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Chase Mobile® [Finance] App Description & Overview

Bank from almost anywhere with the Chase Mobile® app. Manage your accounts, pay bills, pay people, deposit checks, even transfer money. And do it all safely and securely with your device.

Manage Your Accounts
[+] View your account balance at Sign in using Account Preview.
[+] Monitor your checking, savings, credit card or J.P. Morgan investment activities.
[+] Set up travel notifications for your debit and credit cards.
[+] Set up Account Alerts and adjust your preferences.
[+] Use Chase QuickDeposit® to deposit a check just by taking a photo.
[+] Check and get updates on your credit score.
[+] Access your personal Chase Home Lending dashboard for ways to make the most of homeownership.

Make Payments and Transfer
[+] Schedule, edit or cancel payments for your Chase credit card and your other bills.
[+] Send and request money using Chase QuickPay® with Zelle®
[+] Transfer money between your Chase accounts.
[+] Reload your Chase Liquid® prepaid card.
[+] Send wire transfers.

Offers and Deals
[+] Track and redeem your rewards with Chase Ultimate Rewards®.
[+] Send friends and family a digital gift card.
[+] Earn statement credit by using Chase Offers with your eligible credit and debit cards.
[+] Grow your savings automatically with Autosave.

Manage Your Investments with J.P. Morgan
[+] Trade stocks, bonds, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) with a You Invest℠ by JPMorgan Trade account.
[+] Let the expertise and technology of J.P. Morgan design and manage a portfolio for you with a You Invest℠ Portfolios account.

Connect with Chase
[+] Find the nearest Chase branches and ATMs.
[+] Speak with a service representative 24/7.

[+] Some features are available for eligible customers and accounts only. Any time you review your balance, keep in mind it may not reflect all transactions including recent debit card transactions or checks you have written. A qualifying Chase transfer account is required to transfer funds via text.
[+] There is no charge from Chase, but message and data rates may apply. Such charges include those from your communications service provider. Delivery of alerts may be delayed for various reasons, including service outages affecting your phone, wireless or internet provider; technology failures; and system capacity limitations.
[+] You Invest℠ is a business of J.P. Morgan Securities LLC offering self-directed brokerage (You Invest Trade) and investment advisory services (You Invest Portfolios). Investment products and services, including brokerage and advisory accounts, are offered through J.P. Morgan Securities LLC, member FINRA and SIPC. J.P. Morgan Securities LLC and JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. are affiliate companies under the common control of JPMorgan Chase & Co.



[+] Face ID, iPhone, iPad and Touch ID are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.
[+] Deposit products provided by JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Member FDIC
[+] Equal Opportunity Lender

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Chase Mobile® Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We've enhanced the Chase Mobile® app experience with new features that will allow our customers to do more in the app. Now you can: • Add a memo or note to your credit card transaction details. • Manage your accounts with a new and improved home screen. • Minor bug fixes and improvements. Keep in mind: Features are subject to customer eligibility

Chase Mobile® Comments & Reviews

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- I love the chase app

I’ve been using the app for over 4 years now and I’ve had no problems using anything. Mobile deposit checks works great, everything gets updated and I can pay off things whenever. The only problem I had was recently where I got a new phone number and my old number got disconnected, and I didn’t go into my chase app or the chase website to change it right away. I got locked out of my account for a total of 5 days. I called chase and got transferred twice and then had to wait for a call from one of them which I missed. Just because the only way to confirm it’s me is to send a text to my phone number that’s on chase which was my old number (which is disconnected). They kept saying that’s the only way to get into chase. This only got resolved because I got a “fraudulent activity” email. So I call them and then they finally confirm it’s me. And I’m able to change my phone number this way and get a new password for my chase app. That was definitely a hassle which was my fault in the end. But it’s good that the security is so good on the chase app.

- Terrible Customer Service and App

First of all I rarely leave negative reviews, if my experience is less than satisfactory I will simply choose to leave no review rather than a negative one. That said the Chase bank as well as their app left me little choice. Let’s start with the app. For weeks I could not even use it because every time I tried signing in it would crash forcing me to use a cumbersome web browser for my mobile banking. Once the app started working (about a month and several updates later) I found it to have way less features and to be much less organized than any other banking app I have used. This alone was disappointing however their customer service is even worse which I find quite disturbing for an organization that handles ones finances. They seem to know very little of what they are doing as they misplaced several important documents that I had faxed them directly from a bank branch claiming they had not received them forcing me to spend hours sending them though several different formats. After this I call back only talk to a different representative to find out they had received the fax a week ago when I had sent it originally. This alone was very frustrating but to make it worse customer service was very unfriendly and unhelpful which I found quite unprofessional for a banking institution. Sadly from my experience I would not recommend this app nor chase bank itself. Sorry

- If I could I’d put no stars

This app is TRASH. Matter of fact throw out the entire bank. The online app and site make it IMPOSSIBLE to manage your money (that you have on a card in your bank account, not cash lol) because transactions will take days to process -even though any charges would ALREADY COME OUT of your available funds- but once it processes you’re negative because the app is saying you have x amount of money when you DONT. I’ve been charged 5-7 $34 over draft fees in the same month (in may) because I kept going negative from all my transactions being switched up. They switch the order of transactions as well. Last night before I went to bed I had $370 in my account. Today I went grocery shopping and spent $115 (including on once cream after.) and once I got home I had $4. This is because of how bad they mess up your transactions and when it says you have an amount of money in your account, know that it’s wrong because it will change without you knowing and then you’ll have no money because you thought you had 350 and spend $115 bearing in mind you have 350 but then go and check your funds and there’s $4. Do not use this bank. They steal your money and mess up your transaction history making it impossible to actually manage your money. I’ve been dealing with this for about 2 months now.

- It's excellent, packed with technology

I have done a review of the chase app over a year ago and had a lot to gripe about. I hated the fact that you had to accept quickpays. I also hated the fact that you needed to login to conduct transactions after you used your finger print to get into your app. Both of these annoyances have been fixed with this update. I absolutely love the way chase deducts the money for Bill pays right on the spot. It makes your balances so much easier to manage. I love the freshness and the high-tech feel of the app. One area for improvement would be to allow a direct dialed phone call to a representative right from the app having already completed the authentication process. Also, allow the app to show images of all transactions, including deposits just like BOA does. Other than those 2, the app is perfect. Update. I also love managing my brokerage account right through the app with the ability to move money quickly between my brokerage and checking account. This app is really the best of the best in the banking world.

- A fantastic app when I can actually access it

I have used the Chase online banking app for 7 years now. I have always raved about how convenient and secure it is. I have never had a single issue until the last couple of months. I have had to reset my password more times than I can count. I will reset my password, write it down somewhere where I can remember, allow Touch ID, and then I am able to access my account for a glorious 3-5 days (maybe). It’s awful. This problem has gotten so out of hand that I will most likely be switching my bank. The resetting process is ridiculous. Security questions, SSN, credit card info, other personal info, etc. After a few days of going through the process again, I will start to log in to my account, only to be told the password is incorrect. It is never incorrect- the system just has a glitch. Has anyone else had this issue? I pay bills with the app, including my credit card (which is through Chase). It’s not just a problem with the app either. When I try to login with my computer, my information is still “incorrect”. I don’t always have the time to sit down and reset everything again. The app is wonderful when I’m able to use it, but the fact that I barely can cancels out any great feature. This is a major problem that needs to be fixed.

- User Interface

User Interface is very user friendly. Options are easy to find and use. Always new offers and options. I would, however, really like to see a pop up window with instructions/explanation of use in instances where the user continually gets an error of some sort and can’t figure out what they’re doing wrong or need a definition of the option they’re trying to use. For example there are some that I’m not sure what they are and therefore I don’t use them. Whereas if there was say a question mark button that I could tap and and a definition of use window would pop up, I might find it’s something that applies to my needs. Also, is there a Savings Account that does not charge a monthly fee. We are disabled seniors and my husband is also a veteran and we are both on a fixed income. Five dollars a month is not much to most but when you’re on a fixed income it is. I do, however, highly recommend Chase Bank. Sincerely, Yvonne Gonzalez

- Mobile Deposit NIGHTMARE

The in app mobile deposit feature is a nightmare! It totally destroys the convenience its suppose to provide! It is so annoying trying to deposit a check when the feature only relies on the camera to capture the other person’s account # on the check. I’ve gone through retake after retake and the camera constantly captures only a partial account # and it won’t allow you to manually correct it. I’ve used it multiple times before, but today was worse of all! After trying about 7 times, I went ahead and sent it through with the truncated # by accident. However, I quickly called the Chase to ask if they can see the full account # of the check because the app keeps truncating it, and they said yes. So I asked could they correct it on their end because the camera keeps picking up the wrong #, and they said no. I asked why can they override the # the app picked up since they have full pictures of the check, and they said they can’t, but will have to return the check with a $12 fee. UNBELIEVABLE that a bank of this size can’t override a mistake their own app makes when they have the full check in front of them! So no one can override the mistake this apps makes and the customer gets charged! So annoying and inconvenient!


The Chase mobile app works great, except for one thing that is honestly the simplest thing to include in a mobile banking app and its extremely frustrating that they don’t have it. With every other banking app, the TOTAL is calculated for you after every single transaction. The TOTAL number is displayed in a smaller font under the transaction cost - how else are people supposed to keep track of their total payments? When you submit a payment to Chase, the only thing that changes in your current balance - how the hell are you supposed to know what was posted, what was included, what was deducted. It’s SO SIMPLE to include TOTAL minus WHAT THE CUSTOMER PAID, so they can SEE themselves and actually KEEP TRACK of their credit card payments. It’s ridiculous to expect customers to calculate themselves. Please open the BANK OF AMERICA mobile app and copy how they provide customers with their TOTAL remaining costs. BOA has it for their checkings, savings AND CREDIT CARD accounts. Honestly, it seems a little SHADY of Chase to not provide a simple calculation per transaction to help their customers keep track of their expenses. I love the Chase card and I don’t want to cancel it but this makes it very difficult to keep track of my MONEY, which is just ridiculous.

- Replacement debit card has taken weeks

I don’t know if this is some bug in your system or just careless human mistake, but I ordered my replacement debit card through your app on August the 18th. I have now been waiting for about two and a half weeks and still no debit card. After the first week and a half I submitted another request just in case my first one didn’t get processed correctly. Here I am a week after that and still no debit card. Your email states that the card will arrive in 3-5 days. 3-5 days!!! I just called your customer service representatives and they told me my card won’t arrive until the 10th of this month. That’s almost an entire month after my first original replacement order! Needless to say I am furious. I have not been able to pay for bills or other things simply because I don’t have a debit card. Now I have to go into a branch to try and get a temporary replacement while I wait for the card to come in. This has been a huge waste of my time and one of the most frustrating experiences I have ever had with a bank. Now I have to go waste even more time. Its seriously making me considering leaving chase and finding a different bank to do business with. Thank you for ruining my payment schedules and wasting my time.

