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Don’t let being away from the office slow your business down. Experience engaging, productive meetings from wherever you are.
Cisco Webex Meetings delivers over 6 billion meetings per month, offering industry-leading video and audio conferencing with sharing, chat, and more. Experience why more people use Webex Meetings than all other meeting vendors combined.
General features:
• Join and present from any meeting, event, or training session directly from your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch
• Hands-free voice commands with Siri
• One-tap joining directly from your calendar
• Schedule meetings directly from your app
• Customizable video layouts
• Share your content (including 3-D files) or screen to everyone
• Easily sign in using Face ID or Touch ID
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Cisco Webex Meetings Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Usability improvements • Bug fixes

Cisco Webex Meetings Comments & Reviews

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- 90% great

Like most, we have seen a dramatic uptick in the use of WebEx and other virtual meeting tools. One thing I have now seen on several platforms is my organization support many different tools and I see the same recurring problem that for Webex calls implemented witin my agency, the links and calls work well. However, when someone from outside my agency sends me a Webex link for a call, they often have connection issues. It may be how Outlook handles the links inside group calls work seamlessly when you select the Join Call option, but for external calls, the link asks you to install Webx which is already installed. Then there are sometime problems with establishing the call (mostly connecting and audio). This is occuring more on desk/lap-top systems so I am participating via my iPhone now which seems to avoid the problem of the computer not knowing webex is already installed on it.

- Dumb overlay that you cant exit out of.

Using brand new iPad Air. Joined Webex meeting via link with app already installed. Had used it once in past and WORKED FINE. Host asked me to share screen so I could see what she’s doing. Being new to this I asked how to as there are NO icons nor instructions how to do this. Just phone icons of who is in the meeting. She says click anywhere on screen to see icons. Like ai should just know this...dumb UI there. Next icons show with ZERO note of what they do. Had to click several of them to find where to share screen. Still very little advice of what you should do to simply VIEW ANOTHER PERSONS SCREEN. Took 5x to finally get to see other persons screen. Each time an annoyingoverlay pops up with some notification that the screen is being shared but NO WAY to get rid of it. So my hosts screen is completely blocked by this annoying overlay with no exit or X or minimize or any way to get rid of. I was about ready to throw iPad out the window at this point. Im still utterly irritated. I clicked just about everywhere before almost giving up when it finally disappeared. completely un user friendly and dumb icons that you have to just know to click screen randomly to get them to pop up. Then they have NO indication of what they are for or any help to accomplish a simple task. Two stars and thats being generous only because it finally worked on 5th try and worked fine the fist time...

- Sales team is preventing an upgrade purchase

We have been using WebEx for a number of years. We wanted to upgrade our service so we contacted our sales rep. Instead of giving us a quote to upgrade our service, he generated a quote with our company name misspelled and with an incorrect address. We asked him to correct this and to date, he has not only not corrected it, he continually requests that we sign an agreement with this incorrect info and blames WebEx IT for the problem. We contacted the sales number at the WebEx website and were informed that this guy created a fake company to generate the quote. We asked to simply have a quote for our company to move to their full training and event suite with a couple of add ons. For some reason, Cisco has complicated this sales process so much that you cannot simply purchase the services you need, when you need them. This new rep said he would check into whether he could even generate a quote for us to make a purchase since WebEx forbids it because of the way they assign accounts. We even worked with their “life cycle” specialist who was helpful but did not have the ability to process the sale for us or to get us a sales rep who could help. At this point I am being left with no choice but to move our company over to Zoom simply because we cannot purchase the services we need from WebEx because of this ridiculous sales process.

- Keeps getting worse

In reality, most of the core functionality of this app is fine. It doesn’t crash very often, and it gets the job done. The reason for the two-star review is that we are constantly fighting with bugs. New ones seem to come up in every release, And there have been some big ones that persisted for several months and several updates before they were finally fixed. With this latest release, we have a feature where all of the meeting control buttons—for example the one that allows you to leave the meeting—sometimes disappear from the UI. Another particularly annoying issue is that, although the app purports to support touch ID and Face ID, it never seems to use them. I am periodically asked to manually reenter my password, usually while driving at high speeds and attempting to join a customer meeting. This has been true ever since they claimed to introduce touch ID support. After at least a couple of years of pretending to support these features, I have never once been prompted for touch ID or face ID by Webex. Before adding new features, like the ability to share files from our phones, which most of us will never use, it would be appreciated if the dev team would focus on some core functionality issues that would make the app more usable for everyone.

- Great iPhone app

This is a great app for the iPhone. I’ve never experienced any issues related to the app. Most audio issues I’ve experienced are caused from users: bad microphone, not talking close enough to microphone, not muting themselves when dialing in, etc. I attend all of my WebEx meetings exclusively on iPhone app now so that I can keep working separately on desktop during meetings. I especially love that there is an Apple Watch app; when you’re in a meeting, the Watch app pops up and is basically just a large mute/unmute button. Genius! Something Apple should adapt for their normal phone functionality. If I were to ask for an additional feature, it would be to integrate with the iPhone phone app. When I’m on a meeting with Microsoft Teams, I get the same lock screen as I would if I were in a phone call, with a mute button, video button (instead of FaceTime), etc. I take a lot of my calls while outside on walks with my dogs during the COVID-19 shut down, so it would be nice to be able to quickly mute/unmute myself without unlocking my phone (the Watch app isn’t always responsive).

- Works great, easy to join conferences.

Webex has always been the most reliable, secure, and easiest way to join a meeting. With the application, I can join via audio and video within the app, join with the app via receiving a call from Webex, so I don’t have to dial a phone number to join, but if I dial in while using the app for a meeting that I was invited too, I don’t have to enter a pin or user ID. Oh and I can even join using a video conferencing endpoint and control it through the app. I can seemlessly switch between devices and methods, if my meeting runs long and I need to leave, switch to iPhone audio call and drive off. If my phone drops a call due to switching from wifi to cellular, it can auto reconnect. And now you can even blur or change your background on an Apple device with Webex. Controls are very easy and user friendly. I can mute and unmute through the app and not have to switch to my phone. I can quickly and easily see who is on the call, and now I can join or start a Webex with Siri, great for hands free use. Safe, secure, and easy. Love it.

- Why changed the UI when things weren’t broken?

The new UI used obscure icons, tucked away commonly used functionality underneath these icons, and then promoted elements that do not matter and let them get in the way of the presentation. For example, I see big blocks of empty space along the top of the screen, while each block only has the text of the attendee names. And those blocks clipped off the space for the main presentation. Not only that, once you minimize the attendee blocks, then there is a giant empty block overlaid ON TOP of the main presentation, and again that block only had the speaker’s name and nothing else. As if they were not enough interruptions, every time someone joins or leaves the meeting, the whole button row comes up on top of the presentation to show you who is joining or leaving. Seriously, who designed this UI? I understand those big attendee/speaker blocks are intended for video conferencing, but the app should be smart enough to shrink these gigantic blocks when attendees are not showing anything. Last but not lease, the main presentation area is mission-critical. It should be left alone and not having any UI controls popping on top of it; otherwise, some important text/graphics in the presentation may be blocked from view, causing the attendees to miss out on that information.

- Great App

With everything going on due to COVID I have lost my treatment groups and my meetings that I had in person they were what helped me replace my time I used to use to get high and they would help me process things in my life and living clean and sober. This app has made it possible to have a one on one session with my counselor and be able to get that connection you can’t get over a phone call I am able to see her and have eye contact and feel as though she is fully present in our conversation. The app did not glitch out at all and it was a very easy process to get signed up and to figure out how to get in the video with my counselor. The only thing I did not like was that I could not figure out how to flip my camera around to where I could show what I was looking at instead of the camera being on my face I am not sure if it is even possible to do that with this app and if it is I feel that it needs to be more easily accessible. Overall this is a great app and I love it!

- Functional but too often requires repeating setup and sign-in

Once signed in and setup as desired, the mobile app is functional and useful, but the developers need to remember the primary use case of the mobile app (from my perspective at least) is to be able to join meetings while on the move (such as when driving to the office, etc.). When at the desk, I'll use the desktop/browser interface. The mobile app needs to be better optimized to not constantly require re-authentication and setting up. Security is important but as always needs to be designed in conjunction with usability. With the desktop interface, I am never/rarely re-prompted for my credentials because I saved them in my browser's password manager. With the mobile app, there is no such option. Fortunately, this app recently gained support for touchID, which improved usability immensely. However even with that improvement, I am forced to re-enter my account ID and phone number and my desired settings every time this app is updated, which seems to be every few weeks. Very inconvenient since that usually happens while I'm on the road and trying to join a meeting right away.

- Why would you change the mute button in latest version?!!!

I use this app for hours at a time, daily, for work meetings. Prior to version 40.8.0, the mute button was either "all red" or "grey". It was very easy and obvious to see if you were muted or not, from up to a few feet away. Well, today I received app version 40.8.0 - and they changed the mute button! Now, the difference between muted and unmuted is almost undiscernible - and very easy to mess up. The button for both states is 98% grey, with only a super faint red or green outline in it to distinguish the state. Awful. The app was perfect before. I'm a developer myself, so I understand the need to make continuous improvements and always having product owners trying to put their own spin on a product. But this change to the mute button is AWFUL. If there is one thing about this app that users need - it's the ability to quickly, easily, and confidently distinguish if we are muted or not, without needing to hold the phone 10 inches in front of our face to tell. Eeek. Please revert the mute button changes. Not being able to confidently tell if I am muted or not takes the app from 4 stars to 1 star for me - as it becomes a liability.

- ipad connection difficulties...

This app has higher visual quality than facetime and Zoom in my opinion....however, I’ve had difficulties connecting with the audio each time I’ve followed my registration email link invite. I solved the problem by reapplying for the app one time and waiting a substantial amt of time to finally connect and this time I resorted to calling the phone number to hear the audio. Had to put the phone on speaker, it died, then luckily was able to switch fairly quickly to another one to continue.... Went to app support, but that didn't help...that’s why I asked if this presentation would be replayed at another time. I would like to catch up and fill in the blanks. Technology!!! Re: a replay, it would be nice to be able to see presentations at another time, rather than at a specific scheduled time if possible. Sometimes scheduled live times don’t work out for the listeners to engage with. Thnx for this opportunity to review...the content delivery and presenter/host did a fine and professional job. Thank you.

- iPad use

Most recent use included about 30 people around the USA, using a PowerPoint presentation to discuss a scientific project. Seeing people as they spoke was not a priority. The most challenging aspect was getting participants to mute their phones and microphones to eliminate background noise and feedback. Also, when asking questions and during discussions, effectively minimizing speaking over each other. I suggest the app provide (prominently) so best practices at the top of the meeting. Last year I took a training program that did use images of speakers, slide presentations, etc. Webex was the platform used every two weeks over approximately 6 months, I think about 25-30 participants. Work in between meetings included libraries of info etc. I think we stretched the capabilities of the program, and it was excellent. My experience is the users can make or break it. So again, tutorial and best practices would be helpful.

