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You need toothpaste, golf clubs, and batteries - and you need them now. Known for its colossal shopping catalog, Amazon packs a variety of the features and functions into this ample app, whether you’re buying gifts, tracking orders, scanning products, or tap the mic icon and use Alexa to play music, shop, tell jokes, listen to eBooks and more. It’s easy to navigate, intuitive and extremely fast.

Browse, search, get product details, read reviews and purchase millions of products available from and other merchants.

Sign in with your existing Amazon account to access your cart, payment and shipping options. Create or find a baby or wedding registry. No need to create a new account to manage your 1-Click settings and wish lists, track your orders and use your Prime membership benefits. Shop just as you do on the web.

Compare prices and check availability instantly by scanning a barcode, snapping a picture or typing your search.

All purchases are routed through Amazon's secure servers.

Shop,,,,,,,, or from a single app.

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The applications Amazon App: shop, scan, compare, and read reviews was published in the category Shopping on 2008-12-03 and was developed by AMZN Mobile LLC. The file size is 126.92 MB. The current version is 9.9.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Enjoy our latest update where we have fixed some bugs and improved our app to provide you with a seamless shopping experience.

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Love Amazon  CaerieLynn  5 star

I love being able to get on Amazon through my phone, however, switching from an Android to an Apple phone the only thing that disappoints me is I am unable to get Amazon Underground now. I am hoping that very soon this app. will be available for Apple users as well. Personally, as I am addicted to Amazon I love all the features and apps. I currently have and the ones I am unable to get at this time saddens me.


I Love Amazon!  Wickedvick  5 star

Just ask my hubby! I can get absolutely everything I want or need through the Amazon store app. Its one stop shopping, 24 hrs a day, without leaving my house! My kind of store! 😁 And their delivery is fast and superior. You want it, it gets to you as fast as you request. What more can you ask for? Best prices, best selection, best shipping! Check it out now!


❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️  Bestmoneymakingever  5 star

I don't know why the iOS version has super bad ratings but AMAZON IS THE BEST! My package that I bought for about $90+ didn't arrive and it said delivered, so when I went to customer service and emailed them they emailed back 1 hour later which is pretty fast and everyone there is so nice and helpful.👍🏻


Constructive Criticism  Devil'sOtherOpinion  1 star

There have only been minute tweaks reported as updates/enhancements when this app demands an overhaul. Here are just a few of many things I've been waiting for developers to address (over several years) : -AMAZON SMILE INTEGRATION (pretty big 'miss') -IMPROVED SEARCH FILTERS (particularly for clothes) -BETTER ZOOM CAPABILITY (barely exists as is) -IMPROVED LAYOUT / NAVIGATION (currently feels more akin to a website awkwardly utilizing responsive design than an app for a company that touts a slogan of simplicity -- "and you're done" ... see Gilt, Apple, Soap, etc for more sophisticated examples) I rarely use this app unless it's an 'emergency.' But I look at it and cringe all the time. Instead, I wait until I can access a computer--or I use my phone's browser. Up your game. You're Amazon.


App does not work!!!!!!!!  Chuckydixk  1 star

App has not worked for the last 3 weeks at all. It asks to try connecting again and nothing. How can a company so huge not fix the stupid app!!!!!!

Sushant mantri

Always gives network error  Sushant mantri  1 star

I can't use this app at all coz it gives network error all the time. There is no issue with the network since all other apps work fine and get refreshed. Totally unexpected of amazon.....highly disappointed!!

Monkey girl54

Amazon  Monkey girl54  1 star

Cannot see any orders I purchased thru my laptop.


Perfect Shopping Experience  listenerofallmusic  5 star

I love the Amazon app and I use it constantly. I never have issues with it on my iPhone 7. Its fast, easy to use and makes shopping incredibly easy. Definitely the best mobile shopping experience I've ever had!


Alaska Pittie6  HunnyGram  2 star

I've used Amazon many times to order and send gifts, blue ray and DVD's, etc. Recently and continually the DVD's I've ordered are packed horribly causing damage to the DVD's. And for the first time only I've had to return many DVD's that wouldn't work at all. Some movies I buy I may not open and watch the movies right away only to find they are damaged. I've returned movies that I really, really wanted to add to my family's edition that are one of a kind movies. I sent one set back - they sent me a replacement for the same DVD and it was damaged also. Both sets that I received I had to return because they did not work. I'm beginning to feel afraid and frustrated with purchasing items from Amazon because I've ordered for years and now what has changed that things; in particularly DVD's, are scratched, damaged and/or do not work at all??


No digital purchases via app  OolooKitty  2 star

So I can search for Kindle titles but have to go through my browser or onto my Kindle to buy them? What's the point of having an app? And now, they've changed the filters, so I can't sort by price, or by which items have dropped in price. This is the most useless app on the face of the earth.


Jaspreet Singh Jaspree41245259 3 star

The Amazon app – Scan, Compare, Read reviews and Shop millions of products


Ivan mr_brotherss 3 star

Baja y corre la app Amazon App: shop, browse, scan, compare, and read reviews:


mandy villatoro sexymandy6969 3 star

Amazon App: shop, scan, compare, and read reviews by AMZN Mobile LLCuj. , ,


Issues with touchscreen  jeano012  1 star

Having issues with unresponsive touchscreen.


Great app  Pigadede  5 star

Can get almost anything on here

A Living Sacrifice For God

Doesn't work  A Living Sacrifice For God  1 star

Ever since the update it says there is a network error & refuses to work! I've even tried deleting & redownloadinh. Didn't fix a thing.


Scammed  ChingxGaming  1 star

They had a seller that took my money


current app buttons not working  darragh24  1 star

With the current update, none of the buttons on the right side work within a product page on my ipad. So, I can't change the quantity or style, nor can I add things to my cart. I have to use the website instead. I hope this gets fixed soon, because I liked using the app before it stopped working!


Don't listen to other people's opinion.  TheJadeRatta  5 star

This app is probably the best shopping app on the App Store. Download it and find out yourself.


Good app, except latest version is broken  Pineapplesausage  2 star

This app works fine, is nice for browsing and functional for purchasing, except for the latest version. I can no longer view other photos of an item, or even view in zoom mode. Also cannot select another size of an item. If these were fixed I'd give four stars - four because the checkout feature skips things like offers for a few trial with free shipping...found that out the hard way, now I never purchase through the app. Nice for easily tracking packages, though.


I love using this app but....  Venom145  3 star

Just a suggestion. This app should have a notification if your items in your shopping cart increase, decrease or is no longer in stock. #Justsaying


Amazing  Nihonamaru  5 star

Fast service

The Blonde Cookie

What the HECK is your IT Dept doing???!!!  The Blonde Cookie  1 star

THREE "updates" in May - and from the sounds of things (reviews), the situation continues going downhill. The "updates" are huge, not helping, and this "enjoy our latest update where we've blah blah blah" crap ain't cutting it (and your prose isn't cute). Maybe what you need isn't another update, but some new blood in your IT Department. Your customer service is great, but the app situation is getting more and more DISAPPOINTING.

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