- Limited

Having come from America’s most convenient bank I was so disappointed with what I was able to do with the chase app. I only use chase because I have an auto loan and setting up payments couldn’t be more annoying. First of all half of the things you can do on the TD app you just aren’t able to do on the chase app. Instead they make you open it up on a computer which basically makes the app use irrelevant. Literally all I have to do is pay my loan and the app makes that difficult. Also I have at least 2k in my account and I set up auto pay ON THE COMPUTER two days before it was due and I chose the closest date and it charged me a late fee and most likely lowered my credit which is really irritating. I even have a picture of the confirmation for setting up my auto pay and the date I did it is in the corner of the picture so I have proof of chase screwing things up. I do not recommend using this bank in the slightest bit. Honestly get you auto loan and bank account somewhere else. I do have to admit chase has great credit cards but that doesn’t make up for everything else it’s lacking on. Also speaking to an Indian guy on the phones who I was struggling to understand is not convenient at all.

- Credit card payment

I’ve tried for days to pay my credit card on the chase mobile app and every time I do it says something went wrong thanks for your patience, well now I’m late on my payment so they’re gonna charge me a late fee. I had no troubles with this app until 2 months ago. The first issue I went to pay my credit card and it accepted and gave me a confirmation like normal, 5 days later I get a bill in the mail saying my card hasn't been paid because I had insufficient funds in my account ( I had plenty in both accounts to pay for the card charge, it was just an excuse) and they charged me interest and late fee, I spent HOURS on the phone trying to explain on the date up till the day I called I had plenty of cash in the account I used to pay off the card, they did wave the fee and interest but it took an act of Congress to get in touch with these people, and they acted like they didn’t believe me,an hour on the phone with these people I ended up going to my local branch and they couldn’t help me much either but the lady did contact the credit card company and she fixed it. Nobody should have to waste their time like this to get their money, I felt scammed, I will be switching banks now.

- To the Daily Snapshot Team...

...And everyone who supported the effort of launching Daily Snapshot... I’ve been working with the Financial Gym for the last 8 months and my finances have significantly improved. But there was one part of my financial workout that I kept failing at - maintaining my BUDGET! Ugh! Any trick, habit, method, app, etc. was just not working for me - I couldn’t get consistent. All I need to know is a quick snapshot/report/graph of my finances, my habits, and what I need to change. I login to my chase app almost every day to ensure I have no surprises, or give myself a chance to manage surprises immediately. So I’m SO glad I don’t have to go through the change of adopting a new app or habit or method. I just get to keep on working in my chase app and know exactly what I need to do to improve!! WOOHOO!! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for creating this! AND you launched it at a perfect time in my life, so thanks for being in sync ;) Sending all the love and prosperity to you great folks!

- Worst bank of all time

If you’re planning to go with chase.. don’t do it. They are horrible. I’ve had nothing but issues with them and it continues to get worse day after day. I’m constantly calling because they keep charging me for insufficient funds when I have deposits that are pending. If you have a problem with a transaction that you didn’t authorized and need to dispute it, you’re gonna have a lot of fun dealing with it. They are the worst customer service, worst bank. Look elsewhere. I’m in the process of withdrawing all my money from them and changing all of my direct deposits to another bank as well as calling all the companies and subscriptions that I get charged for monthly so I can get them onto my other America First credit union. America First is so much better. I’ve had them in the past and they have always been amazing. I don’t know why I changed. It was a huge mistake. Also my credit is really good but yet chase won’t let me take out a small loan even though I have a stable income. America First will loan to anyone even people that don’t use America First and people that have poor credit. Sayonara Chase! Hope this corrupted bank goes out of business.

- Update

I recently updated, previously there was no “account balance” when looking at transactions. After the update there is a balance to the left of the transaction, this is good because it helps you understand where your money is going/coming from in a step by step basis. It is also terrible because I am English native and we read from left to right, and the balance shown is “after” the transaction shown. This seems like it would be nice; but when I am reading it, I read “balance minus transaction” “balance plus deposit” but the balance is actually AFTER the deposit; so, to be clear, I would really appreciate it if the balance indicated was reflective of the balance before the transaction, or if the locations of the information were flipped (deposits or transactions to the left, and balance after transaction to the right) thanks so much for updating your application and keeping Your Users satisfied!

- Mobile deposits

Just a word to the wise, the mobile deposit is anything but convenient. I decided to give it a try with great confidence, only to have seriously regretted my decision immediately. Chase states that mobile deposits are usually available within the next business day. Upon completing my mobile deposit last week I still have not received any funds.. Upon Calling customer service they advised me that my deposit would not be available for another week & could not help me at all regarding the Matter & offered no solutions but to wait. Which isn’t exactly an option, Especially considering the fact that I was depending on a fast & convenient method of depositing my check. Meanwhile I did the deposit 3 days ago already. I am completely dissatisfied with the service provided. I never write reviews, but I particularly feel the need to share my experience so that no one else will make the unknowing mistake of expecting convenience and instead have been met with anything but that. I’ve definitely learned my lesson when it comes to depending on the chase app for convenient account management & will most certainly think twice about using it again.

- Needs Bill Pay Revision

When you go into Bill Pay to revise a scheduled payment, it brings you ALL the way out to the first step of bill pay. Then when you want to revise another scheduled payment, you have to go all the way out to the first step of bill pay, click on three different things to pay that one bill early. If you’re paying all of your bills earlier, which I try to do, it’s 15 bills that I have to change, change again, agree to change, then get logged all the way out to the beginning start of “Bill Pay”, instead of putting me right back into activity where I NEED to be to change the scheduled payments. After 15 times it feel like an extremely sophomoric app. What’s more is that when you’re done making “a change to your activity payment” it asks you, “ would you like to return to bill pay?” Well yes!.. to EXACTLY where I came from so I don’t have to start over every single time. Come on guys, get some professionals on your app. Bill Pay is huge. You use to be able to do all of this before you’re update about 8-1 year ago? The message center is better, although delayed on the messages showing up somewhere so I can get the ALERT off my cell phone app. I went back in three different times in the same day and could not locate the message that needed to be read. If you don’t have it ready to be read due to a pending transaction, then don’t show it as an alert we need to read on our app! Outside of that, good app


I have always liked Chase Banks. They are easy to deal with and always very helpful. Even the staff when you go talk to them are all very nice & friendly. That’s what I like most about this bank. I have switched & had other banks but none are as good as chase. Others are rude even on the phone. The apps don’t provide good details on your banks as chase does either. I like the option they have to choose your card styles & how they have everything you mite need all in the app & it’s easy to find everything on the chase app so it’s not all confusing & jam packed like other bank apps. It’s easy to get to everything. They also have options to look @ loans and apply for other stuff. This bank actually cares & is helping you get stuff in life. If you would consider a bank you need to get chase. They are always friendly & helpful. I appreciate everything Chase does for its customers. No other bank will. Thanks 💕

- We’ve come a long way but there’s more to go

Over the last few months the updates all around are great especially the updates surrounding searching contacts and sending quick pays. However alerts MUST BE FIXED! When you click on alerts the first thing you should see is a chronological list of all alerts regardless of the account, you can add a filter on top to sort and filter by account, but the most recent one needs to be on top. The fact that I need to click in to each account to find out where the alert came from is beyond me. Also there must be a page where you can view ALL accounts similar to the view currently under personal accounts where you can see all personal accounts and its balances etc. for some reason business account you need to click into each one. I suggest there should be an all accounts that includes personal and business.

- Nice app better management of external bank accounts needed

I prefer Amex over Chase credit cards, but the banking app is nice. However when it comes to saved external bank accounts with other accounts to make credit card payments forget it. The app is very cumbersome in using external payments and promotes Chase bank accounts over any other bank. This type of behavior I find very unethical of Chase in UX placement and functionality. Furthermore the app should also support one time payments from external accounts. After calling Chase with multiple voice responses repeated twice in a row by their automated systems the rep was able to help me make my payment otherwise my payment could have been late because of the poor UX Chase has put in for external bank account management. This needs a lot of work Chase pls fix it. I hope the Bank did not intentionally lay out the UI this way so the Bank could earn more in late payment fees. If this is the case I find this behavior extremely unethical and it will make me rethink my banking relations with Chase.

- Pay bills failure

I set up a monthly bill pay to Wells Fargo in order to pay for my student loan so that I do not have to physically go to the bank to pay for the loan. I noticed that Wells Fargo did not receive my payment. I then contacted chase and I was informed that the actual check somehow got lost in the mail. I thought this was done electronically however it is not fully completed electronically. Chase then had to cancel the check and I was informed that I would be credited back in 2-3 business days. I called back in 3 days and was informed that the actual process of crediting back my account just started so I then was informed to wait another 2-5 business days for the money to be credited back. School loan lenders don’t have sympathy for situations like this and they just want their money when they want it and going through this process has proven to be ineffective. For other customers reading this I recommend to stick with physically going to the bank of your lender to pay for the loan and to not rely on this technology as it has proven to be a failure. I canceled all future monthly payments so that I do not have to go through this again.

- Darken font please

I had this on my ipad2 for a year and liked it overall. Then came the warning that the new update would require iOS 12 and I’d be without. Then all my bank apps said the same and were updating to the new iOS. I went ahead and got a 12.9” iPad Pro, now I have to put glasses on to read the numbers in the app. They’re tiny and almost grayed out looking. It’s awful for us older folks that don’t have 20 year old vision anymore. Even my son said it looked pretty faint to him. Please update the darkness in your font so everyone can see it easily! My other 2 bank apps are easily read so I know it’s not another problem on my end. For me the light gray font on a white page isn’t for anyone over 50. There’s a lot of us out here too so please consider a darker and more bold font for ease of visibility. Seems too many apps are on the light font gig right now and it’s frustrating to us seniors. You will be there too one day and then will realize what I’m talking about.

- Don’t Know Why People Hate Chase…

I love Chase, and better yet, the app. People complain that they hate Chase because it charges insufficient fund fees when they have pending deposits. Well, that’s not how it works. If you had money, you wouldn’t be charged, if you knew what you were spending in accordance with their actual balance, then there’s now reason for ISF fees. They just talk ish because they don’t know how to manage their own money and blame the bank. It’s better then BoA, BMO, OldSecond, and ant other credit unions. They even have went so far as to noticing that was out of state and texted to confirmed as well as texted to confirmed that all the payment made out of state were actually mine so that was a nice addition to the security as well as peace of mind. Only issue is when i travel, sometimes nearest Chase or Chase ATM is more than 50+ miles away but I can make do with the Non-Chase ATM fee’s and their’s as well.