- Needs participant response tools

Missing participant response tools like raising your hand to get moderators attention. Mute and unmute does not always work. I understand moderator can override the mute function but in an interactive session sometimes there is no way to get the attention of anyone except by turning on video and waving madly until someone notices you or holding up a sign. Very frustrating. Really would like to see the hand raising ability and even the coffee break icon. Ability to log on is very good. Just need to be familiar with the initial set up when logging in. Specifically you need to answer if you are going to get your audio from your cell or through the internet. Use my first generation iPad Pro on weekly webinars and it works great and the ability to attend my webinars from anywhere is fabulous. Many times I am logged on in the early morning hours and use my Bluetooth apple AirPods and it makes life easier while lying comfortably in bed. Will rate it 4-5 when additional basic features of desktop version is implemented.

- It's decent, not spectacular

On iPhone 6:IOS 10.3 because of IOS11.x power management fears. IOS10 is power management is freaky bad enough. Pros: Webex app provides easy direct audio over data or call-me-back feature when data is worse than cell audio. Auto-mute upon connection is an excellent feature! Chat is usable, if a little clunky to reach at 2 click-levels from slides both directions. Cons: The audio seems like it requires a better data connection than it used to. I remember decent communication on Airplane WiFi a couple years ago. Now that all the airlines are advertising "faster" data, I rarely can hear/talk over Webex. It would be nice if there was a minimal chat interface that's usable while watching the slides. Highly technical presentations generate a lot of questions (submitted via chat) and require reading slides for details. Too much material is missed in the time it takes to type a question in chat. I also don't see the hand raise and other basic tools that should be easy to implement. Re-authentication while driving is a serious PITA! Provide a grace period when re-auth can be skipped or build a hook that notices my password manager and prompts to open it like a couple other apps do. Or maybe just program it to delay re-auth until I'm NOT joining a meeting at the last minute. Perhaps only prompt when more than five minutes early or as the meeting is closing. Seriously, I wouldn't be using the app if I had time to boot the laptop.

- It works, but it is clunky.

I had no experience with online meeting apps before COVID-19 and its dislocations. I now use WebEx to meet one-on-one with students, and it works well enough, usually. However, because of the stand I use to support my iPad, its controls are hard to get to when I am hosting my meetings. Screen sharing is seriously clunky and counterintuitive. I had planned to use WebEx on an ancient MacBook Pro, which on paper appeared to have suitable memory and an adequate operating system. However, when I first tried to join a meeting, odd things for which I was unprepared flashed up on the screen saying I needed to install a plug-in, even though I had already installed the WebEx app successfully on the machine. I never was able to join that meeting. I later found some guidance on the WebEx site explaining the problem, although it still does not work smoothly on my laptop. I am relying on the tablet now, even though it drains the battery power quickly. But it’s gotta be better than Zoom, right?

- Unintuitive + Better options elsewhere.

First, pretty terrible experience with webex as a whole. While the 1) no app for Linux distributions, 2) trying to join meeting on iPad through Safari browser keeps directing me to some .dmg file, 3) audio issues with webex are not issues with this particular app, they still be pointed out. O/W using the app alone wouldn’t let me join the meeting, so used a provided browser link, which led me to either an option to install a dmg—on my iPad (still baffled by this)—, join meeting through app, or join meeting through browser. When joining through app, the video feed was in a tiny little screen over a ton of unused space, vs through the browser, where I could resize the video feed to full screen. Maybe I could go through documentation, but other available web-conferencing programs work right out the box so I will only be using webex begrudgingly when google meets or other options are unavailable, and am uninstalling this app since it seems to be worse than just running webex through the browser.

- Had the WORST time logging in

Today was my first experience with your App. ALL of my attendees had trouble getting in; some NEVER got in. I was sent all the login info via email, circulated it to everybody, and we ALL had issues, including myself, trying to log in. My meeting was scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m. CDT, and I attempted to log in at 9:30. It told me, “this meeting has not started yet.” I did not actually get in until 9:45. I had things and people scheduled to do things during that down time. Eventually I got in, as did SOME of my attendees. On a more positive note, the audio was clear, video was good. Screen sharing was good, too. And it is relatively easy to set up a meeting. Once set up, I received the necessary login info soon after. I hope to get feedback from you as to why we had such a hard time logging on. The meeting got done, but there was so much “down time” trying to connect. At the end of the day, yes, I would use Webex again, BUT I HAVE to get to the bottom of the login issue! I CANNOT do that again. So much time wasted.

- Core functionality is fine, but REALLY clunky

The video and audio quality are good, and it’s easy enough to share different types of content. It’s also pretty easy to customize settings such as beep on entry/exit, automate, etc. The reason it only gets two stars is that it’s not at all user friendly for guests of the meeting. As the host, you can learn the quirks over time and live with them, but when you’re inviting outside guests to a meeting that are not familiar with webex, it’s as if they need to be an IT engineer to figure out how to log in correctly. I either host or am a support person for around 5 small webex presentations each week with executives outside my organization. I can say that more than 50% of those meetings begin with technical difficulties where at least one outside person can’t figure out how to join correctly. If it happened once or twice, I would say it’s their fault, but this happens at least 3 times per week, and sometimes with users that should be well-versed in technology.

- Meeting platforms for teleworking

I have been using Webex for 4 months to call into meetings. The primary reason that we are using it was due to the lack of security in zoom. Unfortunately, zoom has a much better interface. Zoom was easier to use for meetings. I am also an instructor and found that switching from my iPad to power points was a lot easier. If you have a choice, zoom is better. If you need the security, then Webex has less features, but is adequate for most uses. It helps if you notify everyone of the following video meeting protocols- 1. Everyone who logs on should have the mute button ON, unless they are speaking. 2. Request that the video is on so that you can see the speaker- communication by audio only misses the facial expressions and other cues to that are missed in text or audio only. The meeting host can mute those that haven’t figured out the mute button.

- Convenient app.

I like this app due to convenience of my web meetings so I can stay at home. I have four little ones so this feature is a super necessity in my life. However I wish that this app could haves "raise hand" button to allow people to not interrupt if it's a call in/demo video rather than a face to face meeting. It is hard to not hear over voicing from everyone trying to ask a question. It will state who is "user 1 is speaking" but if there is more than two or three users it doesn't show and then we all try and speak at the same time. So having a button to click to allow the meeting coordinator(s) to let one in at a time could possibly be helpful. Otherwise a multiplayer view option should be available if we use a large tablet or laptop. I like how I can use my small iphone 7 to use this on the go though. 👍🏻

- Getting better - But still room for improvement

I really wanted to live WebEx, but the transition from Skype to this has not been as smooth as hoped. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of integration between it and Outlook. I repeatedly have to click to join a meeting multiple times, and often the audio doesn’t connect if the meeting organizer hasn’t joined... I realize there’s a setting for this, but it’s only available in the Personal Room, and most of my colleagues are not using that... Why is this not available for ANY meeting scheduled? That’s just one example of the many slightly non-user-friendly functionality. Overall, one can get the job done with WebEx, but it’s definitely NOT my first choice. Too bad my company is taking away all the other options!! 😞

- Pushing updates at meeting time

This is my meeting app of choice (over Skype, GoToMeeting etc.) and it’s generally great for global use, however lately it seems to push a massive mandatory update right at the time of the meeting, causing delays to get started. If I’m the client, I’m late, if I’m the host, I’ve left people hanging. Embarrassing on several occasions. Even starting 5 minutes early (my default now by necessity) is no guarantee that I won’t be hung by a long update on my limited bandwidth. I can use it twice in a morning then the third use in the day pushes a large update so there’s no predicting it. An option to proceed without the latest greatest would be a welcome alternative to such delays - at the end of the day, my priority is the meeting happening over the version I’m using. My experience is in Mac app, iPad, but issue is reported by my PC using colleagues as well. Overall, I’m still favorable, would be great if this could be addressed.

- Better than the desktop app for windows 10

This app is quick and easy to use . Connects faster than my computer and the settings are more obvious . You know the important ones like mute, and video. The computer audio options always seem to have issue. The mobile streaming video for presentations is amazing and high quality. Pro Tip: Set your mic to mute as default when joining meeting, and choose that setting for participants in your meeting settings. Audio Note: if anyone in your meeting is dialing in from a telephone, their audio will be crap and have a delay , making it impossible for more than 2 people to have an efficient conversation. Use your computer for audio with any Bluetooth headset. Or Use the app for audio. If you have bad data service of no wifi, you may have trouble here. 99% of these meetings are for jobs that would need data anyways, so where are you trying to “work” from that you can’t connect. While driving also is probably a bad idea. People with computers: Use your Bluetooth headset!!! Dialing in ruins the meeting for everyone! You also have option to setup meetings that don’t allow dialing in.... but then the dinosaurs wouldn’t be able to join. I thought they went extinct ?


I noticed while watching CNN they were using Cisco WebEx and the excellent quality of the clear picture and sound. I googled to see what the cost is and to my surprise for my personal use it was Free. This would be great to use when calling a family member or friend. If I owned a business this would definitely be at the top of my list especially in the new situation we all find ourselves in with the coronavirus limiting socializing in person. I used FaceTime but the picture is so sharp and clear I can read the words off my bottle of water. I hope this catches on and while everyone is stuck at home we can all still keep in touch and bring a smile to a friend or loved ones face we can clearly see. Cisco you need to advertise to let people know this is available.

- Decent, but sorely needs message, PiP and desktop features

Webex works, but it Cisco seems to have stopped developing it years ago. What is missing: - If you use Webex in Split View or with another app as a floating window, your video image will freeze. This should not be the case, as users will often want to open Webex alongside another app - Webex should adopt the Picture in Picture feature from iOS 9, so users can open another app (say note taking or reference app) while showing the video of the meeting floating in PiP over the app - Improves chat function: if someone sends a message, it is not easy to open it. It should trigger an iOS wide notification, so even if Webex is not on the foreground, you get notified if a message comes in through Webex. - for presenting Office docs (Word, PowerPoint) the app needs have better Office document rendering, rather than the simplified iOS rendering of Office documents, which adequate for quick views, but not for professional presentations. It could convert to PDF on the fly for better rendering. - It should adopt more desktop features such as: 1) setting up polls; 2) allow users to choose to open the meeting room 15 or 30 minutes before the meeting starts, so that invited meeting participants can enter before the meeting host logs in. This can be done on the desktop and is needed on the iOS app

- Not User Friendly/More Features

Not User Friendly: I use Zoom; however, I have an account with WebEx. I find that people have a harder time connecting to WebEx. Also, you should not have to constantly load the application each time you use it. It should automatically work, with or without an account. One download should suffice. Also, Zoom is much easier to share from my apps files like PPT, Word, Excel, etc. More Features: We should be able to use phone numbers/texts to invite people and not just emails. When we’re in the phone/iPad, app, we should be able to send a quick text for people to join. Also, I like the features in Zoom that allows people to raise their hands if they have a comment. I realize Zoom is more for classrooms and WebEx is more for professional work presentations; however, the features should still coincide with both.

- Could have been a five-star rating!

The sound and video quality was excellent. I would have given five stars for that. There was, however, a tremendous amount of background chatter from a few people who did not have their microphones muted. This was my first use of the app and I figured out what the problem was. The app symbols for microphone and camera change from red, when not on, to black, when on. However, the strikeout symbol remains on the microphone and camera icons even when they are on! So, unless you already know that red means muted and black means unmuted, you can get confused. Several of our call participants did, leading to all the background noise. As a result, the call host had to keep everyone muted all the time and unmute, individually, each person who wanted to speak. How ridiculous is that? Please remove the strikeout symbols to avoid this confusion.

