that we've updated it, posting and playing videos will be that much more savory.

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Humbouj  [email protected]  5 star

You have molded me to be able to go beyond just security but self promoting branding and ultimately compassion and sensitivity. Thank you for allowing me to take my time 🌦⛅️

The official Murr

It literally won’t let me make posts  The official Murr  1 star

Every time I try to reblog something it says ‘Posting failed. Please try again.’ I’ve logged out and logged back in again, deleted and re-downloaded the app and it works for a second but then always ends up going back to giving an error message. Literally what is the point of having the app if I can’t post


New format  Lelizabethh  1 star

Hate the way the new format for it works. When looking through tags I like to be able to go to the home, messages, and my personal page. Please just change it back. I don’t know who decided it was a good idea, but they just made it more complicated.


What in Helheim happened?!?  Huninn/Muninn  1 star

Tumblr was a great source of entertainment and inspiration. Once the censorship wen into place it went down hill. Now the app is completely useless with accounts being wiped clean or outright deleted.


Yuck  angrymarker  1 star

They banned porn. I get false notifications every other day. It used to crash on me every ten minutes. Uninstalled. I would’ve kept it if I didn’t get false notifications.


Used to be alright.  CountJefula  1 star

No way to silence notifications concerning adult content. Full of ads and bigotry filled pages. Adult content still pervasive despite alleged ban. Some videos load forever and never actually play. App randomly crashes. Surprised I still use it from time to time to be disappointed again. Maybe one day I’ll be impressed again.


Yes  turdwithatumblr  5 star

I’ll take 56000 more of these please I love them


5/21 update  ポーラtan  2 star

I’m unable to add to a reblog. It won’t let me type anything at all. iOS btw.


Needs to go back  Kaspergirl1985  1 star

Stop censorship, bring back adult content


Annoying dashboard  AssistantSensei  2 star

Hey Tumblr, when I unfollow someone, I don’t want to keep having them show up on my dash.


My tumblr app keeps shutting down without warning  Kikslacoba  3 star

My tumblr app keeps shutting down without warning


Buggy  Mandym04  1 star

App needs a lot of optimisation. Especially one the my blog page. Very buggy and glitchy there.


Discriminatory  Gonfishin72  2 star

Tumblr gave me better access to like minded adults now we get punished for not living their way, Booo to you Tumblr team very bigoted and poor form


Pretty good could be better  Folleb1  4 star

Overall a good way to use tumblr. It’s definitely easier to use the mobile browser versions and possibly even the desktop site (without using Xkit add-ons) in a lot of ways. There used to be some stability issues but these seem to be largely resolved now and new features or being added as time progresses. That said there are some third party apps with more features like: saving tag bundles, multiplayer account sign ins, and tabs (so you don’t lose place on infinite scrolling). None of those apps can access tumblr chat however, so I admit I keep returning to the official app for that reason.

Lasha 12

Anon harassment  Lasha 12  2 star

Could there be a possible way to flag anon asks? I’ve witnessed many anons harassing people and I don’t like it, sure I like the anon option but people use it for the wrong thing Please do not get rid of that option but possibly make a option to flag a anon ask if it is seen as harrassment


G  EVIL CHIC  1 star

U lost all ur users after ur porn block 💀let pornhub buy tumblr or something



Just had to get rid of the porn bots not all the nude content jeeez


Bring back nsfw  dustyboyyyyyy  1 star

Bring back nsfw


An Honest Review  No_I_Am_Not_A_Boat  1 star

That one star isn’t there for the reason you’re probably thinking. The app itself does leave much to be desired, and for some, it has become an app that holds the title of ’Most Downloaded App And Then Deleted Afterwards’. It’s community varies, sometimes pleasant and sometimes downright violent. On the same line, the app has a constant stream of content that is inciting and wonderfully diverse not due to the developers but more to the people who produce and consume the content directly from the app. It’s why it has that flip switch where some days you hate it and other days you love it. However, it is due to this sporadic behaviour from the staff and from their odd focuses on details that limit the extent of this app’s functionality. The app’s community has allowed a brilliant mindspace for all kinds of creators and producers. Its value is diminished by the capabilities of its current holders. I ask that for the sake of those creators, producers and consumers that action is taken accordingly following the input of the multiple complaints that I know have made their way to you and adapt appropriately to the app’s existing structure to further your success. As for others reviewing this app as a consumer, I do advise you to look into this app, not because of its design but because of the wondrous expanse of content that you can find that matches your interests. You will find without a doubt that you are most certainly not alone within this app’s community.