- Was just fine, now? Not so much

What happened? It was just fine for years, but after this latest update, does not function well. It keeps saying, after appropriate time not being used, "Idle time out. You are being securely signed out. Thank you for your patience." But the little message will not go away, and underneath it, the app will log me in with Touch ID, but that message is inside a white box that blocks the entire app, so I am unable to move forward and USE the app! This problem is brand new in the last 2 weeks or so. I have removed and reloaded the app on my phone but it keeps happening intermittently. PLEASE FIX THIS. Plus, I don't appreciate only having the most recent THREE transactions available to view- now I have to go an extra step to continue viewing any older transactions. WHY ADD an extra step to be able to do what I used to do with one step???? PLEASE FIX this too.

- Good bank

I like chase Bank because it still help us when we need to ask something, and are more conscious to help than other banks where I was constantly missing-money but there was not explanation. Even a friend who worked at a branch tried to help and find the reason but couldn’t figure it out. But I live in a city where there’s not a branch for Chase Bank, and is inconvenient to travel 10 minutes in heavy traffic to use the Bank. I support people from any race or color and prefer to use a bank that do the same as you do, but because of the distance I have to use another Bank in the city I live and have various accounts with them when I could of do all in 1 Bank. Thank you for accepting people from any race, color or background Etc.I never felt discrimination when I go to Chase’s closer Branch. And best is I never have to wait 30 mins. Or longer to get help. Thank You. S.R.

- Mobile alert feature

Chase mobile app is great overall, however there is one feature that certainly need improvement on - mobile alert/notification feature. In iOS, whenever the user get an alert/notification, user need to access the Chase mobile app and go through each every one of the alert category to find out which alert they have, this is very time consuming and not user friendly at all. The app should be updated with feature to show to the users the specific account which has the alert for (i.e. showing a check sign or any mark right next the account the alert is corresponding to), this way users could jump right into the alert account and check the alert message, and instead of going through all accounts and find the one that may have the alert message for.

- App needs to be fixed

This app used to be great. About 7-8 months ago, I couldn’t use the finger scanning to log in. When I entered my password, it said it was no longer valid. I went through the process to reset it and called customer service/security yo make sure someone hadn’t hacked into my account. Thankfully, they assured me no foul play so I moved on with my life. A few weeks later, and I go to log on and the fingerprint reader isn’t working. I enter my recently changed password and again, I’m told the password is invalid. Rinse and repeat changing password and confirming my account was not compromised. Fast forward a few more weeks and I go to log in. I’ll give you one guess what happened....again, can’t use fingerprint reader and password invalid. Now, it’s been several months and every few weeks the fingerprint reader doesn’t work and I have to change my password. I’ve probably changed it 10 times. All of the other apps on my fun with the fingerprinting functionality work just fine. I can’t pinpoint what causes this to happen but CHASE NEEDS TO FIX THIS APP. It’s annoying and super inconvenient.

- Pending...

Don’t get me wrong Chase app is convenient and easy to use but the app doesn’t show the CORRECT ORDER OF TRANSACTIONS is annoying! They will show you’re pending transactions and the amount it would be after it is processed. It wasn’t a big deal at first but for the last few years I’ve noticed it won’t process my purchases in order and makes it easier to end up with an overdraft fee. It feels scandalous!! And then this whole Covid 19 is making it worse. Feels like they’re trying to take advantage. I recently made a car payment on a Saturday of course it processed Monday (takes 1-2 days for my car payments) normally they would have notified me of an overdraft account within minutes as I have set up to notify me off all transactions over via message AND email. But I didn’t get one?? So I got charged overdraft fees. I check my email several times a day and didn’t get not one notification. I’ve been trynna to give them a chance since I’ve used them since I was about 17 but I’m so frustrated I’m most likely gonna find a different bank.

- No thanks on the redesign 10/20!

The app functions fairly well, but every time they redesign things, it gets worse. The Zelle pay functionality is difficult to manage, especially when setting up a recurring transfer. I actually had to help my 21 year old daughter with it! The most recent update destroyed the front page layout. We have 7 or 8 accounts, and I used to be able to rearrange and put mine at the top. Not anymore! Now my wife and daughters accounts show up, and I have to open a second page to see my own savings account! Not happy. A very common practice with apps these days is to visually update them, and with so many apps, it gets frustrating to constantly be searching around for where the brilliant designers decided to put things this week! Someday maybe they’ll realize that productivity goes down with every redesign. I don’t want my apps getting in the way of my creativity and work. IE, when I go to open a door, I don’t care if it has been painted, reconditioned, etc, as long as the door knob is where it’s supposed to be!

- Changes should be improvements

The predominant use of gray text on white background is not an improvement. If a person has multiple accounts, monitoring activity has become less user friendly. The fact that on an iPad the display area is larger than it was previously, is an improvement but it is out weighted by gray text on white. The fact that more “taps” are required for simple operations is not an improvement. Wanting to sign off the app. is not abnormal however it requires a screen change and possibly a scroll. These are only a few of the issues. I understand software developers whether subs or full time are required to produce. I also know they should have adult supervision. This is a “mobile” app. text clarity, limited user intervention should be of paramount concern. Really, folks people are using this app. in high speed traffic on their phone while drinking a coffee trying to figure out if they can afford the coffee. Everything should be simple. All of that said the app. works however it did before.

- Touch ID and logging on: update

CHANGE BANK WHILE YOU CAN! I can’t believe it, Chase STILL hasn't fixed the app. Don’t believe the high ratings, Chase must have one of those outside companies to improve their online reviews. How can this app POSSIBLY be highly rated when the most glaring issue has never been addressed? Actual customers know how much time gets wasted on the phone with various customer service reps and trips to the local branch just trying to sign back in to the app. It’s without a doubt the worst app I’ve ever had...looks and works good if you’re in but enjoy it while you can folks, because soon your password and your fingerprint won’t work and all attempts to create a new password end in vain. Prepare to spend most of your morning dealing with it until a week from then when you’ll have to do it all over again. Ask any branch manager, they will tell you it’s a CONSTANT issue. The manager near my job joked that he might have to hire someone full time just to keep resetting passwords. Bottom line; do NOT believe the rating. Ask any Chase customer and they’ll tell you the same story.

- Reset After Reset After Reset Required

As has been noted by other reviewers here, the app requires a password reset FAR too frequently to be readily usable. After every software update, after a couple weeks of not using the app - and occasionally, even when logging back into the app after having just completed a transaction using it - the same “incorrect password” error message, and lengthy and cumbersome reset process must be used. While I appreciate the concerns for my financial information’s security, the frequency and annoyance level of the required resets is _absurd_. NONE of my other banking or financial management apps do this. One would think my own fingerprint was sufficient to verify my identity. In truth, in the tiny window between required resets, that feature (and the rest of the app) works fine. However, every reset prompt also prevents me from accessing the One Touch option to login. The feature must be manually reenabled after yet again following the lengthy and glitchy reset process, every time. Fix this. Please.

- Ten star worthy

This is the best banking app ever. The most recent update has made it even easier and more seamless. I have two other apps from banks that don’t even come close to the efficiency, utility and simplicity of doing business. I can do anything on this app that I could do at the branch other than withdraw cash. That really isn’t a problem because there are several branches in my smallish town. I use this app for three main purposes: depositing checks (which clear very quickly), paying bills, and transferring from one account to another. I have been able to consolidate my mother’s accounts with mine so that I don’t have to open two different websites and/or apps. I have never run into a bug or a glitch. It’s really unusual for any app but it’s especially important to be able to always access your bank. I wish I could give it more than five stars!

- Banking services

Having the ability to walk into a branch, and when you have a problem or discrepancy, you are not treated like an imbecile is refreshing. With the 50 some page disclosures that we have to sign for every app, online “privilege” and/or discount, it is impossible for the general public to thoroughly review every sequence of events for deposit/credit/debit. I was refunded several charges recently due to my ignorance of electronic process/timing that resulted in a significant amount of money. The Chase rep sat down and explained best practices within Chase and their system expectations, so that I could avoid this in the future. Education is the backbone of all of our success. I hate that we all have to assume every person who doesn’t know something is a criminal-the criminals don’t admit ignorance, do they? Thank you, Keira, for your time and patience. Chase is definitely a people bank...

- The “complete” payment search not functioning

I used to say Chase app is among the best in the Nation. However, it is not as good as before now. The first thing is that the app’s face recognition function is much slower than before. Now after one-time’s failure, it stopped trying, I have to click try again button to have the second try. In the past, it was always kept trying several times. This is annoying change! Secondly, the “online bill payment activity” not functioning well, especially the “complete” payments search. I just tried payee “Rumpke” which I have paid them for almost twenty years, your app just told me “no result”!! Well, it is not misspelled, cause I copied that word and pasted it to “on the way”, I had one record pulled out. So it was not misspelled, it is your “complete payment search” not functioning!!

- Poor travel service experience

I recently booked travel through chase to use my earned points. I booked the travel for four adults. I received my reservation number and noticed they used my wife's first name as my middle name as my middle name. Since I was traveling international and concerned with customs I called and tried to get it changed. I was told they had to cancel it and rebook. Being told this was my only option I agreed. In the three hours the rates went up $200 plus a person. This was not my fault for this and now I was asked to pay more for their mistake. I called back five days later to speak to a representative since the rates for flights have went up once again to plead my case. The lady on the phone was understanding until she spoke to her supervisor which told me if I would not have caught the mistake they would have just changed my name with no charge. I then told told her I was not given that option. Long story, because of their mistake I will be paying about $2,000 more for the flights. I will be cancelling my card because of poor customer service. Thanks for nothing Chase.

- Getting fed up ...

Don’t get me wrong, I love Chase but the app keeps getting worse & worse. I’m to the point to where I’m looking into other banks just because of the app itself. EVERY SINGLE time I try to log into the app to transfer money or to check my balance I can never do so. There’s a message that says “We’re temporarily unable to connect to Chase. Please try again later. Thank you for your patience.” No matter where I’m at I can never check my account. I have to either call or go online and check ... it’s been like this for about the past month or so and it makes my blood boil. I’ve never had any issues before and then out of the blue this crap happens. I understand it may be down every now and then for scheduled maintenance but not for it to happen every day through out the whole day. People have suggested to delete the app and reinstall, try when my battery percentage is at 50% or higher, etc ... nothing works. I don’t have an ancient phone and always keep my phone updated so I can’t figure out what is wrong. It’s been a good run Chase but I think it’s time we part ways.