- Separate audio hookup is a design flaw

So, I am using all kinds of conf call apps - zoom, Webex, Skype goto, etc etc... - Webex is he worst. Why? Primarily because of the separate/disconnected audio hookup, and because of the different way it works on iPad vs iPhone. On the iPhone, you have to call in or it will call you, which means now you’re call options are gone (yeah, multitasking). On the ipad, it can offer direct audio integration (looks like its a customizable feature for the organizing organization). But it’s getting worse: if you are in the meeting with the separate audio, and the audio drops, more often than not, the system does not understand when you’re dialing back in again. Accordingly, it then doesn’t allow you to mute or unmetered, you not being in audio of the meeting. So you have to.... go all the way out of both audio and conference. Unacceptable!!! Keep in mind there are conference calls where the system loudly announces you leaving or entering... unprofessional!!!

- Clear Sound, Good Reminders, Simple Joins

I use Webex for work multiple times a day, and I join via the desktop app, through chrome, as well as the iPhone app. I prefer to use the app to connect to meetings over a dial in number for a couple of key reasons: 1. Ease -when using the app, you don’t have to dial any numbers / bounce back and forth between meeting information and key pad on the phone. 2. Clarity - everyone’s voices come through noticeably clearer than a typical cell network call. I don’t know if it’s an order of magnitude better, but the sound almost comes across as studio quality rather than phone quality, it’s that good. 3. Consistency - aside from losing cell service, I’ve never had any issues with connectivity loss.

- A bit complicated to get started, but great once done

The app is a bit complicated to get started, not intuitive, guess Apple spoiled me. Once started it was great, even provided virtual background options by clearly visible invitation. Until this, I thought I was technologically competent. Getting started with this in order to join a work meeting made me feel as if I was falling off the learning curve. However in fairness as I think about it, I’m not certain how much was the app vs the instructions for joining the meeting that had tiered participants. Albeit I am of a certain age, I’ve utilized computers & various apps since 1987, including running my own business for 20 yrs with computer networks and all. This was largely before the iPhone and my conversion to Apple products.

- Please stick on with a stable version

Recent past, I see multiple continuous updates breaking one or the other features. Please reduce unnecessary update frequency. With the recent update on my laptop audio is half broken (I can hear but can’t speak). Earlier this happened - you have fixed it - again broken. Now, I’ve to connect on laptop for screen share and mobile for audio (you are doubling the load unnecessarily). Ruling our the headset issue - tried multiple headsets and laptop audio. Not only this - many items regress. So please be careful with your continuous updates. Stay with a stable release (FYI - I’ve been using webex for 15 years, so not giving a bad rating - that doesn’t mean current version is awesome).

- Great app, easy to use on the go

I experience no issues with using the app on an iPhone. When my corporate Windows-based PC lets me down I know I can quickly recover the connection by switching to it on my phone. Sound/video quality is clear and although seeing shared content on the screen isn’t ideal (due to screen size), it’s manageable if a larger screen isn’t available. The slightly more direct connection to the Webex back-end than my work laptop allows seems to make for a better connection. Would like to be able to copy my personal room information easily from the app to send to someone to invite them to a conference call, but other than that, this is a very good app.

- Grid View

I’ve been using this app since the pandemic for work and we really like the app. It’s super easy to use. The only issue as I’ve stated before was the lack of grid view while on a conference meeting on my iPhone. The last update said this would be available although while in a call this morning I couldn’t find the option for it.? My software on the phone is updated and obviously the app is updated because I seen the upcoming option for that feature when it updated. Maybe it’s user error, but I couldn’t find where to enable grid view. Either way, thanks for the straightforward easy app where I can connect with my second family for work!

- Very good considering the volume of people using this service during COVID 19

While it has not been perfect with every function available ie. video feed with lots of people on the line, overall I am impressed with the performance. This COVID 19 crisis is the first time I’ve ever had to use a service like this so I don’t have anything to compare but it gets the job done in our time of need. I have been able to have meetings and speak with teammates I haven’t even met in person yet since the pandemic took hold while I am in the process of a company transfer to a new location. Services like this are saving us when it is unsafe to be in personal contact, much different than epidemics/pandemics of the distant past.

- App is good, but getting worse

I’m very please with Cisco’s WebEx Meetings hosted service and this app works well with it. The app itself is stable and presents shared content surprisingly well. Unfortunately, Cisco keeps changing the UI in disappointing ways while leaving the few things that could use improvement alone. Seems like each update the app gets a little more cumbersome. I’m not sure if competition is heating up in this space and Cisco wants existing users aware of all the features, but it feels like the design philosophy has taken on a grocery store mentality, “put the milk all the way in the back so people have to see everything they might like on their way to what’s important.” In the midst of a busy day the changes leave me a little annoyed.

- Great Companion App

The app works really well as a companion app for the desktop version. It won’t ever replace the version, but I think that’s okay. We need the full monitor screens and different document sharing options to get the full experience (it’ll never be convenient to screen share a complicated pdf over a cell phone). Since the COVID crisis, I’ve been using this app nearly every day without a single issue. It’s ideal for connecting to meetings easily, and the webcam portion lets me better connect to my team. I typically join once on my computer (to see the files and share my own), and again through the app to share my webcam. I have no complaints - everything has been working great so far.

- It works great...when it works

The app works very well on iPhone... when it works. With an average of 10-12 Webex meetings per week, and usually I use the desktop application for most of my meetings. However, the desktop app is quite glitchy and often requires an extremely high bandwidth to use video & audio simultaneously. It’s usually one or the other. So I am using the app on my iPhone several times a week and I’ve found that it’s clear and functions properly 80% of the time. The other 20% is just WONT connect. It’s either on or not. No middle ground and no half-way access. It crashes fairly easily sometimes and others it crystal clear and I have zero issue. I’m other words, I’ll keep using it bc my employer uses it for all our meetings but personally, I have very little faith in its reliability.

- Good app but often out of sync

My company uses WebEx as our default meeting software, so it’s fantastic to have the app also and be able to not only dial into a meeting from my phone but also to see whatever is being shared on the screen. The call quality and the display quality are both great. Where I see a significant gap is that my meetings often don’t sync with the mobile app. I use Outlook on my desktop and have the WebEx widget running, and meetings sync perfectly in the desktop widget. However, on the mobile app, it’s more often than not that a meeting simply isn’t there at all. I’ve had full days that show as having no meetings at all when in reality I had several. If I have to call in using the mobile app, this is a major problem. I hope this can be fixed soon!

- Worked well for today’s meeting

I had a good meeting with our group. I was easily able to join via the invite link, not needing to login as my own account. I joined on my iPad, and used my iPhone for the audio. The app provided a very readable drop-down with the Meeting ID and my Participant ID for the sound. The app controlled the mike for my iPhone, rather than settings on the iPad; this action might confuse users, but realizing that is a good way to control the mike - you just need to know that. And the group chat worked fine. We were a group of 7, and we could talk collectively. Not to compare with other meeting apps, and while it may not have similar features, this has been a great experience and I would use it again.

- Webex effectiveness

Due to half our team working from home on alternating weeks, we have used this Roger am for about 4 weeks. It has worked well enough that we are considering using this for a department meeting two or three times per week after we get back to normal and the virus is behind us. We have asked ourselves how life will change as a result of this virus. One of the changes will likely be a little less reliance on in-person meetings because at times a video conference is more efficient. Because you are able to continue on other activities until all are able to be at the meeting, we have less wasted time when one or two members get tied up.

- Inconsistent

I don’t know if my issues are just with app or with the way my company has integrated the app with outlook. Today is was hosting a previously scheduled web meeting from my office. I clicked on my WebEx icon on my desktop and it said I didn’t have any scheduled meetings today. I hit the refresh button on the app and it still said, no meetings today. Panicked that my boss and my bosses boss would not be able to log in, I checked my Outlook calendar and the meeting was there and the Webex log in. However the join button greed out as if it didn’t recognize me as the host. So I had to start the meeting from my iPhone and email everyone the slides instead of being able to share my desktop. Very frustrating and gives me much apprehension when leading important international meetings.

- One Among Many

I’ve used four different kinds of these meeting facilitating services now, including the one that started it all, Skype. They all have things they’re better at and things that they’re not so good at. I myself had to keep flipping back and forth in the App trying to input the meeting room (?) number and the passcode. It asked me for one, then the other, then took the first one away and demanded that I re-enter it again, then it took the second one away, etc. ten times, I think. I never did get the audio working properly. I ended up having to use a landline for the audio (and no, it wasn’t a settings problem). Their is another brand out there that does this much easier and smoother. In the interests of decency I won’t give out the name here. But you’ll find it.

- Nice quality - confusing interface

It’s not a showstopper - but the user interface is confusing. Especially when I’m looking for a scheduled meeting - and it may be in my Microsoft Outlook account calendar, or in my work account calendar, or in my Gmail account calendar. Or not show up on any calendar at all - and just be embedded in an email. It’s just not as clear as it should be. And I know part of the confusion may be because Microsoft requires you to have an Outlook account to use their products. But generally, I think the vast majority of everybody have more than one email address. Which Webex should assume - and take into account when building their UI. Instead, it makes it a bit of a fishing expedition...

- Webex audio major issues with CarPlay

Very often after joining a webex (called in with audio over internet) after connecting to CarPlay the audio is lost (sometimes heard for a fraction of a second but then unavailable/dead quiet) and one has to select “disconnect audio” in the app and then reconnect audio via internet again; and maybe it will work. Then when audio sometimes works and one turns off the car and unplugs the phone (with working audio over internet) the audio from the now no longer USB connected phone will also cut out and one has to disconnect the audio and reconnect. TERRIBLE!!!!! I have an iPhone SE with latest iOS (even previous iOS had same issue). These issues started right when the webex app was started to have an interface on the car screen. Use that info to fault search and please fix immediately!! I dependent on this app to work for my work in a major car OEM

- Much Improved, worth another look due to “secure by design”

Our company has used GTM and its predecessors for more than 10 years. We do IT for a living and have been favorably engaged with Cisco networking products for almost as long. That led us to trying Webex and Webex for Teams, which were not entirely satisfactory even 2 years ago. The feature set of Webex lags behind Zoom or FaceTime and other consumer friendly online conferencing products. However, and this is a biggie, Cisco Webex and other Cisco products are secure by design. Security is not an afterthought with Cisco products and services. Important entities, such as the US Military and Fortune 500 companies, mostly use CIsco communication products. There’s an entire line of expensive Cisco Webex products for board rooms that runs on the same “secure by design” software platform as the entry level products such as Webex for IOS/Mac OS/Windows. If we’re to have a post Covid-19 future where we conduct a lot more meeting activity online, having the most secure online meeting platform, instead of the most feature-rich platform, seems like a favorable tradeoff, at least for some of us.

- Ugly and doesn’t allow multitasking.

This app has allowed me to do meetings on my iPad so I am very happy for that. Has helped immensely. The UI is not aesthetic at all and I can’t really run more than one thing when it’s on or the app crashes. No idea why because I am using it on the newest iPad Pro with everything updated. You can’t multitask for some reason which I find strange for an app that is for meetings where you would definitely use multitasking often. If you just need a simple setup like an online lesson, then this works, but if you need more, then use a different app/program or just use the web app on a desktop or laptop. Please make this app function. Using this on the iPad would be wonderful if everything just worked. Hopefully come September this app can grow with iOS13.

