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Everyone. Every run. Join the community that helps people get out the door and stick with running forever! Track exercise, set goals, sweat, and see progress along the way. Whether you’re working your way up to tracking a 5K goal or deep into marathon training, use the GPS app trusted by 50 million users and counting.

- "This multifunctional app has something for everyone, from beginning runners to those training for a marathon, and folks who prefer to hit the road on two wheels” - SELF
- "Runkeeper is the granddaddy of running apps; it's one of the oldest and most popular, for plenty of good reasons." - CNET

- Track Workouts - Go for a run, walk, jog, bike, or any activity really. With GPS, you’ll get a clear view of your training in real time.
- Set Goals - Have a race, weight, or pace in mind? We can coach you to get there.
- Follow a Plan - We have personalized routines to fit into your busy schedule. And helpful reminders, just in case.
- Stay Motivated - Join challenges, snag exercise rewards, and share achievements with your friends.
- See Progress - This whole running thing works. You track it. We log it. You’ll see the sweat and we’ll show you the numbers to prove it!

- Apple Watch - Leave your phone at home and still track stats to stay informed and motivated. Named App Store Best of 2015.
- Bluetooth Connectivity - Wireless headphones and heart rate monitors make great workout companions.
- Fitness Tracker Integration - Sync Pebble, Fitbit, and other styles in seconds.
- Running Groups - Create a custom challenge, invite friends, track each other’s progress, and use the chat to cheer each other on.
- Audio Cues - Choose from 6 motivating voices that you can customize to relay your pace, distance, and time.
- Training Plans - Make major progress by following a plan. We’ll be here for you every step of the way.
- Routes - Save, discover, and build new routes with GPS.
- Challenges - Stay motivated with exclusive workout experiences and rewards.
- Music - Keep moving with the music you love with our Spotify and iTunes integration.
- Partner Apps - Connect with other top health apps like Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, and more.
- Stopwatch Mode - Easily add indoor cardio (treadmill, cycling) and gym workouts to keep full exercise log all in one place.
- Social Sharing - Upload your activities and more with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

RUNKEEPER GO (premium)
- Prescribed Workouts - Get a weekly workout schedule tailored to you.
- Progress Insights - See how your runs stack up to each other and get a full view of your fitness journey.
- Live Tracking - Whether it’s training day or race day, share your location with family and friends.
- Weather Data - Look back the local weather for each tracked activity.

*Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Find the full terms and conditions, and our privacy policy, at and respectively.

Runkeeper—GPS Running Tracker App Description & Overview

The applications Runkeeper—GPS Running Tracker was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2009-01-14 and was developed by FitnessKeeper, Inc.. The file size is 136.25 MB. The current version is 8.4.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Just like your fitness journey, we’re improving every day.
- Your total distance has moved into the 'Me' tab header so you can easily see how far you’ve run
- There’s a new stats section to easily see weekly, monthly or yearly progress
- We moved goals into the 'Me' tab so you can see all of your personal progress in one place
- Performance updates when launching the app so you can start tracking faster

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Runkeeper—GPS Running Tracker Reviews

Poojan John

Decent  Poojan John  5 star

Keeps me motivated!

Bartholomew Bargain

Long time happy user  Bartholomew Bargain  4 star

I have found Runkeeper to be very helpful in keeping track of my runs, rides, hikes and walks. I've liked and had success when I've followed the training plans as well. Runkeeper does need to continue to innovate and strive to provide smarter technology for its user base as other companies begin to embrace machine learning and algorithms to provide tailored training to individual users.


Good easy way to get running and keep running  Televisionaryguy  4 star

It's all in the headline.


NYC runner  Arihunterphoto  5 star

Love it! A must for beginners and advanced runners.


Love this app!  k_kernick  5 star

Great for running or walking!

Multi cat

The best tracker for me!  Multi cat  5 star

I always use Runkeeper to track any type of my activities. 6 years. Very recommend at least to try if you never use it before. Huge thanks to all the Runkeeper team for great app!


Disappointment!  iMamma  1 star

I was such an advocate for Runkeeper. I have recommended it to anyone getting into running. But last year I got a Garmin and switched over to Garmin connect. Now I just got the Apple 3 watch and want to come back to Runkeeper. Yikes! Accuracy is awful! It puts zigzags on my map I did not run and my miles logged is still too low (I know my routes). I used to be able to see splits in half miles and that is gone unless I can’t find it in the mess that is the user interface. I used to be able to compare my runs and now that is on the pro version or go version. The whole interface is an advertisement for Runkeeper Go. I am out!