- 2 Problems that need to be addressed

There are 2 problems that need to be addressed with online banking. First is mortgage loans need to be set up so you can pay ahead more than one month on the loan. I paid two months of payments in one month and they applied the second payment to principal even though I clicked towards loan. After calling chase (losing 20 minutes that I will never get back) they did fix the problem, but told me I cannot pay more than one month ahead. I have never had this issue with other banks. Second problem is the credit card not being visible on a joint credit card to more than one person. Turns out when you are married your wife hates it that she cannot see what’s being charged and when. Since I, the husband, opened the account, my wife being secondary on the account cannot see the account online. It will not show up and when we went to the bank they stated this is YOUR policy. How can a joint account only be seen by one person. Me and my wife are equal in our finances and her not being able to see it have upset her immensely. Your bank was chosen over our old big (horse chariot) bank because we got a better mortgage rate. Also due to the fact that when we moved you had some atm’s closer to us (which are now gone from all Walgreens in the area). These are just some issues that I think should be addressed due to not just me but other people I’m sure have.

- New account

Today I was hesitant to open an account with Chase bank reason was I haven’t had an bank account for more than 5-6 years and wasn’t sure if my credit would ruin the chances of getting one! Once I walked in a very polite man asked what he could do for me there I automatically said that I am thinking about opening an account he invites me to sit in the lounge area and sign my name in and he said someone will be with me shortly. Not even five minutes later a young woman walks out by the name of Diana at the El Cajon branch was very awesome she gave me all the information that was needed gave me tips on how to use my phone app with Chase and I was in and out of there within 30 to 40 minutes. Chase bank was closing and they still took care of you I am so very happy I have a bank account now and I can’t wait to use it thanks Chase Bank!

- Crap crap and more crap

This update BETTER fix the fact that multiple times I have logged in and see a different balance and sometimes transactions show, just to not show a different time and show again. No, I am not referring to the early AM updates. Example: I logged in at 1:25-ishPM and didn’t see a direct deposit from my employer for YESTERDAY so I call the employer who confirms it was made. So I log back in and YUP it’s there. This is not the first time these past few weeks. And please fix the below: Still need more: Once upon a time, I believe I could search by transaction amount or check number! Even if this wasn’t a feature for the app (and I am confusing it with my other bank), it NEEDS to be. You are a MASSIVE, GLOBAL bank. Small community banks offer this function! This version you force fed is useless. Doesn’t show running balance. That is the point of the app. Looks like I am missing money. Had $120 now $40 with no new transactions?! This is HORRENDOUS. JUNK. MAJOR FAIL.

- You broke it with the update AGAIN!!

They fixed it with and update, and now they updated again, and it won’t connect to deposit checks. Keep giving error “cant connect to chase, please try again later”. Used several high speed WiFi connections and also my 4G on my phone. I really wish they could just let the app be a bank app and stop making cosmetic improvements that make it look “nicer” while breaking the functionality. Older review: I used this app constantly. Most often, to deposit checks I am paid while I'm on the road. Since the update, no matter how brightly lit and clear of a picture I take of the check, I get the error that the check isn't clear enough and I need to take the picture again. It hasn't worked once. I used to take pix in dim light (the check was still clear, but not as clear as I'm taking now with my iPhone 7) and it always worked great. Looks like they broke it with this update. If it isn't fixed soon, I don't see the point in this app at all. Writing a review because customer service wasn't helpful at all.

- Unprofessional and Unorganized

I’m not one to write a review or be inadmissible, but Chase Bank (JP Morgan) has not made it easy for me to be a customer. A couple weeks ago Chase cut my card off saying that I didn’t fill out a couple documents when I initially started my account. Now, this wasn’t my fault because the bank teller had forgot to give me the papers to fill out. Chase had mailed me about the cancellation of my account, but I was not home because of COVID-19 in Chicago. They didn’t email or nothing so they cut my account off. The receptionists all told me different things which made it really confusing. They sent me a check to my home in Chicago and this has made this Chase experience worse. After several calls to Chase, they have shut my account off for who knows what. I rarely play the victim in any situation, but for someone who did absolutely NOTHING to deserve this, I’m extremely disappointed and frustrated. I’d suggest going to a smaller bank because tellers would all be on the same page and a much better and efficient process. You’re just a number at Chase Bank.

- Credit card payments via app :(

I like my Chase credit card, but about two updates ago, it changed payment options for the card. We use the credit card for routine purchases, so I like to use the app to make small payments toward the balance several times a month, just so there isn’t a huge balance at the end of the month to pay off at once. Sometimes I would just pay off part of the balance, and sometimes I would make payments from two different bank accounts to bring the balance to zero. The problem I’m having now is that there is no option to enter in an amount to be paid, so I can no longer choose to pay however much I wish towards the balance. Instead, I can choose to pay the entire existing balance, or the entire balance that was owed at the end of the last statement. I miss the flexibility of paying any amount I choose, and hope Chase brings this feature back to the app.


There are a couple things that are really frustrating about this app. For one, it says payments are cleared before they are actually cleared. It’s frustrating when it says I have available credit when I don’t. I pay all my transactions the day after I make them. But the system is a lot slower than I’d hope for. I understand this is an issue with getting the payment cleared by my bank and the chase credit card system, but then it shouldn’t reflect on my statements as completed when it isn’t completed. I called the credit card contact support. And they gave me the accurate available credit. I don’t understand why the app can’t do this. Another thing is that the interface is really busy. Especially when I’d like to redeem points. It should be clear cut and to the point since there are only a few different ways to redeem points, but there’s a lot of extra stuff that really isn’t needed all on one page. Come on Chase, you can do better...!!

- Horrible customer service

if i could i would put less than a 1 star rating. chase was a good bank but now their customer service has dropped by a lot. i had fraud on my card and after calling they told me they can't do any thing about it. i asked if they can at least cancel my card they said no. they told me to go to their bank in person just to waste my time again getting the same responses. i plan to move banks after i figure out how to pull out my money from them since they wont even let me do that. my friends have told me they've had their hand full of issues with chase representatives as well which makes me question how badly do they want to go out of business. their app is completely useless as well. i cant cancel my card without their approval if i ever lose it which i did and had to argue with a representative to cancel my old one and get a new one. worst company ive ever dealt with. as of right now i still have fraud going on with them saying theres nothing they can do about it. thank you chase for wasting both my money and time.

- Useful app. Minor request!

9 times out of 10 if I open the app after a few minutes it makes me enter my password or scan with Touch ID. I understand if I don’t have a passcode set on my iPhone I wouldn’t want anybody to be able to pick it up and see my Chase account details but you can’t fix stupid. Hardly anybody uses their phone without some sort of passcode so please make scanning Touch ID an optional because it’s super frustrating when I unlock my iPhone, go to the Chase app, and I have to scan again. I appreciate Chase looking out for my security but please consider making this kind of thing optional because it’s super annoying having to scan every time I go to open the app. It makes me want to avoid the app because I know I’m going to have to enter my password or scan. Tedious! I have a very strong alphanumeric password set up on the iOS level so I’m set. No need for extra layers of auth.

- Major annoying flaw

Worst App Ever! Don't waste your time! Touch ID on this mobile app frequently (very frequently) doesn't work. Almost every time I try to use it, I get a message saying it detects that user settings have been changed and therefore Touch ID is not available. This is incorrect and very frustrating! In addition, the password function is screwed up as well. I know what my password is. But Chase will frequently tell me that I'm wrong, that I have entered an incorrect password, and force me to devise a new one, even though I am 100% sure that it was entered correctly. This app desperately needs a redo. It doesn't inspire confidence in Chase's ability to safeguard my info when they can't get a simple thing like Touch ID and password to function properly. As it is now, this app is just annoying and a time waster.

- Can only use one phone

I have 2 mobile phones. 1 at work and 1 at home. When i updated the app on the one at work then tried to log in it no longer recognized the phone. I had over the past year logged in a hundred times on that phone. Why should updating the app make the phone unrecognizeable? I spent the next 20 min trying to put in the security texts that were sent so the app would recognize my phone. It never did. When i got home i tried 3 more times with the work phone without success. I called chase customer service and after 3 separate tries with that rep i got in. I thanked her and was relieved. Then i tried getting in with my home mobile phone and that was not recognized!!! After several more security texts i got the home phone to be recognized. Then tried the work phone and you guessed it. No longer recognized. Bad Bad app. This is a huge bank . I dont expect this but i guess i should given other security issues loding millions of consumer s personal info. Maybe thats why its so hard for the actual client yo get past the security

- Has a built-in GAME OF ALERTS!

They’ve kept the built-in GAME OF ALERTS...unfortunately. It makes no sense that they have such a great app yet still have not fixed the alert feature. This review is not for users, but, is to get the developers attention. It’s really a 4-star app, but, gets knocked down to 2 stars for letting this happen so long. The problem occurs when you get an alert about an account, so, you click on the “little man” icon at the top right. The next page shows a list of menu items and ALERTS is the first one. If you have any alerts there will be a blue circle with the number of alerts to let you know there are unread alerts. So, you click on ALERTS and the next page shows a list of your accounts, but, THERE IS NOTHING TO INDICATE which accounts have new alerts. There should be a blue circle next to each account with the new alerts. So, you have to click on each account and figure out whether it has a new alert. This is not a problem if for a user with one or two accounts, but, if you consolidate a few accounts it’s a big ole pain in the wazoo. It would be so easy to fix! Also, getting back to that “little man” icon. It should also have an indicator on it when there is a alert because there isn’t anything telling you there are new alerts when you open the app.

- Feature request: add ultimate rewards to the mobile app

Chase is the only bank that has given me the unique experience of constantly encountering site maintenance when I'm trying to use it. I called the customer service last night at 12 am because I need to update my trip reservations, I'm leaving Oct. 2nd btw, the customer service told me the ultimate rewards site is under maintenance and will be back at 8:30 am, now it's already 10:30 am, and it's still unavailable, this is unacceptable. Chase's user interface is constantly changing all the time, change is good, but are you folks just changing for the sake of change? I think you need to reconsider the frequency of maintenance and UI refresh if every time it takes forever for the site to reflect the changes. Fix your CI/CD workflow before working on anything else. Chase Ultimate rewards is not embedded in the mobile app either, are you expecting me to track all my travel details just from searching my emails? Lessons to learn: User experience is way more important than the user interface.

- Awful! Cannot transfer money using app

Since this most recent update to this application, it has been awful to use. I am unable to transfer money from one account to the other. The prompts do not enable you to move forward and complete the transfer. You can go through the motions of transferring funds from one account into another but as soon as you get to the final prompt were you are asked to confirm, the smaller pop up screen that is always below the written confirmation showing the accounts and amount of money being transferred, is completely blank. Hence, when you tap the blank white section, nothing happens. You are unable to complete the transfer. What an awful way to start a day when I use this feature to transfer money between accounts often, and am now unable to do so. I have deleted this app from my iPhone and reinstalled it numerous times, and it still does not work. I have contacted Chase of which they have told me the only thing I can do is delete the app and reinstall it. Well now what do I do?

