Go Cardless with CardStar™ from Constant Contact. Fast, secure and easy!
CardStar eliminates wallet and keychain clutter by conveniently storing your loyalty, rewards, and membership cards in one easy to use app.

Instantly load your loyalty, rewards and membership cards using the camera on your device.

Access your cards in a flash with our geo-targeted card locator and have the cashier scan your cards directly from your phone. Plus, sharing cards is simple so it’s easy for you to share joint memberships.

Receive thousands of free offers and coupons from your favorite grocery stores, drugstores and more, right on your mobile device.

Stay organized and easily manage your shopping list so you’ll never forget the milk again.

You never have to worry about lost cards or unauthorized use with advanced features like cloud backup and passcode lock.

CardStar App Description & Overview

The applications CardStar was published in the category Shopping on 2009-01-15 and was developed by Express Checkout LLC. The file size is 19.10 MB. The current version is 5.1.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

First update in 3 years!

CardStar is under new management and being actively developed in response to your feedback. This update is the first of several that will address known issues and bring improved functionality. This first update removes the deals section fixing the delays some users have experienced, and includes internal improvements addressing other issues in preparation for the future.

PLEASE NOTE: This update will log you out - if you used an email address you no longer have access to and you don’t know your password you will need to re-enter your cards after the update.

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CardStar Reviews


Great App, use it all the time!  DaSuss  5 star

Really cool and helpful.

Sissy Burgener

Extremely Convenient  Sissy Burgener  5 star

I have been using CardStar for years and absolutely LOVE it!! I no longer have to carry 20+ rewards cards around on a key chain as I placed all of my cards in my CardStar app as well as any notes corresponding to that card. I also included other types of memberships and it's (my) numeric membership number so I would have record of it when needed. This app is oh so convenient and since I take my phone everywhere then of course I have all of my cards everywhere I frequent as well. It's an awesome shopping tool to have! I definitely recommend this app to anyone who loves retail and service rewards programs without the hassle of having to bring along al of those keychain rewards cards. CardStar receives an affirmative 5 star rating from me!!


Love the App, BUT  judyindaskyz17  3 star

I'd sure love it more if the cards could be in ALPHABETIC ORDER! It would make it so much easier to find them on the spot.


CardStar  mmg0826  3 star

Trying to send cards but app keeps crashing Never mind- I was sharing them incorrectly


Adding notes  Cantbee  3 star

I was able to write notes to add information to particular card. Now when I do it won't save it

Huar Yu

What can't cards be sorted anymore?  Huar Yu  1 star

Why is that cards cannot be sorted anymore according to preference? Your app used to include this simple feature but now it doesn't appear to exist anymore. As such it deserves less than two stars until this obvious user functionality is restored.

BP mobile

No longer my favorite app  BP mobile  1 star

Moved to the cloud and all the pics are gone. No pics of cards makes this a lot less valuable for me.

Elanman 55

Avoid  Elanman 55  1 star

After all your accounts are entered they block your account until you provide all your personal information so they can track your shopping habits.

Dash livid

Lost most of my data  Dash livid  1 star

It worked great for a few years until today when I opened it to find more than half the cards missing.


Version 5.1.0 no "Available Offers"  OkieDave  2 star

Error message pop up "Failed authentication request to partner proxy"; what's up?


Molly White gAswxlHZs57UddW 3 star

@RainingBlood181: @KEEMSTAR I have a new intro for you, What is up drama queen nation I'm your hostess Victimm Cardstar leettts get roig…


Sam Phillips 1031ent 3 star

@1031ent: .@1031ent Checked out the car show, while demonstrating con games at the #BullyBowl. #boulevardaces #CardStar #1031ent ht…


Love the app  Murknots  4 star

However it needs some updates. Also, drag and drop no longer works. I can no longer rearrange my cards.


Doesn't open since new iPhone update  Conster1181  1 star

Use to use this app all the time. Once the iPhone update it asks for my Apple Store information to open and once input that information in the app closes.


Cardstar review  Larry77j  5 star

Amazing app! Thank you for having created this app!


Okay but could be better...  MenchieLvr  3 star

Yes, it saves me from carrying a 14 pound keychain but it'd be great to be able to alphabetize the cards. And sort them according to preference.


Simple way to manage store cards  MobileDtech  5 star

Apple Wallet doesn't support 80% of my retailer rewards card. This one stores 100%. Almost all of them are recognized and show the picture of the card so it is easy to grab at checkout. Love this little app.

Norman Music

Update needed  Norman Music  1 star

This was a good app. It just hasn't been updated in ages. It still doesn't support the native iPhone 6/7 screen sizes. Short cuts based on location stopped working for some places. It doesn't recognize many stores and can't handle the newer 2D bar codes.


Awesome App  Kputty  5 star

Best app on my phone! Extremely functional. No more need to carry around a bunch of plastic cards. They all fit in my phone!


Used to be great, but now abandoned  SashkaB  3 star

This app was first and was great back then, but now it became abandoned. Two years no updates, iOS reports that app isn't optimized and it is now gone from my iPhone, replaced with different one, which works and feels like home. Missed opportunity.


Card Star  Trese0701  4 star

I've used this app regularly for years. I received a message today from Apple, while using Card Star at a merchant, that this app may make my phone run slower until the developer updates it for iPhone 7s. Please take care of this...great app otherwise.


Excellent but needs update  Sidewyndr  5 star

Been using this great app for quite some time. The only thing is that my iPhone tells me it is slowing other apps. Please update

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