Easy Loan Payoff Calculator

Easy Loan Payoff Calculator [Finance] App Description & Overview

We’re the original loan calculator app, helping people calculate loan repayments, interest and “what if” scenarios for over 10 years!

Save yourself time and money (potentially even thousands of dollars) using the What If Loan Calculator. In seconds you'll be able to calculate the monthly payment for any fixed rate loan, including mortgage, auto, credit card, etc. You'll also be able to calculate "what if" scenarios to determine how additional monthly or yearly payments will help you pay off your loan early and save money in interest. And you'll be able to view a handy amortization/payment schedule showing how much of your loan's principle and interest will be paid each month.

If you're shopping for a home or car, thinking of refinancing, or want to see how you can save money, this application is a must-have!


- "What If" Scenarios
See how much money and time you can save with extra monthly and/or yearly payments.

- Save Loans
Save all your loans so you can quickly recall/compare loans.

- 10 Years’ Experience
This was the first "what if" loan calculator in the app store. We have tens of thousands of happy users since 2008.

- Simple to Use Interface
Very simple interface allows you to quickly use the calculator without having to reference help files and documentation.

- Smooth & Fast Performance
Optimized to instantly perform calculations when a field is updated.

- Email
Email loan data to yourself or others in a nicely formatted table that is easy to read.

We want to hear from you if you have any questions, concerns, or recommendations. Please email us at: matt.l.king@comcast.net


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Easy Loan Payoff Calculator Comments & Reviews

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- One of my very favorite apps.

I use this all the freakin time. There is none better. I’ve even gifted it to a grind and a family member. Not to sound all “infomercial”. It I just got a new truck. Had the payments broken down and got into the finance guy and he told us it was $100 more a month than I had calculated! Long story but turns out he just added the extended warranty with asking!! I kinda flipped out, made him take it off and let my partner finish the sale. But I couldn’t help thinking, how many people didn’t pre calculate the payments and had some crap like that added to their loan without their knowledge?? So using this app may not have actually save me that money. I’m assuming I would have questioned it anyway but it sure made it much more clear. If it had just been $50 a month I might not have said anything if I had just estimated. That’s still $50x72 months. Bottom line. Anytime I want to figure out interest I open this app up. Get a figure. And then I can sleep at night without trying to do impossible math in my head.

- Love this app.

This app has been so useful: 1. When I was trying to sell my house last year and people wanted to do contract for deed and I needed an easy way to figure what the monthly payments would be for whatever I was trying to sell my house. 2. When I want to do "what if" situations about a home equity loan against my house and see from various amounts I am considering borrowing, what my monthly repayment amount would be. 3. When my wife loans me a sum of money to help me pay something, how many months I need to knock off of her (share of the bills) $500 monthly payments to pay her back. It is so super to be able to play with different loan amounts, interest rates, and length of time to repay scenarios to compare the various monthly payments on what works best for me. Hope this review helps. 😉

- Poorly designed

OK, calculating interest is simple. So why am I still sitting here after 10 minutes trying to figure out this program? People want to buy a program like this in order to make simple calculations about paying off a loan. I'd like to be able to input my data and then run about 10 different solutions to figure out what would work for me in paying off a loan. If this does this I sure can't figure it out after 10 minutes because it is not idiot proof or it does not do that. In either case if a software program takes more time for me to figure out than buying another software program then it is poorly designed. This package is poorly designed.

- Just what I wanted

I have tried 4 other mortgage calculators and this is by far the best. Well designed and easy to use with all the information I need. Since finding this app I have deleted the others. I highly recommend

- And OK app if you are looking to buy and have not already bought

I got this app because I’m trying to keep track of a personal loan I got for my house. I wasn’t able to get a traditional mortgage and needed to finance the rest of what I owed for my house and land. However, this app only shows you what the payments will be and how much interest you will pay each month. It doesn’t allow me to make extra payments and watch what changes. I was very disappointed that I paid my hard earned money for this app.

