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Nike Training Club helps you reach your fitness goals. Get fit anytime, anywhere with free workouts across strength, endurance, yoga & mobility.

Every exercise and drill features our world-class Nike Master Trainers. From bodyweight workouts to full-equipment exercises, discover personalized workout recommendations, just for you.

The Nike Training Club workout library includes:
• Body-part focused workouts targeting your abs, arms, shoulders, glutes, and legs
• Strength, endurance, yoga, and mobility workouts
• Workout times ranging from 15-45 Minutes
• Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels
• Low, Moderate and High Intensity
• Bodyweight only, Light and Full Equipment
• Time-based and Rep-based options

Workout Collections offer a set of recommended workouts and guidance from our Nike Trainers and some of your favorite athletes, including Isaiah Thomas, Julie Ertz, Sydney Leroux Dwyer, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Stay focused on your routine, get tips and guidance from our athletes and trainers, and reach your fitness goals with Workout Collections like:
• Get Leaner Stronger Abs
• Always Ready For the Beach
• 6-Week Guide to Get Lean, and more

Nike Training Club members love our short, bodyweight only workouts to get the results they want even when life gets in the way.

Our daily “Picks For You” are based specifically on your routine. The more you train with Nike Training Club, the more personal your recommendations become.

Focus more on your workout, and less on your phone when you connect your Apple Watch with NTC. Easily advance to the next drill, pause, skip drills, and more, all while monitoring your heart rate and calories right from your wrist.

Enter and record other activities you do, like basketball, spinning, studio classes, and many more, all so you can keep track of your fitness life.

And don’t forget — Nike Training Club also connects to Apple Health where you can keep track of your workouts and Activity Rings.

Run with Nike Run Club, and all your runs will be automatically recorded in your activity history.


We’ve partnered with world renowned Nike Master Trainers to deliver their results-focused workouts and programs, straight to you. Subscribe now and get access to:
• 4-6 Week Programs Led by Nike Master Trainers
• Expert Nutrition & Wellness Guidance Including Mindset, Recovery, and Sleep
• New Workout Formats Including On-Demand Classes and Whiteboard Workouts for Gym-style Training

The cost of an NTC Premium subscription (after any free trials) is $14.99 per month (annual subscription is $119.99). Payments will be charged to your iTunes account. Your subscription renews Monthly or Annually (depending on the plan selected) and your iTunes account will be charged for each renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. You can manage and cancel your subscription by going to your account settings in the App Store after purchase. To avoid auto-renew charges, cancel at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial (if any) or the current subscription period. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription during the free trial period. By subscribing to NTC Premium, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use (

Refunds on subscriptions to NTC Premium are subject to the App Store policy. Subscriptions to NTC Premium are non-refundable and there is no right to refunds or credits unless required by applicable law or as otherwise permitted by the App Store policy.

Nike Training Club App Description & Overview

The applications Nike Training Club was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2009-01-15 and was developed by Nike, Inc. The file size is 195.73 MB. The current version is 6.0.0 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Now introducing 2 new features: Nike Training Club Premium and Workout Reminders!

Reaching your fitness goals just got easier. We’ve partnered with world renowned Nike Master Trainers to deliver their results-focused workouts and programs, straight to you. Subscribe now and get access to:
• 4-6 Week Programs Led by Nike Master Trainers
• Expert Nutrition & Wellness Guidance Including Mindset, Recovery, and Sleep
• New Workout Formats Including On-Demand Classes and Whiteboard Workouts for Gym-style Training
Apple Watch support for new NTC Premium Workout formats coming soon.

You asked, we listened! Set reminders to help you stay motivated.

And, like any athlete, we’re always focused on improvements to maximize our performance.

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Nike Training Club Reviews


Fantastic Workouts!  ActivOil  5 star

Fantastic quick effective workouts for a busy lifestyle. Great for travelers that want to stay fit and get a quick pump in.

Akumu Ink

Plans was the best part  Akumu Ink  1 star

... and you removed it and slapped on a “premium” feature. Greedy.


Killed my watch  chaserll11  2 star

New update looks good, workouts have always been great, but bugs with syncing the phone and Apple Watch persist. This update it became so bad that my Apple Watch got stuck with the HR sensor being called on even after uninstalling the app and force rebooting it. I had to completely wipe and restore my watch to clear out whatever massive bug is in this release. Until the app is stable, no way I’m going to upgrade to “Premium”

Island Life

🤢Ruined by Subscription Model  Island Life  1 star

Update: The developer response is disingenuous. Core functionality that used to make this app convenient to use (i.e., Plans) was removed prior to issuing the update with “premium” content. ******* I’ve been a loyal user for years (and a purchaser of Nike gear) and I’m not a fan of the subscription model to support this app. Go back to how things used to be... Nike is huge and video content like they have is relatively cheap to produce (one-time cost). Build on the brand loyalty of viewers and reconsider converting to this terrible subscription model. Every company wants a pound of flesh via subscriptions — other users, we need to say no to this rather than let giant corporations charge for basic fitness videos. They’ll just continue to take away features until the only way to get any value at all from the app is to fork over $15 a month. I’m not using this app anymore... and not buying anything from Nike either. There are so many options available to online shoppers now. I’m not paying for Nike products when they do stuff like this and burn off years of goodwill that they had earned by keeping an app like this free. It was nice while it lasted.