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- Great job

Website is so user friendly and very efficient. Easily modify requirements, extremely clear for understanding, and finally you have done an excellent job.

- Review

I like the new app very good service especially the security.

- The first and best

Chase has always been a leader in the online banking. Chase has the best and easiest application for mobile based banking, from there easy to use photo direct deposit and much more. Love this app, the only other one that’s better is USAA. You can’t ask for more. Thank you Chase

- Forced IOS update

This app forces you to update and won't work with older IOS. No other banking app demands this whilst offering equal or better functionality.

- Works fine from overseas

I now live in Sydney Australia, and receive checks occasionally from the USA. I can scan the check from my phone and deposit it straight into my account. I no longer have to risk sending the check through the mail.

- Great app

Having just moved to the US, banking was one of the basics I had to attend to. This app is easy to install and navigate. It is simple and clear and has great functionality. I like how many features are customisable. Works perfectly.

- Mobile Check Deposit is Awesome

This is an amazing functionality in Chase mobile banking. Simple to use in depositing a check without going to a Bank branch (which for me is not nearby) and it really works!

- Intuitive quick and reliable

Internet banking is getting better everywhere but chase is perhaps one of the best i have used. Security alerts are great. I feel confident using it anywhere.

- So easy

The Chase app is so easy to use, all my balances on the main page, easy to transfer between accounts. It is banking as it should be

- Easy to use app

The menu is straight forward and the same "feel" as that of the online application. The screens are well laid out and easy to read.

- Very useful app!

I thoroughly appreciate my credit card app along with my banking app. As I am an ExPat in Australia, the Chase app allows me to do quick banking whenever and wherever I am! Appreciate it, Chase! Cheers!

- Good functionality.

Easy to use. I've never had a problem using this app.

- Easy to use

I set this up quickly and it seems easy to use.

- Neat and tidy app that does all it should

This is an app that lets me do all the basic stuff I need to. Clean interface, easy to navigate and find things

- Does what I need. No problems.

This app is easy and straight forward.

- Easy to use


- Love the app

Great look. Easy to use. Extremely satisfied

- Limited functionality

Would like to be able to read and reply to messages

- Great App

Easy to use anywhere in the world!

- Works perfectly

Kudos to Chase for a great app. Does what I want it to.

- Excellent useful app

This is really a good app with all the necessary features.

- Best bank

Love to be customer of this bank

- Good work Chase

Beats the hell out of my other Australian banks apps.

- Nice one Chase

Easy to use :)

- Mr T

Thnx Chase

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- Super app

Modern banking has become great with the chase app....way to go Chase ! Simple and easy to use.

- Easy browsing

Thank you

- Account blocked

Even though I put travel alerts on my accounts chase regularly block my credit card Please be aware when I am in a foreign countries and cannot pay my hotel bill it leads to serious consequences . For example recent you blocked my card the only thing take prevented from being detained was a colleague was good enough to pay my bill on his credit card The hotel was ready to call the police I now travel with large amounts of cash as I never know on what whim you’ll put a hold on my card Is this the security you want frequent travelers to have using your banks service If you have better option please advise Peter Fitzsimmons

- Good app

This is a good app, but it could be improved if you didn’t have to hunt for the sign out button.

- No pude realizar pago TDC

Intente pagar mi TDC y no pude realizar dicho pago!

- New Chase program step backwards

This program is not as user friendly as last one. I can’t see last payment amount when paying. Can’t see balance easily. Definitely the new layout is a step backwards.

- Love it!

Make it convenient especially when I am travelling in other countries

- It's a great app- effective, clean and easy to navigate.

Good job

- Does not work in Canada!

Not sure why this is in the Canadian App Store, it does not work for Canadian Chase cards...

- Does not recognize Canadian account

Anything looking for a 'Social Security Number' should not be allowed on the Canadian App Store. Even if you enroll on desktop, the login does not work. Don't waste your time.

- Doesn't work if your Chase account is Canadian.

Don't waste your time if your account is Canadian.

- Will not work for Canadian accounts

Tried several times and will not recognize Canadian account

- Doesn't work for Canada

Don't bother downloading Canada

- Cant access Canadian accounts.

This should probably not even be allowed on the Canadian app store.

- No Canadian Accounts

To bad, so sad, can't access your Canadian accounts with this app.

- No Canadian App?

Very surprised that you can't access your card from the app if Canadian, it's a major disappointment!

- Really !!! Chase still living in the nineties

Saw the app was happy to download it and finally get out if the dark ages I was forced by chase to be in, and to my surprise it does not work for Canadian accounts we are in 2017 and still have to use an ugly html version of a web site this is sad and not a proacrive way to attract customers in this day and age.

- Useless in Canada

If you list it in Canada App Store, why would you publish some app doesn't support Canada chase card

- Not for Canadians

How incompetent can you be to offer this app for Canadians and not include Canadian chase accounts?

- No Canadian service

This app does not allow access to Canadian accounts- why bother selling it in our App Store? Got my hopes up. I'm reconsidering my new Chase credit card.😕

- No support for Canadian credit card accounts

No support for Canadian credit card accounts

- Does not support Canadian Accounts

Why would Canadian app store carry this when there is no support for Chase Canada

- Not support Canadian account

If u r not supporting Canadian account, why bother offer this in Canadian App Store

- Useless as a brick for Canadians

I'm not sure why this is even available in the App Store when it doesn't support Canadian accounts. It looks like a well designed app except for Canadians not being able to login!

- STILL doesn't work for Canadian accounts

Why even bother offering the app in Canada if it doesn't support Canadian accounts? Useless.

- Good app

Very good.

- So convenient!

Great app...easy to check balance, transactions and statements. Also payments are quick.

- Convenient and easy to use

Very easy to use, never had any trouble with this app unlike some other bank apps.

- Great app

Great app! Have never had problems with it

- Simple App, easy to follow

Simple headers with easy to follow viewing area.

- Works great clean.... well done

Fantastic app

- Like it!!!

Nice useful features

- How Banking Apps Should Be!

Chase Bank in its enormity understands the importance of simplicity in mobile apps. Check balances, pay bills etc in the quickest and secure way possible.

- Does not work in Canada

Will not work with my Amazon Canada CC. Disappointing.

- Not for Canadian

Cannot log in the Canada account

- Great app

Always secure, easy to use - love it

- Nice app

Works great

- Amazon Visa Canada

Why we can’t connect to this card?!

- Doesn't work in Canada

Why bother?

- Fantastic App

This app allows me to do so many great things while I'm on the-go. It's super convenient and a must have app. I love it!

- Nice app

Nice app I would love to have international wire facility as well

- Chasing it to work

Too many stupid fees. No consideration for someone with a low income. This app would be down too often.

- User friendly

It is very easy to use and well organized

- Chase Bank online App

Excellent protection layers, easy to access. view & work when in..Keep on improving it.!!

- No Canada

Still waiting for a Canadian version or at least for you to admit up front this one does not work in Canada.

- Easy to use

Good app. Responsive, fast. Good display.

- Good

Good good good

- Can't login

Doesn't work with visa

- Good app

Works well worldwide

- Love this app

We use this app all the time. Very easy to deposit cheques and pay bills.

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- Convenience across the board

I’ve been using this app since its inception. Initially, the app was limiting due to being an emerging technology but Chase’s mobile platform has always been cutting edge for the banking sector. From remote deposits with high deposit limits to transferring money to just about anyone, Chase has you covered. I like that 99.9% of my monthly liabilities can be set up for 1 to 5 day payment saves me about 15 stamps/envelopes each month. While it’s a small savings, it really adds up annually ($100) but it’s peace of mind knowing that the payment always goes through and i have a record of the transaction. Now that Chase has Zelle I can forgo using Venmo, which was a risky platform from my perspective. It’s good to know that Chase listens to its customers when we are asked for feedback. Keep up the good work!

- Chase app worked great until it got infected

Can’t Recommend! The chase mobile banking app was working great and with no real issues for years. And it always made me appreciate my choice staying a chase customer over banking somewhere else because with a poor banking app experience. But now Chase Bank blew it. It’s July 2020 and Chase trashed it’s most valuable product! Now, when you tap on “ See All Transactions “ for a particular account, the app crashes and you are forced to go to the less secure web browser chase application, call your banker or driver to an actual chase bank to see the full current in and outs on your chase bank account. Super annoying. And you would think Chase Bank cares, right? Nope. Think again. The app has already seen several updates but this issue wasn’t addressed at all, nor it seems they interested knowing about it. At least from my several attempts to i inform them, only to be hit back with generic usual Bank replies. So for now.. I can not “recommend” this app to anyone. Unfortunately.

- Chase app rating

While this is indeed a much better way to take care of my daily banking, compared to years-gone-by, there are issues. The biggest problem for me, and others, are the surprising changes that are made. It makes it very confusing to try and use an app when it abruptly changes. The biggest problem is trying to figure out what happened?, Why did it change?, What happened to my previous setup?, No information on how to now navigate the system. It makes people, like me, very nervous and insecure about using it. It’s just very difficult and therefore takes up too much time to figure out how to use the app. I realize there are people who live and breathe technology and think it’s more big deal’. I used to be that type of person, using tech at home as well as at work. That is not he case any longer and these “changes” with no notice, no instruction, make life very difficult.

- Horrible Customer Service

In my opinion customer service is an important factor in choosing a credit card and today I had a terrible experience with customer service trying to resolve an issue with Chase Pay. I was on the phone for so long and nobody could help me and I kept following the same instructions with like three different people. Then at the end they kept saying there's nothing they could do. Finally ended up on the phone with Brad who gave me some reward points for my trouble but why did I have to spend almost 2 hours on the phone before that happened? I feel like I wasted my day. Please re-evaluate your customer service protocol and just give an account credit or something after being on the phone for that long! I feel like I don't trust Chase at all now.


I absolutely LOVED my Chase app! It was easy to maneuver and simple without a lot of pop ups and clutter . I just did a survey on how much I loved it 2 weeks ago with5 stars BUT this new change is frustrating , difficult, deceiving and annoying! What the heck happened to the “ log off” button at the top of the front page? There’s a “ person” icon there! I can’t figure out how to log off which is frightening if I’m checking my account in a public place! These stupid Chase alerts and private messages showed 5 in each one for me and when I clicked on them and clicked again “ to view” ( redundant step) ... it said “ there are none at this time”! What the hell? Please “undo “ all of these new changes and go back to the simple, uncontested , awesome app you had before! PLEASE!!!