- The app is a little too complex and the sound quality isn’t great

When I try to join a meeting, there are a lot of button presses. I don’t want to turn on my camera for example. I prefer a one click dial in that gets me on the call. Let me enable all the other stuff after I’m on. The sound quality is poor. I can hear my voice echoing in the conference room. That should be filtered. Since the app allows for dial in and computer connect, and people often do both because they dial in first and then want the slides, there should be a way of detecting echoes and quickly killing them. With the old mobile meet conference system, I had a very simple interface to see where noise was coming from and mute it. Webex is not so easy unless you’re moderating from a computer.

- Review WebEx May 22, 2020

As a concerned, retired investor, I found that I obtained a good picture into where the equities and bond markets are in relationship to unemployment and the China corona virus crisis today. This is not made clear in any news that I have become use to watching. In summary, it seems to me like the daily and weekly attention to shifts in the markets and in the events worldwide need constant review, and that one cannot follow a chart or chasing a trend due to the disconnects between the markets and the likely hood of a 2 year recession. It’s as if the investors can only expect good things to happen as we have gotten use to this since 2013. Much appreciated discussions and sharing of your workload. Not easy. Thank you.

- Great for live meetings but no playback

This app is great for catching a live meeting on the go. It does everything that I would expect an app version of this program should do while watching a live meeting. However, it does not playback meetings. If someone sends a link to a previous meeting, there is no way to play it back on the iPhone. I understand meetings can be saved or recorded in a different format but I’m not referring to those and unfortunately, since I am not the host of meetings that I couldn’t attend, I have no control over how the host records & saves the meeting. So, since Webex uses a proprietary file type, I would suggest that when sent a link for a previously recorded meeting, the link open up this app or another playback app in order for the meeting to played back.

- Can't respond to instructors requests!

The updates are nice, but they keep adding features we don’t need and ignoring basics that we do need! 1) If you are taking a class where the instructor asks you to click the green check mark or red X to respond to their question, there is no way to do that in the iOS app. So the instructor thinks I'm ignoring them. That's a terrible oversight! This is an absolute must for the app. 2) You can't "Raise Your Hand" or ask for the microphone. This is a huge missing piece for business meetings, especially with customers. 3) Very limited options for sharing documents, screen prints, demos, etc. We need to be able to access documents in iCloud & share them on screen with everyone in the meeting. 4) There is no webex player option, so you can't watch recorded classes, you can only take live classes. They seem to be purposely crippling the app to force people into using the PC version. But my company has switched to tablets for field reps. So Cisco really needs to get their iOS app to have the same features as the browser, or people will start going elsewhere. (My company is already testing Skype for business and Adobe’s options)

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- Can you fix this💻📲📱🖥

Oh my god Webex I love it how you can be host and there is very little background and you can also put your own background on your own photos it’s the best and plus my teachers well I mean Trugina P9 College when we have to a new ourselves I mean on mute then we went to like press it so we can talk to teacher and then I want to talk to teacher can’t really hear me so that’s a problem I want you guys to fix it is a bug but I really need you guys to fix that so the teacher can hear me because I am like I want to say my answer and the teacher can’t hear me so I think it’s on purpose I’m doing it so I really want you to fix it thank you so much for reading and yes I’m on my salad bye and plus we do WebEx for Spanish PE but the normal teacher and he was saying stem stem and much much more things that you do in the school we do it on WebEx because now COVID-19 and in October we’re gonna go back to school so but every day good experience for a single teacher and other friends and sometimes it someone’s birthday and we’re not cool we just sing happy birthday say on my back so fix this bug that’s happening to you when you fix the bug

- good for home school

my school has been using WebEx to get the students to meet up with the teachers and interact with the rest of the class it has been really great because seeing my friends faces is great although most of my friends aren’t my class that was a bit of a bummer that’s why I only gave it four stars but then again I guess that’s just my teachers choosing the class but also most of the time other people are really glitchy and sometimes even if I have full bars of Wi-Fi appear really glitchy to other people I don’t know if it’s at their Wi-Fi or if it’s the app but it’s really glitchy and a lot less quality than Zoom

- First Rate

The Webex experience for our meeting was first rate and was almost without fault, however some who were at the meeting failed to display on the main screen of my iPad, but came on when they spoke. I found the iPad’s ability to run Webex and another open application side by side particularly useful. However in that mode my camera goes into buffering mode and won’t display until I shut the other application down e.g. mail or Word. These may be operational aspects that could be further considered. While I have identified some issues, I gave it 5 stars because I was quite impressed with the general result and it fully met the operational aspects that were promoted. Well done on a great product!

- Totally unsuitable for school use

Our school has been attempting to use Webex for school assemblies and class meetings for remote learning during COVID 19 lockdown. The teachers have struggled with students taking control of meetings and writing profanities up on the main screen for all to see. Also it seems the teachers cannot control the muting of microphones, therefore each meeting is extremely difficult to hear through the feedback and background noise from hundreds of children’s microphones. Not to mention the parents occasionally swearing in the background for all to hear. Perhaps the teachers are still learning how to use the technology, but I should think it was intuitive enough to avoid these basic problems. All in all our school assemblies and meetings have been a complete waste of time using this platform so far.

- School Council was a challenge

We had 10 participants on the school council. The video worked sporadically. The audio was tedious to attempt to listen to properly. I think that over time some manner or methods of polity would evolve if we were forced to use this technology ad infinitum but it was difficult. It’s better to have the technology available than to not have it. We managed to complete the meeting successfully which probably would not have happened back in the 1970s or ‘80s. The technology probably would work vastly better with a group of 4 or less participants attempting to interact. 1 on 1, I suspect that the technology would be fine.

- Webex Meetings and Webex Teams oddly incompatible

Confusion persists about why there are 2 apps by Cisco doing similar things differently and “fighting” over my hardware devices such as the camera and microphone. A given meeting might appear in one or both apps but connecting from the “wrong” app won’t allow camera or mic access... but there is no consistency on which app will work better. It adds up to unnecessary delays and frustration at the start of many meetings. Once up and running both apps work well but lack of optionality re video layout sometimes is a pest, particularly the position of view of self and of person actively speaking or another listener on the call you might want to be viewing simultaneously (eg a senior stakeholder).

- Eventually good

The sound quality was much better on app rather than web based. However, it took at least 5 minutes for the audio to load. I had to use my phone for audio and iPad for video for the first part of the meeting. I’m not sure if the host function for silencing all mics is available on Webex but would be a good addition if not. Perhaps the host of my meeting wasn’t aware of it. Also, view of chat was right in the middle of the screen which wasn’t ideal. Would be good if ‘hand up’ icon came up on face tile so host knew who had hand up at one glance at screen.

- 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

WebEx is the beeeeest like it has all you need like this whiteboard so you won’t need to bring one in front of the camera you can even share your screen just click the button and go where you want to share the screen and I think you can even choose your background so all you need to do to login is there will be a number and you tipe that in first box in second box you tipe your name and then you tipe that password with the @ in it and just sit back and wait for the meeting to start because when I call my class (3/4 h) I find it super easy

- Remote learning use :)

It’s really great if you don)t have it GET it! If you’re home learning or remote learning in this COVID-19 crisis it’s awesome in my opinion better than Zoom witch has a 5 star review that’s rubbish my 5 star review is correct (no-offence) but really it’s a free app get it now if you don’t like it delete it it’s worth trying though! There’s ONE bad thing if your having/using it for assembly’s you can’t really see everyone’s face... but it’s better than a Zoom conference call Zoom should be a 2 and a half star review for the makers of Webex thank you, your helping MY school and other schools too!

- Best app to use for school meetings

This app is amazing for school meetings. If you have an app like compass or class dojo I would recommend putting a link so it’s easier for the students to find the class meetings faster. The only thing about this app I don’t like is that if you have cheeky students they might unmute their selves and they can say naughty things. This app should have an option for a group chat just for your friends and an option for classes so kids can’t unmute their selves. Other than that this app is amazing and the best app to use for schools I would rate it 5 out of 5

- iPad Grid View

The Webex is a solid performer in the market and should be seriously considered amongst many other platforms. Unfortunately unlike other apps such as ‘Zoom’ the Webex app on iOS is only able to show 6 participant videos at one time, sure this is overcome by using a laptop and dialing in through the Webex desktop application or web browser but why can’t the iPad do this too? Something the developer should seriously consider given the current climate.

- Thumbnail video of me while scrolling everyone else pls

We use this for our team daily stand ups that are now walking sessions outside in our neighborhoods. I would like to be able to see my video as a thumbnail always even when scrolling to see others in the scrolling grid view (in landscape mode). I also would like to be able to shrink the grid view if everyone else to see all 10 of my colleagues at once and be able to double tap to zoom in on the person talking. This is a good service, but needs these updates to improve team video experience to make an excellent service.

- Solid Performance

My Further teacher has just started to communicate our lessons through WebEx. The app delivers high quality video conferencing and is very straightforward. One of the other students' videos kept buffering. I don't know if it’s the app's fault or where she lives, but it was a little annoying. Now for a question: How do I pin my teacher's video so it appears larger than those of my peers? I want to see her at all times in case she's using a whiteboard. Thank you for making my life easier, Cisco!

- Webex rating

WARNING: 5 Star Rating🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Webex had been going really smoothly with minor bugs and almost no technical issues until (recently) everything just crashed and everything became REALLY laggy. 😡 Like sometimes I couldn’t even hear people and my screen was saying we are trying to reconnect you back to the meeting. But overall, I think it’s a pretty good and efficient app. Thank you for your time to reading this. :) Stay safe! Wear a mask! Wash hands regularly! Social distance! 😷, 🧼

- Not as intuitive or solid as alternatives

Having used alternative software Zoom for similar meetings, I found this inferior. The layout, option buttons and operational quality were not as good as Zoom. A technical freeze during the meeting on an up to date modern laptop that has run WebEx before and that IT couldn’t quickly diagnose or re-enable so meeting was rejoined meant a change of device mid meeting was required to continue. A bug report was sent to this product team. Inferior outcome in this day and age yet still three stars as it’s one event.

- Why I recommend Webex

I like Webex because of this difficult time I needed an app to do meetings with my classmates and teacher. Some times it doesn’t work so I gave it a 4/5 and I hope you understand that because I think it’s reasonable.😁🙂I also like it because you can change your background. It works great for me and I love it.👍 It really changed me during remote learning from thinking remote learning was boring to looking forward to meeting my class!😁😄😃

- Home school

This is Awesome for homeschool but I’ve experienced some issues with it randomly freezing in between the class and I’m get lost so that’s kind of an issue and it’s happening more lately but other than that it is so good I love using it and I feel like it is really good and I like the option of a virtual background if your room is messy and I just overall really like this it’s great for schools go for anything and I totally recommend it to anyone just hope you guys can fix any of the problems that happened.😀

- Easy to Use

The program was really easy to use on an internet connection that was unhampered by overuse. However, we did have a team-mate who was Working From Home who had some difficulty with audio and visual connection. This may be because the internet at home was compromised by family centred use, but that is still an issue to be aware of. One star off because of that connection issue.