- Love this app, can you add

I love this app and it’s others in the suite. I do wish the “What if” app had a one time lump sum payment option. I’m often have a one time windfall of cash and want to put a lump sum on a loan. I’ll take it the way it is, but that would be a great feature. (Windfall from inheritance, sale of another property, job bonus, sale of another asset is more common in my finances)

- Disappointed

I've been using the free version for a few years--it's a great, handy app. I decided to purchase this one because I wanted to calculate how many months would be knocked off my loan if I apply my tax refund towards the principle. I'm very disappointed that the only two "what if" scenarios are adding a payment each month or adding an annual payment. I'll gladly change my review to 5 stars if the developers add a "one time payment" scenario.

- Great little app

Anyone with a long term loan (car, boat,house, etc) should have this app. It's amazing how a few dollars of extra principal each month can reduce the loan length. This app is simple to use and will show you what you can save on time and interest.

- Financially Smart

As a college student, this is a great application to keep track of my student loan payments and calculations! It is essentially a loan calculator, and I will definitely recommend it to anyone wondering if they should use it. It also helps with mortgage calculations and finance in general.

- Great App

I love this app. It's a way for me to keep track of my mortgage amortization, my car loan, and any general financing calculations I want to consider. It also shows me what adding small additional monthly payments will do to help me pay off my loans earlier. A great tool!

- Outstanding Tool

This Loan Calculator is perfectly named, because it allows you to brainstorm the effect of added payment amounts to a given loan. Many people are unaware of the drastic effect extra money makes to the payoff date. It's an eye opener to be sure.

- Very Helpful

This app gives you a good ballpark figure as to what your payments will be. The add a payment feature is extremely helpful when you're trying to pay off a debt

- Simple to use!

I am planning on purchasing an RV. This program has been perfect! It's fast & easy to calculate any financial question I need answered! I have several similar apps on my phone but this is the only one I use.

- Perfect helper

It’s fast, easy, accurate. Used it when I was looking to buy. When I bought. When I refinanced. Be sure to add property taxes and insurance costs to “additional monthly” to get the accurate impound number.

- Great Finance App!

I like the quickness of the loan app & ease to change variables. The “What If” for adding more principal to pay off faster is very handy, & not found in similar apps. It’s a little awkward, but you can email yourself the payoff schedule.

- I love this app

I have been able to use this app to create many different scenarios for financing to show my consumer what additional money can go towards paying back the loan I love this application

- Best and Easist

Allows changing parameters to see "What If". The only improvement would be to allow "Month Payment" to be a parameter and let something else be the solution.

- The best ever!

I love being able to crunch the numbers faster than the banker! Easy to use and the ability to consider all the possibilities in seconds! Truly a must have app!

- I use the south regularly

This app is fantastic I use a least three times a week to check payments on different interest rates on car loans and home mortgages.

- Simple & effective

As a lawyer who has to get quick estimates. This is a cheap and quick loan calculation. I have used it agains and again event bough I have six other more complicated financial calculators. Good job.

- Great app!

Simple to use. Just input loan amt. term and rate- and your payment appears It has amortization schedule to track your current loan balance. It would be nice to input your max pmt to figure out your max loan.

- Great simple app

I use it all the time. I do wish it could do other calculations. Such as enter interest and how much of a payment and it would calculate the loan amount. Or any variations..

- What if

This is an awesome tool. I use it quite often. I even recommended it to a loan person who hadn’t heard of it! Thank you for such a handy app. You’ve taken much of the mystery out of finance!

- Absolutely Great!

This is my go to calculator! I use it all the time. I have a couple loans that I keep track of and I am always looking for ways to reduce my interest.

- Easy to use, effective

Works great, easy to use, and helped me manage payments to get my car paid off 14 months early.

- Does what I need.

This app is simple to use for what I need. It allows me to see exactly what a monthly payment will be given a set balance, interest rate and time.

- Simple, yet effective

Developer keeps the app updated periodically and it always works. What else could you ask for?

- Great app could use a few upgrades

This is a very quick app to use. I wish it had a few upgrades to make it a bit more user friendly.