- Too bad you are killing the iPad Interface

Version 3.671 supported iPads very effectively and allowed me to use the app in landscape mode, making the most of the larger screen real estate available on an iPad. But today I got a pop up message within the app saying that it would no longer be supported in December, and to go to the Chase website to download the current version/new app (hmmm ... what happened to using the Apple App Store update feature like most other first class developers?). So I grudgingly did that and now have 2 Chase Mobile apps on my phone (I guess I’m the one who has to clean up after the Chase IT dept.). But worst of all, the new app is designed for the iPhone and its smaller screen and doesn’t support the iPad natively. So no more landscape mode (have to hold my iPad like a phone to use the app). Well that’s moving back about 5 years! I guess I need to look for a bank that doesn’t have a ‘one size fits all’ philosophy for mobile users of IPads. Come on Jamie, I thought you prided yourself on having a tech-savvy bank!?!

- Too Clever

The tools available through the app are handy as can be when you are always on the go. Sometimes I do business in states without any branches, and this app allows me to do so without much trouble. It is a clever app, and remote deposits for checks can be frustrating at times. You must always double check the information it scans from your checks for deposits. It does not always read them correctly. Be especially careful if there is writing that passes near or over the account and routing numbers at the bottom of your checks, often from extravagant signature motions or sloppy memos. Checks of this nature are more easily deposited at your local branches, and you need to use a physical teller, not those little mechanical thieves they started using. Otherwise, all the functions I have come to expect with online use work brilliantly.

- New version breaks your password

The old app was working fine but this morning it told me I had to delete it and download the new & improved version. It didn’t tell me the new version wouldn’t recognize my password, thereby sending me down the rabbit hole of text message codes and password reset attempts. Finally gave up and called Chase. The support person was trying to be helpful but talked so fast (because, you know, they’re timed) it ended up taking even longer. I first had to demonstrate that it REALLY wasn’t taking my password and the reset codes it sent me weren’t working either. Finally had me reset it in a browser, and even that took several attempts. When you finally get to where it lets you enter your new password (uppercase, lowercase, number, special character, capital of Montana), THEN it tells you how many characters it needs! I did finally get it working after a process that took about half an hour and could not all have been done on my iPad alone. Can’t wait for the NEXT update. Way to go, Chase.

- Needs improvement

I really want to like the app but it’s lacking compared to other apps. The “quick look” function is harder to get to. You would think that if you sign up for quick view you would see that 1st. Instead you have to cancel the thumb print and then swipe to see it. Making it harder to get too. When paying bills the 1st screen is always your credit cards and then you have to hit another button to see the rest of your bill payers. Hey Chase I get you want ur money 1st but it’s an added step as I’m typically paying someone else. On credit card payments. So many things are wrong!if I’m not paying the min amount or the full amount due I have to go to another screen to input how much I want to pay? Why make me do more work!!! Before you push out a product pls try testing it to get real works feedback! Also why does the app keep locking me out? Making me enter my password every 3 months when I use Touch ID is silly. I have it so I don’t need to enter my password. No one else asks me to do that!!!

- Kind of a Mess

I’m glad that there is an app at all. For that, two stars. I travel a lot and I’m pretty forgetful, so I like being able to check my balance and pay my bills on the go, whenever I think of it. But I despise this app. It logs me off once a week and automatically turns off my Touch ID login. And, like I said, forgetful, so I have trouble remembering my password to log back in. Then I need my card number to reset my password, and, no, it isn’t a big deal, but it is a massive pain to have to reset my password every single week for no reason whatsoever. It’s tricky enough coming up with a new combination of numbers and letters that meets all of their requirements - forget about remembering it. And even when I write it down, am certain that I’ve got the correct password, it still won’t let me log back in unless I create a new password. Every week. It’s kind of infuriating, honestly. Just stop turning my TouchID login off, ya dumb app. By far the worst of the 4 banking apps I use.

- Big Difference in Service

We utilize Chase Freedom Visa as our primary credit card for grocery, dining out, household, etc. We pay our balance each month by the due date. Our credit score is 825+. We experienced a breech of our credit card number recently. We called Chase Fraud Department who issued a new card to be mailed via regular mail and told us we would receive a letter in the next few weeks as to “what Chase would be doing and their responsibility”. They asked if WE had contacted the vendor. After the call, we contacted the vendor who provided us with the name and phone number of the thief according to their records. We immediately provided this information to the Chase Fraud Department along with the store manager name and phone number. This charge still remaIns outstanding on our account, which suggests to us that we may somehow be responsible for the bogus charge. Compare this service to Barclay Visa Apple Reward Card and a similar breech we had on this card during the Christmas shopping season: we called Barclay fraud department, they reversed the charge and overnighted a new card to us via Federal Express. No request for us to contact the vendor. We will be using the Barclay Visa Apple Reward card as our primary card from now on.

- Pretty Good

This app has had a history of bugs that seem to have been fixed for the most part. It was nice when they raise the limit for deposits. Has orientation problems on the iPad that get on my nerves, especially when you're trying to scan a check to deposit. But they probably listen to customer complaints and fix what they can. On the whole it's pretty good. 2-years later: improvements have been consistent but not all good. It used to be difficult to deposit money orders. Now it's impossible. It's a pain to go into a branch just to deposit a money order. 2 more Years later: Many improvements, different format, easier and quicker to navigate. I stopped trying to deposit money orders by phone so I don’t know if that has improved. I’m sticking with Chase.

- Credit Score UI bugs

In the Credit score section- if you swipe left first it shows blank white screen (on iPhone 7 at least). And if you swipe left on that blank screens grey layout pops from right. If its sign of end of the screen, then definitely not good way to tell user end of screen. Then if you swipe right from blank screen, it allows user to swipe incomplete so you can the score screen halfway (incomplete). The expected behavior should be it should go to Score screen completely with swipe. Then clicking on Score, report, alerts, it shows some white rectangle portion on top of the tabs bar and then dissapears. If you double tap it zooms out, and then score section goes to left top. Weird behaviour. Zooming here should be banned and should be built dynamic UI for web mobile. It definitely looks like it is web page you are loading here. Im on the latest version of the app as of today.

- Out of Date

For a while, things were okay with the app/ bank. The sneaky charges weren’t great, but it’s a’s to be expected. Here’s the reason for 1 Star: My account got locked. Meh, happens. I called the number they directed me to. The customer service told me (after asking all of my identification questions and accepting I am, well, me) that they can’t identity me online. They said that I must go to the nearest branch to show 2 IDs in person. Here’s the big problem: I’m abroad right now. I asked if it would be possible to video-chat to show the IDs, no. I asked if it would be possible to use my email or phone number (which are connected to my bank account) to show the documents, no. Chase Bank has no way to verify me online, and insist I have to hop on a plane to go verify my identity. Absolutely ridiculous, It’s 2020! We have the tech: my accounts at another bank asked me to just take a picture of my ID with a website they text me to identify myself. Why can’t Chase? Definitely never going to bank with Chase again.

- Nice app. But alerts are unusable with multiple accounts

The app has blossomed over the years, and now it has a majority of the functionality of the website to take care of pretty much anything on your account without needing to call customer support. The one area still lacking a bit is the alerts/notifications. Here's the flow of the alerts user experience, and where it breaks down. 1. The app shows a badge on the home screen and notifies you there's an alert on your account. 2. When you login, there's a nice bubble on your profile indicating where the alerts are. 3. After clicking your profile, another nice indicator next to "View Alerts". 4. On the next screen, where you might expect to finally see the alert you're after, there's a list of accounts, with absolutely no indicator as to which account has the most recent alerts. If like me you have more than 3 chase accounts, all the tapping needed to find out which account had the alert becomes cumbersome. Then there are false positives, times where I can't find an alert in the last week or two, even though there's a notification indicator. My preference is to just turn off notifications on the chase app, but that's obviously not ideal. It's a bit broken and seems to be easily fixable.

- Mobile App Fails

Here's one credit cardholder's experience with the Chase IT department and executive office. Draw your own conclusion. In August 2019, Chase rolled out a software upgrade to their mobile app, at which point it no longer worked on my iPhone. I called their service desk, and they initially refused to open a service ticket. Three weeks passed with no progress. I escalated the issue to Jamie Dimon (CEO) and Lori Beer (CIO of a $9.5B, 40,000-employee IT department). A non-technical rep then called me to say there were no known issues. (Sure there was .... certainly, one: mine!) In the meantime, I had tried all settings on my phone and figured out that when the phone was in low power mode to save battery life, the Chase app (post uograde) no longer worked. I asked Mr. Dimon if he could ask his illustrious IT department to fix this bug. No go. I never got to speak with any technical staff member, just front-line clerks reading from a script, very much like bots. Sad but true. File this one under Customers We Don't Care About Because They Don't Spend Millions With Us.

- Mad

A week ago I went to Chase to open a checking account. I do have Chase C. Cards. I want to have bank account with Chase as I planned to travel and Chase does not charge for using ATM. I went to Chase branch on NW 122nd Street and N. Rock well in OKC. The agent assistant asked me the questions that have nothings related to open the an account. The questions like: Who you need to send money too? How do you have that money? I told her I have my attorney taking care of all legal matters. She then asked who is your lawyer? What is his name? I was upset. I told her that is none of her Business. I came to open a checking account. She does not have right to ask me those personal questions. She said Chase Wants to protect the customer from Scam. I asked her If it’s a Scam, could Chase helps customer recover their Scam money’s? She said Nothing Chase can do!!!!???? I told her then Do NOT Ask too much Questions.

- Could Not Be Happier!!!

I just love Chase!!! The app, the employees, just everything about this bank. I use the Bill Pay which is absolutely wonderful. Once you pay a certain bill you may have, the money comes right out of your account immediately. Some banks use third parties for their Bill Pay System which takes a long time for your particular bill to be paid, thus the monies for that particular bill still remain in your bank. I have three children and we ALL use Zelle for money transfers which are credited immediately. Also, if you have a check that needs to be deposited, the Chase App allows you to deposit that check from the app on your cell phone. What more can you ask for? Thank you Chase Bank for all you do for us!!!!!

- Locked out in Portugal

Do not try to access your account while traveling! They locked me out of mine when I was overseas for three months because I attempted to access it and pay a bill stateside whilst in Portugal. They could not resolve the issue without me filling out a paper which they had sent to my US address, which was then to be notarised, and faxed back to them. None of their inane requests could I accomplish while in Europe. A fax? Did they also want me to build a time machine? I told them it had to be accomplished via email or iChat. Effectively they kept me cut off from thousands of dollars for months and offered no viable solution. Zero customer service or support for this business account of mine. I closed the account as soon as I got back into the US and will no longer do anything with this bank. I suggest you watch out because this could happen to you without any warning or email of explanation. Portugal! I was not in Iraq. I was in Portugal! It is not on the list of restricted countries. Isn’t that illegal?