- Needs updating

I was disappointed by the setup it was unordered and took someone in my class 4 weeks to know how to use it. I also wanted to make a account but it was way to confusing and asked for way to much information about me. I was making me feel like it was one of those places that as that are always sending you unimportant information. It also wanted to know my phone number but why would they need to call me if I was just having a meeting? I don't want people to know all of this unnecessary stuff. It is very poor condition and needs a updating

- Easy and reliable

I use the app to join regular meetings hosted by another, usually on my phone during a commute. The app is excellent at maintaining connection from wi-fi to GSM phone tower to wi-fi, even when in a car or on a ferry and even when the host is sharing their screen. Simple and intuitive to use, it does everything you really need to participate in a web conference.

- Much better

I can see more and much better it is grate!! I love it as a student! I can see most people in the meeting!! Some people are complaining that you can’t hear very well! I have a solution to that! Just mute everyone and put your hand up when you want to speak!! Then let your teacher unmute you and you can talk and say what you want to say!! I say this is the best app for schools!!

- Green screen

Hi, just wanted to say no hate. Love this and it’s super easy to use as well! Why can’t I have a green screen for specific iPads! It’s really annoying and I wish it works. Some apps like tik tok have green screen and they allow it but not this one. Overall it’s a great app probably better than zoom. I’ve been using it for online learning for a 2 terms and I could not find any bugs! Keep up the good work!


This app is great because well I’m 10 years old and I need to do class calls you should totally get this app also you can share your screen so people can see what your doing on your laptop or iPad that’s what my teacher does to help us learn plus you can even add in filters like backrounds and screenshots it’s a bit like FaceTime though but still it’s a great app and get it now!

- Does what it’s supposed to

Context: Remote online Instructors Panel meetings. Utility: Very good. Better than Zoom and GoToMeeting in my experience, less prone to dropouts, distortion and corruption. No crashes yet. Camera functionality is good. Caveat: Users need to MUTE WHEN NOT SPEAKING and preferably use a headset with integrated microphone to eliminate feedback and echo. Suggestion to Developers: In Gallery Mode, keep one panel reserved for online scrolling Text Chat. Advice to Organisers: See above caveat. Use MUTE! Insist on it.

- It was helpful but a few glitches

So for home school my school shut down for a few weeks so we had to use Webex it’s actually a pretty good app but some times it would glitch and we can’t hear each other or it would turn off our video when we did not press it to do that but otherwise it’s good I recommended this app to teachers and parents and their kids because it better than all the other home meeting apps.

- Webex meetups are the best

Meetings are great when like you can talk to your friends you can talk to your friends overseas you can talk to anyone really and I love that. But the thing that’s a little bit bad about it is that you have to like turn on your camera and speaker manually.. but rather that i’m not being lazy but yeah. It’s a really good app and you should download it :-)

- i used for more than 3 months in remote learning

Great app, super easy to communicate. But lots of people have technical difficulties and getting sound connection can be difficult. Sometimes screen sharing won’t work but you just need to be able to manage it and have good wifi. Overall very helpful for feeling like i’m still at school

- Webex is the best

I think webex is extremely suitable for children in a class because there are not sooo many buttons for them to fiddle with and it also shows them when to turn on their mic. and when to put the raise hand button on. I could clearly hear and see my teacher as well as my classmates. I love webex and rate it five stars!

- Better than the rest.....

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. 60 plus conference by teachers, using an iPad MINI. 9 people on screen and just swipe to see the next 9 etc etc. Very important to self mute with such large groups. Even if you don’t say anything, ambient noise x 50-60 is very distracting. Did I mention so easy to use as well. Top Gun for any meeting or video lesson.

- Way better audio quality using the app than over phone

It’s actually pretty amazing how much better the sound quality is over the app connecting via internet as compared to dialing in, I only use the app these days and the user interface is quite good too, a really good product overall

- Truly ausome

Thanks and this seminar environmental setting not only meets the technology needs I have like quick relay of information and to receive info, if You ask me, it also brings joy from the heart of the creator/s, by the way, the application can become a tool in special Birthday meet-up just to name one example. Thanks again!

- Brilliant

I am currently on hospital WiFi with limited speed and had to join a call with an external firm for the first time using Cisco. I downloaded the app, entered the meeting number and everything worked on the spot, audio and video with no lag. Absolutely brilliant compared to the awful competitive product my organization uses!

- Great for homeschooling!

Through COVID19 Webex is a amazing app! It was great to see my class again. It worked really well for the teachers to. I finally got to interact with my friends again! The only problem would be the glitches... I’m pretty sure all apps like Zoom or Webex glitch. But sometimes my class glitches out 😐.

- Perfect fo work of school ✅✅✅ PS READ ME

This app has a some great features and has great video quality. I use Webex everyday now and it barely glitches. I think it’s great how you can share you’re screen and have a white bored. And the muting option is great fo big groups so you don’t get distracted. And it’s easy to see every one and have a chat to every one or just privately. I would certainly recommend this app for kids in school (like me) or for adults for work, especially when we’re in lockdown because of COVID-19. Although It does glitch and audio takes some time to connect and the audio can be bad But it’s still good. But it’s not like JFK mission control centre. ;)

- User friendly A+

In this current time of social distancing, this was an amazing and useful app. Very user friendly. With no previous experience with the app, I was able to quickly set it up and use it straight away. Great for informal family use and professional use. Audio and video great quality.

- Webex

Compared to Zoom or Teams, Webex is pretty limited. The video freezes. Some days so much that we have to exit and re-enter the meeting. The audio is sporadic. I use Webex because it is mandated by the Education Department. Given how limited it is, I would not choose to use the current version if I had others options like Zoom or Teams. Sorry to be so negative but none of us can improve without honest feedback.

- Not clear where to type a question

As I joined the webinar a bit late the presenter had started talking and a ? Or the words “ask a question” would have been valuable. I wanted him to show a telephone number again as it was done too quickly to take note of it and never knew where to type that question.

- Not too good really!

Couldn’t get it to work on my laptop. There is no way to test it if you don’t have a meeting. From 5 mins before the meeting the meeting time and then after the meeting time it came up as ‘meeting cancelled’. Luckily I phoned the government person involved who waited for me to get through by mobile phone and that worked sporadically but long enough for me to identify myself and state some things.

- Great on the go

Use WebEx for work all the time. We have events and training from many of our global offices and it's easy to connect with each other and interact during these meetings. Today I was in the middle of a meeting and my computer crashed. Luckily I had WebEx app on my phone and it made the difference! Simple, fast and effective.

- Would be lost without it. Works flawlessly

I use Webex on my work and personal devices. Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS. I can start on one device, switch to another, and switch back again. Call and video quality are always excellent. Having used the alternatives I recommend Webex.

- Difficult to find information

Easy to set up instant meetings. Really difficult to find help in scheduling them. I initially refused the app permission to access my contacts. I later wanted to allow this but have spent fruitless hours trying to find a way to do this seemingly simple thing. So attendee addresses have to be individually entered. I’m about ready to give up on this app and look at Google Meets instead.

- It’s good for home school

It helps my school to connect around and like the new trial way of home schooling in the COVID crisis it has helped us a lot to get around to each other and discus about our mth English etc. This app as helped many countries around th eWorld to study and I appreciate it so all i want to say also is THANK YOU WEBEX CREATORS AND HELPERS FOR MAKING THIS APP. :D

- Being able to connect with my teacher and classmates

When it was remote learning, I thought I won’t be able to see my teacher and classmates. But when I got Webex, it was amazing! Now I get to have a meeting everyday with my class during remote learning!

- Sometimes I think it's easier than the desktop version

I mainly use it when I'm out of the office, but even when I'm at my desk, or in a meeting room and need to share something, I can really quickly log in to the meeting and share from my iPad or iPhone.

- Feedback

It is so great but I would like it more if you could chat like for example my friends were supposed to show up on a meeting but they didn’t . So if we were able to text without joining a meeting they would’ve been able to text why they did not join

- Easy to use and works on lots of platforms

I have used lots of meeting software and apps and Webex is the easiest most reliable to use and works on everything. Security plays a big part in my decision to use Webex as well. Definitely recommend.

- Lacks polish from Cisco

For the love of god, allow me to leave a meeting! At the end of large meetings when everyone is logging out at the same time, the Leave Meeting button doesn’t work on iPad (it’s overridden by the ‘Person has left’ message) meaning I have to sit through a lengthy period of beeps before I can finally get out. Also allow disabling the ‘person joined/left’ beeps at the client side, not just the by the host. I can’t hear the presenter due to latecomers.


This app has made it a lot easier for at home learning. We got in smoothly and I’m so glad Zoom wasn’t used as I lag A lot in Zoom. I do sometimes struggle with sharing my screen sometimes for presentations but other than that, it’s amazing! I’ll give it a 5/5 start rating :)

- Better than Google meet

My school has used Google meet for a long time now but then we switch the WebEx it was a really really good I could hear my whole class because she screams more easily and we can leave the meeting whenever we wanted


I really Love WebEx More Than Zoom Because My school tried to use zoom but they gave up knit and I’m glad that Happened Because I Love The The raising hand feature it notify’s my teacher when I have a question I recommend this app for home school learning Kind regards A Kid From Robbie Mac’s 3rd Grade Class

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- WEBEX Review

Good application. A little shaky on startup, but very useful for meetings at this (pandemic) time. Thanks.


Superb application. Very useful during the COVID 19.

- Callin phone numbers

It was nice when the callers’ phone numbers were shown. What happened.

- Senior home

Great app during covid-19 was able to communicate with my dad and grandmother three way while quarantine so nice to be able to see her !!!

- My experience was wow.

I used webex meeting on my mobile and it worked awesome. During my meeting my network was fluctuating as was in car and moving still connectivity was not lost and reconnect happened automatically. I am impressed.

- Not so great if joining by phone.

I joined from my mobile phone and seemed to lack the functionality that people had from their computer.

- Helpful in times of necessity

The week during corona virus when all colleges were shut down, this app helped me a lot in connecting with my college and teachers.

- Gets the job done

A little weird with sound but all in all, it did what I needed it to do

- Call just did work. No audio

Call just did work. No audio

- Lacking functionality

This app does not have all the functionalities available in the desktop version. The whiteboarding feature, for example, is only partially (and poorly) implemented.

- Best experience by far

Honestly, this is the best meeting experience out there today.

- Sound quality lacking

There were three participants at the meeting. One was loud and clear, but the other person’s voice was muffled.

- not for online classes

Worst app for online classes ever. Can’t find the link my professor posted and can’t join. Stupid app. Can’t link to university.

- Worst app I’ve ever used

Choppy audio, lagging video, and overall just not easy to use the layout makes it very confusing to use. Zoom is way better

- Need to be able to turn off notifications in meeting

In a meeting of 500 people, I don’t need a notification every time someone enters or leaves. If there is a place to turn this off, it’s not in an obvious enough place. Edit: oh, even worse, the notifications popping up prevent you from being able to leave a meeting. I had to wait for everyone else to leave before I was able to. Ugly.

- Pas capable de créer une réunion

Cela me demande un site que je n’ai pas et aucune instruction pour comment en créer un !