- Perfect little loan app

I use this every day to assist in calculating, forecasting and planning. Its perfectly simple but offers everything you need.

- Debt Snowball

I have all this developers apps and have enjoyed them for years. However recently the app “debt snowball” is not working. Simply wont open. Developer not responding to request to fix and last update was over a year ago. I wouldn’t purchase from this developer until apps are fixed. The review system for debt snowball also isn’t working.

- Fast-Accurate-User Friendly

Whether new car, mortgage refi or personal loans - so easy to plug ‘n play with interest calculations, monthly amortizations, and term payoffs. Luv this piggy’s calculations.

- needs more features

How about a feature where I can type in the payment and solves other parts of loan details

- Great app, use it almost every day. Don't know what I would do without it.

Very happy with this app, works as advertised and much more!!

- Great app. Used for years

Always updated. Clean and useful. Love the appearance and always works well. Thanks for keeping it updated.

- Reliable

I have used it for many years and it's my default calculator for calculating loans and financial amortisation

- Simple and easy

Super simple and easy to use. Intuitive. The what if makes it easy to see how much faster to pay off your loans.

- Great app

Simple, accurate and tells you what you need to know!

- Thumbs up

Easy to use and simple to understand.

- I love this!

I use it constantly. Very easy to update and get new results. Thank you!

- Useful!

Great App saved my bacon more than a few times.

- It’s ok

But it doesn’t give any dates or specific years. A lot of other loan calculators will tell you your payoff date. This just gives you number of payments, which is frustrating.

- What if loan

Great app. Very simple to use and generally straightforward. I like using it is the best review I can give

- Very functional & easy to use

Straightforward & well laid out.

- Great little loan app

Works great & easy to use. Has a nice emailing feature

- Very helpful

I love this app. It does exactly what it's supposed to do & easy to use

- Easy

Easy and quick. Nice little app.

- Great App

I love this app! It’s very accurate. Always within a couple of dollars.

- The best app of its type.

Makes other similar apps obsolete

- Waste of .99

I downloaded this app thinking it would actually be useful for working on quotes for customer. I was wrong. There is no spot to figure in taxes. No spot to add down payments or insurance to help accurately figure out true payments. This app is just a simple calculator. Not happy

- What happened to the one time payment option?

Why can’t I add a one time extra principle payment? What’s the point in every month if you don’t do that?

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- Awesome

Awesome app. I use it often. I got promised a low interest rate from a car dealer and used the app to check their accuracy and honesty. Lucky I had this app.

- Great App

In the finance game, use it all the time

- Great

This seems like a great little tool, however, I pay my loan fortnightly. Can an option be added to make it more accurate for people like myself? Thanks.

Payoneer 💰

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- Perfect no-nonsense tool

Not a bunch of extra stuff, only a simple loan calculator that’s easy to use. I use this all the time.

- Great

Does everything I want

- Nice

Nice little tool to calculate loans, payments and terms.

- Useful App

It's a great tool to have when looking forward with payments and figuring out mortgages with different monthly options.

- Great

Simple and easy to use,just the way I like it. Needs land tax add to options

- Useless app

Cannot handle bi-weekly payments. Would like my money back.

- Good teaching aid

I use this App to help teach my kids how quickly interest adds up.

- Almost 5 Stars

It needs weekly and byweekly payments in order to become 5 star application.

- So close!

Hey, just what I was looking for - an app that lets you encompass additional monthly payments. Please add a way to tell how many years / months remain on the loan with selected payment schedule.

- Needs more work

As previously noted add weekly and bi-weekly payments. MOST importantly needs to save your entries so you can leave and come back to continue without re-entering everything!!!! Add Canadian semi-annual lnterest calculations. Good start to program, keep up the development...

Libertex 📈

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- Valuable Decision Making Tool

Needed a calculator to help with loan calculations on the fly. This works great!

- Great help

This has been a great tool, while shopping for a mortgage and car loan !!

