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A Real Time Analyzer for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Test your speakers, tune your room, do acoustical analysis work or just have a better understanding of audio frequencies. RTA is a professional-grade acoustical analysis tool. All filters meet or exceed ANSI and IEC Class 1 specifications.

Includes Octave and 1/3 Octave modes, with selectable decay times, as well as Peak Hold and true linear Average mode.

*** iOS Microphones

We have analyzied every iOS device, including all of the iPads, all iPhones, and iPod touches, and have created microphone compensation files that are applied automatically. You can trust the results you are getting, often within just a few dB of a far more expensive analyzer. Calibration is updated regularly, automatically, from our cloud-based calibration database.

Upgrade to our iTestMic or iAudioInterface2 to bring your system up to full professional specs.

*** Save and Recall Graphs

You can save and recall graphs, marked with the GPS location, date & time, and your comment, as well as store the image to your photo roll.

Export the data as an XLS formatted file to your computer for inclusion in reports or further analysis.

*** Max and Min Bars

You can also turn on resettable Max/Min bars (see image #4) to capture peaks. Double-tap to reset the bars.

*** Specifications and Devices

The internal iPhone mic has a noise floor near 30 dB, and if your are running iOS 6, clips around 120 dB.

*** Touch GUI

Fully interactive touch GUI features includes scroll up/down, pinch to zoom or compress the vertical dB scale, or swipe horizontally to get a cursor that reads out the exact dB level and frequency across the screen. To make the cursor disappear, swipe it off the graph to the left.

The landscape-mode display flips 180 degrees so that you can face the internal mic in either direction.

*** Overlay Curves

Also included are optional noise curve overlays, in NCB, RC, PNC, NC, X-Curve and NR mode. See picture #2 for an example. Use this feature to get a quick reading on the noise levels in a room. Also includes the cinema large-room X-curve overlay.

*** Calibration

RTA can be fully calibrated, whether you are using it with the internal iOS microphone, or one of our professional test & measurement mic solutions. And, if you are using iTestMic, the mic calibration is transmitted directly to the app, so you are always calibrated.

*** RTA or FFT?

If you are wondering if you should download this app or our FFT app, check out our website, we have a page devoted to this topic.

See our other acoustics and audio apps, including AudioTools.

RTA App Description & Overview

The applications RTA was published in the category Music on 2008-12-14 and was developed by Andrew Smith. The file size is 22.63 MB. The current version is 9.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

-Updated for latest iOS devices
-Bug fixes and stability improvements

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RTA Reviews

Jake Brew

JZ  Jake Brew  5 star

Just saved my bacon. Have a Trane Centravac chiller making a whine noise. This showed it is an 8k whine at the compressor. Now I have some data to go back to Trane with. I csn use this im my small audio room in my house now for some frequency readings. Its worth the dough.


Fixed  Gollnick  5 star

Wow! Fixed. It's nice to have such a good tool back working in a good way. This really is a valuable tool for visualizing as you run live sound. Thanks for fixing it. ---------- Same as before. This app continues to run after you exit it and drains your battery. I cannot understand why, update after update, the developer continues to cling to this "feature". If you actually think that there is some use for this "feature", make it an option. I shouldn't have to stop the app before I exit it; this is not the iPhone paradigm and, as a result, users are likely to forget to do it. You hit home to exit the app, pocket your phone, and a few hours later discover this app still running and your battery low. ------------ Same problem. This app continues to run after you exit the app and it drains your battery. ----------- Same problem. ----------- Yet another update that does not address the biggest -- well, only -- flaw in this app: it still continues to run after you exit it which drains your battery. ------------ I wish the author would make the battery-draining background mode optional. ----------- The author continues to tweak many aspects of this app, but it still keeps running after you exit it which drains your battery. ----/--/ Same thing again. The author obviously likes to drain your battery. --------- New do-dadhs, but it still drains your battery if you're not watching. ---------- Still has no way to turn off -- much less to default off -- the battery-draining background operation. Despite many updates, this app hasn't had a favorable review since 2013. ------------- Another update and the battery-draining background operation continues. I really can't understand why this can't be made optional with the default being off. ---------- With each new update, I hope that they will finally remove (or at least make optional) the battery-draining background mode. But, this latest update is unchanged in this respect. ----------- New iPhone 6. Latest everything. Still drains the battery by continuing to run after you exit the ap. ---------- Well, they did it again. Another update and the battery burn continues. -------- What can I say? The battery drain continues in yet another update. No wonder this is no longer the most popular RTA in the Apple store. When will the author fix this? ----------- Another update and the drain continues. --------- Another update retains the battery-draining background operating feature. When you exit this app, it keeps running and sucking your battery. You have to manually kill it. This single "feature" just ruins this otherwise excellent app for me. ------------- Yet Another update and it is clear that the developer feels that this battery-draining background feature is somehow desirable. I have given up. Obviously, they do not read these comments because we have yet another update and the background battery drain remains. They obviously like this "feature." -------- I've been a huge fan of this app for years. I consider it essential for live- sound work. But, recently, they added this "background" mode in which the app keeps running even when you exit it. To stop it, you have to manually kill it... a big and inconvenient extra step. And if you forget to kill it, it will run down your battery. When you're mixing a show, you don't want this extra step. This silly "feature" is a disaster. I have complained and complained and yet this "feature" persists. There are other Real Time Analyzer apps. If you are looking for one, despite how good this app is, I suggest you look elsewhere because of this one overwhelming problem.


Great app!  Celloverp  5 star

Have been using it to tune rooms for small concerts, as a pink noise source and analyzer. I keep it running during the show, and it really helps isolate feedback. Haven't had the battery issue that the other reviewer had, but I just make sure to exit the app when not using it. Great work!


IPad, not so much  Forester1962  2 star

Does not view properly on an iPad. Issues. Works great on my iPhone', but look for another solution on iPad.


Doesn't work with iOS 7  jdub00769  1 star

When will this work again? It was great with iOS 6 and before. All it does now is freeze when it is opened.


Great, easy app!  Treeman5  5 star

Title says it all - works well, easy to use and self-explanatory. This should be on every sound engineer's phone!

Audio Professional

FOH Engineer  Audio Professional  5 star

Great tool for the money. I use this app for quick references during every live show.


Useful, but needs updates/configurability  wigum  4 star

Great app! I wish it was updated for newer products(iPad models, iPhone 5, etc.)

Haa tech

Useful, but....  Haa tech  4 star

A few months ago this app was updated to compensate for the iPhone's microphone not being able to register the 20Hz - 35Hz range. Since that update (including this last update) the app has way over compensated in that area. I would like to use this app and trust it, but as of now, it's too hard to tell whats accurate when there is constantly a curve upward from 35Hz to 20Hz. It's a better app with the mic's natural roll off. Please fix the compensation or return it to how it used to be. PLEASE!


Meh...  Smartest1ever  3 star

I liked it more before the last update. Now 30% of the screen is being used for unnecessary toolbars and buttons. The iPhone display isn't exactly large to begin with. Looking into other apps now unfortunately...


Surprisingly accurate  blakus-mfm  5 star

Have used this app in a variety of locations and have found it surprisingly accurate!


Sensational tool  Afterf  5 star

I used this tool to measure the leakage of sound from a drum room. Having the ability to take multiple measurements with pink noise is a godsend....


Great app  m00n1  5 star

Ok so it's no top end analyzer with a mega $$$ reference mic. But it's not $3k+++ either. Does exactly what it says and does it well.

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