- 40.8.2 Bugged

I’ve been joining meetings with no problem until installing 40.8.2, worst update ever. Started getting Error Code 100202, and FYI, i never use proxy on iOS.

- Very good tool

Thanks good application and helps when you need to reconnect

- WebEx Review

Great resource answered a lot of my questions.

- Hi

Best app for the pandemic

- I like it.

Pretty damn good! Make sure you’ve got a good bandwidth for any video.

- LOCUS training

Very low for participation. Facilitator helped me get connected. Key points covered without much repetition.

- Does not work on iphone8

None of the onscreen touch controls work on iPhone 8

- As long as you have good wifi speeds it’s clear

But low speeds it glitches and lags out.

- worst app

worst app i've ever used. The meetings lag behind and so much errors

- Meh...

I wanted to poll but I couldn’t

- Banking Advisor

Unable to here host

- Need two devices for meetings

Need to call in from another device (phone) just to hear the audio. WTF?!?

- From Apollo Majhi

It is a good app with very little interruptions (like buffering on video) I think the better your Wi-Fi is the better quality the video would be. It is a good app and I recommend you try it.

- Good application Bad audio

It’s a fantastic platform, but lot of time audio breaks.

- Lots of static

Used WebEx on my iPhone and found that the voice over the Internet was static.The picture quality was also a bit robotic and not smooth.

- Frustrated

Would have liked to see the mobile functionality where I’m not toggling back and forth to mute and unmute. That was inconvenient. As well when a person joins via video, the audio functionality should be automatic so that it lessens the number of windows to see everyone on the same grid. It was silly seeing five call in lines and five video.

- WEBEX Review

We had our first WEBEX meeting ever and it was via satellite from a remote location. It was a great experience and a great product. We downloaded the iPad app. The only minor issue we had was that I had to manually enter the meeting code and password. The screen functions were all self explanatory and pop up screens came up at appropriate times. I was somewhat skeptical of how this product would work over satellite with very limited signal. It turned out to be a great product. And surprisingly, a great experience.

- Rev. 17-18


- Client Meetings

Webex is our new reality for previous face to face meetings. Works well after clients get connected. Sometimes video freezes and sound is choppy, but that’s probably a bandwidth problem and nothing to do with Webex.

- Physio Review

Good clear responses and clear communication. Very handy.

- Reviews


- Okay

Everything was super until the audio cut out for the last three minutes and I missed two of the three speakers comments during that time.

- Difficultés

J’ai eu beaucoup de difficulté à garder le contact avec le groupe. On ne me voyait pas et parfois on ne m’entendait pas. Le contact initial se fait cependant sans problème.

- Great App

WebEx , works so well and is very easy to navigate.

- Great

The picture and sound is clear. Unfortunately, they have now put a 50 min time restriction which is causing our 1 hr classes to be rushed 😔Wish they had the 60 min restriction instead.

- Jittery and missing functionality

Causes multiple problems on certain days. Like dropped connections and bad audio. Also if the Webex app on computer can let you join an Personal room meeting, I do t understand why the phone app can’t. Also, the app is not very good in notifying. It misses most of the time.

- Horrible app for our company

Constantly dropping calls, video cutting out calls fading in and out.

- Brutal

The worst in video conferencing in the industry!!!!!

- Perfect app

Loaded in under one minute. Auto dialed the link. Easy to use. No issues.

- iPhone Cisco meeting

Worked well but couldn’t find how to type my chat

- Integrates well

- Audio quality is better that POTS / bridge dial in - speaker + presentation views are well thought out generally everything I expected. The only complaints i have is there no way to link joining by phone identity to joining by pc identity so you get meetings full of duplicate clients. No basic video controls for compensating for bad lighting.

- Glitches

Usually very good. But occasionally, as I had today, we lose one of the participants and they freeze. I’ve had this happen before too. Don’t know what causes this or if a bug fix is in the works.

- Pretty Good

The functionality is similar to the desktop version, though because you are using a smaller display, the usability is a bit hidden. Still, having the ability to use a 1080P camera on an iPhone or iPad, instead of the low Rez webcam on my laptop is nice.

- Review

Very poor reception. Faces kept disappearing, screen froze at least 3 times in a two hour period. We had 8 participants & 1 was really hard to hear which was so frustrating since they were running the meeting.

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- Works great, when it works

This app is amazing to use, when it works, but for whatever reason, only about half of the meetings scheduled by others that I’m invited to will show up on this app. The other half won’t show up and I cannot get them to open here, but will open on my desktop app just fine. I strongly prefer using my Apple devices for virtual meetings so I can type notes simultaneously on my laptop, and also because the camera and mic are significantly better. Just wish I could use the iOS app for all of the meetings. Hopefully whatever the disconnect (could be related to the scheduler’s settings or something) is sorted out so I can use this device exclusively for meetings.

- Transformed my work-life and wallet

I work out of various countries regularly and connect to London and NY teams. The ability to join on a click, without any of the silly dial in numbers, and then join via internet connected audio rather than using over prices roaming services is transformational! Keep up the great work! Future feature request: integrate with all my contacts, at work (GoodApp) and iPhone, add an icon to all my contacts, the allow me to direct click/connect with any of them, also allow me to select multiple and do an instant conf call on a click, no dialing, no passcodes, just ring them or allow dial back or internet audio connect!

- Lou

I really like that I don’t have to go in to my Dr’s office where people might have the virus. I am able to just sit on bed and talk with my wonderful and beautiful provider. Without risking my health. I only did 4 stars because when I first connected with the office I accidentally hit the mute button and after that I could NOT find where to unmute it at. I was clicking on every button, the wonderful and beautiful m.a. had to call me on cell phone and that somehow immediately started the sound on my iPad. I’m not sure how and it kinda startled me because I was not expecting to hear her on my iPad when I answered the phone. Very odd to me but hey, it worked so whatever or however it did it I guess doesn’t matter.

- Awkward

This has the hallmarks of a program created for PCs, and then an app was created to allow it to be seen from iPads without much thought of what needs to be different. I am required to use this for work, and people withPCs think it’s fine & communicate well (other than the ear-splitting feedback when the user talks). I’m told things like “use the left arrow icon at the top of the screen” or “type it into the chat window”, and there is no left arrow icon, and there is no way to bring up the keypad. The screen share works well for the PCs, I have not tried to share my iPad screen. The feedback is awful. It is very hard for anyone to talk during the meetings, as the screeching sounds make it impossible to hear yourself. Often, folks start yelling, a natural response to an unpleasant loud noise when you’re trying to talk.

- Adequate but unreliable

My primary frustrations are related to how much time I need to plan for PRIOR to the start of meetings. If I have to dial-in, I have never been able to join / start my meeting on the first attempt. It typical requires 3 or more dial-in attempts before I can start my meeting. It is also frustrating that dialing in to a meeting hosted by someone else will give an error message - even if the true reason for the inability to connect is just because the host hasn’t opened the line yet. In my opinion, this inability to join early as a default is the biggest flaw of the Webex meeting platform. It results in significant time waste as people have to wait to join and then spend the first several meetings waiting for people who attempted to join early (and couldn’t).

- Very convenient!

I am currently enrolled in online courses and Webex is a tool that is often used. I normally have joined meetings via phone conference or my MacBook, however, I recently tried the iPad app for the first time and was very satisfied with how easy it was to use. I’m not sure about the other reviews, but everything was just as functional as if I was using the other joining methods, previously mentioned. I was able to mute/unmute to speak (connect my audio via WiFi), share my video/webcam, chat with other members, and visually be able to see the professor’s shared screen. It was pretty seamless and convenient; this will more than likely be my go to now!

- Works Great!

Maybe the bugs that other people are reporting have been fixed since July but I have been using this app for about two months now and have experience no problems whatsoever. It is convenient to be able to start a meeting from my car and then flip over to my desktop. The only thing that I noticed is that I keep getting a message that if I don’t return to the meeting that I will be removed from the meeting when I am the moderator. As we all know we have our screens on our phones timed for 2 to 5 minutes so then perhaps the app thinks that you’re done when you’re in fact not done. That is the only thing that I have seen so far otherwise it’s a great app.

- Worst app in the world!

In several hundred presentations with WebEx nearly 100% of them have had a technical problem, a glitch, people making noises or arguing with each other because they left their mike on, won't start, crashes out, no sound etc etc. There is ALWAYS a technical problem! I'm writing this while the the engineers of WebEx have managed to make starting take forever. After 20 minutes I have my iPad showing images BUT NO SOUND. On two other computers it is hung at 'Starting WebEx'. The seminar is running and I'm missing it. I may as well give up at this point. In addition to the invariable technical problems, the design is horrid. The web interface is not intuitive. The icons are mysterious even after I've used them. I cannot find controls. The controls I find do not do what I expect or do not do what I want. The icons overlap the slides and interfere with viewing them. This is only the beginning of the horrors of this application. ... Finally I connect and am told that the meeting is limited to 500 participants and so I CANNOT VIEW THE SEMINAR and wasted 30 minutes of my life Ok, I gave up on my iPad. Now when I try to join the meeting it is starting an email instead. One of the times it started the App description where I am putting this comment.

- Cisco WebEx Review

While I only awarded just 4 out of the 5 Stars to this platform, it is not to say that this platform is not impressively useful and practical for all business intents and purposes. However, the need for which I have had to accept being forced into using this platform being a medical need; not to forget the human presence factor attached to the medical need in question; I must therefore withhold one of the Stars, as by no means and forms is any virtual conduit able to replace the imperative human presence factor that is necessary in any given medical and critical care setting. That said, I would have otherwise awarded all 5 Stars to this platform in relation to the purpose for which it was created. Thank you.

- Functional and easy

We have converted to this platform for our virtual clinic. The patients seem to be able to download the app easily and use it easily. The virtual background needs to be better. I shows only your face and cuts your hair off so it is not practical to use but it would be nice not to have my home in the background when seeing patients. We have had some log in issues but not many and usually it is the user. Work around have gotten us through it. We have not had crashing issues either. Some of that may be the network or VPN. Our hospital has worked hard to make sure we can all work on the VPN without crashes etc.

- To My Pals

With the Virus still here all around us it makes it’s very hard for military moms to suffer thru the entire deployment ; that door bell could ring at any time. I have a lot of ‘thank you for your Son’s service,”they are not remembering about the rest of the family that are involved in some way with the Service.I thought I would lose my Counselor or my Psychiatrist or both due to this virus (criminal) that has taken, front and center of everything. The Webex has made it possible for me to see my doctors, really to anyone. Thanks to this awesome app I can continue to follow thur with the care my doctors and the progress.

