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Skype keeps the world talking. Say “hello” with an instant message, voice or video call – all for free*, no matter what device they use Skype on. Skype is available on phones, tablets, PCs, and Macs.

• Video calls – Don’t just hear the cheers, see them! Get together with 1 or 24 of your friends and family on a HD video call. Watch everyone’s smiles and cries when you tell them “We’re engaged!!!" 
• Chat – Reach people instantly. Send messages to your friends, grab someone’s attention with @ mentions, or create a group chat to plan a family reunion. 
• Share – Send photos and videos with your family and friends. Save shared photos and videos to your camera roll. Share your screen to make travel plans with friends or present designs to your team.
• Voice calls – Camera shy? Make voice calls to anyone in the world on Skype. You can also call mobile and landlines at low rates.
• Express yourself – Liven up conversations with emoticons, click on the “+” in chat to send a Giphy or images from the web, and annotate images with words, lines and more.
• Skype to Skype calls are free. Operator data charges may apply. We recommend using an unlimited data plan or WiFi connection.

Skype for iPhone App Description & Overview

The applications Skype for iPhone was published in the category Social Networking on 2009-03-31 and was developed by Skype Communications S.a.r.l. The file size is 130.53 MB. The current version is 8.37 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

We're listening to your feedback and working hard to improve Skype. Here's what's new:
- Stability and reliability improvements.

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Skype for iPhone Reviews


Awesome  wmehok  5 star

I love it


VERY SLOW  BY90069  3 star

Why is it so buggy? Nothing was wrong with the previous version.

Puma Pilot

Worldwide  Puma Pilot  5 star

I use Skype in Korea, Japan, GUAM, Phillipines, Singapore, thailand... works great!


when you think it can’t get worse...  Crushrrrrr  1 star

Oh, it got worse. It’s extremely frustrating how it seems microsoft is trying to destroy skype more with every update. Now it shows my status as offline when minimized. Not good. I need to appear online seeing as I am signed in and available. What a joke skype has become. Go back to basics. Get rid of the awful and pointless features. Listen to feedback and actually change it for the better because it’s barely functioning anymore.


Keeping me and mom connected (5000 miles apart)  expat112  5 star

Thank you!!


Technical problems  Austin_booth  4 star

I’m using Skype on iPhone X but it keeps freezing when I talk to my friend. This is both in Holly, Mi and in Belleville, Mi


Dialpad not working during on-going call  NPatel6  1 star

Hi Skype, Kindly look into this issue that was working perfectly fine in previous Skype 6,7 And is broken in your current version 8. Issue: During an on-going call like automated teller call or conference call, where an user needs to select options from dialpad to navigate further in call - observes that dialpad is active but not working. It means on-call, response of dialpad is not noticed by automated caller. Observed in: iOS enabled mobile phones, tablets and computers. Issue observed also on Windows PC. Possible Solution: Check precious Skype versions 6 or 7. Cut that code for on-going automated caller dialpad activation and selection. Paste or Integrate that code into your current Skype version 8. Thanks!


The best ever  hussamphoto  5 star

My favorite


Worst app ever  AJGoods  1 star

Developers, could you please make the call and end call buttons even smaller please? It is still just about possible to use the app for calls but a bit more effort on your part could make it totally unusable!


Skype will steal your money.  ihopeskypegetscancer  1 star

Calling credit purchased on skype expires after a short period of inactivity. This effectively allows Microsoft to steal money from you every few months. So, use this app if you enjoy having your money stolen.


Need to be able to add and edit a contacts phone numbers easily  Reviewer543  1 star

You cannot easily add and edit multiple phone numbers for a Skype contact in this app. That is a critical feature that is needed urgently. You can already in Skype for Windows 10, and in Skype for Windows classic, add 4 phone numbers for a Skype contact. You cannot do that with this app, nor with Skype for Windows. This is an urgent requirement as I often have 4 numbers for a Skype contact, in many countries in the world, so I need this functionality urgently in all the versions of Skype I use. I have the premium service and yet when I click HELP there is no way I can easily get at least text based interactive immediate support. There should be, at least for those paying to use some of the premium features.


Broke since redesign  pwnzl  1 star

Nothing works - users don’t show as online anymore


A clunky, overly complicated, confused experience  lisadqwe  1 star

I wish I could stop using this convoluted app. The sign in experience is consistently frustrating where I regularly get caught going for rabbit holes. Every redesign sees new features that I don’t want. I wish it could streamline its experience and make video calling simple and remove all these unnecessary features that get added (like snap shot etc). Google DUO is far superior and once it releases an iPad version, I am looking forward to deleting my skype account. There is some serious gaps in the authentification process that need to be addressed. If you did some experience testing, these problem areas would easily be uncovered. Please concentrate on simplifying your UI and your IA as it’s over complicated and cumbersome.


5 stars  JeroenHoekman  5 star

Perfect service at a decent cost


Ffs  nickiciiiehaddjaja  1 star

c*nt keeps locking me out of the app on phone


Too slow  nxtday  3 star

Even using iPhone XS I feel Skype application is extremely slow in performance. I am missing the golden days when Skype was not under Microsoft and everything was simpler and serving the main purpose!


