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You need toothpaste, golf clubs, and batteries - and you need them now. Known for its colossal shopping catalog, Amazon packs a variety of the features and functions into this ample app, whether you’re buying gifts, tracking orders, scanning products, or tap the mic icon and use Alexa to play music, shop, tell jokes, listen to eBooks and more. It’s easy to navigate, intuitive and extremely fast.

Browse, search, get product details, read reviews and purchase millions of products available from and other merchants.

Sign in with your existing Amazon account to access your cart, payment and shipping options. Create or find a baby or wedding registry. No need to create a new account to manage your 1-Click settings and wish lists, track your orders and use your Prime membership benefits. Shop just as you do on the web.

Compare prices and check availability instantly by scanning a barcode, snapping a picture or typing your search.

All purchases are routed through Amazon's secure servers.

Shop,,,,,,,, or from a single app.

In order to provide a rich experience and enable features such as voice shopping, shipping notifications, visual search, customer reviews, treasure truck, locker delivery, fresh pickup, authentication and dash buttons this app may request permission to access location, contacts, camera, microphone, notification, touch id, photos and Bluetooth.

Amazon – Shopping made easy App Description & Overview

The applications Amazon – Shopping made easy was published in the category Shopping on 2008-12-03 and was developed by AMZN Mobile LLC. The file size is 128.49 MB. The current version is 9.18.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Use AR Stickers to see products in augmented reality, such as couches or lamps in your living room. Or see how products, such as sunglasses, look on you. Find it by tapping on the Camera Search button in the top right of the app.

Get yourself and your home prepped for a wedding or baby's arrival. Just open the menu in the Amazon App, go to See All Programs, and try Gift Cards and Registry.

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Love Hate Apple

Subscribe and save glitch  Love Hate Apple  1 star

I skipped delivery on two items from this month's subscribe and save (s&s) last week. To my surprise, today I received notification that those items were out for delivery. At first I doubted myself, thinking perhaps I didn't change the s&s delivery date. However once I checked my account I was assured that I did in fact change the date. One particular item is every two months, and it is on next month's delivery. So, when I skipped the delivery of that item, it did in fact change it to next month, but also kept this month's delivery as well. 😑 Now, I'll be hauling a 24lb bag of dog food to UPS. Not cool. I recommend making any s&s changes on the website, not the app, until this problem is rectified.

Hotel visitor

Useless  Hotel visitor  1 star

I really am trying to buy things from you. But for whatever reason this app is non functional. Also, your website is incredibly slow on safari, and even using chrome browser on Apple computers. I’ve tried this on two MACs, and now on iPhone.


Good app. Some problems  Keavon  3 star

The app works very well. But I have noticed that my purchase/viewing history aren’t synced between the PC website and the app.

Flaked model

Keeps freezing  Flaked model  1 star

Can no longer purchase from app. Useless.


Amazon listen to feedback please  kati3g  2 star

I'm not sure if the app developers at Amazon care much about user reviews. I would hope to think that they do. Changes that would be beneficial to customers are: there should be a back button available if you tap the Amazon icon on the top. The back button disappears once you tap Amazon and if you do this on accident, your searching history isn't accessible. So you would have to do another search and fill out the filters again which can get quite annoying, especially if you're doing an extensive search and keep tapping Amazon on accident (since it's so close to the back button). Another thing is that the reviews don't specify what the Amazon customer is reviewing. Some listings have multiple items for sale, such as a shirt in size small, medium, or large, several different colors, and different styles of the shirt like round neck or v neck. There should be a brief description, like there is on the desktop version, of the item being reviewed.

Best grocery app ever

Amazon smile not available thru app  Best grocery app ever  3 star

I’d give 5 stars if amazon smile was available thru the app


App says no internet connection  Jamelle20  1 star

For several months now when I try to use the app it just says no internet connection, I’ve tried deleting app and downloading it again but it still says the same thing. I don’t have a problem like this with any other apps so I know it’s not an error on my end. Please fix this!!!


To much is for prime  Rileytaterbug  4 star

I really like the app but too much of the stuff you have to be a like prime member to get and it is really annoying.


Prime issue  mreview👌🏻  4 star

Just that I find things I like but aren’t on prime


No Orders  Jobber.  3 star

When I go to the "orders" section, it says "something went wrong, please try again". Then it just sits there at "still loading..." Not very useful when I want to check the status of my orders.


Christian eBuddy christianebuddy 3 star

Amazon – Shopping made easy – AMZN Mobile LLC #apple #apps #shopping


Patrick Ray patrickray1969 3 star



Christian eBuddy christianebuddy 3 star

Amazon – Shopping made easy – AMZN Mobile LLC #apple #apps #shopping

Jeremy Devin Heil

Amazon is Bs  Jeremy Devin Heil  1 star

I will sue amazon! They better put money back on my card! I did not order 2 things! I only order one!! This is bs


Can't see pictures on reviews!  cubgirl4444  1 star

Why would I use this? Answer: I wouldn't. The biggest drawback is that an customer supplied photos are missing. Huh? I RELY on customer reviews and photos. On my iPad I just go to on safari because this app is USELESS.

The Queen of Dirt

Doesn’t work.  The Queen of Dirt  1 star

The app is great to order things, but that’s it. Whenever I try to use the app to view my orders, it tells me something went wrong and that I need to try again later. So I end up just having to use chrome or safari anyway, which makes the whole app pretty much useless.


The app is good.  Aaksjeheheb  4 star

The apps a good app obviously can be better but all apps have downfalls. Anyways for buying fast this app is great and it works with alexa just tell her to add something to your cart or to order something it will work.


Fake reviews are forcing me to buy elsewhere  TheKillerdove  2 star

I've been shopping on Amazon for years. I depend heavily on genuine reviews. They help me decide whether to buy a particular item. But increasingly over the past year, I've encountered hundreds and hundreds of reviews that are obviously fake and disingenuous. If I see 1,000 reviews waxing poetic about the quality of cotton washcloths, I question it. If I change the order of reviews from "most helpful" to "most recent", I notice they are grouped by date maybe 5 or 6 on the same date or one right after the other. This isn't just on one or two items. It happens every single time I search for something. If Amazon doesn't fix their review policies, they will lose this shopper. There are alternatives.

Fire Vai

Poor quality control  Fire Vai  1 star

Amazing service if they had a standard of quality


Rick Mena  Orionwatch  5 star

Great app. Straight forward and easy to use.


Unable to make payment  Kelli32391  1 star

I am able to pick the items I wish to get but once I go to my cart to make a payment it States “something went wrong try again later” I had to go on the website to finally make my purchase after several attempts on trying to use the app. Please fix asap


Purchase options  Zhdnajfjv  4 star

Amazon, you are probably my favorite website I shop from. However I am pretty disappointed because you guys do not accept PayPal as a payment method. I know some people also might use PayPal as a payment method to, I think that it would make it a lot easier for some people that don't have a credit or debit card.


Draging problem  MiladiaM  3 star

I love Amazon app and I use it a lot but I have a problem with draging items and put them into my wish list with this new update. When I'm checking an item and want to drag it, it's not let me to do that. So I have to go back to the search list and do it from there. I usually don't like to update apps (since they are working fine) and everytime I do, I would have problem with new version! Also, the other thing I donmt like is when I scroll down inside the wish list it gives me many different recommendation items since loading the rest of my list which was not there in the last version. It was just the wish list items and loading sign. It's just not really good to have that when you are looking for an specific item through the wish list. It would be great if you fix these, thank you!

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