- Simmi Brodie

I’m so happy for this opportunity to tell you how much I love banking at chase. I’ve been banking at this location for as long as there is a bank there. Maybe fifty years but it wasn’t always a chase bank. It was a bank of New York and before that , I don’t remember. Banking was an unpleasant ordeal. Nobody knew my name. Nobody smiled I did my business and left. The day it became a chase bank, it felt like the sun took it’s place in heaven. The very same people who took care of me the week before, knew who I was and greeted me with beautiful smiles. I asked them what happened and they said, “ we’re a Chase bank now. Something has changed. We’re so happy to be working here. “ It’s one of my favorite stories. And I thank you for your pleasant and competent service. Sincerely, Simmi Brodie


What they won’t tell you... Let me just start with the comment that I wish I could give them 0 stars. CHASE has been one of my banking entities for the last several years. I was ecstatic when I was able to transfer my old credit card balance to my new card with 18 months no interest. I had a significant sum from medical debt that I transferred over and was paying on monthly. Last month I paid off my card and this month I had a bill for interest only!! I called and let me explain what they told me. What they don’t tell you is that the time between when your billing cycle ends and the time your bill is due they are charging you interest. So for example my billing cycle ended on the 12th of the month and my payment due date it the 9th of the next month. I paid off the entirety of my credit card balance and then received a bill the next month for interest only. Yes, you read that right! I paid off my bill on time and in full and they billed me for interest!! This is standard practice for CHASE. When I called to inquire about it they denied my request to have it removed and told me that this is “what I signed up for”. So I urge you all to think hard before you consider banking with CHASE. I am done with them. Dishonesty and scamming are not qualities I look for when choosing who I want to trust with my finances and I would suggest you look elsewhere if you are in search of a reputable banking company.

- Quality Systems and Intuitive Interface

I have 3 Chase cards and 1 American Express (for 3% cash back for groceries). American Express sent me a false alert saying that $100 was used at a local gas station (reps couldn’t tell me anything about it when I called because their systems were down), locked me out of my account because my fingerprint didn’t read a few times in a row on the app, can’t redeem your cash back through the app or for the whole amount you have earned (25$ increments and you better have your card on you when you call a rep to redeem it). None of those negatives have I experienced with Chase which says a lot all together. If chase had a better grocery store cash back offer I would have no use for my Am Ex and their outdated systems.

- Password resetting every week

The app will work fine. Then at least once a week you open the app to find that chase has disabled Touch ID or Face ID. You have to type in your password to login. You type in the correct password. And it says wrong password. You need to reset password to log in. It’s not the wrong password. I’ve done this a hundred times. I have to go find my chase card and type in the account number to reset. Hassle every time. I reset my password to something that I know I’m not going to forget and then I write it down and then I save it in my phone. Then a week later guess what happens. face ID has been turned off, touch ID has been turned off. please type in your password. I type in the password. it is correct. I double check It. look at where I wrote it down and I type it in and it says incorrect password. You have to be kidding me. your app is broken. you need to fix it. this is such a hassle. I’m going to move to new bank. tired of this.

- Good bank

First I had to real issues only issue I had was when trying to set up my account for Apple Pay if you change your number there’s an 30 day hold before the new number works other then that things are good ; I see People complain about the fee but almost all banks have fees and they all waive the fee if your check is direct deposited which mine is , Some people have issues with the app odds are it’s your phone might be too old , Out of all the banks chase is the one bank I like because they are up to date when I go to the atm I don’t even need my card I just use my Apple Watch and I able to login no issues, No bank is perfect at all but out of all banks I would put chase at 1 and 2 would be schools first credit union.

- Love the Rewards Favorites UX

Design team, I love the new ultimate rewards Favorites feature that you added this week. I’ve been getting emails or messages about the roll out for a few weeks now. I love that you can select the heart to in order to favorite the group of stores in the same card! It was very exciting when all 7 stores lit up in hearts too (why yes I do love Bloomingdale’s and coach together!). Visually, I LOVE that the hearts are a lipstick red and super “plump”. They almost look animated! Also very thoughtful that the card groups didn’t have a category name. Only disappointment is I can’t navigate to onboard more group favorites inside the website (haven’t found it yet). Thank you for creating such a delightful feature. Signed, a happy tech professional.

- Bill Date Payment Change Issue

This is probably one of the two reasons I’m giving this app a low mark. I had an issue with a bill date payment change issue in which I thought I ended up paying a bill at the wrong time because I failed as a user to make the change. I realized that there is an actual app issue that caused the problem and I want to be compensated for the bill late fee the app issue has caused me. Heck, I should be compensated for finding the issue in the first place that is causing millions of users issues. I’ve used the bill payment date change many times before on this app in the past so it’s not like I do not know how to use the app in that area. What I do know is that there must have been a user interface update and this was one of their many issues in that user interface update. I even have a screen recording of the app causing the bill date change payment issue.

- Bill Date Payment Change Issue

This is probably one of the two reasons I’m giving this app a low mark. I had an issue with a bill date payment change issue in which I thought I ended up paying a bill at the wrong time because I failed as a user to make the change. I realized that there is an actual app issue that caused the problem and I want to be compensated for the bill late fee the app issue has caused me. Heck, I should be compensated for finding the issue in the first place that is causing millions of users issues. I’ve used the bill payment date change many times before on this app in the past so it’s not like I do not know how to use the app in that area. What I do know is that there must have been a user interface update and this was one of their many issues in that user interface update. I even have a screen recording of the app causing the bill date change payment issue.

- Redeeming Reward Points

I have used the chase app for several years and found it not very user friendly when redeeming for cash back although I was able to access the cash back feature, but it is not one of the options at the start of the process, in other words it seems like your first option in the app is gift cards and more gift cards which I’m sure those merchants are somehow benefiting from putting their cards first, up front. I would prefer the cash back feature to be included in the beginning and that I should not be required to search for it. Now it seems that you have limited the options for cash back because with your latest update I cannot choose my savings account anymore , more hoops to jump through to redeem my rewards I find it ridiculous that to get the money where I want it I would have to choose my checking account and then transfer it to my savings. I think it time for user friendly Apps

- New app not as user friendly as previous version.

This new app is not as simple to navigate, nor does it show all transactions as the previous app I was using on my iPad! The previous app had all Accounts in a simple menu across the top of the screen and it was much simple to scroll to see all transactions shown below. In the new app you have to keep going back and forth to see everything, and makes it way more complicated than it should be. Very disappointed that I was basically forced to switch to the new app, since it states the previous version will no longer be supported for my iPad after March 20, 2019!! I have been a loyal Chase customer for close to 35 years, but currently not happy with this change! 😣

- Last few updates are disappointing

This used to be a simple app that allowed you to manage your account quickly with most of the pertinent information displayed simply and directly, over the last few updates it has become more and more busy. It seems like the developers are more interested in customers signing up for new accounts or services instead of providing the services the customer already has in use. Chase has been a good bank, but between the app becoming much less user friendly and Chase closing the only branch and ATM convenient to where I live, I think it’s time to look for a new bank. If you don’t use the app much and you live close to a main branch, it’s a good bank... if you don’t have a local branch and you rely on the app for your day to day activities- you might want to look for a better option.

- Overall I like the app, a few minor issues

Overall I love the app and use it often. I noticed a few minor issues over the past several months: - The one that affects me most frequently is that the biometric auth button on the login screen doesn’t work. It doesn’t seem to register touches or gestures at all, so I think it might have just accidentally ended up behind the text field in the view hierarchy - The app has frozen a couple times when I tapped the profile icon in the top right corner of the account overview screen. This has only happened a few times and I haven’t been able to purposely reproduce it, but I have had to kill the app and reopen each time - If the user starts typing in a text field on the login screen, then taps the three dots at the bottom that bring up the action sheet for FAQs etc. the keyboard doesn’t get dismissed. If the user taps one of the items in the sheet and navigates away from the login screen, this makes for a weird animation when returning to login (this is more of a polish thing and I admittedly found it while just testing things since I was writing this review anyway) Happy to update my review once fixed, just wanted to bring these points to the dev team’s attention!

- Crash issues

Fantastic app which I love (the desktop website not so much but that’s a different story). However, this morning I tried referring a family member to the Freedom Unlimited credit card using the app, but when I tapped the “Invite now” tab the whole app crashed. I tried it multiple times but each time it continues to crash. In the end, I was able to invite/refer my family member using the “Send an email” tab, but according to Chase that email may take up to 7 days to be sent, whereas the “Invite now” option would be immediate. I just updated my iPhone to IOS 13 so I don’t know if this is an issue related to that, but it was nonetheless very annoying especially since I’ve come to expect excellence from the Chase mobile app. I’m hoping to see this resolved quickly.

- Customer Service

I used to have a Safire Card many years ago until I started to use a Mileage Plus Explorer Card. The Safire expired by itself due to lack of use. The service for the Mileage Plus service is horrendous to say at least. The customer service are poorly trained and lack of knowledge about issues that are common knowledge. Not to long ago I lost a dispute with a vendor in Vietnam who sold me a counterfeit Insulin. I tried to get my money back or exchange the merchandise without success. They did not know the counterfeit prescription drugs is over $50B industry in Asia, particularly in China and Vietnam. The level of culture and education of Mileage Plus Explorer is deplorable to say the least. For these reasons I am going back to the Safire. I hope not to be disappointed!

- A Satisfied Customer for over 40 years

Even though the name may have changed through the years the Down home service has not. We always get personal attention and help when we need it. When three of our grandchildren got to the age where they could manage an account we took them to Chase so they could open their account and start receiving the same good service we have had for 45 years. Hopefully they will be writing their own review in 40 years. Especially now that I’m a great granny I’ve had to use customer service a few times to help me work through a new feature of banking I did not quite understand and I always experienced patience and kindness with their help. Thank you Chase Bank.

- Convenient

I really like the Chase mobile app. I find it extremely convenient and it makes it very easy to monitor and manage my account. I also like the fact that Chase appears to have made a significant investment in their digital platforms, especially mobile, by constantly updating and evolving their technology. Lastly, when are you going to bring Chase to Washington, DC, Maryland or Northern Virginia? Chase has the best mobile banking that I have used. Although, I no longer live near a Chase, it is still my primary bank because I can’t find any bank to match what Chase offers: great fraud protection, easy mobile deposits, real-time account updates, easy transfers between accounts, mobile wire transfers, and more!

