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Go Cardless with CardStar™ from Constant Contact. Fast, secure and easy!
CardStar eliminates wallet and keychain clutter by conveniently storing your loyalty, rewards, and membership cards in one easy to use app.

Instantly load your loyalty, rewards and membership cards using the camera on your device.

Access your cards in a flash with our geo-targeted card locator and have the cashier scan your cards directly from your phone. Plus, sharing cards is simple so it’s easy for you to share joint memberships.

Receive thousands of free offers and coupons from your favorite grocery stores, drugstores and more, right on your mobile device.

Stay organized and easily manage your shopping list so you’ll never forget the milk again.

You never have to worry about lost cards or unauthorized use with advanced features like cloud backup and passcode lock.

CardStar App Description & Overview

The applications CardStar was published in the category Shopping on 2009-01-15 and was developed by Express Checkout LLC. The file size is 19.13 MB. The current version is 5.1.4 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Fixed startup crash issue that was affecting some users.

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CardStar Reviews


Bugs  AguilaGualo  1 star

Some issues with the app, when I try to open a card it kicks off


Great App!  Rusavd1  5 star

Love this app! I can put all my reward cards here! Even my library card! This + Apple Wallet makes me almost not need to carry my wallet!


Garbage  artziggy  2 star

Wipes out my cards after each update which defeats the purpose of having the app if you have to keep you cards hands.

Roget's Thesaurus

Indispensable  Roget's Thesaurus  5 star

The original is still the best. After the recent update, this app is FAST. It's the best app for storing loyalty cards. It just works. Thanks to the developers for keeping this updated.

Garden Cook

App will not launch  Garden Cook  1 star

After an update today, the app will not launch.


Poor update  ProgRockWAR  1 star

Replacing “Nearby Cards” was an unpopular move with me. When I am at CVS and open the app, it’s not to use a gas card that I may use more often. I cannot fathom why not having the nearby card available instantly could possibly be considered better. Bad update. Bring back an option to have nearby cards pop up first please.


Great but no alpha sorting of cards  ekimsknird  4 star

Love this app, been using for years. Just wish the update sorted the cards and that was the default view as you enter the app. (Faster access to my loyalty cards). Thanks!


Convenient  Frank-a-Doodle  3 star

I like the app but it seems it used to be better. A message kept popping up to update even though I had notifications turned off. It made it impossible to see my screen and I could not remove it. I did not want to update at the time since I was on a public WiFi. Due to the annoyance, I dropped it by 1 star.

Rob MA

What happened?  Rob MA  1 star

Loved this on my old iPhone. Won’t let me in unless I upgrade. So I will look elsewhere.


Holding app data hostage  Gpracer1  1 star

Suddenly you have to “register”an account with them and give personal information and allow them and 3rd parties to track your usage and device info. If you don’t the app is locked......pathetic blackmail. They might be related to photobucket?


Fantastic!  StoneyMick  5 star

This app has a very straightforward user interface and functions reliably. Thanks to the team who created this.


Great to have active development once again  grmadden  5 star

Thanks for coming back. I use this app so much. Was relieved to hear that development will continue.


I hate carrying cards - I like this app  Luckysully  4 star

I like a thin wallet, so I'm always getting in trouble from my wife for not carrying my rewards cards. Problem solved (almost). Some older scanning machines can't read the bar code off my phone. Obviously it doesn't work for a card that needs to be stamped. Also can't reorder cards, so put the ones you use most in first. Otherwise, I really like this app.


Looooooove it👏🏻👏🏻  Vero🎬  5 star

Beautiful app!!! My handbag weights half of what it used to be 😅👍🏻


One fault  callistoprime  4 star

Just one little fault - apart from the fact the app is mostly USA oriented, the notes tab doesn't allow you to save anything you write. The 'done' button disappears when the keyboard pops up

a name by any other

Pretty good  a name by any other  4 star

I like the app but would like to be able to add an image of the card or logo to easily identify a the different cards.


@Neddy  Yuiop0  1 star

Have you found an alternative? I too will be leaving CardStar after several years now that it has locked me out unless I register and use the cloud.


Woollies  Quattro128  5 star

Tried this at woollies today, to my surprise the fixed scanner picked it up right away ! Sick


Need Email to Use  Neddy  1 star

Cardstar has changed and the app now locks you out of your cards unless you provide your email and register an account with Cardstar. Despite having the app for many years, I will be deleting it after posting this, and search for another card-storing app.


Suggestion  markodonnell1  3 star

It would be good if you could search the Internet for a card if it's not on here to have a photo of it


Used to scan nownit won't  Smartblnde  1 star

Don't waste your time. You would be better off taking a photo of the card and enlarging it if you need to scan. Great idea, but when it doesn't work there appears to be no way to report problems. I am done.


Updated Needed  jgilreath  3 star

Would like to see the ability to put them in alphabetical order. Needs an update has not had one in a year


Not updated in 3 years?  Gobucksgal  1 star

Used to LOVE this app, but it's glitchy and the support email contact in app is no longer valid. It just bounces back! I'm on iOS 10 and can't arrange the cards on the screen anymore. Also, sometimes the card images don't show and they need to add many national reward programs that are missing from this app. App store shows last update was 2014?? f it's no longer supported, then why is it still in the App Store?


Stopped updating  Badgebffr  1 star

No version update since 2014 -- apparently no longer supported. Used to love the app but warnings that it'll slow my phone aren't cool. Will find something else to use.


Great app that needs just a little tweaking  Ray1945  4 star

I love the availability of having all my loyalty cards in one place without the need to carry them all around with me. I have only two gripes: first, it's a little slow in retrieving cards, especially when you are in the checkout line waiting to pay. Second, I wish there were some way to categorize or at least sort cards by name. It's too easy to overlook what you are looking for when you are in a hurry to retrieve it.


Not able to save my notes.  Xencolum  3 star

Love this app. Bug in the app with iOS 10. I am not able to hide the keyboard while in notes. Or not able to save my notes.


Almost perfect  TTa882  4 star

It's a nice app for keeping all your loyalty cards without the cards. I like that you can just add card numbers as opposed to having to have predetermined cards. And it's free Two issues for me: 1) I see no way to sort your cards. 2) cards do not sync between devices even though I've signed in on both. Perhaps I need to sign out and sign back in, but who wants to do that?


Difficult To Upgrade - Not Worth The Trouble  PatSeidel  1 star

This APP use to be easy to use but since they forced their users to upgrade, it went down hill from there. I got so disgusted because it was difficult to upgrade I deleted the APP and looking for a new program.


Now this app is worthless  Villageaudiot  1 star

Forcing me to "sync" my cards to your cloud storage because it's so secure? Gimme a break! I don't want to use your cloud storage. I backup to my own computers specifically so I DON'T have my info floating around in somebody else's cloud where it can get hacked. Air gap is the only way to be safe nowadays. Goodbye Card Star! You used to be a handy little app but no more!


Business cards  OGYC  4 star

I wish this app had a setting to scan in business cards

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