Good  XxHuNTzYaxX  5 star

Tumblr is good, app is good, Tumblr app is extra good


1 star  Halstead04  1 star

Tumblr not downloading for some reason and I have a iPhone 6


Tumblr  littlewingflyon~  5 star

The best way to find and look at things you enjoy ✨

a cycleturtle

Gifs don’t work  a cycleturtle  1 star

I haven’t been able to get gifs to load or work at all since the last update.

Hami Hut

Still buggy  Hami Hut  3 star

Not even going to comment on the whole "mature content" thing because we all know that's ridiculous. My main problems with the app is just how bad it is, its completly buggy. I can't search on my blogs anymore, I can't use the messaging system anymore even though it's very clearly visable. Id the feature is broken or you've gotten rid of it, GET RID OF THE OPTION TOO! Also, even though I tap on the GIFs, if Im using my data they still never load. I thought that's the point. That they don't get "activated" until I tap on them. But they don't work period anymore. Also, lots of times videos continue to play and even repeat thenselves even though I've excited the post and scrolled way past it. It makes things annoying and the whole experience bad


Lol I’m done w/this site but I want to see full tumblrs  allthenamesaretaken:(  1 star

Politics and banning SFW tumblrs is all I’m going to put here


.  4f3a  5 star

Best app ever ❤️


Oop  HsjshsksjskakKkNxb  1 star

Thanks for deleting my crime blog


Tumblr  Garry.W  1 star

There are some issues please needs to be Updated


The app in general  aiyaj  3 star

When I leave the app to check on other thing on my phone The Who app resets. So for example, I’m writing something and I get a notification from my friends on another app. I come back and all of that is lost and I have to restart and I’m not satisfied with the finished result. What I was writing was completely fine and I liked it, but thanks to the app restarting every second I couldn’t finish the project because I kept losing all that progress. It’s very frustrating to say the least. Yep that’s it for my ted talk, thanks for nothing😂


Captions  ALINA310  2 star

Captions are duplicating and or losing edits I made on desktop when I go to edit them.


Toxic  ciarah1234  1 star

I was selecting hashtags I liked when I was signing up and it recommended th*nspo. Plz fix this and just clean up the pedo/ana/tcc/other toxic communities PLEASE


Review  brgnfjb  3 star

Can’t talk to other tumblrs


Used to be better  JoanneMckz  2 star

Used to be a great app but now it’s boring and certain tags don’t show up, it’s all dumbed down for kids


Still lots of problems.  RainieBloodbatj  2 star

The app crashes randomly. It takes forever to load content and I can’t message anyone. I tried validating my email but that doesn’t work either.

Everon 2004

I like it  Everon 2004  5 star

That’s it bye


The app keeps crashing since update.  bonesg2011  2 star

Since tumblr got the latest update. It keeps on crashing after a few mins of been open. Needs a major bug fix to resolve this issue. When it crashes the screen goes black on iPad. Needs to be fixed.


suggestion  isabel_march  3 star

I really wish I could divide my followers into separate mini-feeds, or follow people from sideblogs so that I would have separate dashboards I could scroll through. The app is in general good, if a bit glitchy and trying to post from mobile is a nightmare.


no tiddies  hMbasjnew  1 star

tiddies: zero!(0)


new colour palette is really bad  Kidagakadsh  2 star

if you have the tumblr app and it isn’t updated to the latest version, DON’T update it further. the newest versions fix none of the bugs of the previous versions (random crashes, needing to quit & restart the app when checking a notification) and to boot it adds a new eye-searing colour palette. tumblr states that they did this to help with visibility issues, making the colours more distinct from each other, but the colours are INCREDIBLY oversaturated and off-putting, so much so that i think people would have much more difficulty with the site’s colours than before. they’re seriously eye-straining. if anyone at tumblr is reading any criticisms of this i’d urge you to convince the rest of the staff to roll it back because no one is happy with this change at all.


the app keeps getting worse  transmac  1 star

the new colour scheme is painful, and hard to look at. the app screws up almost daily, notifications don’t get shown, i don’t get notifications for half of the new followers, blogs fail to load without restarting the app - it’s a mess.

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