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For serious shooters who are serious about their shot!!!
••• The most advanced ballistics calculator on the market
••• Trusted by the best: Armed Forces / Shooting Instructors / Lifelong Marksmen
••• Advanced Precision Ballistics

5 STARS: "I shoot on Team Louisiana Precision Rifles in Tactical rifle matches. Everyone on the team that uses Ballistic has had great results. This program has really been a game changer in the precision rifle world." - Bannon

5 STARS: "I have used this app for my 308 Rem 700 to my 338 Lapua. I have made some fun shots using this app. I have been using it ever since it was an iPhone app. US Marine Approved. Thanks!" - Ob1goose

5 STARS: "I used the data from Ballistic for a cold bore shot at 760 yards and center punched the plate. Sent another right on top of it. Done. No loading hassle or BS, just accuracy!" - Rick

Ballistic is a highly-accurate ballistic calculator and range companion. With its advanced capabilities, Ballistic can calculate for atmospheric conditions, Coriolis effect, gyroscopic spin, and more. It's also much more. With a vast library of nearly 5,000 projectiles and factory loads, rangefinder, range log, and head-up display, Ballistic is a complete mobile companion for hunting or at the range.

Ballistic's world renowned JBM ballistics engine delivers the gold standard in calculations that other applications compare themselves to.

Advanced Edition Features:
- NEW: iPhone 6 internal barometer supported
- NEW: Kestrel K5 LiNK / Drop integration (in-app purchase)
- An advanced head-up display for mounted operation
- Advanced wind kit configurable for up to 8 wind sources
- Bryan Litz' custom G7 ballistic coefficients
- 3D Trajectory imaging for visualizing bullet path
- Mil-Dot ballistics head-up display

- World renowned JBM ballistics engine for the most precise, accurate calculations in the industry.
- Load Library: Nearly 5,000 commercial and military projectiles and factory loads from leading manufacturers or specify your own projectile properties. Includes latest commercial data and military coefficients established at Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Also includes Bryan Litz' advanced G7 ballistic coefficients and bullet lengths.
- iCloud Sync: Sync your favorites, optics profiles & range log to all of your devices
- One-Touch Atmospheric Correction: Instantly adjust your calculations for zero or current atmosphere. Weather updated based on your current location (from a weather service), or enter your own atmospheric values.
- Advanced Wind Kit: Powerful tool enabling you to create complex wind configurations for up to eight different wind sources!
- Variable (Stepped) BCs: Includes many popular commercial projectiles from select manufacturers, for more precise calculations.
- Ballistic Charts: Display a chart of the current projectile including drop, energy, and velocity. Compare wind drift. Compare up to eight projectiles on the same chart. Zoom charts up to 300% and save a full size chart to your photo album.
- HUD: Full featured Mil-Dot ballistics head-up display; estimate using on-screen Mil-dot reticle, and see milling holdovers, with easy on-screen adjustment.
- Target Log: Keep a journal of all your hunts, shoots, adjustments, points of impact, and scores. Includes group calculator, integrated score log, multiple target types, and camera and GPS support. Generate cold barrel and scoring reports for each rifle.
- Angular Acquisition: Aim the device at the target like a remote control, or mount on your weapon to receive real-time angular correction.
- Adjustable Units: Elevation and windage output units in inches, centimeters, arcminutes, milliradians, and click values ranging from full click to 1/8 click (or custom click values).
- Calculate your own ballistic coefficients based on two chronograph measurements or data from the back of an ammo box.

... and much more!

Ballistic: Advanced Edition App Description & Overview

The applications Ballistic: Advanced Edition was published in the category Utilities on 2009-01-30 and was developed by Peak Studios LLC. The file size is 20.58 MB. The current version is 6.3.1 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

Included in this update:
• Fixes missing actions in Target Log
• Other bug fixes & improvements

Please email us if you run into any issues:
[email protected]

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Ballistic: Advanced Edition Reviews


Excellent app  BonyOne  5 star

Entering the ballistic data from various ammo types really helped me improve my scores at the National Matches at Camp Perry last summer! Using this app with a chronograph and reloading my own ammo seriously improved my accuracy. It’s amazing what a little math can do!


MR  Sheriff0606  5 star

This app is legit! It is as good if not better than any ballistics program out there. I love the truing feature in case your muzzle velocity input was a little off but so far I've only had to use it once. Based on experience with the load info from factory loads that come with the app and inputting the load data for reloads the trajectory is spot on!


Awesome app for long range shooting!  Caseyb313  5 star

Been using this app for 2 years. It is the best ballistics app I have used. Awesome! A must have for the long range shooter.


An excellent tool for precise shooting  Shootermgee  5 star

I have had this app for five years and still don't know ALL of the ins and outs but as I learn more about long range shooting I understand the tools and how to use them and have seen first hand how excellent this tool is. It's exhilarating to punch in the data, shoot a 100 yards, read how many clicks to turn the scope, and then back out to 400 and hit within 5 inches of where I last shot! This has been the only app I found worth reviewing!