Account glitches  Bea60Toews  3 star

I have used skype since its inception. Since Microsoft bought it I have continual problems with paying for my account and for logging in. I am so sad as Skype USED TO BE my preferred platform for communication with my overseas friends. Sad to see a giant slowly being choked by bureaucracy.


Ruined by Microsoft  David.PissedOff  1 star

Completely unintuitive, it went from my favourite app back in the day to a complete garbage fire.

Lighting man 03

Skype is an amazing call service... for phones above the 5  Lighting man 03  4 star

Skype runs really well on so my devices and is reliable apart from my iPhone 5. It regularly glitches and crashes and needs a bit of work to stop that. I love using Skype but please work on improvements for it on iPhone 5 thanks!

Psalm 37:29

Wow?!  Psalm 37:29  5 star

Is this for real?! Can you believe it?! Have you ever seen such a thing?! What the?! How can this be?! Isn’t this something?! Why doesn’t anyone ever answer my questions?!


Dismal since change to Microsoft  E2019E  1 star

I used Skype for years, primarily to make international calls using credits. Since the change to Microsoft as the manger, I’ve not been able to access my account. Sadly this app failed me in an emergency situation abroad, when it was my only way to make a call to be picked up by a driver. The app refused my identify verification even after I entered the correct password and background retrieval info - it was deemed “not sufficient.” I hope I didn’t leave any remaining credit on my account because that would be a huge waste for an app that is anything but convenient.


Very happy  tucumcurry  5 star

A big help for family members who are older and don’t have whatsap. Thank you for the excellent service and reasonable cost.


Not the Skype of Yesteryear  HelperJoe  5 star

I remember when Skype on the computer was not worth the aggravation. Now, on the phone, it’s like I’m sitting in the same room with the person I’m talking to.


Loving it  busmomma1  5 star

Just tried calling some friends on their landlines. Sound is great and I really like it.


Effective and efficient  augieonecan  5 star

The app has improved I like the fact that you can text groups across the world in real time and the ability to see who is viewing and who has viewed every comment on the group. Perfect for my VA’s


Great app  Genioboy  5 star

Skype offers 60 free minutes to USA with Office 365 subscriptions. Easy to use and great call quality. Good rates worldwide.


Not bad but there some issues  Chico1483  3 star

A couple things I've noticed. If I'm on a skype to phone call number one the keypad on the lock screen don't work and for some reason my phone heats up majorly


I hate the UI  Acyclic1  1 star

Too many useless emoticons, can't export voice messages. Terrible.


Skype is....  Opress  1 star

Skype was pretty good before they had all of these updates. If you have a tech guy who knows how to fix bugs and the problems I shouldn’t have to write a nasty review about this problem. Sometimes I can’t see on the video call the other people when I try to call them or when someone calls me I can’t come back to see them. It’s only the picture and a color for the background. This shouldn’t have happen when Skype tries to update their app every 2 to 4 weeks to monthly. This is should be fixed in the first time when people complain about it. Today I had a call and the app was bad. I couldn’t see the video call. It was the picture and a color background. Also I couldn’t see the video when the other person answered the call. Fix the bugs and problem. Skype was good until the updates and bugs. I can’t make a copy a link and paste my link on Skype message because the screen would turn into a color background. Why do you guys do updates when you have failed since the last one


Update wipes everything  Cgrbafgybegtdfghert  1 star

Logged into skype after a period of time and along with the new update all my contacts are gone sooooo guess I’ll go back to using discord 🤷🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️


Excellent app  Jamesmjmc  5 star

I use the app daily and find it excellent.

user p1

Me P  user p1  5 star

Once both parties have good internet connection this app works brilliantly. If connection lags or fails it automatically redials.


Skype fantastic  Martinogara  5 star

This app is definitely the best yet Easy to use Easy to manage


Best Communication App Ever!  PodgeThePanda1234  5 star



Bad bad bad  MoryPrincess  1 star

How bad has this become?? Why am i paying subscription for? Cannot even connect, waiting and waiting on the line, it doesnt even say line it’s engaged!! Skype has gone so bad, disappointing!!

temmie 25

It’s ok but slow  temmie 25  2 star

It’s sometimes really laggy and takes a long time to load when it should load fast maybe improve on that also Every time I’m in YouTube and my friend sends me a message I click on the notification then it makes me not hear anything literally anything,nothing on YouTube or Skype or any other app the only way to fix it is to restart my would be great if yous could fix it because it’s really annoying. Regards Gabriel


Good app x  Snap_itz_abbie_x  4 star

Skype is a great app x it’s very handy most of the time!x I heard you can do live broadcasts on Skype but I just can figure out how to. I will figure out soon though. Great app all together though like you can text you can audio call u can FaceTime call and do live broadcast x great app definitely recommend it 95% recommended x

بساط الريح

Good  بساط الريح  5 star

Very good application


Amazing  Z-Sarhandi  5 star

Not much other to say than amazing to be honest.


Best  rjffhuruf  5 star

I have used this all my life and it is the best social network app.

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