The beast in app  charls1810  5 star

Easy and friendly


Great app for staying motivated and tracking your runs  @NoGforme  4 star

I’m only using the free version so I can’t give it 5, not knowing what it’s like to have the full version. For the free version, it does a great job of keeping track of mileage and average pace and the number of runs or other exercise activities you've completed. The reminders to run are also great for keeping you motivated. Using the average pace is better than having it notify you of current pace at intervals, which seems more inconsistent and unreliable as it gave me wild variations throughout my runs. I like the challenges too. I run anywhere from 3-9 miles on a given day, about 3 times a week. It also has a training schedule if you need one to train for a marathon. I wish the list of alternative activities would include an option for me to customize and add one to the list instead of just having to pick "other" but maybe that comes with the paid version. Overall, the perfect app for a novice or avid runner. Not sure if it’s perfect for the regular marathoner but I used it on my half marathon and thought it was great. I like the more recent feature of it automatically detecting a pause in your workout so you don’t have to manually do it every time and refresh it when you start up again. That was a nuisance before. Glad they included that now.

Gaurav Sarin

Best Running App  Gaurav Sarin  5 star

This is by far the best running app that I’ve used


I love this app  redtoni  5 star

I’ve had this since the iPhone 3 and it keeps improving It makes all my runs so much better. It’s like I’m running with my own personal trainer.


Love this app  SizzStar  5 star

This app is the only one I use for fitness. Love it.


AD  andyd2142  5 star

Excellent free app! Probably the best thing on my phone. Gives me everything I want from a running app


Great and easy to use  Bexta84  5 star

Thumbs up from me


Awesome  brnabl  5 star

Awesome app! It keeps me motivated and is very accurate with predicting my progress


Too hard after your money  roadtoawe  1 star

I still use RunKeeper but it annoys me that I had paid for the Pro version, which was advertised as a one off purchase. Then they changed to ongoing payments and downgraded us early customers to the free version to make us pay again.They want 9.99 per month now, like seriously? Do the math how much this is over lifetime. The statistics displayed after runs are rather useless; instead of displaying how you travel against the last run of the same route, or at least using relative measures (better than 75% of prior runs), the show only absolute ranking (115th fasted run, out of good know how many). The app does not pick up obvious GPS mistakes, which happen often here in Sydney; and then present fantasy speeds instead of suggesting to discount this part of the run; biasing the statistics. Only option is to delete the run entirely; fixing via web interface is too cumbersome.


Love the app  541thb  5 star

Thanks so much for designing such a fabulous app

The Bearded Nairny

Awesome App  The Bearded Nairny  4 star

Love this app have used it for years. Only thing is I seem to have a problem with the data populating the fastest average pace. Also since update at he completion of a run the figures are not correct. I.e the narrator says 7.8 kms run at 5.01min/km pace but the map says 7.6 kms etc


Great Motivator  Micmactrout  5 star

Love this app. Really accurate and keeps me motivated to run!


Mrs  Mishi52  5 star

Love this app! Easy to use covers everything you needs . Keeps track of your progress and sends messages to keep you motivated Love it

Rex Thunderpaws

Syncing and ease of use issues  Rex Thunderpaws  2 star

For me to pay for a subscription, it better be better and easier than doing things manually myself. Runkeeper is not that case. Running with just my Apple Watch series 3 causes sync issues between my phone and watch. Sometimes the runs down show up until I manually restart each app a few times. The elevation sometimes doesn’t register, but sometimes does. It’s just way too hot or miss. I’d rather just use the native apple app and make a manual plan.


Great app!  Arob07  5 star

Been using it for years. Great for tracking runs and walks. ☺️


I love this app!!!  Roof&Lamb  5 star

I've been using RunKeeper since 2010. I started paying for the app in late 2012 to have more information on my walking & running. It's an amazing app! I'm currently walking to hit 5,000 accumulated miles by New Year's Eve, 2017. I've got 374.78 miles to go 😁


Aleida  Albeit4good  4 star

Great tracker for walking, running, biking, and hiking. Just make sure you put in what your actually doing. A walk in the park is different from a walk on the hillside which is more of a hike, slower but more strenuous. You burn more calories

Domenico 1975

Excelente muy bueno cumple con todo y lo mejor que te anima jajaja  Domenico 1975  5 star



Great App not just to track Running  I_live_for_this  5 star

Awesome app to track and monitor your progress not just for runs but any calorie burning activity!

Doc Ozone

Quits after start  Doc Ozone  3 star

I have used Runkeeper for years, however the latest update fails and needs to be restarted before activity starts. It seems to be caused by IOS 11.0.3 update. Please resolve this issue.


Love it  Borat6480  5 star

I don't pay for the full version. I wish I would have found this app earlier.


Nice running app  emotor  5 star

I yds this app for running. The location and elevation estimations have been steadily improving.


Excellent App  Jb/mavslova2000  5 star

We enjoy this app for jogging and walking!

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