- easy to use

I’ve now attended meetings on two different platforms a windows 10 and an iPad first the good parts everything sets up pretty well and although the icons aren’t labeled they’re easy to understand and for to speak in the meeting a very small learning curve the negatives log it into the meeting always seems to be a hassle I can never tell when the meeting is ready and the question of login Or join always confuses me very small problem compared to all the good things in this program They want me to use a nickname for this comments and they won’t tell me what’s available only that all my tries are wrong so that’s why you’re seeing a very strange nickname

- Kind of works well, but I don’t know why

Most of the time it works well. Then comes the update, which seems to happen quarterly. Following is the 1 to 2 weeks of instability where it can work or not. Then for reasons unknown to the user it becomes stable and works. A real mystery. Of course then comes the request to rate the product; a real pain to dismiss while driving. If they want to pick up missing 2 stars, how about seamless updates and better coordination with outlook. Did I forget to mention it seems to occasionally crash or slow down outlook around update time. Not a glowing review, but I would rather have than not. I am really hoping this lengthy answer helps make the request to write a review not happen for a while

- Webex Meet

This app was excellent to meet with my students face to face. However, I did not like the way I had to keep moving the face frames out of my way to a different place on the screen so my students could clearly see what I was sharing on my screen. I also didn’t like that I had to adjust the participant settings at each new meeting. The annotation pen wasn’t the greatest and I could not find the setting that would allow each student to have their own annotating whiteboard. It only worked when I did a test run with another teacher. I don’t understand why it didn’t give me that option when I was on the screen with students. So because of those three issues I will give a 3 star rating.

- Frustrating

Had to use this bc it is what my child’s school decided to use during closure. You get on from web browser insert all of the meeting codes only to click join and be asked to enter your name and email and try to join again only to be told you have to download the app. Why not tell people that before entering codes!!!!!?!!!!!!! Then when you go to download the app to iPad it won’t download it just sits. So I had to do it on my phone and then the sound wouldn’t come through. So my daughter had to listen through computer (which wouldn’t register she was even there so she couldn’t participate until I entered the mtg info and my email a million times on the phone app) and video and speak through the phone. Half an hour of frustration to get to a makeshift slapped together point so my daughter could be in online class.

- Confusing UI but Mac version was unusable

We (our enterprise) switched entirely to zoom a few years back, but we have to occasionally use WebEx if the customer sets up a Webex session. Trying to join a meeting using the Mac version of WebEx Teams is impossible. You end up in this frustrating Create Account workflow, when all we want to do is join a meeting with meetingID. Luckily we found the iPad and phone versions of WebEx which allow us to join meetings without an account. We are living with this workaround, but I wish product managers would look at other successful products and see why they are successful instead of obsessing over their own products. If people loved WebEx, zoom would never have succeeded, but the fact that WebEx continues to be pathetic is just wasted engineering.

- Great experience, perfect for business

I’ve used Zoom, Google Meet, and Webex Meetings. Webex is a fantastic product that allows business users to manage their meetings efficiently. I find it just as easy in Webex to kick-off polling, stimulate chat conversation, and share my screen or multimedia. If you are new to the platform, Webex has a wealth of materials online to help you learn their UI. Like any product, take a few minutes to educate useful to ensure you have the best experience. For advanced users, the annotation and whiteboarding features take a little time to get used to and are comparable to other competitors. Webex may not have Zoom’s sexy marketing, but it’s a solid, secure product.

- Good not great: Bad device change options

I started on a mobile device and the quality was fantastic but it was hard to read the shared slides so I wanted to change to my desk. Clicked the meeting link and was told the registration ID was already used. Understandable that we don't want bombing and unauthorized access but it would've been nice to be able to disconnect the other connection and connect with the desktop in one click instead of being unable to connect, then disconnect from the mobile and retry. Less continuous and annoying, but I was able to get back in and all is well. Seems like an easy feature WebEx could add.

- Informative Session

I came on late, but received great information. All the questions were very much to the topic. The answers were very well related, and all voices were super clear as well as the video. It seems like a lot a work and consideration was put into bringing this topic, and information together for the church and the leaders. Especially during this most challenging time in our history. So I’m very thankful for the time and the effort of creating this platform for all. I look forward to sharing this Information with our financial team and congregation. Again, thank you for a very informative session.

- Great - once I can get on

This is really a great application. It is much better than other ones that our company uses. It has a clean, simple, interface and is easy to start with one tap -IF- and it is a big if- it is in the mood to log you in. I don’t know why it does not seem to remember who I am from day to day or week to week. As has been stated, I am usually using this while running to or from my car and, of course, running late, and need to get on right away. I have two businesses and have to remember which email I am using on which phone, and which password. It has been mentioned before I set the touch ID does not work. Another, not as frequent issue, is sometimes when connecting, the screen just goes gray. I understand it may be difficult sometimes to hook up or to get a signal, but I need to know if that is what is going on. Once on, the app seems to be more reliable and has better sound than others that we use. There have been several improvements over the past few years that make it easier than it used to be. I suppose I am spoiled, but it’s just not there yet.

- Worship service

We have been using WEBEX for a small worship service of 30 to 40 connections and it has worked reasonably well. It is easy to use and with the phone connection it allows those that do not have a computer to at least listen to the message. The one big problem is music does not play well. Since only one feed is allowed at a time it has been difficult to play an instrument and sing with both being audible. It would be nice if the system allowed for recorded music to be played. The sermon or message part has worked very well for the church service and the ability to fellowship is also a plus.

- Solid enough

Core functionality is solid enough for my needs. One bug I’d love to see fixed is calendar sync with Outlook for cancelled meetings. Right now, cancelled meetings don’t get removed from the My Meetings view. Barring that, it’d be nice to remove meetings from that view manually. Being reminded to join meetings that have been cancelled is an annoyance and a time waster. One “out there” feature I’d love to see is automated meeting handoff between devices. If I’m in a meeting on my phone and walk into my office and start Webex on my laptop (or via Proximity?), it be nice to be prompted to move the meeting to the laptop. Similar prompted handoff to a room system codec would be welcome as well.

- A Positive Experience

Very useful. A medical staff member spent 15 minutes with me, asking for information to tailor the the time spent with my physician. We were able to cover all the concerns the physician had about my health, and I had all the time I needed to discuss my concerns. Together we were able to come up with a solution for obtaining some blood samples that limited my risk. The entire ‘consultation’ was 40 minutes, and was a very satisfying experience. I had a written list of questions, and the physician supplied all the information I needed. I would participate in this form of communication again, without hesitation.

- Amazing tool, must have for business on-the-go!

I absolutely love the video capability, which can be used from mobile devices. Our company previously used LYNC, which worked OK, but did not allow for a functional connection if you were not at your computer (I do know LYNC can do some of this, but my company disabled the functionality). The ability to connect through your own phone, by having webEx call you, calling WebEx through your computer (think: VoIP), or connecting via video system - is easy to use and highly effective. It also makes taking the occasional phone call from your car significantly easier. Made all the more convenient by use of The iWatch app. Another great addition. I highly recommend this free app. I also encourage you to work with your company IT to integrate WebEx into their Communication solutions. Note: I do not work for WebEx, I just really love the tool. 👍🏻 It has made me a much more effective communicator and a far greater added value to my team.

- Abandoned Due To Atrocious Sign Up Process

The sign up/sign in process is absolutely atrocious. Tried using the Google account option. Got to “Enter new website” step. What does that mean? No help icon. No explanation. No alternatives. Nothing. Dead end. Tried signing up for an account on their website. No option to use Google account, so I entered my gmail address. Got through the verification process. WebEx asked for me to create a pin. Typed in a four-digit pin. Clicked to submit. Got a “null” screen. Again, no help. No explanation. No alternatives. Dead end. Went back to the app. Tried to sign in. Got the error message “Your Google account is not linked to WebEx.” Then the helpful directions to “sign in to WebEx to link your google account to your WebEx account.” What an atrocious and absurd process. I abandoned this app (and WebEx altogether right then and there). If they can’t make the sign up process smooth, I really don’t want to experience their product. Too bad they’ve duped so many companies into using WebEx. Now I’m stuck using it with certain clients. But I’m sure WebEx’s product teams are right on top of improving this experience [eye roll]. Nope. Probably pumping out more bad design without fixing their current problems.

- Cisco-webex Add-on download was difficult to do when launching via the iPad with safari browser

It works, user interface is solid but could become more user friendly. It was a pain in the buttox to download the Cisco-webex ad on tool for iPad by just clicking download. When going to open the file it wouldn’t trigger the app to open or progress past step 2/2 leaving me to download it multiple times to no end. So I was forced to just go to App Store and then relaunch via shared group meeting link from my host user. I prefer zoom but am glad to know both options for video conferencing.

- Vegetable gardening -

Having grown up on a working vegetable farm I knew most of the common sense info . It was a helpful reminder to use only composted soil . Also helpful to know I can still plant zucchini, lettuce& cucumbers. I’d like to add a note on using vinegar . I find it a great freshness extender for raspberries & strawberries especially, for the ones you want to keep in the refrigerator. I simply add a small amount to the clean water when I am washing them . Drain the berries on a clean towel , then I place them in the refrigerator. I even use the washed plastic containers I purchased them in . I recently purchased strawberries that had nice bubble wrap to protect them . When you order for pick up ; I find the fruits & vegetables to be of prime quality.

- This is Awesome!

I felt like Mickey Mouse in Fantasia at first. Remembering the time he tried to mimic the sour Sorcerer. But as I continued to apply myself I learned it within 30 minutes. I downloaded the app then explored it, then went back to the invitation number then returned to Webex to add the invitation number and password and I was on. I felt clumsy at first finding the camera and microphone but as I took deep breaths, I found the words to click on and zip-zap, I was on! I’m so grateful! Thanks programmers! I know this app will only get better and better through time! I’m looking forward to all the new advances! Bring it on! Yeah! Thanks again.

- Log-in and Audio

Had a horrible time logging in. It kept asking me for a meeting number, which I entered at least 10 times and kept being told that wasn’t the right number. Hmmmmm. Using the direct link after installing the program I was able to join the meeting, so probably partly my fault for not being set up. BUT I could only get audio over my mobile phone: NOTHING came through on the iPad in spite of system volume being maxed and application volume being maxed. Yes, I understand no microphone but I didn’t see any place to turn on audio from the event. Needs to be at the bottom with the microphone and other settings. It’s in the pinwheel, ‘use internet for audio’, but still no audio. GRRRRR.f

- Mobile constantly crashes

It’s 50/50 on whether logging into a call using the phone icon will actually connect to the call—particularly with back to back calls. Many times it’ll try to log into the previous meeting, or it’ll just give me the loading icon and never connect. This might be solved by reintroducing the feature where the phone number and meeting ID would auto-populate in the location, but that will only get me into the call, not the Webex. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been late to a meeting because Webex gets hung up when trying to log into a meeting! Otherwise, the UI is easy to use and the screen share feature is great (way better than Skype), which is why you get two stars instead of one.

- TouchID is still not consistently working. Very frustrating!

I have to rely on WebEx frequently every day. Following a WebEx link in an email or calendar triggers a prompt to enter your credentials even if you have configure WebEx to use TouchID. Needless to say that by the time you found your credentials, your are late to the meeting. It took me several month to narrow down this behavior. There is a bug that I have reported, but not receive any acknowledgment from WebEx. If you see the dialog box to enter your password, you have to cancel joining the meeting and manually log out of WebEx. After you login again, it will present you the option to use TouchID. Once you are connected, you will be able to follow the invite link to join a meeting. This is very frustrating and comberson. I can’t give a higher rating until this is resolved.

- Great app on iPhone

Our university has been using Webex and MS Teams for teaching, seminars, meetings, and even faculty recruitment during COVID-19. I have also been using Webex personally to be able to continue meeting with my men’s group and have family gatherings during this pandemic. With family members scattered across the country, we will probably continue when this is all over. Two of the guys in my men’s group routinely use iOS devices, and they work well with Webex. Both apps have good iPhone implementations. Webex works better than MS Teams with Apple’s Keynote app (on the desktop — haven’t tried iOS Keynote).

