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"The software you need!"

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▶ The #1 multi-sport application for the iPhone

▶ Great for biking, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, running, paddle boarding, sailing, rowing, flying, geocaching, and more

▶ Free downloadable maps worldwide! Including MotionX Road and Terrain maps, and NOAA marine charts

▶ Over 5 million users, top rated around the world

▶ Optimized for use with the Apple Watch

▶ Most accurate iPhone GPS

▶ Best map selection: choose from 14 different sources including road, terrain, satellite, and marine map types

▶ Map storage onboard: unlimited downloading of maps for use offline

▶ Save up to 300 tracks & 2500 waypoints

▶ Facebook & Twitter integration

▶ Advanced interactive stopwatch with live voice coaching

Continued use of any GPS service running in the background can significantly decrease battery life.

MotionX is committed to constant improvement. We listen to our users and continuously add the most requested features. Thank you for the feedback!

MotionX GPS App Description & Overview

The applications MotionX GPS was published in the category Navigation on 2008-12-17 and was developed by Fullpower®. The file size is 53.87 MB. The current version is 24.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Apple Watch communications fixed
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

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WHAT???  ICSRZ  1 star

I've had this app for years and a recent update also triggered a $1.99 charge!!! What gives?


Thanks!!!  thebodytx  4 star

Been waiting anxiously for this update. Working fine. Thanks for updating the best tracking program around.


Apple Watch  John-3:16  1 star

This app does not work with the Apple Watch... I got it specifically to us in conjunction with the Apple Watch. It does not work. They should fix this or remove the Apple Watch info. My Watch never shows the actual map location, or gps data info or .... actually any data. The phone app does not the Watch app. Fail...waste of money....


Yes, an update!!!  Rrautens  5 star

Glad to see this app is alive! It is by far my favorite track recorder and follower for my motorcycle adventures. I hope they continue to work on it. Perhaps a donation page would allow all of us to keep it going. Thank you for a great app!


Amazing application  solon101  5 star

Works flawlessly absolutely worth every cent


Awesome  hominid  5 star

Love it so far. I'll give more feedback as I use it.


Persistent Bug  SBrown57  2 star

I once Loved this app. I used it to record and view all my cycling and hiking treks and it functioned flawlessly. So many great features! Unfortunately, they introduced a bug a couple years ago which I pointed out to them but they refuse to fix: the auto-pause doesn't work. Tracking is supposed to pause any time it senses a lack of movement (according to the app), but it simply doesn't work unless it senses movement first. So when you start a track it starts tracking time even though you're standing still, putting the phone away and your pack back on, adjusting things, etc. This in turn makes speed readings inaccurate.

John Guy

Awesome app !!!  John Guy  5 star

Absolutely amazing app… I've used it all across the world from the Yucutan to Southeast Asia and it has worked flawlessly… I WOULD PAY EXTRA TO BE ABLE TO RECORD MORE THAN 300 TRACKS!!! (I keep on having to delete some to add more) I love this app… I can't believe it included hiking trails in Cambodia that only the locals know of... awesome!!!


Up-date  Snake45bite  5 star

Awesomeness Thank you! For the update.

wpb local

Finally an update! Love this App!!!  wpb local  5 star

After all these years. This is the best app I have ever purchased. It's fantastic! Hiked the Appalachian trial in GA with this app by my side. Never leave home without it. Thanks for making a totally useful product guys!!! 😍


Steve Johnson sfjohnso 3 star

#MotionX Share: MotionX-GPS


periku periku 3 star

#MotionX Share: MotionX-GPS


periku periku 3 star

#MotionX Share: MotionX-GPS

Ding Dang Dog

Happy Camper  Ding Dang Dog  5 star

The best gets even better. I have used this app on several trips. I like the ability to download maps beforehand so they are available even when cell data is not. The Motion-X terrain maps are very good. The higher resolution tiles even show trail names. I used the app last summer on the Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon and Washington and can testify it helped saved my life. The other 'dedicated' PCT apps (half-mile and Guthook) I used are fine when you're on or near the trail. Fortunately for me I downloaded ~2 GB of MotionX-GPS maps before I left which helped me locate an escape route when I encountered too much snow and too many blowdowns to continue. And it didn't cost me anything either. What a deal! As far as battery life is concerned make sure the app is in manual mode unless you actually are using it. My iPhone lasted 6-7 days on a single charge after turning off wi-fi, cell data and Bluetooth in settings. Since I already downloaded the information I needed all I needed was the GPS. Thank you MotionX.


No longer works Apple Watch  RMG1976  1 star

Will there be an update to fix the app for the Apple Watch? The Apple Watch app thinks I am in Santa Cruz CA and I'm in Texas. It also doesn't look any gps data on the Watch.


Use daily for years.  UtahClark  4 star

I've used MotionX for at least six years maybe. Well worth the money. I am kinda disappointed there hasn't been any recent updates. I could use a feature where you could drawl lines on the map and label them. For example on a fence line. I think google earth has something like that on there desktop program. Also if there was a way to back up waypoints and tracks on iCloud. Recently lost everything due to water damage to my iPhone. Wish I would of emailed them all to my self. Even if you made a feature where it reminded me to back everything up would be nice.


MOTION X GPS  4844690234  1 star

THIS APP STOPPED WORKING FOR ME FALL OF 2015!!!! Please see that the app has not been updated since NOVEMBER 2015. Take a hint!


Apple watch support broken  Floyd949  1 star

I have been an avid motionX supporter for years. I even used recommend it to all of my friends with iphones. Lately I have been disappointed because the apple watch app no longer appears to work in conjunction with the iphone app. In particular I am no longer able to start/stop recording or even see the current progress of my track. Please fix the app for us!!! Please!!


Awesome!!!  Ostlerbabe  5 star

I love this app! I use it all the time going off road. I always take a charger with me in case it runs my battery down but I love love love the app.


Wildlife Biologist Likes!  SpartakusWecken  4 star

Works very well for photo documenting and sharing geographic locations with my crew. I love the GPX nature of the data.


Location service ALWAYS on even when not in use!  LawFirmLee  1 star

Why does the app need to know our location even when not in use?!?! Please give us option to have location service on only when your app is in use!!


Not working  gfield50  1 star

Does not work with latest IPhone update


A.b  elwaar  2 star

It's quite good 👌

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