- Paying Mortgage Down

I love using this app. Thanks Sylvia

- Love it !!

It is a fantastic app. It is everything that I need in a financial app. Thanks !!

- Awesome

Easy to use and works well and fast... Love it!

- So useful

I use this all the time.

- Works great

Works great, I use it a lot

- Great app

This is a great app; easy to use and versatile!

- Handy

My go to app for finance

- Great Support!! UPDATE!

I bought this app and found it to be a great help to me, however there was one thing I wanted from it that was not included. I would like to see it show the total interest, and the total amount to be paid back, including principal and interest, on the front page. I sent a request to the company, and they responded in a very short time to my request. I don't know if they will add what I requested, but simply responding quickly means a lot to me as a consumer. Thanks guys, and I look forward to future updates. UPDATE! I see that the update to this app now shows the "TOTAL COST" on the front screen. This is just what I had asked for. This means a lot to me as a consumer, to be able to request something, and the developers try to include it in the program. Thanks for listening.


Virtually useless for anything but the most simple of loan calculations. Quite simply, there are MUCH better and more powerful loan calculators out there, particularly for mortgages.

- Lack of featured

No Balloon payment option. Rockypoint kyle

- Not helpful for in progress student loans

Doesn't do what it says it does

- Garbage

Don't spend the money. Terrible..

- Great Loan App!

great loan app! I used this app to calculate my student loan. It calculates the total cost of a loan and even told me how much interest I would save by paying a little more on my loan each month. The payment table is a great tool also! You can see how long it will take to pay off the loan and exactly how much is left on the loan each month. I found out I will be able to pay off my loan in half the time if I just pay a little more each month! The app has REALLY helped me save money! I am also helping a friend buy a house and the loan calculator is very useful. I love that you can save more than one loan so both my calculations are there. The app is very easy to use and nicely designed. It’s a must have tool for all your loans! Awesome app!

- LOVE this app--useful tool for projections

I don't need this app to be accurate to the exact decimal point; I have used it extensively to run "what if" scenarios as I play with different amounts and interest rates and generate what the monthly payment would be. It is convenient and I've used it dozens of times over the past two weeks for my own scenarios as well as those of friends. A great help in planning. I like that you can save different loan amounts to access later and that you can also play around with extra principle payments to see how that affects the length of your loan. Being able to also access an amortization table adds to its value. Highly recommended. Easy to use.

- My mortage seems much simpler now!

Using this app I have a totally clear image of the mortage I recently took to buy a 650k house. We put a down payment and took the rest on the mortage and using this I really see the benefit of the mortgage as well as its downside. I am paying a great amount of interested! but with the app I was able to calculate how much money I can put up every month in adition to the monthly mortgage in order to bring he interest payment out! I am glad I came across this app!

- Great App but a few nits..

For a program entitles “What If?”, it would be nice if you could set the early payoff period and have the app report the amount of extra payment needed per month. For example, what if I want to pay-off my 30 yr loan in 15 yrs? Currently, you have to play the trial-and-error game with the extra payment option to get the 'early payoff' to report 15 yrs. Alternatively, you can state the term as 15 years, write down the monthly payment, switch back to 30 years, subtract the two values and add that to the extra monthly pay-off. It would also be nice if the extra payment option would report the time to payoff the loan instead of reporting the 'early payoff' (which has to be subtracted from the term).

- nice and simple

just enough functionality but not complicated. like the save feature. could have a "apply" date with each saved loan so I could follow along as I pay off each month... also wish the annual payment option kicked in on month 12 instead of month 1.... still, a five star app, and really puts the cost if interest in perspective.