- Not user friendly for novices

I finally reached a level of moderate confidence in using WebEx after my 5th meeting. These are the main difficulties I encountered. I think they could be improved: 1. Inability to join a meeting early so you can troubleshoot problems. A pre-meeting waiting “room” would solve many of the hurdles encountered by new users 2. Once WebEx is downloaded to the device, new users don’t have any guidance about what to do next (open the app, go back to your email & open link to meeting etc) 3. If you choose an option such as audio only without realizing you want both audio & visual, it is cumbersome to change while you are already in meeting (see #1). 4. You get a video icon. It looks like the video icon on other apps such as FaceTime but that is for beginning your own video not for camera access. Finally, the current pandemic has created an unprecedented need for remote communications. Many meetings include people from all walks of life, all ages, different access devices. This platform is far superior to email only or phone call only.

- Has lots of functions but there are problems

Had a Board meeting with ~8 people on the call and some of the functionality was difficult to switch between. It would be nice if the iPad mobile app view could show both the shared screen and the chat box simultaneously, as I had to keep opening up the chat box separately to see if there was more being shared there. The shared screen did show up beautifully, though. The other issue was the sound quality — we started having some echoing on the call with various people, but luckily not the webex organizer that made it difficult to hear some speakers.

- Better than Skype

This has worked great for my unit while we’re teleworking during the lockdown. I’m in the military so we’re keeping in constant contact with one another. We have 2 meeting every week, at least an hour long, 30+ people and presenting PPT and the system hasn’t failed us yet. We just had a meeting with over 60 people, some on phones some on computers/laptops and we all managed to get the message across. Your skill level doesn’t have to be expert but you do need to know how to mute yourself or you’ll be talking over everyone. Skype wouldn’t support our large group meetings and Zoom isn’t secure/government approved.

- A faculty point of view!

I just finished my first live online lecture to ~70 Organic Chemistry students and I thought it went reasonably well. I use a whiteboard in my normal lectures, and for this lecture I used a stylus to write on PowerPoint slides while sharing my screen. I was able to lecture as I normally do, and using PowerPoint let me use multiple colored pens for drawing structures and arrows. The only drawback is that I was unable to see the chat bar to read written questions (I had masked students to just speak up if they had questions anyway). I must add the caveat that my lecture is at 7:15 - 8:30 am, so net traffic was probably not as busy as it is later in the day.

- Worked as needed

I used the WebEx app on my iPad as a replacement to in-person meetings, in response to social isolation procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic. The application worked as needed and was pretty intuitive to use. Could hear and see people easily, with only minor losses of connection sporadically. One thing, I planned to jump between the application and a PDF viewer during the meeting to examine documents, but then I realized that I didn’t know what would happen to the connection. Not really a problem with the application, but something to keep in mind. Either print things ahead of time or work out a split screen option.

- First time using

I’m an instructor who uses Webex a lot. Because of the virus, quite a few new students are coming aboard the internet train and they are using tablets and other mobile devices. I downloaded the app onto my iPad just to see how well it worked and get a good idea of what the students see and hear. So it went well, no issues. The screen layout isn’t exactly the same as the computer layout, but that’s not a problem. I wish they had the green checkmark, as a instructor I ask for it to be used from time to time. All in all, I’m happy with the results.

- Review

WebEx provides an excellent platform for meetings (or in my case) a video/audio conference hearing on a very complicated legal matter involving four lawyers, individuals representing themselves and a judge with several courtroom personnel also attending. Technically, WebEx was virtually seamless and allowed all parties to be heard and/or seen, and permitted the resolution of very complex litigation in a fair and open format. During this time of social distancing and limited personal gatherings due to the Covid-19 pandemic (and related governmental and health restrictions), WebEx allowed the wheels of justice to turn unimpeded. Thanks for a great product! William E. Moore,Jr., (licensed attorney from North Carolina).

- WORK NEEDED on the New Updated App Doesn’t Use “Phone” Function

I have used the WebEx app for a couple years now and have generally enjoyed its function with no issue. Today I used it for the first time since the new functionality of it not “calling” my cell. It just connected me, making use of the speaker/mic function on my mobile device. I initially thought this was super cool. Then the functionality got really spotty. The “call” quality went bad, it would drop out, then reconnect, then Siri would pop up asking how she could help me (the whole time my mobile device was sitting on the table, untouched). Love the concept of not requiring a separate phone call, but still seems a bit buggy. Looking forward to updates releases.

- Constantly gets amnesia, but otherwise “works”

You never know when or why it’s going to happen, but the app starts all over again from a blank slate periodically, always at the worst times. Forgets who you are, makes you walk through the full lookup and sign-in process from scratch, makes you set up Touch ID all over again, etc. Been that way for a LONG time. Awful. It’s OK to use, if you’re not too late to join because of having to set it up all over again, yet again. User experience has some forehead-slappingly dumb problems like when dialing into a meeting, and they LOVE to overlay boxes and icons over the top of the interface that you can’t get rid of entirely. But it “works” if it doesn’t forget once again who you are.

- Just what I needed

I have lost all my self respect and confidence because my daughter tells me I was not a good mother when she was growing up. This class has helped me remember Boundaries and why I have allowed her to speak to me like that, I love my daughter and would do anything for her. She loves me too. She would do anything for me. She is 50 years old, SMART, not married, never been married. Has a MBA! I cannot say anyone’s name to her before she will take 2 days telling me what a RODDEN mother I have been to her. She will do anything for me, Anything! She bought me a Mercedes Sport Car! I took her to Paris, London, oh, so many places. I have a son too. I can talk about him another time. I know I need to go back and set BOUNDARIES! I used to lecture on that! I am just tired, at 76, I am tired. This was my First meeting and it was RIGHT ON TIME! I needed every word that was spoken. Beautiful Session! I will be back for every session. My daughter is visiting now, we need to talk!

- UI and bluetooth need work

Pro: They get the audio and video right. Meetings are consistently good quality. Con: Worst UI. 1. Why can’t I get rid of video, when I am watching a presentation? Instead I have a line of people at the top staring while we all watch. 2. Chat is a popup? This really doesn’t make sense. Chat is in the middle of a bar and you can’t make it persistent. Half the time I don’t get notification there is a chat. Then when I click it it pops up over everything. So, I no longer can see what is going on in the meeting. Then it goes into hiding again when I click off it... but everyones faces staring at the presentation is still there. 3. Bluetooth! Why is this the only app that I can’t use my headphones and keyboard at the same time! I do not have this issue with ANY other app in iOS. If my keyboard is on, then I do not get audio into my bluetooth headphones! WHY?! As soon as I turn off the keyboard, works. #3 means that a popup onscreen keyboard comes up when I need to chat making the whole experience even more miserable. But at least you can see all the people at the top staring...

- Works good just hard to sign in

As for the meetings, the sound, picture, and everything else is good, but when I tried to create a password I went to the website that had been emailed to me but when I hit create strong password in the first blank for the password it put “strong password” and in the second it actually put a strong password I tried to fix it but every time only the second blank would actually put a real strong password. I still never figured it out and I like that you don’t have to have a account to join a meeting. So only thing I said isn’t satisfactory would be that it’s hard to make a password. Thanks for reading!

- Better on Iphone

I have used this on both an Iphone and Ipad. It’s easier to get in through an Iphone than an Ipad. I like using the Ipad for its bigger screen. When I click the link to join on the Ipad, I get this small window which does not show me everything. I have to move everything around just to find out that I have to register again (and I’ve registered a week ago), then it tells me I’m already registered, but I already know that. Then it finally lets me in. On the Iphone, I just click the link and I’m in. I have no problems with audio on both devices, so that’s a plus.

- Functionality yes, but UI is clunky

App launches ok, but it takes control of audio and video - so conventional iPhone controls (mute, keyboard) are not available - this is a major problem, as one needs to be able to access both mute and keys on EVERY call. Also it is never totally clear when the mute is ON or OFF - because the button fades after you don’t touch the screen - another major problem! That said the interface, the graphic display of projected information, and availability of VOIP is useful. Even better would be if the app would allow you to use your phone’s voice as an option, instead of VOIP. Zoom implementation is far superior - copy that!

- Thank you! 🙏

Chuck Robbins, Webex & Cisco, This is an amazing service you are offering in an unprecedented time in the history of the world. Thank you for offering a comprehensive free solution for the average person to use in their daily endeavors, as well as an indispensable tool for the enterprise market. In an era of many competitive video conferencing solutions, WebEx stands out as the best way to meet virtual for all. Once you get the user interface “just right” for the novice user and the enterprise market there will be no stopping this service from being the gold standard (it all ready is in my opinion).

- Awesome Product

The app works almost identically to how it is on my computer! I was late for a meeting one day and not around my computer and just went for it on the app. The download and calling in took like 1 minute and everything else was the same! Sharing the screen was the same too, I was so surprised. The only thing I wish it did was allow me to put my phone on speaker (the way you do with phone calls) and it might have that feature, I just couldn’t find it quickly enough. Overall, it was an AWESOME experience.

- Sounds issues

The first time I tried to join a meeting, it was through Safari on my Apple MacBook. No one could hear me even though the sound settings were done and my mic was picking up sound and showing on the sound bar. I’m not stupid, I know how to check if I’m muted or if my mic is being used by another app, it wasn’t. The second time I logged into a Webex meeting, I downloaded the app and tried it on both my laptop and iPad, this time logging in with an actual account. The feedback from other’s computers and devices was so bad, it sounds cheap, the way the sound is maintained through Webex. I’m sticking with Zoom, where I’ve taught multiple classes and private music lessons with no sound issues whatsoever!

- It works

I use WebEx and Zoom on a daily basis. There are things about both that I like and dislike. Reason I only gave WebEx three stars is once I am in a WebEx, I frequently need to hop to my notes or another app while on the call. Doing this causes WebEx to disconnect me from the meeting but I can still participate in the audio. This is fine but when I do need to go back to the WebEx to see what is being shared, it takes a really long time for WebEx to connect me back in. This is ridiculous and WebEx should not be logging me out of the meeting, at least not after one minute, which I have timed. Developers, please fix this!!! One other issue I have with WebEx is the constant UI changes. Please find one and stick with it. Having to play hide and seek with icons every time is annoying.

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@Quxtar Hi Hector, this seems unlikely. We would suggest that you search for available Webex devices using ultrasound or your Wi-Fi network. Connect to the nearby devices using your Webex Teams app and you can view and share content during your meetings. .

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Cisco Webex Vulns Let 'Ghost' Attendees Spy on Meetings via @DarkReading

Cisco Webex Meetings 40.11.1 Screenshots & Images

Cisco Webex Meetings iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Cisco Webex Meetings iphone images
Cisco Webex Meetings iphone images
Cisco Webex Meetings iphone images
Cisco Webex Meetings iphone images
Cisco Webex Meetings iphone images

Cisco Webex Meetings (Version 40.11.1) Install & Download

The applications Cisco Webex Meetings was published in the category Business on 2009-01-06 and was developed by Cisco [Developer ID: 298844389]. This application file size is 236.11 MB. Cisco Webex Meetings - Business app posted on 2020-11-12 current version is 40.11.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.webex.meeting

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