Elder Ron

Rwood  Elder Ron  5 star

This is a fabulous shooting app! I have tried several, this is the ONE I have used for several years. In my store I use this application to demonstrate trajectory & velocity & much more to my customers. It is rich w/ eye opening data that has been a great benefit to them. Not to mention my personal reliance on it for ballistic solutions. Ron Wood


Wow!  Jccviking  5 star

Prior to now, I have been using the Nikon SpotOn Ballistic calculator. It’s a little buggy but it has done what I needed. Plus, I have Nikon BDC scopes on a couple of my rifles and SpotOn calculates hold-over corresponding to little circles on the reticle. But... I wanted something more. I read the glowing reviews but agonizing over the $15.00 price. Finally, I decided to “pull the trigger” and purchased Ballistic AE. All I can say is: Wow! I can’t imagine a more capable calculator. While I’ve only been playing with it for a day, I have not yet found a bug (unusual in my experience). Interestingly, the trajectory numbers are slightly different from SpotOn’s. Note: Given my skill level, the differences are academic but for a real contender in 1000 yard competition, those differences become meaningful. The bottom line is: I’m happy I ponied up the $15.00 and I know this app will give me lots of pleasure. As a final note, after learning my way around in Ballistic AE, I’ve been looking at Kestrel weather meters. This is the ultimate irony because, remember, I agonized over the $15.00. Here’s a heads up about something I did not understand until after the purchase. There is a separate iPad app that takes proper advantage of the iPad’s larger screen. The iPhone app runs fine on the iPad but it has the typical 1x/2x button that just enlarges a screen designed for the iPhone. I would still have purchased the iPhone app (because I typically would not take my iPad on a hunt) but I wanted everyone to know about the difference.


Great app  Cbaug000  5 star

Works well!

F Class

Fantastic!  F Class  5 star

This app has been accurate to a click or two at ranges from 100 to 1000 yards. And the HUD is easy to use, and give me accurate wind corrections when you need them. I have use this program for the load data for 5.56 to .308.


Air rifles  hbjdeerslayer  5 star

Very good has definitely extended my range with air guns. I love the pellet selection.


Great ballistic app  jkdickenson  5 star

So much to learn on it, but it's amazing!


Great app  jackman-exera  5 star

Good piece of kit. A must have .


Great App  axeDarren  5 star

Easy and straight forward to use, best of all it's very true to calculations in the field. I mainly use it out to 600 yds for my 7mm Rem and find it spot on.


Brilliant  The_yuk  5 star

By far the best out there, so many options.

Clyde Rathbone

Outstanding App  Clyde Rathbone  5 star

I've used just about every ballistic app available and Ballistic AE remains my favourite.

Fi and Pete

Great  Fi and Pete  5 star

Great bit of kit


Best I've used.  Trooper230  5 star

Top app.


BJ McKay  Kaneya68  5 star

Awesome program


Excellent!  Revrob777  5 star

Awesome ballistic app


Excellent ballistic app  Caska  5 star

Great ballistic app for the iPhone.


Love it!!  Me8513  5 star

Best ballistics app I've used for both the range and in the field! Have used the web-based version for years but being able to take JBM wherever I go is awesome!!


Awesome app for shooting  Hanna67  5 star

Just getting into shooting at distance and started using this app for my handloads as well as factory ammo and it has been very accurate as long as you enter correct info. Very helpful and well worth the money.


A whole lot of value for very little cost  Jobeee60  5 star

This thing works really well after a short learning curve. Let's you compare different projectiles and loads quickly. It even loads in your current weather conditions. I have learned a lot about different loads and calibers by comparing their performance against each other.


Stop looking this is the one  Headake01  5 star

Stop looking this is the one


Range Card analytics are amazing! Snap a photo and adjust your dope!  GE3844  5 star

Great ballistics. The best IMHO. Semper Fi.


Great App!  longrange7mm  5 star

Great App! As long as you put in the correct data, it'll put you on target. The regular updates for new bullets and ammunition means you always have data for the latest rounds.


BEST Ballistic Calculator on the Market  Shaun415  5 star

I've tried them all and Ballistic is the one I come back to. Simple to use, their advanced features like the HUD and wind kit are exceptional. Nothing feels better than hearing that ping when you hit the plate 800 yards out, and with Ballistic I am always on target!

Dissatisfied user number three

The Gold Standard of ballistic software  Dissatisfied user number three  5 star

This is without a doubt the best ballistics software program I have ever used. The program matches my personal records which only occasionally happens with manufacturers published data. What shooters need is accurate proven data and this program absolutely does that. Thank you designers!

380 yd

380 yd buck  380 yd  5 star

Solid accurate adjustable Good for the range or field


Buggy  Mchann  1 star

If you can get it to work, then you're much smarter than me. Basic drop table was only good to 600yrds.


Greatest Long Distance Shooting App  KTodd401  5 star

I've been shooting long distance for many years and this app is amazing. Info on rounds in the data base seem to be very accurate. Routinely shooting 600 yards I find the calculations to be spot on with my M-40.

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