- Needs Days Until FIrst Pmt Due

This is a great loan calculator. One very important feature that needs to be added is the ability to adjust the number of days until the first pmt is due. It seems all loan calculators are defaulted to 30 Days. I am in the automobile sales business and the number of days until first pmt is due is typically 45. Some lenders even will extend to 90 days. These will adjust the pmt. The ability to change this would be an easy addition and make it more useful. Other than that it is great. Add this and I will gladly give a 5 star rating

- Kudos to the developer

This was one of the first applications I bought. At first I thought I made a mistake buying it because it only did one simple task and other appliations (such as HiCalc) did this task and much more. However, I now no longer regret the purchase. There is benefit in a task doing one thing but doing it well. And what I most apperciate is the amount of updates that have taken place since I first purchased this app. The large amount of updates show me that the developer takes pride in his app and is responsive to customer requests.

- Really nice app but has room for improvement

I enjoy this app a lot and it helps a lot explaining how paying a little more will help in the long run. I would like it to have some more options like the ability to change how often the payments are due. Some of my college loans are payed quarterly and some of my loan payments I make every 2 weeks instead of every month. Outside of that I enjoy how quickly and easily I can use this app to do some quick calculations.

- Loan Calculator

This app works well for what it is. A fast and easy way to calculate payments for any amortizing loan. However, I would like to see an upgrade that would let you put in a payment amount to determine the length of time to pay off a loan. Overall a good app that could be better. With the upgrade it would go from 3 stars to 5 stars.

- Useless!

The developer of this App is manipulating the App Store. This is probably his 20th release (update) in which there is nothing more than "Speed Improvement". I wonder if anybody even owns this calculator, because if they do, updating their App every 15 days to find out that it is a useless update must be frustrating. I am certainly frustrated....I think I will delete it from my device just to avoid updating this app again and again and again. I hope Apple takes note and bans these types of developers. I am certain that even Apple is not happy with constantly reviewing these types of updates.

- Useless!

The developer of this App is manipulating the App Store. This is probably his 20th release (update) in which there is nothing more than "Speed Improvement". I wonder if anybody even owns this calculator, because if they do, updating their App every 15 days to find out that it is a useless update must be frustrating. I am certainly frustrated....I think I will delete it from my device just to avoid updating this app again and again and again. I hope Apple takes note and bans these types of developers. I am certain that even Apple is not happy with constantly reviewing these types of updates.

- Version 2.3 a great application.

Mortgage rates are calculated in 1/8's of a percent as in 4 7/8%, 5 1/2%, 5 5/8%, etc. The decimal equivalent of 5 1/8 is 5.125% but this app truncates the to 5.12%! Wrong answers make for a useless app. Hopefully this oversight will be addressed and corrected in the next revision. Update: The review above was for version 2.2.2. Version 2.3 has the recommended revisions and is now a very useful App. Thank you.

- Great app!

I purchased this app because my wife and I are planning to make "the big move" in the middle of next year. The loan calculator is very handy. The thing I like the most is the "What If" feature. This will save a ton on my bills by saving on interest and fees. The scheduling feature is also very awesome. This is one of my must have apps!

- Say huh?

Good app, but the mortgage calculation is set for an end of the month payment. Almost every home mortgage is due on the first day of the month. So please add an option so the user can have a choice of what type of payment plan they want to set; beggining or end of month. It makes a serious difference not only in payment, but interest owed through the life of the loan... otherwise like I said - good app.

- Worth it's weight in GOLD!

I have taken this app to car dealerships to verify they are selling the car with the interest rate i qualify for (ie 2.9% Over 60 months) Not surprisingly they will try to sell the car for much more since most people have no way of verifying the car being sold is at the interest rate they promised. EMPOWERED WITH THIS APP I HAVE SAVED MYSELF LITERALLY THOUSANDS OF $$$$!

- Nice App

Easy to use, does what it is supposed to. Only complaint I have is that you cannot back figure interest rate, principle amount, etc. if you have all the other numbers. It would be nice if you could input all but one variable and have the program figure out what was left out.

- I don't know what do you think

All the apps I purchased in this guy Matthew king's bundle, were totally useless, things you can get for free on the Internet. I tried reviewing and giving one star and a bad title but it wouldn't allow me to. It kept saying the title was used so I decided to try and sneak past it with my real review.