- How to pay mortgage payment

It’s a nice app with good info however I only have one account with Chase so only come to once a month. Each time I have a hard time finding where I can make a payment since just going to the mortgage info doesn’t give you the option to make a payment. You have to back all the way out to the home screen and click on three little lines in the upper left hand corner. And even then your option to “make a payment” isn’t there. It says “payments” like payment history. So for those of us who are not tech savvy and need a little more guidance to navigate through apps like this to pay our bills could you please consider putting a “make a payment” option on your mortgage details screen instead of having your customers hunt it down through an unfamiliar app. Thank you!

- You can Count on Chase

I never liked the banking thing much. It was always so hard for me. November 29 my husband passed away. I had no choice. I had to have a bank account. Chase is the company that I would recommend. I did try a few other banks out before finding the best. I feel the other banks seemed to have snooty tellers. I observed a few time them Looking down on people for their situation in life. That don’t happen at chase, in Oroville, California though. They are the most friendly bunch of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing business with. They are so helpful. And when there is a problem, they help you out right away. They totally understand. Thank you Chase Bank! You are the best!!! Sincerely, Tammy Whitfield of Oroville California.

- This App Works Perfectly

This app does everything I want it to. I especially love the Preview option that lets me check my balances without even logging in. That’s an amazing option but you want to be sure you keep your phone locked because that’s easily assessable to anyone if they swipe the icon to the right. I can quickly review any account, I can even see checks or deposit tickets if I need to. I am also love the option of depositing checks just by taking photos of them and following the prompts. No more running to the bank! I can even send money to a friend very easily. I use this app several times a week. I would recommend the Chase mobile app to anymore.

- Newest app update

I am not particularly excited with the most recent changes. I don’t like the fact I had to search to see where I needed to be to log off. It is not something I want to be changing screens for. I see you changed the menu page as well. It appears to me that instead of it being easier to work as you claimed, it has some of the functions removed, like notifications. How will I know when or if there are notifications? Is that the same? Once logged on if it’s no longer shown on the menu page, how does the customer know where to go? It seems to me you have taken a straightforward way of maneuvering through your app and turned it into a more complicated maze. Making business matters more difficult for the customer. Not an app improvement as far as I’m concerned. Please try again and soon!!

- Chase Starbucks Debit Card

If you try to load this debit card with any outside chase cards you won’t succeed. I tried using my personal bank debit card and it turned into a nightmare with back and forth calls to both Chase and my bank of why the transactions were being declined. My bank told me they were accepting the charges but Chase was declining them automatically as soon as I tried loading the card. Chase told me they won’t investigate because they can’t see an issue on their end. I was supposed to get a call back from a guy named Thomas on Monday but that never happened. So today (a week later) I decided to try to load my Starbucks Debit Card with another bank’s debit card that I loaded from my own personal bank. STILL DID NOT WORK!!! So there IS an issue on Chase’s end. I can load two other debit cards from another bank with my own personal bank but I can’t load my Chase Starbucks Debit Card????? WAKE UP CHASE!!! AND FIX YOUR STARBUCKS DEBIT CARD!🤬🤬🤬🤬

- If I could only deduct stars...

WTH kind of nonsense is this? 1. App won’t recognize my password entry (It gets better folk)... 2. NEITHER WILL THE CHASE WEBSITE. Question: How stupid is your app developer? How useless can your IT and DBA Admin Divisions be? Answer: Extremely. It’s not difficult to query and authenticate usr/pwd for websites or apps, especially when you play host to the data you degenerates. By the way, I had changed my password less than 90 days ago, it’s unbelievable that a bug of this magnitude still exists across multiple platforms. It is an embarrassment to your business standard one would think. More importantly, the passiveness demonstrated by ZERO responses from any Chase CSR or PR Rep for App reviews... the longevity of issues without resolution, patch, update or acknowledgement... this is beyond alarming. That’s the level of professionalism we can expect with your network security if these minor issues prove to be so insurmountable. You paint a vivid image of our fate as your customers, where you’re the latest security breech and at our expense. Fool me twice? I think not. Time to seek other options. Oh, here’s something else of note... if your app/site/location services are supposed to toggle chase atms and/or banks... it’s just sensible and logical to NOT CHARGE NON-CHASE ATM FEES WHEN YOU PROVIDED THAT LOCATION. Way to keep it classy, way to go, etc... Just what the f**k... scumbaggery at its finest.

- Problem issues

My 4 star rating was a bit generous. I’m a small business owner, and I find the online deposit process, which I use so much that I rarely go to the drive-thru anymore, is much slower, on the same iphone X as my Wells Fargo app. Yours is more visually appealing, and more intuitive than theirs, so yours is better that way. More importantly, however, your app in recent months seems to have become much slower to credit or show deposits in my balance, and I get delayed notifications of a low balance, as in after I’ve already transferrred money to my account. Its very frustrating, and seems to have really gotten worse over the last year. I understand there have been improvements to the app recently, so I hope those things will improve.

- Worst App Update Ever

We have been with Chase since they took over from Washington Mutual. This used to be a functional, easy to use app. But a couple of months ago they “improved” it. Now it is awful. The font is tiny and hard to read. Where everything used to be conveniently visible on one page, you now have to search through multiple scattered pages to try to find the same information. And the pages themselves have almost nothing on them - there are great swaths of empty space on each page. They have also removed basic, practical functions. It used to be that when you scheduled bill payments, you could see all of the payments you scheduled on a single page. Now when you schedule a payment there is no way to look at it or see all of the payments you have scheduled, until it actually posts to your account. I absolutely HATE this new update. It’s so bad that if they don’t fix it I may change banks.

- Check Deposit Needs Improvement

My most frequent use of this app is for mobile deposits. The designers of the app must not use it. It can be very frustrating. First, when depisiting a check, it has too many unnecessary prompts. When depositing several checks, those extra prompts can become irritating. Second, if it rejects the photos, it wipes out all info about the check. You are forced to re-enter everything even though presumably only one photo was rejected. Lastly, it rejects photos that are perfectly clear, well-lighted and crisp. I think it just has trouble with the backs of some checks if they are muted which many are. Having to retake photos over and over of the same check (both sides every time) and getting back a generic (too blurry) message when each photo was quite clear and crisp is a challenge in the calmest moments nevermind if you are busy. Agita!

- Keep an eye on them

I have a checking account that paid me $200 to sign up. Free. Remember there is no such thing as a free meal. So everything was free until I paid off my mortgage then, unknown to me, they started charging me 25 bucks a month. As I used this account for mad money so I didn’t pay any attention until the monthly 25 payment sent an overdraft alert to my phone. I went into the bank and thought the guy at a desk corrected this issue. WRONG. He credited 100 bucks. I down loaded the app and checked they had charged me 375 bucks because I paid off a loan. (Credited me 100). So I’m $275 down. Will deposit 15k get 300 bucks in 3 months and close account then keep all my accounts at my credit union. PS this is the kind of actions that Wells Fargo got into trouble with regulators for.

- Great app...thanks for iPhone X update

Love the new app and design. It is nice to finally be able to control automatic credit card payments through the app! The only thing that I’m having trouble with currently are mobile deposits, I have accidentally now deposited two business checks into my personal account as the app just makes assumption now on which account I want without asking for it first. I know this sounds ridiculous but if I have multiple accounts I would like the app to ask me which one I want to deposit the check into and not just swiped my personal account first. Overall this wouldn’t really matter until the check gets rejected and you can only deposit by showing up in person at the bank. Thanks again for the update!

- Don’t be shady

Change the app back immediately and show the pending credit card transactions. Chase is very good at not setting things in stone. They use to show what the account balance ended up being under every purchase amount but took that out. That number would quietly change as well once in a while without notice so you really have to be paying attention. So your account balance can change and they have taken out the feature that shows how much you had at a given time after a certain purchase. This takes away their credibility to actually track spending unless you write down your own statement which makes the app pointless. What’s the point. Stop trying to innovate w the new pie chart and get the simple stuff done right first. I can’t believe you took away the ability to see transactions that are pending. That’s so snake like. This is ultimately our money so be straightforward.

- Just got my card

So far, the app has been easier to use than the online site. I was trying to use the online site to enroll, it was difficult to read on my iPhone (I don't have access to a computer), & eventually crashed. I got the app, & it was a breeze to use! I'm looking forward to the paperless billing, & it's no problem for me to check every day, as I keep track of all my usage of my other card online anyway. If I have difficulties with the app, I may change my rating, but so far, easy-breezy! UPDATE: So far, the only problem I’m having is the app sometimes “forgets” my password or refuses to accept my thumbprint. I assume this is for security purposes, but it can be frustrating, especially when I have to change my password frequently.

- Anywhere but chase

My honest review for banking with chase is just a giant facepalm filled with nothing but aggravation and questions with answers that just don’t seem to add up. My biggest problem on top of their password mishaps everyone seems to be going through, is their overdraft policy. Having a recurring charge and forgetting about it is one thing, but what upsets me is how I literally spoke to not one but TWO professionals at this company and they BOTH told me they would just downgrade my account so that I would no longer be able to be over drafted, instead it’d just decline. Little did I know a week later I get a negative balance and then an overdraft fee. How can I trust these people to store any of my money when I can’t even trust them to hold to their word and switch my account. I’m closing my account ASAP and going to a credit union cause this is just ridiculous. Never again will I do business with chase bank.

- Deposit checks thru pics

Not sure, I totally understand I am a new account holder, I have now had this account for almost 1yr, whenever I deposit a check that is not from chase from my employer, it takes almost 2 weeks to clear & my employer shows me that the money has been taken out of his account the same daY or following day that I deposit, My question is, why does it take you 2 weeks to deposit into my account, when it only takes a day to clear from employers account. I no longer deposit my check, I now pay $8 dollars to cash at another bank & then have to come to chase to deposit! I think you feel my frustration...

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These days, everyday tasks feel a little more…complicated. Like depositing a check. Helpful tip: Deposit checks virtually anytime, anywhere in the Chase Mobile® app. See how and learn more here:

Chase Support

@Kiarraaa____ Hello, we apologize for your ATM experience. If you're not seeing your deposit on or on the Chase Mobile app, please call 1-866-564-2262 for help with submitting a missing deposit claim. They are open Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM and Sat 9AM-8PM ET. ^LG

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Chase Mobile® iphone images
Chase Mobile® iphone images
Chase Mobile® iphone images
Chase Mobile® iphone images
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The applications Chase Mobile® was published in the category Finance on 2008-12-15 and was developed by JPMorgan Chase & Co. [Developer ID: 298867250]. This application file size is 270.65 MB. Chase Mobile® - Finance app posted on 2020-12-10 current version is 4.171 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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