Do not use with Apple Watch!  Sean638$85  1 star

The fine folks at NTC and Apple are not able to iron out some major problems. If you are using Apple Watch to track active calories (move ring), you will be frequently disappointed. Whenever I get a phone call or text message while doing a NTC workout, the app appears to continue to function, however, the data collection malfunctions. I have completed many rigorous workouts only to have NTC report to Apple that I worked out for 0 minutes and burned less than 10 total calories. The same problem frequently occurs if there is another app running in the background on the watch. Infuriating.


Premium is okay but  Allen0401  4 star

For the newest version they introduce NTC premium which is a paid membership for exclusive classes & plans. I tried it out, the class is pretty good that basically the trainer guide you through with video is the length of work out but it’s so hard to use at places that don’t have great phone signals because it cannot be pre-downloaded to your phone.


Update is trying to break my Watch...  thfalcone  1 star

The newest update introducing the premium option is attempting to break my Apple Watch Series 2. It tries to start up but has trouble connecting to the app; doesn’t record calories, and freezes my heart rate monitor in a permanently “on” position.


Best workout app  PKG15_5  5 star

I have used this app for about six years and find it to have some of the best workout routines possible. Much cheaper than paying a personal trainer. I highly recommend to everyone no matter what physical ability you have.


Super simple, but effective  danihghjr  5 star

This app has been refined for a while from being a UI nightmare to one of the only fitness apps I would consider paying a subscription for.


Updated app is a downgrade  Vandygh  3 star

First and foremost this is the app that got me purchasing Nike gear and shoes again. I had switched over to Asic gear but this app and the fact that it was free got my loyalty and helped me rediscover Nike and it's new and improved shoes. So I'm not sure why Nike would create a premium pay section when this app already earns them money through promoting their products. I loved the plan section which really only needed a few tweaks to be perfect. But instead Nike got rid of it saying they improved the app. Turns out they instead were planning the premium in app purchase section. The price alone is higher then the average health app. I now fear that Nike will neglect and maybe reduce the free portion of the app. As a PE teacher I recommended the app to my students which I now feel I can no longer do so. In case your thinking I am just someone that is cheap and complaining that their is in app purchases I am not. NTC and NRC have inspired me to buy a pair of Terra Kiger, a pair of Epic Reacts, a pair of Vapormax and a pair of Lebron James XVI this school year. That's around $650 dollars in shoes. You got my money already Nike you don't need to go after my pocket change also.


Excellent no frills app that works  bella8472  5 star

This is the one workout app I keep coming back to. It’s not at all irritating to listen to, and it allows for flexibility. And it works. Only quibble, please include workouts safe during pregnancy and maybe a post pregnancy one too. Otherwise brilliant.

DR runnergirl

Great app  DR runnergirl  5 star

Such a great app so easy select the work you want to do and off you go. Really no excuse with this one it makes you do it.


Great app  Deiamolina  5 star

Love it. Perfect for people who like to stay at home and sometimes just don’t wan to go to the gym. I feel that the app's intensive exercises are better than the same period spent at the gym


Please add audio coach to Apple Watch app!  CoachMeNike  5 star

This is a great app that I’ve used at home and the gym and the plans are excellent. At home via AirPlay you get the coach throughout the workout which is great as it helps you focus on the movement and form. In the gym though you are dependent on the Apple watch more than the IPhone and sadly this is where you loose out because you do not get audio coaching via Apple Watch like the NRC app. That’s a real pity and would make a huge difference to gym or outdoor workouts if you could.


Excellent  EleonoraGargiulo  5 star

Amazing app!!! Best work out ever and really easy!!


Brilliant  loza34726  5 star

I personally think this app is brilliant for not only motivating but changing the workouts and making them more challenging whilst also keeping it fun, 100% would recommend to any of my friends


Brilliant  EddieM847  5 star

This is the app ive been waiting for. It is so easy to follow with clear and precise instructions. The workouts are tailored really well to whatever fitness level you are at.l I cant wait to hit the gym and try one of these out. The Hit challenge looks really fun and challenging . I cant recommend highly enough.


A+  M.faherty  5 star

Fantastic app! I’m far more active since I downloaded it. It really motivates me to get exercising.


Great Fitness app  Claireoc19  5 star

I would 100% recommend this app.Its so easy to work out with this app consistently and improve my fitness.I love that you can train like your favorite athlete.It is the only fitness app I can consider worth while and beneficial.It also has yogo sessions as well that other fitness apps don’t have.I am so happy that everything is completely free aswell.It is a 10/10 app for me😀🥇


Review  ciaraoreily2345  5 star

I really love this app so much everything is free including the plan and it helps u stay fit and healthy

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