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Connect to Wi-Fi at 1 Million hotspots worldwide. Including airports, hotels, restaurants, cafes, and more.

***** Reader’s Choice Award Winner: Best Travel App

*****Global Traveler Award Winner: Best Wi-Fi Service — Five Years and Counting!

Access to Boingo Hotspots with a Boingo Account
• Connect to thousands of Wi-FI hotspots around the world, including airports, hotels, coffee shops, stadiums, malls, and now in-flight!
• Get online in one click with Boingo Wi-Finder.
• Use with Boingo subscription (Unlimited, Mobile, Global, Amex Preferred Plan), Boingo transactional plan (AsYouGo or Hourly) or buy an iOS subscription in app.

Sign Up For Boingo In The App for Only $9.99 Per Month
• Unlimited Wi-Fi on all of your iOS devices for is just a few taps away, without leaving the app!
• Select the “Sign Up” option in the Wi-Finder app and we’ll walk you through purchasing a “Boingo iOS Monthly” recurring subscription from the iTunes store. Please note: An Internet connection is required to buy a Boingo iOS subscription.
• Note: Your Boingo account is an automatically recurring subscription. You may cancel your subscription any time in your iTunes Account Settings.

Auto-Login For Subscribers
• Simplify your connection experience with Wi-Finder’s new auto-login feature.

Boingo-Enabled Network Tag
• Discover exactly which Wi-Fi networks near you are Boingo hotspots!
• Boingo partner networks will include “Use Boingo Wi-Fi here!” as part of the network description in Settings to make it easier than ever to find Boingo hotspots.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Maps
• Search for Wi-Fi hotspots near you or around the globe.

Getting Connected
• Select a network from the list, launch the Wi-Finder app, and click "Connect Now!"
• Log in to your Boingo account to connect at Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots. Don’t have an account? Simply visit our website to sign up.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Terms and Conditions
• Privacy Policy:
• Boingo Customer Agreement:

Boingo Wi-Finder App Description & Overview

The applications Boingo Wi-Finder was published in the category Utilities on 2008-12-07 and was developed by Boingo Wireless, Inc.. The file size is 24.19 MB. The current version is 5.27.5 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Improved performance and stability.
Fixed login issues

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Boingo Wi-Finder Reviews


Literally does nothing  Fltlvl370  1 star

The title pretty much sums it up. I've never used a more worthless app - it has absolutely no functionality. A zero star option would be preferable.


Nice update  CardoBiff  5 star

Keep up the ongoing love for WiFinder. Better with each update.


Works as it says  MissVance  5 star

This is the best app. I find wifi no matter where I am. I really like this.

i want use boingo!

Very bad  i want use boingo!  1 star

After i download apps and try to use the apps. The apps will flash out in one second. I don't know how to solve this problem


Buggy  ilanuki  1 star

This app is utter garbage. The developers should be fired. It can't go 10 seconds without crashing on me, which obviously means I can't even log in.

Ragged everywhere

Terrible  Ragged everywhere  1 star

Boingo wifi in barracks 758 in fort Carson is terrible literally get less then 1 mbps of download speed and can't watch YouTube videos this should get no stars a lot of us are considering switching service and removing boingo service from the building


Very frequent crashes  SamyE  1 star

Crashes very frequently to the extent of being totally useless. Needs immediate fix.

Meng Ge

The app crashes every time...  Meng Ge  1 star

Nothing more to say, awful user experience.


Works well, lousy ui  daschles  3 star

Connects like a dream - no complaints. The map and search functions are terrible.


Terrible  ryd3ll  1 star

Says account login issues when I've had numerous AMEX cards and no issues. Terrible can't even connect to any wifi even after deleting it still says "check for Boingo"?!


Love this app!  iamjoyous  5 star

I love this app and like the new interface. Great app to find free and paid hotspots. Gets you on with one click - nice! Plus their customer service is great; I follow them on twitter.


Great  [email protected]  4 star

Very good, consistency much better


Disappointing at Best  S2Wind  2 star

I would say that 3 out of 5 tries where you are within range of a Boingo Hotspot, it fails to connect. I use it mostly at airports and it just fails to deliver a connection time and time again. Look for an alternative rather than paying for an unreliable service.


Does not work  Jbt3985  1 star

Gets worse with each update. Try testing the app before releasing an update.


Doesn't work at all  Adammc916  1 star

I've had the app wasting space on my iPhone for a couple months now, and every time I do somehow remember to try and use it, it doesn't work at all. The app finds the wifi connections, tries connecting, and crashes...What crap.


Buggy  Lalbrecht5  1 star

The app is too buggy. The service at O'hare is sparse. A lot of times you cant get a connection or it disconnects randomly. Boingo has to fix the app and, more importantly, the service at O'hare.


Poor support  Piyushest  1 star

Never connects, not able to find the network.


Perfect  Tony_Tunes  5 star

Excellent idea for the frequent flyer. Initial experienced issues with connecting, now simple, seamless connecting. Thanx Boingo! Keep up the excellent work.


Doesn't work in offline mode  Robotpistol  1 star

Tried using this app overseas with no cell service and it was frustratingly useless. Apparently to find wifi it needs a data connection. A bit of a chicken & egg problem. Would be great if it actually helped me find wifi.

Capt. Skip

Worthless App  Capt. Skip  1 star

Totally worthless app... cannot detect wi-fi, does not log in even though I am logged into the app... says to turn on location services to locate nearby wi-fi even though I have location services activated and turned on for the app... total waste!!! Boing in general is not worth the money!! Even when you can find a boingo wi-fi, always struggle connecting... totally worthless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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