- Reliable calculator

Had this app for a several years now. Help me calculate the mortgage of 2 house when buying, 1 refi and a car purchase. I tried many other finance calculator but they are too complicated. This is a great product and it will help me on my next house hunting.

- I love this app

This app is so easy to use and so handy. I recently bought a car and was able to keep a clear idea of where I was at money-wise through the whole process because I could easily and quickly update any part of the equation.

- perfect app

This worked wonders. It was easy to use and fast to complete the task. I really like the screen that showed the schedule payments with the break down of princical and interest. Best part was there was no scrolling down, everything was on one page

- Excellent

Would highly recommend!! Use it all the time. Helped me figure out that I would be better off to make one extra payment on my current loan than to transfer balance to a 0% interest cc and pay the transfer fee.

- Excellent

You cannot walk in to a big purchase without this tool. Do you want to see what happens to your mortgage if you put more money a month? This is the tool. Want to see how much more you need in to put in to that loan to finish early? This is the tool.

- Excellent App!

This app is awesome. It is very simple to use and is a must have for anyone wondering what if... I play around with it out of curiosity to see how adding a few extra dollars at random will save me money on interest. The app is very accurate on calculating the loan information.

- Well designed simple app

Particularly useful for car loans and other simple loans. Very intuitive interface. Includes amortization tables so you can see how your payments reduce principal over time and how much your total cost will be over the life of the loan. Good app.

- Household Finance Lady

Always trying to stay a step ahead. Sell the car that's costing hundreds per month in repairs or buy new? Three quick entries, and I know. This App is an amazing little tool. Also helps me prepare each year before mortgage rate indexes.

- Great little program

Great little program that shows the repayment schedule. It needs an interest only option when calculating repayments. Apart from that, a bit of extra time with the interface to make it pretty and it would be 5 stars.

- Simple and useful.

Handy little app to have when you want to quickly check how much you'll REALLY be paying for that car loan or mortgage, or if you're considering refinancing.

- Additional Features Would Be Helpful

This app is very basic and would be more helpful if it included a feature that updated the balance if you chose a what if case so a direct comparison can be made between the base case and the alternative. Calculating the end result (interest saving and shortened teen) are important but watching the principle balance go down with extra payments is what motivates people.

- Simple Program, well done

I like the table layout feature and being able to create what if senarios for myself. A+++ unlike our country's credit rating.

- very helpful

Great app. I used this when I was at a car dealership. Discovered that they had done the math wrong and the price should have been lower than they were quoting me. Was so happy I had this app with me at the time!

- Works

Online loan calculators are common and they give the same results but it's nice to have this on your iPhone when you walk into your bank to ask for a loan.

- Great Loan Tool!

This is a simple, easy to use app. It has saved me way, way more than the dollar I paid for it! My favorite thing is to whip it out when I am haggling with a car salesperson.

- Have used it regularly for years

Have had this app almost as long as my iPhone, and I use it a lot to plan when/if to refi, considering car loans, etc. No frills, no mess.

- Great app

I'm a banker and use this app frequently. Would be helpful if it allowed putting in your own payment to show how long it would to payoff and how much it would save. Otherwise, awesome.

- Very helpful

This is a very handy app that is easy to use and works as advertised. It's great for looking at different loan scenarios. It's not an app that I use everyday, but when I need it, I'm really glad it's on my phone.

- Still using it!

Still using it regularly even after almost a year of loading it. That in itself tells me this is a great app!

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Easy Loan Payoff Calculator 12.1 Screenshots & Images

Easy Loan Payoff Calculator iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Easy Loan Payoff Calculator iphone images
Easy Loan Payoff Calculator iphone images
Easy Loan Payoff Calculator iphone images

Easy Loan Payoff Calculator (Version 12.1) Install & Download

The applications Easy Loan Payoff Calculator was published in the category Finance on 2008-11-23 and was developed by Matthew King [Developer ID: 297540386]. This application file size is 7.46 MB. Easy Loan Payoff Calculator - Finance app posted on 2019-03-09 current version is 12.1 and works well on IOS 10.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.mac.loancalc

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